Neighbor to Neighbor 5

By Runtz3.

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Part 5…

“I love your little wiener,” she hummed and snuggled up beside me. I was lying on my back naked with a bit of a boner pointing toward the ceiling.

Elizabeth reached over and swirled her finger around my dick before giving it a few tugs. She pulled the dildo from her nightstand and leaned back over, placing it against my much smaller wiener.

“God, just look at how big it is. Are any men really this big?” she asked.

“Well, yes. Wasn’t Jamal about that size?” I asked

“Oh, baby!” She laughed. “That was all a tease.”

“Really? I thought you were being serious.”

“No, I just knew you’d like hearing me talk like that. Was I wrong?”

“No, not at all.”

“So, there are guys with dicks like this? Do you think any guys around here are this big?”


“Really? It’s pretty big. If six inches is average, that means that even most guys are almost twice your size.”

“Well, I am not sure six inches is average, but yes, most guys are bigger than me,” I conceded.

“Hmm, do you think there are any guys smaller than you? There are almost 250 homes in our subdivision, so there are probably at least 250, maybe 300 men, including boys over fourteen. Do you think you have the smallest penis of all 300 men?” she asked while rubbing the dildo against my stiffy.

“I don’t know.” I sighed. She sucked the head of the fake cock, coating it in her saliva, and rubbed my dick again. “There might be someone with a micropenis, but probably yes, I probably have the smallest dick,” I huffed.

“Micropenis?” she snorted. “What’s a micropenis?”

“It’s a medical term for someone with a dick smaller than three inches hard.”

“No way! Are you serious? Somewhere out there are guys who are smaller than you?” She sat up, grabbed her phone off the nightstand, and started typing.

“Oh my god, it’s a real thing. Here let me read what it says.” She cleared her throat and read from the website. “Micropenis is diagnosed if the length is less than 2.5 standard deviation below the mean. In adult males, micropenis is defined as a penis as three and a half inches or less hard,” she read from a medical website. “Wait?” she nearly shouted. “Didn’t April say you were three and a half inches?”

“I guess she did.” I nearly cried, understanding what that meant.

“Wait, no. She said just under three and a half inches. But even if you were three and a half inches, oh, Todd!” She looked down at my penis with sympathy. “I am sorry I didn’t realize it was that small.” She reached out and tugged my deflating wiener. “Todd, can I, ah, can I measure it?” she finally asked, as if she would magically find another half inch.

I gave her permission, and she grabbed the cloth tape measure from the other room, coiling it up in her hand and examining the marks. She sat beside me, leaned over, and sucked my wiener, helping me get a full erection. She pulled away and measured my tiny dick. I didn’t look down at the tape but kept my eyes on her face. She pursed her lips, adjusted the tape, and read the markings. Her face showed a bit of confusion, mixed with fear and sympathy. Instinctively I pushed my hips up, making my penis look more prominent.

“Todd. It’s between three and one-quarter and three and a half inches. What does that make it? Like three-and-three-eighths? But it’s fine. I love you and your little guy. And just because now we know it’s a micropenis, that doesn’t change anything, really. I mean, it’s the same penis that I’ve always seen, always had sex with,” she babbled, unsure what to say at the moment.

I asked for the tape and measured it myself. She was right bone pressed; I was only three-and-three-eighths inches or eight centimeters. I then wrapped it around my thin small member to read my girth accurately. Three-and-three-quarter inches round.

“Todd,” Eli soothingly said as she tucked the dildo back into the drawer. “Do you want to stop the teasing play? It’s okay if you want to give it a rest.”

I sat up and held my tiny dick, slowly rubbing the head between my thumb and forefinger, and then reached up and groped Eli’s breasts, sliding my hand up her shirt rubbing the tops of her doughy mounds.

“Todd, I think I am ready. I want you inside of me.”

She peeled off her bottoms, leaving her top on, and laid on her back, spreading her legs. Her large milky breasts rippled like a wave under her shirt as I mounted her.

“Let me know if it hurts,”

“Okay,” she said and chuckled, “I am not afraid of it hurting.”

She didn’t have to say it. We both knew she was afraid she wouldn’t feel it at all. She smiled and rubbed her pussy. I leaned in and placed the tip of my wiener against her warm moist cunt. I could feel the heat enveloped my little nub as I pushed inside her. She sat up and looked down as I entered her, then laid back down, sliding her hand between us and diddling her clit as I slowly worked my dick in and out.

“Hmm,” Eli softly moaned, then pulled the egg-shaped vibrator out of her drawer and slid it between us, turning it on and bumping up the intensity until she found what she needed. I pushed in as deep as I could, pressing the vibrator harder against her clit, grinding my hips, and doing the best I could to feel her and make her feel me.

“That’s good. That feels so good, Todd.”

“Oh, Eli!” I huffed, working her harder and faster with my nubby dick, but I wasn’t feeling much, just warmth.

Eli pulled her legs up, squeezing them together, and bumped the speed on the vibrator up another notch. The squeezing allowed me to feel her some, but it pushed me away just enough to make it hard to thrust.

“Fuck me, please fuck me!” She cried out, I did the best I could with my little guy, but the inevitable happened, I popped out.

“That’s it, honey, fuck me with your little wiener,” She cussed, but I wasn’t even inside her anymore. She was clamped down tight, but my small girth allowed me to slip back in. I grabbed her legs, draping them over my left shoulder, and bunny fucked her.

“Yes!” she sighed and pressed her legs against me, causing me to fall out again. “Just like that. Just like that, baby!” she cried out as her legs shuddered and her body convulsed.

Elizabeth fell to her side, pulled the vibe from between her legs, turned it off, and laid down facing away from me. Eli didn’t even notice I hadn’t cum, but my little purple pal was well aware of it. I caressed her hip, kissed her shoulder, and started to roll her back over when she pushed my hand away.

“I am fine, honey. That was great,” she whispered.

“I didn’t…” and the baby started crying just then.

Eli got up, slipped her pajama bottoms back on, and went to take care of him. I found her feeding the baby in the rocking chair a few seconds late. She had pulled her bra down, revealing both breasts. She looked up to see me completely naked with a glistening semi-erect penis.

“Todd!” she snorts and laughs. “Aren’t you late for work?”


I realized she was right. I didn’t have time for a shower, so I quickly washed off, got dressed, and headed off to work. Obviously, my mind was focused more on sex than on work, but I had to buckle down and get stuff done, so I shut my office door and put my headphones on.


Once home, I was met with silence. April wasn’t there, and I found Elizabeth putting some makeup on in the bathroom. She greeted me warmly and told me she was going out with some friends and leaving me with the baby.

After she left, I decided to look at some of the saved recordings I had of April. She had had several visitors over the past few weeks. With the cage last week, I hadn’t taken time to view any, but I had been approving requests left and right – just approving everything.

I opened the app and looked over thirteen videos, but I was alerted to a live feed just as I was about to click on one. I clicked on it and saw April and Elizabeth heading into the shed.

“These are wonderful,” Eli gushed over April’s artwork.

“Thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to see them.” They looked at several pieces, and April shared more about each one, and then it got quiet.

“I am about to go meet some friends but wanted to come to talk to you first. April, Todd has a micropenis, like a real medical issue. And, I love him and everything, but God, I had a hard time feeling him in me before the baby, but now, this morning, I couldn’t even tell if he was hard when he was in me.”

“Um, hold on,” April hurried over to the camera and unplugged it, setting it on a nearby shelf.

She didn’t know that the camera had a battery back up. The box said it would last three hours, so I figured it would probably be more like forty minutes. But, now feeling secure, she turned back to my wife. “Elizabeth, I don’t know what to say.”

“You’ve been with a lot of guys. How does he compare? You know I just feel so naive.”

“Um, honestly, Elizabeth, he has the smallest dick I’ve ever seen on a guy, but I get it, he’s crazy about you, and I think he’s a good man. Have you honestly never been with another guy?”

“Well,” Eli sucked air through her teeth.

“No way! You slut!” April laughed. “Tell me!”

“I-I don’t know. I am afraid you’re going to judge me.”

“No, I promise, no judgment.”

“Todd has a brother, Chase.”

“OH FUCK!” April snorted. “When? How? Was it a one-time thing?”

“I’ve been with him several times now.”

My face and chest burned with a mix of anger and shame.

“How was he? Was he big?” April asked.

“I thought so at the time, but he’s probably just average, maybe six and a half inches. He’s pretty thick, though, and made me cum hard. I don’t love him. Actually, I don’t even like him, but God, he makes me feel good.”

“Oh my god, Elizabeth, but good for you,” April praised.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and at the same time, my dick was throbbing.

“You’re only the second person I’ve ever told about this. A few months ago, before the baby was born, I told my sister about Todd’s lack of size. She asked if I were afraid the baby would inherit that gene.”

“I hadn’t thought about that. Well, are you?” April asked.

“No, even if he takes after his father, he’ll have a nice cock.” She looked at April, and they shared a knowing laugh. My brother is the father of my child.

“Are you sure?” April asked.

“Yep, pretty sure, the first visit with my doctor, she told me when the baby would have been conceived. I checked the calendar and realized that Todd had been out of town the week before and the week of conception. But, I had seen Chase several times while he was gone.”

“So now what?” April asked.

“I don’t know, you’re right. I love him, and he loves me. I love our life, but God, I need more in bed. I want to feel a real dick, a thick fleshy, warm dick pulsing inside me. I want to know I’m being fucked, and I want to feel him cumming deep inside me.”

Fuck. I pulled my dick out and started tugging it.

“Have you ever heard of cuckolding?” April asked.

“No, what’s that?”

“It’s when a guy lets his girl have sex with other men,” April explains. “It’s not cheating because he knows about it. Sometimes he watches, maybe participates, but always supports it. I think Todd would be willing.”

“I don’t know. I think he likes the fantasy of something like that, but the reality could be too much,” Elizabeth said.

“Eli, he has been walking around with a cock cage on in front of both of us for the past week. I think he’s willing to do anything for you, and I think he would enjoy it,” April coached.

“April!” a male voice came from the other side of the shed.

I quickly changed the cameras on the app and saw an older man I hadn’t met before. He was white, in his fifties, bald, with a thick beard. He was undoing his pants and getting ready to stick it through. April gave Elizabeth a hush sign, putting her finger to her lips, and whispered something in her ear. Eli looked confused and shocked at what she had just been told. Just then, the man pulled the board and stuck his dick through. He wasn’t big but larger than me, maybe six or seven inches. April took her position and started sucking the man’s cock.

“That feels so good,” he murmured.

April motioned Eli to kneel beside her, she knelt and watched April suck this man’s dick, and then April took my wife’s hand and placed it on the stranger’s penis. She pumped him several times, then stopped just feeling his length and girth in her hands. She traced his veiny flesh with her fingers and teased his member.

April leaned back in and sucked his head while Eli played with his balls. They worked in tandem to pleasure this lucky bastard, and he probably had no idea he had two sexy women on his dick. They worked his dick for about seven or eight minutes when he started getting highly vocal and obviously getting close to cumming. April backed off and pushed Eli’s head toward his dick. She closed her eyes and sucked this stranger’s rod, and kept pumping until he was spent.

I jerked my little nub faster until my balls shot a thick load, repeatedly heaving until I thought they would implode.

April thanked him for coming, and he handed her a wad of cash before cleaning up and heading out.

“What the hell was that?” Eli laughed, wiping her mouth. “I thought they were just peeping on you. I had no idea this was going on.”

April explained the situation with my wife and told her about the system she had set up, and then she went on to say to her about trying to suck my dick but not being able to. But, she didn’t say anything about the cameras.

“Have you met Pete?” April asked.

“Yeah, he’s across from us?”

“You really need to see his cock. It’s a work of art.” She laughed. “Seriously, he’s one of three guys that I fuck.”

“April!” Eli seemed amazed at what she was hearing.

“Look, the next time he comes over, I’ll let you know, and if you want to give him a ride, it’ll stay between us.” Just then, April’s phone chimed.

“OH MY GOD,” April shouted, looking down at her phone. “I got an email from the art school.” That was the last I could hear. The camera flickered and shut down.


A couple of hours later, Elizabeth came home smelling like wine and cigarettes. She didn’t smoke, but several of her friends did. Even though we’ve been in the house a short time, we’ve lived in the area for a while, and until recently, Eli was a teacher at a nearby elementary school.

“Hope you had fun,” I greeted her in the kitchen with a kiss on the cheek, the garage door opened, and April came straight in.

“Thank you for coming over,” Eli said to April.

“Todd…” She took a deep breath. “I have to show you something.”

“Okay,” I said.

“You have to believe me. I had no idea this would happen,” April heaved.

They were starting to scare me.

“Well, April heard back from the art school. And not only did she get in, but she also won a full scholarship for the sketch she did of you.”

“Well, that’s fantastic!” I said and hugged April, but it wasn’t reciprocated.

“No, Todd, they’ve done a full-page article in our local newspaper. It will be on the driveway of every home in our town in the morning, but they have already posted it on Facebook. Look. When you click on the link, it shows the full image of her work. That’s you, Todd, that’s you.”

She sobbed and handed me her phone. She was right. There I was in full-frontal nudity, with my tiny pecker sticking up. The title of the work was: ‘The Emasculated Man.’ The article went on to sing April’s praise as a feminist artist bringing awareness to the fragility of men. They went on to talk about her courage in portraying a man with such a small member as to make him harmless and take on the patriarchy. At the end of the article, it listed me as the model.

I stood dumbfounded at the screen, not knowing what to do or say. Eli and April were both on the verge of crying, genuinely sorry.

“Todd, the article has already been shared on the community page, and all the girls tonight were sharing it with each other. I’m afraid that by the end of the day tomorrow, almost everyone we know will have seen your little wiener.”

“Todd,” April added. “They were supposed to get my approval before releasing the article. I haven’t even officially accepted the offer yet. Someone just jumped the gun.”

I was shaking. I was angry and humiliated and rock hard. Elizabeth hugged me tight and whispered solemnly in my ear.

“What do you need? What can I do?” she bleated over and over again.

I dropped my pants right there in the kitchen and tugged my diminutive flesh.

“Oh, baby,” Eli purred.

“Let me make you feel good,” April smiled, kneeling down and taking me into her warm hands, giving me several tugs.

My wife and I looked down as this beautiful young woman took my micro dick into her mouth and, for the first time, sucked my little guy. A shiver ran through me. Eli held me close and held me up as April expertly worked my dick with her mouth and tongue. She looked so different sucking my dick compared to all the bigger ones I’d watched her pleasure.

Eli stripped me of my clothes while April continued sucking me, pulling off my shirt, and helping me step out of my pants before snuggling back up beside me, kissing my chest and neck while rubbing the top of April’s head.

“I’m cumming!” I grunted, and my wife held April to my dick, ensuring she wouldn’t back off, making her take my load down her throat.

My balls gave way, and I buckled in ecstasy as my wife held me while April drained me, slurping down every drop of fluid I could produce. Finally spent, Elizabeth released her hold, and April backed away, revealing my tiny deflated wiener.

“Thank you,” I huffed.

“Now what?” Elizabeth asked.

“I have an idea,” April said and smiled. “But we’re going to need some help.”


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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