Smaller Than Average Part 5

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by runtz4 (edited)

I was so confident she was asleep I didn’t even really think about, and god knows I didn’t plan it, not this time at least. I was just flipping through the channels when I was presented with 48 high-definition inches of surgically enhanced breasts. Okay it was after 11:00 pm on a Friday night, so it wasn’t unexpected to find a spank-it flicks on Cinemax, but I wasn’t looking for it. Never the less I stopped and watched the beach themed nude-fest and turned the volume down just in case.

It had been a few days since my wife and I had sex, and before long my eyes and brain sent the message to my small three-inch penis that it was time to get hard. Wearing a pair of loose-fitting pajama shorts left little in the way. My left hand fell into my lap; my fingers cradled my dick while my thumb circled the head through the thin material, it was totally reactionary, I didn’t even really notice I was doing it at first. My erection grew harder, and my movements more intentional, rubbing, pinching and teasing myself.

My little guy popped his head out as I unbuttoned the flap. Now making flesh on flesh contact, cupping my balls in the left hand and lightly petting my short dick with the right, I was enjoying the sensations. I was in no hurry, keeping myself on edge as the movie lulled to some inaudible and certain cheesy dialogue, waiting patiently for the next nude scene. I didn’t have to wait long, as the busty lifeguard lost her top which was evidently the only thing keeping her and her muscular partner from getting it on.

My rubbing increased to a stroking, admittedly enjoying watching pretty people have simulated sex. I looked down to see a tear of pre-cum oozing out of the slit and rubbed it on the sensitive throat of my pecker. I was getting close to orgasm when it struck me, I had nothing to ejaculate into. I grabbed the base of my dick with my left hand and hurried to the kitchen to grab some napkins off the table. I turned back around and there she was, I was startled and audibly gasped in reaction. I have a small penis it’s just how life is for me, my wife Angie knew for sometime now that I am smaller than average, and we’ve learned to deal with it and she knows I like to be teased about it. So I didn’t care that she saw my dick, but I was embarrassed and unsure how she would respond.

Angie’s large natural breasts were covered in a tight pale blue camisole revealing the exact location of her nipples and wore matching form-fitting boy-shorts that accentuated her curves. Her dark wavy hair showing signs of having been asleep crested over her shoulders. I was startled, scared and frozen just holding my pulsating purple prick waiting for her to respond.

“What are you doing?” I was certain it was rhetorical, but found myself answering as any man would in this type of situation.

“Nothing.” My fears were relieved as she cracked a half-smile, put her hands on her hips and tilted her head.

“Um…I think you were doing something.” She giggled and nodded toward my hard dick in my hand. I was caught red-handed or maybe it was closer to a shade of purple.

“I am sorry.” I don’t know why I felt the need to apologize, maybe it’s ingrained in us as boys that masturbating is dirty and wrong and something we should be ashamed of, whatever the reason I felt it and meant it. I was truly sorry, for getting caught masturbating.

“Are you coming to bed?” She asked. I put the napkins down and tucked my little dick in my shorts, preparing to go on to bed and never speak about this again.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to finish?” Angie asked sincerely.

“No, I was coming to bed.”

“Oh no! If you come to bed like that you’re just going to be rubbing your little mushroom up against me all night. So finish up so we can go to bed.” She tapped her foot impatiently waiting for me to finish what I was doing. I grabbed the napkins and took my seat on the couch. Not sure where I should look, I just looked down at my dick. I was still erect but not nearly as close to cumming as I was before.

“Is that how you do it? You just look at your tiny dick? Then why even watch porn if all you’re going to do is watch yourself jerk off?”

I cleared my throat stalling for time looking for an answer, “No, I usually watch the porn.”

“Then do it, I want to watch you do it like you would if you were alone. Just pretend I am not here.” She instructed and took a seat on the adjacent loveseat. I lifted my eyes to the screen, it was another scene of dialogue, so I returned to just priming the pump and waiting for some action.

“Turn it up. I can’t hear it.” Angie said, making it difficult to pretend she wasn’t there. I let go of my dick and grabbed the remote turning the volume up. “Do you clean that off when you’re done?”


“The remote, do you clean it off when you’re jerking off? You were just touching your dick, then you touched the remote, do you clean it off?”

“No, I don’t, I’m sorry.” There I go again apologizing. She got up and walked to the kitchen and returned with some Clorox wipes and cleaned the remote.

“Babe, you’re kinda ruining the mood.” I said with a quickly deflating dick in my hands. She apologized and swore she would just sit back and let me jerk off. The scene finally changed, I don’t know what was going on but two the female lifeguards were showering and obviously building to some lesbian action. Both girls were plastic pretty, you know the type, they’re those girls that are hot but have had some extensive work done that we’re supposed to find less attractive but secretly we don’t really care how their breasts got to be so awesome. One of the girls was a tall brunette and a bit older than the blond “rookie” lifeguard. They started innocently showering the sand and salt off of their toned tanned bodies after a long hard day on the sand, but the friendly gesture by the brunette to wash the back of the rookie quickly turned into something more. I admit it, I like lesbian sex. What’s not to like about two hot chicks soaping each other up? With my dick back to full attention I cupped my balls and began stroking my dick.

“Take off your shorts. I can’t see your little dick with your shorts and hand in the way.” Angie guided, and I gladly slipped my shorts off and spread my legs further apart slouching down on the sofa giving her a clearer view of my three-inch dick.

“She’s pretty.” Angie said referring to the blond as the camera zoomed in on her. Somehow her saying it made the girl seem even more attractive, and me even more excited by her. My hand was in full stroke mode sliding up and down my swollen shaft.

“Do you think a girl like that would suck your little dick?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t you think a girl like that has seen lots of dick’s, lots of big dick’s?”

“Yes,” I said.

“I think a girl like that would just make you jerk yourself off, and suck her pussy,” She teased. “Show me how you would stroke it for her, show me how you would beat your meat for a girl like that.” God her encouraging me was so hot and I let out a low grunt of excitement.

“Yeah baby, you like that? Stroke your dick for me, come on stroke it.” Angie encouraged.

“Stop!” I did as she said, “Do it like this,” Angie began pumping an imaginary dick, holding her hand down to her crotch and jerking it.

“Keep in pace with me,” She breathed, so much for acting like she wasn’t there. She slowly pumped her fist much slower than I was jerking, and I matched her speed and stroke now watching my wife instead of the TV.

“I want you to stay with me,” She continued.

“Up…2…3…4…down…2…3…4.. up,” Her pace was frustratingly slow and she knew it, she knew what she was doing to me. But I didn’t know if this was a punishment or just her having fun.

“Now let’s go a little faster,” She smiled.

“Up…down…up…. down,” She called out like a personal trainer. “Good, you’re doing very good,” She looked incredible, sure I like looking at new and different tits but honestly she’s perfect, 32DD breasts on her petite five foot body, I’ve jerked off more times than I can count thinking about my own wife. Even with my little dick she almost never turns me down for sex, but there are times when a guy just needs to jerk it; there’s no expectations of performance, it’s simple quick and done.

“Do you want me to take my top off?” She teased knowing the answer. She sat up straight and crossed her arms, taking hold of the corners of her camisole and lifted her top hesitating just beneath her breasts long enough for me to whimper in anticipation. With a lusty smile she pulled it all the way off causing her breasts to jiggle as they fell from the tight fabric. Then sitting with her chest out she wiggled her torso, “You don’t think they’re too big do you?” she played cupping her large breasts in her hands. My pace quickened, and I was jerking off hard.

“No no, follow me,” She said jerked her imaginary dick again. This time her cock was much bigger than mine as she made hugely exaggerated long strokes up and down, I had to pause and wait for her before moving my hand.

“Keep on going. Come on, I want you to cum. I want you to cum jerking your tiny dick for me. I want to see you do it.” She picked up the pace again this time really letting me jerk it. “Stand up with me,” She breathed and stood up bending her knees and pointing her crotch at me, her cock was now my sized as she pumped away at it.

“Do it baby jerk it however you like,” She stopped her jerking and dropped to her knees in front of me. “Come on baby, let go of your balls I want to watch them smack around while you fuck your hand, come on cum on my tits, I want you to cum on me baby, please! Cum for me in 5…4…. 3…. 2….”

My cock throbbed and balls tightened and muscles contracted from toe to neck and I shot my cum all over her tits, I kept pumping away, god it felt great, as a second and third stream burst out. Angie grabbed the napkins and wiped herself off and reached over and wiped the tip of my dick with her finger.

“I don’t mind you jerking off. I am not stupid I know you’re going to do it, I just don’t want you hiding it from me anymore. I am okay with you watching some porn and masturbating, but from now on you don’t try to hide or cover it up. You’re a grown man, and shouldn’t be ashamed of your sexuality, little boys masturbate in secret. From the look on your face I can tell you’re going to need some retraining. If I catch you hiding like a dirty little boy you’ll be punished, you might have the dick of a little boy but you’re a man and men don’t need to be ashamed of jerking off.”

“Just one more thing,” Angie stated, “Wipe off the remote when you’re done.” She kissed my cheek, tousled my hair and went back to bed.


Even with the events of last night I was sporting morning twig (Angie calls it morning twig or stick saying it’s not big enough to be called wood). I looked over to my wife asleep on her side facing away from me. Her ass is nice and round. I love it, I love rubbing it, spanking it, biting it, and sticking my dick between those cheeks, and thought I’d help myself to a little grab ass. I gently brushed her hip and let my hand slide down to her butt. I could tell my touch had woken her up but it was nearly 9:30 so I figured she wouldn’t be upset if I woke her. She moaned a little “mmm” and arched her back pressing her rear into me. She reached back and instantly made contact with my hard penis and grabbed it giving a gentle squeeze.

“Good morning,” She said flirtatiously to my dick. I put my hand in the waistband of her boy-short panties and she raised up allowing me to take them off. Slithering down the bed I kissed her hip and gently trailed my lips down to the centre of her right cheek and moved my hand up her inner thigh as she separated her legs. She jumped as I made contact with her soft warm pussy. Then licking my fingers I lightly toyed with the fold of her lips till I found the pleasure point. I love taking her clit between my fingers rubbing and rolling it, making it harder and her wetter. After a few moments her slick pussy was ready and I slid my middle finger inside her warm slit. My head resting on her hip which was slightly tilted toward me, gave me a perfect angle to see her smooth glistening cunt. She looked so good I just had to taste her, and rolled her onto her back and lay down between her legs. She grabbed my head and guided me to her, not wasting any time she shoved my mouth right on her clit.

“Suck it baby,” She cooed, and I sucked her hard little bud into my mouth. She clutched my head between her thighs and thrust her pussy in my face. I flicked her with my tongue and pressed my middle and index fingers inside her, fucking her with my hand and mouth at the same time.

“Yes!” She cried out writhing in pleasure, her head shaking back and forth and her torso arching and twisting I knew she was close. “Keep going… Keep going… Keep going!” She yelled finally in the throes of orgasm she pressed my head into her and fucked my fingers buried deep inside her. “Whew,” She sighed as she giggled and shivered. “Thanks honey that was wonderful,” She said as she got out of bed.

“What about me?” I whimpered and gestured toward my dick.

“Give me second and then I’ll watch you jerk off” She responded, “but remember clothes off and no hiding.” She went to the bathroom and closed the door. Could she be serious? I just gave her great head, and I just get to masturbate? She came back to the bedroom with her robe on and I was still sitting there waiting and hoping she would at least jerk me.

“You ready?”

“Um, I guess. Are you seriously not going to do anything for me?”

“No silly, I am retraining you, and that’s a hard job. I’ll be encouraging and coaching you the entire time.” She said. “So clothes off!” I slid my shorts off and lay back on the bed.

“Good,” Angie praised, “Now, reach down and take your dick in your hand.” I grabbed my stiffened dick with my right hand as instructed and started rubbing it.

“No! I have not said to jerk it yet.” She chastised. “Just feel it in your hand. What do you feel? Close your eyes and just focus on what your hand is feeling.”

“It feels hard, and hot.” I shared.

“Go on, use your fingers and touch all over, tell me what you feel.”

“I feel small bumps, a vein on my shaft, and a ridge that separates the helmet from the shaft.” I said. “The skin feels different, smoother, and thinner on the head than it does on the shaft.” It was an odd sensation as I explored my dick with my hands, like a blind person trying to see someone by touching their face.

“What else do you feel?” Angie encouraged.

“The slit, I feel the slit on the tip, I can open it up with my fingers and just barely feel inside of it.”

“Now wrap your hand around it, and describe it to me. Describe your dick to me like I’ve never seen it before, but keep your eyes shut.” My wife directed.

“My dick… Is completely enclosed in my hand. I can fit the entire length and width in one hand. It feels small, maybe the size of a dill pickle.” I confessed to her. “The shaft is hard, but the head is spongy… Almost like lips.”

“Good, now tell me how does your hand feel on your penis? Just focus on your penis and tell me what you’re feeling.”

“It feels tight… My hand is tight on my dick,” I said.

“Now touch yourself any way that feels good to you, and tell me what you’re feeling.” Angie continued guiding me. I began tracing my fingers all around my dick, up and down my shaft and rolling the head between my fingers.

“It feels good,” I breathed, “It feels real good under my dick.” I grabbed my penis and stroked it several times.

“I know it feels good, but tell me more, what do you feel?” She continued.

“I feel the ridges and bumps … I feel veins, smooth skin, loose skin and tight skin.”

“Very good” She encouraged, as I gripped my dick again and jerked it. “That’s a very good baby, go ahead and make yourself cum for me.” God it felt great, just having Angie there with me made it so much more exciting, and her encouragement really sent me over the edge faster. I shut my eyes tight and just tried to focus on the feeling. I usually fantasize about sex or watch porn while jerking off, but this was a whole different sensation. I paid attention to what I was feeling on both my dick and in my hand. I was gripping the loose skin and pulling it over the head and back down again, I could feel my balls bouncing as I picked up the pace. My left hand trailed up my body and to my right nipple as I pinched it and clawed my chest.

“Just let it go, come on baby cum for me.” I jerked it fast, as my breathing quickened and legs shook, flexing my stomach and finally releasing my cum, I exploded all over my hand and stomach, my face flushed with pleasure I let out a little laugh and continued to ease every drop out of me.

“That was very good,” Angie praised in a raspy voice. “We’re off to a good start.” I opened my eyes just in time to see her leave the room.

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