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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This Reader makes his mom laugh….

Mom: How come a handsome young man like you doesn’t have a girlfriend?

Me [half jokingly, half not]: Maybe it’s because I have a small penis?

Mom: Oh, it can’t be that small! How big is it?

Me: gesture my size with my fingers

Mom: Haha! Now I know you’re kidding. No penis is that small!


While this reader reveals his exhibitionist tendencies…

I have been embarrassed by my dick most of my life, but I enjoy the fact that it’s small in the last twelve or so years. I like being humiliated, though, at this point, no one says anything about it. My wife does not know that I would like her to tease me about my little dick, and I don’t know why. I’ve dropped enough hints that if she ever googled it, she would know.

When I get a massage, I make sure the masseuse sees my little dick. I do not mind at all when my female doctor, or female medical personnel see my dick. My medical history includes kidney stones and doctors and nurses, many times have seen me. One time, a doctor had me take off my pants and underwear and lay on the examination table. He did what he had to do and then walked out of the exam room, leaving the door open. The receptionist walked by about that time, mid-fifties, chubby woman, and saw me with the little acorn, sitting on top of my balls. There was no way to get an erection because I was in some good pain but still I liked the fact that she had seen my little dick.

I work in a hot environment during the summer, so I get pretty swampy in the crotch, and unhappiness abounds. So, a few times a year, I have to get medication, which involves a doctor seeing it. My current female primary care doctor has seen it a few times.

The last time I had a problem, I went to a local “doc in a box” to get checked. They had a youngish nurse practitioner, Late twenties-early thirties, on duty. With her was a young male medical student, and they asked if I minded if he observed. My primary complaint that day was a case of lingering bronchitis. The crotch rot was secondary, and, if truth be told, I had some medication at home but thought it would be fun for someone to see my little dick.

I went into the room and had all the usual done. Temperature, blood pressure, listen to heart and breathing, etc. We talked about prescriptions, and she seemingly forgot the crotch rot problem. I reminded her, and she asked if it was okay if she took a look. A few seconds later had my pants and underwear off and was told to lay back on the table. She had the medical student come over and look at the rash and explained what to look for. All the while, she was moving my balls for a better look and even grabbed my little dick and pulled it up to inspect the shaft. This entire time, the med student was watching and learning.

Then the exam was over, and she went and got the prescriptions ordered and then came and sent me on my way. So it is a good memory at this point.

The truth is, I was more embarrassed about the young guy seeing my little dick than I was the female medical staff. Guys tend to get more embarrassed for other guys that are having problems, and as we all know, most consider a little dick a problem.

It isn’t just perversion that makes me seek female medical professionals. I recommend always choosing a female doctor when possible. For the most part, they listen better, communicate better, are more empathetic and caring. Unlike a lot of sph stories, I’ve never had any medical professional snicker or smile when seeing my little package. However, there was one time, while in a semi-private hospital room, there was some snickering from the wife of the patient, which I shared in the room, but that’s a story for another day.


Another reader finds familial SPH exciting…

We were driving home from my grandparents’ after New Year’s Day, and I really needed to pee. Unfortunately, we were on the motorway, and there were no service stations nearby, so my mum informed me that if I wanted to go, I should go in a water bottle. Naturally, I hesitated, which led my mum to naively ‘reassure’ me. “I know the bottle opening is a bit small,” Mom said. “Just make sure you line it up as best you can so that you don’t piss all over the car.”

Little did she know the problem I would soon face was very much the opposite of being too big.

I told her I wouldn’t do it while my sister was watching. This prompted my sister to call me a pussy and my mum to say that she’s sure I have nothing to be ashamed of. When I still refused, my mum forced my sister to turn away. I unzipped my jeans but soon realized there was no way I’d be able to point my 1.5 inches flaccid down toward the bottle while sitting down!

When she failed to hear any peeing going on, my mum asked, “Everything okay back there? Having trouble getting it out?”

Yes, I was, but not for the reason she was insinuating. My sister looked over to see what the problem was and burst out laughing. She could see I was upset by it, so she stopped. “Sorry, it’s just so TINY!”

My mum told her to stop teasing me. “It can’t be that sm…” A momentary pause as my mum turned around. “Oh.”

I was both incredibly embarrassed and incredibly aroused by the SPH. My sister suddenly started laughing again. “Omg! Are you getting a boner?” I looked down to find that my 1.5-inch wonder had increased to a 3.8-inch wonder. “It’s like the size of my pinky!”

My mum was a bit more compassionate about it. “Stop making fun of your brother!”

She then gave me a look in the rearview mirror as if to say sorry! Still, the damage was done. And while it was mortifying at the time, it’s much more exciting in hindsight. I think I’ll keep coming back to this incident when raiding the mental wank bank!


Yet another reader gets a thrill from good old mom…

I remember once I had just come out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around my waist. When walking to my room, my towel dropped in front of my mom.

Mom: Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything!

She looked away as I picked up my towel. I thought that would be the end of it, but she knocked on my door after I got dressed. When I said she could come in, she asked me if I thought everything was alright ‘down there.’

Mom: What I saw concerned me…

Me: I thought you said you didn’t see anything.

Mom: That’s my point. I didn’t see ANYTHING!

I’m an inch flaccid, and I know my pubic hair was largely untamed at the time, so my peanut dick probably got lost in the jungle. This incident was REALLY awkward but really hot at the same time.


This reader gets a kick out flashing his sister…

She was telling me she babysat a little boy we both knew who changed into his pajamas in front of her. She said he had a huge dick for a little boy. Then she added, “A lot bigger than your little dick!”

It surprised me that she even knew what size my dick was, but I sat silent, knowing she wanted a reaction. “You never close the bathroom door when you’re in there! Lyn was here, yesterday and I asked her if she wanted to see how little your dick was”, but she said Lyn didn’t want me to see her looking (Lyn was her friend whom she knew I had a crush on), but she assured her I couldn’t see them from where she watched me. She said, “Lyn tried not to laugh, but she said she felt sorry for me when she saw it.”

It surprised me that they were so interested in seeing my dick. I said, “I like knowing you were checking me out.” I told her, “It’s worth having a tiny dick if it means she can get her friends to want to see it.”

She thought I was being defensive and said, “Yeah, sure! You’d drop your pants in front of all my friends if they said they wanted to see how little your dick is! I’ll ask them and let you know!”

I got hard just talking about it, and I told her I’d gladly strip naked and play with it if they really wanted to watch. She knew her friends would never want to see that, but she called Bullshit and said I wouldn’t even do that in front of her. I offered to do it right then and there. She laughed and told me to go for it. She said she couldn’t tell our mother since she’d asked me to do it. I began undressing, and she just folded her arms and watched. When I took down my underwear, she looked less certain, but she was determined not to retreat. My pecker was hard to the point of pain, and the head was purple and aimed straight up when I began stroking it. I spunked straight up, and I’ve never cum so hard before or since.

She said, “You’re really fucked up, you know that right?” and she walked out of my room.

It’s still my Go-To memory whenever I need an arousing thought.


Another reader has an encounter with the high-school slut…

This is the story of the first time I ever got made fun of for my small dick. I am 3.5 inches when fully hard. This happened to me during my freshman year of high school. This girl had small but perky tits and had a nice, round, and big ass. She was the school slut, and in eighth grade, she gave every kid on the varsity football team a blowjob. She and I became really good friends in the eighth grade, but she rejected me when I asked her out. From then on, we never talked, but I would always hear about the slutty stuff she did.

Then, one day I wasn’t feeling so good, so I went to the nurse’s office to lie on one of the beds. (There was a room connected to the nurse’s office with just beds in it). She was on the bed right next to the one I chose. She noticed me before I noticed her and started talking to me. At first, I was really nervous, but after a little bit, the conversation started really flowing, and we were both having a really good conversation.

At some point, I must have gotten a boner, and I was wearing grey sweatpants with no underwear. Mid conversation, she just started cracking up. I’m confused, and she can tell, so she points down and goes, “Talking to me must be really exciting.”

At this point, I’m not sure if she can see how small it is (she probably can), so I cover it with my hands. “I’m really sorry, and I just get boners when I’m nervous.”

She had the type of smile that says ‘I’m making fun of you,’ or ‘you are beneath me.’ She asks, “I make you nervous?”

I didn’t know what to say at that point, so I just started stuttering. I think she realized that she went too far because she told me it was fine and it happens all the time. To this day, I’m not sure if she just saw my boner or if she saw my boner and how small it was, but I’m pretty sure it was the latter. We didn’t talk for the rest of the period and just stayed in awkward silence. Since I was there for one period, and she was there for the whole day (she had a broken leg), I had to leave earlier than her, and when it was time for me to leave, she was pretty obviously staring at my bulge and laughing (I was still rock hard in my grey sweatpants with no underwear).


This reader enjoys his perversions…

I’m proud of what I have, even though it’s not much! It gets my heart jumping going out in public naked it’s my guilty pleasure, as well as watching my wife with men larger than me and being the last man on the train. It makes me cum when she tells me she can’t even feel me.


This reader tells how he ended up having a gay time with his college roommate…

So my college roommate and I have a pretty chill relationship. I also have a penis around 3.5, hard to be exact. One day when he was out, I thought it would be a good time to take a shower. We did the laundry the day before, so my clothes were still in the basket in the living room, so I figured I would get them after I shower wearing a towel like I normally do. But someone forgot to put all of the clean towels back into the bathroom and were left in the basket next to it. Halfway through the shower, it hit me, and there were no clean towels in the bathroom. But I figured since no one was home, I would get them when I go get clean clothes.

It turns out he got back way earlier than he was supposed too and I didn’t hear him come in. So I walk out of the bathroom, and I see him on the couch. He sees me and got a good glimpse of what I was packing. I was shocked and embarrassed, so I quickly went to the baskets, got clothes and a towel, and went to my room. I come out of my room dressed and pretend as nothing happened.

A while goes by, and he says, “I saw your tiny peepee,” and bursts out laughing.

He asks me how big it gets when it’s hard, and I told him around 3.5 inches. He laughed again and told me I must be joking, and I told him no. He said bullshit and wanted me to prove it by getting hard. So I began to stroke it to get it hard. When he saw I wasn’t getting any bigger, he laughed hysterically. He was shocked, and he told me he thought his cock soft was bigger than that. So he begins to take out his cock and wanted to press it against mine. I let him, and sure enough, he was. I asked him how big it got when it was hard. So he began to stroke until he was hard and then compared it to my cock again. It was like twice the size of mine. Since we were both hard, we jerked off together to see who would last longer, turns out he won again. So now we jerk off together from time to time, and he teases me about my size.


Another reader is exposed in the public showers…

A little background info: This happened with a very close friend of mine, probably my best, actually. He has some joint issues, so he’s been asking me if I’d go with him to an infrared sauna because he’d be too bored alone. I made sure to check this place online to see if they didn’t have open showers for obvious reasons. It didn’t.

Well, guess what, he misread the opening hours, so we decided to drive to some other place which was basically in another town. Instead of enjoying that relaxing time, I was anxious because I hadn’t seen the showers yet. After our session, I saw them. And behold, they were open indeed.

With no proper excuse to postpone showering since we were sweaty as fuck I just had to go in there with him. I choose one at the corner to avoid stares from him and others. I was covering my dick, and that alone led to some weird stares(maybe just being paranoid). I, of course, just had to forget to take my shampoo with me. I was going to say nothing and pretend to clean my head, but my friend did notice this and offered me his own.

I don’t know what kind of brain malfunction led me to turn around without covering my dick, but it happened. Hands-on my head, my little guy exposed. Well, what’s important is that he giggled. He also kept looking toward me with a huge smirk on his face. I half-assed my shower, gave him his shampoo back while actually covering this time. I could tell that he was trying really hard not to just burst out in laughter. I went out as quickly as possible and went to the car.

I didn’t say a word until he started talking about the sauna as if nothing happened. I just felt like I had to confront him. I asked if he’d tell anyone what he saw. He responded by saying that it was almost invisible anyway and had that laugh he apparently couldn’t hold back anymore. He commented on my lack of luck with girls as well. And some other things in the past.

I was too embarrassed to say anything, but he said that he would never tell anybody and that he would try not to bring it up. So I put my headphones on and started listening to music until I got home because any kind of conversation would have been way too awkward at that point. I understand that this might seem pretty tame compared to things people post online, but this actually just happened today, and I had to share it.


While this reader is punk’d by his friends…

I went to an outdoor, all weekend concert with a couple of friends. We were staying in a huge field with other campers. A friend and I were staying in a tent, another friend, his sister, and her friends were staying next to us in a motorhome. On the second day, broad daylight and drinking, I met a girl that was 20, I’m 27. After some making out, I took her into the tent. I laid back, and she removed my shorts, exposing my small, semi-hard cock. It wasn’t hard enough to fuck with, so she began to go down on me and stroke me. She tried for a bit, but it wasn’t happening, so we left the tent.

Sitting around drinking, my friend, his sister, and her girlfriend were giggling and laughing, but I had no idea why and was totally oblivious. His sister(who wanted to fuck me up to this point) kind of waved at me with her pinky, which instantly made me feel insecure that somehow they saw me. A little later, they were all looking at her phone and laughing…

When I finally confronted them, my buddy held the phone to my face, and there it was… Me laying on my back and my little semi-held between her thumb and finger. They also had it zoomed in as I was kissing with her, so all you could see was this 2-inch flaccid cock trying to grow but stalling at a 4-inch semi-hard cock. They had 3 minutes of video, and it was fixated on my cock. I don’t know how I didn’t realize they were outside the door of the tent and managed to unzip it enough to put their hand in and get the footage.

I was pretty pissed and demanded it is deleted. Which she said she did, but I never confirmed so that they could have used it later. I’d never know.

Side note: His sister was 10 years older than us, I mentioned before that up to that point, she made it known she wanted to fuck me, but I was always nervous because she was a size queen(what I got from comments she made). It’s funny, though, because after that incident in the tent, we never really hung out with his sister much, and about 2 years ago, she was drunk at a wedding I was to. So I asked why we never fucked back then?

She said, “I don’t fuck baby dick men.”

Mind blown.


Yet another reader getting the skinny from his mum…

I’ve been telling my mum I want a pair of skinny jeans for a while now as my current ones are too baggy. However, she told me she didn’t want me wearing them as “Dad tried a pair years ago, and they just don’t look right on men.”

But I insisted, so she took me shopping to try some on. When I walked out of the changing room to show her, she looked at me with confusion. “Oh, there’s no bulge! You must be a lot smaller than your father down there.”

She had an expression of disappointment on her face, one that hasn’t really left since. My mum has been really quiet around me in the days after, as though my tiny penis has let her down. Sure, the SPH aspect turns me on, but it also makes me feel like shit at the same time.

*Conditions Apply.
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