Pool Cuck

By CuckBoi6.

I’ve known Sadie for a few months now. We work alongside each other at the Museum downtown. She is about blonde, 5’5 tall, and has a small frame. However, that’s all I can ever tell about her figure, as she tends to wear oversized attire.

Sadie nudged me with her elbow as I printed out entry tickets for a family of 3. “Hey, Jack! Guess what? I have an interview for the new lead attendant position in a few days! I was, erm- wondering if you’d be able to come over to my place today to help me review?”

I was a bit surprised she was interested in the position. “Oh! Did you apply? That’s great!”

I thought she enjoyed our current mindless job. “I have no plans today, so I can help you out.”

“Fantastic! I’ll see you at 6 pm tonight, Jack. I appreciate this!” Sadie said.

Our shift had ended, and we were both walking out to the parking lot. “Jack, you can follow me straight home if you’d like.”

It wasn’t a very long drive, about 20 minutes. We arrived at her place. “Welcome to my casa!” By the way, my parents are out of town for the weekend. So feel free to relax, Jack.”

This was my first time at her place, but obviously for a good cause. “This is a nice place, Sade” It was a Victorian two-story house with willow trees in the front yard.

That was not at all what I was expecting from Sadie’s family. “Here, I’ll give you the tour!” She grabbed my hand and guided me through the entrance.

“This is our Den, where you, Jack, will be helping me with a mock interview. This is our kitchen, so if you feel snacky, just let me know, and I’ll fetch you something. Um, upstairs is the bedrooms, which is off limits for now. We’ll call that the restricted zone. So yeah, make yourself at home.”

Again, Sadie’s family had a lovely home, but it was time for business. I wanted to help her progress at work. Then we could get some improvements like a new vending machine or a couch for the break room.

“Well, let’s jump right into it, Sadie.” Then we proceeded to the mock interview. I asked her questions we thought would pop up during the actual process.

A solid 30 minutes passed, and we decided to take a break. “How awful of me. I never asked you for a drink, Jack. Let me grab you something.”

I noticed as she walked away that a sliding glass window led to their backyard through her kitchen. I thought I saw illuminated lights in an oval shape outside. “Sadie, you have a pool??”

Sadie walked back into the Den and served me a glass of sparkling water. “Oh yeah! I forgot about the pool. Wanna see it?”

Sadie propped open the back door for me. I walked out first, and she followed behind me. I was gazing at the pool in amazement. Then all of a sudden, a Splash! “C’mon, Jack! The water is fine!” Then I noticed something odd. Sadie didn’t appear to be wearing any clothes. “Take off your clothes, Jack. You wouldn’t want them to get soaked.”

I was in a bit of a shock, but fuck it. I was going skinny dipping with Sadie Clark. I quickly took off all my clothes and jumped in. “Wooo! Glad you finally made it in here, Jack.”

Wow, I’ve never seen Sadie’s figure until now. She was hiding this body. I’ve mentioned her petite frame but not her breast. Through the pool water, she appeared to have massive breasts.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying the pool, Jack. Oh, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the view as well” Oh no, Was it noticeable that I was checking her out and I now had an erection? It’s OK, Jack, it’s completely normal. I mean, are these turning you on.”

She stands up a bit past the water, exposing her breast. She’s fondling them and pushing them up and shaking them around. I couldn’t believe this entire time she was hiding these massive tits.

I couldn’t contain myself. I grabbed my semi-stiff dick under the water.”Oh fuck, Sadie. You have”

Sadie interrupted, “Huge tits? Trust me, I am well aware” My cock was getting harder from what I just saw. She continued to press her breast together, then swam to me.”Here, don’t just stand there. Grab them”

This was a dream come true. There I was, feeling up her massive breast. They had to be at least F or G cups.

“I’d love to get a better look at what you’re packing too, Jack.”

She grabbed my dick. It was now rock-hard. This was completely unexpected. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Hmm, nice dick.”

Nice dick? That’s it?

“How about we dry off and have some fun in the restricted zone?” Sadie asked as she stroked me off under the water.

I was in a trance by Sadie, but of course, Im going to agree with her. Who wouldn’t?

“Lead the way, Sadie.”

We stepped out of the pool and dried off with nearby towels. Sadie grabbed my cock again and pulled me like a dog on a leash. “OK, let’s go!” she commanded as she guided me back into the house, up the stairs, and now into her room.

“Lay on your back, Jack.” She rummaged through her nightstand and took out some lotion. “Close your eyes, Jack.” She started to slowly stroke my dick. “You know, Jack, I wasn’t expecting this.”

I was caught off guard. Did she mean how this entire night was playing out? “Yeah, I never thought I’d be in Sadie Clark’s room naked in a million years, getting stroked off,” I responded.

She chuckled. “No, that’s not what I was talking about, Jack. I meant your dick.”

My dick? I’m even more surprised. “Oh, what about it?”

She then wrapped both her hands around my dick. Her right hand is placed at the base, and her left is on top. Both her hands more than covered my cock.

“Well, it’s not THAT small or anything, but I have seen bigger. Here, let me compare it to my dildo.” Sadie rechecked her nightstand and took out what looked like a thick dildo. She placed it right next to my cock. “This is my 5.5-inch modest pink friend, so let’s see. You are shorter and not nearly as girthy, but that’s OK. I appreciate all shapes and sizes.”

She was right. Her dildo was much THICKER and an inch longer. Though, it looked surprisingly like a replica of someone’s cock. It had a bulbous head, veiny and slightly curved. Maybe it’s a replica of a pornstar she admires.

Sadie continued, “If I had to guess, you are at least 4 inches long, which is fine. I have seen all sorts of sizes. I have seen bigger cocks and smaller than yours, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed.”

I was surprised yet aroused by this. I was surprised I was only about 4.5 inches at my hardest. However, it made me feel better knowing she has seen smaller ones too. She mentioned she has seen bigger. Curiosity was getting the best of me. “Oh, you have seen cocks bigger than your pink friend?” I hesitantly asked Sadie.

She placed her dildo back. Wouldn’t you like to know” The thing is, I very much would like to know. I’ve never been compared before. I have never known how I properly measured up. It’s something I never thought about until now.”

This was uncharted territory for me.“I would like to know now, Sade. It can’t get much bigger than that dildo. I’m just curious. What’s the biggest you’ve seen,” I asked her more confidently.

Sadie had been stroking my dick now for at least half an hour. “Well, I am surprised you’re lasting this long. Maybe you’d like to be edged, and I’ll tell you what. If you don’t manage to cum in the next five minutes, then I’ll tell you the proper cocks I’ve seen.”

Challenge accepted.


I have been enjoying Sadie stroking my dick for quite some time now. I lost track of time, but indeed five minutes had passed.

Sadie slowed down.“Well, that was 10 minutes, and you don’t appear to have broken a sweat” She halted the stroking but continued to grasp the base of my cock.“So you’re interested to know the biggest cockI’ve ever seen, huh.”

That was close. Must’ve hidden my expression well because I don’t know if I could’ve taken much more before my cock erupted.“Yes. I’m just curious. Maybe even how I compare to it as well.”

I tried my best to control my nerves.

Sadie released my cock and stood up.“OK, since you asked” She proceeded to walk back to her nightstand again. I’ll show you how you compare to the biggest cockI’ve seen.”

Sadie then pulled up this massive dildo. It was so long! However, it was just a dildo. Another one of her realistic-looking dildos.
“Oh,” I was surprised.“Sadie, I imagined you were going to show me a picture of a video instead.”

Sadie placed this huge dildo next to my still fully erect cock.“I prefer a better visual representation. So, this is how you compare to it, Jac” There both stood side by side.

It was twice the length of my cock. I was confused, completely awed, and somehow even more turned on.
“Well, Sadie, that’s shocking, but it’s just a dildo. All sorts of sex stores sell huge dildos, especially ones of pornstars.”

Sadie had a smirk on her face.“Oh, Jack. This is a replica of one of my past lovers, who shall remain anonymous. The first thick dildo I showed you was the biggest in circumference, and this one right here is the longest of them all.”

All? I was so confused.“Replica? How does that work? You ask them for the measurements and send them to a Sex Store to have a custom dildo made.”

This discussion has started to become distracting for me.

Sadie noticed my cock becoming soft and immediately started stroking it again.“No, Jack, I have Molds here. I collect all the DicksI’ve fucked. This 9.5-inch dildo next to yours is one of my trophy cocks. I often show it to my girlfriends.”

I was in pure disbelief at what I was seeing AND hearing. Does Sadie brag to her female friends about the biggest cock she’s fucked? Who was this girl?

She then walked to her closet and opened it up. There they were on the shelves standing upright. A plethora of dildos of all shapes and sizes. There had to be at least fifty. Some were long, some thick, and others appeared smaller than my dick.

“My girlfriends and I take turns and share our collection. We have ones we admire and ones we humiliate” She left the closet doors open and walked back to the bed.

Sadie began to stroke my dick again. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Humiliate. I struggled to get that word out. What did I get myself into?

Sadie continued the handjob and stared directly into my eyes.“Yes, Jack. Humiliate. I’m part of a women-only ‘Size Queen Club.’ We meet once a month. While we do have members who don’t meet up and are just part of the club to trade dildos amongst each other. The rest of the club participates in a night filled with fun; The meetings start by passing around the Big Cocks we’ve all collected and pleasure ourselves with those massive meat sticks. We do all enjoy being stretched out without having to worry about STDs. I’m one of the founders of this club, and it’s my duty to risk unprotected sex with men so that others who are faithfully married can try out different-size cocks without actually having an affair with hundreds of men.”

I was intrigued. There had to be a reason she was telling me this. She did say my dick wasn’t THAT small. “That sounds like a fun club. Maybe I could even be part of it in some way.”

Sadie smirked again. “I wasn’t finished describing the full details, Jack, but maybe you’re getting close to finishing?” Sadie noticed pre-cum.

To be honest, I was close. I closed my eyes and tried to distract myself again.

“Nuh-uh, Jack. There will be none of that.” Sadie licked the pre-cum off the tip, then licked around the head of my cock in a swirl motion. “You will look me in the eyes when I talk to you. You will do as I say when I say, and you won’t finish until I tell you to finish!” Her tone changed. Sadie was more dominant.

“Now then, where was I?” Sadie stopped licking my cock, and stroked it slowly. “Right, the club. After having fun with the Alpha Cocks, we end the night humiliating the other cocks we’ve collected. We pass around the small dildos amongst each other and laugh at how tiny they are. Sometimes we even use them on each other to see if we can even feel them after being fucked by the proper dildos we previously used.”

I thought the 9.5-inch dildo surprised me, but this? This was a bigger surprise. Girls are passing around small dildos of lovers they’ve encountered to humiliate those poor bastards.

Sadie grinned at me. “The truth is, Jack, that the club has selected you as the next participant. A couple of married women genuinely want to fuck that cock of yours. They want to fantasize fucking you while their husbands are away but by actually using a replica of your dick. Other members have placed bets on what you’re packing. Regardless, your replica would also be used in our monthly meeting being passed around to fulfill the needs of the size queens.”

My mouth fell to the floor. I felt lucky and honored that there were married women out there wanting to fuck me and curious about what I had in my pants. However, my dick would be out there. Who knows who part of the club is? Customers could walk into the museum and know what size my cock is.

“Isn’t that what you wanted, Jack? To be part of the Queen Size Club in some way?” I think she realized I was in shock, probably in disbelief. Sadie then on top of me and inserted my raging hard-on into her. “I’ll take your adorable silence as a yes, Jack. I hope you realize which segment your dick would be mainly used for during the meeting.”

I hope I was part of the big cock segment. I mean, 4.5 inches isn’t small. That’s pretty average. Part of me wanted to leave so I potentially wouldn’t be part of the humiliation, but feeling the warm embrace of Sadie’s Pussy was too overwhelming. “I don’t know, Sadie. I hope the first part of the meeting?”

Then she grabbed my hands and placed them on her massive tits. “Think again, Jack.”

Sadie bounced up and down on my cock like a sex goddess while I squeezed her breasts. I was mesmerized by her sexual presence. My mind was torn. I didn’t want to be part of something so humiliating, possibly, but I couldn’t pass up fulfilling the dreams of those who want to fuck me, and most importantly, I didn’t want to stop fucking Sadie.

“Jack. You don’t truly believe you have a huge cock, do you, love?” I let go of her breast, sighed, and closed my eyes again. Sadie grabbed my hands and pinned them above my head. “You didn’t answer me, Jack!” She leaned forward to place her breasts in my face and started riding my cock even faster. “Answer me, Jack!”

Sadie started moaning. I couldn’t tell if she was genuinely enjoying this or exaggerating. Regardless I enjoyed it.

I don’t know how much longer I can handle this. I was mesmerized by her tits. I was being smothered by then and enjoying every second of it. “N-N- No?” I hesitated. Sadie slowed down and kissed my neck. She whispered in my ear, “Good boy. You know your place. At least your small dick can enjoy a good fuck, though, right? You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

I was very much so enjoying this. “I am, Sadie. So much so. Can we try a different position, like doggy?”

She gave me a deadly stare. “I don’t think you have much say in this, Jack. You’re following my rules, not vice versa. Now stay.”

Sadie got off and went back to her nightstand. She’s right. What if I don’t do as she says, and she ends this right here? This can’t be it, I need to finish hours of edging eventually, and I want to fuck her some more. So I listened and just laid there.

She returned with handcuffs. “I’ll tell you what, Jack. If it’s my ass you’d like to see, then I’ll ride you backward cowgirl style.” She handcuffed my left hand to the bedpost. “But first, I’m going to need your dick.” Then proceeded to do the same to my right hand.

Fuck, she’s going to get a mold of my dick for her whole club to see! I tugged and tried to break away from the handcuffs.

“And Jack, if you can be cooperative and last when I ride you, then as a reward, I’ll let you fuck my tits and cover them in cum.”

Fuck her tits? Ugh! Why does Sadie have to be so compelling? So there she was, prepping the mold kit. It was a big tube, but she realized she didn’t need all of it, so she was half off for my cock.

“There we go, Jack. That looks about the size of your pathetic dick.” She mixed the ingredients. “Let’s ensure your dick stays hard for this, OK? We wouldn’t want everyone thinking your dick is even smaller.”

Sadie sucked me off once more, then placed the tube with mold over my dick. It’s the moment I’ve been dreading. Fuck, she’s right. I must stay rock hard, so others know my dick isn’t small. I didn’t know what to do, but Sadie appeared to have an idea.

“I can’t wait to ride your dick again, Jack!”

Oh shit, was she for real? Did she want my dick again? “Really, Sadie?” I can feel my dick remaining stiff.

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait to feel anything hard. I want to devour that tiny dick of yours. I was just fucked by an 8-inch cock last night. So compared to yours, I can hardly feel you. That said, I’m going to have to ride you really well to be a little satisfied.”

All I got out of that was Sadie saying how she would rock my world. “Oh, I can’t wait, Sadie!”

“OK, Jack, times up, now to let this mold set. In the meantime, let’s finish up, shall we?”

Sadie did precisely what she said. She jumped on my dick in the backward cowgirl position and rode on my dick. I saw her ass bouncing moving up and down. It was a remarkable sight.

“Oh, fuck!”

I couldn’t touch her ass because I was still handcuffed, but watching her made me so close to finishing.

Sadie stopped. “Jack, you better compose yourself. Take a breath.”

I did precisely that.

“Breath out.”

I did as she demanded.

“Now let me try to enjoy fucking your tiny dick, OK?”

Sadie proceeded to bounce on my dick again.

“Oh yes, Jack! Give me that small dick! Just know you will never satisfy a woman! Ever! I should have brought the penis sleeves to feel full from a proper girth size!”

After a few minutes, she stopped, got off, and turned around. “Good boy, Jack. It was far from the best fuck ever, but certainly not the worse. At least you can last a good while. I hope these past few hours of edging worked up a big load for you to give me.”

She then placed her tits between my dick.

“Awww, where’d your willy go, Jack?”

She’s right. Her boobs were so big they swallowed my dick.

“Is it because my breasts are so big? No, Jack, it’s because your dick is so short!”

So there I was, lying down, being tit fucked and humiliated by Sadie. “C’mon, Jack. Cum on my tits! Show me what your baby dick can do!”

“I don’t have a baby dick, Sadie!”

I regretted that. I let my frustration get the best of me.

“Oh yeah? Well, your dick is FAR from endowed, Jack! I don’t know why those two wives want to fuck your tiny dick. They will feel nothing, especially since I know how hung both their husbands are! They are married to massive BBCs. Your dick is short, thin, and pathetic, Jack! They must feel sorry for you or, rather, might show your dick to their lovers to humiliate you. They’ll tell their BBCs how much bigger and better they are. Maybe that’s their true plan.”

I was baffled, but there was nothing I could do about it. I was the one handcuffed at the mercy of Sadie, who fucked me, and had my dick between her tits.

“Could you imagine that, Jack? Those wives fucking their husbands and using yours after the fact. Take it from me when I say they will feel NOTHING! Your dick is so puny, Jack! Four inches is nothing! Seven inches is a proper size, and don’t even get me started on your perimeter. You have a pencil dick, now do as I say and finish!”

Sadie’s humiliation struck me, but I couldn’t hold it in. “Oh fuck, Sadie!”

There it was. Finally. It was the most I’ve ever cum. It was erupting like a volcano. Even though her tits smothered my dick, I still managed to get some cum on Sadie’s Face. It was uncontrollable. It just kept going and going.

“Oh yes, Jack! Give me ALL of it. I knew it! I always knew you had a small dick, but I also had a hunch that your tiny pencil could produce a gallon full of cum!”

Sadie was rubbing the cum all over her tits.

“That’s at least something I will be sure to brag about to you. Too bad others can’t enjoy your cum, and will only be left to use your sad shrimp dick for hardly any pleasure.”

I lay there, feeling bittersweet. I was fulfilled yet defeated. Sadie then kissed me on the forehead.

“Don’t worry, Jack. Your dick will still be used. How about this? We meet again, but next time with other members who would LOVE to see your massive cumshot In action.” Sadie sighed. “I do wish the bigger cocks could last as long as you. That would be intense. Until next time, Jack.”

Sadie untied me, and I got dressed and left back home.

I left that night feeling better. I hope those wives can somewhat enjoy my replica, I suppose, even if it’s to boost the ego of their lovers or get off on humiliating small dicks. One thing is for sure. I hope I can fuck Sadie again.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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    Just to know that your 4.5-inch dick is twice my size and they thought you were small. That makes me want to be humiliated too.


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