Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 77

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets his wife to confess…

I know my dick is small and have known it a long damn time. For the record, 4.5 long by about 4.25, and that’s on a good or best damn day. Even though I have a small dick, there is also a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me, so many have seen it.

My wife and I had been married about 18 years, and she had started a new job. Her immediate supervisor was a friend of hers for a long time. But, above that, there were two executives in their office: the big boss and his assistant.

My wife would complain all the time about the assistant. It seems he was temperamental and often threw his weight around just to do it. Kind of like he had something to prove. Anyway, one day she came home and had something funny to tell me. The assistant boss had been acting his worst that day. Ordering everyone around and yelling.

She told me when she and her friend got back to her office, and her friend said, “I just hate short-dick men. Always something to prove.”

Well, my wife told me that and just roared with laughter. Meanwhile, I felt slapped in the face. I knew I had a small dick, but I wasn’t temperamental. The fact that a small dick was a huge negative to her when she was married to a guy with a small dick really hurt my feelings.

Then a week later, we’re driving somewhere together, and a guy in a very large SUV went by, dangerously changing lanes to get ahead. She said, “Look, another small dick guy with something to prove…”

Again, felt like I had been slapped. Yes, I have a small dick but thought myself a pretty good lover. What I couldn’t do with my dick, I did with my mouth and hands. Brought toys into the bedroom and thought we had a really good sex life.

She knew my dick was small. She was far from being a virgin bride and had many dicks inside her before me, so she wasn’t naive or inexperienced. On top of that, a few years after we were married, when she was very drunk, I asked her about it. Specifically, if she had been disappointed in my dick when we first had sex, I also told her it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. She told me that she had been disappointed a bit. I asked if she would have liked it longer or thicker. She said either would have helped, and both would have been great. But, of course, she didn’t remember that at all.

Now a decade or so later, like the rest of the world, she equates small manhood with being bad. Temperamental with something to prove. Something to prove because you had an inadequate dick. Now, I’d like to tell you that we sat down and talked about it and all was well. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I stewed on it and read a bunch of stuff on the internet. Found it turned me on a bit. I wanted to get this in the open, so we could talk about it again, too afraid to do the adult thing. I often wished I was mature enough to express myself properly, but I wasn’t and am not now.

So stupidly, I started calling my dick small. To the point of annoyance. Constant comments when we were together, hoping she would catch the hint or ask what the fuck was going on. That didn’t happen, but something had to come to a head. Before all this happening, I avoided letting her see my dick at its worst. At those times, it was just an acorn (button) perched on my little balls. I’d try to make sure I was at least half-hard, so there would be something to see. Now that was no longer a concern. I let her see it at its smallest. Constantly making comments degrading my own dick.

During all of this time, she would say things like, you’re average, or it’s a perfect size, etc. One day I got in the shower and had intentionally not gotten a towel. I called out and asked her to get one for me. She brought one for me, and I opened the door a little and asked if she wanted to see my little pee-pee. She protested again, saying, you’re not small. I told her that I knew two things for certain about it. She asked what that was. I told her that I knew my dick was small, and I knew she thought so too. She comes back with, and what makes you think that? Of course, now I played the hole card. I said, a long time ago when you were drunk, you told me you thought it was small.

She flushed red, looking caught, and said, “But I married you anyway, didn’t I?”

That wasn’t quite the prize she intended it to be, but that was her reply.


Another reader finds out that small kids have no filter…

It happened when I was pretty young, maybe 16. I reach puberty very late (for medical issues), and then at this age, I was small and bald, barely like a baby. One day my family and I were hiking, and I needed to pee. I went few steps away, behind a tree, but I heard in my back my little cousin (around 4) saying to my aunt, “I need to make a pee-pee too, Mom, can I go with Dany?”

Soon they came and stood just next to me. I was petrified, but I had no choice. I had to pee in front of my aunt, and my little dick was already out. My aunt tried not to look directly at me, but the kid didn’t manage to unbelt his pants, so she came closer to help him. The kid was looking at me and said, “Mommy, why is Dany’s pee-pee so small ?”

She turned her eyes on my dick, then looked at her son (who was clearly bigger), and made a large grin. Finally, she said something like, “There are many different sizes in the world, dear. It means nothing.”

She then apologized to me. Her look was half-amused, half-sad for me. I quickly finished and quit them, bright red.


Yet another reader gets it from a teacher…

I have been swimming for quite a while and used to go to a lifeguard group with a swimming teacher. She was stunning. She was around 5’4, in the mid-20s, tanned, had a beautiful face. And She always wore very tight leggings, so her ass (and sometimes camel toe) was always on show. In this particular swimming lesson, my shorts had broken and kept almost falling. My dick is around 1-2 inches soft (2 on a good day) and 4 inches hard (on a good day, too), but in this very cold swimming pool, my dick must have been an inch or below.

It came to my turn to push off from the edge of the swimming pool and swim backstroke, and when I did, my shorts completely came off, and I swim at least 10 meters before I was released. I was aware of my size so was mortified in anybody seeing. The lanes in our swimming group were gender divided, so luckily, no boys saw. Unfortunately, my swimming teacher saw as I noticed the look of surprise and then laughter from her before I realized. When I resurfaced after putting my shorts back on (waving my Lil dick around in the process), I couldn’t see any of the girls laughing at me from the other lane, so I guessed only my swimming teacher had seen, which was embarrassing enough.

After the lesson, she asked to talk to me and said that I need new shorts. I said that I would get some, and then she said, “It’s OK, I didn’t mind seeing your tiny package.”

She smirked and looked down at my crotch. Embarrassed, I walked away, trying to hide my (lil) boner. Afterward, I would often catch her looking at my groin and smirking, and sometimes she would wink at me. When she saw me from that day on, she’d always ask, “How are you today, little man?”


This reader tells us a female sexually assaulted him at a party…

Back in 2015, on a summer night, I was at a party of old high school friends at a friend’s house. We called it our reunion even though we had just graduated two years prior. As it got later, the crowd grew smaller and smaller. I had already planned on sleeping over at my friend’s house who was hosting the party. So I was sticking around for sure until the end. Well, the end of the party came, and it was just four other friends and me. Two of those were girls, and they had decided to spend the night there, too.

We kept smoking weed and having some drinks and conversations, probably up until three am. (I rarely drink, so when I do, I’m a lightweight) I don’t know how, but we started talking about dating people and sex and all that stuff. I don’t really like talking much about that because I’ve only had sex once at that point of my life, so I didn’t join in too much on that discussion. My dick is small, two inches soft, and nearly four inches fully hard. So yeah, me staying quiet made my friend ask me what’s up. By the way, he’s seen my dick before, so he knew exactly what was up.

I simply answered with the first response that came to mind, “I’m just tired.”

Which I really was. It was three am, and we had been hanging out for well over twelve hours already. My friend told me to go lie down in his room if I wanted to. But I didn’t want to seem like a wimp, so I told him I’m fine. But the tequila shots were telling me otherwise. So I stuck around. Eventually, the alcohol kicked my ass, and I fell asleep in the living room where all of us were.

I remember hearing giggles and laughs in my sleep and felt little stings, sort of like ant bites around my crotch area. I didn’t pay too much attention to it, though, and the alcohol wouldn’t let me. So I stayed in my comfortable sleep, and that was it for the night.

Woke up the next morning to find everyone else asleep either on the couches or floor, beer cans everywhere, (Didn’t even want to look at the cans 🤢) And I also found out that every piece of clothing other than my shirt removed from me. EVEN MY SOCKS! WTF!

All I can think was, how the fuck? Why the fuck? Who the fuck? Did they really strip me last night? Did these girls really see my dick? I was completely embarrassed and wanted to just leave right there before anyone woke up. But I had to help my friend clean up. So when everyone was awake and functioning, I brought it up. They just laughed and said it was just for fun and they won’t tell anyone.

Well, the very next day, my friend told me all about it. It turns out it was the girls’ idea, mainly one of them. Her ideal plan was to just have me in my briefs. But, apparently, they struggled to take off my shirt, so I decided to leave that on. He said after about ten minutes, she seemed really interested in seeing my package. Apparently, she kept saying stuff like, “We should shave him, let’s draw on him, you think he’s circumcised?”

Luckily, she didn’t do that stuff. But he claims she then peeked under my briefs. She got a huge smile on her face and took them off. He said he tried to stop here, but she had already got them off. She then played with my dick, and apparently, she was really enjoying it. Even though she said she had never seen one that small. He said she seemed amused by my balls and grabbed those the most. Now I don’t know if all that is true, but according to him, that’s how I ended up naked. Just knowing that my helpless naked body was lying around for hours is embarrassing. Let alone having a small dick. Oh, and the “ant bites” were her yanking my pubes out.

*If something like this happens to you, please consider telling the police.


Another reader learns Speedos are not a small dick man’s friend…

In swimming classes as a teen, I used to always carefully hide my dick in the locker room with the towel. Another boy who took lessons asked me if I was ashamed of being naked but didn’t say anything further. I had also noticed that he had a clearly longer flaccid penis than mine, so I definitely didn’t want to be naked with him. Afterward, he commented on my shyness when we were at the pool with a girl from the same swimming class. She had become pissed at me before because I lost balance in the pool and accidentally brushed up against her when trying to regain balance. So she thought I was a little perv. She took the chance to say that it was because I had a small dick, which she could tell by how small my bulge was in my Speedos. I looked and saw what she meant, and his bulge had a longer/thicker sideways shape while mine had a small delineated thingy above where my balls should be, so it was obvious how she could tell.


More ‘Out of the mouths of babes’ fun in the change rooms…

My four-year-old son and I were getting changed into our swim trunks in the locker room at the swimming pool. After I got him squared away, I sat him down on the bench and started getting my trunks on. A couple of lockers down from us were teenagers, maybe fourteen years old, trying to hurry by changing as quickly as possible. He wasn’t quick enough for my son, though, who shouted in his loudest outside voice, “Daddy… That boy has a much bigger pee-pee than you!”

That poor kid didn’t know if he should blush or smirk, but he kicked it into an even higher gear as I hushed my son. When we came out to get in the water, the kid had huddled with his buddies. There was a lot of staring and whispering from him and his friends, but nothing was said. We used the family changing room on the way out…


Another reader finds the change rooms a place of shame…

When I was fifteen, I hadn’t hit puberty yet (I had some hormonal issues), so I looked younger than I was…no hairs, small frame. Later I saw an endocrinologist and had some testosterone injections. My body developed, but my dick didn’t.

One day, I was at the public pool and took a shower. I pulled my swimsuit off and showered after being sure nobody could see me. After that, I wrapped a towel around my hips and ran to the locker rooms to redress. But in my rush, I slipped on the wet floor and hit my head on the ground. I was a little bit stunned, and the towel slipped. A woman was there with her five-year-old son, they were also going to the locker room, and the kid was naked. She came near to me to help me recover. After a while, she saw I wasn’t too badly hurt, and then she locked her eyes on my one-inch hairless dick. She then turned to her son and looked at his dick, and the little redhead kid was clearly bigger and larger than mine.

She suddenly smiled and said, “Are you OK? Where’s your mommy? Can I help you find her?”

And I realized she thought I was much younger than I really was. So I mumbled, “I’m not a kid. I’m fifteen.”

The woman laughed and then said, “OK, I see, you’re almost a man, eh?”

She laughed again. I was mortified and left quickly. This is a moment I think I’ll always remember.


This reader shares his change room SPH with his wife…

This happened recently. My wife and I were spending a few days in Germany. We had this really nice hotel with a sauna and swimming pool. We decided to use it one morning in the hope of having it just for ourselves. Of course, I hoped to get some SPH as I usually do in locker rooms. Anyway, it turned out there was only one locker room for both men and women. I knew they existed in Germany, but I have never used one. My wife was really not into it, and she said she wouldn’t be able to get used to it as she’s too shy. I said we could see if there’s anyone there because I really think this place would be empty at this hour. She agreed, and as I expected, no one was inside. But my wife couldn’t relax. She just grabbed the towel and rushed to the showers, which to my surprise, didn’t have any curtains or cubicles.

The whole area was actually really small, with only 5 shower heads and only one place to hang a towel by the entrance. Anyway, she was so scared that someone might come and see her naked that she was ready after a few minutes. I went back to put my phone on silence before they showered, and someone actually came in. It was two guys, one was Asian looking in his twenties, and the other was black in his thirties. I wanted to have a glimpse of their cocks, and even the Asian guy was bigger than me, and the black guy was really hung. I have never seen a bigger penis in real life. Of course, they saw how small I am, but they weren’t laughing or anything. I guess it’s a different culture than in my country.

After I joined my wife at the pool, she was quite scared to learn that some other people were at the pool. She kept saying that she didn’t want them to see her naked in the change room. I tried to comfort her and told her that it’s very unlikely they’ll use it at the same time. But, deep inside, I was hoping they would.

But as time passed, I saw the black guy checking out my wife. It got me so turned on that I had to go to the toilet and jerk off. We’d been swimming for over an hour, and it was clear they’re not leaving before us, so my wife said she’s going out and that she’s not going alone into the change room. Due to her stress, she took an extra quick shower, wrapped herself with the towel, and rushed to put on her clothes.

I have to say, I prayed to God that someone would come in while she was naked, but as she walked out of the shower, the black guy went in. He went straight to the change room and past the showers and me. So I had to see it as I walked in there, my wife had her panties on and was nervously trying to put on her bra, and he was standing few steps away from her and took off his speedos. The view left my wife speechless, and she eventually stopped fighting with the bra clip for a moment before she realized I was behind her.

The guy just stood there and took his phone out started talking with someone and glimpsing at my wife every once in a while. She tried not to look at his cock, but I know she did, as the black man gave her plenty of opportunities. I pretended to read something important on my phone, too, secretly watching my wife check out this big black cock. In fact, this situation got me so turned on like never before. I know this all happened for only a brief time, but eventually, my wife called to me calmly and asked in the quietest and worried tone, “Is everything OK, honey?”

I said as she woke me up from a dream, “Yeah, I’m fine. Why?”

“Because you have a boner,” she said.

Then I have realized as I looked around that she’s already dressed, and I’m standing there bottomless with my four-inch boner right next to the smirking, hung black guy and my wife. The black man’s flaccid cock is bigger than my boner.


More change room shenanigans…

I was on the basketball team in high school. We practiced before school at 6:30 AM. This meant we had to shower in the locker room, or else we’d smell the rest of the day. Our showers had no privacy, just an open room with showerheads. At fifteen, I was even smaller than I am now, like six-centimeters soft (2.3″). I also was (and still am) a pretty hairy guy. At fifteen, I didn’t know about grooming, so I had a very large bush.

I’m quite tall at 6’1. One day in the showers, I was next to a shorter guy on the team that happened to be very well hung. He looked to be thirteen-centimeters (5.1″) soft even at that age. We are both showering. He looks over at my small dick that barely hangs out past my pubes and gets a huge grin.

“Wow, jamin-me-bricks, your dick is barely bigger than your pubes,” he shouts and laughs loudly. “Holy shit, I thought you’d be bigger. You’re one of the tallest guys on the team!”

He flops his big cock around with his hand, sort of shaking it at me as he says this, something I can’t do with mine. Luckily only two other guys are in the shower at this time, but they also laugh. I get very red and tell him to fuck off as I end my shower early and cover up my small cock.


This reader turns a shower tormentor into a lover…

This story happened maybe four years ago. I started going to the gym because I was overweight and wanted to get in shape for the summer. As my family was well off, they hired me a private trainer to help motivate me. I loved those lessons because I would see big cocks in the showers. Even at fifteen, I loved SPH. However, nobody ever teased me, even though I would comment on how much bigger they all were to me. One lesson this big buff man, probably in his forties, started talking to my trainer because I guess they were good friends. After a while, he noticed I struggled with weights and started teasing me about how I don’t struggle with lifting food to my mouth. After training, I went to the showers, and so did he. I got undressed, and he saw my small, almost buried, uncut dick. He started laughing and pulled out his dick. It was about five inches soft and pretty thick. He stood next to me, mocked me, and suddenly I got hard. I’m still small when hard, only about four inches hard, and the big buff man started laughing even harder. When my private trainer came into the locker room, the buff man stopped making fun of me but continued later. I still have the buff man’s number today, and now I’m over eighteen. We meet up and fool around. I just love how he makes fun of my small dick.

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