Slutty, Size Queen Nicky

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By act18563

I felt a powerful trill of excitement when I saw her Facebook message. Nicky Saunders… I hadn’t seen her since high school and now she wanted to be my “friend”.

Maybe it’s not that surprising when you consider she was the most “friendly” girl in school – she was tall, brash, and luscious; she had trashy dyed hair, she had tattoos back when only the wildest kids did; and she was a total slut. At least that was the rumor. I thought maybe it was all locker room talk until one night my Junior year. The last time I’d ever seen her.

It was spring, a couple weeks before summer break, and me and some friends were hanging out at my cousins Austin’s house. His mom, my aunt, wasn’t around much so we pretty much had the place to ourselves, but we were bored: we’d watched both of the pornos Austin had, stolen some beer from the fridge, even went swimming in the neighbors’ pool until they came home and almost caught us. We needed something to do. That’s when Austin got the idea to see if Nicky would sneak out.

“What?!” I burst out. “Do you have her number?”

“Nah, we’re just gonna walk over there and get her to come hang with us”, he told me.

“In the middle of the fuckin’ night?” I asked. “And then what?”

That’s when Corey, one of the two half-way gangsters my cousin always hung out with, broke in. “What the fuck you think we gonna do with a girl like Nicky, man?”

He laughed. They all did, and I laughed along with them, but looking back the joke was on me.

A few minutes later we were walking the few blocks, across a major street, and though a trashier part of the neighborhood, to where Nicky lived. We made for a strange group in my white-bred suburban town: two white dudes, and two black guys, Corey and Terrell. They were more Austin’s friends then mine, (the three of ’em were kinda thugged out, they sold weed to the other high school kids, etc.) but I was the biggest, and Corey and Terrell were down with me ’cause I was all league in Basketball.

We laughed and goofed around the whole way there. Corey and Terrell argued about which one of us’d get to fuck her; my cousin claimed she’d probably do us all; and I told ’em that this dude Tyrone – a massive black kid, a senior who lettered in basketball AND had full ride to play football in college next year – said he’d fucked her lots of times.

We’d all heard stories like that about Nicky, so we were full of confidence – even me – until we turned the corner and got to her house.

It was silent, all the lights were off, and suddenly we were nervous. We didn’t know what to do. Terrell asked if anyone knew where her bedroom was. We just looked at each other.

“No” my cousin finally admitted. Then he led us about the back of the house, to a tiny stand of trees where we hid, and fought about what to do in harsh whispers. Just as it was getting really embarrassing, there she was.

“What the fuck are you guys doing here?” she asked, half angry and half laughing.

All of us jumped, scared it was her mom or someone, and turned to face her. She stood there shaking her head, and took a drag off her cigarette.

As usual she looked… naughty. She wore faded black jeans cut off just below her ass – her thick, round ass – and a strappy tank-top (a camisole, I guess?) that showed off all the rest of her curves. Trust me, she had plenty of curves. She also had a haughty, knowing look that was sexy as hell, but seemed at odds with her trashy, slutty reputation – too smart somehow.

“You guys looking for me?”, she said, giggling. None of us said anything, until she noticed me, smiled, and said; “are these guys trying to get you trouble?”

“Only if we find some” I said back, laughing at how stupid our plan had been, and that it was working so far.

She walked closer to us, closest to me of all, and exhaled a cloud of smoke. “I like trouble” she said, dropping her cigarette and stubbing it out on the ground. “I’ll be back in a minute!”

We couldn’t believe out luck, and quietly celebrated… pumping our fists, hitting each other, telling my cousin he was stupid and/or a genius. Just moments later we were off. Nicky’d walked right up to us, handed my cousin a bag, then put her arm through mine, and led us out into the night.

“What’s this?” Austin asked.

“Vodka!” Nicky told us. “I figured we need a little something to get party going… haha!”

She said whatever we did, we should go get her friend Shannnon, first.

“I think four of you might be too much… even for me,” she laughed, and pulled me even closer too her.

I was on cloud fucking nine! Here I was, popular sure, but still a virgin, and the closest thing our school had to a sure thing was flirting with me!

It didn’t take us long to get to Shannon’s, but on the way all Nicky could talk about was basketball. It pissed me off a little ’cause it reminded me of Tyrone telling all the guys how he’d fucked her – his big, pendulous dick swinging around in the shower while he told us about the time they’d hooked up in the bleachers after the Norwalk game. He said he even fucked her in the locker room. Still though, at least it gave me a clue about why she seemed to care who I was – me and Tyrone played together – and thankfully she never mentioned him, so I told myself to get over it. She was clearly digging me, right? Things were good!

At Shannon’s she told the other guys to wait across the street, but she grabbed my hand, and pulled me after her to the side of the house. She stopped at a window that was bright with light and tapped quietly.

“Come out here, bitch!”, she whispered under her breath. We didn’t wait long, in a second Shannon’s pretty face was looking out from an open window.

“Oh, wow! Hey,” she said. “What’s going on… do you want to come in?”

“No” Nicky told her. “We want you to come out!” It was only then that Shannon seemed to notice me.

“Hey,” she said with an almost mischievous smile. “You guys gonna have some fun tonight?”

Nicky scoffed. “There’s three more guys accoss the street, hooker, so hurry up!”

“OK, OK, just a sec,” she said, and started to turn back into the house. She stopped when Nicky said, “Corey’s here.”

The moment I saw the look on her face, I knew Corey was getting laid. She didn’t say anything, just gave a delighted, almost evil, little laugh, grabbed her purse, and climbed out the window. A few minutes later we were on our way back to Austin’s, and it got even clearer that Shannon had plans for Corey.

Most guys would probably think Shannon was even prettier than Nicky. Heck, she probably was. And her boobs were even bigger. But she was shorter, and looked a little too much like the girl next door, for me. I preferred bad girls like Nicky (I still do) but that didn’t stop me from ogling Shannon’s ass while Corey gave her a piggyback ride in front of us. Or stare at the way her tits bounced when, a few moments later, she gleefully skipped over to Nicky and said something in her ear.

Nicky noticed me looking. “Do you like her?”, she asked with a wry expression. I blushed.

“Seriously, do you want to fuck her?” she continued, more firmly now, gazing at me levelly.

I started to stammer something, thinking I’d offender her – I literally felt a hole in my stomach thinking I’d messed things up – but then she started laughing. “I’m just messing with you” she said. “Besides, Shannon only does black guys.”

I must have looked as shocked as I felt – Shannon didn’t seem like she got around – because Nicky went on, “I’m serious, she’s fucked a few guys from the college, and I hooked her up with one Tyrone’s friends…” She trailed off, but it sounded like there were more. “You just don’t know about it, ’cause she doesn’t do guys at school” she finished.

It had barely even occurred to me that there was anything outside of high school – college was a lifetime away! – and already girls I knew were fucking older dudes. I started to wonder if I’d heard even half the stories about Nicky, or like I’d been thrown into the deep end. Nicky must have sensed something, ’cause she gave me a suggestive sort of kiss on my check, laughed, and said, “Don’t worry, I don’t only fuck black guys!”

The night flew by after that. Back at Austin’s we mixed Nicky’s vodka with juice from the the fridge, some of us smoked a little weed, then we all went into the huge room over the garage where Austin lived.

Shannon immediately noticed the porn DVDs lying on the floor and insisted we put one on. She pulled Corey on to Austin’s bed with her, and the rest of us sprawled around a low table in the little sitting area. We talked while Shannon made rude comments about the video.

“Oooh, he’s got a big cock, doesn’t he, Nicky? Is your cock that big, Corey? I hope so!” We were all laughing, but pretty soon Shannon stopped doing it for laughs.

She half-straddled Corey, and started whispering into his ear. We couldn’t hear everything, but she was clearly asking him questions (“Do you want to fuck my tits like that, baby?”), and, on occasion, threatening to do things like ride him till he begged her to stop, which, given how goddamn hot Shannon was, seemed pretty far fetched. Who’d want her to stop? But what did I know, I was a virgin, remember?

When it looked like Shannon might put her words into action right there in front of us, Nicky shooed the two of them into the bathroom. It was huge, and actually had an old recliner in it – Austin sat there to smoke so the ceiling fan could cut down the smell – and we could all hear them put it to immediate use.

It was distracting. Just a few feet away, one of us was getting laid – my cousin’s plan had worked! But Nicky wasn’t having any of that. I don’t think she liked Shannon being the center of attention, so she turned to one of the oldest tricks in the book: she suggested we play strip poker.

Duh, of course we did. Nicky was in her element: the night was already sexually charged and now she’d upped the ante. That’s not just a metaphor, ’cause she did it almost every hand too – she played recklessly, almost like she wanted to loose, wanted us to leer at her. She teased us; asked us what we wanted her to take off; did little dances for us; made sure we had a good view once she was down to her bra and panties.

She didn’t loose every hand though, Austin and Terrell lost more than their fair share, and soon both of ’em were in their boxers. Then Terrell lost again, and Austin and I immediately started protesting.

“We don’t want to see his dick!” we cried. “Come on, he lost! Game’s over.” It was of no use.

“No, I won,” Nicky said grinning. “And I want to see what he’s got.”

She turned to Terrell, and suddenly it was like they were the only people in the room.

“Come on baby,” she purred. “Come stand in front of me so these boys don’t have to see your thingy… your big, thick, thingy.” She cracked herself up using such a stupid word.

Not nearly as terrified as I would have been, Terrell did just what she asked, but Nicky slapped his hands away when he moved to pull his boxers down. “I want to do it” she said, and then she did.

It was absurd, I couldn’t believe it. But me and my cousin could only look at each other while Terrell’s underwear suddenly fell and pooled around his feet. Nicky just sighed, lustfully, and then ran her hands up his thighs to what we could only assume was his cock.

I couldn’t believe she was jerking Terrell right in front of us! I was so fucking turned on, I almost couldn’t stand it. And then I realized I was scared shitless too – was she gonna just do him in front of us? Did she want to fuck us all? Could I handle that? In front of my friends? Fuck, this wasn’t what my first time was supposed to be like…

Those thoughts fled momentarily when, from my angle, I clearly saw Nicky heft Terrell’s dick so it stood out away from his body, pointing directly at her dark, full lips. I saw her open her mouth and take him into it, and everything came crashing back. I couldn’t stop from laughing while she softly sucked my friend’s dick. I guffawed awkwardly, and then Austin started laughing to – the absurdity of the situation was too much for us.

Then Nicky was laughing too, the tension gone, but only briefly. She winked up at Terrell, whispered something like “later”, and then slapped him on the ass.

“Com’on dude, sit down!” she said. “We’ve got a game to finish!”

Austin and I made a show of looking away as he swung back to his place, but I couldn’t help but see his dick. Couldn’t help but notice how big it was. Penis size wasn’t something I’d thought much about then, but damn. It was almost as big as Tyrone’s. And much bigger than mine.

“You guys are just Jealous,” she said, pretending to be mad at us for laughing, and then quickly trying to get the game started again. At the time I was sure she just meant we were jealous our dicks weren’t getting sucked, but looking back it’s clear Nicky meant not just that, but something else entirely, too.

I was too overwhelmed by the whole situation to pay much attention strip poker. All the blood had rushed to my dick and stayed there, and if I wasn’t careful where I looked I’d see Terrell’s black cock laying there in his lap. As you’d expect, I lost a couple of hands, but was so far ahead I wasn’t in danger of having to get naked – I still had my boxers on, a T-shirt, and my polo.

Nicky was talking like it was only a matter of time ’till I lost, though. She told me she’d seen me wearing less at basketball games, and she wanted to see what I had going on underneath everything. As much as I wanted her, by this time I was just starting to want out of the situation – I had literally no idea what I was doing, so I bailed.

I pretended the vodka was getting to me, I made a show of yawning, I told everyone I needed to use the bathroom, maybe get a drink of water. Luckily for me that meant going downstairs – Shannon and Corey were still going at it in the upstairs bathroom! I had to get out of there, at least for a while.

The guys made a show of trying to stop me, but I could tell they didn’t give a fuck – if I left that’s one less dude there to compete with. Nicky though, gave me a strange look that combined disappointment and confusion, and then turned into something like suspicion. Maybe she thought I didn’t want to sleep with her; or guessed I still had my V-card; or something else… I didn’t know what she thought then, but I should have guessed when she followed me downstairs a few minutes later.

I was standing at the kitchen sink with a glass of water, my eyes closed and a cool breeze from the open window blowing across my face – I was just starting to get it together when I heard her on the stairs. I turned around, opened my eyes, and gasped.

She was naked except for a pair of tiny panties. “I lost the next hand”, she laughed.

She crossed the room, and then pressed firmly against me. I actually moaned.

Then, mortified, I looked down at her, but she’s so tall it just made things worse – not only was my rock hard cock pressed into her stomach and thigh, her lips were just inches from mine, her mouth was open slightly and she had a wicked look in her eye.

“Why’d you run away?” she asked with a sort of bratty tone I hadn’t heard from her before. I tried to object but she cut me off.

“Yes you did!” she cooed up at me, her lips all but touching mine, her body starting to move against me irresistibly. “Don’t you want me? Don’t you like these big tits?”

She laughed at how obvious the answer was… I was completely under her spell. I tried and failed to stammer out some charming excuse, but she stopped my mouth with a kiss. A fierce, deep kiss, with one hand on the back of my neck pulling me into her. It was clearly meant to show me what I was missing, and to tease me, and it worked. She took my breath away; she made me tremble.

A few moments passed with her smirking up at me, satisfied with her affect on me, and just when I thought the only thing worse than her kissing me right then, was her not kissing me again, she else. She still had one hand behind my head, but with the other she reached down between our bodies, and grasped my dick through my boxer shorts, jerking it slowly. She smiled and nodded, almost to herself, as if confirming something.

It only lasted a moment, and then she laughed… “I think we both know why you ran, away.”

The last thing she did was gently pat me on the cock, and said, in a kindly, almost sad, voice, “Maybe it’s for the best. Now, I’m going back upstairs to play.”

She left no doubt that she wasn’t referring to cards, and she left me all but pooled on the kitchen floor.

Looking at her message on Facebook, I think back to that night, and to how nice she was to let and an inexperienced boy off the hook, instead of getting hurt or angry. It never occurred to me to think that she wasn’t being nice at all – that she’d put her had on my cock to confirm her suspicion that it was too small for her, and that the sadness I heard in her voice was actually pity.

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