Gary Gets Fitted for a ‘Bro’

By hodownnuzv.     The day droned on into eternity. Gary couldn’t bear to look at the clock anymore, and yet his eyes seemed to be drawn to it on a minute-to-minute basis. He had two classes in the morning, political science and psychology. Both of which were spent ogling the illustrious woman across the room and taking sparse notes. She had long brown hair that was in a perpetually messy bun and she always seemed to wear a baggy

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Mahomet and His Small Dick

By buttthundertopdog.     Part 1: Heritage Mahomet was a 21-year-old Pakistani student living in the States. Unlike most other men of his age, he was fat, not very good-looking, and a virgin. His virginity and lack of confidence with attractive girls stemmed from a sense of shame about his unappealing body, and even more so, it boiled down to a sense of shame over his tiny circumcised pathetic penis, which was only 3.5 inches (approx. 9 cm) long when

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Therapy 101

By SmallPenisMo. Jay was in the bathroom at his home, staring at his limp circumcised dick in his left hand and the tissue containing his ejaculate in his right. On a stack of clothes to his left, a porn video was playing on his phone, starring one of his favorite blondes, Kenzie. Sighing, he flushed the soiled tissue and started to clean up. You see, Jay had a problem. A sexual problem. An addiction. And it was warping him. Jay

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Braden’s Roommates Test His Manhood

By hodownnuzv Braden was sitting on the edge of his bed staring at and through the far corner of the room. The moon etched his surroundings in cool silver hues and sharp weighty blacks. His bed was tightly made. The turquoise carpet had hardly a speck of dust on it. His desk had no paper on it. The closet doors were shut. He stared at the corner where his pile of dirty clothes sat in the hamper. They were all

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