Our Readers SPH Experiences 158

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader just can’t reach the right spots…

I woke up and nestled up against my wife’s large round ass, and my morning wood grew stiffer. After some caressing and finger play, I lubed up, and she pulled her panties down. I slowly teased her with my cock from behind as I played with her very excited nipples. I had difficulty penetrating due to my bronze member size (and her round ass) but finally got a good rhythm with her. Just as I was about to cum she stopped moving and, with a perplexed voice says, “Aw, you aren’t inside me yet.”

I blew my load right after trying to push deeper between her ass cheeks, but my cock couldn’t reach it. I got off fucking her ass cheeks when I thought I was inside her pussy.

Afterward, I just said, “Oops, sorry,” and she sighed and said it was fine.


Another reader is embarrassed at the pool…

So when I was in high school, during winter, we had swimming as other teachers used the gym and would rotate every two weeks. So every time I would change in the stall in the locker room so none of the guys would see my tiny dick, it was pretty much inside when soft, a bronze member when hard. So we went to the pool. I had my shorts on, did some swimming, but unfortunately for me, I didn’t tie them well enough, so when I was using the stair to come out of the pool, the weight from the water made my shorts fall off. I didn’t notice until I turned around, and my tiny dick was out there for everyone to see. It was cold, so obviously, my dick was nowhere to be seen. All the girls laughed, and some guys just started making jokes. I ran to the locker room and changed before anyone came back.

After class, some girls approached me and asked to see it again because they had never seen one so small. So I show them obviously because they’re pretty girls. They laugh, and one begins to touch it and suck it. I was still a virgin, so I came in her mouth after a couple of seconds. They all laughed and made more jokes about how some other nerd lasted longer. The girl who sucked it swallowed my cum and just mentioned how it was sweeter than any of the other big dick guys she’s sucked of. For a few weeks, this group of girls would take turns sucking my dick after school to try my sweet cum. Eventually, they stopped, and I proceeded the rest of the year, known as the dude with a small dick. Although those BJs made it a lot better since those girls were sexy as fuck


Meanwhile, this reader had a costume malfunction…

I remember this hot little Latina chick that I talked to for quite some time. Every conversation we had built a little more passion between us. She was thin and gorgeous, still is today (only thicker). I had a girlfriend who dealt with my small penis syndrome for years and seemed okay with it (well, outside of sex). This little Latina and I would sneak into corners, kitchens, and parking lots to talk to each other. It seemed like love brewing, and I was willing to leave my trustworthy girlfriend for this Hot Little model.

One day I screwed up, and I never will again. I decided to wear boxers with dress pants. I remember her coming out boldly to peek her head into the window of my car. We exchanged awkward words, and she had a smirk on her face like she wanted to laugh. Then she abruptly ended the conversation and walked away kind of quick. I thought it was odd and tried to figure out the situation.

Then I looked down… The lap of my dress pants was sucked in tight. The position of my tiny dick had nowhere to go but along my leg on the left side, with the contour revealing my sad size and shriveled shape. This picture was so telling that the only hidden thing was the bare skin because of the thin material. I must have been sitting on my balls which made this Tiny dick seem even smaller. He was lying there, thinking he was hidden. What do you do In a situation like that? If I had known, I would have instinctively retracted.

All I could do was quickly Adjust the tiny shrimp in horror. I was mortified.

She lost interest in me from that moment on. She married a big burly guy with a beard and nose and probably had a big schlong to match. If I only had a dick or cock, even a wiener, I would be ok, but all I have is a pacifier-sized penis. Her sisters wouldn’t even flirt with me from that time forward, and I secretly became known as the guy with a chapstick-sized dick.


Whle this reader let his girlfriend take control in the bedroom and likes it…

My gf and I were spooning one day, and we got into the mood, so I slipped it in from the back, came quick, and she didn’t even notice I was in. Since then, I’ve tried to get her to explore sph without making it too obvious. She only stays over on weekends, so I’ve got limited time with her to get intimate.

I started light on Friday, we were fucking doggy, and I said, “You like my big cock fucking you?”

She didn’t say anything for a second and then went, “Oh yeah, I love your big cock,” and let out a little chuckle, so I knew it worked, and I left it at that.

Later on Saturday, we had a few drinks watching a movie, we got a bit drunk, and I always struggle to get fully hard when I’m drunk, so I started to kiss her and insinuate it had been a long time since I had a blowjob, she agreed after a bit of convincing and then I didn’t push it, I just enjoyed seeing her try and keep my semi-hard cock which helped me get harder than I usually do after I drink. After about 10 mins we ended up fucking like usual, but she got frustrated when I kept “accidentally” falling out. At first, I wasn’t trying to, but I saw an opportunity and took it. She didn’t say much after, but I could tell she wanted more.

After Saturday night, Sunday morning was a little awkward, so I asked her about it, and she said she didn’t get much pleasure, so I offered to make it up with her and let her take control. She rode my face until she came and said that I was allowed to cum only after that. Afterward, she made me cum, so I sat there and jerked off to her ass. It was so hot because she’s usually very submissive, but she seemed to enjoy being in control, so I will let her take control more often.

I’m thinking of suggesting some sex toys like cock sleeves and dildos. Does anyone have any suggestions of toys we could use or other ways of getting some sph?


This reader enjoys some smack talk about his dickie birdo…

Last night my gf finally commented on my small size. It’s a bit weird as it has to do with Birdo from Mario Party. We were playing the game, and one of our opponents was Birdo. My gf said she understood dildo instead of Birdo. My answer was that Birdo looked more like a pocket pussy than a dildo. She looked at me and said, “Yeah, but you wouldn’t fit inside there, would you? I mean, I don’t think you’d touch the sides of that pocket pussy.” I was hard as rock straight away, and she noticed that I enjoyed her comment.


Another reader gets some super harsh feedback in a breakup…

Twenty-two male here and a silver member of the small dick club. My last girlfriend cheated on me because of my small penis. When we broke up, she told me that she had been having sex with her friend behind my back and that he’s a solid eight inches. She said she could never feel my tiny dick inside her pussy, and I’ve never made her cum even once. She was faking orgasms and that her new man has made her climax plenty already, and she doesn’t have to fake it anymore. This left me scarred for life, and I don’t even have the confidence to date girls anymore. I was even questioning my sexuality.


Meanwhile, this reader is coming last in the comparison stakes…

My wife’s ex-husband was well-endowed (9 inches). This was a significant problem from the beginning of our relationship. She was sure about his size because once he measured his dick in front of her. Moreover, after having sex with him for ten and more years, she had no doubt. “His dick was as long as my hand span,” she said (and her span is 8’75, bigger than mine.)

My wife was divorced and had an eight-year-old son, and a penis size question came out from the beginning of our relationship. She repeated more times that “Penis size doesn’t matter. A long penis hurts, and I hated having my cervix being beaten.” However, at the same time, she thought the opposite too. Once jokingly, she said to her son, “If you have a penis like your father’s, you will find many women happy!”

Some years after, we talked about her ex’s husband. “Her new wife is taller than me and perhaps has a deeper vagina, and if so, she is a lucky woman. Now she’ll enjoy it.”

In the same year, casually, we went to a nude beach in Spain. She was annoyed but at the same time intrigued. When we came back to the hotel, she said, “I have seen more dicks this afternoon than in the rest of my life. Most of them had a size like yours, but some had long cocks.” (It was true)

When we arrived in our room, she was excited, and her vagina was super wet (Obviously, we had sex). Last year her son (now 19) ended a relationship, and casually my wife heard that his ex-girlfriend complained about him. Among other things (mainly a lousy attitude), telling mutual friends, she said, “Sex with him hurt me continuously.

My wife was proud of the fact and that her boy was well endowed like his father. She told me, “Penis size doesn’t matter, but having a big cock makes it difficult to be rejected by a woman.”

I’m a bronze member of the small dick club.


While this reader became a cuckold to a whole frat…

I was in a frat in college, but I was a bit nerdy, weak than the other boys, and less manly down there (Silver Member). Whenever we had parties, and sometimes sexual stuff happened, I got told to film it. I was just there to film them fuck girls from college. I would get called into a room where one of the hot guys had a girl and told me to film them. It was humiliating cause it was an embarrassing and shameful look for me. Those girls would think less of me, especially when sometimes I would get hard from watching and sometimes even cum in my pants just from watching and filming, and they laughed at me. It made me become a beta boy that films or helps others during sex while I get nothing other than pity to laugh from those doing it.


This reader gets exposed at the beach…

Several years ago, I went to the beach with a girl I was dating. We both went into the water, and it was a relatively calm day, so tiny waves. We started fooling around, and she told me to take off my shorts. I took them off and handed them to her under the water. She ends up giving me a hand job to completion. She then kisses me and turns, and walks out of the water and back to our chairs on the beach with my shorts still in her hand, leaving me naked in the water. After 20 minutes, I finally worked up the courage to emerge from the water to retrieve my shorts. Now I get tiny when I’m soft and the time spent in the water brought on significant shrinkage. So, red-faced, I jog up to her, passing laughing people the whole time. She throws them to me about head level when I get close enough. Being the idiot I am, I used both hands to catch them, exposing my shriveled nub to many people. It was a pretty humiliating experience.


Another reader upsets his girl…

Last summer we spent a few days abroad by the sea. The nearest beach was very charming, but very few people in the water. This was an early morning, so we assumed these weren’t the rush hours. It was august, at it was crazy hot. We left all of our stuff on the towels and jumped into the water. It was ice cold. It turned out a mountain creek goes right into the sea nearby. Anyway, the beach was so beautiful that it was crowded with people around noon, but as I said, few of them were actually in the water for more extended periods.

As we were chilling and reading on the beach, we noticed many topless ladies. My wife said she wished she dared to take off her top to get a nice tan on her boobs. I loved the idea and started convincing her that it was a great idea. She didn’t go for it. After a while, we went into this freezing water to cool down a little bit. I decided to bring up the topless idea one more time. I told her that we were in the water so that no one could see her and she could find out how it felt. She was resisting, but I took off her top and asked her how it was? She answered that it felt weird. I decided to put her in the spot where she had no choice and came out of the water with her top in my hands. I knew she had come out eventually… And she did after a while. My excitement while watching her going towards me without her bra on a public beach died as soon as I looked at her face. I knew that expression. She was furious. She put the top back on and didn’t even look at me for like an hour. I was in trouble. I realized how stupid that must have been. I tried to apologize, but she wasn’t having any of it.

Now I needed to cool down in the sea. I was surprised to see her following me. I thought, she’s ready to make peace with me, but I was wrong. She stood in front of me, and with one move, she pooled down my trunks, grabbed my cock with two fingers, and said: How would you like if I walked out off the water now with your shorts and you’d have to come out naked with your little didklette out for everyone to see?”


Meanwhile, this reader finds himself on the menu…

While checking out the menu, they have the 1/2lb, Willie Burger, and the 1/4lb version, the Little Willie Burger. My girlfriend points to the smaller version and says, “Look, honey, they named a burger after you.”


While this readers girl enjoys teasing him for mutual fun…

My girlfriend and I met two years ago. The first time we had sex, I noticed her surprised face when she pulled down my pants. I asked her what’s the matter, and she replied: “Nothing, I’m just glad I won’t choke on it.”

By the way, I’m about 2″ soft and a silver member hard, so she hadn’t choked for real. Even though she didn’t intend to give me sph then, I still was highly turned on by it.

Over time she was more aware that small comments about my size make me hard, and I liked it. Before she knew about my fetish, she just dropped comments like how cute my dick looks when shriveled up, and she wants to play with that ‘little thing.’ Or she said that she’s happy that she can take a whole dick in her mouth. As I asked why she couldn’t do it before, she felt caught and said it wasn’t possible before…

She noticed how this turned me and began to make such comments more and more often. One time she sucked my dick and licked my balls simultaneously. She paused and teased me: ‘Look, I can even reach your balls with your small cock in my mouth.’ Sometimes she asks me for a Pic of my ‘tiny’ when she’s away, replying that her girlfriends would find it hilarious… She also brings up situations for my sph. For example, when we were at a park, she pulled my pants down, and my tiny dick hung out. Even though no one was around, I felt pretty embarrassed, and she said that nobody would have noticed anyway as it was barely visible.

She brought me into more situations like that, and I enjoyed it.


This reader grapples with his innie…

I‘m one of the lucky guys who gets SPH from my girlfriend almost every day, but today I received some honest SPH. I am a bit chubby, 6‘7, bearded, heavily tattooed, and a pierced guy with a tiny penis. It‘s an absolute grower because when it‘s soft, it‘s an innie, but hard I’m a bronze member. My GF is a brunette, 5‘8, thick girl with total massive saggy boobs (she hates them, yet I love them), a big round butt, and 19 almost 20 yo. We‘ve been together for a year now.

Today we visited her parents and her sister, and we were in a little bit of a rush because we overslept. She was in the bathroom getting ready, and I needed to pee, so I just walked in and did my business. I usually sit down because I don‘t want to make a huge mess, but it‘d be awkward to do this next to GF. So I stood there, opening my pants and pulling them down to my knees so I didn‘t get any pee on them. She glared down on my dick. Most of you guys push down your dicks now and start peeing, but it‘s slightly different with an innie. You first push the fat around your willy to make your dick pop out, so I did that cause otherwise, I wouldn‘t hit the toilet. She saw it and burst out laughing, almost crying. I asked her what was wrong. After a few seconds of intense laughter, she gathered herself and told me that it looked fucking hilarious how I had to make my dick pop out to pee. She couldn‘t control herself at the sight, and I stood there utterly embarrassed with my baby dick between my thumb and index finger. She said next time, she wants to take a video. Who knows what she’s going to do with it…


Another reader grapples with that terrible phrase we all hate…

So my wife was wearing tight white PJ bottoms this morning that made her ass visible, especially when the light hit. Naturally, I got on a semi. I was standing in the kitchen, and she hugged me. After pulling in tight, she leaned her head back with a cheeky grin and asked me, “Are you getting a little boner?”

I told her I was and why I decided to shoot my shot. I asked her to run into the bathroom and bend over the sink so I could just put the tip in for a few seconds. I couldn’t believe my luck when she took off running to the bathroom. Her big beautiful ass bent over the sink with the sun shining on it when I got in. I haven’t cum in a few days, so I got fully hard (Silver member). I dropped my trousers and slid it in straight away, or so I thought. After about 4 or 5 pumps, I looked at her face in the mirror and told her how good it felt.

She just smiled and said, ‘Oh, sweetheart, it isn’t in yet.

I’ve often read stories about guys thinking it’s in when it’s not, but this is the first time it’s happened to me! I pulled it out from between her legs and told her I was embarrassed, and she just laughed and said, “Well, it still felt nice just rubbing against it.”

I could feel the wetness on the tip of my cock, so she must have been excited. We couldn’t continue because we had something on that day, but I hoped we could pick this up again soon.


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