Neighbor to Neighbor 3

By Runtz3.

“Was Elizabeth just playing with me? That has to be it.” That was the first thought I had when I woke up the next morning. “Certainly, she was just making it up, telling me a story to turn me on… but what if she wasn’t?”

I heard the blow dryer running and realized Elizabeth was already up. A few seconds later, she came out of the bathroom dressed, with her hair done and make-up on. It was the first time since the baby came she was looking like her old self again.

“Where are you off to this morning?” I smiled.

“Did you forget already?” She asked, “April said it was your idea for us to spend the day together doing girl things.”

“Oh um, of course, yeah, I forgot that was today.” I had no idea what she was talking about but figured it was part of April’s punishment.

“There’s plenty of milk and diapers, and if you need anything… Well, figure it out. I am taking the day off.” She kissed me on my forehead and scampered off, excited about her day.

Between the crying, rocking, diaper changes, and feedings, there were some long stretches of alone time. I decided to pull up the camera feed and see if there was anything new I’d missed. The first recording was on April’s side, and she barged into her studio as if on a mission, and I realized she was looking for the camera. It took her a few minutes, but she finally discovered the hidden camera. Obviously certain of her find, she waved at me, pulled up a chair, and redirected a couple of her work lights.

I sat up, waiting to see what she would do. April put some music on, looked over her shoulder at the camera, and began to seductively sway. Holy shit! April was going to give me a striptease. She quickly bent over, her ass toward the camera, looked over her shoulder and sucked her finger. Spun around, letting her hair fall over her face as she gyrated her hips, slid her hands up her young, firm stomach, and gripped her perky tits. She sat down on the chair and popped her legs apart, lifting her arms over her head before slowly bringing them back down and pulling her top off, and pressing her breasts together, shaking them at me.

“Alright, Todd, pull out that tiny dick and get ready to jerk it for me.” She scolded and made a jerking motion with her hand. I quickly obeyed. I knew this was a couple of days ago, but it didn’t matter she was doing this for me and wondered if she had forgiven me.

I pulled my dick out and slowly stroked it while watching April on the screen slide her hand into her yoga pants and diddle her clit while instructing me to tug my little dick.

“You have the smallest dick I’ve ever seen, Todd, and I want you to just use two fingers to tug yourself, slowly. You better not cum until I tell you to.” She instructed. “Seriously, do you really think Elizabeth has ever gotten close to cumming from that tiny thing? Keep stroking Todd, spit on your hand and cover your pathetic twig in your spit.” She smiled and reached over to the cabinet beside her and pulled out the dildo I had seen her use. “Look, Todd, this is a man-sized cock.” She held it up, showing me the length and girth. “Let’s see how big this is,” She mused and grabbed the tape measure, “Look, Todd, this thing is nine inches long!” She smiled wide, “what was your little guy… 3 inches or something?” She laughed and held it to her lap like it was her own dick. She stroked it, encouraging me to jerk mine too.

“Come on, Todd! Stand up and jerk that little nub for me!” I did exactly that, “Do it like this, Todd!” She jerked the dildo between her legs. “Wait, you can’t. Can’t you even wrap your hand around it like this, Todd? Your pathetically small penis just isn’t big enough to even jerk off properly.

I was getting close to cumming, and didn’t care if I came all over the floor.

“Stop, Todd!” April snorted on the video, “You better stop. You don’t deserve to cum, not like this. I want you to text me immediately. Send me a thumbs up.” She commanded. I knew she would have no way of knowing, but I listened anyway and quickly sent April a thumbs up and waited for her reply.

Moments later, I was getting a FaceTime from April. I answered it and tried to act chill.

“Hey,” I said

“Show me, Todd.”


“You don’t have much time. Elizabeth is on the other side of the store. Show me your tiny pecker.” She whispered. I tilted the phone down and showed her my still, hard dick.

“Good boy, I like seeing your little guy throbbing hard. But you need to shave it, Todd. I don’t want to see any hair down there the next time I see you.” She hung up.

I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I am still in good shape, much better than most of the guys in this neighborhood, but now, after seeing April with so many real guys and all of them with bigger dicks than mine, I couldn’t help but feel inadequate.

I scrounged around and found a nose and eyebrow trimmer that I had gotten a while back and carefully trimmed my groin. I stretched my dick out and trimmed as close as I could around the base and up my small shaft. Once satisfied with the results, I looked at myself in the mirror again. “Fuck, I look like a toddler.” I sighed.

I cleaned up and checked the Find My app to see where Elizabeth was. She was in a shopping center I wasn’t familiar with, so I did a street view on Google maps. There were only two things in that center, a title loan place and Adam&Eve adult novelty shop, and I was certain she was getting a loan.

What was going on? My sweet, naive wife was at an adult book store with a girl who sucks off men for money in our shed. And just as I was wrapping my head around that, the baby started crying, and I was back to reality, changing diapers, bottle feeding, being a dad, and catching up on some work.

Hours later, the garage door was rumbling open, signaling that Elizabeth and April were back. I wondered if they would both come in, I wondered if Elizabeth had bought anything at the adult store, I wondered what all they had talked about, and I wondered if they had talked about me.

They came in talking fast and loud, giggling like old friends. The sound of shopping bags swishing together echoed through the house. The garage opens to the kitchen and the kitchen to the family room where I’d been sitting. I greeted them in the doorway but didn’t get much response from them. My eyes darted around the bundle of bags in my wife’s arms but didn’t see anything that would suggest she bought anything spicy at Adam&Eve, but maybe they’re discreet, or maybe Elizabeth is sneaky.

“Looks like you’ve had fun!” I spoke up a little louder than normal. They quieted down and looked at each other, then busted out laughing, obviously sharing an inside joke.

“Oh, we sure did, honey,” Elizabeth smiled and put her things down on the kitchen table. “Listen, um, I know this may sound weird, but I’d really like you to help April with something.”

“Okay, what can I do for you?” I directed to April, who was looking like a sexy schoolgirl. Her hair was a bit truffled and pulled up. She wore a pair of dark-rimmed glasses, a white button-up with a short plaid skirt, and knee-high socks.

“Well, you know I’ve been trying to get into an art school. Well, I need help with an admissions test. I want to focus on realism and need to submit a timed drawing and need a subject.”

“April and I were talking about it, and I thought maybe you could help her. It sounds like a great opportunity, but the admissions test is very specific.” Eli interjected.

“Yeah, well, this is the kind of awkward part, Todd.” She paused, “I need to submit a portrait…a human form… a nude.” She finally said, giving me a devilish smile.


“Todd, she doesn’t really have anyone else to ask, she doesn’t have the money to pay a professional model, and it just wouldn’t be proper for her to ask a classmate. So, I really think you should do it for her.”

“Please, Todd, I’ll owe you.” She winked at me behind my wife’s back.

“Umm, I guess. I mean, how could I say no.” I blushed at the thought.

“OH, THANK YOU!” April squealed, bouncing over to me and wrapping her arms around me. “We’ll come over tomorrow around two. I know that’s usually a good nap time for the baby.” She smiled.


“Oh, yeah, April’s mom will need to be here too. You know, she’s a young girl. I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. Thank you for doing this.” Elizabeth smiled wide and gave me a sultry kiss and took her things to our bedroom, leaving me alone with April.


“That’s Ms. Somerset, Todd.” She corrected me with a stern look, “look, I haven’t forgiven you, but this will make things equal. You violated me and my trust, so I am going to embarrass you in front of your wife.”

“Is this even real, like is the entrance thing real?”

“Absolutely, I mean… it didn’t have to be a nude, but it was an option to choose from. Eli doesn’t need to know that part.” She chuckled. That was the first time I heard her call my wife, Eli.


“We’re pretty tight now, Todd. Seriously, both of you see me as a peer. You guys really need to make friends your own age.” Elizabeth came back to the kitchen, she and April talked a little more, and then she left.

“What are you doing?” I snapped as the garage door closed.

“What?” She feigned ignorance.

“You know what, you want me to get naked in front of April?’

“Well… she’s really been so sweet to us, and she told me about the test, and I just wanted to help her. Besides, I’ve seen how you look at her. I am not mad. She’s a cute girl, and…” She stopped herself.

“And what?”

“And, I don’t know, Todd, I am feeling something… something different. I guess I’ve never thought that much about sex before. I mean, it’s nice and all, but for the past several weeks, it’s like something has awakened inside me. You’ve been different to Todd. This isn’t just me. I mean, with all the penis talk, and asking about Jamal. I thought it would be kind of naughty and fun to see you naked with her.” She smiled and hid behind her hair.

Elisabeth went and took a shower, and I checked our bank account on the app and saw she had spent almost $100 at Adam&Eve. Later we ate dinner in front of the tv.

“So… what did you guys do today? Did you get anything special?”

“We got our nails done,” She held out her hands and feet, showing them to me. “Then we went to a couple of stores that April likes to shop at.”

“Show me what you got?” I tried to sound only mildly interested.

“Oh, just a pair of shoes, a purse, and some odds and ends. You know I am still not able to fit back into my old clothes, but the pregnancy clothes don’t fit right either, so I got a couple of things to help get me through, some workout clothes and stuff.”

“That’s it? Nothing just for fun?”

“You know, sometimes when I am with April, I feel like we’re best friends, but then other times she can make me feel so old.” She shared. “Some of the things she does… I don’t know if it’s age or just different personalities.” She shared skirting the question.

“Like what?”

“Well, she flirts with almost everyone, guys, girls, old and young. It’s like a game she plays with everyone. She’s just so adventurous and free. I admire that.”

“Eli, last night… Was all that talk about Jamal real, or were you just messing with me?”

“Hmm, I think I’ll keep that a secret for now.”


“There’s nothing wrong with a couple having some secrets.” She teased and got up from the couch, “I am so tired honey, I am gonna go feed the baby and go on to the bed. We have an exciting day tomorrow.”

The next morning I woke up with a throbbing hard-on. I reached down and felt my prickly groin and remembered I’d shaved the night before, and now in just a few hours, I would be fully naked in front of April, my wife, and April’s mom.

“What ya doing?” Eli asked suggestively as she sat up, bracing her head under her arm.

“Just scratching.”

“Um-hmm,” She pulled down the covers, seeing my hard dick pressing against my pajama bottoms. “That looks like quite an itch you have there. Are you excited about this afternoon?”

“Babe… I don’t know if I can do this.” I whimpered. “I mean… Am I going to be completely naked, right? In front of April and her mom? I am feeling a bit self-conscious.”

“Oh, you’re going to be fine. Don’t worry about it, and try to have fun. After all, April and Ms. Somerset are both pretty women. I am sure there are tons of guys who would love to be naked in front of them.”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I did get something yesterday… it’s pretty naughty, and I think you’ll really like it, but you’ll only get to see what it is if you help April out.” She bribed.

“Okay, but you can’t get mad if I… you know, get excited around them.”

“Mad? I am counting on it.” She ran her hand over my small dick before getting out of bed.

The next few hours creep by. I must’ve checked the clock 1000 times, my stomach was anxious, and I kept getting chills thinking about what was about to happen. About noon, I decided to take another shower.

“Todd? Some guy named Trent just texted asking about using the shed. What should I say?”

“Um, sure, just give him a thumbs up,” I called back, hoping she wouldn’t probe any deeper into those texts. I got out and wasn’t sure how to dress. Should I put my clothes on, or just a robe? I decided to just go with a robe and sidestep the awkwardness of undressing.

Finally, after waiting for what felt like forever, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth answered and let them in. April carried a large easel and pad with her, and Maggie, Ms. Somerset, had a supply tote. They all talked like it was just a normal day, just neighbors getting together, but my heart was pounding. I was afraid I was going to get instantly hard and afraid my little dick was going to hide and look even smaller than normal.

“Hey Todd, thank you for doing this.” Maggie offered. “I know this might be awkward, but please don’t be embarrassed. I am no prude. I’ve seen my share of naked men.”

“Thanks, Ms. Somerset.” I couldn’t bring myself to call her Maggie. She was a real grown-up and not that much younger than my own mom.

April got set up in the dining room, pushing the table out of the way.

“Okay, so this is a timed test. I have an hour from the time I put my hand to the canvas with two five-minute breaks. So, Todd, I need you in a position that you can stay in, and one that’s easily repeated when we take a break.” April instructed, taking this more seriously and professionally than I thought she would. “I know sitting would be easier, but I’d love to have a standing pose if you’re willing.”

“Um, sure, whatever you think is best.” I agreed.

“Elizabeth, thank you for letting April do this. It really means a lot.” Maggie offered.

“Oh, no problem… that’s what neighbors are for.”

April placed some masking tape on the floor and adjusted the lighting. Elizabeth pulled out her camera bag from college and started getting it set up.

“What are you doing, Eli?” I asked

“Oh, I was telling April that I took photography and video in college, and so she asked me to film.”

“Okay, can you stand on the tape, please?” I got into position while Elizabeth fiddled with her camera.

“Are you filming April or me?” I asked

“Umm, both,” April said. “I have to prove I did it in real-time and that you’re a live model, not just a photograph. So, we’ll go for 20 minutes and take a break, but we can’t stop the camera. I’ll have to submit the video along with my drawing.” Eli propped the camera on a monopod to hold it still.

“Oh, okay.” I shrugged.

“Ok, Eli, are you ready? I need to give an intro, and then after that, I can edit the video and put music behind it, so feel free to talk after that.

Elizabeth gave her nod and counted down 3-2-1, and the red light came on.

“I am April Somerset, and today I am drawing a male nude with a live, amateur model. I have two witnesses, Maggie Somerset – my mom. And Elizabeth Shipley, the subject’s wife. It is… 1:23 pm,” She held her phone up to the camera. “And we will start as soon as Mr. Shipley disrobes. Mr. Shipley.” She gestured toward me, indicating it was time to get naked.

“Well…” Elizabeth whispered and snapped her fingers. Ms. Somerset came over and held her hands out. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, untied the robe, and slipped it off.

“Oh my!” Maggie accidentally blurted. “Oh my gosh! I am so sorry, and I am just, oh my God!” She flubbed, obviously caught off guard. I opened my eyes and looked down. My little trimmed wiener was a small pale lump that barely resembled a penis. It was more like something you would find in a joke shop sold as an eraser.

“Elizabeth?!” Maggie continued to jabber. “I mean, honey, look at it. It’s just so small.”

“Mom!” April giggled, trying not to laugh, “Can you please be a little more professional.”

“It’s okay, April. Yes, Maggie, you’re right. He is small. Is he the smallest you’ve ever seen?” Eli asked.

“Oh yes, honey, yes, that is the tiniest little thingy I’ve ever seen.” Maggie clutched her chest as she spoke. And just like that, my dick went from flaccid to rock hard. Normally my hard dick sticks straight out, my short shaft plumps, and my head gets a nice rosy hue, but now in front of Maggie, April, and my wife. I was the hardest I’d ever been. My dick curved up toward my stomach, exposing my balls, and my head turned purple.

“Oh my God!” Maggie snorted again, “It’s so small it’s cute, isn’t it, April?”

“Yes, mom, it’s very cute. Thank you, Todd, for doing this. It is a very cute, very small penis.” She smiled, “But, I have to get to work, so please, mom.” She motioned for her mother to move away and stay quiet.

“Todd, did you shave for April?” Elizabeth asked, “Maybe you were hoping it would make it look bigger for her.” She razzed.

“Now, Todd, I need you to find a spot on the wall, something like that picture over there,” She pointed, “Focus on that so I can get the eyes right. I’m going to sketch an outline and then work on the head, hands, feet, and groin while I have fresh hands to grip with since they have so much detail and small parts. Well, you know what I mean, small details.”

The house seemed oddly hushed. I could hear the sound of April’s pencils on the tablet. She had a collection of them in a brown leather case that she kept swapping out from. She seemed focused and single-minded.

“Eyes on the picture, please,” She coached.

“Maggie, I hope you don’t mind my asking?” Elizabeth started

“He dumped me.” She said plainly, “That’s what you were going to ask, right? April’s dad was a handsome man, but being faithful was not his strong suit. Then when I got a little too old, too saggy, too routine, he traded me in for a younger model.”

“I am so sorry,” Eli offered.

“Nah, I should have left him years before that. But, God, that man could make me weak in the knees for days.”

“Really, mom.”

“Oh, you’re old enough to hear this now, you know my mother used to say, ‘It’s not the size of the pole, but the wiggle of the worm,’ but my Kevin had a big pole and could wiggle the worm.” She overshared.

“Maggie,” Elizabeth chuckled.

“What?! It’s true. I mean, Todd’s little guy is like an appetizer, you know, something to get you ready for the main course. I just want to go over there and suck the head off that little thing, but then I’d want a real one to ride.”

I let out a small whimper, and my dick throbbed.

“Look at you working your worm.” Maggie snickered.

“Todd, I need you to hold still,” April teased.

“I’m sorry I’m trying,”

“And no talking Todd.”

“I think maybe he likes all the attention.” My precious wife prodded. “After all, why would he go through the trouble of shaving down there if he didn’t want us to notice?”

“You know it doesn’t matter what I think. As long as you’re satisfied, that’s all that matters,” Maggie said to Eli. “You are satisfied… right?”

“Uh,” She moaned, “I mean, we have fun, and he makes me feel good.”

“Oh honey, are you able to reach orgasm?”

“I think so,”

“You either do, or you don’t, sweety.” And then the chime on April’s phone went off, and it had already been 20 minutes.

“Todd, can you please stay where you are for a minute? I want to get a closer look.” April came right up to me and looked over my face. She reached up and touched my cheeks, ran her finger over my lips, and felt the creases in my forehead. Then knelt down and touched my hands, inspecting every knuckle.

“Elizabeth, do you mind if I touch him?” April asked my wife as if I wasn’t a person.

“Please,” She offered. April traced the length of my dick with her finger and held her hand up to my rock-hard member, measuring it against her hand. “Do you have a ruler?”

“I have a tape measure,” Eli said and pointed to a drawer in a nearby table. I had never known there to be a tape measure in that drawer.

“I am having a hard time getting the right scale and perspective,” April said and took the tape measure from my wife. “Do you know how big it is?”

“Can’t be more than four inches,” Maggie laughed and bent down and gripped my dick.

“He told me he was around five inches,” Elizabeth said.

“Hmm, am I doing this right, mom?” She asked.

“I think that’s right, honey. It’s just not much to work with.”

“So, he’s really just that?” April cheeped.

“Well?” Eli asked, “What is it?” She smiled.

“Three and a half inches, well, just under really.” April giggled, and they all started laughing.

“It’s almost time,” Eli said. April got back in place and held her phone to the camera again

“What really made Kevin special,” Maggie started up, “He gave me a 3 point orgasm. Every time.” She snickered.

“A what?” Elizabeth asked.

“A 3 point orgasm, honey. He had this big vein that rubbed against my clit, then he curved up, and his shaft rubbed my G-spot, and his thick head deep inside me would give me cervical orgasms.” She huffed as if that was common knowledge. “A few times, all three would hit in at the same time. Those were the days I didn’t care if he was a cheater, as long as he came back to me for more.”

“You really didn’t mind?” Eli asked.

“No…well, at first it did, but then I realized it didn’t keep us from having our time together. The man was an animal he could fuck two or three times a night.”

“Mother!” April snapped.

“I don’t think I would be okay with that,” Eli confessed.

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about, Hun. No one is cheating with a man with a 3-inch dick.”

“Almost three and a half,” I defended myself, and all three of them burst into laughter again.

“Todd!” April snorted between laughs, “You can’t say shit like that. I am trying to draw.”

“April, that is really amazing,” Eli complimented, looking through the camera. “Too bad you don’t have time to do it in color to get a real sense of how swollen his little guy is.”

“Elizabeth, have you ever been with another man?” Maggie asked.

Eli stood silent for several moments.

“Yes,” she breathed with a somber tone.

“And I am assuming he was bigger. Was he much bigger, or have you had really bad luck?”

“He was bigger… much bigger.” She shared, my dick was on fire and started throbbing again.

“Todd, please hold still,” April said, drawing attention to my condition.

“Oh dear, that little thing is going to explode!” Maggie joked, but I wasn’t sure she was far off, my balls were aching, and my dick had been hard for so long it was starting to hurt. My stomach started quivering, and my legs wobbled.

“Stay still, Todd.” April snapped, “Just a few more minutes, and then you can get dressed or do whatever you need to do.” She said with a raised brow.

“Oh yes, I’d love to see it cum.” Maggie said, “Would that be alright?” She directed to my wife again.

“I think we can arrange something.” She smiled.

“Did it feel better?” Maggie asked.

“What?” Eli replied.

“The bigger dick, when you had sex, was it better than with Todd’s little tool?”

“I… shouldn’t say.”

“Then that’s a yes, right?”

“Yes, he was bigger, and he felt better.”

And just as the alarm went off on April’s phone, I felt it hit.

“Shit!” I cried out. It felt like someone had kicked me in the balls, my dick convulsed, then suddenly a stream of thick cum came flowing out of me, followed by a squirt that launched at least two feet in the air before landing on the floor with a large splatter.

The trio of cock teases burst into a choir of exclamations. “What the fuck, what the fuck?! Oh my God!! How, how did you!! Oh my god!!”

I reached down and stroked my little dick ushering out two more violent streams. I was so embarrassed I just wanted to cover up. I reached for my robe, and then everything went black.

I woke up on the floor, with the robe under my head as a pillow. My wife was wiping my forehead with a damp cloth while April stroked my hair, and Maggie knelt beside me, holding my hand to her chest.

“Do you think you can stand back up?” Elizabeth asked, “We need you to get up so April can finish her picture.”

“I think so. How much time do we have?”

“You’ve been out for three minutes. You can lay here for a bit. Do you need something to eat?”

“Um, yes, please… And maybe some Gatorade.” Eli grabbed a couple of crackers and some Gatorade and slowly fed them to me. I sat up leaning against April’s chest and realized I was still naked and withered back to my small flaccid self.

“Let’s get you up,” Maggie said, and they helped me to my feet.

“40 seconds,” Eli called out. They helped me stand up in my spot, and I was feeling better.

“Can you… get it hard again?” April asked sheepishly. “I need you in the same pose as much as possible.” I wasn’t sure if she was being serious or just teasing me for fun or payback. I reached down and played with my deflated toy penis and managed to get a chubby but nowhere near as hard as I had been.

“10 seconds!” Eli said, and Maggie reached out and stroked my dick, trying to bring it back to life.

“Geez, it’s not just small. It’s thin too.” She shook her head.

“Time!” Eli shouted, sounding a little annoyed. I was hard, but not pointing up, throbbing hard. The final twenty minutes passed with little said.

“Mom, I am almost done, but could you stand behind Todd and lift his wiener for me so I can see his balls again?”

“Weiner?” I thought, “Had she been talking with Elizabeth about my wiener? No one else ever uses that word.”

Maggie stood behind me and lifted my penis up, letting April see my sack as she finished her art. Maggie’s hand sent a jolt through me. My little nub filled out more at her touch. She slowly tickled my dick and jerked it.

“Mom, don’t bounce his balls, please,” April smirked. Her mom stopped yanking but tickled under my head with her finger while holding me up.

“30 seconds!” Eli called out. Maggie’s finger twitched faster, and I could feel my cum bubbling up again.

“15 seconds.” She rubbed my dick like a clit, kissed my back, and whispered.

“You really have a nice body. I want you to cum again.”

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. That’s it pencils down.” Elizabeth monitored, April and Maggie both stopped.

“Well, that’s it.” April sighed, stretching her hand.

“It’s amazing, and I can’t believe you did that!” Eli encouraged, “if that college doesn’t let you in, they’re nuts.”

She turned the pad around so we could see it too. It was pretty amazing. The face was clearly me, but seeing myself drawn like that, my little nub of dick comically sticking out, I realized that my wife deserved more…bigger…better.

“Would you like to finish?” April asked, nodding at me. I took my small hard dick in hand and gave it a few tugs.

“Just a couple fingers Todd, we can’t see it when you use your whole hand.” Eli smiled. I switched to using only my thumb and pointer to stroke with.

“That’s it, Todd,” Eli knelt down in front of me and lifted her breasts out of her top, her full milk swollen tits just inches away.

I stroked faster and grunted loud as my cum dribbled out, hardly a tablespoon.

“Ohh, his widdle wee-wee is worn out.” April chided.

“Well, that was anticlimactic,” Maggie laughed, “I was hoping for something… more, just more in every way.”

Maggie and April packed their things and left, leaving Elizabeth and me to recover from our day. But it was still early, and Elizabeth had plans.


To Be Continued?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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