Our Readers SPH Experiences 86

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has a shitty family…

When I was 14 years old, I asked my mother her opinion on my penis size. I then proceeded to pull of my pants to reveal a full erect size of 2.5 inches. I could tell that she was both surprised and disappointed for having a son with such a small penis. She responded by saying, “Your penis is small, but most girls don’t care about penis size.”

I now know that was bullshit. She was probably just saying it to not hurt my feelings. She then told my twin sister about my penis size and my sister would every day tease me about it and say that I would never be able to satisfy a woman. I couldn’t tease her back because she was literally perfect. She had straight A’s at school and a sexy body. I was very lucky because she did not tell any of her friends. What makes this even more embarrassing is the fact that my dad has an 8 incher and my younger brother (who was 12 at this point) was 4 inches hard. Now, we’re all grown up, my dick is only 4 inches when fully hard (the same size as my younger brother’s 12-year-old dick). My younger brother’s penis is now 8 inches hard at age 19. I’m the laughing stock of the family as my immediate family, who all, if male, have really big dicks (7.5+ inches). They all know my penis size and regularly make fun of me for it.


Another readers whose Mom made him blush…

I was spending the night at my mom’s house a few years back. I had to pee in the middle of the night and since I sleep naked I was nude when I walked to the bathroom. Thinking my mom was asleep I wasn’t concerned with covering up. As I rounded the corner there she stood. I covered my cock with my hand but she’d already seen it. She said, “Relax, I’ve seen it hundreds of times when you were a baby. It hasn’t changed much.”


This reader’s mom needs serious parenting advice…

After a teen Christmas party, Mom spiked my eggnog with her vodka I passed out naked on the table she has breakfast and reads the paper. She covered what she didn’t want to see with a bath cloth, but I rolled over, knocking the towel off revealing my morning wood and balls on the corner of the paper. She shouted at me, “Get your nuts off my paper, and your little teeny-weenie-peenie!”


Another reader got a public estimate at a stripper club in Vegas…

I went to Vegas for my Bachelor Party and as you do we hit up a strip club and spent WAY too much money. I broke two rules that night. 1. Don’t pay more than a couple hundred so I have more for gambling; and 2., Don’t fall in love with a stripper.

That was until ‘Rachel Ann’ came by. I knew I had to have her on me the moment I saw her. She was blonde, thick, and insanely sexy. Now at this point, she sits on my lap and begins her lap dance. I’m in slack with no underwear because I wanted to get more bang for my buck. Duh. She started grinding and riding me, and within a few seconds, I got hard as a rock. Then to my surprise (local places don’t do this but this was vegas so…), she started reaching back down the waistline of my pants and giggled.

“Thought maybe the bachelor deserved a tease,” she said.

The second her hand wrapped around my cock she gave it maybe 2 or 3 small strokes and started laughing out loud yanking her hand out of my pants. I looked at her, and asked, “What’s up?”

She just leaned back into my ear, and whispered, “You got a little bitty hard for me, didn’t you?”

I smiled and said, “Just a little.”

She proceeded to use her fingers to give me the ‘small penis sign’ in front of all of my friends and the other strippers in plain view while laughing super loud. She then said, “Just a little one, though, nothing that’ll get bigger right?”

I nodded with a dumb face, and just said, “Right.”

It was SO fucking hot. I continued giving her most of my budget for the weekend but we never went up to the VIP since that was starting near a grand.


Yet another reader with a shitty mom…

I was 18 at the time, and I was at a family event and we were all drinking and I was pretty drunk as well but I remember my mom and her sister talking about penis size. My mom specifically said to me, “Tell girls you’re packing a tic-tac instead of telling them you have a big one,” and I didn’t really think of it because she’s never seen me naked or anything recently and I don’t get turned on by it or anything I just thought it was weird. lol.


This reader’s wife disqualifies him…

My wife doesn’t even know I’m low-key into this! I bought a new dildo to use while eating her pussy and when it got here we experimented with the suction cup part. She really likes the dildo, it’s 7.5 x5 roughly and after I fucked her with it while eating her out she orgasmed hard. I jokingly said it looks like I have some competition, she grabbed the dildo from the base and put it up against my cock, and said, “Babe, it’s not even close to a competition!”

I felt my stomach sink but I was also harder than I’ve ever been and fucked with more vigor than I ever have. She chalked it up to me being competitive because I’m not telling her about this fetish yet.


Yet another reader with mommy issues…

when I was 14 we were away on a family holiday, on the trip was me my older 2 brothers and younger sister, our parents, and my mom’s sister her 2 daughters who were 17 and 13. My mom had bought me swimming trunks for the holiday but turned out they were not a good fit and were a bit loose. I was in the resorts swimming pool on the 2nd day of our holiday along with the rest of the siblings and cousins while the adults were lounging on the side. I went over to get out of the pool and as I climbed out I didn’t realize that as I lifted out the weight of the water just pulled down my wet trunks. This exposed my half-inch stump right in front of my parents. Luckily, my aunty was facing away. The next thing I see is my mom looking at me with this weird look on her face like she’s shocked but doesn’t know how to react.

Then I hear my 17-year-old cousin burst out laughing and I felt the breeze on my cock and looked down and quickly covered up just in time before my aunty saw it as she turned her head to see why her daughter burst out laughing. The whole thing lasted about 10 seconds, but that was just the start of the nightmare. My cousin was saying out loud that she seen my tiny cock and even went up to her mom and showed her with her fingers how big it was. I could see my aunty was trying to not laugh but she was smirking away and telling her to not talk about it.

Later on, my mom asked me to go for a walk with her, so we went for a walk just outside the resort and found a quiet sitting area to sit down. She asked me if everything is OK down there. I didn’t know what to say, I said yes. She said the last time she saw it was when I was 11, and 3 years later it’s still the same size. In fact, it’s still the same size as you were as a baby just got a bit thicker over the years. I stayed quiet. She asked if I get erections. I said yes. She asked how big does it get? By this point, I’m red in the face. I said I don’t know, I’ve never measured it (a lie). She said, show me with your fingers. So I put my thumb and finger up showing about 2 inches and her mouth just drops open. We sat for a few more minutes while she reassured me it will grow etc. and then we made our way back. For the rest of the holiday, I had to put up with the name-calling and jokes from my siblings and cousins.

We got back from the holiday and my mom got straight on the phone to doctors and got me an appointment. A week later, I’m sitting in the doctor’s room with my mom. Our doctor was a middle-aged man who always has a smile on his face, a very friendly guy will crack jokes from time to time. My mom explained to him the problem and he said don’t worry about it all boys grow at different stages some be early some be late but not to worry he will catch up. I’m sitting there shaking, red in the face while these 2 are discussing my penis. she told him it hasn’t grown lengthwise ever. So he said, OK, he will have a look just to ease her worries. He got up and asked me to step over to the side of the table and asked me to take down my trousers.

I looked at my mom and she saw my nervousness and said don’t worry I won’t look. I undid my trousers and pulled them down and my underwear and put my hand over my cock the doctor squatted down and asked me to move my hand and had a look. He said, yes, it does seem a bit under developed, but like I said, some boys start late. What we shall do is measure it and monitor it for growth for a while and take it from there. He started looking for his ruler but after few minutes he said, I’m just gonna pop out to grab another one and left. I just stood as I was with hand over cock and my mom facing away.

Then my mom said jokingly, you don’t mind if I turn around now? I said, no it’s embarrassing. She said, well I’ve seen it a hundred times before so it’s nothing new. She slowly started turning her head but I had my hand over it so I wasn’t too bothered about her facing me. She was joking around saying go on move your hands let it out, and I was saying no never, and joking with her back. The door opened and the doctor came back in with a measuring tape and came back on his knees and said let’s measure it move your hands again. I moved my hands totally forgetting my mom was looking until I heard her make a noise and I looked at her and she was just smiling at me while glancing down at it.

She was sitting under a meter away from it and was just sitting there arms folded just looking me up and down and just staring at my half-inch stump. The doctor wrote down the measurement on the records and said when I get home I need to make it hard and measure it and just phone and give it to him or the receptionist over the phone. He then showed my mom how to measure it so she leaned over for a better look. He then asked my mom if the rest of the men of the house are OK in the trouser dept. She looked at me a bit uncomfortably and said, um, yes, my husband’s a good normal size, and oldest son is also a good size, about the same as his dad, and another son might be a bit bigger.

When we got home the house was empty so my mom said while it’s quiet, go to your room and get it hard and I will measure it for you. I said, no way, I will do it myself. She said, no, it needs to be accurate and will have to be done regularly, so we can’t mess it up so if you don’t want me to, I can ask your dad to help you. After a 10 minute debate, I agreed to let her be in the room while I measure it myself. I went up and started rubbing it till it got hard. My mom came up a few minutes later, knocked, and came in without even waiting for a reply. I had my back to her she passed me the ruler, I started to measure it and she grabbed my shoulders and turned me around.

Before I could say anything, she just told me off saying stop being childish, I’ve seen it all before. I measured it up and told her the size. She said, are you sure? Hold it next to it so I can make sure. I said it’s getting soft, I need to make it hard again and turned away to pull on it. I got it hard again and I turned around and she was grinning away, and said, you know how to work it at least, and came in for a closer look at the ruler and said, yes, it’s correct. She had a big smile on her face, and said, I will always be her little boy, and don’t worry it’s cute for what it is and left the room but not before turning to have one more look.

I had to go to the doctors every 2 months to get it checked and my mom was there every single time and as it went on it got easier and we even joked about the time the receptionist walked in on us and saw it (it was no big deal as she used to take my erect measurements of my mom over the phone so she knew about my small penis), and after every doctor visit my mom would help me measure my erection.

This was 10 years ago and why am I bringing it up now? Well, my mom was clearing out the house and found my old diary which on the back page I was keeping the record of my size growth. I still remember the first line: ‘soft 1.2cm, hard 4.8cm.’ It’s a bit better now though, its 2.2cm soft and 9cm hard these days! All I can say is yes, I have a small penis. Most of my extended family know about it and I’m proud of it and I would do anything to go back 10 years and redo all those embarrassing moments again.


This reader discovers the perils of sending dick pics…

About a year ago, when I (M19) was with my girlfriend (F19) I went home to visit my family and after a few days of being apart, we decided to send some snaps to each other. We exchanged a few pics, then I received a Snapchat from another friend. Let’s call her Sarah (F18) Me and Sarah have been friends for a while and she was my best friend on Snapchat. She had sent me one when I was double-tapping to relay to my gf, but I accidentally replied to hers. So I had accidentally sent her a dick pic. I instantly send her a text warning her but it was too late. She opened it and texted me back asking why and wtf. I started to apologize, as I was I got a snapback of her holding up 2 fingers gesturing that I was small and trying to hold back a laugh with the caption: ‘That’s it. lol‘ and then nothing more was said. Until a few days after, when me, her, and one of our other friends went out for ice cream. Let’s call the other friend Hannah (F19). We were sitting in the back of my truck eating when Hannah asked how my little guy was doing. At first, I was confused but then both girls were laughing. Hannah told me that Sarah had told her right after it happened. This made me get hard almost instantly to which they noticed and commented on.


While another reader has found the woman of his dreams…

My girlfriend went off the pill, so we needed to buy condoms. I decided it would be fun to get one variety pack and one small pack of magnums. I surprised her with it one night as she was asking for a condom and she laughed so hard. I told her to try it anyway and she said, “Noooo, it will fall off and get stuck in my vagina.”

I told her it will be fine, I’ll hold it. So she slid it on and it honestly wasn’t overly loose but definitely had some slack. Then, and this made me almost burst, she starts unraveling the rest of the condom. She held it up, it was close to twice my length, and she laughed. She said, “See, it will fall off for sure!”

I told her fine and she easily pulled the condom off my cock. I gave her an ultra-thin one while making a joke about needing a ‘thin”‘condom.

I freaking love this woman, so glad she has bought into my kink.


This reader gets a shock from a college crush…

Freshman year of college I had a close-knit group of friends and we hung out with each other pretty much every day. As you can imagine when hormones and drinking is involved things can get pretty wild. One Saturday night, it was me and my friend Tyler hanging out at our friend Michelle’s place who also lived with our other good friend Alice. So pretty much a normal weekend night. This night though we were drinking and partying heavier than usual. It was right after finals, so I think we all needed it. Well, something must have been in the air because what started as normal beer pong and drinking games night turned into me and Alice making out on the couch while Tyler and Michelle made out on the loveseat.

We never crossed this line before, but looking back, I think the sexual tension was always there. We all kinda knew where this was going and somehow we ended up back in Michelle’s room. I vaguely remember someone talking about her king-size memory foam mattress she just got so we all ran to lay on it.

The two girls jumped on the bed wearing their cozy leggings from before. They sat up with their backs to the headboard while Tyler and I walked in with drinks. We thought it was just going to be a pre-game at Michelle’s night so we were dressed to hit the clubs. Jeans, button-ups, and dress shoes. Right before we could jump on the bed to join the girls Alice yells “No sirs you can come in here wearing all that!”

Michelle then followed with a, “Yeah! Strip!”

Tyler and I looked and said, “fuck it.”

We hammed it up for the two girls slowly unbuttoning our shirts and tossing them, removing our shoes and socks slowly just to be funny, and finally our pants. Tyler went first since at that point I started to get really shy. Now that things were kicking off I grew nervous knowing what had to offer. Honestly, I let Tyler go first just so I can see what he was going to be presenting. And would you believe it but the second he yanked his jeans down he showed all 3 of us a VERY noticeable bulge in his Calvin Klein boxers briefs. The girls were going wild. They were hollering and cheering as he kept dancing for them at the foot of the bed.

Alice said, “Come on, let me see!”

I shook off my and pulled down my pants and stepped out of them now also only wearing my boxer briefs. This time though there was a heart-wrenching pause that drowned the room.

Michelle then said super loud, “Where the fuck is your dick?”

I don’t know if I am the only one who did this growing up but I used to be embarrassed about my smaller size. SO much so that I would try and ‘hide’ my dick from view. It was sort of a ‘Ken Doll’ way where I would bunch fabric or ‘tuck’ so that all you saw when I was in swimsuits or underwear was a mannequin wearing underwear. Michelle was laughing hysterically at this point and even Tyler said, “How did you make your dick hide?”

Alice was quiet the whole time then joined in the laughter. The whole room’s attention was on my missing bulge. I tried my best to arrange a tiny bulge saying, “Oh, I just push it down that’s all.”

I must have been blood red in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Michelle is saying things like, “Dude, Alice look at his compared to Tyler’s. Like he doesn’t even do it as Tyler’s does,” and, “Does it not show at all? Do you HAVE to try and make it show every time? Dude, really? Do you have to do that just to make it noticeable? Wow.”

At that time, Michelle hopped off the bed, and she and Tyler ran out of the room for some reason giving me and Alice her room to ourselves. I climbed in bed and started making out with Alice and things seemed to pick back up where they left off. I fingered her with her panties and yoga pants still on and thought I was getting her ready for more. Until I felt her hands trail down to my crotch. She rubbed my hard-on through my boxers and dropped her hand onto the bed right after giving my shaft a slight squeeze. It felt amazing.

I reached to pull my boxers down, but she stopped me before I could, and said, “Not tonight.” I asked why, and she said, “Just, Ummm, promise you won’t be mad?” I said it was okay and to tell me what was wrong. “Umm, is it really that small?”

She raised her pinky in the air towards me. I froze. Absolutely froze. The feelings of embarrassment and anger and heartbreak and ‘sadness’ of being a disappointment was so overwhelming it wasn’t until weeks later did I realize how much I fucking LOVED IT. I nodded, and she just said, “It’s okay, really, but can I also be honest with you?” I said sure again. “I just don’t wanna fuck someone who has a small dick. Like what if people ask me and they fuck you too. They will know I fuck small dicks.”

I was astonished by her comments. She was so sure of herself and without remorse. I just nodded again and we cuddled the rest of the night. The whole night we snuggled, I couldn’t sleep. The millions of thoughts about what happened to go through my mind and also the sounds of Tyler fucking the absolute shit out of Michelle 3 times that night also didn’t help. Looking back, that’s the night I like to point to and say, “Yup, that’s the catalyst, that started it all.”

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