Skinny Dipping

By Roskey94. (


Well, my girlfriend and I have to ‘babysit’ a bunch of teenagers. I am 25, and she is 22, the kids we are watching for are 16-year-olds. We are going to stay in a big cabin in the woods for a few days. I was the student representative president of the school while I was studying there, there entered the school when I was in my second last year (here primary and secondary school are combined).

Now it’s their final years in school, they decided to go on a trip. The plan was for their homeroom teacher to accompany them. However, he fell sick and ask me to substitute him, as I was working nearby area. So there I was, with my girlfriend and 12 teenagers. We get along pretty well; when they just entered the school, I had guided and helped them in school. Therefore, they respect me quite a lot. When we got there in the cabin, it was really huge and lovely.

In our group, there are only 3 girls and 11 boys. The girls stayed in one room, and the boys stayed together in a big hall room. Us boys were tired and were relaxing and talking, suddenly I heard the girls laughing loudly from their room.

I heard, “Omigod, too small! That’s a baby! Omigod, hahaha…”

My heart stops, it must be the work of my girlfriend. After a while, the girls got out with a mischievous smile. Allie, one of the girl’s said, “Guys, it’s kind of hot and sweaty tonight, let’s go skinny dipping. It’s still bright, so it’s not dangerous, right? Pres…” ‘Pres’ is my nickname as I was a former president of the student body at their school. “How about it, Pres? Come on, only you can give us permission.”

I was so shocked; I don’t know what to do. Before I could respond, my girlfriend said, “Sure can, he really likes skinny dipping and showing off his manliness.”

Some of them were shy about being naked in front of each other and the opposite gender, but hearing what my girlfriend said they all cheered. My gut was wrenching.

When we got there, we decided from youngest to oldest to strip down naked and jump into the pool. The first one was Allie, she was fierce and strip naked quickly and jump into the pool. Next was Jenny, she was a bit reluctant but did it anyway. The boys cheered for her because she was prominent in a particular area. Next was Raul, the smallest of all the boys, he stood by the pool with just a towel wrapping him, proudly he tore the towel away, what happened next was shocking because his dick was huge and soft it was swinging, and at least 6 inches long and thick.

Mine can’t even swing. He jumped down into the pool.

Then it was Alex, Michael, Danny, Pablo, and then Chang. All the guys till now all have big dicks, bigger than average, but Chang, since he was Asian everybody thought he would have a small pee-pee but we were all wrong. It was even bigger, at least 8 inches long soft. His cock was big, tan, and beautiful. There goes my hope crashing down, I was hoping for Chang to carry the burden with me, but I was wrong. He had an alpha cock.

All the girls, including my girlfriend, were whistleblowing at Chang for his big cock. Then it was Chris, he was the hottest of the boys, with a muscular body. Well, his cock was a bit smaller than Chang’s, but he was hotter because of his smooth muscular hairless body and his big cock. Then, it was Pablo’s turn. He is a Latino with a very handsome face, his body was with a moderate amount of body hair, when he strips, what was hiding below was terrific, his pubic hair was thick and bushy.

At the age of 16, he already has facial hair and thick and bushy pubic and armpit hair. And his cock was big but still not as big as Chang’s. Then, it was Evan’s turn and then James, their cock was bigger than average. Last, it was Luffy’s turn. He was a skinny and kind of weak guy. People always called him names such as sissy or girly or fag. He stood by the pool and let the towel fall down. When he was moving towards the pool, I could already watch his cock outline. It was much bigger than even Chang’s monstrous cock.

When the towel dropped, everybody was shocked. It was as if Luffy’s got another leg. His cock was a huge snake, 12 inches long at least and 8 or 9 inches thick. My cock shriveled, even more, knowing what will happen on my turn. Everybody was cheering for Luffy, some guys were covering their cock too ashamed about their own in the presence of this monster.

Now I was the only who hadn’t dropped my towel yet. I was so scared to show my cock to the group, and it was cold and windy outside, so my soft limp cock shriveled so small it looks like a little shrimp. My girlfriend was already looking at me with an evil smile. Our relationship was different, I’m the slave, and she’s the alpha. In the bedroom, I was the one taking it in the butt, she pegged me until I cum and then I go down on her. She knows my top fetish is being humiliated for my puny baby dick.

Thus she looked at me, and roared, “Baby, when are going to show your huge cock to us?”

Everyone was looking at me now; I was still standing at the edge of the pool before I knew what was happening, she pulled down my towel. I heard everybody start laughing like crazy. I look down only to realize that I am naked, not only that, I forgot that I was wearing a chastity lock device and a long-distance control butt plug. I’m shocked but also turned on by this.

Everyone was laughing at me, pointing at my small cock. My girlfriend, without me realizing had turned on the butt plug vibrators to maximum vibrations. It was such a pleasure that my knees gave up, and I was on my knees moaning in pleasure in front of my juniors, in front of 16-year-old kids with bigger cocks than mine was. I was so lost in ecstasy, and I forgot where I was. I keep trying to stroke my dick, but it was still in the chastity device. Therefore, I could not relieve myself.

During that time, my girlfriend was already behind me pulling me back; so that my asshole plug with the vibrators and my dick is fully viewed by the teenagers. I could hear them laughing, cheering, mocking my small cock. I could even hear the brats taking pictures of me, but I was moaning frantically and just kept enjoying it. She then proceeds to push and pull my butt plug, making me aching for relief, she pinched my nipples, making me feel more pleasure. She pulled out the butt plug, so suddenly it made me scream in ecstasy.

Somehow, she already has a big vibrating dildo at her hand fully lubricated. She pushed it fully into my asshole, making me almost ejaculate. She then with a key started opening my cock cage, when it was open, everybody starts laughing again loudly because my penis was hard with precum leaking from the tip and I was bald. She had shaved me cleaned every week. I was like a baby, without any pubic hair, not even on my asshole or my armpit.

With a second thought, I went to jerk off my cock. However, before I could even touch my baby dick, she held my hand and shouted, “Baby, aren’t you ashamed doing stuff like this in front of teenagers? Who has way bigger cocks than your baby dick? In front of so many young people, showing them all what a pervert you are. A sissy pervert with a tiny dick who likes taking huge dildos up his ass?”

Like being enchanted, it just clicks what was happening right now. Nevertheless, somehow, it turned me on even more. My hard tiny baby dick starts leaking even more pre-cum and it starts taunting a lot more, making it hurt a lot, and everyone seeing this starts humiliating me even more. My girlfriend said, “Baby, you’re such a pervert, if you wanna cum, the only way is through your ass. So start playing with your asshole.”

Therefore, like a slave, I start pulling and pushing the dildo up my ass while my juniors were looking at me. All of the boys already had a hard-on, and some even start jerking off while looking at me being humiliated. After a few pushes and pulls, I finally cum in front of these boys with monstrous cocks. After cumming, I realized what was happening, and I was shocked and embarrassed. Me, the ex-president of the kids, naked, and just having jerked off my tiny cock in front of them who are almost 10 years younger than me. The most humiliating part was their cocks are so much bigger than my dicklette.

My hard cock was barely 3 inches long and thick. However, among the boys, the smallest was already 6 inches long and thick, and the biggest is 12 inches long and 9 inches thick! The most degrading thing was that I was enjoying it, enjoying being humiliated by them, by those younger boys with monstrous cocks. Just thinking about it is making me hard again, just as it was getting harder, my girlfriend said, “Look at him, he just cum in front of you all but look at that small dicklette is getting hard again. He’s enjoying this. Baby, do you liking this? Do you like me exposing you in front of these boys?”

I nodded.

“See,” my girlfriend shouts. “He’s a small cock sissy slut. This is your senior boy, your ex-president, and now he is your bitch. Do whatever you want with him. We girls will just enjoy this from afar. So, baby, Mr. President, serve these boys well, it’s they’re seniors.”

After that, the boys lead me to the cabin by pulling my little hard dick, they fuck me one by one, cum on me, in my mouth, and my ass. I suck everyone’s cock. I lick their entire bodies, I was their toys, and they kept playing with me for hours. A sissy with the biggest cock among the boys fucking me was the most intense experience. I came immediately after his massive cock entered me. He tore me in half with his huge cock. Some of them even sucked and played with my small cock. I could only cum a few times, and after that, it was just dry ejaculation.

After they’re done playing with me, my dick shriveled so bad, my cock and balls literally caved inwards, it appeared as if I had no cock and balls. As a finishing, they pee on me altogether, and after that, they jerk off onto me. They ordered me to clean all the pee and cum using my mouth only. For the next few days, that’s was all that we did. I was their slave for this getaway and forever. Even after a few years, they would just come over to my house and start playing with me like that. My girlfriend never played with me ever again after that gateway. The only way for release was to go and find those boys and ask them to let me serve them.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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