My Room-Mate’s Hot Girlfriend

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by PurpleMonkeyDishwash

My room-mate Martin had girlfriends before, but none as sexy as Melissa. Melissa was a sure fox, super large breasts and a tight waist. Her amazing ass looked good in the small pink shorts she would always wear, and the matching pink top that squeezed her boobs in all the right places. The neck was cut low, exposing her bountiful cleavage that drew all eyes right to the fleshy centre of her chest.

At first I would only hear them fucking. On lonely nights I would be in my room, reading a magazine or watching television, when the noises would start.

“Oo, take it off,” I would hear her moan, and suddenly I could not concentrate on whatever I was doing. I would picture Melissa slowly sliding my room-mate’s body, unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his cock, taking it in her warm fingers and rubbing it up and now.

“It’s so big,” she would coo, and inside my pants I would feel my own dick starting to harden. I had a pretty small penis, and the tent in my fly didn’t reach up very far. Still, I would press my hand hard against the outside of my pants and feel the great sensation rush up through my body.

For the rest of the evening, I would listen to the bumps and screams of Martin and Melissa in the room behind mine, and imagine her thick boobs bouncing up and down from Martin’s cock in her pussy. I would stroke my own cock, often cumming twice before they would finish, and then turn off the lights and fall asleep, dreaming of the two of them going at it like dogs.

In the morning she would be there at the breakfast table, wearing my robe from the bathroom, her cleavage showing through the folds of the cloth, and I could smell the scent of his spunk festering on her thighs. The simple sight of her would get me hard again, and I would pour myself a cup of coffee and run back to my room to jerk it while thinking of her.

After a few weeks of this, they started to get more creative. I came home one day in the afternoon and heard them fucking again, and assumed they were in the bedroom. I walked into the bathroom to take a leak, I saw them, in the shower, her glorious tits pressed against the wall while my room-mate stick his dick in her, her ass sticking our into the air. They didn’t stop fucking, so I stood there watching for a moment before closing the door and running back to my room, the sight of her naked body still fresh in my mind.

Even after their afternoon adventure, they were still fucking like usual that night. I had my cock in my hand, stroking wildly to the idea of their naked bodies beating against each other, when she walked in. She was wearing my robe again, this time opened a bit more liberally, exposing a large amount of her breasts all the way down to the soft area right above her pussy. When she saw what I was doing her eyes went wide and she started to giggle, making the robe open more to show her full breasts with their light pink nipples and fluffy outer region. She was laughing about my size, which must’ve been minuscule compared to my room-mate, and I quickly pulled the covers over myself, trying to hide my tiny tool.

She didn’t leave, just stood in the doorway, breasts unknowingly bared, grinning wickedly at my blushing face.

“What was that thing?” she asked, smiling.

“Nothing,” I stuttered, embarrassed, trying to sink into my bed, “It wasn’t anything.”

“No, I think it was something,” she said, “Not much of anything, but something.”

She waltzed over to my bed, her hips swaying with each step, and pulled my covers away with her dainty fingers. My dick was as hard as ever, a full four inches, and she smiled wider when she saw it.

“It’s so small!” she giggled, “I’ve never seen a dick that small. I’ve always fucked guys who were nine, ten inches, big. One time I dated a guy who was eight inches, and I refused to let him fuck me because I knew I wouldn’t feel it. Imagine if that thing was in me!”

I wanted to close my eyes to block out the humiliation, but I couldn’t help but stare at the lumpy mounds of pale flesh hanging from her chest. She looked down to see her exposed breast, but didn’t do anything to cover them up.

“You like these?” she asked, putting her hands on the sides to squeeze them seductively, “All the guys do. I wouldn’t let a guy like you ever touch them though.” She leaned over my body and put her face right next to my cock.

“It’s tiny,” she repeated, “Do you mind if I touch it?” I didn’t say anything, so she took her slender finger and grabbed the shaft of my penis, and then rubbed her breast with her other hand. I couldn’t help it; I came immediately. Messes of white sperm shot out of my dick, spraying her hand and face with my thick creamy seed. She was surprised I had cum so easily, but kept stroking my dick until all the spunk was out.

“I’ve never seen a dick finish that fast!” she jested, “I bet you’re awful in the sack.” She wiped the sticky mess from her hair and then smeared it on her breast. “Your room-mate won’t notice, I’m going back to fuck him now. I just wanted to see if you had any lotion. She looked to my side and saw the lotion I had been using to jack off, and grabbed it in her cum-smelling hands.

“We’ll be using this,” she said, and closed the door behind her. I was stunned. It was the single most humiliating yet sexiest moment I had ever experienced. I grabbed my glistening cock and started stroking again, even without lotion it only took me two minutes. I went to sleep an extremely satisfied man.

In the morning my room-mate was sleeping in again, and when I went into the kitchen for my cup of coffee she was there again, wearing my robe, holding my bottle of lotion in her hands. When she saw me walk in, she smiled and I looked down at her covered tits.

“Well, last night was fun,” she said, “With your room-mate, I mean, not with you. He fucked me good, I can’t even feel my pussy.” She spread her legs, showing her glistening pussy, wet with her own juices and those of my room-mate.

“Thanks for the lotion too,” she added, handing me the bottle, which was twice as empty as when I had loaned it to her.

“We kind of used a lot,” she said, “He rubbed it on my boobs and then titty fucked me. My boobs are pretty big and we titty fucked about five times, so that used kind of a lot.”

The idea of Melissa’s huge tits swallowing my room-mate’s cock made me hard, and she saw the tent in my pants start to form.

“Looks like you’ll need this lotion, tiger,” she mocked, and I walked back into my room to masturbate.

That day I came home in the afternoon again to them fucking doggy style right in the living room. In plain sight, my room mate Martin had his cock right up Melissa’s naked pussy, and her tits were flapping wildly with each stroke.

“Look whose home,” Melissa said, swaying back and forth with each fuck, “It’s pindick, the room-mate.”

I looked up at my room-mate who was too busy fucking Melissa to say anything to me, then back down at Melissa’s moaning face.

“Um, I’m just going to leave you guys alone,” I said, eager to go back to my room and process the images I was seeing, but Melissa stopped me.

“No, no stay, we both know you’re just going to go masturbate anyway. Might as well let us watch. Take it out, tiny man.”

I couldn’t refuse such an offer, not to those magically full breasts and that puffy ass. I sat down on the couch opposite them and reached my hand in my pants. I was even harder than the night before. The whole room was quiet except for the brisk rhythm of his dick pumping her.

It wasn’t long before I felt the rush of liquid up through my shaft and I leaned over to the table to grab a tissue.

Melissa saw what I was doing.

“Oh, no, don’t waste that in a tissue,” she moaned slyly, “Come here, I’ll make use of that.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I stood up and walked over to her, my room mate still boning her vigorously from behind, and aimed at her face. My jizz ran all over the sides of her cheeks, falling into her mouth and sliding down her neck. A small bit fell into her cleavage, but was flung off with the next pump from behind.

She rubbed it around in her mouth with her tongue and said, “A little watery, but not bad there. Now get out, and leave us alone.”

I went back to my room to masturbate again, still able to hear them going at it, and I came again before I heard the noises stop and the door to our house open and close. Just then, I watched as my door opened and Melissa waltzed in.

“Your buddy had to leave,” she said, sitting down nude on my bed, “and I think he wanted me to give you this.” She spread open her legs to show her splattered cunt, sticky with my room mate’s spunk.

“Care to clean me up?” she said, and I dug my face into her messy pussy. The stench of her wet juices and my room mates jizz was pungent and strong, but it was wonderful. She clenched her legs together, her gooey thighs smothering my face, and I could hear her moaning.

“You’re really good at this,” I heard her say, muted from the strength of her thighs, “You make up for your pelvis with your tongue.

After a few orgasms on her part, she shoved my head out of her, and stood up.

“You’ll be seeing a lot more of that,” she said, and left my room.

That night she visited me again, another gooey mess for me to clean up. I lapped it up willingly, enjoying the feeling of her warm thighs against my ears and then she gave me another quick hand job before leaving.

When I walked into the kitchen in the morning, no one was there, so I sat down at the table and poured myself a bowl of froot loops and milk.

I was halfway finished with my bowl when she walked in. She was wearing my robe but she shed it immediately, dropping it to the floor with an exaggerated flourish.

Despite the heavy of amount of exposure her body had to me, it still made me hard immediately. Walking in behind her was my roommate, naked and sporting a ten inch boner, and mounted her from behind. He didn’t look at me or say anything, just starting fucking.

Melissa leaned on the table, tits inches from my fruit loops, and they started humping back and forth. I had to lift my bowl off the table to avoid it spilling everywhere.

“Good morning,” Melissa said, mid-hump, “We thought we’d have a morning quickie and let you watch.”

I didn’t know what to say. In one way, I had a raging hard on and there was a busty bosom slamming right into my face, but in the other, I just wanted to finish my fruit loops. I decided I would just eat my food, and try to ignore them: I would have a chance to masturbate later.

“What, you’re not going to take it out?” she asked, stunned. “Oh, well, you can’t ignore us for long, we’re going to be fucking all the time, so you should probably make the best of it.” She thrust herself forwards, making her head and chest slap my bowl and make it spill all over my shirt.

“That’s what you get,” she said, “These are prime tits, right here, you and your tiny penis will never get to see anything like this, you should be making the best of it and jerking off. Whatever, I know I’ll be getting fucked by as many dick’s as I want for the rest of my life, you’ll probably never have more than one or two girls for the rest of your life.”

I frowned but couldn’t help but listen to her. I reached my hands into my pants and stroked, ending up by coming right in the fly of my boxers.

Right then, my room mate dismounted her, picked up my robe from the floor and marched back into his room. Melissa and I were left alone.

“Okay,” she said, “Here’s your real breakfast.” She swung her legs onto the table and her warm sticky twat was right in my face.

I once again ate her out, my tongue becoming sticky with the mix of the lover’s juices. When she was done, she leaped off the table and shook her hips seductively.

“We’re thinking of trying anal next time, so there’ll be more of me for you to lick.” I gulped, swallowing the mixture she’d left in my mouth.

So that’s how life is for me. Every day Melissa fucks my friend and every day I eat her out. I must’ve swallowed gallons of their juices, each creampie more and more erotic than the last. And, as promised, she began to have me lick her ass, which added a whole new element to my life.

Melissa’s right, my tiny dick wouldn’t ever get to be with anyone as sexy as her, so I just enjoy what she gives me and jerk it every night.

The End.

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