Darren’s Little Secret Exposed (Gay/Bi SPH)

By Davdar192.

I was a member of a large cycle club, we were all in our mid 30’s, some a little older, we had been riding together for a few years in Dubai.

A big group of us decided to go to Cape-town to take part in the Cape-town cycle tour, there was 20 all together, it’s a huge event and hotels fill up early, so to save some money we decided to stay in apartments near the waterfront, we were split over 4 apartments with 5 per apartment.

In my apartment there was me, my name is Darren I’m gay, tall and single 37, Brian who is as tall as me muscular, 32 single but very attractive always seems to have a new girlfriend. Mark, he’s married 35, shorter than me and Brian more of an average height neat short beard, then there is Jason 38, larger build than the rest of us who were really slim, he’s also quite tall and also married but still fit, and finally Sam, 39 single, he never really talked about his sexuality but I hadn’t known him to have a girlfriend he was slightly below average height.

After our first day of cycling we were all in the party mood, so had a few too many drinks that night. At the end of the night the five of us from our apartment were sat in the living room chatting and drinking some water in the hope of reducing any possible hangovers as we had a ride to do the following day, we were all a bit drunk though.

Out of nowhere Jason commented on how he could always see Brian’s cock silhouette through his cycling shorts and reckoned he must be massive, I’d often noticed how he looked like he had a big thick dick showing in his cycle shorts, I could always see the outline and felt quite jealous about it. Everyone was laughing, he looked a bit embarrassed as everyone was joking about his snake, I just kept quiet, then Sam dared him to drop his pants.

Brian pretended to not want to do it but after very little encouragement he went along with it, stood up and dropped his pants, his massive uncut cock flopped out, it looked incredible dangling out from his thick black shiny pubes. It must have been at least seven inches and was definitely completely soft, I could tell by the way it moved I’d seen plenty of dicks in my time!

They were all amazed and in awe of it, I could tell they were all jealous including me, it looked massive compared to my embarrassing little dick that was only 4 inches completely hard. Suddenly the conversation turned to who might have the smallest cock.

Mark quickly jumped up “sure as hell it’s not me” he dropped his pants and stood next to Brian, they both started swinging their dicks from side to side and laughing, Mark was slightly smaller than Brian, but there wasn’t much difference.

Sam stood up “for fucks sake, can’t believe I’m doing this” he dropped his pants too, closely followed by Jason, they all stood there with their dicks out, both a bit smaller than Brian, but still quite large, it was an amazing sight, I could feel my own stiffening in my pants as I stared at four good sized cocks swinging from side to side surrounded by bushy pubes.

I kept quiet and pretended to show no interest in them, I turned away and shook my head in fake disbelief hoping they would move on. Jason looked at me and smiled, then Sam and then Mark said ‘come on, get it out, your shorts always look flat at the front, that must be a little dick, prove us wrong’. I was so embarrassed, clearly they had noticed I wasn’t packing much down there, I always wore black shorts so it didn’t draw attention.

I started to protest, but before I knew it Mark had grabbed my legs and pulled me off the sofa on to the floor my erection quickly dissipated, Jason was kneeling across my chest with his back to me and a leg each side, Brian was kneeling over my legs, pinning them down with one of his knees each side of me.

I laughed with them but really not wanting this to happen, I squirmed about trying to free myself, but the two of them had me held down securely. Mark and Sam were kneeling either side. I felt my pants being undone, the panic about the exposure of my little dick had made me loose my semi erection completely now.

There was nothing I could do to stop them, I started to plead “please don’t do this guys, stop” I was enjoying this but I didn’t want the humiliation of my little dick being exposed, especially now I’d seen how big they all were and knew I had by far the smallest dick in the apartment.

They were all laughing too much to hear me and carried on with their fun as I squirmed to escape, then I felt my pants getting pulled down, and taken off, I see them fly across the room, Mark pulled my T-shirt off so I was completely naked in front of them all. They’d now pulled their own pants up so I was the only one with their little dick out.

I know I’m now completely exposed, there’s a thrill and a feeling of humiliation at the same time they’re all kneeling on the floor laughing at my little dick and tiny balls and I’m wriggling to try and free myself and can feel my dick bobbling about, but unable to do anything about it, Jason was blocking my view so I unable to see how shrivelled I might be, when I’m embarrassed my dick always seems to shrink even more but this is turning me on so much. I try not to get hard, I don’t want them to see my little erection which would add to this humiliation.

I can feel someone’s fingers are jiggling my dick about as I try to escape, it seems to go on for ages. They make comments “look at that jiggle”, “what a tiny little worm”, “look at that baby dick bobble”, I can feel that my face is reddening with embarrassment, they’re all laughing.

I felt someone’s fingers lift my balls from beneath then heard Mark say “look at these tiny little balls”

Sam laughed “good thing they’re tiny, they match the little dick”

“It’s a shame you can’t see it very well, it’s shrivelling up trying to hide in these bushy pubes”

I felt him give my pubes a little tug. Mark stood up “I’ll get my beard clippers, give it a trim so we can get a better view” they all laugh, “great idea” shouts Brian, he seemed to be holding my legs down by kneeling on them, he probably had the best view of my little one resting between his legs.

I started squirming more to try and escape “please don’t shave me guys, I’m begging you, you’ve seen my little dick now”

Part of me was enjoying this, but the humiliation and embarrassment was overwhelming, my little dick and balls were about to be totally exposed, smooth and hairless like a baby.

Mark returned with the clippers, looked at me and switched them on and off a couple of times. “Are you ready for us to get a proper look at your button dick?”

I was laughing with them to try and show I wasn’t bothered “You bastards, I’ll get you back somehow!” They didn’t seem to care, they’d all had a few drinks.

Mark started the clippers “keep still, I don’t want to hurt you”

I stopped wriggling, it was pointless anyway now, it seemed my small bits were now going to be totally exposed and I really didn’t want any nicks.

I felt someone hold the end of my dick as the buzzing sensation moved from my dick towards my belly button, it felt nice, I was going to have to concentrate if I didn’t want to get hard!

Then I felt the buzzing sensation to the left and right of my pubic area, I saw Sam reach forward then he held his hand over my face and sprinkled my trimmed pubes over my face, I shook my face from side to side “wait till I get out of this Sam!” I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do though.

As the buzzing headed to my balls I could feel my dick growing, it was too late, I couldn’t stop it now, I was getting an erection in front of them all and they were about to see my embarrassingly small hard on.

Jason shifted his weight on my chest now I was staying still. “He seems to be enjoying it, looks like his bobble dick is getting a semi hard on”

I felt someone pull my dick down towards my feet then Sam’s voice “that’s no semi, that’s completely hard” they laughed as he let go and my hard dick bounced back and hit my belly with a slap, it only did that if it was pulled down and let go.

Brian leaned around Jason to look at me with a concerned expression “how small is that little guy, you’re really tiny?”

I lied “about 5 inches”

I was hoping they’d believe me, we were all drunk after all!

Mark stood up again “there is no way that is 5 inches, I’ve got a tape measure to check my seat height, I’ll get it”

He was soon back, I was still hard, I felt the tape measure held against my embarrassing little dick, they were about to find out I was only just 4 inches.

Mark shouted out “Wow, he’s not even 4 inches, that is a tiny little dick! Let’s get it completely shaved smooth like the baby dick it is, I’ll get his razor”

He soon came back with my own razor and shaving cream as they removed the last of the hair from around my dick and balls.

I just lay there and let them, I was feeling a bit cold now the wet foam was on me, I could feel my balls tighten.

Jason leaned towards my dick “lovely and smooth shrivelled little baby dick” he gave my dick a jiggle then moved his fingers on to my balls “this little balls look so cute nice and smooth”

I heard Brian’s voice “I think it’s time we did a comparison”

I felt him moving around on my legs then something resting on my balls, I knew it was his massive cock, I could actually feel the weight of it, I could feel my own starting to grow at the thought of it, I couldn’t see as Jason was blocking my view, but I could imagine it, the thought was turning me on, I could feel my little dick growing again.

Sam shouted “someone is enjoying this”

He was correct, I was, I felt my dick reach full attention and twitch.

Sam seemed very excited “the little guy is fully had and still smaller that Brian’s soft dick!”

Mark commented “that dick is a shame” in quite a serious tone, after all the hilarity of the evening that felt the most humiliating comment of the ordeal. “Brian, get hard I would love to see the comparison!”

I heard Brian “haven’t we humiliated his little nub enough for the night?”

Sam laughed “no, he’s loving it, that little dick just twitched at the thought of it.”

He was right, the humiliation and thought of Brian’s big cock resting on my balls was turning me on so much.

I felt Brian lift his dick from my balls, I was disappointed, but then I felt him slowly moving his hand, I guessed he was stroking that monster, the thought of it was keeping me hard “I can’t believe I’m stroking my cock in front of you guys!” he said.

It didn’t long for Sam to let out a gasp “Wow man, that is HUGE!”

I felt Brian Shuffle down my legs towards my feet, then I felt the end of his cock on my balls, I wanted to see, but I was unable to get a view, the feel of his dick.

Mark commented “Wow, that is some comparison, you wouldn’t believe they were both human!”

I saw a flash of a phone camera

“Come on guys, please don’t take photo’s of me, please”

It was too late there were more pictures taken. I felt Brian’s cock lifted from my balls and he pulled his pants up. The embarrassment of them all just looking at my dick had made me loose my erection again, they never stayed long for me.

Eventually they gave up and Jason got off my, I could see my dick shaved for the first time, I was so small and smooth, my shaved little genitals looked even more pathetic without hair.

I got up to get my clothes, I needed to cover up my embarrassment but Mark was stood with them in front of the door, I held my right hand over my dick and balls, it only took one hand to hide my shame, I wasn’t sure why, they’d already seen everything. “come on, give me my clothes”

Mark looked at me, “get them” as he threw them to Sam.

Sam held my clothes “I think you should give us a little dance if you want your clothes back”

I looked over to the door, where Mark was still stood, stopping me from leaving the room, I was feeling so humiliated.

“Please don’t make me do this”

They all laughed, Sam spoke “stay naked then”

I had no choice I lifted my hands up and danced to the music in the back ground, I could feel my face burning red with embarrassment they all started clapping along, I looked down at my body as my dick bobbled and bounced about smooth and shaven. They were all having a good laugh at it and I was enjoying the humiliation my tiny dick bouncing above my little balls bouncing about for all to see.

At the end of the song I was a bit out of breath and sat down, still naked, they’d seen all of me now anyway, I didn’t bother to cover my embarrassment now.

Once they’d all calmed down from their hysterical laughter Mark picked up his phone then all our phones buzz, “there you go lads, that should give you something to have a laugh about when you need cheering up”.

I looked at my phone to see he’s sent photos of my shaved dick as well as a video of my little dick jiggling about to our apartment whatsapp group, they all have another giggle, then another buzz on my phone and in comes another video of my dick getting shaved, and the comparisons with Brian’s then soon followed by another buzz of me dancing naked, I hadn’t noticed Mark filming it!

Brian laughs again “you’d better not go swimming naked, because a fish might think it’s a worm” I laugh along with all the others and join in, what other option did I have but I was feeling totally humiliated looking down at my shaved little dick and balls especially when I thought about them all stood in a row swinging their big hairy dicks from side to side earlier?

Eventually everything died down and we went to bed.

I lay in bed and started to look at the pictures of Brian’s huge cock compared with mine, I felt myself getting hard, so reached down and held my dick between my thumb and forefinger and started stroking, my other three fingers caressing my smooth shaved balls where Brian’s dick had been resting earlier. There were a few hairs left on my balls, I’d probably get rid of them in the morning to make myself look tidy.

The head of his huge dick completely covered my little balls in the photo’s, I was wondering if there was any of his precum left behind as I massaged them with my middle finger and slowly stroked my cock with my thumb and finger, my smooth little dick felt so good in my hand as I imagined reaching down with my other hand and holding his big cock in my fist and sliding my hand up and down his shaft.

It didn’t take long for me to shoot a couple of squirts of hot cum on my belly, I lay there thinking about how humiliating and embarrassing it had been but I had enjoyed it so much, they all knew how my little dick looked now.

The next morning I woke up, and look at my phone to find Sam had sent the videos to the WhatsApp group for everyone on the trip after we had gone to bed, I was dreading facing them all at breakfast!

I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen for a drink in my boxer shorts, I was thirsty, Jason was eating a bowl of cereal, he looked up “Sorry about last night hope you’re OK with it, just a bit of fun”

What could I say, I’d enjoyed it myself “I know, no worries, just a bit of a laugh, you could have done a better job of my balls though, you missed a bit”

He looked at me and laughed “I thought we’d done a good job”

“No! look at this” I pulled my shorts down a bit without a second thought, my dick bobbled as they went down, I held it up so he could see my balls “look at that, useless ball shaving, I can’t have half shaven balls, I’ll have to finish it myself.” I wanted to embarrass myself and I was succeeding, I enjoyed the humiliation of him looking at my tight little balls.

We were laughing at my partially shaven balls when Mark entered the kitchen “Oh my god, are you still laughing at his shrivelled little dick” he said with a smile in his voice and grabbed my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles so I was naked again!

I bent down to pull them up and he stood on the crotch of them between my legs to prevent me “come on, stand up and give us another little jiggle for a laugh” This felt so good sober! Humiliating myself again.

I stood up, hands in the air and swung my hips from side to side to make my dick wobble just as Sam entered the kitchen.

“Will you put that little dick away” he laughed.

I stopped jiggling “whatever, you’ve all seen I’ve got a tiny dick now, there’s nothing for me to try to hide, so you’d better get used to seeing it” I felt so liberated admitting I had a small dick through the humiliation.

Mark still had his foot on the crotch of my shorts, I just stepped out of them, gave my hips a quick shake and stood naked drinking a glass of water, it felt so good, it felt so embarrassing, my little shaved dick visible to all of them, I’d seen all their big cocks and knew they must be feeling great about their own dicks seeing my tiny one.

I looked them all in the eye and started to leave the kitchen “I’ve going to have a shower and finish shaving my balls seeing as you lot did such a rubbish job of it” They all laughed as I walked off.

I took a shower, finished shaving my balls and got dressed.

We met up every morning at a nearby cafe for a full breakfast before the day of cycling, when we got there, there was a big cheer, and a lot of comments ‘what the fuck were you lot up to last night’ cute little dick Darren?’ I had to just laugh along with them.

I waved my hands in the air, “whatever guys, the best thing about having a little dick is think about all the weight I’m saving going up hill!” There was a round of laughter and comments about “I’d prefer to have a big dick than save a couple of grams by having a worm between my legs!”

Throughout the rest of the trip there were jokes and jibes about my little bobble dick, at every opportunity, I was loving the feeling of the humiliation, I wanted to show it off again, I regularly walked out of our apartment bathroom without a towel to walk around letting my dick bobble about but it lost it’s excitement after a couple of days.

When the final night arrived we had hired the whole upper floor of a restaurant and were all drunk again, John who had organised the trip stood up to do a little fun awards ceremony, ‘fastest in the event from our group’, ‘best climber’ and some fun awards, ‘most chatty’, ‘best drinker’, ‘slowest’ and finally ‘smallest dick’ I stood up and took a bow to them all, then someone started a chant “show your dick, show your dick, show your dick”

Shit, I did not want to do this, expose my little shaved dick to everyone but they’d all seen it anyway so there wasn’t much point in me not dropping my pants, and if I didn’t choose to do it I was sure I’d get pounced on so I dropped them and lifted my shirt to show my little dick bobble to a lot of amusement and cheering. The humiliation was exhilarating, I could see them all looking at my tiny dick jiggling about bouncing about my tight little balls, an incredible feeling I’ll never forget.

The WhatsApp group was deleted once we got back to Dubai, but I have no idea if anyone saved the videos, I still jerk off thinking about if anyone still watches those videos.


The End.


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