Neighbor to Neighbor 1

By Runtz3.

“Welcome, neighbors!”

The doorbell chimed just moments ago. My wife Elizabeth and I moved in a few days ago to a lovely neighborhood. This is our first home, and this came through just in time as we’re expecting our first child in seven weeks, and we wanted to get in and settled before the baby came.

“Hey there, we’re Elizabeth and Todd,” my wife gushed, pouring on her southern accent a little thicker than average.

Elizabeth and I were high school sweethearts, and other than a short stint in college, we had stayed together. She’s a sassy southern lady 5’7 with blond hair that reaches just below her shoulder blades. Most of the time, she wears it up in a ponytail. She’s a rather voluptuous woman with C-cup breasts and has always carried just a little extra weight, not fat, just healthy, but right now, she seems like she’s all belly.

“Well, aren’t you cute as can be?” the neighbor woman blurted. “I am Maggie, and this is my daughter April. We’re right next door and just wanted to come and introduce ourselves.”

Maggie’s an attractive woman and easily would fall under the MILF category, about 5’4 with dark wavy hair and what looked like a firm, petite body. April was a carbon copy of her mom, with slightly longer hair and about 20 years younger.

“Now, the realtor told you about the shed, right?” Maggie asked after a few minutes of introductions.

“Yes, she sure did,” I acknowledged.

It was part of the sales agreement we had to sign a couple of papers about it. The previous owner and Maggie went in together to build the shed that overlapped the property line. They had to revoke a section of fence and make it on a slab foundation. Our side was nothing fancy, they had left a large drill press and a couple of other machines I didn’t know how to use. There’s a center wall separating the two sides, but there’s electricity, a sink, and an air conditioner on each side.

“Momma, can I take Mr. Shipley to the shed and go over a few things with him?” April asked.

The shed on their side was turned into an art studio for April. She was in her second year of community college and trying to save up money for art school. We headed outside, leaving Maggie and Elizabeth to keep talking. April opened the door to the shed and invited me to follow her.

“Mr. Shipley?” she asked.

“Please call me Todd. I am not that much older than you,” I laughed, realizing soon I’d be a dad with a mortgage.

“OK, Todd.” She smiled. “Umm, did Mr. Alexander tell you about our agreement?”

“We never talked. We never met.”

“OK. Well, let me show you something.” She went over to the center wall near the right-hand side of the shed and pulled a wood board aside. “Well, if you move this board, it opens up to my side.”

“OK?” I said, asking her to tell more about it.

“Well, I am trying to save money for art school, and well, I have to pay for my share of the utilities out there. Ever since my dad left, money has been a bit tight. So, I had an arrangement with Mike, err, Mr. Alexander. And I was hoping we could do something similar,” she said, carefully weighing her words.

“April, just tell me what you’re trying to say.”

“Promise you won’t tell my mom first.”

“I promise, I am cool. What is it?” I said, cringing. I just said, “I am cool.”

“Well, Mike would text me and would include a #. Then I would reply with an @ symbol. You know the swirly thing in an email address?”


“So, then we would meet out here, and he would move the board, pull his pants down and stick IT through to the other side, and I’d make him feel good.” She smiled.

“April? You mean his dick?”

“Mmm.” She nodded seductively. “And he would take care of the utilities and slip me forty dollars.”

“I… I see.”

“Do you think we could do something like that too?” she asked and stood in front of me, looking up in my face with her young brown eyes.

She slid her hand over my crotch and gently rubbed me over my shorts.

“April…I’ve never… Would never cheat on my wife.” I panted. The pregnancy had undoubtedly taken the wind out of our sexual sales, and the move and the stress of starting a new job, all of it together, meant we hadn’t had much time or energy for sex.

“It’s not cheating. We’re not starting a relationship or anything. It’s just helping a neighbor.” She slid her hand in my pocket and pulled my phone out, held it to my face to unlock it, and entered her number. “If you ever want to be neighborly, just send me a text. The first ones free,” she whispered, turned, and walked out the shed.


Three weeks later, I had been working long, hard hours, plus trying to get some projects done around the house, and it was all pilling up. It seemed like every smell, every bit of motion was making Elizabeth sick to the stomach. The last time I tried to get frisky with her, she vomited all over the bed. She had gone to bed early, and I sat in my chair in my study, nursing my third scotch and eventually pulling up some porn. After several minutes I looked over at my phone and thought about April. I was horny and just relaxed enough.

‘I think the light is on in the shed #,’ I sent.

She replied, ‘OK. Thanks for letting me know @.’

My heart raced, was I going to do this? I stood up and quietly made my way outside and out to the shed. Seconds later, I heard the door on the other side open and could see the light come on.

“Todd?” April asked

“I am here,” I sheepishly replied.

“I want you to know I am not judging you. I can’t imagine all the stress you must be under,” she said sympathetically. “Why don’t you let me help a neighbor?”

She offered to indicate I should stick my dick through the opening. I slid my pants down. My dick was already hard just thinking about April’s lips wrapped around it.

“Here it is,” I said and stuck my penis through the opening and waited for April’s touch.

“Todd? Go ahead and put it through when you’re ready.”

“I am.”

“Oh, he’s a bit shy, I think,” she teased, gripping me and giving me a few tugs. “Um… Todd?”


“Is that… Are you fully… Can you stick in any further?” she asked. “I can’t get my lips on it.”

I shifted and pressed firmly against the opening. “Is that better?”

“No. The tip is just barely sticking out past the wood. I am not sure how to do this. I guess you’re a lot smaller than Mike.”

That stung. I had always been self-conscious about the size of my dick, I thought it seemed a bit smaller than the guys I saw in the changing room, but it wasn’t until this moment that anyone had said anything about it.

“Todd, are you… Well, I mean… Is your dick smaller than 4 inches? These are 2×4 studs in the wall, and if you’re smaller than 4 inches, you won’t stick out enough for me to suck you off.”

She let that sink in for a few minutes.

“Stay there,” April said, and then I felt something cold press against me and then heard the recoil of a tape measure. “Todd, well, it seems you’ve got a little dick. It’s just 3 and 3/4 inches long. I think Mike was about twice that, maybe close to eight inches. I’ve been with several guys, and some of Mike’s friends in the neighborhood have used the shed, but I’ve never had this problem before.” And then she started laughing. “I am so sorry, Todd, it’s not funny. It’s just you’re so small.”

She busted out laughing again and slipped her hand around my dick.

“I guess I’ll just have to jerk you off.” She patted my little pecker through the opening but not jerking it. “Todd, I can’t get a good position.” She huffed and pulled away. “I’ve got an idea. I have some baby oil in here, I’ll put some in my hand, and you can kind of fuck it.”

She giggled and then took me in her slick fist. It felt good, and honestly, the embarrassment was turning me on. I started rocking back and forth fucking her hand. I was quickly getting close to cumming.

“April?” I said.

“Is your little pee-pee getting ready to make a mess in my hand?” She snickered, and just then, my dick pulsated in her grip. “OH! Does wittle Toddy like it when I make fun of his mini-dickie?”

“God, yes, April, that’s so hot!” I snorted.

“I knew you seemed too normal.” She chuckled. “Ahem, your little nub is too small even to suck. I mean, it’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. Your poor wife! Does she even feel it?”

“SHIT!” I yelped and came all over her hand. Pumping at her clenched fist, I unloaded six weeks of pent-up fluid.

“Damn! Todd, that’s a ton of cum!” She snorted. “At least it worked enough to get your hot wife knocked up! Or maybe it’s someone else’s. I mean, if I married a guy with such a small dick, I’d be fucking around.”

And that’s all it took, I had never once thought Elizabeth would ever cheat on me, but at that moment, I became obsessed with knowing her thoughts on my dick size and if she had ever really been happy with our sex life, and ultimately if she had ever been with anyone else. I cleaned up with some paper towels left in the shed by the sink, washed up, and pulled my pants up.

“Todd? I’d love to take care of your little dicky properly next time. Maybe we can figure out a way to get your little guy in my mouth.”

With that, she turned off the light and left.


The following day I woke up raging a hard-on. I hadn’t felt this horny since I was a teenager. I looked over at my wife lying on her side, facing away from me. I reached over and caressed her expanding pregnant ass. I scooched over and started grinding my small dick against her plump rear.

“Babe!” She swatted at me, annoyed by my advances.

“Elizabeth? Can you just let me rub against you?” I pleaded.

“Babe, I know it’s been a while. I just can’t. Even the rocking is making me queasy.”

“Elizabeth?” I mustered some courage. “Would you do something for me? Something kind of naughty?” I asked and went and sat in a chair across from her and started playing with my dick.

“Tod, what are you thinking?” she asked, a little stunned.

We have never been very adventurous. About the dirtiest thing we had done was buy a small vibrating egg that I usually use on her clit after I’ve cum, and even that was from the drug store.

“Can you talk to me while I play with myself?”

She blushed at the thought. “I wouldn’t even know what to say?”

“Just answer my questions, answer me honestly. Can you promise to do that?”

“Umm, I guess. You pervert.” She laughed.

“No, seriously, I want you to promise you’ll be truthful, no matter what.”

“Oh, OK, I promise.” She pledged and stacked my pillow on top of hers, sitting her up more.

I pulled my pajama bottoms down and slowly rubbed my little pecker looking in my wife’s eyes as she watched me masturbate.

“What do you call this?” I asked and wiggled my dick.

“What?” She giggled with embarrassment.

“What do you call it? I want to hear you say it.”

“A, well, it’s a penis,” she whispered as if someone would hear us.

“What are other names for it? Don’t be embarrassed. It’s just us here, and I am the one with my dick out.”

“Um, well, dick, I don’t know…Wiener?” she said a little louder.

“Wiener? Come on, honey, think sexy think dirty,” I reassured and stroked myself more.

“You mean?” And then she mouthed the word cock, too embarrassed to say it out loud.

“Yes, say it, baby,”

“Cock.” She giggled


“Cock,” she said more confidently

“Do you think it’s big? Is my cock big?”

“Uh, I don’t know… I mean, it’s nice, she said.

“Do you think it’s big? Please, you can be honest.”

“Of course, it’s big, sweety,” she patronized.

“Don’t say what you think I want to hear, be honest.” I gripped it in my hand, and the head didn’t even come out of the top. “Look, I can hide it in one hand. Do you think this is big?”

“No, I guess it’s not big.”

“Have you ever seen another dick?”

She sat silent.

“Elizabeth, when we took a break in college, did you have sex with anyone?”

We had agreed when we got back together not to talk about that time and just be content with knowing we had got back together.

“Todd…” She went pale. “I didn’t, I swear, but I did play with another guy.” She frowned.

“It’s OK, baby, it’s fine. I am not upset, just curious. Was he bigger than me?”

“Yes,” Elizabeth said.

My pulse raced when she said it.

“So, compared to him, how would you describe my cock?’

“Smaller. Thinner,” she said with strained breaths.

“Repeat it, tell me what you think of my cock,” I begged.

“It’s small, Todd. Your wiener is small,” she finally gasped.

I pumped my little nub faster.

“Call it a cock, Elizabeth.”

“I can’t do that, Todd. I mean, I think of cock as something dirty, you know like a ‘big black cock’ and yours is just too cute.”

“Big black cock?” I asked

“Todd, I am not naive. I’ve heard people talk about dicks and stuff. You know my sister is always talking about filthy things. I’ve heard her say it. I just think your little wiener is too cute to be called a cock.”

“Tell me again, tell me what you call it.”

“Little wiener?” she said, unsure.

“Show me your boobs Elizabeth, please let me see them,” I panted as she pulled her top down over her engorged pregnant tits.

She was usually a C-cup but had grown to a large D, maybe DD, and her nipples were puffier than usual.

“Again, repeat it, keep saying it, baby,” I pleaded

“Little wiener. You have a little wiener, Todd. Your wiener is small. It’s just a cute, little wiener. Your wiener is little and thin. Stroke your little wiener Todd, jerk it!”

“Fuck!” I cried out as a string of cum flew, landing on the floor between us. I kept pumping as more and more cum drizzled out of my tiny dick and down over my knuckles.

“I am going to be sick,” Elizabeth suddenly shouts.

She flung the covers off and hurried to the bathroom. I cleaned up and asked if she needed anything. She doesn’t like me seeing her sick like that, so she told me just to give her some space. When she finally came out, we didn’t talk about what we had done or what she said, it was like it never happened, and then it was time for me to get to work.


I thought about it all day. I thought about my wife jerking off a man with a bigger, thicker cock, and thought about her fucking it and wondered if she wished mine was bigger. And, even still, I couldn’t stop thinking about April. It was easily the most erotic and dirtiest sex act I’d ever been a part of.

I stopped by the grocery store on my way home and then saw her as I was unloading groceries, she came over, and I almost instantly got hard. She was wearing very short denim shorts, with a cropped t-shirt revealing her smooth, tight stomach.

“Do you need a hand?” April asked with a bit of chuckle with her arms behind her back, pushing her firm tits out toward me.

“I’ve got it, thanks.”

“Here, let me at least grab a little something,” she said with a naughty tone a grabbed one of the bags.

We got everything inside, and my very pregnant wife came to the kitchen. I tried to kiss her, but she just pushed me away, disgusted by the smell of coffee I had drunk two hours ago.

“Hey April, aren’t you sweet,” Elizabeth gushed. “You know, this little guy is coming any day now,” she said, rubbing her belly, but April just stared at me wide-eyed at the apparent joke we were sharing.

“Well, I am happy to help!” April smiled. “Anytime you need me to give you or Todd a hand, let me know.”

“After the baby comes, would you be willing to lend Todd a hand with some of the little things that need to be done around here?” My wife asked. “We could pay you.”

“That would be great, Elizabeth. You know I need the money, and I don’t mind doing little things.” She smirked at me as my wife turned her back toward us.

“Well, I have a c-section scheduled next week if this guy doesn’t come before then. Todd, maybe you should get April’s number,” Elizabeth said.

“Great idea, honey. Why don’t you go on back to bed and rest?” I suggested as she was already halfway down the hall to the bedroom.

“April?” I shot to the young woman.

“I know, I am sorry. I promise she’ll never find out from me,” April pledged. “Do you want to?” She jerked her hand up and down with a raised eyebrow.

“No! I could never do it here, not like this,” I whispered, feeling a bit embarrassed by the whole thing.

April stood right in front of me, looking up with her sweet brown eyes. She took my hand and slipped it up her shirt, where it was met by the supple flesh of her perky breast.

“When you change your mind, let me know. Don’t worry about paying.” She smiled. “I just can’t charge you for a handjob. Plus, it didn’t take very long either.” She snickered and walked out the door.

I realized I hadn’t closed the back of the SUV, so I went out to the driveway to take care of it. When the guy across the street pulled into his drive and flagged me down, he introduced himself as Pete and welcomed us to the neighborhood. I’d seen him coming and going but hadn’t met yet.

“So, hey man, I … well…” Pete stammered. “Have you met April?” he asked with a bit of a shit-eating grin.

“Um, yea,” I said.

“So, do you know the deal with the shed?” Pete asked nervously.


“Mike, well, he would let some of us use his woodshop, if you know what I mean?”

“I am not sure about all of that.”

“Come on, Todd. Here’s the deal. April gets $50, and you get $25. All you have to do is let us use the table saw.” He nudged me. “That’s the code. We ask to use the table saw and let you know when we’re planning on stopping by. Just leave the gate unlocked, and you collect $25. Come on, Todd. I need it. My wife hates giving head, and April, God, she’s so good, you know.”

I was embarrassed that I was too small to get a blow job from April but agreed to keep up the deal he and the other guys had with Mike. I guess we were all in it together. Pete sent me the information for five other guys that meet up with April for some shed head.

I told my wife that some of the neighbors use the equipment in the shed, and they’d be coming and going, and it was OK. She wasn’t keen on the idea of people just showing up and suggested I put in some security cameras to make sure no one was doing anything weird. I think she was afraid of one of them peeping in on her. But, she had a great idea.

The next day was Saturday, so I got up early and went to a local shop and picked up several cameras to put outside and one hidden camera to put inside the shed.


A few hours later, I had everything installed. They were all wireless, so. It was pretty simple to mount them and get them set up with the app. Just as I was putting the tools away, I got a text from one of the guys asking if he could use the table saw at 7:00. Then another guy asked about 9:00 the next night. I guess April was going to be busy with her “art.”

At 6:55, I heard someone pull up to the house, and he came to the door.

“Hey, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Jack,” he reached out to shake my hand and slipped me $25 cash. “Thanks for letting me use the saw. I’ve got some projects I am working on.”

He went back to his truck, grabbed a piece of lumber, and headed around the side of the house through the gate and onto the shed. I opened the app to the hidden camera and watched as he moved the board and waited for April, then I grabbed my earbuds and headed to my study.

“Jack?” April whispers

“I am here,” Jack whispered back.

He’s a big guy, maybe 6’3 with a pretty big guy, maybe 40, a bit of a lumberjack-looking guy. He handed April the money and quickly took his pants down. I had set up the camera to see the guys feeding their cocks to April on the other side. He had the lights on, which helped a lot. He grabbed his dick and jacked it a couple of times, getting it hard. I was shocked to see what was easily 7-8 inches of thick beef rising to full attention.

“Suck it, baby!” He sighed and slid his cock through the opening.

“Oh, I love this thick cock,” April hummed as she drooled on his fat tool.

Damn, I wish I could see what she was doing, I cussed to myself. Whatever it was must have been good. Jack was rocking his hips and holding on to the table saw beside him. After about five minutes of listening to April sucking his cock, he was getting close to cumming.

“A little more,” he grunted. “That’s it! You’re so good! FUCK!” he cried out as he came shaking and nearly falling back.

A few minutes later, he was cleaning up, made a few cuts to the wood he had brought with him, and left with a smile. I was determined to figure out a way to get a camera on April’s side. But it would have to wait till tomorrow.


The following day I headed back to the electronic store and bought another hidden camera. They’re made to look like a USB outlet, so I just needed to find a place to plug it in. I hoped I could find a good spot on April’s side.

When I got back from the store, April was out front washing her car, a beat-up old honda. I was pretty sure she was trying to drum up more customers. She was wearing a pair of boy-short bottoms with a cropped wife-beater shirt and nothing underneath. Her soaked tits stood high and proud on her petite frame.

“Hey, Todd!” she sang out as she caught me gawking.

“April,” I nodded, and then I decided to see if I could get a peek inside her studio. “Hey, you know I never asked about your art. I’d love to see some of your stuff if you don’t mind showing it?”

“Really? That’s so sweet.” She bounced over to me, took my hand, and escorted me to their backyard. We stepped into her studio but left the door open. “I’ve never had any of the guys ask about my art. They’re only interested in, well, in other things.”

I quickly looked around her studio, asking about different pieces but scanning for an outlet. Her side was a direct mirror image of mine but painted white with much better lighting. To my delight, I found an outlet on her side that matched the one on mine. She had a light plugged into the outlet that pointed right where she would have to kneel. There was a rolled-up yoga mat on the floor with dents made from her knees.

“Do you see anything you like?” April asked, with her hard nipples plastered against the wet shirt.

“I like this one,” I pointed to a painting of an elderly man, she had a photograph taped to the corner, and her work was spot on. She was talented.

“That’s my papa, he was always a sweet man, but he got cancer and died a few years back.” She mourned. “I love doing realism, and the human body is amazing.”

After a few minutes of talking, we left, but I had my plan in place. I’d hop the fence on the other side of the shed, slip in and place the camera. And that’s precisely what I did just ten minutes later.


At 8:55 pm, the doorbell rings, and I meet Richard, another neighbor, a couple of doors down. He slipped me my money and headed to the shed. My wife was almost always lying down, just days away from giving birth to our first child. I hurried to my study and opened the camera app on my laptop because I wanted the larger screen.

Richard was a short, balding man, not much to look at, and didn’t seem to have much personality when we met. He pulled the board, pulled his dick out, and started stroking it, getting it hard for April.

I had both cameras running and could watch both on the same screen. I watched April enter her side. She turned on the lights, locked the door, turned on some music, and knelt on the matt.

“You ready, Richie?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he huffed and turned around and paid his due.

He didn’t seem a whole lot bigger than me, but he slid his cock in the opening, and on the other screen, I could see a couple of inches sticking out. April tied her hair back, leaned in, and started sucking. Richard jumped a little when her mouth made contact with his sensitive flesh. In between the sighing, humming, and moaning, April was a pro at talking dirty. But what struck me was how much she seemed to enjoy sucking Richard’s dick. And then I noticed her hand was down her shorts. She was working her clit while sucking on this man’s dick.

“I’m cumming,” Rich grunted and stood on his toes as he filled April’s awaiting mouth.

She continued to suck his dick draining every drop. He pulled out and quickly got dressed and left. April, though, stripped off her shorts, pulled a vibrator out of a drawer, and started fucking herself. With a leg up on a chair, she worked her cunt, and I had a perfect view. I pulled my tiny dick out and jerked it, watching her masturbate. April was moaning and picking up the pace, she was closing in on her climax, and I was too. I was jacking my tiny dick, imagining it was me fucking April with a big fat cock. I felt it building, and I was almost there when: “Todd! It’s time,” my wife cried out. “It’s time!”

I quickly shut my laptop, put my dick away, and made my way to Elizabeth.


“It’s time!” Elizabeth said again.

I grabbed the go-bag, and we headed to the hospital, where a short 14 hours later, my wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I know childbirth is impressive, but it also changes a woman. I was already concerned about being too small, but how would I ever stand a chance of pleasuring my stretched-out wife? Even if she goes back to 95%, she would still need a dick much larger than mine.

My phone had been blowing up with guys needing to use the table saw. Word must have been getting out that it was open for use. April was a busy girl, and there seemed to be no shortage of married men looking for just simple release, no strings attached, and no pressure to perform. Just stick it in the opening and let April do what April does.


The last night in the hospital, I sat in the chair beside my wife and listened to her sleep. The baby on the other side had fed just a little bit ago and hopefully was soothed for a couple of hours. I pulled my phone out, and put my earbuds in, and watched the recorded camera footage. The recorder starts every time the camera senses movement and will record up to 10 hours and keep it stored in the cloud for seven days.

The first guy was Jason, a shorter stalky guy, in his mid 30’s. He took off his shirt, revealing a few tattoos, and pulled his shorts down, awakening a 6-7 inch dick, but his head was bulbous with a prominent ridge.

April was already in her studio working on a project when Jason moved the board aside.

“Just a second, Mr. Stevenson.” she chimed and took her position.

She was wearing overall shorts with a plain white t-shirt, nothing special, but damn she was still sexy. I watched as she licked Jason’s knob, kissed the tip, and sucked it into her mouth.

“You have the best head, Mr. Stevenson. I love sucking this thing.” she shared.

April continued to suck, lick, nibble, and pleasure his fat head. She must’ve been sucking him for almost ten minutes. I couldn’t imagine lasting 2 minutes with April sucking my dick. I was rubbing my dick over my pants and getting close to cumming, when Jason started grunting.

“Suck it, April, I’m so close. So close, keep going!” he muttered.

Shit, I was about to cum too. I pulled my dick out and grabbed some tissues from a box beside the bed. I watched Jason erupt his load in April’s eager mouth. I sat the phone down, covered my dick with the tissue, and


I looked up to see my wife staring at me just as my cum spurted out.

“Oh, shit,” I grunted and milked my cum out, shaking from my orgasm. I pulled my earbuds out and started apologizing. “I’m sorry, baby.”

“It’s OK. I know I have been available to you. I knew something was up with you. I am not mad at you for watching porn, Todd. I just need you to promise it won’t be a replacement for the real thing,” she counseled.

At least she didn’t know what I was really watching. I quickly cleaned up and assured her it wouldn’t, and praised her for being so understanding.

“Is this where the whole size thing was coming from the other day? Do you know those guys aren’t real? It’s all camera angles and fake dicks.”

“I am not sure it’s all fake. I mean, some guys are just huge.” I said.

“Well, even if that’s true, I love your little wiener. It’s the wiener I married.” She smiled. “We’re good here, honey. Why don’t you go on home and get some sleep in a real bed? It may be the last full night you get for a long while.” she offered.

So, I did precisely that. Well, not exactly.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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