Big and Small (Gay Themes)

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Part One: The Inspection
Part Two: The Humiliation
Part Three: The Party
Part Four: Alone
Part Five: The Return of Bert


Part One: The Inspection

I had a contract in Glasgow for a few months, so I got digs just outside the city centre with an older guy who was living on his own. Bert was a local guy of 38, and said that he’d appreciate the company of someone younger.

After a few days I got more of a sense of what he might appreciate. He started with the comments; how tall I was (I’m 6’2″), what a fit body I have (I go to the gym, play sports and stay in shape) and how nice it was to have someone young around the house (I’m 26). He’d say things like, “Alex, you’re lucky to be so young and good looking.”

When that failed to make an impression, he started “accidentally” letting me see him undressed. He was in good shape, kind of heavily built and hairy, with short black hair and a bit of a belly on him, but the main thing I noticed when he would walk out of the bathroom, knowing I was going by, was how huge his cock was. It was long and uncircumcised, and seemed to dangle down to his knees. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but other guy’s cocks always seem enormous to me.

The thing is, that despite being a big guy, and well built, I’ve always felt embarrassed about the size of my cock. It’s really small, even when it’s hard; minuscule when it’s soft. Because I feel so bad about it, I’ve always avoided sex, and even at 26 had had really limited sexual experience, ever since my first girlfriend laughed when she saw me naked. I’ve always kept it a secret, and never let anyone see me fully naked, even in the changing rooms and shared houses.

Bert’s cock was big, though. When I didn’t react to his nudity, he started flashing a hard on to get my attention, and I reckon it must have been eight or nine inches long, and really thick. I still didn’t say anything, hoping that he’d get the message and give up. I took care that Bert never saw me naked, so I reckon the lack of encouragement, eventually made him stop the come-ons, though he carried on being careless about nudity. And I thought we’d settle into a more regular routine. But then Clive came to stay.

Clive was Bert’s son, though Clive’s mum and Bert had split up shortly after his birth, and only got in contact again when Clive was 16. Clive and Bert looked nothing like each other. Even at 19, Clive was taller than Bert, though still quite a bit shorter than me, and had a kind of skinny build, with short, spiky red hair. It was weird; he wasn’t much to look at, but somehow I couldn’t stop looking at him. It was like he was really cute and sexy, even though he didn’t look it. He had this really sexy wolfish grin, and I particularly noticed his hands, big and shovel-like, with long bony fingers. I wondered if he was as well-endowed as his dad, but couldn’t tell at first; he wore baggy black jogging bottoms that showed no details. Unlike Bert’s soft Scot’s accent, Clive had a much rougher Glasgow accent; at first I had difficulty understanding what he said to me.

His mum had chucked him out for smoking dope with his friends, and he’d come to sponge off his dad for the summer. He seemed permanently pissed off with his dad, barely tolerating him or exchanging a civil word. He didn’t seem to like me being around the place, either.

Things were less relaxed after that. The upside was that Bert stopped flashing, which was a relief as in those days any kind of sexual approach made me nervous and panicky because of my small dick. Bert seemed awkward and self-conscious around Clive, and took to wearing a dressing gown round the house. The downside was the tense atmosphere between the two men. I was prepared to put up with an awkward situation all summer, but one morning something happened that made me think that things might change. I was waiting for Clive by the bathroom door; he always spent ages in there. I felt a bit awkward and vulnerable hanging around the corridor in just a towel.

When Clive emerged, he was wearing even less than me. Just a pair of briefs, made out of cotton so thin it was almost transparent. I couldn’t help but stare at what he was revealing: his long cock was coiled up over his balls, like a snake. It looked just as big as his dad’s. Clive had his back to me at first, but then did a double take as he caught me staring, and glanced down at his cock himself, smiled, and scratched himself lazily. He was wiry, rather than scrawny, I noticed, with nicely defined muscles and dark body hair, despite the red hair on his head. He glanced down at his big cock, then gave me a look as if to say “not bad eh?”

He looked up and down, clearly appreciating what he saw, as I had a much more muscular build than him, and then surprised me by leaning forward and lifting the front of my towel with his big hand, revealing my tiny cock. When he saw what I had, he laughed and let the flap drop. Then he swaggered off, the thin briefs clinging to his little ass.

Over the next couple of days I noticed Bert and Clive seemed to be getting on better, as if they’d found something to talk about. Sometimes they would stop talking when I entered the room, and one day I could hear that they’d been talking about sex, then stopped when I arrived. By their reactions, I could tell that Clive had told Bert about my small cock. I stopped in the room with them, and tried to act normal, but I felt really self-conscious, even though I was the only one fully dressed. Bert was in his dressing gown as usual and Clive was wearing jogging bottoms and a T-shirt.

We all sat down in the front room in an awkward silence, then Clive unexpectedly broke the ice by saying, “For such a big guy you certainly have a tiny cock!”

I went bright red, and didn’t say anything.

Bert looked at me thoughtfully, and then said in his soft Scots accent, “Why don’t you show us what you’ve got, son?”

I should have walked out, but I didn’t. I strangely excited even though I wasn’t hard. Like I was in a dream, I stood up and began to pull off my T-shirt, but Bert said, “I don’t think anyone’s interested in your chest, Alex, just drop your trousers so we can see.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening; from a quiet, almost pathetic character, Bert suddenly seemed to be in charge. I looked across at Clive, who was wearing his usual wolfish grin, but saying nothing, content to let his dad take the lead. And the weird thing was, despite my years of shyness about my body, now that someone really wanted to see me, I almost desperately wanted to show them. I undid my jeans and pulled them down so that they crumpled around my ankles, leaving me in my shorts. Clive smiled when he saw the shorts;

“Too shy to wear briefs eh?” He said in his sexy Glasgow accent. “Well, let’s have them off and see what you’ve got.”

Blushing even redder, I reached down and pulled down my shorts. I still didn’t have a hard-on, so my limp little cock just bobbed there over my balls.

“Okay, take it all off,” ordered Bert. “We want to see that little thing move around some.”

With father and son watching me, I sat back on the sofa, struggling with my shoes. As I did so, I could see Clive gently stroking his long cock inside his jogging bottoms. From the outline it left it looked every bit as long as his dad’s. Finally, I was naked, and before Bert could say anything more, I stood up again in front of the two seated men.

Craig reached out towards my cock, but to my surprise, he gently stroked me under my balls. “I bet it’s really little when it’s hard too,” he said, his breath coming heavily.

“How big does it get?”

“Not very big,” I replied, looking straight ahead as if being inspected. “Only about four inches.”

Still stroking my balls, Clive let out a low whistle. “No!” He breathed. “I’ve never seen one as tiny as that. Are you sure?”

“Oh, I think you’d better prove it, don’t you?” Bert said with a slight sneer, lying back in his chair as he watched the action. “Alex, go and get a tape measure.”

I ran off like a little dog to do as I was told. When I came back down, both men were still fully dressed, and I felt even more vulnerable as the only naked one, with my little dick on display. Clive said, “Come here.” And I went over to where he was sitting and stood in front of him, his face on a level with my cock. “Now let’s see this hard…” He muttered, stroking my dick with his big hand as he looked across at his dad.

“You reckoned he’d be less than four inches,” he said.

“I reckon so. Is he hard yet?”

“Oh yes,” said Clive, looking back at where my little cock was now jutting out of my bush of pubic hair.

“Actually dad, you could be right.” He looked up at me and grinned that wolfish grin. “Okay Alex,” he said, “I want you to measure yourself and tell me the result.”

My dick got even stiffer as he took charge, and I lay the tape measure alongside it. “Just under four inches,” I said.

“How big is ‘just under’?” Sneered Clive, grabbing the tape measure with one big bony hand and holding my dick with the other. He fiddled with my cock for a second, then said, “Three and three quarters. God!”

“My cock was that size when I was seven,” said Bert.

“See, I told you,” said Clive, “He has a cock like a kid.”

“I didn’t know they came that small,” said Bert.

Even though it was humiliating, somehow I loved the way that they were talking about me. My cock got even harder, and ached slightly as I felt Clive’s breath on it, and his big hand playing with it idly. He looked up from inspecting my cock. “Want to measure mine now?” He said.

I didn’t say anything. “Answer him,” said Bert.

I noticed he seemed very keen for me to do this, and I wondered if he had ever seen Clive with a hard-on and was curious. “Yes,” I said.

“Oh, I think with a little cock like that, you should call me sir, boy,” said Clive, grinning.

“Now, do you want to measure my cock?”

My breath seemed to be coming with difficulty (and my cock was stiffer than ever, almost pressed up against my pubic hair) but I managed to say

“Yes, sir.” It felt good to say it.

“Yes sir, what?”

“Yes, sir, I’d like to measure your big cock sir, and see how much bigger it is than my little boy cock, sir,” I said. Again the wolfish grin.

“Well, as you ask so nicely…” he said, lifting his little ass and pulling down his jogging bottoms where he sat.

His big cock sprang up suddenly as it was released, bouncing up against his belly as he pulled down his joggers. It looked about as big as his dad’s though not as thick, so the head seemed bigger in proportion as the shaft was slimmer. It looked a bit like a tulip; long, and heavy-ended, with an upward curve. I could see Bert looking with interest as Clive’s cock bounced free.

Clive looked up at me and grinned again. “Well, get measuring, boy,” he said.

I bent down, my small cock disappearing into my body as I did so, and gripped the base of his cock with one hand (I noticed that his pubic hair was as red as his head hair) as I ran the tape measure along its length with the other. His cock felt really hot in my hand. “Well, boy?” Asked Bert, his face red with excitement.

I looked over at him. “He’s eight and a quarter inches,” I said, wondering if I was supposed to call Bert “sir” as well. Clive sat there looking pleased with himself and scratched his balls.

“Hmm. Not so long as his old man,” grunted Bert, satisfied.

“Not so thick either,” I said, then realised I’d said too much as Clive sprang to his feet and said,

“Damn sight thicker than yours, boy; look at that little thing!”

Next to Clive’s long, slim cock, mine looked even more minuscule. His curved up like another limb; mine barely stuck out of my pubic hair. I felt ridiculous: he was skinnier than me, 4″ shorter and 7 years younger, but with that big cock poking out of him, he felt like my master.

But this even this comparison didn’t seem to improve his mood. He stuffed his long cock back into his jogging bottoms, muttered, “Okay, show’s over,” and stomped out.

Bert looked me up and down. “You’d better get dressed,” he said.


Part Two: The Humiliation

It was weird: after that nothing much happened. Oh, Clive still treated me with a kind of lazy contempt, and wore even less around the house, so I got used to the sight of his long, big-headed dick, dangling down. I say I got used to it, but I could never stop staring, and he knew it. He used to show it off, as if to say, “Look all you want, that’s the nearest you’re coming to it,” and grinned that wolfish grin.

One day, Bert told me he was going away for the weekend, and that he wanted me to keep an eye on Clive. He’d made Clive promise that he couldn’t have his dope-smoking mates from college around the house, so Clive was pissed off with him. Bert wanted to be sure that Clive kept his promise, and didn’t wreck the place. Given how Clive had taken charge the other day, I don’t know what Bert thought I could have done, but he asked me anyway.

Of course Clive’s friends came round as soon as Bert left. They were both about the same height as him, and the darker of the two, Tony, was the same wiry build. The other friend, Matt, was stockier, more muscular. They all wore comfortable, casual clothes; jogging bottoms and T-shirts: Matt wore a vest to show off his big muscles. I wondered if Clive had told them about me, and what happened the other day. I reckoned he had, by the way I caught Matt eyeing up my crotch, as if to try and tell if what he’d heard was true or not.

They acted like I wasn’t there, even when I said to Clive that his dad had told him not to have his friends round. Clive just grinned and said, “What are you going to do about it, boy?” And both of the friends laughed, so I could tell he’d told them everything.

There was a scary feeling in the house, and I wondered what was going to happen. That Friday night, they all got stoned in the front room and lay up laughing and playing their music until early in the morning. The next morning, none of them was in evidence, so I sneaked out to take a shower. While I was in the shower, I heard a noise, and turned round to see Matt just going out of the bathroom. He’d sneaked in to take a peek at me! This was getting worse.

I put on a t shirt and jeans and went downstairs, where Clive, Matt and Tony were all in the sitting room again. Tony had already rolled a joint, and was starting to light it when I walked in. “Clive,” I said. “You know your dad doesn’t like you using that stuff in here.”

“Well, boy,” said Clive, getting up (and I noticed his long cock dangling in his jogging bottoms). You know, I really don’t like your attitude,” he said. Suddenly, sweeping his big hand over a table, knocking a lamp to the floor, he shouted, “Jesus Christ, it’s like having two dads all of a sudden.”

I moved to grab the lamp; it was an antique, one of Bert’s. Seeing my concern, Clive suddenly calmed down and grinned. “Oh, you want to save his precious stuff do you?” He sneered. “Well, if you want me to look after stuff, you’ll have to do me a few favours.”

Matt and Tony looked at each other and grinned. “What kind of favours?” I asked, taking a step backwards.

“Oh, you know what kind,” said Clive, then added, “Boy.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied, knowing that’s what he wanted.

“You know what I want.”

“I think so, sir.”

“Tell me what you think, boy.” I couldn’t say it. I looked down at my bare feet and mumbled something. “Sorry, boy,” said Clive. “I didn’t hear that. Say it out loud: I want my friends to hear.”

“I think you want me to take off my clothes, sir,” I said.

“And why would I want you to do that, boy?”

“So you can show your friends how small my dick is, sir,” I said.

Matt and Tony were staring at us both now, not able to believe what they heard. Clive was still in charge, though.

“Ask me, boy.”

“Sir, please, may I show my little dick, sir,” I said, looking down at my feet again.

Once more Clive made me say it louder, to be sure his friends had had. They still stared at us, not able to believe what was happening. I mean, how often does a 19-year-old have a full grown man to order around? Then he laughed, and turned to the other two. “Well mates,” he said, “What do you reckon?”

Tony sneered. “Is it really that little?”

“Tiniest one I ever saw,” said Clive, putting his big hand under my crotch and hoisting it a little. “Not much in there at all, is there boy?”

“No, sir,” I muttered.

“Ask me again,” he said.

“Please sir, may I show you my little dick,” I repeated.

Clive looked at me thoughtfully for a moment, scratching his balls. Then he said, “Nah, you can show us your ass,” he said. “Take off your jeans.” I wasn’t wearing shoes so I was able to take my jeans off easily. I stood in front of the three of them in just my shorts. “He wears shorts ’cause he’s shy about his dick,” explained Clive with a sneer. “Aren’t you, boy?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, quietly.

“I can’t get over him calling you ‘sir’,” said Matt wonderingly. “He’s such a big guy.”

“Oh, he ain’t so big,” sneered Clive. “And he’ll do whatever I say, won’t you boy?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

“Good,” he said, sitting back down again. “Bend over me,” he said, motioning over his knee. I glanced at the other two boys. They were both still staring at me. Embarrassed and humiliated, I bent over Clive’s knee, my ass sticking up in the air. “That’s good,” he said. “Pull your shorts off your ass, boy.” Reaching behind me, I pulled my shorts back, exposing my naked ass. Looking over it, Clive said to the other two, “Have a closer look.”

I looked up to catch a glimpse of the other two standing up in their joggers (would they have erections? How big?), but Clive swatted me across my bare ass, saying, “Head down, boy!” He’d hit me hard, so I did as he said. I felt the nearness of the other two, as they inspected my ass.

“You smacked him like he was a little kid!” Said Tony in awe.

“What, like this, you mean?” Asked Clive, giving me another swat, hard. I could feel my ass starting to glow.

“Do it some more!” Breathed Matt.

Clive leaned over towards where my head was, face down on the sofa.

“Do you want me to do it some more?” He asked.

“Yes, sir.”

He swatted me once more. “Oh no, boy, you have to ask for stuff, that’s how it goes. Tell me what you want.”

“Sir, I want you smack me on the bare ass some more, please,” I begged.

“Well, okay, since you asked for it,” he said.

He gave me about twenty hard swats on the ass. I tried not to cry out, but couldn’t manage it for the last five. After he’d finished, he stroked my sore ass and said, “Ahh, does it hurt now? Is the little boy crying? Shall I do something to make it better?”

“Yes, please sir,” I said, then yelped as he stuck his bony finger up my asshole.

“Is that better?” He asked with fake sympathy.

“Yes, sir,” I said through gritted teeth.

He laughed, withdrew his finger, and swatted my sore ass again. “Nice and red,” he said, “Just the way I like them. Get up.”

I got up, my shorts still under my ass in the back, but covering me in the front. Tony and Matt were standing up, a distance away. I could tell there was some action going on in those baggy joggers, but couldn’t tell what yet. “Show Matt and Tony your nice red ass,” laughed Clive.

I walked over to where the two of them stood. Close up, I could see that Matt was about as muscular as me, but for a shorter guy it looked much heavier. I turned around so they could see my ass. “Bend over, boy, I want them to have a good look.”

I touched my toes, feeling somehow even more embarrassed by this inspection, even though they’d both seen me being whacked on the ass. Somehow being inspected like this was even worse. I felt one of them (I think it was Matt) run his hands over my ass and said, “God, Clive, it’s really red.”

I looked up to see Clive grinning, satisfied, and sat opposite me. I could also see his long hard on pressing against the loose cloth of his joggers. After a moment he said, “Okay, boy, stand up.”

I stood up, my shorts still covering me at the front. Clive looked up and down my sporty, fit body, and said, “Okay, boy, what would you like to do now?”

I was still embarrassed, so I looked down as I mumbled something. Behind me, Tony whacked my ass again and said, “Say it so we can hear you!”

I said to Clive, “Please sir, can I show my little cock.”

Clive looked down at my rumpled boxer shorts and said, “Got a hard on, boy?”

I looked down. “Yes, sir,” I said.

“Good,” he said. “Go and get the tape measure.” I started to pull my shorts up, but he said, “Oh no, what’s put out, stays out. Keep that red ass on display!”

So I scurried out of the room with the back of my shorts under my red ass, hoping that no-one could see in through the windows of the kitchen. When I got back with the tape measure, the three of them were sitting down again. I stood in the middle of the room, saying, “Sir, I’ve got the tape measure, sir.”

Clive grinned, and stroked his long cock through the jogging bottoms. “That’s good, boy.” Then he looked at his mates and said, “Well, what do you reckon? Shall we all compare?”

Tony nodded. Matt didn’t look so sure, but nodded as well, reluctantly. Clive motioned to the other two, and they stood up and came over. I could see erections bobbing around inside their joggers. The three of them stood in front of me. Clive looked at me and said, “Okay, boy, you first. I want you to hold out the front of your shorts so we can all see in.”

This made a change from the total strip of the other day, but I complied, pulling the waistband of my shorts out. The three of them came closer, all of them shorter than me, and peered in at what was on display. As soon as he saw my stiff little cock, Tony burst out laughing, which was worse than anything. Clive reached in and flicked it a little, but Matt seemed to be hanging back a bit.

“Right boy, take off the shorts and measure up,” said Clive, and I pulled down my shorts, stepped out of them, and held the tape measure against my cock for all to see.

“It’s not even four inches,” breathed Matt.

“How long did you measure the other day, boy?” Demanded Clive.

“Three and three quarters, sir,” I replied.

Tony looked up at me. “God, and he’s such a big bloke,” he said. “He looks ridiculous with that little thing.”

While he spoke, Clive was putting his big bony finger on my cock and bending it down, then letting it bounce back up again, like it was a toy. Then he turned to the others. “Okay, who’s next?” He said.

“I’ll go next,” said Tony, already ripping off his vest. His chest was hairless and nicely defined, and his arm muscles bulged as he yanked down his joggers. He was wearing briefs underneath, but not tight ones, and his thick cock poked out of them as he stepped out of his joggers and trainers. He looked up and grinned at us all watching, then pulled down his underpants, to reveal a fair-sized cock, not as long as Clive’s, but thick as a milk bottle.

“Okay, boy, stand next to him,” ordered Clive, and I went to stand across from Tony, so our cocks were alongside each other. As ever, mine looked even tinier next to a big one like Tony’s. Tony looked down at our compared cocks, then looked up at me and grinned.

“Measure it, boy,” he said. Even he was calling me boy now. I squatted next to him, my little cock poking up between my legs, and measured along Tony’s cock as it poked outward from his body. It didn’t jut-up like mine or Clive’s; just poked straight out. “Well, son?” Asked Clive, looking down at me.

“Seven and three quarter inches, sir,” I said.

“Not bad,” said Clive, knowing he was longer. Without being asked, I measured around Tony’s cock quickly, then said, “And about five inches round.”

“I didn’t ask you that!” Snapped Clive, annoyed, as he could see his friend’s cock was thicker than his. “Stand up, boy, and measure how thick you are around.”

I did as I was told, measuring myself while the others looked on. “Well, boy?” Demanded Clive.

“One and three-quarter inches round,” I admitted, shamefaced.

“Christ, it’s like a pencil,” laughed Clive. “Okay, do me now.” He said, yanking down his joggers just like Tony had. Just like before, his long dog-cock bounced up, the big head pointing up to his belly. He waited while I squatted and measured.

“Eight and a half inches,” I said.

“God, it’s getting bigger,” he sneered.

“And around?” Said Tony, obviously seeing his friend’s long skinny cock for the first time.

More reluctantly, Clive stood still as I measured it around. “Four inches round.” I said.

This time Tony grinned, and Clive looked a bit shamefaced. “Okay Matt, it’s your turn.” Said Clive, turning to him.

But Matt wouldn’t meet his eye. “I’m not so sure about this,” he mumbled.

“Oh, come on man,” said Tony. “We’ve all shown.” He gestured at me. “Even pencil-dick here has shown.”

Clive grabbed the side of Matt’s joggers. “Okay, man, flash.”

Matt pulled away, but Tony grabbed the other side. The three of them fell to the floor, scuffling, not entirely good-naturedly. Big and muscular, though he was, Matt was no match for the wiry strength of his two assailants, and, sure enough, the joggers came down, revealing a pair of red shorts. “Well, he’s certainly hard in there,” said Clive, yanking at the waistband of the shorts. Again, Tony took the other side, and, despite him flailing his legs desperately, Matt’s cock bounced free.

It was thicker than mine, but not much longer. If the two guys alongside him had not been so well endowed, it would have looked about average. It was also very stiff: pointing straight upwards towards his belly. Now that all was revealed, Matt had given up struggling, and just lay there passively.

“So that’s what you were hiding!” Said Tony, flicking his mate’s small dick. “You’re not much bigger than Alex.”

“Boy, come and measure this little thing,” commanded Clive.

I scurried over with the tape measure. Handling Matt’s dick was a lot like handling my own; it slipped out of my hand a couple of times while I tried to grab it. Eventually I got hold though, and held the tape measure against it.

“Well?” Demanded Clive.

“Four and three quarter inches, sir,” I said.

Clive raised an eyebrow, and looked down at my stiff little cock. “That’s an inch bigger than you,” he said. “Strange, it doesn’t look much bigger.”

“That’s because it’s still tiny,” sneered Tony. “God, man, no wonder you wanted to keep it a secret. You’ve got a cock like a kid!”

“How big around?” Demanded Clive.

I fiddled with Matt’s cock again, and measured it just under the head. “Two and a half inches, sir,” I said.

Clive scooted his wiry body alongside the muscular body of his friend, and put his cock next to Matt’s. They couldn’t have looked more different. Here was this impressively long, bulbous headed thing, next to this thick little carrot of a cock. Tony did the same, and then Matt’s didn’t even look particularly thick.

Clive sat back and grabbed Matt’s arm. “Come on, get up,” he said.

Matt seemed reluctant, but Tony grabbed his other arm and the two of them pulled him to his feet. Standing, the contrast between his heavy, muscular build and his little cock was even more obvious. Clive seemed fascinated with it, and kept pushing it down with his big finger, to make it spring up again. “Hey boy, come over here and stand opposite to him.”

I went over and stood opposite Matt, so our cocks pointed at each other. I looked down. Even Matt’s dick was bigger than mine: up close the difference in size was more obvious. I looked up at him, and he caught my eye and smiled for a moment.

Then Clive took charge again. “Okay, I think you guys are in the same league here. Stand and face us.”

So we both turned and faced the pair of them. Clive’s long skinny cock was still bouncing around as he moved: Tony’s seemed more solid, but both were huge. Both our little cocks strained upwards in comparison. I felt embarrassed and ashamed, and hornier than I’d ever done in my life. Tony looked at us. “They’re both such big guys,” he said.

“And Alex’s the tallest, but he’s got the smallest cock.” He reached forward and flicked my little dick. “Unbelievable,” he said.

Clive reached forward and flicked Matt’s dick the same way. Somehow, with him, it seemed even odder that he would let his mate do that. Only a few moments ago, they’d all been in this together, but now his secret was revealed he was a “boy” like me. Clive grinned at Tony. “You know, I think it’s time these boys earned their living,” he said. He reached forward and flicked Matt’s little dick some more. “You want to do me a favour, boy?”

Matt looked down at Clive’s big hand playing with his cock. “Yes, sir,” he said quietly.

“That’s a good boy. You want to touch my big man’s cock? Feel what a real cock feels like?”

Matt nodded. Clive reached around and slapped his arse. “Oh no, boy, you want privileges, you have to ask.”

“Please can I touch your cock, sir?”

Clive shook his head. “You know, you still aren’t getting it,” he said. He sighed and scratched his balls, making his long curved cock bob some more. “Looks like I’m going to have to teach you a lesson as well.”

He sat back on the sofa, and motioned for Matt to bend over his knee. Little cock bobbing up and down as he stepped forward, Matt reluctantly did as he was told, and lay across Clive’s knee, his head down on the sofa, his muscular ass sticking up in the air. He jumped slightly as Clive whacked him. As Clive carried on whacking Matt, I was transfixed by the sight of Clive’s long cock, curving out between his legs, under Matt’s little cock, the big head bobbing out in plain view. It kept bobbing as he gave Matt twelve or thirteen whacks, then said, “Get up.”

Rubbing at his sore ass, Matt got up. We could all see that his little cock was still really stiff. Clive looked up at him, saying “Want some more, boy?”

Matt shook his head, then quickly said, “No, sir, I don’t want any more.”

“That’s good. Now ask me properly for what I want.”

“I want to play with your big cock sir, I want to feel what a real man’s cock is like, sir.”

“Instead of?”

“Instead of this little boys cock that I have, sir.”

Clive nodded, and grinned. “That’s a good boy. You may proceed,” he said, leaning back on the sofa, long cock rising up to his belly.

Matt sat next to him, reached over, and began easing Clive’s foreskin up and down. Clive let out a long sigh. Next to me, Tony motioned for me to sit on a chair arm and do him a similar favour. When I looked uncertain, he looked irritated and said, “Get on with it, boy, I can whack you twice as hard as Clive can.”

Resignedly, I sat on the chair arm and reached over, but Tony suddenly had a better idea. He motioned for me to sit across his legs, opposite him, so he could see my hard little cock against his bigger, thicker one. Like Clive, he leaned back as I reached for his cock, and began stroking up and down his length. It was a different feeling from my little dick; I could put both my hands around Tony’s cock: I could barely get a couple of fingers around mine.

Behind me, I could hear Clive groan, then I heard him whisper something to Matt. I heard Matt whisper, “Yes, sir.”

I turned to see him get up off the sofa, little cock still up and stiff, and run off for something. I turned my attention back to Tony’s dick. A few moments later I heard Matt return and hand something to Clive, then was surprised to see Clive rolling a condom down his long dick, and putting some lubricant on it. Then he motioned for Matt to come and sit on his dick.

It must have been a fair sized thing to take in; Clive’s dick was slim, but the head was big, and must have been a painful entry. Matt winced at first, but then lowered himself down all the way. It looked weird, this skinny, wiry man with his big cock up his stocky, muscular friend. Matt began moving up and down, and as he did, Clive’s big hand came from behind and began playing with Matt’s stiff little dick.

I looked back to Tony, but Tony seemed happy with his hand job, which was just as well given the girth on his dick. I worked the big thing up and down, and before long there was a thick spurt and Tony was done. After a moment, he got up and motioned for me to follow, and we went over and stood next to Clive and Matt. Clive was pumping hard from below, and Matt’s cheeks bulged as he puffed and blew as if he was giving birth. Clive’s bony hand was working Matt’s little sticky-out cock for all it was worth, and when Matt finally shot, it went right across the room. Then Clive came inside him, and sagged back onto the sofa. Slowly, Matt worked his way off the big cock, and stood up next to Clive.

Clive let out some deep breaths, then looked up at me. “Well, boy,” he said, “Looks to me like you’re the only one left with a hard on!”

I looked down. My little dick was still poking up to my belly. Looking around I could see that Clive’s dick had shrunk back to the coiled snake I’d seen all that time ago, Tony’s cock had shrunk back to a dangly thick root, and even Matt was sporting a little limp acorn.

“Well, that doesn’t seem fair,” said Clive. “Come here, boy,” he commanded. I went to stand in front of him. “Sit across my legs, like you did for Tony,” he instructed. I sat myself across his knees, legs apart, facing him. He looked down at my stiff little cock, then looked up at me and grinned. “You want me to play with that little dick?”

I nodded and said, “Yes, sir, please play with my tiny little dick.”

He looked at me. “You don’t deserve this you know.”

I looked down. Even soft, his cock was much bigger than mine. “I know, sir,” I said. “Please play with my little boy dick, sir.”

I jumped as he ran a big finger under my balls and up the side of my cock, which looked smaller than ever next to his big man’s hand. Then he slipped some fingers over my cock and began working it up and down. “Hey look guys,” he said. “You can hardly see Alex’s little thing in between my fingers!” Both of the others leaned forward to inspect me while Clive wanked me off. The combination of Clive’s humiliating comments, the stares of the other two and the feel of that big hand on my cock was all too much, and I spurted over Clive’s chest. Clive wasn’t impressed. “Go and get a towel, boy,” he said, looking at the semen on his chest. “And wipe this mess off.”

“Yes, sir, sorry, sir,” I said, and ran off.

When I got back, Tony and Clive both had their joggers on, but when I reached for my jeans, Clive said, “Oh no boy, you’re going naked today. We’ve already told Matt,” he said, gesturing to his shamefaced friend.

“You ain’t got nothing to hide, so we’ll have it all on display for now. What do you reckon, boys?”

“Yes, sir,” we both replied.


Part Three: The Party

The weird thing was, I didn’t have to go along with any of this. But you have to see it from my point of view. Despite my height, build, and alleged good looks, I’d never had sex with anyone before. And now I’d had two sexual experiences in as many days; the inspection by father and son, and the comparisons in the front room. Even if I’d hated the humiliation, I’d still have done anything for more. But the humiliation was part of what made it all so very horny.

After that Clive was on the phone for a while, and sent Matt and I into the kitchen to get stuff ready. Clearly he was planning a party and having some more friends over. While we got stuff ready, Clive had a sudden idea and came into the kitchen. “Okay boys, I want to see those little cocks: turn round.”

We both turned round from where we were working and let ourselves be inspected. After fiddling with our small dicks for a few moments with those big bony hands (I got a hard on, Matt didn’t), he opened a kitchen cupboard and took out two aprons; the sort that just cover you from the waist down.

“Put them on,” he said. We both did as instructed, and, in my opinion, looked more ridiculous than ever; naked except for a tiny apron. Clive looked at us and grinned. “Okay boys, here’s the deal. When the guests come we’re going to have more fun; you know, the kind we had this morning. But while everyone’s arriving, you’ll be busy getting stuff ready and putting it out. At any time, any of the guests can demand an inspection. If they do, you have to lift your aprons and let them have a look. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” we both said.

It seemed like Clive had come into his own with this humiliation business. Clearly he hadn’t realised before that he had an unusually big cock, and finding it out had made him, well, cocky. I could tell that there would be more “measuring” later on, so that Clive could come out top.

Guests started coming after about half an hour. Mostly they just hung round with Clive and Tony and smoked dope, but a couple came into the kitchen to look at the sight of two grown men in those stupid aprons. Only one asked for a look; a little ratty guy wearing a leather jacket. He came up to me and demanded his due, so I lifted the apron for him to see my little dick. He was amazed, and squatted down in front of me to play with it, flick it, and give me a hard on. When I stiffly pointed upward, he shouted for his mate to come in and see. His mate was a bigger guy, nearly my height, but slighter build. He came in and did a double take at me standing there, holding up my apron, my stiff little cock sticking up for all the world to see. The ratty guy played with my dick for a while, laughed and went back in the front room with his mate.

At one point, when I went into the front room to set some stuff out, I saw a cluster of guys around Matt, talking and pointing. He was holding up his apron looking embarrassed, and various guys were laughing at his stiff little cock and playing with it.

One of the last guys to arrive was a beefy guy called Bob, who came into the kitchen for a glass of water. He was a bit older than most of Clive’s friends, and seemed more sure of himself. He’d arrived on a motorbike, and was wearing his leathers. He leaned against the counter, emptied his glass and said, “You must be Alex?” I sighed, and started to lift the apron. But Bob puts his hand on mine, stopping me. “It’s OK, Alex, you don’t have to do that. Tell you what though.”


“I’ve really got a thing for big cute guys with small dicks,” he said. “It’s always been a fetish of mine. You should look me up some time.” And saying this, he took out a calling card and tucked it into my apron pocket, then went back into the front room. My eyes followed him, enjoying the sight of his sexy ass in those leathers.

At last, everyone had arrived, and Matt and I were called in. Clive announced that this was going to be a measure-in, and that it would start with us to. So, once again, we had to measure our little dicks and announce the result. Clive and Tony went next, and proudly showed off how many inches they had. One or two other guys joined in, and of course they were on the big side as well (one of them was the ratty guy, who had a surprisingly thick circumcised cock), so Matt and I were definitely the smallest in the room, of those guys who had shown.

During all of this I caught Bob’s eye a few times, and saw that he looked bored. When the action had slowed down a bit, and Clive said, “Anyone else?” He surprised me by saying, “How about me?”

I was surprised because I’d got the impression that Bob was a bit above this boy’s measuring game. But he walked forward, unzipped his leathers and pulled them down his thighs.

When he stood up again, he revealed a huge hard on that would have won any measuring contest hands-down. Even Clive was taken aback by it; his long cock suddenly losing something of its hardness, as if intimidated by the sight of this monster. I reached forward with the tape measure, but Bob grabbed my hand and took the tape off me. He said,

“Oh, I think I’d like Clive to do this. You okay for that Clive?” To my astonishment, Clive looked embarrassed, and couldn’t meet Bob’s eye. Bob handed him the tape and said, “Come on, boy, measure it.”

Clive squatted down and ran the tape measure along the big cock’s length. He paused. “Well?” Said Bob.

“It’s ten inches long,” said Clive, a bit breathless.

“And around?”

Clive fumbled with the tape, his cock getting smaller by the minute. “Six inches,” he said, getting up again.

“Sounds about right,” said Bob. “So, bigger than this skinny thing, eh?” He reached out and gave Clive’s dangling cock an unexpected pull.

Clive took a step back, not expecting to be handled like that. “Yes, sir,” replied Clive.

Bob laughed. “Oh, I’m sir, am I?” He said. “Because I’ve got a bigger cock? So you get to order around the others because you’re bigger than them, and I get to order you around because I’m bigger than you, that right?” Clive looked down and nodded. Bob shook his head in disbelief and said, “Jesus Christ boy, it’s only a cock, not a fucking medal.” He motioned with his hand. “Come here, let me see that skinny thing.”

Clive shambled forward, his semi-erect cock pointing downwards. Bob took it and bounced the end in one of his short-fingered hands. “Not bad,” he judged, bouncing it some more as it began to rise again. “Nice big head on it,” he said, stroking over the top of Clive’s foreskin. By now Clive’s cock was fully erect and curving up once more, and he shifted slightly, uncomfortable at all the attention his cock was getting from the assembled group.

Bob lowered his hand to Clive’s balls, holding them for a moment in his hairy paw, then moved back up to the shaft of Clive’s cock. “Bit thin though. Here, feel this,” he said, taking one of Clive’s big hands and resting it on the thick shaft of his cock. “Better isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir,” said Clive quietly, but his hand stroked Bob’s big cock appreciatively.

Bob puts his head on one side. “I seem to remember you telling all of us that you were particular about how people spoke to you at moments like this,” he said.

“Yes, sir, I’m sorry my cock is so skinny, sir,” mumbled Clive, his face going red.

Bob smiled. “Sorry son, you still aren’t getting it. Not very loud, you see. So, I seem to remember that you took some action when other people weren’t loud enough, didn’t you?”

Clive looked down. “Yes, sir,” he said quietly.

“Hmm,” said Bob. “So, to be fair, I should do the same, shouldn’t I?”

“Yes, sir,” whispered Clive, his face still red.

Bob sighed. “Well, son, ask me.”

“Please will you slap my ass, sir,” said Clive hoarsely, still looking down.

Bob sat down on the sofa, with the eight or so other guys gathered round him. He motioned to his knee. “Well, since you ask…” he said.

Reluctantly, face still burning, Clive bent over his knee. Bob was obviously experienced at this kind of thing, as he did a kind of shift, and Clive’s long cock was trapped between Bob’s hairy legs, the big head rubbing painfully against the rough material of the sofa.

“Okay Clive, that’s so that if you move it gets more painful, so my advice is, don’t move,” and saying that, he whacked Clive across his exposed skinny ass. Clive shouted in pain.

“That’s good,” said Bob, obviously enjoying himself. “You’re getting louder,” and he whacked Clive again.

They went on like this, the loud whacks and the cries and shouts, for a couple of minutes, until Clive took the last couple silently, with gritted teeth and Bob stopped.

“Put your hands behind your back, boy,” he ordered.

Clive put his hands up over his red ass. Bob reached into the top pocket of his leathers, and quickly and efficiently took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed him. Clive wriggled furiously for a moment as he realised what was happening, but had to stop because his cock was still firmly gripped between Bob’s legs.

“Struggling, eh? Not good, is it?” Boomed Bob, swatting his ass again.

“No, sir!” Shouted Clive, obviously determined to try to end his punishment.

“Well, you’ve got your voice back,” commented Bob. “Okay,” he said, shifting his legs. “Stand up and look at your friends.”

Awkwardly Clive got to his feet, his raging hard on clearly visible as it pulled free from between Bob’s legs. His face was still red as he looked at us. The evening was obviously not going the way he planned, and he was ending up being humiliated by standing stark naked with a red ass, red face and hard on in front of all his mates.

“Okay Clive,” said Bob, “I want you to go around everyone here and beg them to play with your skinny boy’s cock. Don’t come back to me until you’ve done that.”

So Clive started around the room, hands bound behind his back, asking all of his friend’s one at a time to play with his cock. I saw Tony laugh as Clive asked him, and bounce his long cock up and down a few times. I could tell it was particularly hard for Clive to come to me and say, “Please, sir, play with my skinny boy’s cock,” as he’d so enjoyed lording it over me. I reached down and stroked him along its considerable length, and pulled his foreskin a couple of times.

When he came back to Bob, someone was already starting to give Bob a blow job. I realised that having a cock like Bob’s in a room like this was like having a platinum Amex card; everyone wanted your custom. Bob looked up from the bobbing head in his lap and said, “Well, boy, I guess you know what comes next.”

Clive looked down once more, but said quite audibly “Yes, sir.”

“And what’s that?”

“You’re going to fuck my skinny ass, sir.”

“Hmm,” said Bob. “Well, turn around, let’s see.”

Clive turned his back on the older man, and was subjected to Bob roughly pushing his hand around his arse. I noticed that Clive’s hard on seemed to get even stiffer during this, and curved up even more pronounced. “So, boy, you reckon you can take this up your arse?” Said Bob.

“I’m not sure, sir,” said Clive.

“Not sure eh?” Bob laughed. “I bet you’re not,” he said. “Taking this would be like being fisted, wouldn’t it boy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You probably aren’t ready for that, are you boy?”

“No, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“Wait until you see what I’ve got in store for you before you thank me. Alex, Matt, could you come over here please.”

Matt and I walked over to the wiry form of the handcuffed boy, our little cocks standing at attention. Bob motioned for Matt to come over and face him. I admired Matt’s nice muscular ass, while Bob seemed to be fiddling with something in front. When Matt turned around, I could see that Bob had fitted a condom on his little dick.

Clive saw it as well. “Oh no,” he groaned.

“Sorry, Clive, was that something?” Enquired Bob innocently.

Clive straightened up as if standing to attention and said, “No sir!”

“Good,” said Bob. “You can see how I’m being kind to you, here. Matt’s reasonably thick, but shouldn’t hurt you too much when he fucks you in front of all these people. Bend over, Clive.”

His hands still bound behind his back, Clive bent forward, his long cock bobbing under his belly. Matt stood behind him, and started pumping out lubricant from a tube. Clive took a step forward as Matt’s lube-loaded fingers found his asshole.

“Hmm. Alex, could you get to the other end of Clive?”

I went round and stood in front of Clive’s bent body, his red haired head on a level with my belly. I lifted under his shoulders slightly to help him balance.

“Ah, see that? You’re a nice guy, Alex. Isn’t he a nice guy, boy?”

Clive twisted his head and looked up at me. “Yes, sir,” he said.

“Don’t you want to do him a favour for being so nice to you?” Asked Bob innocently.

Clive looked a bit uncertain, but said, “Yes sir.”

“Good,” said Bob. “Then, while Matt gives you a fuck, you can give Alex a blow job. You’d like that, wouldn’t you Clive?”

“Yes, sir.”


“Yes, sir, I’d like Matt to fuck my skinny ass, and I want to give Alex a blow job, sir.”

Bob waved a hairy hand. “Be my guest,” he said. “Make sure it’s a good blow job mind, or I might claim sloppy seconds after Matt,” he said with a grin.

To give Clive credit, he went into it with enthusiasm after that. He took all my little cock in his big mouth, and sucked away, not even pausing as Matt entered at the other end. We were like for a while, Clive’s head going up and down on my cock, and Matt goes in and out of his ass.
Clive’s friends were watching transfixed as their cocky mate was humiliated in this way, his long skinny cock bobbing about under him as his wiry body moved to the rhythm of what he was doing.

Matt came before me, but not by much. As I came, I heard Bob say, “Now, Clive, swallow,” and Clive gulped down my spunk then let go of my cock. His red head stayed down, not wanting to see the people watching him.

During this, Bob had come as well, the head in his lap having done his business, and his big cock had softened a little, and was now impressively draped over his thigh. He looked over to us, and said,

“Well, boy, I see that skinny boy cock is still stiff.”

“Yes, sir,” said Clive, “Sorry, sir.”

“Stand up and let us see, boy.”

So Clive stood up once more, still red, his cock stiffer and more arched than ever, the big head almost touching his belly.

“Hmm. We’d better see to that,” said Bob. “Clive, would you like Alex to give you a hand job?”

Clive looked down. I think I was probably the last person in the world that Clive wanted something like that from, but he didn’t dare say no to Bob so he said, “Yes, sir.”

“Good. Ask him nicely,” said Bob.

Clive turned to me, his characteristic grin completely wiped from his embarrassed face as he said, “Please Alex, will you play with my skinny boy’s cock?”

I nodded, and took hold of the shaft. Really, it only looked skinny because it was so impressively long; on a shorter cock it would have been a respectable girth. I enjoyed feeling along its length, letting my hand stop just behind the big head. Clive gasped as I did this, and leaned forward, leaning his upper body against me for support, his hands still cuffed behind his back.

“Understand, Clive,” said Bob, “That from now on you are Alex’s personal slave. Never mind dick size and all that crap: if I hear that you’ve failed to serve Alex the way you would serve me, well,” he paused, “I can always come back for that fuck, eh?”

“Yes, sir!” Panted Clive, as I shuffled his foreskin back and forth over the big head of his cock.

“Oh, Clive,” said Bob.

“Yes, sir,” gasped the younger man.

“Just one of other thing.”

“Uh, uh, yes sir,” panted Clive.

“You have to ask Alex’s permission to come.”

“Huh, huh, Alex, please may I come sir.”

“You can come, boy,” I said, and he spattered me with his spunk as he groaned in reply. I looked down at the spunk on my belly and legs, then looked over to Clive. “Lick it up, boy,” I said.

“Yes, sir,” he said, leaning forward and lapping at me.

After that, Bob uncuffed him, but made him wear the apron and do the work that Matt and I had been doing. The apron didn’t work so well on him, as even soft, the head of his long cock kept showing under it, swinging like the clapper of a bell, so people kept pulling on it and tweaking it, which I could tell he hated by his embarrassed reaction. I could understand how he felt. If people had done that to me when I was 19, I think I would have died.

What was worse is that every so often, given this treatment, he’d get a hard on. Of course by then, everyone was pretty stoned, so there’d be a cheer, and laughter as there was no way that long cock could fit under the apron, and it began raising it in a ludicrous fashion. Inevitably, someone would lift the apron up fully, to more laughter and cheers, and Clive’s cock would be revealed in all its length and skinny glory, the big head pointing up like an inquisitive animal. Clive stood, embarrassed, humiliated, but clearly on some level loving it, as the big hard on showed.


Part Four: Alone

Towards the end of the evening, people started to drift away; Bob winked at me, and reminded me I had his number, Matt gave me a hug and Tony just slunk off, embarrassed, leaving Chris and I. I was still naked, sprawled on the sofa, and Chris came and sat down next to me.

“So, what now?” He said.

I sat up. “Well, boy,” I said,

“I liked the sound of what Bob was saying, about you being my personal slave and all. What do you reckon?”

“You’re not actually going to go through with that, are you?” He sneered.

I looked up and down his slim body, the well-defined wiry muscles, cute grin, big hands, short, spiky red hair.

“Oh yes,” I said. “And if you’re not keen…”

He held up those big hands in a gesture of appeasement. “I know, I know, you’ll tell Bob. And I don’t want that big thing of his up me, or have another night like the one I had tonight,” he said standing up.

“You’re still not convinced though, are you,” I said, standing next to him, making aware of how much taller and stronger I was than him. He looked down at my small dick.

“No,” he said.

I put my hand under his chin, and raised it so he had to look at me. “Well, Clive, I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you an hour to clean up this mess, then I want you to come to my room and tell me how you want to play it. I reckon you’re torn between thinking you oughtn’t to feel like this, and loving it. I can tell you really want to be my slave, and I can tell you love the humiliation. And yes, my dick’s much smaller than yours, and yes, I still get to order you about, call you boy, get called sir, and get what I want. So you just think about that, and let me know your answer.”

I left him dumbstruck in the living room and went upstairs to have a shower. Then I went to my room and listened to music for a while. I’d never smoked dope before, but Bob had really wanted me to try some, so I had, and was enjoying the after effects.

After an hour there was a knock on the door. I said, “Come in.” The door opened and Chris face poked around it. I motioned him to come in, and saw that he’d changed back into his jogging bottoms and T shirt. He couldn’t seem to meet my eye, and stood uncomfortably, giving his balls the odd scratch. “Well?”

He scratched one arm a bit. “Well, I’ve cleaned up downstairs,” he said. I waited, then he said, “Sir.”

I smiled. “Sounds like you’ve been doing some thinking, son.”

He looked up for a moment. “I have, sir.”


Still looking down, he said, “You can do what you want with me, sir. I want to be your slave, sir.”

“Okay, boy, you can tell me what that means while you take off your shirt.”

He looked slightly startled. I could tell he was still getting used to this, but he flexed his wiry arms and grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt as he said, “It means that I’ll give you blow jobs, or hand jobs, or anything else you want, when you want it, sir,” he said, as he pulled his T-shirt over his head. “It means I’ll beg you to play with my skinny boy cock, or slap my arse, or do anything else you want, sir.”

I looked him up and down. He looked really good there, his wiry, tight bare chest above his loose black joggers. Still, they had to go next. I said, “What do you want to do now, boy?”

He looked down again. “I want to show you my long skinny cock, sir.”

“You sure, boy?”

He met my eyes. “Yes, sir. I want you to inspect my long skinny boy cock sir. I want you to measure it, and tell me how even Matt’s is thicker.”

“You got a hard on now?” I asked, seeing the bulge in his joggers.

He nodded. “Yes, sir,” he whispered.

“Show me, boy.” I said.

He reached down and pulled down the joggers, and once more that big curved cock bounced out, with its big head and slender shaft. He reached down into the pocket of his joggers and drew out the tape measure. “Oh, I don’t think we’ll be needing that, boy,” I said. “Step out of your joggers.”

He stepped out of them, his long cock bouncing round more than ever, and stood there, self-consciously. With his hairy legs, hairless chest and long, curved cock, he looked like some ancient statue of a satyr or something. One of his big hands took hold of his cock, but I slapped it back.

“Oh no,” I said, “You don’t get to touch your cock again until I say. Understand?”

He looked down. “Yes, sir,” he replied, meekly.

I reached out and handled his cock again. My hand remembered the lithe feel of it, with the solid feel of the big head. I toyed with the long foreskin, drawing it fully back to reveal the head. Clive groaned as I did this, so I could tell the head of his cock was really sensitive. I leaned down and breathed on it, and his whole young body shivered uncontrollably. I pulled his foreskin back over the head of his cock and looked up at him. “Okay, boy, a few rules.”

He stood at attention, stiff cock bobbing slightly. “Yes, sir,” he said.

“You are to remain naked all the time you are in the house. I don’t want to see you wearing anything; I want that skinny cock on display at all times. This weekend you’ll carry on tidying the house until your dad won’t know there was a party at all.”

“Err… sir?”

“Yes, boy?”

“Will I have to be naked when my dad comes back? It’s just…”

“That will depend on how good you are this weekend, boy. Don’t think I wouldn’t make you do it.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Okay Clive that’ll be all.”

He didn’t leave. “Please, sir?”

“Yes, boy?”

“Can I suck your cock again?”

“You want to suck this little dick?” I said, starting to undo my towel.

“Oh, yes, please, sir.”

“Okay,” I said generously, pulling back the towel and revealing my stiff little dick. Clive scrambled over and started sucking with the same skill and enthusiasm he’d shown downstairs in front of everyone, earlier this evening.


Part Five: The Return of Bert

The next day we were both too busy setting the house to rights to have any more fun, but I was determined to have some fun with Bert when he came back. For a change, Clive was wearing jeans, and I frequently paused to admire how nice his little bum looked in them, and how big his packet looked. Every often it would get too much, and I’d make him give me a show, and after lunch he gave me a blow job and I wanked him off as a reward.

We also talked about what we were going to do with Bert, and came up with a plan.

When Bert came home, we were both sat in the front room, scene of the previous evening’s shenanigans, watching TV. Bert called as he came in the front door, and we both called that we were in the front room.

Bert came in, still in his suit, and stood in front of the TV while he asked how our weekend had been etc. I could tell he was relieved that the house wasn’t in a state, and wondering how I’d managed to keep Clive on a leash, not realising that I’d been pretty much literally doing that all day. While he was talking, he took off his jacket and I became aware again of what good shape he was in; the slight belly, but otherwise he was a really fit short guy: kind of stocky and strong-looking. I also knew from the frequent shows he’d given me when I’d first moved in, how hairy he was, across his chest and down his arms and legs.

After a pause in the conversation, with him still standing in front of us, I said, “You know, Bert, I was thinking about when I first moved in.” Still standing in front of us, Bert looked puzzled by the change of tack, but nodded. I carried on, “It seems to me I used to see a lot more of you.”

“Well, Alex, you see I’ve been awful busy, what with-” he began.

I interrupted him, saying, “I didn’t mean socially, Bert, I meant physically. You didn’t wear much round the house, remember?”

He looked embarrassed at my bringing it up, and scratched the back of his neck. He moved his hips as he did so, and his baggy suit-trousers suddenly outlined his big package. “I said, do you remember, boy?” Bert wasn’t stupid; he glanced across at Clive and saw no help there, so he looked back at me and nodded. “Oh, so you do remember?” He nodded again. “Say it,” I said, calmly.

He looked down, his black hair falling over his face as he did. “Yes, sir,” he mumbled.

“Good,” I replied. “Why was that?” He looked at me, surprised. “Well?” I said.

He scratched his neck again, and said, “Well, I thought you were really good looking and big, I mean tall, and I thought that if I…” He tailed off.

“If you…” I prompted. “Go on, boy, you’re doing well. You’re forgetting to say ‘sir’ though.”

“Oh, you don’t want to do that, dad,” warned Clive.

Bert glanced across at his son again, clearly embarrassed to be having this conversation in front of him. Clive just grinned, paying his dad back for the humiliation which had ended our little measuring game the first night.

“Well, sir. I hoped when you saw me naked, and saw my cock and all, that you might be interested.”

“Especially in your cock, boy,” I finished for him.

Bert broke into an embarrassed grin. “Yes, sir,” he said.

“Proud of your cock, aren’t you boy?” I said.

Now I’d embarrassed him again. His voice went quiet. “Yes, sir,” he said eventually.

“You were very ready with the tape measure the other night,” I said. “So you must have measured yours, isn’t that right boy?”

He nodded, then remembered and said, “Yes, I have, sir.”

“And how big is it, boy?”

“Eight and three quarter inches, sir,” he said, unable to keep a note of pride out of his voice.

“And how big around?”

“Four and a half, sir.”

I looked over at Clive. “Not as thick as Tony’s,” I commented.

“Who’s Tony?” Asked Bert.

I looked back at him. “A friend of Clive’s with a thicker cock than you, boy,” I replied. “So, you still want to show me your cock?”

He glanced over at Clive again. “What, now?” He asked, incredulous. Then, remembering himself, he said, “Sir. In front of Clive?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “You were keen enough to see Clive’s cock the other night, boy. It seems only fair that he should see yours too.” I turned to Clive. “Want to see your dad’s cock, boy?” Clive was clearly very interested, but tried to shrug and look cool. I turned back to Bert. “Well then,” I said. “So, do you still want to show me your cock, boy?”

Bert’s hands hung by his sides. “Yes, sir,” he said quietly.

I nodded. “Good boy,” I said. “Ask me properly.”

He stood to attention. I’ll say this for father and son; they both caught on to this kind of thing quickly and seemed to have all the right moves. He was blushing as he said,

“Please may I show you my cock, sir?”

I waved my arm magnanimously. “Go ahead, boy.”

He looked unsure for a moment, then began to unbutton his shirt. Remembering what he’d said to me the other night, I held up my hand to stop him and said, “I don’t think anyone’s interested in your chest, son. Just the cock.”

He dropped his hands and looked unsure again. Then he began to fiddle with his belt, looking at me for approval. I shook my head again. “Just the cock, son,” I said.

“What, just get my dick out of my trousers?”

“You were the one that was so proud of it. Now, ask me properly boy.”

“Sir, please may I get my cock out to show you?”

I nodded. Looking unhappy and embarrassed, he unzipped his fly and reached inside, with that fishing, groping gesture that all guys use at moments like that, as he reached into his briefs and fished out his cock. It flopped limply out of his fly. Even soft, it was as big as I remembered. Not exactly dangling down to his knees, but falling out of his fly a fair way. Like his son, it was uncircumcised, but Bert had the kind of foreskin that doesn’t completely close over the head of the cock when it’s soft, so it reveals a small circle of head, like a sausage roll. As he moved, it dangled out of his fly. Clive watched, fascinated.

I nodded. “Not bad, boy,” I said.

He smiled an embarrassed smile, hands still at his sides. Clive said, “I’d like to see his balls as well.”

“Fair enough,” I said, generously. “Balls too, Bert.”

Looking increasingly hot and bothered, Bert fished around some more, then looped the waistband of his briefs under his balls, so that they too fell out of his flies. Feeling even more foolish, he turned to face us with the full set on display. His balls were quite big as well, but not as big as Clive’s, I noticed. It looked cute the way that the head of his thick dick dangled below his balls.

“I wanted to see it hard,” said Clive, who was clearly eager to move things on. I realised that I needed to put him in his place too, so I said,

“You want to show us yours boy?”

His grin vanished, and he met my eye for a moment, before he nodded. I waited, until he said, “Can I show you and my dad, my skinny cock, sir?”

Bert’s eyes widened at this, realising how much things had changed between Clive and me.

“Go ahead, boy,” I said. “Show it to your dad.”

Clive got up. After our session this afternoon he’d changed back into his joggers, and wasn’t wearing socks, so he stood up, with his back to me and just pulled them down, bent over and pulled them off. While he was bending down, I took a long look at his muscular little ass, then as he parted his legs to shake off one of the legs of the joggers, I was treated to yet another glance of that long dangling cock, big head dangling under his big balls. He then took off his T-shirt, giving us all a long look at that wiry chest as he pulled it over his head.

Just like the other evening, his dad couldn’t keep his eyes off his son’s long cock. Even soft it looked impressive, though not as much as his dad’s thick monster. Both still limp, though. I would have to remedy that. “Okay boys,” I said. “Here’s the deal. Both of you have to try to give the other a hard on. The first one to get hard gets fucked by the other.”

Both of them looked worried by this: both had cocks that would be hard to accommodate. Clive acted first, reaching out and holding his dad’s cock in his big hand. He didn’t do anything yet, though, and his dad took advantage of his son’s nudity by reaching around and stroking his ass, which made Clive shudder. Clive wasn’t done yet, though. Bringing up his other big hand he cradled his dad’s balls, then started stroking his dad’s dick just under the head. His dad carried on stroking Clive’s bum, moving his hand into the cleft and gently scratching his asshole, but it was too late: his own erection was already making his cock bounce around in Clive’s big hand, and Clive dropped his hand away as Bert’s hard on growing.

I stood up, so the two of us were standing opposite Bert, with his dick on display. It looked as huge as I remembered, sticking out and up slightly. Unlike Clive, his foreskin rolled right back when he was hard, so the dick looked circumcised, with a head as big as his son’s. I reached out and touched the bare head, and Bert shuddered and closed his eyes.

I reached out with my other hand, and gave Clive’s long dick a brief tug downwards. He grinned as I did this, and put his hands on his hips as I played with his long limp dick. Even soft it felt lithe and slippery, the heavy head, giving it more of a dangly appearance than his dad had had. As ever, the foreskin went right over the head, just like on my much smaller dick, and bunched up in a kind of nipple. I pulled it back slightly, to reveal the big dark head. Despite my fondling however, it wasn’t getting hard in a hurry; I think that his self-consciousness in front of his dad’s big dick was putting him off. Remembering how incredibly hard he’d been while Matt was fucking him the previous day, I had an idea. I said, “Turn around boy, and put your foot up on that chair.”

He did, and stood with one foot on the floor, one foot on the chair, asshole exposed, dick and balls spilling out in front. I took a good look, then stood behind him, licked my finger, and began stroking his asshole. His cheeks flushed as red as his short hair, and he closed his eyes. I could see his dick start to get a bit more heft, so I stroked some more, then slipped the top of my finger in. He moaned as I did this, and involuntarily bent his upper body forward, which raised his asshole up some. Behind me, I could hear his dad moving around for a better view. I could hardly blame him: Clive looked really fine: the long wiry body bent over, the little muscular bum sticking up, and the long slim dick beginning to rise up at the front.

“Want the rest?” I asked him.

“Oh yes sir, please, sir,” he breathed, “Please stick your whole finger up my arse sir, with my dad watching, sir, so my skinny kid’s dick can get hard for you.”

Not a bad speech, I thought, so I put my finger the rest of the way in, and bent it down to stroke the root of his cock, which is where I knew his prostate would be. He groaned again as I did this, and his cock curved all the way up to point up at his red face, the foreskin pulling back slightly on the big head, but staying in place, even when he was fully hard.

I looked round at Bert, who was watching transfixed, big cock harder than ever, poking up and out of his trousers. I reached out and fondled the thick shaft of his cock, watching as a clear drop of pre-cum leaked out of the end.

“Want to play with your son’s cock, boy?” I asked.

“Oh yes, sir, please, sir,” breathed Bert.

“Go ahead,” I said, still moving my finger around inside Clive’s little ass.

Clive’s long cock was fully erect and on display in his half-standing position, so Bert moved around and grabbed it behind its big head. As he did, Clive came, unable to help himself, his cum spurting out over his dad’s shirt. I pulled my finger out and whacked his ass, saying

“I didn’t give you permission for that, boy.”

“Yes, sir,” panted Clive, “Sorry sir.”

I stood back, and turned to Bert, who still had his hand on his son’s cock. Clive’s erection hadn’t gone down any, however, despite his orgasm, so I reckoned we could still be on for my original plan.

“Okay, Bert,” I said, “Strip.”

He looked at me a bit startled, but then began to unbutton the cuffs of his cum-stained shirt.

“Clive, I want you to watch this,” I said, and Clive opened his eyes and looked hungrily at his dad undressing.

It was quite a show. That big stiff cock waved around as he took his shirt off, to reveal his thick haired chest and belly. Then he stood on one leg to undo the shoe on the other foot, and it stuck out at an angle, his balls going slightly redder as his position restricted the blood supply. On impulse, I turned to reach under Clive’s ass and stroked his big balls, and was gratified to hear him moan again. Looking back at Bert, he’d taken his shoes and socks off, and was looking back at us, his dick still pointing straight out of his fly. He grinned, and undid his belt and the top catch of his trousers, then pulled them down, pulling his briefs down with them, revealing his stocky hairy legs.

So then he was naked in front of us: shorter than either of us, with this big cock sticking out of him. Just like his son, he scratched his big balls now that all was revealed.

“Well, boy, the deal still stands. You got hard before Clive so he gets to fuck you. You want that, boy?”

Bert looked over at the lithe, naked form of his son, long curved dick still pointing up, and nodded eagerly.

“Okay,” I said, “Clive, go and fetch the lubricant.”

Awkwardly, Clive brought his foot down off the chair arm, then ran out of the room, long hard cock bobbing as he did so.

I looked back at Bert, and noticed he was staring hard at my crotch. I caught his eye and said, “Well, boy?”

He looked up at me sheepishly and said, “Please sir, may I see your cock again?”

I nodded, and began to unbutton my jeans, then had a better idea. “Kneel down boy,” I said.

Bert squatted down, so his head was on a level with my crotch.

“Okay, boy,” I said, “Get my dick out and suck it.”

Enthusiastically, Bert undid the buttons on my fly, and groped inside for my cock, which, despite its small size was easy to find as it was stiff as a board. He dug out my hard little cock, and immediately went down on it. One of the advantages of having a small cock is that everyone can get you completely in their mouths, so everyone can give you the equivalent of a deep-throating.

I looked down at Bert, squatting beside me, greedily sucking on my little dick, and was gratified to see his big cock, stiffer than ever and poking up between his open hairy legs, ignored as he licked and sucked at me. I let him do this for a while, then became conscious of Clive standing in the door.

He looked a picture: his eyes were wide as he watched his dad expertly going down on me. I looked him up and down; the wiry, well-defined body, the sparse dark body hair, slightly bandy muscular legs, sexy big hands and bush of fiery red pubic hair, out of which that long slender cock curved up and out, big head bobbing as he shifted his feet. I was enjoying his dad’s blow job, but managed to say, “Okay, son, assume the position.” I put my hands on Bert’s head, and pulled him off my cock.

“Off you go,” I said, and he got to his feet. Even standing, he only came to my shoulder, and I stroked across his broad back as I said, “Chris has brought the stuff: go and do as you were told.”

Bert straightened up and slowly walked over to the chair, showing off his big muscular ass as he did so. He put one foot up on the chair, but as he was a fair bit shorter than his son, this was more of a stretch, and pulled that big cock over slightly to one side.

I nodded to Chris, who went over to him, long cock bobbing as ever. He walked over to the solid figure of his dad, and stood behind him. Then he took the tube of lubricant in his big hand and started squeezing it out of the tube onto the big head of his cock. When he started to rub some on Bert’s hairy asshole, Bert gasped and said, “Please, sir.”

“Yes, boy?”

“Please can I suck you while he does this?” He asked, sounding almost pleading. I was surprised. Bert was obviously worried about the size of his son’s cock. I would have thought the last thing he’d want to do while focussing on that would be to give someone a blow job. However, with my little cock still jutting out of my jeans, I walked round in front of him, and saw how flushed his face was as his son massaged his asshole.

To make my cock easier to get at, I undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down round my thighs. He bent his upper body down, and started sucking every bit as enthusiastically as he had before. It was weird, sucking on something seemed to comfort him, and as his son started loosening up his asshole with his fingers, he sucked even harder.

He stopped for a moment, as his son eventually withdrew his fingers and pulled his dad’s ass onto to the head of his cock. Bert was so short that he had to raise his ass slightly for Clive to be able to do this. I watched his big straight cock get even harder and start dribbling precum as the big head of his son’s cock went in.

Once he’d managed the head, the rest didn’t seem too hard to do, so he resumed his sucking duties at the front. By this time I’d been effectively getting a more or less continuous blow job from Bert for about ten minutes, so not long after this I came. He kept my cock in his mouth after I came, though, even as it got soft. As my dick is really tiny when its soft it must have taken quite a lot of concentration to do that as his son’s big cock moved about in his ass, but he managed it.

Clive’s thrusts were getting harder and more urgent, and he let out a moan as he came, and fell against his dad’s back, big hands flopping over his dad’s sides in a kind of involuntary hug, one hand briefly grabbing his dad’s incredibly stiff dick.

Then he pulled out and stood back. I stood back as well, and looked at Bert, still stiff, still breathing heavily from his fuck. He looked at me, as if to ask what to do now, so I said, “Sit on the chair, boy.”

Bert took his leg down, and sat on the chair, legs apart, big balls resting on the rough material of the chair, dick pointing straight up like some plant, the thick shaft throbbing.

“Wank yourself off while we watch,” I ordered.

Bert nodded, and wrapped one of his big hands round the thick shaft, just under the bare head, and started moving up and down. After a couple of moments, his other hairy hand slipped under his big balls and started stroking in time to the motion on the shaft. We both watched the small, hairy man working away at that big cock, and as the movement on the shaft got more and more frantic, his face flushed and his breathing became irregular. Then it was over; he spurted prodigious amounts of cum, and the globs of it fell on his chest and belly.

The End



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