Neighbor to Neighbor 2

By Runtz3.

The next thing I know I’ve downed half a bottle of scotch, and have watched the recordings of April sucking off three more men from the neighborhood, all of whom had dicks around 6-7 inches. And before I knew it I had sent her a text.

“#It’s a boy!” and waited for the response. Ten long minutes later, she finally responded.

“Congrats!” What the hell! Where’s the @!

“Are you in your studio#”

“With friends, ttyl.” Damn it. She had time for everyone else in the neighborhood, but not me! I quickly realized I was getting angry and should probably take a shower and go to sleep before doing something stupid.

Elizabeth and the baby came home the next day, and over the next week, we learned a whole new level of tiredness. I hadn’t thought much about the sex of any kind, but when I did, it wasn’t about my precious MILF beside me but the sultry girl next door. “God, what’s wrong with me!” I asked myself a hundred times.

“Todd, I asked April to start coming over tomorrow – she’ll be here from 4-8 most days; I figured that way she could help with dinner and be here when you get home so you can have a little downtime, be sure to let her know if you need anything.” My wife shared.

That evening Pete needed time with the “table saw.” Elizabeth was in bed by the time Pete arrived. I hadn’t seen him with April yet and was pretty surprised watching the live feed from the shed.

Pete quickly got undressed, and without question, he had the most magnificent cock I’d ever seen. I’ve never once thought about touching another man’s dick, but what I saw sticking out from Pete made me question my sexuality. Jetting out from Pete was a thick flesh-toned rhino horn of a cock. The base of his veiny member was wide, maybe thicker than Jason, and then it stretched out and arched up with a head like a german helmet that would make Dark Helmet reconsider if he had gone big enough. It wasn’t just the size and shape, and it was how thoroughly hard he got. His dick was like a balloon engorged to its fullest, and I just wanted to reach out and touch it.

Pete moved the board and stuck his horn through it. April wasn’t even in the shed yet. April popped the door open and flicked on the lights. Pete’s cock was thick, rigid and ready on her side. It didn’t shake, didn’t bounce. It was so fully rock hard it just protruded.

“There’s my Peter!” She gushed and nearly skipped over to caress his rod. She ran her eager hands up and down this iron tool. She leaned in, rubbing her face against him, closing her eyes thoroughly, enjoying the sensation.

April pulled away long enough to undress entirely before sucking on Pete’s head, which was about as much as even someone as experienced as April could manage. She stroked his cock as best as she could; he was so full there wasn’t much of any loose flesh to tug. She sucked, licked, and rubbed with little reaction from Pete.

“Pete? My jaw is getting tired. Can I do the other thing instead? No extra charge.” She asked.

“Please do, April, God please!” Pete hurried. April grabbed some lube from the drawer beside her and slathered his dick while she stood in front of him. Then rubbed some of the lube between her legs, turned around, and gently lowered herself on the meet hook on the wall

“Fuck yes!” Pete cried. April was slowly working his dick further inside her supple body.

“Oh, PETER!” She whipped her head to the side and braced herself as she started fucking him, riding his cock through the wall.

“That’s it, April, fuck me, April!”

“Peter, Peter, PETER!!” April bellowed, her legs shaking in delight.

“Keep going, KEEP GOING!” Peter demanded, and April kept riding him. “GOD YES!” Peter barked and thrust himself deep inside little April. She gripped her abdomen, feeling every thick inch of Peter erupting inside her.

I reached between my legs, thoroughly turned on but flaccid as a hot tortilla. “Shit” I was so exhausted, not even this could get me hard… or was I so intimidated by Pete’s superior cock that I couldn’t compete. I wasn’t sure which one it was, but it was all I could think about as I lay down to sleep.

After another night of waking up every couple of hours, I had to get to work. My lack of sleep and drifting attention toward sex caught up with me. My boss was unhappy with my recent performance, and I felt like I was letting my team down. I decided to stay and work late, so April was already gone by the time I got home, but she had made dinner, and Elizabeth seemed less stressed. That became normal for the next few days.

Finally, Friday arrived, and I left work on time and made it home by 5:30. April was in the kitchen preparing dinner, the baby was in a pack-in-play in the family room, and Elizabeth was getting some much-needed sleep.

“Hey, April!” She wore black yoga pants that highlighted her firm ass and a soft fuzzy sweatshirt.

“Keep it down, don’t wake the baby.” She hushed, “Elizabeth said not to wake her for anything, no matter what, no one is allowed in the bedroom. So, it looks like you get to help with dinner.” She dictated.

“Or, maybe you could lend me a hand?” I took her delicate hand and pressed it against my dick.

“Todd!” She jerked her hand away, “I’ve got dinner to make.”

“I haven’t gotten anything from you in weeks!” I lashed out like a spoiled child, “I bet you always have time for Pete’s fat cock!” I exclaimed in a hushed tone.

“What the fuck!” April snorted, “What the actual fuck, Todd?!” Shit, that was the exact moment I knew I had fucked up. “How do you know about Peter’s cock? How do you know Todd? Are you peeping? No, you’re not that bold, are you… CAMERAS! You have cameras in the shed, don’t you?” She scolded.

It was a perfect storm of cluster fuck, the lack of sleep, the pressure at work, being too tired for sex, and too horny to think straight. I stood there silent, my chest heaving with strained breaths and my heart pounding; I wanted to run away and cry. I tried to grab April by the waist and fuck her hard.

“Say something.” She gritted her teeth.

“Yes,” I confessed, shaking with fear and adrenaline.

“Come with me. NOW!” April grabbed my arm and dragged me to the living room, the farthest room away from Elizabeth, but I still could hear the baby if he cried.

“Todd.” She cussed sternly. “You need to understand the situation. Sit your ass down.” She pointed to a chair in the corner, and I sat down while she stood over me, hands on her hips and anger in her eyes.

“Todd, you have a lot to lose here. Elizabeth is a grade-A MILF. She loves you. You have a baby boy less than two weeks old, a new job, and a new home. Do you want to lose it all?” She said calmly.

“N…no,” I stuttered.

“Todd, it would not take much to convince your wife and the police that you have sexually assaulted me. Look at me. I am hot as fuck!” She smirked. “I’ve seen your tiny dick, Todd. And I have fan-fucking-tastic memory and an eye for detail. You’ve seen my work, and I could draw a lifelike and accurate picture of your pathetic pee-pee with a box of crayons and napkin. Every person you have ever known will know you have nothing between your legs to satisfy a woman.”

“April, please…” I sobbed. “I’ll take the cameras down, I promise!”

“Hell no! You’re not getting out of this that easy. But you will do exactly as I say when I say it. You will keep the cameras up. You will continue to loan out the ‘table saw.’ You will watch me suck and fuck every man in the neighborhood and know you can’t have this.” She proclaimed, gesturing to her body. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, April.” I sighed, feeling defeated.

“No! From now on, it’s Miss Somerset to you. When no one else is around, it’s Miss Somerset, Got it?”

“Yes, Miss Somerset.” I lowered my head in shame.

“You do what I say, and maybe… MAYBE, I’ll reward you with a little something,” She snickered with a cruelty she hadn’t had before and raised her shirt, revealing just a hint of underboob, before pulling it back down.

“Now, this is what you’re going to do. Take off your clothes.” Miss Somerset demanded, but I sat there thinking I must’ve misunderstood her. “Todd! Take Off Your Clothes,” She enunciated slowly.

I kicked off my shoes and stood up, slowly unbuttoning my shirt.

“Todd, Elizabeth will be asleep for another hour, and you have work to do. You better get moving,” She tapped he foot. I quickly took my tie, shirt, sox, and belt off but hesitated with my pants.

“All of it, I want you naked right fucking now.” She snapped. I pulled my pants and underwear down and stepped out of them fully naked, standing in front of this sexy girl from next door.

“Holy shit! It’s even smaller!” She giggled and pointed at my dick. I quickly covered myself with my hands.

NO!” Miss Somerset belted and slapped me across the face. “You don’t get to cover yourself in front of me.” I put my hands to my side feeling more naked than I have ever felt before. “Good, now you need to help with dinner, and you get to fry up the ground beef. Hope it doesn’t splatter too much.” She smiled and wiggled her pinky at me.

Over the next hour, I cooked without burning my dick, then swept, changed a dirty diaper, and finally, Miss Somerset had me rub her legs. She sat on the couch, placed her feet against my balls, and toyed with them as I rubbed her legs, getting a full-blown erection as she teased me about being small.

An alarm went off on her phone, and she jumped up, “Get dressed,” She commanded. I hurried over to the pile of clothes I had left in the living room and got dressed. Just as I buckled my belt, I heard Elizabeth crack open the bedroom door.

“Your home” She smiled at me, “I am so glad you could get away on time. I hope he didn’t get in the way too much.” She joked to Miss Somerset.

“Oh, maybe just a little.” She snickered. “Well, dinner is ready for you guys, so I’ll head out.”

“Why don’t you stay? We’d love the extra company to talk with.” Elizabeth offered.

“Um, sure.” She responded.

The following 30 minutes were awkward only because of how normal it was. We ate, talked, shared stories, learned more about April and her family, but what stood out to me was how comfortable Elizabeth and Miss Somerset seemed with each other like they were long-time friends.

“So you two have been together a long time.” April stated, “have you… Certainly, you’ve been with other people, right?” She asked brazenly.

“Well,” my wife laughed nervously, “no, not really.”

“It’s a yes or no, Elizabeth. Either you have, or you haven’t,” April said.

“I guess, then… yeah, I have,” She blushed.

“I just don’t know if I could ever get married,” April shared. “I mean, there are just so many different kinds of men, different experiences, different skills, and sizes,” She finally said.

“I think it’s really about the trust and commitment we have for us. Don’t you think, Todd?”

“Um, of course.”

“So, you’ve never wanted to be with someone else, I mean… pretend you could have sex with anyone and no one would ever know, are you saying you wouldn’t at least be tempted to experience someone else?”

“Wellllll, I didn’t say I wouldn’t be tempted,” Elizabeth laughed.

“Todd?” April asked

“I mean, yeah, tempted sure.” I brushed it off.

“Huh, I guess you two are something special then, aren’t you? Todd, you must have something extraordinary under those Dockers. I can’t imagine a single man that can do everything I need.” She teased and then announced it was time for her to leave, but again another thought seed was planted, but this time it was in the mind of my precious Elizabeth.

Elizabeth cleaned up, took care of the baby while I changed clothes, and then sat on the couch watching a little tv.

“Todd? I know it’s been a while. Do you need a little something?” She leaned in and rubbed my dick over my thin, loose pajama bottoms. She nuzzled my neck, kissing me tenderly. Elizabeth has such a beautiful face. She has a strong jaw, full lips, and feminine cheekbones, even with weight. She fished my dick out of the pee hole and held it, circling the head with her thumb. I quickly got hard, and it didn’t take long before I felt my cum bubbling up.

“Elizabeth,” I panted, “Have you ever wondered what it would be like with someone else? Someone bigger?”

“Yes,” She answered and looked up at me.

“Who was it? In college, did I know him?”

“No, no one you knew.”

“Then tell me, what was his name?”

“Jamal… Jamal Harris.” She said and gripped the base of my dick.

“Was… was he black?”


“How big was he? Can you show me?” She held her hand up to where she estimated his dick would have been and spread her hand out, showing the girth. He was quickly eight inches long and 6 inches round.

“Show me what you did with him?” She knelt between my legs and sucked my dick in her mouth. She sucked me hard, and she rarely sucked my dick.

“I can’t really,” She sighed, “He was so big I could fill my mouth with his big black cock, and stroke his shaft, but I can’t with you… there’s not enough… your wiener isn’t big enough.” She smiled, learning that it was more than just okay, but I liked it.

“Jeez, Eli!” I huffed and shot my load; Elizabeth sucked my little wiener dry and swallowed my cum. “You’ve never done that before!” I snorted in pleasure.

“No? Well, maybe not with you, but Jamal always liked it.” She got up and went to shower, leaving me with my dick out and stunned.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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