Little Big Boy

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by jm6379

Eighteen year old Arnold Black was the local meathead. While going through puberty he had seen videos of his namesake and idol Arnold Schwarzenegger win the Mr. Olympia title and decided that was what he wanted to do in life as well. His dreams hit a slight bump when he stopped growing at 5′ 6″.

Initially gutted that he would never challenge the behemoths of his idol’s size, Arnold eventually settled into the middleweight category.

Arnold’s budding carrier has been doing well so far. Having placed 2nd at the state competitions the year before, he won himself a ticket to the nationals this year. In fact some commentators were saying Arnold was a potential Junior Mr. America. He was a local hero of sorts and quite popular all over town.

To make some extra money during the summer, Arnold joined a camp as their fitness instructor. Under his care were boys and girls between ages 12 to 17. While Arnold was a fantastic bodybuilder, he was really a lousy fitness instructor.

Arnold figured himself a drill sergeant and all his charges were always groaning in pain by the end of their sessions with him. Young campers who couldn’t keep up were usually humiliated ruthlessly, army style.

It was after 1 too many of these torture session that a bunch of 13 year olds hatched a plan to humiliate the muscle head.

One afternoon while out on the obstacle course, the young group of campers challenged Arnold to get across the monkey bars faster than them. They even wagered him 10 dollars. Arnold sneered at them of course, thinking this was going to be like taking candy from children, literally.

The monkey bars at the campsite were solidly built. There were a few of them at different heights to accommodate the children of different ages. Arnold picked the one which was about 7′ off the ground. He could just grab on to the bars on tip toes.

A bunch of campers had gotten up onto the platform beside the monkey bars. With a big heave, Arnold pulled himself up halfway on the first bar and was ready to move forward when he a suddenly heard a metallic cracking sound above his head. He looked up and was horrified to see that the young boys had handcuffed his hands to the monkey bars!

“W.. what the hell is going on here?!” Arnold yelled out.

The group of boys climbed down from the platform as started laughing at their counselor. Arnold knew he had walked into a trap.

“What the hell are you all gonna do? Beat me up?” leered Arnold defiantly.

“If we beat you black and blue, then we would get in trouble instead…” answered Timmy Lawson. Timmy was also the Sheriff’s kid.

“Ok, so that must be where the cuffs came from…” thought Arnold to himself.

“You all better let me go before I report all of you to the Head Counsellor.” threatened Arnold.

“We’ll let you go when we’re done.” Answered another boy.

Arnold even dressed like a drill sergeant Ala Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the “Fast and Furious” movies. A skin fit Under Armour compression shirt was paired with a pair of khaki cargoes and army boots.

A swiss knife quickly appeared out of nowhere. Since they couldn’t lift Arnold’s shirt over his handcuffed arms, the proceeded to cut it off.

“That shirt is gonna cost your parents some money” yelled a very pissed Arnold.

As the shirt came off even the boys couldn’t help but admire Arnold’s god like body. About the same time a group of girl campers also came into the clearing of the obstacle course. A lot of them quickly caught sight of Arnold’s body and moved close to admire.

While some people thought bodybuilders were overcompensating for something, most of the girls there loved Arnold’s body and some of them were actually fans of his. One of those in the crowd was Stephanie Rogers.

She and Arnold had already been on 3 dates and were getting very close. They were both about the same height at 5’6″. They have made out a couple of times but nothing too serious yet.

For a brief moment Arnold actually felt smug about himself.

“OK, off with the pants” said another boy.

That interrupted Arnold’s moment of vanity, and he tried to kick out. He couldn’t do much as his legs were already aching. He must have been standing on tiptoes for 5 minutes now…

As one boy held his legs together tightly another boy undid Arnold’s belt and buckle. Very quickly his pants were down below his knees. This prevented Arnold from kicking out. Very quickly his boots were off and the pants followed the rest of the way.

Arnold was getting really worried now even though everyone was still admiring his chiselled body.

Underneath, Arnold was wearing red skin fit boxers with a nice bulge in the front.

“I heard bodybuilders have small willies…” said one of the boys.

“No way!” yelled Arnold.

“You can see my big bulge right?! You have also seen me posing in competition photos!” said Arnold in a croaking voice. He was choking up.

“You’re almost naked in the competition anyway. Since you have such a nice bulge let’s see it. Surely you have nothing to be shy about…” answered one of the 17 year old girls. All the girls were getting ecstatic. They were going to see a famous cock!

As Timmy went forward to grab the boxers Arnold gathered up all his last strength and kicked him away.

“I’ll kick the next person who comes near me!” yelled Arnold, tears now forming in his eyes…

The dazed boy was angry. He got up slowly and at the right moment, he charged at Arnold.


Timmy landed on the mud behind Arnold. In his hands however we’re Arnolds boxers! He had ripped them clean off!

Timmy looked back behind him. There was a dead silence. All the onlookers were in shock…

It took a few seconds for even Arnold to comprehend what was going on. When he looked down, he started to shout in panic.

“Don’t look! Don’t look! All of you turn away! Please don’t look!”.

Arnold was crying openly now.

His “penis” was dangling off his skin precariously, looking like it was about to drop off. Had Timmy injured Arnold? Was his penis going to fall off?!?!

Timmy approached Arnold who by now was too scared to move. He was just standing there and crying.

Timmy carefully examined the appendage in front of Arnold and looked inside the ripped boxers. Arnold was wearing a prosthetic penis!

Timmy slowly pulled off the dildo like object. It was a 4″ flaccid form prosthetic penis with silicone balls and scrotum! Make no mistake, Arnold was male but his real cock was barely a nub! It looked like a baby’s penis. His scrotum was pulled up tightly and he looked like he didn’t have any testicles!

Inside the boxer was a special padded pouch to make a man’s member look bigger than it really was. With the two items together Arnold had been creating the illusion of having the perfect male body and a large penis.

All that was shattered now…

While most of the crowd was now laughing uncontrollably, some of his female fans were also crying with him. Their Greek god had been exposed as an eunuch!

All sorts of derisive comments could be heard ringing out:

“Is Arnold a girl?”

“Does he have a penis at all?”

“He really has been over compensating, hasn’t he?”

“Can’t make that muscle bigger, can you?”

Stephanie was crying quietly seeing her new boyfriend humiliated this way. Now she understood why Arnold would never let her see his member.

One of Stephanie’s friends stepped forward and touched Arnold’s little nub. The little guy started to awaken!

“This is promising!” said the girl. Arnold could only look on helplessly.

All his full size, Arnold was about the size of a double A battery!

“What the hell do you call this, little boy?” teased Timmy.

“I I I have a micro penis” managed Arnold between sobs.

“Let’s see if it works” said another girl.

“Please! No! NO!” pleaded Arnold.

Holding the little dicky with her thumb and index finger, she started to stroke and masturbate Arnold. Barely 3 minutes later Arnold had shot his small, sticky load onto the floor.

“At least it works” said the girl.

As she walked past Stephanie she said:

“I don’t know how you’re ever going to be satisfied with that, luv”.

They only let Arnold go when he finally lost all control and peed himself.

All the campers except Stephanie left. She did not dump the humiliated meat head and stayed back to help him clean up.

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