The Nasty Prostitute

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by anon

Brian’s heart pounded in his chest as he drew closer to the black door. Walk past or go in? It was decision time. He paused for just a moment, staring at the door in front of him. Nothing about the door indicated what went on behind, but everyone knew. He wiped a sweaty palm on his jeans, and stepped forward. Everyone knew what happened behind this door; if he stopped for too long everyone would know why.

Still time to walk by; he didn’t have to go in, he wanted to go in. His step faltered and he suppressed a shiver as he pictured again, what would happen if he entered. He started down the steps toward the door, his shoulders hunched, his eyes down, not daring to look around, certain that people were watching and judging. He jabbed at the buzzer and then waited impatiently, shifting from foot to foot and feeling more and more exposed with every passing second.

How many people were watching him now, knowing exactly what he was. He closed his eyes, a shudder ran through his body and his cock stirred in his pants. He couldn’t believe it had come to this, but he needed this so much. A harsh buzzing noise startled him and he opened his eyes. A soft click followed and he pulled the door open and stepped inside.

* * *

An overweight man behind the counter smiled at Brian; a smile that never reached his disinterested eyes, an expression that bespoke boredom and nothing more. Brian felt some of the tension in his body easing as he stood in the dark entranceway. Straightening up, he looked at the fat man and tried to hide his revulsion at the greasy hair and tattoos. He licked his lips, uncertain what to do next. The fat man studied Brian for a moment and evidently decided that he was no threat to anyone.

“Through that door,” the fat man nodded his head toward a battered looking door. “Make yourself comfortable. A few girls are available this afternoon,” his face contorted into a crude leer.

Brian’s cheeks heated on hearing this blatant statement; he found he was glad for the gloomy darkness of the entranceway. Not entirely trusting his voice, he nodded to the fat man and shuffled to the battered door. The door creaked loudly as it opened, causing him to wince. He stepped through into a warmly lit room and glanced nervously around as the door shut behind him.

The room’s furniture was surprisingly nice, but appeared well used. In one corner, a TV set played and several scantily clad women sat on sofas watching. They all turned to look at him as he entered and Brian felt his cheeks reddening. The women appeared unconcerned by the way his hungry eyes studied them.

One of them, a short blond woman who Brian guessed might be thirty, rose gracefully to her feet and walked over to him, smiling the smile of a professional hostess. Brian drank in her curvaceous body, well displayed by her thin, silky nightgown. He licked his lips again while watching her breasts jiggle as she approached. His face felt like a furnace and he was certain it must be bright red, but the woman showed no reaction to his face, or his leering stare. He felt his cock pressing against his jeans and prayed that it wasn’t too obvious.

“Hi, I’m Amber. Have you been here before?” the blond woman asked, seeming completely at ease despite her skimpy attire.

‘Obviously a fake name,’ Brian thought. “Ah, no,” he managed to gasp, completely flustered by the proximity of her chest. The briefest of condescending smiles flickered over Amber’s face and Brian felt his cock twitch again.

“Well then,” Amber paused, obviously waiting for him to say something. Brian gazed at her stupidly for what felt like hours before he realized what she was waiting to hear.

“John!” He blurted a little too loudly. She wasn’t the only one who could use a fake name. The same smile on Amber’s face again; she knew. He resisted the urge to wipe the sweat from his palms again.

“Well then… John,” the pause before his name was accompanied by just a hint of a smirk, “Why don’t I show you around?” Without waiting for his answer, she turned and walked through a doorway on the far side of the room. Brian followed, his eyes now drawn to the swaying curve of her ass, so clearly visible against the thin silk of her underwear.

Amber led the way down a dimly lit hallway and into a brightly lit changing room. She turned smoothly as she came to a halt in the middle of the room and a smile flitted across her face as she caught here Brian’s eyes had been focused.

“There are showers here for you to freshen up,” she gestured with one hand, her eyes now studying Brian curiously, “and you can put your clothes an empty locker.” She pointed again, her eyes boring into him. Brian nodded and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“So eager!” Amber let out a peal of laughter and Brian felt his face redden again, “We have changing rooms over there baby.” She pointed to a row of curtained cubicles behind him.

Blushing, Brian hurried over to a cubicle and pulling the curtain closed, he shut his eyes and tried to calm his pounding heart. ‘She’s just a whore,’ he told himself, ‘You’re paying her to do what you want.’

Taking a deep breath, he removed his clothes, with trembling hands he pulled his shirt off and dropped it on the bench. When he was naked, he peered cautiously around the curtain. Finding no sign of Amber or anyone else, he scampered over to the shower, feeling incredibly vulnerable. Safely inside, he turned on the water and closed his eyes, trying to relax.

The sound of the curtain opening jolted him back to reality. Instinctively he reached down and covered his crotch. Amber stood in front of him holding a white robe.

“Something for you to wear when you come out to join us,” she said. “Unless there’s something you’d like them all to see?” She looked deliberately at Brian’s hand covered crotch.

Brain’s cheeks heated again, “Um, thank you.”

Amber looked up, a curious look on her face, “No need to be so shy baby. We all know why you’re here, after all.” She grinned and he felt his face flushing even redder. Amber thrust the white robe against his chest and he quickly held it up blocking her gaze. Amber looked him up and down for a moment, and then giggled, “Come on out when you’re ready baby. Take your time. You can pick any of the girls who take your fancy,” she paused again, her eyes studying his face, “If you ask nicely, I might even say yes.” She grinned before turning and walking away. Brian pressed the robe against his stirring cock.

* * *

The women watched closely as Brian re-entered the lounge room wearing only the robe. He fought the blush spreading over his cheeks as their eyes scanned him. Unconsciously adjusting the short toweling robe, he chose one of the free seats and sat down. Even though all the women were wearing less than he was, he felt terribly under-dressed. Amber grinned at his obvious discomfort and sauntered over to him.

“Can I get you something to drink?” She asked.

“Ah, just a juice. Thank you,” Brain said, clearing his throat. He glanced at the other women. They remained in their seats but were now all sitting up and seemed to be paying very close attention to him. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, trying to think of something clever to say, trying not to stare at all the flesh on display, trying not to expose himself to their view.

Amber returned with his juice, leaned forward and handed it to him. When he reached for the glass, he realized he was staring directly at her cleavage. She remained in that position for a moment, her eyes locked on his face and a knowing look in her eyes. Without taking his eyes from the luscious mounds of her breasts, he raised his glass to his mouth and took a gulp of the juice.

“See anything you like?” Amber teased. Brian took another gulp of juice. Amber gave him another appraising look, waiting.

“Ah… Would you… Um… Please would you massage me?” Brain forced the question out.

Amber smirked and he heard giggles from some of the other women. His cheeks flushed again.

“Well you did say please, just like I told you to,” Amber teased, “I like an obedient boy. Follow me.” She didn’t wait for him to get up, certain that he would follow. She walked into the hallway at the back of the room. Brain stood, tugged the robe tighter, and with his face was bright red he trotted after Amber, accompanied by amused giggles from the other girls. Their amusement caused his cock to twitch and grow.

Amber led Brian down a short flight of stairs into another hallway and from there into a dimly lit room, half filled by a king-sized bed. She walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge, propping herself up with her arms so that her chest was thrust forward. Brian gulped, he knew he was staring at her breasts, but he was unable to resist. Amber watched him with an almost mocking smile.

“Close the door baby, unless you want an audience? That costs extra, you know.” Brian hurriedly closed the door, his cheeks still bright red. “Is that what you’re into?” Amber watched him closely, “Come on baby, what’s your kink. You can tell me.”

Brian blushed, and fidgeted as he stared at the half-naked woman lounging on the bed. “Come here baby,” Amber crooked her finger at him, and he found himself walking toward her. As he drew close, she reached out, ran her hand down the robe and tugged the belt loose. “Let’s see what it is you want me to ‘massage’,” she giggled. Pulling the belt out of its loops, she flipped the robe open.

Amber stared for a moment, and then giggled before hastily smothering the laugh. Brian’s cheeks burned with shame at the sound of her laughter. His cock twitched and hardened, now free of all confinement and open to her gaze. Amber quickly schooled her features, then looked again at his exposed cock.

“Well I wasn’t expecting that … John,” he noticed the hesitation as she spoke his name, but his mind was on other things. “No wonder you’re so shy. Is this why you had to come here?” She couldn’t quite keep a note of derision out of her voice. Brian closed his eyes in shame.

“Oh don’t worry baby. You’re not the only guy with a small cock,” Amber cooed. Brian groaned and his cock twitched again. Amber watched his reactions with growing amusement, “Although this might be the smallest little dick I’ve ever seen.” Brian gasped, his cock throbbed and Amber’s grin was triumphant.

“It’s a nice… little… cock,” she cooed, “and you like being told that don’t you? You like it when I say you have a baby dick. You like me staring at your little prick.”

She rose to her feet and slipped behind him. Leaning in with her lips close to his ear, her body almost but not quite, touching him, she whispered, “I knew you were a dirty pervert from the way you couldn’t stop blushing. It was only a matter of time before I discovered your little kink.” She giggled again, making no effort to hide her amusement. Brian gasped.

“So what do you want? Huh, little dick?” Amber’s voice became harsh and demanding, “You want me to rub your mini-prick? Can’t get a girl to touch a cock that small?” Brian shuddered; his eyes squeezed shut, her words assaulting him.

“Say it,” Amber hissed.

“I… I want you to touch me,” Brian gasped.

“Touch what?”

“My cock.”

“Your what?” Amber smirked.

“My… little cock,” Brian whispered.

Amber laughed, “Sure honey. All you have to do is pay. Women don’t play with cocks that tiny for fun. But you knew that,” she laughed coarsely, “That’s why you came here isn’t it?”

Brian shuddered, his face crimson with embarrassment. He wanted to argue, to tell her she was wrong, but he was here wasn’t he, and his cock was begging for attention.

Suddenly she was back in front of him, the look on her face all business. “I can rub you for $100.” In emphasis, she reached down and very gently ran her fingertips over his stiff cock. Brian gasped, his whole body going rigid. “Or we can have some tongue action for $150,” she grinned as she said it, her tongue darting out to lick her lips ever so quickly.

“That seems um, expensive,” Brian struggled to regain control of this conversation.

Amber just shrugged, “You can always jerk your baby prick at home honey.” Brian bit his lip. She was taking advantage of him he knew, but it was hard to think clearly right now.

“Now, if you want more than that,” she continued, “We’ll just have to negotiate. Assuming you don’t cum too soon.”

“Um, a rub will be fine,” Brian managed to squeak.

Amber sighed, “Very well.” She held out her hand and he stared at it in confusion. “Pony up little dick,” she snapped.

“Ah… um,” Brian stuttered, thoroughly embarrassed, “I… ah, thought I paid afterward.”

Amber shook her head, “If you want me to rub that little cock of yours, you’re going to pay first. You do have the money, right?”

Brian nodded, “Yes, In my locker upstairs.”

“Then let’s go, Tiny.” Amber casually looped the belt of Brian’s robe around his neck and gave it a tug. Brian found himself stumbling along behind her as she led him out of the room and back up the stairs. As she dragged him along, he struggled to hold the robe closed with one hand.

Amber’s steps took them back to the changing room, which to Brian’s horror wasn’t empty. A skinny brown haired woman was showing a large middle-aged man the facilities. They turned and stared at Brian as Amber led him into the room. He pulled the robe tighter around himself.

“Which is your locker?” Amber asked, ignoring their stares.

Face flushed, Brian pointed silently at one of the lockers, trying not to look anyone in the eye.

“Well,” Amber said impatiently, “open it.” Brian reached into the robe’s pocket to pull out the key, as he did so the front of his robe fell open. He tried to pull it closed again, but Amber reached out and stopped him.

“I’m sure they’ve both seen dicks before,” She said, smirking. “Now hurry up and get the money before your little dickie goes soft.”

Brian bit his lip, burning with shame, but he somehow he couldn’t resist this manipulative woman. His dick was doing anything but getting soft. All he could think about was Amber’s hands pressing against his shaft. He unlocked the door and pulled it open, but when he leaned forward to get his wallet, his robe opened further. He forced himself not to look over at the audience; maybe they couldn’t see anything from over there.

He pulled his wallet out and opened it to get the money, but again Amber’s stopped him, “Bring it with you baby. You’re going to need it.” Her grin was triumphant, “Oh, and leave the robe, you won’t need it.”

Brain stared at her in horror, his brain rejecting her words. Amber’s grin turned into a sneer, “Think of it as a reminder to bring your wallet next time you come to visit me baby. Little dickie does still want my attention doesn’t he?” She reached over and oh so gently brushed her hand over his cock head. Brian gasped, his cock twitched in response to her touch. “Course he does,” Amber continued, “so leave your robe. You weren’t shy about showing me your dicklet. Now it’s time to let everyone else see it too!”

Brian could feel beads of sweat forming on his overheated face. He glanced at the audience, and closing his eyes in shame he struggled free of the robe, allowing it to fall to the floor. A snort made him open his eyes again. The skinny woman tried to keep her expression blank, but laughter showed in her eyes. The middle-aged man didn’t even try to conceal his contempt, but laughed openly.

“Come along little boy,” she ordered. Brian followed her out the door. As they left, he heard the mutter of conversation, closely followed by bursts of laughter; humiliation coursed through his veins, hot and shameful. His cock throbbed painfully.

“Close the door,” Amber instructed when they reached her room, “I see your teeny-weeny is still hard. Did you like showing your little cock to total strangers?”

Brian closed the door, cheeks scarlet with shame, but he couldn’t deny his cock. Amber took the wallet from his hand and wandered over to the bed; she sat down, opened it and leafed through. “Kacey has a big mouth you know,” she said conversationally while pulling bills from his wallet, “she’ll tell the other girls as soon as she gets a chance.” Brian fidgeted uncomfortably.

“Three hundred, not bad. You really needed to cum didn’t you?” She said. Brian, watching her, bit his lip. Amber snorted, “Jesus, you can’t stop staring at my tits can you pervert. Fine, that’s your first fifty.” Reaching up she slipped out of silk top she was wearing, leaving only her bra and panties. “Do you want me to stop baby?” She mocked. Brian shook his head and she deftly unsnapped her bra and let it fall onto the bed, arching her back as she did so. Brian stared hungrily at her luscious, full breasts. His cock twitched and throbbed impatiently.

“Close your mouth pervert,” Amber mocked. Brian felt himself blush

again; he couldn’t seem to find his balance around this woman.

Amber sat on the bed again and looked at him; making no effort to cover herself, she picked up the wallet and flipped it open. “Let’s see. Who are you really… John?” She grinned at him. Brian trembled, but he was rooted to the spot.

“Hmm, all these credit cards say Brian Samms. I like credit cards Brian. They let people buy me presents. Don’t lie to me again Brian,” her eyes sparkled, “I think you owe me an apology, don’t you?” Brian nodded nervously, anything to keep this woman calm. Amber stretched out her legs, “Kiss my feet and say you’re sorry you baby dicked pervert,” she ordered.

To his horror, Brian found himself obeying this demeaning command. It was as though his brain had short-circuited; all he could think of was his throbbing cock as he sank to his knees and pressed his lips to her bare foot.

“Perfect,” Amber giggled. Brian looked up to see her aiming a

camera-phone at him. Before he could voice a protest, she turned the phone round and the image on the small screen was unmistakable. There he was, kneeling, tiny erection clearly in view, his lips on her foot.

“Now, unless you want me to send this lovely picture to your office,” she waved his business card carelessly in her other hand, “You’ll be a good little horndog from now on.”

“Oh God, please,” Brian’s voice trembled as he begged. How had things gotten so far out of control? Amber just smirked at him, clearly reveling in her mastery of him.

“Stand up,” she instructed. He struggled to his feet again.

“Good boy. I see little dickie is still hard. You really are a fucking pervert aren’t you?”

Brian closed his eyes, shuddering as she sneered at him. He felt her cool fingers caress his cock and he groaned and opened his eyes again.

“Like that huh?” Amber cooed. Brian nodded and pressed forward against her hand. She pulled it away, “Poor little dickie wants to cum doesn’t he? So what do you do normally? When you’re not paying for it, I mean?” Amber teased mercilessly. Brian ducked his head, red cheeked and shamefaced.

“Are you a bed humper?” she asked, “I’ll bet you are. Show me how you fuck your bed with your dicklet.” Brian stared at her in renewed horror. “You want to cum right?” she said in an exasperated voice. “So get on the bed and start humping.”

Brian climbed trance-like onto the bed and lay face down. Pressing his cock against the hard mattress, he muffled a groan as the sheets made contact with his stiff shaft.

Amber laughed, “Come on Brian, I know you hump it harder than that.”

Burning with shame, Brian thrust against the mattress, trying to stifle the moans as his hard cock rubbed against the cool sheets.

Amber kept laughing, “Oh, look at you go Brian. Does anyone at the office know what a little horndog you are huh?” Brian just grunted and thrust faster. Amber showed him another picture on her phone; his naked, pale ass in the air as he humped the bed. “I could show them if you like,” Amber teased.

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