No Dick December

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By Ziel.

Chet was the big man on campus, and he knew it. The toned, fit, brown-haired, blue-eyed stud was definitely one of the better looking dudes attending Northfriar State University, but what really set him apart was his dick. It was only a few months into his freshman year and already his name and his tool were becoming the stuff of legend. His cock was over a foot long, 13.42 inches to be exact. He made sure that every lady that had a go with him took the time to measure it at its fullest before he rammed it into them. Not only was it long, but it was thick too. Its eight inch girth made it even thicker around than a beer can by quite a good margin. It was so thick, in fact, that it had gotten the nickname of “The Bubba Keg” around campus.

Chet had just finished his third class of the day. He hadn’t been laid in three hours. That’s like ten years in dudebro time. His eyes scanned the crowd, looking for a particularly foxy vixen to take home between classes. What caught his eye wasn’t the normal doe eyed babe that he usually went for, but she was plenty hot enough for him to make an exception. He sidled up beside the slender, pale skinned lass and threw an arm over her shoulder.

“Do I know you?” The black clad girl asked, sounding very annoyed at the sudden intrusion.

“Not yet, but I’m sure we’ll fix that soon enough.” Chet responded salaciously.

“I already know you more than I would like to, creep.” She huffed and ducked out of his side-hug. Her jet black, purple tipped bangs fell over her left eye as she turned and glared angrily at the buff stud.

“We haven’t even gotten to know each other yet…. Biblically.” He added lustily as his eyes drifted to her sizeable rack. “Just wait til you have the pleasure… of my company.” He said slyly, making sure to emphasize the word “pleasure” as if it wasn’t painfully obvious what he was getting at.

“The only pleasure I’ll get from you is watching you leave, asshole!” The feisty woman said angrily. She reached up to slap the douchey dudebro, but he effortlessly caught her wrist mid swing.

“I like it when they play hard to get.” He said saucily, but his lusty gaze immediately turned to a look of disgust as he caught a glimpse of her exposed underarm. There were little bits of blackness peeking through the soft white flesh that was visible under her arm. “Ugh. Didn’t they tell you that No Shave November is only for the dudes? Chicks like you trying to do it are in for No Dick December.” He said haughtily. He even went so far as to chuckled snidely at his own joke.

“I’ve gotten more than enough dick to last me the month just from having to deal with your personality.” She spat and kicked the dude’s shin.

“Ow! You bitch! Fine! You know what! Fuck you! You had your chance! You could have had some fun with the great Chet Willis! Best cock in the state, but noooo. You had to go all psycho lesbo on me. Well, I’m out, sister.” He yelled angrily before turning to stomp off.

His little tirade gave Victoria an interesting idea. Victoria, that was the black clad girl’s name since Chet hadn’t bothered to ask. “Wait. You’re Chet?” She asked brightly. Her voice changing from the harsh tones it had before. She now sounded like a bubbly, awestruck teen. “Oh, geez. I didn’t realize I was in the presence of a legend, sir.”

“That’s more like it.” Chet grumbled. He began to turn around, but right as his face was pointed towards the small, black-haired girl his vision was obscured by a cloud of purplish dust. He coughed and sputtered for a moment as he waited for his vision to clear. “What the shit was that?” He muttered angrily.

“Oh, just my way of saying hello. Did you like it? I made it myself!” Victoria gushed. “Oh! I gotta run now, but please come by my place later. I’ll make it worth your while. Teehee!” She struck the girliest pose she could imagine. She hopped up on one foot with the other behind her, and she had one of her hands curled into playfully up by her ear with the other down by her chin like some kind of gooby looking anime babe. She then produced a small slip of paper with her address and phone number and handed it to the completely bewildered dude. He took it skeptically. The second the slip of paper left her fingers, Victoria turned and bolted into the crowd.

“Psycho bitch…” Chet muttered. He took a quick glimpse at the address before crumpling it up and chucking it into the nearest trashcan.

Chet was too pissed off to go to his next class; not that he had intended to attend anyway. He needed to get his rocks off to help him blow off steam. Fortunately for him he had a long list of hotties who were practically wetting themselves to have a go with him. He spun through his contact list and looked for a decent girl. No names were listed, merely vague descriptions. “Stacked redhead… nah…. Tall blonde… sounds like a coffee…. Busty blonde… That could work… Cock sucking lips… Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Chet said aloud as he made his choice. He clicked dial and waited for the inevitable response.

“Ohmigosh, hi!” came the overly bubbly voice on the other end. This one sounded nice and vapid. Just like he liked them

“Yo, bitch. It’s your lucky day. Meet me back at my pad in fifteen and I’ll make you scream.” He said cockily into the receiver. He didn’t even wait for a response. He already knew that she wouldn’t turn down his dick.

He got home and strode proudly into his dorm room. Sure enough, the bubbly brunette with the thick, luscious lips was already waiting for him on his bed. She was clad in just a small pair of lace panties. The only thing blocking his view of the fly honey’s ample bosom was her left arm which was draped seductively over her chest.

“Not wasting any time, I see. That’s the way I like it.” He growled lustily at the girl. Her name was Cindy, but Chet really couldn’t give two shits what her name was. All he cared about was that she was stacked and looked like she knew how to have a good time in the sack. “I knew there was a reason I put you on speed dial.”

Chet wasted no time in peeling off his clothes. He was already rock hard before his underwear came off. The second he pulled down the waistband his huge, thick dick sprung upwards and slapped against his toned abs. The tip of his dick was just about even with his belly button. Something in the back of his mind tensed up. Something seemed off, but he couldn’t figure out what. His dick was huge, alright, but it didn’t seem as huge as he remembered. He was sure it usually slapped against the next row of abs up. He didn’t bother looking down to confirm his suspicions. He just chalked it up to nerves as a result of that bat shit crazy lady he had tried to hit on earlier. He was having an off day, and his dick wasn’t puffing up as much as he was used to. That had to be it, he figured. These things happened to the best of them, and sometimes they even happened to him.

His cock was plenty huge to satisfy Cindy though. Her eyes lit up at the sight of such a large specimen. “Wow. That’s bigger than Roger’s.” She said excitedly.

Chet searched his memory banks and finally remembered where he had met Cindy. He was totally banging the quarterback’s girlfriend. It seems even football stars paled in comparison to his enormous piece. “Hail to the Chet, baby.” He said lasciviously as he grabbed the back of her head and guided her full lips onto his big dick.

He moaned softly as he felt her sucking on his cock. It was obvious she had quite a bit of experience at this. Her tongue rubbed against the sensitive parts of his shaft and even brushed against the tip of his dick masterfully. She even seemed to know how to deepthroat too, but she wasn’t using that skill much this time which made Chet uneasy for some reason.

After a few minutes of getting head, Chet decided it was time for the main event. “Alright girl. Just lay back and let me work.” He said proudly as he stepped back to grab a condom from his nightstand. He made sure to flash the packet for her before ripping into the XXXXL Uberdong Deluxe. He slid the condom over his cock, but it felt weird. It didn’t stretch at all going over his shaft. He looked down and saw that it looked baggy and ridiculously oversized. His stomach churned a bit, but he tried to rationalize it.

“Friggin thing must be defective.” He muttered. He peeled it off, and threw it in the trash. He was completely out of his supersized magnum covers, but he did have one of the freebies that the campus health center had been handing out earlier this week. He had shoved one in his wallet without really thinking. There was no way those average sized dick-wraps would be big enough for his mondo-dong, but hey, a free condom is a free condom.

He pulled out the standard issue willy-wrapper and slid it over his cock. It was a lot tighter than he was used to, but at least it would work. “Alright, baby doll. Let’s do this.” Chet grunted lasciviously. He didn’t even give her a chance to reply before pouncing on her and plunging his cock into her wet snatch. He was surprised at how loose she was. He was so used to pussies always feeling nice and tight for his massive dick. The thought that she was so stretched out amazed him. “Damn, bitch. You must really get around.” He muttered as he continued to thrust wildly.

Cindy rocked back and forth in time with the guy’s thrusts. She moaned halfheartedly with each plunge. Chet wasn’t nearly as good as the stories had said. Sure, his dick seemed pretty big, at least it had when it had been in her mouth, but now that it was in her cunt it seemed mediocre at best. She rolled with it, though. It seemed there was a lot of truth to the old adage “It’s not the size that counts, but how you use it.” She had been much better pounded by much smaller dudes.

After a few minutes of faked moans from Cindy and guttural groans from Chet, Chet finally grunted loudly. Cindy could tell that he was done and decided to play along. She let out a very forced, very fake climactic cry and went slack on the mattress.

“Damn, bitch. Now I see why I keep you around.” Chet chuckled as he pulled out of the busty young babe. “Maybe I’ll give you a call some other time.” He said and gestured towards the door.

Cindy wasn’t even upset that he was getting rid of her so quickly. She was so irked at having not enjoyed her ride that she couldn’t wait to get out of there and spend some quality time with Buzz Tightspear. Her vibrator at least didn’t demean her every other word and always made sure to keep on trucking until she had her orgasm, sometimes even six or seven. “If only you could replace the batteries on real dicks if they finished before you…” She muttered silently to herself as she dressed hurriedly.

Chet wasn’t paying any attention. He pulled his slightly loose condom off and chucked it in the trash and plopped onto his bed to bask in the afterglow. He sat around for a moment waiting for Cindy to leave and then pulled out his cell phone. “Damn girl, your pussy game way to weak.” He said to himself as he deleted “Cock sucking lips” from his contacts.

It felt nice to get his rocks off, but he was still not at ease. He couldn’t get the girl from earlier off his mind. Something about her just seemed weird, and then there was that funky dust she had pelted him with. Who knows what kind of crap she could have laced it with? She was so pale that Chet wouldn’t have been at all surprised if he found out she was a meth head or a heroin junkie. His stomach churned a bit as he thought about what she could have done to him. It was probably her fault that he couldn’t get his nerves to settle down and that his dick wasn’t performing like he knew it should. He glanced down at his now soft cock. Even now it didn’t seem like it was as big as it usually was. He tried to rationalize it as just his mind playing tricks on him. Even though he was a shower, his dick still tended to look a little smaller flaccid than it did when fully boned.

He huffed in annoyance and grabbed a baggy pair of basketball shorts. He dressed hurriedly and sauntered off to the gym. If boning a hot chick didn’t help ease his nerves, then definitely pumping the old iron would.

The gym was packed during this time of day, but he liked an audience when he was hitting the weights. That was part of the reason he never bothered putting on underwear. He loved to let his massive dick and huge balls flop around for all to see. His junk didn’t seem all that floppy today, though.

He grabbed a set of dumbbells and began to do some curls while watching himself in the full size mirror. He had a definite bulge in the front of his shorts which was nice, but he was used to being able to see the entire shaft pressing tightly against the fabric. He shrugged it off. Every dude had bad dick days. Some days it was hard to get your junk to stop playing turtle. Nobody could fault him for that. Besides, it was the beginning of November, and it was cold as balls outside. A little shrinkage was about par for the course, especially considering how little he was wearing to protect his family jewels from the encroaching chill.

He settled into his routine, confident in the fact that it was all just a side effect of the slight nip that was in the air until a burly dude started pumping weights next to him. Chet’s eyes kept drifting towards the obvious outline of the muscle head’s thick dick. The thing had to be at least eight inches long and plenty thick. Normally this wouldn’t have bothered him. He would have just sneered slightly at the decent dick that the sorely outclassed dude was sporting and let his own obvious superiority do the talking for him, but his own bulge was looking positively puny in comparison. The power lifter wasn’t even chubbed up.

Something about the situation made his stomach turn. He felt absolutely tiny next to the beefy stud. He wasn’t sure how he felt about this. He hadn’t been outclassed in terms of cock size since second grade, but now here was this nobody sporting a softy that was bigger than his own boner. It was then that Chet realized that he did in fact have a boner.

“You like that, little man.” The huge man said. He flashed Chet a wink and jiggled his package enticingly for the toned guy. “Not every day you see one that big, is it?” He added with a hearty chuckle.

Chet’s cock was rock hard. He was mortified but also excited. He couldn’t get his thoughts in order. Was he enjoying being so marginally hung? That couldn’t possibly be right. He loved having the biggest dick around. There’s no way that he was enjoying having someone else lord their superiority over him, but the fact of the matter was he was rock hard. It seemed like his dick was all too happy about the current size disparity. Whatever the case, one thing was for sure, he had to get out of that gym and fast. He put his weights up and scampered off to the locker room. He ducked into one of the stalls and furiously pounded away at his cock. There was no sense denying it. His dick had shrunk… a lot. He couldn’t even get the other hand around it. One palm was plenty to handle the reduced shaft.

His dick was so sensitive that it didn’t take more than twenty seconds to pop like a champagne bottle. It was intense to say the least. The powerful orgasm left him completely winded. The wad that came from his cock was a lot smaller than he was used to, but it seemed like an absurd amount for his nuts which were now slightly smaller than a couple of ping-pong balls. He still couldn’t believe the change in size. Just this morning he had jumbo chicken egg sized balls. Like his dick, his huge balls had been a major source of pride for him.

“Shit… that was intense.” He muttered breathlessly as he grabbed for some toilet paper to dab off the jizz that had sprayed onto his chest. That had taken care of one of his pressing issues, but it did not explain why his dick was less than half the size it had been this morning. Then it hit him… that strange change in attitude… that weird pixie dust. It had to be that crazy girl from earlier. He couldn’t explain it, but it had to be her. He felt it in his gut, and his gut had a habit of being right about things like this.

“That bitch!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

He stood up from his seat atop the toilet and reached to undo the latch on the door. It was then that he realized that he shorts were missing. He must have been so into his fervent beating that he had kicked his shorts out under the stall. He grumbled silently to himself. This meant that he would have to go out there and get it. He suddenly regretted having not worn a shirt to the gym today. He loved flaunting his toned muscles, but he didn’t have anything that he could pull down to cover his greatly reduced manhood.

He spent the next minute arguing with himself. His options were to try to clasp his hands over his meager junk or just stroll out there with everything hanging out. As odd as it sounded, the second option made more sense. He was still technically in the average range… although now he was probably skirting the lower end of that. If he made a show of hiding his dick, it was sure to arouse suspicion. On the subject of arousal, his meager cock was stirring to life at the thought of his walk of shame. He had the benefit of being a shower instead of a grower, but if he popped yet another stiffy, that fact wouldn’t matter much.

He took a cursory glance at his cock. It was dipping below the five-inch mark fast. His cock was less than an inch longer than his old iPod mini and just about as wide. He decided it was time to nut up and shut up. He placed a hand once again on the stall door and stepped out into the locker room.

Judging by the number of dudes in there, it must have been shortly after classes let out. There were several guys already completely naked, just hanging out, chatting it up with their bros. Chet tried not to glance towards the various dicks hanging out, but he couldn’t help but try to size up. Just about everyone in there was bigger than him. It wasn’t by much, but it was enough to eat at his pride a bit. He could feel his heart thumping harder and his chest seem to constrict. To make matters worse his dick was very obviously hardening. He hated this feeling, but he also loved it. He was so ashamed by his little kiddie dick, but at the same time seeing everyone else sporting cocks larger than his excited him.

Chet was so confused by the state of his emotions that he didn’t even have enough spare brainpower to ponder the long-lasting implications of his shrinkage; how much smaller would he get? What would he do if he couldn’t get the crazy girl to reverse it? What if he didn’t even have a dick to salvage by the time he did find her? It’s a good thing that his mind was currently fixated on trying to figure out why he was finding the whole scenario strangely arousing or else he would have been completely flipping his shit in panic and terror.

He looked around and he saw his shorts folded neatly on one of the benches. He perked up and made a beeline for it. He was just about the reach for it when another hand reached down and plucked it up. “Hey! That’s mine!” He said tersely.

“Huh? Oh. I was wondering who it belonged to.” The lean, sandy brown-haired guy said casually. He was much smaller than Chet in every way, save for one. The guy was obviously a freshman like Chet, but he still very much looked like a high schooler. “I found it lying over close to the showers. I was just about to ask around and see who was missing it.” He added conversationally.

“Well, it’s mine, so you don’t need to.” Chet said firmly.

“Ok, then.” The guy said pleasantly enough, but then his eyes drifted down towards Chet’s exposed boner. “Oh my…” He said suddenly.

It was then that Chet realized that his dick was as big hard as the lanky teen’s was soft. The teen seemed strangely pleased by this fact. He glared intently at Chet’s four and a half-inch hard-on and beamed proudly.

“Oh… sorry. It’s just that it’s so rare that I find someone smaller than me. I guess I kinda spaced there. Here you go.” The teen said apologetically and held the shorts out for Chet. Chet was about to grab it when someone else’s hand swiped it out from in front of him.

“No way. Someone’s smaller than Nibbles over here? C’mon. Let’s see that baby dick!” said a large, muscular dude.

“Leave it alone, Dylan.” The lanky teen said flatly.

“Hell naw. I gotta see this. Come on. Show us what ya got, little girl.” Dylan said tauntingly.

“Just shut up and give me my shorts.” Chet said as firmly as he could manage, but he was feeling punier than ever which just made his cock throb even harder. Again, his mind was swimming as he tried to figure out his own thoughts. This was easily the most humiliated he had ever felt, but his dick was rock hard and so sensitive that he felt like it could blow without him even needing to lay a finger on it.

The big, buff dude wasn’t even that well hung. His flopping semi would probably only cap out at a little over seven inches, maybe eight if he was lucky. Chet would have completely dwarfed him if he was back at his full size. Chet’s mind drifted back to how amazingly huge he was before. Comparing himself now to his former glory was just making him feel worse. The pit in his stomach got deeper and his cock began to dribble pre.

“Hehe. I think he likes he attention.” Dylan said and began to guffaw loudly. This alerted all his buddies to situation. Soon Chet was surrounded by fit, naked men; all of which weren’t particularly well hung, but still far better equipped than he.

“Damn. Come on, let’s compare.” A lean redhead said suddenly. He was rubbing his slightly chubbed dick. Within seconds the rest of the gang had all joined in. Everywhere he looked, Chet saw hardening cocks of various shapes and sizes, each one bigger than the last, and each one bigger than his.

“Nibbles! You first!” roared Dylan. The small guy known as Nibbles dejectedly trudged over. He looked up at Chet; his eyes were wide and apologetic, but he made no effort to defy the big dude. Nibbles was a lot shorter than Chet and had to get up on the bench to get their cocks the same height. Chet felt an electric surge pulse through his body as Nibbles’s cock pressed against his. The slender teen’s dick was every bit as hard as Chet’s. Chet looked down in awe at what he saw. The little guy’s dick eclipsed his. Nibbles’s cock was just a bit thicker than Chet’s but the tip of Chet’s dick just barely reached the bottom rim of the head of the little guy’s small dick.



The redhead went next. The lean dude’s dick wasn’t much longer than Nibbles’s, but it was far thicker. The redhead’s thick chode was easily twice as big around as Chet’s own. Chet could feel the stream of pre seeping from his cock ramp up. He was so humiliated that he would pop a bone at a time like this, which just made him even hornier.

Next went a slim dude with shaggy black hair and a bit of fuzz on his chin. He was every bit as thick as the redhead but a little longer. After him came a toned, tanned, blond who looked like a surfer. The blond’s cock was almost twice as long as Chet’s but not all that thick. It was still thicker than Chet’s little dick, though. On and on it went. Each guy came up, lined his dick up against Chet’s and compared notes. Each and every one was bigger than Chet by a good margin. Chet’s cock and balls ached for release. He wasn’t sure how much more humiliation he could take. Already his heart was pounding so fast that it felt like it could burst. His stomach was doing flips as if he had a load of laundry washing in his belly. By the time Dylan came up to compare sizes, Chet’s dick was already shuddering from his intense arousal. He was afraid he would burst at any second.

“Well, now look at this.” Dylan said proudly. His cock was huge by most normal standards. He was obviously a bit more of a grower than Chet had given him credit for. The big dude’s thick dick was over twice as long as Chet’s meager four inches and was well over twice as thick, too. “You really are tiny, aren’t you? Hung more like a squirrel whereas I’m hung like a horse.” He goaded. His entourage all guffawed loudly at the emasculated dude; all except for Nibbles who continued to gaze at Chet, begging the tall, toned guy for forgiveness.

Chet had no ill will towards Nibbles, though. He didn’t really harbor a grudge towards any of these dudes in fact. He would be doing exactly the same if their positions were reversed. He couldn’t even begin to fathom the shit he would have put a guy through if he had encountered someone with a dick that was hovering close to four inches hard while he was back in his prime. All of Chet’s ire was directed towards the mysterious woman. It was all her fault that he was like this, and it had to be her fault he was so turned on as well. Somehow he was actually getting off on his own shame. The more humiliated and emasculated he felt, the harder his dick got.

“Don’t worry, kiddo. I’m sure you’re just a late bloomer.” Dylan said teasingly which elicited another round of raucous laughter. The laughter cut Chet clear down to his soul. His cock began to shudder and twitch. The steady trickle of pre really ramped up until it was almost as if his cock was an old and busted public water fountain that leaked a steady stream of pre instead of awful, metallic tasting tap water.

“What the seven hells are you clowns doing.” came a loud, gruff voice from behind.

“This doesn’t concern you, Joe.” Dylan spat defiantly.

“Well, then I’ll make it concern me.” said Joe. The booming voice was then followed by a series of loud cracks and pops as the mysterious interloper popped his knuckles menacingly. Chet couldn’t bring himself to turn around. His eyes were glued to his dick which was still mashed up against Dylan’s enormous cock. He just couldn’t get over how tiny it looked in comparison. He couldn’t believe he once had one even larger than that. It seemed like a lifetime ago. Now he was stuck with a tiny little tadger that was getting ever smaller as these goons continued to tease and belittle him.

“Whatever. We’ve had our fun with this fag. He’s all yours, Joe. Try not to be too hard on him. He likes em big.” Dylan said mockingly to the new arrival before backing off, taking his gloriously huge cock with him.

It was then that Chet began to turn around and face the new arrival. It was the huge, buff lifter from earlier. He was even more massive than Chet remembered him. The muscle-bound stud made Dylan look like a shrimp. “You doin’ alright, buddy?” He asked. His voice showed a touch of genuine concern. Chet couldn’t remember the last time someone was genuinely kind to him. He was starting to feel empowered by the arrival of his new friend and savior until his eyes drifted lower.

The power lifter’s massive cock blew Dylan’s out of the water, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet. The huge, burly dude seemed to notice Chet’s gaze and got suddenly flustered. “Uh… sorry about that… I just got out of the shower.” The bodybuilder looked around nervously, but his cock continued to plump and swell. “Could ya… not do that? It’s making me a little embarrassed.” He said awkwardly.

“How big is that…?” Chet quietly croaked. His eyes still glued to the muscle head’s massive dick.

“Um. It’s about ten inches. Maybe a little more when it gets really hard.” He replied bashfully.

“It’s amazing…” Chet replied. He was astounded by his own reaction. Joe’s cock wasn’t nearly as big as his used to be, but with his new perspective on sizes it seemed phenomenal. What amazed Chet the most was that he wasn’t even jealous. If anything he was glad that someone so nice was so well endowed. He felt like this huge, kind man deserved every inch that he was sporting. He moved in closer and placed his dick against the burly dude’s crotch. Due to the height difference, Chet’s small dick ended up pressing into the bodybuilder’s loose ballsack. Chet stepped up on the tip of his toes and gained just a few more inches of height. It was just barely enough to put the bases of their cocks level with one another.

Chet’s stomach sunk, but his cock lurched. If the big dude was telling the truth, and there was little reason to doubt him, Chet had to be straddling the four-inch line, if not less. “Uh… name’s Joe, by the way… Dunno if this is a good time to mention that… I guess you heard that already, though…” The big man said awkwardly. His huge dick was already fully boned and dribbling pre.

Chet stared straight down at their cocks. The head of Joe’s cock was exceptionally huge compared to the rest of his jumbo dick. The slit was open just a little bit as clear liquid spilled out. Chet couldn’t help but marvel at how much it looked like a tiny vagina. Maybe when he got small enough he could even use it as one. The thought simultaneously excited, amused, and terrified him. What would he do if his dick really did get to be that small? He would be truly tiny by that point; his dick would barely even classify as a penis, and his balls would be all but invisible.

He wondered what anyone who saw it would say. They would all probably laugh at him. He could never please a girl with a cock like that. His stomach continued to sink and churn as he felt himself slip into despair, but his cock was chomping at the bit to unload. He hated how excited the prospect of being absolutely humiliated made him now, but he couldn’t help it.

His thoughts drifted back towards Joe’s immense dick. It was almost three times his size now. When he got to be that small it wouldn’t even be a competition. Chet’s little dong would be little more than a tick tack to the hulking man’s gigantic trouser snake. Chet bit his lower lip and moaned softly as he creamed yet again. His tiny wad splattered against the big man’s erect cock, but it was barely even noticeable. The amount of spunk produced by Chet’s marble sized balls was nothing compared to the steady stream of pre spewing from the Joe’s dick.

“Woah… that’s kinda… hot, really…” Joe said unsteadily. His dick was lurching violently. It was clear that it was more than just a little hot. He grunted hard as his cock lurched once more and blasted its heavy load across Chet’s chest and abs. The thick, heavy wad oozed down Chet’s toned abs. There as so much spunk that it completely covered Chet’s tiny package in warm, gooey spunk.

Chet was already rock hard again just from watching his small cock and little balls get completely laminated in spooge. Even the big dude’s massive wad was enough to completely dwarf Chet’s tiny pecker. He was so embarrassed and yet so turned on.

“Oh, man… Sorry about that… Let me help you with that.” Joe said nervously. The huge, muscle-bound guy got down on his knees before the toned guy and took Chet’s tiny cock in his mouth. Chet’s bait and tackle was now so tiny that Joe was easily able to take the entire thing in his cavernous maw. Chet shuddered. It felt so amazing. He could tell that Joe knew what he was doing. This would have been the single greatest blowjob he had ever received even without his greatly enhanced sensitivity. His cock was now so tiny that it didn’t even reach the back of the dude’s mouth. Gone were the days when Chet would sneer as girls tried to deep throat his massive cock. Now he was lucky if his tiny dick made it halfway across their tongue.

He could feel the burly guy’s masterful tongue rubbing across his dick, over and under and all around. Joe would twist and turn his tongue in such a way that he could hit all sides of Chet’s dick at once. Chet was used to plugging girls’ mouths so full of cock that there was barely enough room for air to slip by, but this guy had the whole kit n caboodle in there and had more than enough room. He probably could have fit a whole nother cock in there; a real cock, too. Not the tiny little roll of lifesavers that Chet was sporting. Hearing his own subconscious berate him in such a way was too much for him. Chet moaned and spurted once again, but the wad was much smaller than the last since he had not yet had time to recover.

“Mmm… I could actually almost taste that.” Joe said happily. He hadn’t meant it to be mean, but Chet’s damaged psyche was quick to pounce on it. His tiny little loads were so insignificant that they couldn’t even be tasted. His cock sputtered once more and flung a few weak, watery spurts of jizz. The spooge arced through the air and splattered against the side of Joe’s face. The huge guy didn’t even blink. Chet chuckled silently to himself. His cum really was insignificant now.

“Um… That was great, man, but I gotta get going. You’re going to be alright, right?” Joe asked. He sounded honestly concerned. Chet still couldn’t quite get used to the feeling. He had never known anyone to care for him, especially not a total stranger. It felt nice… and totally humiliating. He couldn’t say anything in response, but managed a weak nod.

“Great. Here’s your clothes. If you ever need anything come find me. I’m usually near here, but ask anyone here for Joe and they’ll send you my way.” the large man said as he handed Chet his shorts.

Joe put a huge, friendly hand on the Chet’s shoulder and flashed the most reassuring grin he could muster. “You’ll be alright, man.” He said it so convincingly that for a brief second Chet believed it. Then he noticed that his dick was closing in on the three-inch mark. It was just about as long and as wide across as those little Crunch bars his Social Sciences professor had handed out on Halloween. He felt the hole in his gut open up once more as he realized that his dick really was fun sized now.

He quickly pulled on his shorts and ran across campus to the courtyard where he had encountered the gothy chick. Of course she was long gone, but it was the only lead he had. He looked in every direction, trying to remember which way she had gone, but he hadn’t been paying attention back then. He was about to let himself sink into despair when he heard a familiar voice from behind him.

“I figured you’d be back.” said the soft, sultry voice of the witch from earlier.

“Please. Whatever you did, undo it. I’m sorry.” Chet pleaded earnestly.

“No can do, sport. You’ve made your bed. All you can do is lie in it.” she replied lazily.

“But that’s not fair!” Chet protested.

“Not fair? Let me tell you about not fair. How about poor little old me, trying to enjoy a nice peaceful afternoon without some sleazebag trying to get in my pants? How about always having to deal with dudes never taking no for an answer? I gave you plenty of chances to take a hint and leave, but you just had to keep pushing your luck. You want not fair? Try being a woman when creepazoids like you are around.” She spat menacingly. She gave a swift wave of her hand. Chet’s now exceedingly loose shorts evaporated into thin air.

A crowd had already formed from their little spat. All of the women in the crowd and even a fair chunk of the guys were cheering Victoria on. Chet was feeling puny even with his shorts on, but now that he was left completely nude, he felt completely emasculated. His dick had sunk below the three-inch mark and was quickly closing in on two inches. His cock was just a little bigger than a Double A battery. His tiny little nutsack was filled to the brim with two little gobstopper sized balls.

The crowds cheering stopped abruptly and changed to giggling and murmurs. All around him he could hear. “Oh my god. Is that even a dick? My baby brother is hung better than that.” “Tough break on the genetics, bro.” “Jesus Christ that’s tiny! Are you sure you’re a guy?”

Chet had never been more humiliated in his life, which of course meant that his cock was now harder than it had ever been before. It physically ached for release. Even his miniscule little balls seemed packed to the brim with spunk that was just ready to fly free in the face of the entire crowd of hecklers.

Suddenly the witch vanished into a wisp of fog. It wasn’t like in the movies where a comical flash and then a loud “poomf” sound split the air as a huge billow of smoke covered the area. Instead it was as if her body merely dissipated into the still afternoon air.

Chet was about to despair when he heard her voice echo through his mind. “I told you where to find me. Come by and see me and we can discuss this in private.” A brief flash of hope shot through Chet’s mind. She seemed at least willing to negotiate. Maybe he could find a way to undo the curse. It seemed odd to him to think of something as a curse. Magic wasn’t real, right? It really didn’t matter, though. Whether it be science or sorcery, that girl was the culprit, and judging by the little vanishing act she had performed on Chet’s shorts and then herself, Magic was looking to be the more realistic of the two possibilities.

He wracked his brain. When had she told him where to find her? He soon remembered the small slip of paper. She had given him her address. A lot of good that did him, though; his pants had ceased to be, and his pockets along with them. Then it hit him. He had thrown the slip of paper away in one of the trash cans right in this very courtyard, but which one?

He ran frantically from one bin to the next, pulling out every scrap of paper, half eaten pizza, old Starbucks cup, a few wads of gum, and even a used condom or two. He was getting absolutely filthy, but he didn’t have time to worry about that. Every minute he wasted he lost more of his beloved cock. He was already at the two-inch mark and steadily declining.

He tried to tune out the constant giggling and jeers from the various passer-bys, but he just couldn’t do it. He heard every last “needle dick”, “baby dick”, and “micro cock” that was uttered. Even the ones that weren’t meant to be mean still cut him clear down to his soul. His cock was enjoying every second of it though. He was rock hard for the whole duration. He was constantly dribbling pre, but his dick was so insignificant that the droplets evaporated before they even hit the ground.

The comments that hit that hardest were the casual ones, the ones that weren’t meant to hurt anyone. At one point a happy couple strolled by and glanced over his way. Chet could hear the girl say, “I feel sorry for his girlfriend. I bet she can’t even feel that little thing.” Chet couldn’t help but silently agree. Her boyfriend then chimed in to really drive the nail in the coffin, “Yeah. I could fuck you better with my pinky than he can with that tiny dick.” Chet came hard right then and there, but the spurt was all but invisible.

He slumped to his knees. He had no chance of finding the slip of paper. It was like finding a needle in a haystack, and the haystacks had all been cleaned out by the janitorial staff an hour or two before. Just as he had lost all hope a small purple clump of parchment bounced along in front of him like a tumble weed in a cheesy western.

He quickly chased after it. He refused to let his last chance at a normal life slip away so easily. The ball moved surprisingly fast, though. Something so small was really light and could easily be carried away by stray gusts of wind. Somewhere in the back of his mind a voice whispered to him that his dick was even smaller. If it wasn’t attached it might just float away on a gust of wind itself.

The clump of paper stopped momentarily, but it was long enough for Chet to pounce on it like a leopard on the hunt. He didn’t bother looking at where he was. Cars slammed on their breaks and motorists laid on their horns as traffic came to a halt around the college freshman who had so brazenly charged into the middle of the street.

Chet immediately uncrumpled the paper and read the address. It was an all girls dorm which was not surprising, and it wasn’t too far from where he was now. He quickly turned and bolted as fast as his lean, athletic legs could carry him towards the residential part of campus. He ran straight through the line of sorority houses. It was already late in the day and the parties were really ramping up so each sorority house was packed with drunk college students, most of them female. He had to listen as girl after sloppily drunk girl catcalls him and his triple A battery he called a penis. Even his gobstoppers had shrunk down to just their cores.

He charged into the all girls dorm. The big, tough looking security guard made a motion to stop him, but the second she saw his miniscule dinky-winky she bust out laughing. She just waved him by, still guffawing loudly. Even as big and muscular as he was, he was deemed completely harmless due to his lack of equipment downstairs. It was embarrassing.

He was so humiliated in fact that his legs felt weak from his need to cream. He stumbled awkwardly but barely managed to stop his fall by steadying himself against a wall. The loud thump he made alerted the residents of the nearby rooms. One after another curious eyes peered out of the doorways. These were all the girls that stayed in on party nights; the geeky ones, the nerdy ones, the mousey ones, the chubby ones. All the girls that Chet would never have even given the benefit of a first glance the night before were now far out of his league. He could hear the awful sniggers from the girls he had so recently considered the most pitiful creatures on existence. His tiny nuts seized up, and his miniscule cock lurched as an almost microscopic hail of jizz arced through the air.

He struggled to get to his feet, but his legs were weak with exhaustion and arousal. He staggered awkwardly towards the elevator, thumping heavily against the wall as he went. Each thump alerted more and more reclusive girls to his location. Before long he had amassed quite an entourage as if he was some sort of pied piper, but unlike the storybook character, he couldn’t ditch his following even if he wanted to, and he desperately wanted to.

He slapped the up button repeatedly, hoping desperately to make the elevator come sooner, but it was still a slow, agonizing wait. Several of the girls had pulled out their cell phones and were snapping pictures at his tragically reduced manhood. It was barely an inch long now. Three Q-tips bundled together would have been thicker than his teensy little dick. His sack was packed to the brim with two balls that were almost as big as the heads off of Lego figures.

“My zoom’s not good enough, can you get it?” One girl said to the other while grimacing at her smart phone.

“Almost…” said her friend. The wiry, mousey girl with long black hair and thick framed glasses crept ever closer with her cell phone held aloft. Chet wanted to cover his dick and hide away, but he was too aroused by the scrutiny to do so.

“There we go. I can get a focus.” She said triumphantly. Her camera phone was less than a foot away from his dick. He felt himself sink farther into despair. His dick was so tiny that she had to get that close to take a photo? He really was small, in that case.

“Hehe. Perfect.” She said proudly. “This shit is going on YouTube.”

“They don’t allow cocks on YouTube. Try Tumblr or something.” Her friend chimed in.

“Oh, please. That doesn’t even count as a cock. Look at it.” her friend shot back snarkily. Chet couldn’t take it. He groaned loudly and let fly another tiny spurt of cum. He hit the camera phone square on the lens, but it was barely enough to even dull the picture. The mousey girl merely wiped her thumb across the lens once and that was the end of his insignificant wad.

Finally he heard the telltale ding of the elevator’s arrival. He quickly ducked into the lift and pounded the close door button as hard and as fast as he could, but still a few members of the crowd slipped in with him. The rush to get on was such that the girls who had been trying to get off the elevator were forced back on. They originally sounded put off because they had to ride the elevator all the way up to the top floor and then back down, but they cheered up pretty quickly as they scoped out Chet’s buff physique.

“Wow. He’s kinda hot. Not every day you see a naked stud walking around your dorm.” A girl with blue, spiked up hair who was one of the new arrivals said to her friend. The slim girl with an equally punk, pink fauxhawk whistled in approval as she scoped out Chet’s nice, toned ass. Chet was actually starting to feel pretty nice about himself right about then. His dick might be all but gone, but he still had his muscles that he had spent years perfecting at the gym.

“You think that’s great, wait until you see his dick.” The mousey girl said devilishly.

Chat’s mood tanked instantly. What little bit of self-esteem he had going for him cracked in a fraction of a second. “Ooh… If it’s anything like the rest of him, I think I’ll love it.” The blue punk girl said seductively as she slid in beside Chet. The blue and pink punks were both looking like they were dressed for a night of clubbing. A quick mental calculation on Chet’s part placed them both at about a 7; not something he’d tap in his prime, but both were painfully out of his league in his reduced state. The two girls snaked an arm over either of Chet’s shoulders and massaged his big, toned pecs. Their other hands snaked down towards his crotch in unison. It was obvious that these two were good at the one-two punch. Chet’s horny mind jumped to thoughts of a three-way. He would have jumped at the chance to go with both of him back in his prime; after all, two sevens was a fourteen, but there was no way he could please either of them let alone both of them now that his dick had slipped below the one inch mark.

Their hands snaked lower and lower, slowly brushing along his hard, toned abs, savoring the feel of his nice, beefy muscles. Their hands then brushed along his crotch, which he had always kept waxed nice and clean to show off his massive meat. He shuddered involuntarily as the soft fingers grazed along his sensitive regions. Their hands continued to dip deeper… and deeper… and deeper.

“What the shit?” Blue said.

“There’s nothing there!” Pink chimed in.

“Ugh. Ew. Did I just feel up a chick?” The blue one gasped in disgust.

“No. That’s totally a dude.” The mousey girl said mockingly. “Well… just barely, anyway. Come on. Check this out.”

The blue and pink girls moved around to the front and gasped in shock at the teenie weenie. “Haha. Holy shit. He’s hung like a tic tac!” Blue cried out. Her voice cracked and squeaked as she struggled to hold back her laughter. “You! Camera!” She barked at the mousey girl with the long, black hair.

Chet could do nothing but stand there. He was completely mortified, but also insanely turned on. This was more action that he had ever hoped to get since his cock started shrinking, even if it was just a show to humiliate him in front of a global audience.

“Hooollly shit.” The blue haired girl continued to laugh as she rubbed Chet’s tiny little one inch dick between her thumb and forefinger. “It’s even fully hard!” She cackled madly.

“Look at this! Look at this!” Blue called to the camera girl as she gently squeezed Chet’s minuscule little nutsack between her thumb and forefinger. She made sure to do it soft enough as to not cause any actual pain, but the psychological damage was staggering. The tip of her slender pointer finger was more than enough to completely eclipse his miniscule sack.

Chet tried to stifle his moan, but it came out in spite of him. A tiny little spurt of cum fired from his miniscule little cock. “Haha. Did you just cream yourself?” The blue punk asked in shock. She was still giggling like a fool, as were the other passengers in the lift. “You’re getting off on this, aren’t you, big boy?” She said coyly as she continued to play with Chet’s teeny-tiny balls.

The cacophony of laughter echoed through the cabin as Chet came again and again for the camera. He just knew this would be all over the net in a matter of minutes. He would be known the world over as the owner of the tiniest cock. Everywhere he would go everyone would point and laugh at him. There would be no escape from this torment.

He moaned loudly and fired a long, solid, steady stream of jizz. The pink haired girl stuck out her tongue and tried to catch it. She managed to catch quite a bit of it, but it was not enough. “Man. I can’t even tell it’s there. Can’t taste it or nuthin’.” She grumbled. Chet’s gut wrenched. That was easily the most powerful orgasm he had in recent memory. That was everything his nuts had to give and then some, but it was scarcely even a droplet on some horny college girl’s tongue. It wasn’t even enough to register a flavor or a texture.

Chet was once again saved by the bell. The second the doors slid open he bolted down the hallway, practically bowling over the cackling girls in the process. He skidded to a halt in front of room 13 and pounded furiously on the door. He hoped she was there. She had to be there. What little bit of cock he had left depended on it.

Finally, after what felt like hours, he heard a bored voice from the other side. “God, just come in already. It’s unlocked, asshole.”

Chet turned the knob and charged into the dorm room. The small apartment was surprisingly modern for a practicing witch. A little kitchen alcove off to the side was fully stocked with the latest basic appliances, and the tiny little front room had a nice flat screen mounted on the far wall.

“In here, dweeb.” Victoria called out in a voice that sounded just as bored as before. Chet followed the voice into the main room and found Victoria lying spread eagle on a large bed. She was softly massaging her clit between her middle and pointer fingers.

“Took ya long enough.” She said flatly. “Here I had to keep myself entertained.”

“Please! Undo the spell! I’ll do anything!” Chet pleaded.

“I’ll consider it, but first you’ll have to learn how to treat me like a lady.” The pale woman replied coyly.

“Anything! What do I have to do?” Chet almost shouted his reply.

“Do I really have to spell it out for ya?” Victoria said sarcastically. Her fingers slipped lower and pushed aside the veil of her sopping pussy.

Chet all but leapt across the room and climbed on top of her. He aimed his dick at her eagerly awaiting snatch and took the plunge. His groin slapped audibly against hers, but he didn’t feel the familiar wetness or tightness that came with his shoving his massive dick into a girl’s tight little pussy. His heart sunk. There was no way his pint-size little tally-wacker could ever hope to please her. Even when shoved all the way like it currently was. His dick was shoved so far in that even his nuts had slipped into her wet cunt, but he barely even grazed the walls, let alone provided any stimulation to her sensitive nethers.

“You really don’t know how to do anything other than shove your dick in a girl, do you?” Victoria replied mockingly. “Take away that big dick of yours and what are you?”

“What do I do then?” Chet pleaded. He felt so ashamed that he felt like he could puke, which of course meant that his dick was ready to burst. Her words hit a little too close to home. He really didn’t know anything other than shoving his dick into girls. In the past that had been enough. He let his big dick do all the work for him, and it had made him a legend. Now that he no longer had a massive cock, he had absolutely nothing.

“Use your fingers. Use your tongue. Hell, You can use anything on your body and it’d be better than that thumb tack you call a dick.” She replied. Her voice carried with it a marked tone of annoyance. Chet could even feel see the soft walls of her pussy becoming less puffy and a little drier. He was taking steps backwards. His failed attempts at stimulation were actually killing her mood.

He was determined to do what it took. He had to act while he still had manhood to save. His dinky little cock was reaching the half-inch mark. His cock was as big around as that extemporaneous third prong on an electrical plug, only far, far shorter. His sack was absolutely tiny, but even still his nuts filled it out just as much as ever. The minuscule little orbs were just barely bigger than those metallic silver sprinkles that people put on cakes and ice cream, the kind that looked like miniature ball bearings and hurt when he tried to bite them.

He did the only thing that came to mind. He executed the dreaded maneuver that he had openly mocked his friends and peers for doing on numerous occasions. He, Chet the Stud, former owner of the biggest cock in all the lands, went down on a girl. He shoved his face deep into her snatch and shoved his tongue up her cunt. He shoved his tongue as deep down her pussy as he could and tried to lick at whatever surface he could reach.

“GOD! You SUCK at this!” She groaned. “Newsflash, asshole. Only the first few inches have feeling. There’s no need to go for distance. That fucking hurts, creep.”

Chet immediately backed out and apologized fervently. His face was coated in her feminine liquids. It taste bitter, but not nearly as awful as he and his buddies had joked it would. It didn’t even vaguely resemble rotting fish.

He tried again, this time taking a softer and gentler approach. He brought his mouth close to her snatch and gently ran his tongue around along the soft flesh. He worked at it from different angles, gently poking and prodding, gauging his success by the volume of her sensual moans. He found that the little nub at the top proved to be one of the most effective spots.

“Yeah. You work that clit.” She cooed. “Hehe. I think I might be better hung than you now, big boy.” She teased between soft sighs. Chet pulled back long enough to check for himself. She was pretty close to being right. Her engorged clit was thicker than his greatly reduced cock in terms of width, but he still had her just barely beat for length, but not for long if he didn’t manage to get her to undo the curse. It was the single most emasculating event of the evening. To think that he could go from the best hung guy to being outclassed by a mere clit. He moaned loudly and spurted jizz against the bottom hem of the covers.

“I think you’re enjoying this too much.” She teased playfully.

Chet redoubled his resolve and began to suck on her sensitive clit, occasionally dipping lower to shove his lips against the sensitive walls of her cooch. He would gently flick his tongue inside her and drink in the juices. He found that soon enough she was really getting into it, too. He stepped up the pace, jumping from sucking the clit to licking the cunt and doing whatever else he could think of to try to stimulate the witch. Her moans got ever louder and more breathy as he brought her ever closer to climax. Finally, she let out a loud cry of bliss as a spray of feminine fluids washed into Chet’s face. He had finally succeeded. He had pleased a woman without having to resort to his humongous dick.

“Wow. Not bad for a first timer. We’ll make a carpet muncher of you yet, boyo.” Victoria said lazily as she basked in the afterglow.

“That’s it then? I’m free? You’ll remove the spell?” Chet asked excitedly. He could barely believe it was true.

“Yeah yeah. Whatever.” She replied lazily. She snapper her fingers causing sparks to fly from her fingertips. “There. Curse dispelled.”

Chet jumped to his feet in joy. “Yes! The stud is back, bitches!” He cried out triumphantly. He looked down and stared at the little nub of a dick he had. It had dipped below the half in mark now and was hovering dangerously close to reaching a quarter of an inch. His stomach sunk as he gazed at it, waiting desperately for it to get some growth to it. He had seen strips of dental floss wider than his cock was currently; there was no way he could live with it like that. “C’mon, C’mon. When’s it gonna grow back?”

Victoria slowly got up from her bed and sauntered over the lithe, toned college jock. She was grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat. “If you think that you’re getting that thing back, you obviously haven’t been paying attention, buddy boy.”

Chet’s heart sank and he felt hit stomach open up into a gaping abyss of despair. “But… you said you removed the spell…” He said, completely dumbfounded.

“And I did. Your precious little pecker will remain as large as it is now.” She stated matter-of-factly.

Chet looked down at his dick. It was beyond small; it was beyond tiny even. It barely even classified as a dick. It was the size of the spike on a push-pin. The only thing he could nail with that would be a corkboard. His tight, full sack was packed to the brim with two testes that were the same size as the tiny confectioner’s sprinkles, the ones that were little more than grains of sugar that had been dyed fancy colors. Little specs of sugar would have probably been of more use to him about now. It wasn’t like he was going to be getting any use out of his miniscule little cock anymore.

He looked up at the witch and screamed angrily. “You said you would change me back!”

“I said no such thing.” She replied, with a devilish smirk on her lips. “You have no one to blame for this but yourself. Let this be a reminder to you next time you fling your unwanted advances at someone.”

“But… what do I do with this thing? I can’t even fuck an ant!” He pleaded.

“Oh… I’m sure you’ll think of something.” She mused playfully and then brought her fingers to her lips in a V formation and stuck her tongue out. “And besides. You’ve got a nice little rump there. I’m sure the guys will love you.”

He made a few half-hearted attempts to plead his case but never got more than a word or two out. Victoria’s smug expression destroyed any comeback he could come up with before it lefts his lips. “This isn’t over” He growled and grabbed a blanket and quickly tied it around his waist.

“You’re right about that.” She said. Her smirk was just as devilish as ever. She did a quick motion with her eyes and cocked an eyebrow to indicate that Chet should look down again. He gasped when he saw that he was once again bare-assed naked. He grumbled and once again grabbed a blanket and tied it around his waist; this blanket too vanished almost instantly.

“I believe you will find that you simply cannot cover yourself.” She replied smugly. Her devious grin spreading even wider. “You will never be able to hide your shame for the rest of your life, and you will feel shame. You will love it, even. Just as you have all day, you will be intoxicated by it. Every mocking sneer you receive, every ounce of humiliation you feel, every teensy-tiny itsy-bitsy little splat of cum you drop in public will be a constant reminder that you did this to yourself.”

Chet tried to shout a counter argument, but he literally found himself talking to a wall. He looked to his left to see a room marked 12 and to his right was room 14, but before him stood a blank, white wall. He was once again surrounded by giggles. The girls from earlier were still there, cameras in hand.

“Where is room thirteen!?” He shouted at the black-haired girl, but she was too busy giggling to tell him.

“There is no room thirteen, duh.” The blue haired girl replied snarkily. “Basic architecture, dude. There’s no room thirteen. There’s no floor thirteen. It isn’t even on the blueprints. It’s bad luck, yo.”

“But it was here… I swear…” He sputtered. His heart sank as he heard another click of a camera.

“Haha. Holy shit. Did it get even smaller? My pet gerbil is better hung than that!” one of the girls called out suddenly. All of them erupted in laughter once again.

Chet fell to his knees and placed his head against the blank, white wall. His cock ached so badly for release. As a nearly microscopic hail of jizz splattered against the spot where the door to room 13 once stood he heard a mocking voice echo in his head. “You brought this all on yourself, boyo.”

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