True Stories: Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 33

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Our readers share their moments of Small Dick Zen!


This reader discovered it’s all about Eve…

I asked Eve out multiple times, and each time she said no. I wanted her so badly. She was my ideal of what a woman should look like: Perfect body, two inches taller than my 5′4″, slim, small breasts, olive skin, beautiful brown curly hair, and a face that could haunt my dreams forever. Finally, after asking several times, she told me that the reason she wouldn’t was that I wasn’t “buff.”

“You’re short and over weight,” she said. “You have a double chin. You have a fat ass. Your belly hangs over your pants. You need to lose thirty or forty pounds. You can’t fix your height, but go join a gym and start showing that you can take care of yourself, and I *might* consider having a date with you.”

I took her very, very seriously. I joined the gym. At first I worked out three days a week, but that very quickly became every day. After several months I lost all the extra weight. Several months more and I had developed some serious muscle definition. A few months after that I had built some size. My confidence was soaring. I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw.

It had been a year and I called Eve. I hadn’t seen her the whole time, but now I wanted her to know how I’d changed. She met me at a nearby coffee place.

“Oh my god, Brad! I can hardly believe that’s you! Are you a body builder now? You look fantastic and I could just eat you up!”

She got in her car and followed me back to my place “Let me see that new body of yours,” she said. She unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, touching my arms and my shoulders as she did. “You’re gorgeous,” she said. “Do you have any oil? I want to oil you up just like a body builder.”

I returned quickly with some oil, and she started rubbing it on my shoulders and chest. Then she started unbuttoning my pants. I was so excited…..the most perfect and beautiful girl in the world was unbuttoning my pants! I started to get flustered; my breathing was heavy, this was the moment of truth, what I had hoped for, what I had worked for for a year!

She pulled my pants and underpants down quicker than I had expected and all at once. I held my breath in what was, for me, maybe the most intense moment of my life.

“What the fuck?” she said. “Is that it? Honey, where’s your dick?”

I didn’t understand at first. It was there, pointing right at her! knew it was small, of course, but I had worked so hard, and I looked so good!

She took the head between her thumb and forefinger and lifted it. “Surprise!” she said, “there are balls underneath! I would have expected there to be a pussy.” Then she dropped it and stood up, leaving me standing, my eyes filling with tears, my pants still around my ankles, my penis wilting to the smallest it had ever been.

She took my chin in her hand and made me look through my tears into her eyes. “Honey,” she said, “pull your panties up before I open the door. A girl like you shouldn’t expose herself to the world. I’m sorry things didn’t work out between us, but give it some time. I’m sure you’ll meet a guy who likes you someday.”

Then she giggled, turned around, and walked out the door.


A reader says small dick men have their standards too…

I’m a silver member and I’ve had 6 different female sexual partners so far. Only one didn’t show any interest in continuing, but she never said why to my face. I suspected it was due to my size. The others wanted to continue having sex with me. Three of the women I dumped shortly after having sex – it was bad sex. Women can be duds in bed too. Just because I’m a member of The Small Dick Club it doesn’t mean I have to lower my standards.


One reader discovered his unintentional SPH was something he liked…

Recently I was swimming at my local pool. It was early morning when the pool isn’t too crowded. I usually use a neoprene cock ring so that I have a reasonably acceptable bulge in my swim shorts. They’re tight speedo style ones so they’re quite revealing.

That morning I forgot the cock ring but decided to swim anyway. After swimming my usual 1.5K in cold water my penis and testicles had shrivelled completely making it difficult to get back to the changing rooms without anyone seeing me.

So I waited until there was nobody poolside and then quickly made my way to the exit. As I went through to the passageway to the changing rooms I literally bumped into four women chatting. I almost knocked one them over and as I helped her up I saw the other women staring at my groin.

My shorts had ridden up and were forming a camel toe where my penis and balls should have been. There was a pregnant pause where I blushed and then excused myself before continuing on.

As I went into the changing room I heard a burst of laughter and whispering and I’m pretty sure I know what they were saying. Once I’d left dressed and slunk out of the building, I started to feel quite turned on by the whole affair – so much so that I had to find a service station restroom to relieve myself in. And, I’m steadily plucking up the courage to go swimming again without my cock ring.


More shower time blues from our readers…

We had to take mandatory showers after PE in middle school. I dreaded it. Although not the only small guy there, I always wound up standing next to or walking by a kid who was endowed. It made me an easy target for ridicule.


One reader found a Doctors remarks very cutting…

When I had my vasectomy, I had a gorgeous Doctor and assistant nurse. Being nervous my dick and balls shrivelled down AND the room was super cold, my dick shrunk even more. The doctor told the nurse to shave me a bit and warm my balls using some warm sponge – so they have something to work on.


Some readers have an active fantasy life…

I was dating this girl id known a while and we finally got to the point we were gonna have sex. I ate her out and got her nice and wet. She pulled down my pants and started laughing at how tiny my dick is. “It’s like a little boy,” she said.

She told all her friends about it, and they all wanted to see it to laugh at it.


This reader claims cuckolding has driven him gay…

It’s after work and I’m just about to shower. I can barley see my dick anymore. I was small before, but doctor said, “I’m sorry, I can’t do anything for you.”

My wife goes out and comes home with strange men who sleep with her. I go to the couch. I can hear them for hours fucking each other. She never swallowed before, but the other day I came home early and she was swallowing this 65 year-olds cock while he pumped at least 4oz of fresh warm cum down her throat. She looked at me, and said, “Sorry, but you were always too small. I wanted mouthfuls of cum, not teaspoons full.”

Now I go out looking for guys to fuck me too. My cock is useless for men and women, but I really enjoy men.


One reader found a comparison unflattering…

My ex wife told me that I had a cock of a 14-year-old-boy, and laughed, saying, “I bet his is bigger than you now.”

I was 37 at the time


This reader describes something truly common for all members of The Small Dick Club…

Just a bit of background info on myself:

I’m in my mid 20s, my penis is ~4.5″ length, ~sub 4.5″ width.

I’ve had sexual experiences with 3 women.

The first girl was a chick I met at a party, who practically raped me (not in the bad way, but just that she wasn’t going to let me make any excuses and was really coming on to me). She was incredibly hot, but crazy, and we sort of dated on and off for a couple of months before she cheated on me. We talked about penis size a few times, and I told her I was ashamed, and she sort of seemed to not mind; but then again, she was crazy, and ended up cheating on me, so..

The next girl was on a party vacation trip. I ended up just giving her oral because I didn’t want her to see my penis.

The third girl, a few years later, was an older chick who I met online because I felt it was the only way I could get laid. She was pretty good looking, and again, we talked about penis size, and I said I was embarrassed, but she kept telling me it wasn’t THAT small. However, one time after she had sex, she asked me afterwards if I had had a full erection, because she literally hadn’t felt anything. I said something about my penis being smaller in the mornings for some reason, but inside I obviously felt crushed.

Since then, I haven’t gotten laid, and obviously, the small penis is a big part of it. The thing is, I don’t really think about my small penis that much. I know it’s small, but I think it’s more of a subconscious thing. I hate my penis, but I’m trying to be positive, like everyone here always says; to be positive. So for example, if I’m out at the clubs one night, if I can’t hit up a girl, it’s not because I’m worried about my penis, it’s because I’m worried I have no game or whatever. I don’t really consider the penis issue.

But now I’m at a stage where I’m experiencing the REAL smalldick problem, for which nothing can prepare you.

I started talking to a really good looking girl on Tinder last week, and we ended up going on a date. She was super cute, and the date went well (although I felt I was being a bit too passive, not daring to flirt or anything), and we’ve text a bit since; and she seems interested.

I’m experiencing a bit of anxiety in regards to my penis size, because I don’t know how she will react, and I’m ashamed of it. I’m afraid of what will happen next time we meet, like if she comes to my place, and it’s obvious I need to make a move. A 4.5″ penis just…it just looks so tiny, and disgusting, frankly. At least mine does. I hardly looks sexual at all. In the back of my mind, I even kind of feel like a bad guy, for wanting to try to have sex with her, and putting her in that situation where she has to deal with my penis. What if she can barely feel it when I put it in her?

There’s NOTHING I can do about it. I’m stuck now in a situation where I have a chance of getting with a really hot girl and maybe getting a girlfriend for once, but my fucking penis might blow it for me. If she barely feels it, what can I do? And it just looks so small.

I say this is the REAL small dick problem, because, of course I want a bigger penis in every situation; masturbating, feeling better about myself, feeling more masculine, not feel ashamed in the men’s room. And to be better at sex.

But this point I’m at right now, where you’re falling for a girl, and you want to make the next move, but you don’t know how she will react to your penis. That’s the real hell that we small dick guys have to deal with.


One reader describes some downsides to being unhung…

I’ve got a small dick. I’ve not measured it for years but when flaccid it all but retreats back into my body. When erect, I dunno how long but take my word for it, it’s not a big or even average one.

That said though, I’m 26 and have had five-ish girlfriends and hooked up with a few guys here and there too. I’m not uncomfortable about penis size. It doesn’t need to be something that defines you, guys, you’re just different not worse :p

Here’s the small penis problem I wanted to share though, something a little lighter. I hate that feeling when it retreats back into your body if you bend the wrong way, then gets kinda held in by pants or underwear! Similarly I hate the feeling of pubes on the end of it if you don’t trim them for a while. That’s what I wanted to share 🙂


For this reader, parting is such sweet sorrow…

My friends always talk about which way they part [their penises] down their legs [left or right], and I just sit there thinking “I don’t have to part!!!!!”


Another reader discovered fear is the mind killer…

Hi, Bronze Member here. I was virgin until my late 20’s, because I was always afraid of a girl laughing when she saw my penis. I seriously expected to die a virgin. I finally had sex when I was 28, and was surprised that she not only didn’t laugh, but she didn’t seem to notice or care about my size. I was in a relationship with her for over 3 years, and we had lots of great sex. Of course I wasn’t very good at first (hey, it takes practice), but we always had fun and she taught me how to please her. After I broke up with her, I had sex with 2 more women over the next couple of years. Again, they didn’t laugh or run out of the room when they saw my penis, and they both came back at least a couple more times. So I discovered that what held me back was my fear, not my actual dick size.


Submit your small dick experiences to us and we’ll publish them on this website. Come on guys and gals, share with us, it’s completely anonymous.



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