Sammi’s Standards

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by sluttylittleboytoy

My name is Brian and this is my story.

Freshman year of college was liberating for me. Living without my parents, I felt as if I had no one to tell me what to do. I made friends pretty quickly and spent most of my time hanging out, drinking and trying to get girls to have sex with me (with varying degrees of luck). I’d like to consider myself handsome and I was an athlete in high school so I had spent a lot of time in the gym, and it certainly paid off. My muscular, but lean body reaches to about 6’2″ high. Many of my girlfriends have told me that their favourite part of my body is my ass, which is firm and shapely due to squatting exercises. Admittedly, my downfall physically is my penis. My dick is below average size and (although I like to think that I know how to use it well) I can tell it is not up to the standards that many women set in that category. Anyway, throughout the year I had tried my luck with a few different women when I met Sammi.

Sammi was a very small girl — barely over 5 feet tall — of mixed ethnicity, Black and Asian. She was attractive, not the hottest girl I’d ever met but she had a body that did all it could to pack as much as it could onto her tiny frame. She had toned legs that were reminiscent of the days she spent on the soccer field and they led up to an ass that curved out from her legs in a way that could make me hard just from looking at it. Her breasts were average sized but would certainly do for me. Another thing about Sammi was that she claimed to love guys butts, so much that she had already told me this in the first couple days of knowing each other. So I figured that I would probably meet her standards in this category.

I had met Sammi a couple of days before this story starts and I was interested immediately. She had a very outgoing personality; she was the kind of girl who would dominate the conversation. We had hung out a few times, but had never hooked up, when I ran into her on campus and she asked if I wanted to go hang out in her dorm room. Most of the dorms were coed, but she lived in the all-female dorm building.

Sammi’s best friend at this point was named Emily. Emily was a brunette who was only about an inch taller than Sammi herself. She was attractive also and I definitely would have tried for her if I had not already been pursuing Sammi. The three of us were hanging out in her room that day; it was one of those awkward situations where everyone knew that me and Sammi wanted to hook up, but Emily had nowhere else to go so she stayed in the room anyway. We were having fun just hanging out, listening to music and talking, but I really wanted to fuck Sammi.

Finally — when Emily was facing the other way, looking at the computer — Sammi motioned towards me with one finger and mouthed “Come here”. I made my move. Sammi was sitting on her bed (beds in the dorm rooms sat pretty high) and I was standing up so we were at almost the same height. I moved in between her legs and started to kiss her. Immediately her hands found my ass.

“Ooh, baby,” Sammi said in a sexy, sultry voice that made Emily turn back around from the computer to look. “Oh this is a fine ass, baby.”

Sammi continued groping at my butt. Emily giggled and I expected her to leave, but the little bitch just turned back to the computer, still giggling. I was pretty embarrassed that she was in the room while we were making out, especially since I was having my body fondled and commented on aloud, but I had been waiting to hook up with Sammi so I just kept with it.

“Mmm.. I just wanna slap that ass babe,” she said and gave me a little spank on the butt. Emily turned around again. “Are you seeing this ass Em?” Sammi asked Emily. Sammi had stopped making out with me altogether now and she was just groping my ass through my gym shorts.

“Yeah, it looks pretty sexy with your hands on it,” Emily said.

I wondered if I was in the Twilight Zone. What was Emily’s business with all this exactly? And was I detecting some sort of sexual tension between the two of them? Sammi quickly turned me around and pulled my hips toward her, grinding my ass into her pelvis. It was all starting to seem very strange. There was rap music playing from the computer and I felt like we were grind-dancing, only I was the girl. Emily was still watching. Sammi was still groping.

Her hands started wandering from my hips forwards; I was getting excited, I just wished Emily would leave. Why was she still watching?

“Mmm… baby let’s see what you got up front? Oh my God.” Her hands found my dick. “What the hell is this?”

Emily and I were confused. “What?” I asked.

“Is this your cock?” she asked, entirely too loudly. “Is this really the fuckin’ size of your cock or am I feeling on a toothpick right now?”

Emily started cracking up at the desk and before I could answer Sammi. Emily butted in, “A toothpick? Haha, jeez, how small is it?”

“It’s fuckin’ tiny! I can’t believe it! I was actually about to fuck the smallest dick in the world. I kind of want to do it now, just so I can say I did, I probably wouldn’t feel anything though.”

“Haha, you wouldn’t even know when he had put it in!”

I was absolutely humiliated. My cheeks had turned dark red and the girls let me know it by ridiculing me for that too. I couldn’t believe how this day had turned out. Sammi was still fondling my dick, as if trying to find more of it somewhere, “There’s got to be more of this down here somewhere,” she razzed me and Emily laughed still harder.

“I wanna see it!” Emily said.

“No, I don’t wanna see his tiny cock,” Sammi said, but then her hands found my butt again, “I would like to see that ass though. Hey slut,” (I apparently had a new nickname) “I want you to get naked, but keep your back to me, I don’t want anything to do with that little dick of yours.”

“Sammi, come on…,” but my argument was quelled before it could start by a sharp slap on my ass.

“You better do what I fuckin’ tell you to do you little bitch, or I’ll tell the whole school how small your fuckin’ dick is.”

She had me. She knew all of my friends; how could I ever live it down if they found out that I had a small dick?

“Look how about…”

An even harder slap on my ass let me know there was no argument. Emily had moved in towards me anyway so they had me surrounded. I started to take off my shirt, and Sammi let out a giggle. When it was off, she grabbed me and started running her hands over my chest, arms and back. “Kick off your sandals,” she ordered and I obliged. “I’ll handle the rest,” she said.

She hooked her thumbs into my waistband on either hip. She was behind me, still sitting on the bed but I could see her face in the mirror across the room. We made eye contact and she gave me a teasing smile. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for humiliation. In one smooth motion she pulled my shorts and boxers to my feet. I looked at Emily standing in front of me. She was looking at my dick and already laughing so hard that she wasn’t even making any noise. She was trying to formulate a sentence but her laughter was consuming every word.

“Oh my God… Sammi it’s… Sooooo small!” she held her thumb in index finger close together to demonstrate how small it was.

“Don’t talk to me about it,” Sammi said.

I looked into the mirror. Sammi’s eyes were down on my ass, visually molesting it. Soon her hands followed suit and started groping first the left cheek, then the right. Then she aligned her middle finger with my ass crack and pushed in ever so slightly. Not inserting, just grabbing my attention. I immediately straightened up and gasped slightly.

Sammi laughed, “Don’t worry, slut, I’m not gonna do anything bad… or am I?” She gave me a serious look in the mirror and then started laughing, spanking my ass again. “Ooh, you get to watch it jiggle when its naked,” she said and slapping my ass to make it jiggle again.

By now Emily had finally regained her composure. “Sammi, please… Please look at how small his dick is. Please, it’s absolutely pathetic.”

Sammi sighed, and looked at me in the mirror. “Well, I wanted to just play with your ass and pretend that there was at least a normal sized dick on the other side, but I guess that’s not gonna work, is it? Hmm, what to do?”

The mirror was just high enough that she couldn’t see my dick’s reflection. She joked around a little bit, pretending to peek at my dick in the mirror but I knew she could only be looking at my lower stomach.

“Ok, slut, turn around,” the jury had decided, I was to turn around and have my penis size ridiculed by two girls who I didn’t even know that well. But I had to face it, did I have any other options at this point?

“Oh… My… God!” Sammi looked truly shocked. “That is pathetic! Oh my God that’s the smallest dick I have ever seen in my life! Impossible, it can’t be real!”

Emily was laughing again. “I told you it was fuckin’ sad.”

“Hell yeah, it’s sad. I’d feel bad for him if he wasn’t such a little slut.” Her hands reached around my waist to administer a hard slap on my ass to let me know that she did not feel bad for me in the slightest. “I mean wow.. haven’t you heard of Extenze?”

They were laughing so hard at my expense, I was starting to wish it would grow a little just so it didn’t look so damn small! All their ridiculing was just making it shrink farther back into it’s shell.

“Oh my God, I have to show my mom this,” Sammi said.


“What? You can’t tell your mom about my dick size!”

“Oh really? Are you really in a position to tell me what to do?” Sammi said, and her fingers worked their way across my cheeks until they found my crack. I flinched.

“Two for flinching,” she slapped my ass twice.

There was nothing I could do, they had total control over me. I was completely naked and at Sammi’s mercy. I had never felt so powerless before.

Sammi pulled out her phone and before I knew what was happening she had snapped a picture of my dick.

“Hehe, alright let’s see how it looks. Well, the picture doesn’t quite do it justice, it’ll be hard for my mom to get a feel for how small this fucking cock is if she can’t see it live.”

“Sammi. Look, I’m sorry my dick isn’t big enough for you, but…”

“Big enough for me? That pathetic excuse for a penis isn’t big enough for a 5-year-old. You should quit now and trade cocks with a gerbil.” Emily was just cracking up at every word Sammi uttered, cheering her on. “Alright, where’s the send button?”

“Sammi please don’t do this!”

“Hey!” Sammi shouted and slapped my dick, “you have no say in this, little-dick. I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I wanna do because you are too much of a bitch to stop me.”

Now I was mad. My testosterone finally started kicking in. I was twice this bitch’s size, I could take her. I didn’t need to take this shit from her. I manned up and tried to grab the phone away from her. Big mistake.

Sammi saw it coming and immediately kicked me in the balls. The kick wasn’t extremely hard, but it was enough to render me defenceless. Together, Sammi and Emily wrestled me to the ground and held me there.

“You wanna fight bitch?” Emily was holding my arms down and I was grimacing in pain. Sammi put the phone right up in front of my face.

Send to Mom?

She hit the send button.

Sending.. sending.. message sent.

I gave up any attempts of struggle, “You win Sammi, I’ll play your game, I give up”. And I rolled up into the foetal position.

There was silence for a second and then all the sudden Sammi started tickling my sides, “See, its more fun when you play the game right?”

“No… Stop…” I tried but I couldn’t stop laughing.

Soon Emily joined in and I was jerking all over the floor violently but I couldn’t fight off all four hands at once. Quickly the tickling turned to groping and all the sudden I had four small hands exploring my ass and dick. Every once in a while, one of them would poke at my side, causing me to jerk violently. They found that hilarious.


Sammi’s cell phone received a text message and we all remembered the text she had just sent.

“Ohhh! Lets see what my mom had to say about you, little-dick.”

Seriously, what kind of fucked-up relationship did this girl have with her mother? She sends her pictures of the dicks of guys she hooks up with? What’s going on here?

“Hahahahahaaaa! Emily! Look what she said.” She showed the text to Emily, and Emily started cracking up as well.

“What did she say? Let me see!”

They showed me the screen and it read: Why did you send me a picture of a baby’s dick?

I was absolutely humiliated.

“Ooh, I’m gonna text back that its a picture of a dick of a guy who’s in the room with me now, who’s actually 19! At least, the rest of him looks like he’s 19, haha.” She turned to me, “Are you really just a huge 5-year-old? Haha, even a 5-year-old would be ashamed of that cock.”

After she text her mom back, the girls went back to fondling me. Then they decided it would be a good idea to make me stand up and parade my ‘fine ass’ and ‘tiny cock’ around the room for their ‘viewing pleasure’.

All the sudden a ringing came from Sammi’s computer. It was her Skype! Sammi went to get the call and Emily rushed me into the bathroom so the person calling wouldn’t see me. I was extremely grateful for this act of kindness. So thankful that I actually thanked her. I felt like such a bitch, thanking a girl half my size for not letting some stranger see me naked, after she had had the pleasure of seeing and touching whatever she wanted on my naked body for the last 30 minutes.

“Don’t get used to it slut,” Emily said, smiling. She started fondling my ass cheeks.

Sammi called into the bathroom to tell us who had called on Skype. It was Sammi’s mom, she wanted to see ‘the small dick boy’ on video. It was official: my day couldn’t get any worse.

Sammi called me over, “C’mere, bitch”. Emily grabbed me by the dick with two fingers — index and thumb — and led me to the computer screen. There was a little delay on the feed so about a second after I walked in front of the camera Sammi’s mom burst out laughing.

While they all laughed at my expense and ridiculed my penis size, I was studying Sammi’s mom. She clearly represented the Asian side of Sammi’s lineage.

“I fucked Chinese guys with cocks three times the size of that thing.” I wish I could say that I was numb to the embarrassment by now, but the farther they took it, the worse I felt.

“Wait mom, let me turn him around, he actually has a nice ass.” She turned me around and her mother concurred, I had a very nice ass. Apparently she wished she could be there to spank it herself, but she would settle for watching Sammi bend me over and spank me. Which Sammi proceeded to do. There are few things more humiliating than being bent over in front of a camera and being spanked by a girl half your size, while her mother who you have never met watches and cheers it on. I can attest to that.

While I was still bent over, Sammi reached between my legs and squeezed my balls. This caused me to flinch.

“Two for flinching.” Two more spanks and a lot more laughter followed.

“Alright, alright,” Sammi’s mom said, “Turn him around again and let’s see if this thing grows at all.”

Sammi agreed that would be a great idea and they turned me around and began fondling my dick.

“Oh do you like that baby? Do you like our small hands rubbing on your even smaller cock? Do you like it when I cover your whole dick and tiny balls with my one small hand?” I was incredibly embarrassed by what they were saying, but I was loving the fact that I was finally getting my dick stroked so I just remained silent. I let out a moan.

They giggled, “Oh, little-dick, likes the massage, doesn’t he? Oh look, his dick is finally growing a little!”

“Is it?” Sammi’s mom said, “I can’t tell, maybe its cause I’m watching it on the screen.”

“No, you can’t see it getting any bigger here either mom, but I can feel it getting hard. God damn this is a small dick, Brian. Seriously? You can’t do any better than this?”

“I.. I can’t help..” I was in such extreme pleasure that I couldn’t even speak.

“Oh, the little slut can’t talk..” they all jeered me but I didn’t care anymore. I was hard as a rock, even though they continuously asked if I was ever going to grow any. Finally, Sammi let Emily handle the cock stroking duties and she put her mouth on my balls and started sucking them seductively. I was about to cum.

Sammi’s mom was still watching, “Hey let’s see if there’s any cum in those tiny balls!” Sammi’s hand reached up through my legs and started playing with my ass cheeks, fondling and squeezing them, giving my ass a light slap every now and then to make sure I remembered that she was boss. Finally, the ball sucking, dick stroking and ass fondling became too much and I busted (what I thought was) a huge load, all over the desk. Emily luckily directed my cock away from the computer so I came all over a Sammi’s biology notebook instead. I felt like I was spurting cum for an hour, but when I finally finished, Sammi’s mom’s voice came from the computer.

“Is that it?”

They all laughed.

“What do you expect from such a tiny dick?”

“You can’t fit much in those little balls.”

Now that I had cum, my dick started shrinking from the embarrassment even more than before and it had gone so far back into my foreskin that it almost looked like I was uncircumcised.

“Oh, don’t go hiding like that!” Sammi said to my dick, “Don’t be scared, we won’t hurt you. Well, at least we don’t normally hurt dicks but a little guy like you..” she slapped/grabbed my dick and balls in one swoop of her arm. I cringed as she squeezed them. “Clean up the fuckin’ mess you just made you easy little whore. Now!” she slapped my ass hard, “And you owe me a notebook”.

I quickly got paper towels from the bathroom and got to work cleaning up the desk while the three women all conversed about my body as if I wasn’t in the room.

“It’s too bad,” Sammi’s mom said, “He has such a nice body, such a great ass. If only he didn’t have such a small dick. That’s really the deal breaker.”

Sammi responded, “Yeah, I was gonna fuck him until I felt his dick. No way, Jose.”

Finally, I finished cleaning up the mess and threw the paper towels away.

“All done bitch?”

“Yes, ma’am”

Sammi smiled and started laughing a little. “I like that. I like that slut, you should call me ma’am. I own you, you’re like my slave now you know that right? I own you.”

“Yes, ma’am. You own me.”

“Good, now bend over the desk. I need to spank you for making such a mess. (Slap!) Yes, you’ve been a naughty little boy. (Slap!) There you go. (Slap!) Ooh look at these cheeks just begging for it. (Slap!) How does that feel? (Slap!) Well, I’m glad it hurts, the next one’s gonna hurt even more my little slut. (Slap!) Yes, its only gonna get worse from here. (Slap!)”

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