Jamie & Kaley learn from Dad

By Smallwhitedick89.

Jamie and Kaley met at school. She was the dance captain who had a History and English class with him. She was terrible at both subjects, but Jamie was particularly gifted in those areas. He offered to help her study, and she agreed.

She thought he was cute in a stoner kind of way. He always wore a band t-shirt or a Cleveland Browns hoodie to school, his hair was long, blonde, and thick, and while he was very skinny and slight, he did have a cute butt. Jamie wasn’t as tall as her average guy being only five’6,” but he was taller than her own five’2”, so she didn’t mind.

When the two of them studied the first time, she was taken aback at how pretty his eyes were. They were a grey color, either penetrating or soft and gentle depending on the intensity of his gaze. His lips were surprisingly full, and she wanted to feel them against her own.

She didn’t know that she liked Jamie, but she thought he was cute. Finally, one day after they had been studying for weeks, she looked at herself in the mirror in his bathroom and thought about it.

She had wanted to kiss him for weeks, to get it out of her system, she told herself. She brushed her long black hair a bit to make it look less of a bird’s nest. She took off her glasses and put in her contacts to better admire her deep emerald eyes. She thought about whether or not she should pull up her boobs or not but decided just to remove her bra. This way, the cold basement would draw his eyes to her chest, and she could make her move.

She knew he was too intimidated to make his own, and she found that cute. After adjusting her large F cups around in her shirt, she turned to see how her butt looked in the leggings. It was popping, as it should, since she did squats and dance exercises nearly every day.

She walked back down to the basement and saw Jamie sitting in his jeans and Grateful dead shirt. He was packing his bong as she made her way into his eyesight.

“Oh, sorry, I thought I had more time. I’ll put this away,” He said, setting down his bong next to the couch.

“No, actually, since you helped me get an A on my last English test, I think we should celebrate. Let’s smoke.”

Jamie looked at her, surprised but excited. He didn’t think he had much in common with Kaley and was beginning to believe that his friends were right. He had a lot of friends that were girls but never a girlfriend. After all, he was an 18-year-old virgin and had been too afraid to pursue any sexual relationship. He assumed he was destined to go to college a virgin but had begun to deal with that.

Kaley sat down beside him on the couch. Very closely. Jamie grabbed the bong and lit it. He filled the tube with smoke, let it marinate for a second, removed the bowl from the stem, and cleared it in one hit. Then he exhaled a large cloud of smoke and passed it to Kaley.

She tried to do the same, but her inexperience with drugs made her first hit end on a coughing fit that made her large chest bounce up and down. She did not feel sexy even though she noticed Jamie staring at her tits.

He gave her a water bottle that he had just opened, and she sipped it slowly. She apologized for coughing and wasting her hit. He laughed and reassured her that her coughing was good. I meant she hit it right for an amateur.

This continued for a bit until both of them were very stoned. Jamie was used to being stoned and happily zoned out in a long bout of silence that might appear to be deep thought to the uninitiated. In reality, he was wondering what his odds were of getting Kaley to take off her top. He figured low. She was being nice and wanted to celebrate. He didn’t want to read too much into it.

Kaley was not used to being this high, and the silence made her conscious. She was worried that Jamie was friendly when he let her smoke his weed and that the rumors of her promiscuous nature (primarily fabricated) were turning him off or intimidating him to the point of inaction. She began to panic silently.

Finally, she thought of a brilliant way to break the silence and get it all out in the open. “Wanna play truth or dare?” She asked.

Jamie looked at her, shocked that she had regained the ability to speak, then took a second to ponder her words and their meaning. Then their implications. And he agreed. She went first.

“Truth or dare?” Jamie asked.

“Truth,” she answered.

“Ummm, did you have a thing with Mr. Olinger, the economics teacher?” This was one of the more salacious rumors about Kaley (and a few other girls) that had been spread around the school. Mr. Olinger was a former Big Ten football player and barely 27. He is tall, muscular, and according to the girls of the school, very handsome. Jamie felt like an idiot immediately after asking the question. He couldn’t believe he had ruined his chances in less than 10 seconds. ‘Fuck you, moron,’ he thought to himself as he waited for her answer.

“No… that’s not true, he was coaching the football team in his grey sweats, and I commented on his bulge to Becky, which was it. Everyone decided that I thought he was hot. Which he is, but then that turned into me fucking him. Which I didn’t.”

Jamie nodded, taking it all in and deciding that made sense. Then she asked him truth or dare, and he also told the truth. He didn’t want to seem too eager to get dirty after all.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked.

Jamie was embarrassed and couldn’t bring himself to say the word yes. So he nodded.

“Aww. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s cute. It’s a good thing.” She tried to reassure him. But he immediately went to asking her truth or dare to stop the conversation. She repeated the truth.

“Do you think size matters?” He asked. Jamie had always been nervous about the size. He knew he was smaller than average, he’d never measured for fear of the shame, but he knew it didn’t fill out a toilet paper roll. And that was the barometer for a small dick. He also knew that when he was soft, his manhood turtled inside him. For some reason, though, asking the question was starting to make him hard.

“Umm. Yeah, I mean a little, but it’s not the end all be all you know?”

“Yeah, I was just curious what a girl’s perspective was,” he said casually with a confidence he didn’t have.

“Your turn, truth or dare.”

Jamie wanted to do truth but was afraid she’d ask how big his dick was. And he didn’t want to lie and say big, but he also didn’t want to be truthful if she was being nice earlier to protect him. So he said dare.

“I dare you to kiss me.”

Jamie was stunned. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted it bad. But he wasn’t sure this would end well. What if he went for the mouth and she meant on the cheek? No… that’s dumb, of course, on the mouth. And so, he did. Then they embraced. The two locked lips and rolled tongues. Jamie HAD kissed a girl, but this was still pretty new to him, and he wasn’t sure if he was good or not, but Kaley assuaged his concerns when they broke lips by saying how soft and pleasant his lips were—then going in for another.

Before Jamie could ask, Kaley asked him again, “truth or dare?”

“Ummm… truth? I guess”

“Can I take off your pants?”

Jamie said nothing but stood up. Kaley reached for his belt and undid it. Still, he did nothing. Then she unbuttoned the top and pulled them down. Jamie pulled down his boxers quickly. He was fully hard now and realized that he would probably get lucky right now with a beautiful girl. This was a great day.

Kaley got his pants off, saw him pull down his boxers, and then was stared in the face by a tiny, skinny, pink dick. She had seen smaller, she thought, but she couldn’t remember when. Still, the weed had made her horny, and she thought he was cute and sweet. So this wouldn’t deter her. She gave the head of his cut little cock a kiss and then enveloped it in her mouth.

It didn’t reach past her tongue, so she opened up wide and licked the base of his dick. Then she got some spit on him and took her finger and thumb, and started stroking back and forth while sucking on the head very lightly. Then she pulled her mouth away and looked up at him. His eyes were closed, but he was very much enjoying what she was doing.

She did a quick measure with her hand and saw that it was the length of her middle finger. She made a mental note to check that out of curiosity. It was also only as thick as her middle and index finger, but she decided it didn’t matter at that moment and kissed his cute little balls.

Finally, Jamie opened his eyes, realizing she wouldn’t finish him with her mouth, and looked down at her, smiling. She smiled back and enveloped him back in her mouth—this time with more of a sense of finality than before.

Kaley liked Jamie. She knew that, but she wasn’t quite ready to have sex with him. Maybe had he revealed something more enticing, she would’ve changed that stance after a few seconds of bobbing and two-finger jerking, Jamie burst inside her eager mouth. She was a little irritated, he didn’t warn her or tap her shoulder, but she also didn’t have any trouble swallowing such a small load, so she shrugged it off.

The two sat on the couch for a bit after and smoked another bong. Eventually, Kaley went home and prepared for the next day. She wondered if Jamie knew he was small or if it mattered for sex. She’d had sex before, but everyone she had been with was around average to above average. Or at least she thought they were. Maybe Jamie was average? She remembered her pseudo measurements and decided to check them and then check professor google.

Based on her memory and finger length, Jamie was about 3.75 inches, which according to Google, is very small. She spent hours trying to find the best ways to have sex with an underendowed man, but all she saw was a lot of small penis humiliation sites and even more cuckold sites. She spent a little time on them, but the small penis humiliation (or SPH for short, she realized) was aimed at the man and did nothing for her as a result. The cuckold porn was weird, and she didn’t spend much time looking into it.

She did land on a site that showed positions for more petite guys, but they weren’t accommodating. She knew some wouldn’t work because her butt was too big, or the height difference wasn’t big enough for him to get any leverage. The missionary looked the easiest to pull off, but that was better with small but thick dicks. She did see that lifting her legs while in missionary was helpful for thin dicks and lots of exercising for her pelvic floor muscles.

She already had a great core from dancing, so that seemed easy enough. Then she went to sleep thinking about how she could have an orgasm from fucking Jamie.

Jamie, after Kaley left, did pretty much the same thing. He measured his 3.75 inches of dick, measured his 3.5 inches of girth, tried to determine how disadvantaged he was and how best to compensate. He didn’t get past the cuckold and SPH porn, where he masturbated three times and fell asleep. He did manage to put an ask on a social media app he used, and when he woke up, he had a litany of answers. They ranged from a few positions to letting his girl fuck them and anal.

That last one was interesting and had a modicum of logic to it, he figured. You wouldn’t want to shove something huge up there. No, a finger or a tongue or a tiny dick would be perfect. Jamie went to class with a raging hard-on, thinking of the possibility of anal with Kaley.

The two continued to fool around throughout all of January into February. Jamie never actually asked her to be his girlfriend. Which she realized one day when she and her friends were talking about it, but they were as good as she figured. He wasn’t cheating on her with anyone.

The two young lovers tried all the positions Kaley had found online, but nothing helped. She couldn’t feel Jamie even with her legs on top of his head, and her pussy was as tight as it could be. She would flex it on him, which allowed her to feel it, but it wasn’t enjoyable.

Then there was the problem that when it did start to feel good (usually when he rubbed her clit or had added a finger or two), he would cum. She did manage to teach him to go down on her, but he wasn’t perfect and wasn’t super into it. Then one day, on March 16th, it happened. Jamie asked her for anal.

She wasn’t super into the idea, but she had to admit he made some excellent points. And she figured that had to be tighter, which meant she could feel him better. So she agreed.

It took some doing since she had such a large and firm ass from dancing, but they managed for her to lay over the side of the couch. Jamie spread her cheeks, added a very healthy amount of lube, and slid his dick in slowly.

Kaley didn’t hate this. She felt him inside her, and it felt pretty good. It was a little uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt, and after a minute, it felt like he was fucking her in the back of her pussy. And she didn’t hate that at all. She began to moan in pleasure, which she realized was the first time she had done that sincerely during sex. Then Jamie grabbed her hips, stiffened up… and came.

Kaley wasn’t mad that he came fast because she was used to it by now, and she figured he’d get better stamina if they did that way often. She asked to use his shower, but his downstairs bathroom was out of order; she’d have to use the main bathroom.

“What if your mom walks in while I’m cleaning my ass?”

“Don’t worry, she’s out of town; my dad is staying here tonight. He’s not gonna walk in on you. He’s in the guest room watching the Leprechaun movies.”

“Fine,” and she walked up and grabbed a towel on her way to the bathroom.

Kaley showered herself and dressed. When she walked out of the bathroom, she saw that the door to the guest room was open. Jamie’s dad was lying on the bed with his lights off. Kaley had never seen him before. Her curiosity of whether he and his son looked alike got the best of her, so she peeked in. She didn’t walk in the room in case he was awake. Instead, she just positioned herself to see inside the room.

The TV was lighting the room. She glanced at the bed where he was lying. He was on top of the covers with his pants around his ankles. She saw his hands were on his crotch, and she silently gasped. Had he seen her? Then she instinctively looked at the TV. It was porn. It was some girl, maybe in her early twenties sucking on a massive cock while another guy sat in the corner jerking off. She recognized it immediately as cuckold porn.

She hadn’t been into it when she saw it, but right now, it seemed pretty hot. The thought of performing with a big cock so her tiny, dicked boyfriend could watch and pleasure himself was a hot fantasy. She thought, ‘like father like son, I guess.’

She looked back at the bed to see Jamie’s dad stroking his cock…with both hands! The apple in this instance had fallen miles from the tree. Jamie’s dad had to have three times the cock of his son. The room was still dark so that she couldn’t be sure, but an outline of a long fat cock was pretty obvious. She backed up a bit and tried to make her way into the hallway silently.

She tiptoed down the hall toward the basement. She had been upstairs for nearly 20 minutes, which she realized when she saw the oven time. She quietly opened the door to walk down to the basement to smoke with Jamie again and then go home. She wasn’t going to mention a word of what she saw to him.

As she made her way down the steps, she heard a woman’s voice. “Are you a baby dick?” She heard.

“Yes,” she heard Jamie whisper to the woman.

“Are you incapable of satisfying a woman?” She heard as she silently took a few more steps.

“Yes,” she heard Jamie whisper again.

“Then do the right thing, let her fuck a real man. Or at least buy her a dildo. Women want big fat cocks, not little pinky dicks. Repeat after me. Women don’t want my little pinky dick. They want big cocks and real men.”

“Women don’t want my little pinky dick; they want big cocks and real men.” Kaley was now at the foot of the steps. She saw Jamie with his laptop open and had his pants unzipped. He was slowly rubbing his index finger against the underside of his dick as he repeated the woman from the recording.

She stood there in disbelief for a second. They had just had sex?! She thought. At first, she was irritated. Then she slowly let the scene take her over. Her boyfriend was fingering his dick while his father was double fishing his massive tool. Her boyfriend had just cum inside of her less than 30 minutes ago and was now getting himself off at his inadequacy. She continued to watch and listen.

“Now repeat it, but this time use your wife or girlfriend, or crush’s name, and keep stroking your little clitty”

“Kaley doesn’t want my pinky dick; she wants a big cock, and a real man,” Jamie said as he sped up his rubbing.

Kaley made her way over to Jamie silently. She came up behind the couch and got on her knees. She couldn’t see the computer screen or Jamie pleasure his tiny tool, but she could see his head. She came up close to his ears and waited for the woman to speak again.

“Now, before you bust your pathetic little load, I want you to say that you’re not a man. You are, in fact, a beta cuck.”

Jamie was about to repeat the woman, but instead, Kaley said it in his ear. “You’re not a man. You’re a pathetic beta cuck,” and that caused Jamie to shoot his little load all over himself and Kaley to giggle incessantly.

“Unnng,” Jamie said as his orgasm went on longer than he expected. “I thought you left! You were gone for so long… I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine. I mean, I knew you did that. I’m not an idiot. But why were you watching that kind of porn?”

“I don’t know… that’s just what landed on.”

“Sweetie, those algorithms learn from your past searches.” She grabbed his laptop to see if there was anything he had been watching that she could incorporate into their own sex lives.

“Ummm. I…” Jamie realized he had nothing to say. He was cooked. He never bothered to clear his search history. And some stuff would make her pray for him.

As Kaley went through the old searches, she found a lot of cuckold porn and SPH on there. A lot of POV SPH she noticed. And even POV Cuckold porn. All she could say was, “WOW.” Followed by, “How much do you jack off? Because we have sex almost every day?”

Jamie stared at her stone-faced for a moment. He didn’t want to admit that he backed off immediately after she left. That he was thinking of these girls while they ‘had sex,’ or that lately, he had been dreaming about some of this stuff as his reality. He didn’t want to scare her.

Instead, he said, “I don’t know. A lot, I guess? You probably think I’m a freak.”

“No… I don’t kink shame. If this is what you’re into… then let’s try it,” Kaley said. “Send me your favorite links. Let me see what I think.”

She kissed him on the cheek and left Jamie there still with his deflated nub of a dick out and cum all over his stomach and crotch. Jamie did as she requested and sent her his favorite POV SPH stuff. Then she sent a text asking for some of his other favorites. There was, after all, a lot of cuckold-related things on there, and he hadn’t sent her a single link to any of it.

Eventually, Jamie relented and sent her one of the more vanilla cuckold scenes. The girl used a dildo to cheat on her boyfriend at a party while he was at the store.

While Kaley admitted the girl was hot, and she wished she had that dildo from Bad Dragon as well, she didn’t find any of it particularly hot. The small penis humiliation was something she could do, no problem, she figured. Especially if Jamie started servicing her orally more frequently, she didn’t understand the cuckold thing yet.

So, she searched SPH cuckold on Pornhub, like she figured Jamie did, and opened up a can of worms that she couldn’t close. Like most porn, 90% of it was unoriginal garbage. But she found a few videos that had her playing with herself.

She especially liked one. A girl was arguing with her boyfriend after another dismal performance in bed. And the guy refused to go down on her before he immediately fell asleep. He had (according to the girl) a penis much too small to satisfy her. But Kaley thought it looked pretty good. It was probably as big as Jamie’s, and it was still soft. But then, when the girl went out for something from the corner store, she saw two black men playing basketball.

Kaley didn’t know that she bought into the ‘Black Guy Myth,’ but she fully expected these two guys to have some heavy equipment. When they started to flirt with the incredibly curvy white girl, Kaley started to get into it. She pulled off her panties and began playing with her clit and fingering her pussy.

Eventually, the guys took the girl back to an apartment and started kissing her. It wasn’t passionate per se. It was more of a hungry kiss. Like they were trying to taste all of her before they sprawled her out and had their way with her. It was surprisingly arousing. She kept playing with herself but noticed that she was getting too wet to gain much from a simple finger or three.

The guys Eventually stripped the girl naked, revealing what little her initial outfit had left to the imagination. Then she pulled down their shorts… she told something that Kaley thought had to be a camera trick. They were massive. They each looked to be a foot long with enough girth to make childbirth easier.

The girl started to suck on them and worship them. Kaley noticed that her mouth was beginning to drool. Finally, the girl compared them to her arms and her head. This made Kaley have a petite orgasm. Well, that and the constant clit play. But she didn’t feel genuinely relieved yet. She reached into her nightstand and pulled out her little six-inch vibrator.

As she inserted it into her, the girl had been thrown onto the bed and was getting fucked by one cock while sucking the other. Kaley had engulfed the vibrator into her and had turned the speed up to maximum. She was still playing with her clit and was slowly but surely approaching a massive orgasm.

Then the guy who had been getting head went to the girl’s other side and started to push it into her ass slowly. Kaley decided she would try this with the only thing she had available. Her fingers.

She managed to fit her middle finger into her ass while sitting atop the maxed-out vibrator. As the two men picked up their pace and made the girl squeal in a pain-pleasure combo, Kaley felt her whole body get warm. It was all vibrating for a second. Then all of the tinglings centralized themselves into her pussy. She put in a second finger. It was almost like she pushed the orgasm forward with that. She felt a wave of pleasure, and all the tingling forced its way out of her as her body began to spasm. She, for the first time, went full fire hydrant in the summer.

Her sheets, computer, and legs all got hit with the squirting orgasm. She slowly pulled her fingers out of her ass after she caught her breath. She turned down the vibrator and then turned it off. She closed her laptop. And laid in her fluids for a while before saying aloud to herself, “I get it… Holy fuck, I get it.”

Then 8 hours later, she woke up. It was St. Paddy’s day!

The day went as one would expect. There was a parade, a lot of day drinking, and corned beef sandwiches. After that, most people took the train home and took a nap until it was time to start getting ready for Jamie’s party. Kaley woke up still a little buzzed.

She had been catching herself fantasizing about the video last night, or at a hot guy she saw, or… Jamie’s dad. She had been thinking about big cocks and being dominated by them all day. She didn’t want actually to hurt Jamie, but she had seen him for what he was last night. He was submissive.

That was fine. He was still a sweet, loveable, stoner kid that she fell in love with. But he had never actually asked her out, and he seemed to get off to the idea of her being satisfied with other men. She was getting off to the idea as well, to the idea of having someone come into their relationship and take over as it’s dominant.

She washed her face to try and wake up, to clear her head, as it were. She applied her makeup, making sure it was flattering but also the appropriate amount of green. She put on her tiniest thong, a tight pair of shorts that showed just a little cheek but would be suitable for dancing. She coupled it with a nice top that made sure to show just enough boob to give the impression that you were getting it all but still leave you wanting for the final reveal.

Jamie put on a pair of jeans and hoodie over his plain white T-shirt and called it a day. When Kaley arrived, he was taken aback. She looked stunning. He wanted to talk to her but was worried that what he had to say would put a damper on the party. So he was grateful when she asked if they had time to smoke before the party started.

After we smoked a few bongs, she finally spoke. “So… last night, I watched those videos you sent me. And a few extras. Are you sure this is what you like?”

“Yeah, I don’t know why, but it’s really hot.”

“It is, I agree,” she said, giggling. The weed was starting to kick in. The two laughed at that for a few and kissed in a lover’s embrace, and then the other guests began to arrive.

It went as a regular party would. There were drinking games, smoke circles, and people making out, trying to sneak away. Kaley was dancing with Jamie and then with her best friend from the dance team Becky.

Becky was shorter than Kaley, with light brown hair, brown eyes, and a relatively plain face. She was cute tonight for sure, Jamie thought to himself, but she had to work at it. Kaley was naturally a beautiful girl. Becky had one incredible asset, though, he thought. Her tight yoga pants revealed it too. Her ass was amazing. It was huge, bigger even than Kaley’s. Firm too, but she loved twerking it, which made it jiggle in the most arousing way ever. She also had a camel toe that revealed small hungry tight lips attempting to steal the fabric of her pants from her ass.

Jamie was getting hard watching the two of them grind on each other. Kaley pulled him up between the two of them, and the three of them danced. The girls were much more talented and salacious than Jamie was. He was simply trying his best to keep up frankly. Kaley leaned in and kissed him and then nibbled on his ear. Becky licked his neck and then felt his ass before turning him to face her. When Kaley joined in on the turning of her partner, he followed.

Becky was close to Jamie; she moved her hips against his own, making his hard mini member throb. Then Becky turned and put her booty right up against his hips before she bent over and started to move it slowly.

Kaley was still nibbling on his ear when this happened, then she whispered into it, “Is your baby dick about to shoot?”

Jamie couldn’t respond, not without embarrassing himself. He looked around and saw that it was already midnight, and the party had cleared out except a few passed-out people on his basement furniture. Then she whispered in the other ear. “Do you want Becky to see it too? We can both tease you and your little guy.”

Jamie stood there without words. Becky slowly stopped grinding on him and turned towards him. She moved her hand to cup his package over the pants. She went too low at first, assuming he hung lower than he did, then slowly walked her fingers up to where he sat.

Jamie thought, ‘You knew I had a small dick, and you wanted me to feel your hand and see the disappointment in your eyes. You knew,’ as his dick began to throb and twitch.

“Are you even going to make it long enough for us to see your little boy? Kaley whispered as she began to take off his shirt and suck his neck.

Then Becky slowly undid his pants and let them fall. She moved her face to the other side of his neck and started to suck, then came up and whispered as her hand gripped down on his hardness.

“I didn’t believe her when she said your fantasy. But now I see that you’re just a prejac with a pinky for dick,” and she kissed him on the lips. Not a deep passionate one like Kaley did immediately after. More of a taunting kiss. One to establish her superiority in the matter.

Jamie felt his dick leaking precum as he twitched again. This felt so incredibly good. He was so humiliated at his inadequacy, and these girls were so hot. He only wished that he could watch them fucking a big cock, and maybe feel a hand touch his naked dick too.

Kaley pulled his underwear down from the back as she continued to kiss Jamie. She wrestled her tongue into his mouth and bit his lower lip, now pulling toward her with a look of love in her eyes. Becky took over the kiss. More aggressive than before but still not as passionate. There was tongue, but just a bit. She started to stroke the tiny dick using his precum as lube. She pulled away, biting his lower lip, but her eyes were filled with hunger. Whether it was for being a Dom or for making him her little prejac with so little jerking, he didn’t know, but he was too thrilled to care.

Becky bent down on her knees and stared at the dicklette. “Kaley, this is gonna be like eating a girl out. I just lick the hard clit, right?” And she giggled as she did just that.

“I think I’m gonna cum” Jamie grunted.

“Oh, sweetie. So sensitive, so small, so pathetic”. Kaley said in a kissy, sweet voice. The kind you use with a puppy.

And that’s when it shot. His mini member erupted all over Becky’s face as he groaned, and his knees went weak. Becky smiled a wicked smile at him and stood up. Kaley pushed him out of the way a bit. His balance was bad enough from the alcohol and weed that he stumbled and fell onto the couch. Becky moved in and kissed Kaley. This time a deep and passionate one, Kaley reciprocated, grabbed her friend’s perfect ass, and squeezed.

Becky moved her hands to slowly take off Kaley’s shirt and reveal her perfect torso and braless tits. They were so big and so perky, but her nipples were so small. The two kissed deeply again, and Becky went in to suck on Kaley’s tits.

“I thought you could learn a bit since making love to you is the same as to a woman,” Kaley said before she began to moan lightly.

Jamie began to rise once more from the anticipation. Becky, sucking on Kaley’s hard tiny nipples, began to undo her shorts. Once unbuttoned, she pulled them down and revealed the tiny thong. She went up from the left nipple to the right and began to caress the inside of Kaley’s thighs slowly.

Becky saw Jamie starting to rub his little dicklette but shook her head no. Then signaled him to her. She wanted him to pull down her Yoga pants while she continued to tease Kaley. She was now rubbing her mound gently and nibbling on her earlobe and shoulders.

Jamie did as he was silently commanded with his little member at full attention the whole time. Becky’s pants coming down to her feet allowed her to take two steps forward so she could remove them entirely. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. Kaley began to fall as her shorts were still around her knees, but she landed on the couch. Becky pulled the shorts and shoes off, then slowly skid her thong off while Kaley raised her hips.

Kaley couldn’t lie. She was really into this. She and Becky had been fooling around for maybe 10 minutes, and she already felt an orgasm on the horizon. She was far more sensual than Jamie, which was nice. If only she had a big cock to give her when she wanted to be railed later, she might have been the perfect partner. Alas, Becky had a beautiful smooth pussy. Her clit was swelling, so she was into this as well, Kaley reasoned.

Becky got on her knees in front of Kaley and began to kiss the inside of her thighs, slowly moving her way toward Kaley’s shaven treasure trove. Jamie started to make a motion to rub himself again, but Becky smacked him and pointed to her backside.

Jamie got down as low as he could and started to lick the back of her pussy. He slid in two fingers easily, proving her wetness and excitement from Kaley.

“Ohhh,” Kaley said as Becky finally contacted her clit.

Not to be outdone, Jamie started to lick Becky’s ass while still fingering her wet pussy. Now three fingers and working on a fourth.

“That’s it tiny, worship my ass. Kiss it while I give your girlfriend an actual orgasm” Jamie again did as he was bid. He couldn’t believe he was cucked by a girl, but his dick was starting to twitch again.

Becky began to pick up her pace on Kaley, licking with enthusiasm now. She slowly inserted a finger into her teammate’s asshole. Jamie, fully worshipping her ass, started to put his tongue deeper into Becky’s ass in between licks.

“Oooooh ohhhhh my god, Becky, yes! Right there, don’t stop!” Becky went deeper with her finger and then pulled it out. Then added a second as she nibbled and sucked to catch her breath before going back to rapid licks.

“Gahhhhhh!” Kaley yelled as she began to experience a wave of orgasms. Becky pulled off of her friend and stood up. Jamie followed her, still trying to get her where she wanted to go but not having near the success Becky had had with Kaley.

“Hey, Jamie! I need you up here!” They heard a yell from upstairs. Jamie looked scared and shocked that his dad had called for him. He quickly put on shorts over his throbbing baby dick and a shirt and ran to see what he needed.

“Bye, tiny,” Becky called out as she switched spots with Kaley. Kaley, now on her knees, began to try and service her friend.

Then they heard the basement door open again. Neither one looked up, assuming Jamie was done already. Instead, they heard a deep voice.

“If it isn’t my son’s peeper slut of a girlfriend. And her friend?”

“Oh my god!” Kaley turned, shocked. But she saw Jamie’s dad with his cock out. He wasn’t mad. He knew what was going on. And he wanted in.

“Hey there, sir,” Becky said

He shook his head no and pointed at the floor in front of him. Both girls went on their knees to the spot. Then he pulled his pants down and revealed a primarily soft seven-inch monster demanding their attention.

Becky compared the thickness to her wrist and found her wrist wanting. Kaley was amazed at his balls. While Jamie’s were about the size of marbles, his dad’s were closer to lemons. She started to lick and suck on them. Becky started to worship and kiss the head before sucking.

“Good little sluts” He said

Kaley was licking the balls up to the base of the shaft, and Becky was sucking the head as far as she could but only getting about a third of the way down it before gagging. Now fully erect, he stood there waiting for one of them to comment. He must have been eleven inches long with the girth of a rolling pin.

Kaley and Becky both rushed to the couch and bent over, revealing their waiting and eager pussies.

“I never said I’d fuck you two sluts. Give me a reason I should.” He spoke.

“Please, sir, I’ve never been fucked by anything bigger than seven inches. Even my dildo is smaller than you.” Becky pleaded.

“I’ve been fucking your son and his tiny prejac dick for months. The first time I came was from Becky licking my pussy.” Kaley argued.

“Both good arguments. What would you say to Kaley if my son could hear you? Would you change your tone?” He asked.

“No. I have been dreaming about a big cock since I saw you jacking off the other night. I NEED this!” She said, exasperated.

“Son. You’re leaving this beautiful girl unsatisfied. I’m disappointed. Go to your room while I fix your mistakes.” Jamie looked shocked. But went up the stairs and did as he was bid.

“He’s such a little cuck,” Becky said. She and Kaley still bent over the couch with their glistening pussies hoping to be chosen by the older stallion behind them.

Jamie’s dad walked up behind Kaley and smacked her on the ass hard. She let out a soft moan of pleasure. Then he slapped her other cheek for the same response. He positioned himself behind her, pushed down on her hips, and slowly inserted his cock head.

It was huge. Kaley immediately let out a moan of release. Like she had just had a sit down after 10 hours on her feet. Then his fingers went exploring her chest. He grabbed one of her tits and smacked it before pinching her nipples.

“Are you going to be a good little slut for me?”

“Yes, sir, I’ll do anything.”

“Do you want the rest of this dick?” He asked less than half inside her. He was giving her slow pumps.

“Mmmnggg yes, please. It’s so big!”

“Beg me for it. Beg for what my son can’t give you. Like a good cheating whore.”

“OH, GODDDD, please give me the rest of your man dick. I’ve been with Jamie’s baby dick too long. I don’t even know what sex feels like. Please fuck me, daddy.”

With that, he plunged the rest of his cock inside of her. He began to pound her with more speed and power now. He backed out to the base of his circumcised head and then plunged back in balls deep. He let her moans and shouts of pleasure dictate his pace. Becky, meanwhile, Kaley sat down on the couch next to her friend and started to stroke her hair and play with her clit at the hot scene before her very eyes.

Around six feet tall, this older man with well-defined features and chiseled chest and some grey chest hairs had his way with his son’s teenage girlfriend. Becky wished it were her, but the taboo setting was doing enough for her. She was rapidly approaching her orgasm and wondered how close her friend was.

Jamie lay in his bed upstairs, trying to listen to the noises coming from the basement. He didn’t want to cross his dad or Kaley and get in trouble. But he could only hear moans and slapping noises. So he crept closer to the basement door and opened it to listen better.

“Yesss, thank you for doing what Jamie can’t. He’s such a prejac he probably would’ve cum already if he tried to do this!”

He moved his right hand up from her tits to her throat and started to squeeze before he began to drive his cock home. Becky began to spasm on the couch from her fingers, moaning and started to trickle out her fluids on the couch and her legs.

Kaley began to shriek and make incomprehensible noises as she leaned in harder to her dominance.

“Are you gonna keep dating my useless son?” He said, continuing to plow her into an orgasm which he felt from her pussy tightening and releasing around his fat cock.

It felt like it was vibrating, which was a feeling he liked. He knew it meant that she was experiencing an orgasm deep on her diaphragm, and on a moment, she would be his for as long as he wanted her, regardless of what she said to his question.

“Yes, daddy. He may be a weak prejac cuck, but at least he knows it. Ohhhhhh god, I’m cumming so hard!”

And with that, Jamie spits out his feeble load all over his other hand. Jamie’s dad felt his cum starting to build up, so he pulled his cock out of Kaley’s tight hole and stroked it a few times before it erupted a massive load onto Becky’s wanting and eager face.

“If you want some for yourself, you can come upstairs,” he said as he grabbed his clothes and began to walk upstairs.

Jamie heard him and began to speed walk to his bedroom, hoping he’d get permission to come down soon. He listened to the second pair of footsteps rush after the first and then heard his dad’s bedroom door close. Then his phone vibrated. It was Kaley.

“Come downstairs, honey. I want snuggles. I’m sooo sore, lol.”

Jamie again did as he was bid, with a sense of shame and joy he couldn’t explain.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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