A Birthday To Remember

By Smallwhitedick89.

Glenn and Lilly met at a bar at a mutual friend’s birthday. Lilly was a very tall (about 5’10”) brunette girl with brown eyes. She had broad shoulders and average-sized breasts. She looked a bit on the portly side because of how she dressed, but it was evident that she was just large when she wore more form-fitting clothes. She wasn’t fat at all, really, just had an unfortunate bone structure in the age of petite women being the beauty standard.

Glenn found her cute this night, though, and was more than pleased to be talking to her all night. The two drank and flirted. Lilly discussed her ex-boyfriends of the past, how they were all smaller than her and emotionally abusive. She even joked about her ex’s diminutive cock size. She said she never measured, but he was about the size of her middle finger. And she laughed.

Glenn didn’t say much to that because he knew he didn’t have much more to offer her. Her fingers were pretty big after all, and his cock was only about 4 inches by 3 inches in circumference. She also complained that guys were turned off by her big ass, to which Glenn instinctively responded that he loved a big ass, which was true. Lilly smiled and offered him another shot of Jameson.

After hours of dirty talking with each other at the bar, they went back to her place to smoke and chat. Finally, both her and he were loose and, being completely honest. (Not customary first date honesty, but the real stuff usually takes weeks to get to). Lilly admitted that she would stick with any guy as long as they were nice to her and that her ex of 3 years never made her cum.

She was unequivocal that it wasn’t that his tiny dick didn’t feel good but that he was a fast cummer and refused to go down on her. She had always wanted to be more dominant, but he had made her feel like she’d never get another guy, and she didn’t want to ruin it. Glenn nodded and told her that she could be dominant with him if she wanted. She giggled. Then she asked the most loaded question of the night.

“So what’s your special kink? What gets you off that is something you’d never tell a girl normally?”

Glenn sat there, not sure how to answer. His porn interests were small penis humiliation, cuckold, girls using big toys, face sitting, forced ass eating. But this seemed like a lot to tell a girl he hardly knew. So he tried to reverse the question. “You first,” and he touched his nose to imply they were now playing nose goes.

“Hahaha, I knew you’d do that… so if I’m being honest in bed, I’m pretty vanilla. I’ve always wanted to be dominant and like peg a guy or whatever, but I’ve never done it. And when I watch porn, I like guy-on-guy or trans-woman-on-guy. I don’t know why,” and she laughed, embarrassed at her dirty kink.

Glenn had to answer now. She had put herself out there after all. “Umm, okay. I like to be humiliated. I’ve never had a girl do it. Well, not intentionally anyway, but I’ve always wanted to be teased or dominated for having a smaller dick,” and he let it hang in the air for a moment.

She tried to be reassuring that size wasn’t necessary, but he told her he knew that, but in his fetish, it was then she kissed him. She was aggressive and sloppy due to her buzzed state. He was the same. The two made out for a few minutes, with drool escaping their lips and landing on Glenn’s lap. Finally, the kiss broke, and she began to suck his neck. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, exposing more of his neck and drinking the pleasure. This was his favorite thing, but he hadn’t said that, so he just took it all in as he felt her hand explore his thigh to his zipper and button.

He was getting nervous. He was still soft, and that never happened at this stage. Maybe he was finally maturing, or perhaps it was the booze. Either way, she started to kiss down his neck and work to the other side as she unzipped his pants and pulled down the zipper. She moved her hand inside over his boxer briefs and started sucking on the other side of his neck.

Then she felt his dick. He felt her laugh on his neck. She double-checked the size and cupped his whole package in one hand. She pulled away and smiled at him.

“You weren’t kidding. You’re so tall and broad, and your dick is so tiny! Even my ex was bigger than this soft. Are you a grower, maybe?” She was being sincere, which made Glenn immediately start to harden in her hand.

She got down on her knees and pulled his pants and boxers down in one pull. She looked at his small, thin dick and tiny little marble-sized balls. “Ohhhh. You have the cutest little balls,” she said. “And you’re so smooth down here. Do you shave them?”

“I don’t shave my balls, no. Just my pubes,” Glenn said.

“It’s so cute. You’re this big dude like a football player, and your dick is so tiny” she held her finger that she used to show her exes length, and they were about the same. “And your cute little balls,” and she kissed them. She kissed from his tiny little balls to the tip of his puny little dick.

“I’ve always wanted a dude with a dick the size of my face when I do this, but oh well, you almost go down past my forehead,” and she laughed again as she enveloped his whole dick in her mouth and tongued the bottom of his ball sack.

Glenn sat back and let her do what she was doing. She was giving him great head. After all, she took it to the back of her tongue. She tried to deepthroat it for him but couldn’t. Then she came up and laughed, explaining that he was just too small to reach her throat. She took off her pants as she stood up, revealing an adorable floral pattern thong with a bra to match. She took both off and laid on her bed.

“Your turn, little guy,” she said

Glenn was far too turned on to tell her he didn’t actually like eating pussy. He was already leaking pre cum, and didn’t want this night to end. So he did as instructed. He started licking her lips and then moved to her clit.

“Ooohhh, my god Glenn. You know how to please a woman,” she roared. ” Too bad your dick is so little. Otherwise, you’d be perfect.” And with that, he upped his intensity on her clit. He used all the tricks he knew. He used the tip of his tongue and went up, down, and side to side. He tried the rough part of his tongue for different textures. He sucked on it to catch his breath and used the rough cut of his teeth a little bit, very softly.

He was down there for what seemed an eternity. His dick never got softer, which was unusual for him. Usually, when he went down, he got limp, which was why he didn’t like to do it much. But this time, he stayed rock hard, with his balls continuously tightening. He started to rock back and forth as his jaw felt tighter to try and deliver the same satisfaction to her.

Her comforter was balled up around his genitals and rubbed the bottom of his dick. He instinctively started to thrust toward it while coming up with his tongue. Finally, Lilly got very stiff and locked her legs together, forcing him to remain right where he was licking her large bean-shaped clit. His dick was desperate for more contact with the comforter, but he couldn’t move.

“Ahhhhh yessss, I’m cumming!” She shouted. Then her central air kicked on, and the vent at the foot of her bed blew cold air up. It hit Glenn in his ass hole first, causing him to clench. The clench made him thrust one more time into the air that was now moving, and he began to have a ruined orgasm all over her sheets.

“Ahhhh, I’m so sorry…” He said.

She un-clenched his head and looked confused. “For making me cum?”

“I ugh… I came…”

“Bahahaha, from going down on me? Oh my god, you’re something else.” She couldn’t stop laughing for what seemed to be 20 minutes. It started to make him hard again. “Do you think you could still fuck? I have an amusing idea.”

“Ummm, probably yeah,” He said.

She opened up her nightstand, pulling out a purple vibrator that seemed much too large for an ordinary girl and a smaller one that was blue next to it. Some lube and a tape measure, and she held the tape measure to the blue one first. It was 5.5 inches. Then the purple one. It was 8 inches. Then to Glenn. He was 4 inches.

“I’ve always wanted to be completely stuffed, and I think you can help.” She got on all fours. “If you eat my ass, I’ll let you inside my pussy…baby dick.” With no further prompting. Glenn started licking. She reached and handed him the purple vibrator. “Mmm, that’s nice, now turn this on and put in my wet pussy” He did as instructed.

“Keep licking! Mmmmm yeah, that’s it, turn the vibrator up to maximum.” He did. “Ahhhhhh yesssss… now, put some lube on the blue one… and put it in my ass….”

Glenn wouldn’t admit it, but he was enjoying eating her ass. Her cheeks on both sides of him, her hole enveloping his tongue, and her squirming making it all shake. But he did as she said and lubed it up before sliding it into her. He then turned the vibrations to max match the purple ones’ speed.

“Gahhhh! That’s so fucking good” she rolled over, keeping a hand on each toy, so they didn’t slip out. “Now fuck me.”

It took a few tries, but eventually, Glenn managed to set the vibrator up underneath his cock with his pubic bone holding it in place while he thrust. He pumped Lilly a few times before the feeling of her pussy and the vibrations were too much for him. He felt her tightening and loosening and saw the waves of pleasure going up her body, and he shot his load inside of her. A few moments later, Lilly grabbed onto his arms and looked him in the face with a look of possession in her eyes.

“IM CUMMING, SO HARRRDDD!” She screamed as she let go of his arms and started to convulse and roll. She reached down and turned off the vibrations, slowly removing the one from her ass and then her pussy. After the purple one was removed from its pink sleeve, it was followed by pouring her juices, soaking her sheets.


Over the next couple of years, the two continued to hook up and explore kinks. They would take breaks when Lilly would date someone, but for the most part, they were hooking up around 50 to 70 times a year. One year for Glenn’s birthday, Lilly planned something special.

Glenn was turning 30, Lilly had rented a hotel suite for them, and they met there. The two watched some TV and hung out until she went to the bathroom to come out finding something “more comfortable.” Lilly was wearing nothing, being exact. Her hair brushed her broad shoulders and C cup tits. Her mound and legs were freshly shaven and smooth.

She walked up to Glenn, who was lying in his boxer briefs on the bed, raised her leg over him, and plopped her fat juicy pussy on his face. She began to grind her clit into his mouth and nose until he managed to match her rhythm with his tongue.

“Yeah, lick my cunt baby, who owns your face and your little dick?”

Glenn muffled his response to her that she did. She started to increase her grinding speed on his face, then she grabbed him by the ears and began gyrating her hips aggressively as her orgasm approached.

“That’s it. Mmmmggh. Yes! A good little boy. Aggghhh,” she said in a tone of great relief before she pulled away from his face leaving her wetness all over his face.

Lilly then pulled down his boxers and came up to start kissing him while she cupped his soft package. As per usual, she laughed in his mouth after she got a firm hold on him and began to tug his tiny dick with her finger and thumb. Slowly he started to rise to the occasion.

Lilly slid down his body and put his dick in her mouth. She did her usual thing of engulfing his entire dick into her mouth and then licking the bottom of his balls. She sucked him for a few minutes and got him on the verge of cumming. Then she told him to sit up and sat on his lap cowgirl style. She didn’t let him in her yet. She just wanted him to suck on her tiny pink nipples while grabbing and slapping her tits as she enjoyed. The two knew each other’s bodies very well at this point, so the routine was nothing new for them.

“I have a surprise for you… I think you’re going to enjoy it. But I want to ask you first.

Glenn nodded his head to tell her to keep going. He was enjoying sucking her tits, and his dick was twitching from the weight of her big juicy ass.

“My ex-boyfriend Brandon. We’ve been hooking up a lot lately. And he’s agreed to come over here with his roommate Sarah to join the party. If you’re down?”

Glenn nodded his head furiously. A foursome sounded fun, and two new people to humiliate his tiny dick. Maybe he’d prematurely ejaculate, and they could have an MFF threesome while he watched. That made his dick twitch again. Lilly finally raised her hips and pushed the 4 inches of nearly exploding cock inside her.

Her pussy was warm and perfect. It wasn’t new, but it never got old to Glenn. Every time he was inside her, it felt like a glove meant for his circumcised baby carrot dick. He started to thrust up with his hips while switching his mouth to her other nipple.

Lilly began to grind back and forth on him, knowing that if she bounced, he’d fall out. After a few seconds of grinding, Glenn felt his balls tightening. Lilly looked down at his face and knew what it meant. She (as she always did) reached her hand down and grabbed his balls. Not too tight but just enough to help force his orgasm out. 2 more rocks and a whisper of “You’re so pathetic” in his ear, and Glenn shot his load inside of her.

Now it was her turn to sit on the bed while he got on his knees to clean her messy pussy up. Glenn licked her wet lips and tongued her hole until his glob of cum came out of her and into his tongue. Lilly had her thighs wrapped around his ears, so he heard her speaking, but it was muffled. This is why after he swallowed the glob of cum and stood up with his very deflated 1.5-inch softy that poked out rather than hungover tiny balls, he was surprised to see a girl about 5’3″ with fiery red hair.

She had a massive smile on her face. Like she just walked in on the most embarrassing thing ever. She began to laugh lightly and held her fingers close together—the universal sign for tiny dick. The man next to her was around 6′ tall with short hair dyed pink, and he had a similar expression on his face with a raised eyebrow of interest and maybe slight arousal.

“Happy birthday Glenn!” Lilly shouted as she opened her legs to show off her perfectly manicured pussy. Glenn smiled and said hi to the new members of the party. He realized he knew very little about Brandon. Lilly had told him he had a huge cock, but it was unclear if she meant that or if she said it to humiliate him the way he liked.

“Lilly said it was cool if we stopped by,” Brandon said, not really as a question, but in a tone that said if you object, now is the time because I’m going to be in control. He looked up and down Glenn’s body but hadn’t reacted to it yet.

Glenn nodded and tried to say yes, but his voice was caught in his throat from the excitement. Brandon smiled and told Sarah to go undress. She went into the bathroom to do as he wished without a word. Then he looked at Glenn.

“cute dick” and pointed to the ground in front of him. Glenn froze, unsure what to do. But Lilly needed no further prompting and dropped to her knees as she unbuckled his belt and slowly worked his jeans down his leg. When she had done enough to reveal his boxer briefs, Glenn saw an outline of a massive, still soft package poking through. His mouth dropped open as Lilly put her mouth over it through the boxers.

“I’ve missed this cock so much. You see what I’m stuck with,” she said as she gestured to Glenn, who was still standing with a little pointy dick and mouth agape.

“Ha, you poor girl. Does it get bigger?” He said. Glenn was still speechless, but he was starting to grasp the situation, and his tiny dick was beginning to rise again. Sarah walked out of the bathroom completely nude. She was small compared to Lilly, but her tits were much larger. Probably a D cup. Maybe bigger. Her hoodie had done an excellent job of hiding them, and Glenn was pleasantly surprised at the mountains he saw before him.

Brandon grabbed one and pulled her closer to him. Sarah moved herself to be in front of him but next to the kneeling Lilly, who was still worshipping, kissing, and nibbling on the massive, packed meat in the boxers. Glenn got a great view of both their asses. Lilly had a big ass, and it was wider than Sarah’s and not as juicy. He still liked it very much, but Sarah had a comparable size with a much smaller frame. She was making it seem nearly impossibly bubbly.

He wanted to reach out and grab it. Maybe kiss it. But he wasn’t sure that was what he should be doing. Even though she had consented to be at this “party,” Glenn still didn’t feel right just grabbing her ass. Brandon had no such qualms. He reached down and held it and looked again at Glenn.

“Is that… is that hard for you?” He asked. Both girls looked over, and Glenn looked down.

“Yeah, that’s as big as it gets,” Lilly said before looking back up at Brandon with wanting eyes.

“Oh my god… you never said he was THAT small,” said Sarah in light disgust. “That’s not going inside me!” She said firmly. Then she grabbed Brandon’s big bulge and dropped to her knees beside Lilly. She moved her other hand to brush Lilly’s bangs back and free up her face. Brandon indicated that Glenn should join the girls. And he followed the instructions.

Glenn walked over to the other side of Lilly and dropped to his knees next to her. Then she and Sarah each put a hand on the elastic bit of Brandon’s boxers and pulled down. Out came a long, fat, and still limp man pole. It was bigger than Glenn already. Probably about 6 inches and hanging over two massive clementine-sized balls. His cock was uncut, which Glenn had never seen before.

He looked at his cut, fully erect dick with his two marble-sized balls and back up at Brandon’s hardening snake. While Glenn looked like he had an extra thumb with a helmet, Brandon had the sake that probably tricked Eve into doing whatever he wanted. And he couldn’t blame her. Lilly went first, engulfing his foreskin and part of his shaft into her mouth. She was doing something with her tongue, but Glenn wasn’t sure what. Then she opened wide, and he pulled out his cock with the foreskin tucked back.

His head was bright red and swollen. Big enough to cover Lilly’s entire nipple with if he so chose an about the same size as Glenn’s tightening ball sack. Lilly went back to work, taking it into her mouth. She got about an inch or two down the shaft before coming back. “That’s as far as you go.” She said to Glenn, showing her spit ended. Brandon had about 6 inches of cock left to be worshipped, where she would typically be touching the bottom of his balls already. His tiny dick twitched again at the excitement. And Lilly went back for thirds.

Sarah reached over and started using the spit to jerk Brandon’s cock. Still not fully hard, but probably done growing. She looked Glenn in the eyes and smiled.

“Do you still feel like a man?” Glenn shook his head no. She is soaking up all the attention. “This is your 30th birthday, and he’s 23 and more than twice your size. Your little girlfriend here has to beg a kid who’s barely old enough to drink to make her cum because you’re incapable.” She said without a hint of insincerity.

Glenn was pretty sure that he made Lilly cum more often than not but picked up the ball and ran with it. “Is that true, Lilly? Do I not make you cum?”

Brandon pulled out his now fully hard 10-inch cock and put it on Sarah’s mouth. “Of course not. You’re fun because you’re so open, but your little prejac baby carrot is the same as fingering me for 30 seconds. This is a whole arm. And you’re like a pinky.” And then she kissed him on the mouth. The two tongues wrestled for a moment, Glenn’s dick twitched, Lillys pussy dripped, and he took in the taste of Brandon’s giant cock.

Sarah was gagging on the massive member in front of them. Lilly had gotten about halfway down before he switched mouths. Sarah was faring a little better but was getting her throat fucked already, which allowed for an excess of saliva to drip down the shaft.

Brandon signaled to Lilly that he wanted her to circle round, and she did. She walked on her knees to Brandon’s ass and began licking. Just like she had made Glenn do to her, this man was making her do to him. Glenn still hadn’t partaken, but his tiny dick was getting moist at the top from his growing droplets of precum.

Finally, Brandon pulled his cock out of Sarah’s mouth and slapped Glenn in the face with it a few times. Sarah went to suck Brandon’s hanging balls. “Oh fuck yeah, Lilly, clean my ass hole. Have you ever done this for the baby carrot over here?”

“No, never,” Lilly said as she plunged her face back in between his cheeks. Brandon slapped Glenn once more in the face with his cock. Glenn went to tell him to stop but had the cock rammed in his open mouth before the words would come out.

As Brandon began to slowly fuck his virgin mouth, Glenn took in the scene he had landed in. On his birthday, he was being abused by a kid eight years younger than him who looked like he was in a punk band, and he couldn’t be more aroused. After a second, Brandon pulled out of his mouth and told Sarah to lay at the top of the bed. Lilly to eat her out and raise her ass while doing it.

Even though Lilly had never eaten a pussy before, the two girls did as they were told. But she was glistening with anticipation of what Brandon had planned for her. It was either going into her ass or pussy, and either way, she was into it.

“Wh… what should I do?” Glenn asked.

“Call me sir firstly. I had to come over here and satisfy your girl for your birthday, so how about respect and appreciation. Now sit and watch. Don’t you dare touch yourself, though?” He ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Glenn said as he meekly walked to the chair in the corner of the room. He wanted to touch his dick so bad. It was twitching. It wanted to have the release. Glenn craved the opportunity to cum. But he couldn’t. Then Brandon walked up to Lilly and put his fat cock head against her pussy lips. He was met with a moan and a gasp.

He smacked her ass cheeks, and they clapped. He did it again and again until a red mark was visible. Lilly gasped each time and let out a ‘do me’ moan after each gasp. Brandon rubbed the fat cock head against the back of her lower lips again, letting the moisture from her build up.

Then he went in—first just the head. Lilly’s moans filled the room. Her anticipation was finally met with the cock she had been longing for. She started to arch her back up as he slowly inserted himself, but he pushed her back down to Sarah’s cunt. He worked his fuck stick until it was a little more than half inside Lilly before he started to fuck her. Still slowly but with his hips instead of simply feeding the snake down the drain.

“Ooooohhhhh fucccckkkk” Lilly said, poking her head up again from between Sarah’s legs. Sarah pulled her head back down.

“Don’t you fucking stop, girl! We’re doing this because your fuck buddy is a little boy with a sensitive little dick. Don’t take away my orgasm.”

Glenn sat there on the edge of his seat. His mini-member was on the verge of an eruption. He knew that it wasn’t going to take much. But Brandon hadn’t yet permitted him to touch it. He was conflicted. He looked down and saw his head was turning purple as the bead of precum once again began to build around it.

He watched on as Brandon started to pick up the pace of his fucking, each time inserting just a bit more cock. Lillys moans were louder with each thrust, but Sarah held her head firmly down against herself. Sarah’s eyes were beginning to close and roll back into her head as Lilly got more comfortable eating her out.

“Mmm yeah, just like that, you little slut. Worship my pussy. Ahhh!” She made that noise as Lilly used the rough side of her tongue to swallow some of the built-up saliva and pussy juice. “I’m soo close!” She screamed again as Lilly got back to the short rapid licks.

Brandon was a little more than ⅔ of the way inside Glenn’s fuck buddy. Glenn was so turned on watching Lilly being degraded like this by another girl and watching her take this massive cock. He started to think about dating her and upping their relationship.

In his pre nut euphoria, he saw the future. She would continue to date and fuck big cocked stallions and come home to tell him about it. She might let him try and reclaim her, but she would often just let him clean up and then jack off. The thought was driving him nuts as he looked on to see Brandon drive the rest of his massive cock inside her.

Lilly screamed in orgasmic pleasure. Brandon had hit the spot she needed, and her hole gushed approval. Sarah had ground her cunt into Lilly’s face and humped it like Lilly had Glenn earlier to achieve her orgasm. Her moan wasn’t as loud but caused her to shake and vibrate all the same. And the excitement of the two girls cumming caused Glenn to hump the air reflexively and experience his own ruined, hands-free orgasm. Cum poured out of him, and his moans were nearly as feminine as the other 2.

“I just made three bitches cum from this dick,” Brandon said cockily. “Now Lilly, get up and switch with Sarah.” He pulled out his raging, darkening hard-on and watched as Lilly rolled off the bed to allow Sarah the chance to get on all fours.

“My pussy is too sensitive to be eaten out right now. After that fucking. I need a minute.” Lilly said.

“Who said anything about your cunt? Don’t assume. Get on all fours in front of Sarah. If you two sluts want to cum tonight, then you’re going to do what I say.” Brandon berated her. Sarah began to object, but he grabbed her from the back by the throat. “Listen. We’ve discussed this before. You listen to me. Got it?”

“Yes, sir,” She said passively. Then Brandon forced her head into Lilly’s ass.

“Show her your appreciation for making you cum. And show me the respect I deserve. And you,” He said, looking at Glenn. “Keep being a pathetic little beta.”

” Yes, sir,” Glenn nearly whispered in complete submission.

Brandon was not nearly as gentle with Sarah. She was still wet from Lilly, tonguing her to orgasms, and he slid in about seven inches with no resistance. She started to poke her head up but being shorter made it easier for Brandon to keep a hand on her head. She was buried between Lilly’s cheeks. She must have started to eat her ass right about then because that’s when Lilly began to make her lusty noises.

Glenn wasn’t getting hard this time. He had just cum twice in the last hour. But his arousal was still at an all-time peak even if his dick was still deflating inside of his sitting body.

Brandon worked the last couple inches of his cock into Sarah after a few aggressive thrusts. Each one was met by a loud squeaking moan that could barely be heard through Lilly’s thick cheeks. Lilly was moaning loud enough for the both of them, however.

“Oh my fucking god… that is so good. Glenn, you need to learn to do this like her. It might even make up for your quick finishes if you do it right. Mmmmm yessss.”

Brandon began to speed up now as he was entirely inside of Sarah. Glenn could see her torso convulsing with every thrust. She would arch herself slightly and then drop back down during his slow and steady pumps. But once he began to up his speed, she just went stiff, holding onto Lilly’s ass for support as she increased her tongue speed to match.

After 10 or 15 minutes of the steady rapid pounding of all her spots, Sarah couldn’t help but lift her head from Lilly’s ass. “Aaaahhhhh, you own this pussy, you big cock king!” She screamed as a tidal wave of her juices leaked down his member and to his meaty clacking balls.

Rather than verbally respond. He pulled his still unspent cock out of her and smiled. “Keep eating that pretty asshole. I’m gonna give the birthday girl a present now.” And he had a wicked grin on his face. Glenn dropped to his knees as Brandon closed the distance between them. “Clean this girl cum off my cock and balls bitch.”

Glenn was mentally conflicted, but physically his body dove right in and started to suck the wet dripping ballsack. Lilly continued to moan as Sarah did her best to please her and Brandon. Finally, when Glenn switched from the left nut to the right, Lilly started to moan. Sarah took her hand and made a fist. She put it up to Lilly’s gaping hole and worked it in. Lillys moans intensified as Sarah continued to tongue punch her ass hole and fist her already satisfied cunt. Finally, an intense follow-up third orgasm overtook her, and Lilly announced it to the whole world while Glenn moved to lick Brandon’s still stiff shaft.

“Mmmm, your such a good cock worshiping slut, Glenn. Are you sure you even like girls? Because your little dicklet is getting hard again from doing what you’re best at.”

Glenn looked down and saw the truth of what Brandon said. He seemed smaller too. Probably because of how much he had cum recently. When he reached down, he felt like he had lost an inch. Then Lilly and Sarah both smacked him.

“No touching unless Brandon says it’s okay.” They said in unison.

“Good sluts. We’ll manage to fix this one yet with both of you helping,” He said as he grabbed Glenn’s head and put his now cleaned cock inside his open mouth.

Brandon directed Glenn to get on the bed on all fours. He then sat in front of him and pulled his head down onto his cock. Brandon looked at Lilly and signaled her to go around and get Glenn ready. She bent down and spat into his asshole and then inserted two fingers for the birthday boy.

Glenn yelped but didn’t stop sucking for fear of what Brandon would do. He realized he was going to get fucked. He figured he could either have some lube or not. And decided some lube and stretching from Lilly was the preferable alternative.

Glenn never thought of himself as gay. Or even bi. But he was worshiping Brandon’s cock as good as any other slut. At least that’s what Brandon told him as he started to slowly pump inside his throat. Lilly was now using three fingers on Glenn’s ass hole and trying to go deeper and wider for him, using more spit every few pumps to get it properly wet.

After her fourth finger, she found the prostate as Glenn stiffened and moaned. They were high-pitched gasp moans that to his ears sounded reminiscent of Lilly and Sarah being fucked. Brandon pulled his cock from Glenn’s throat, dripping with saliva, and got off the bed. He moved Lilly and spat on Glenn’s ass hole a few more times. Then he squared up.

“Here’s your birthday present from me, little girl,” Brandon said as his cock head met Glenn’s tight hole.

“Unnggg,” Glenn roared as Brandon had inserted half of his head.

Brandon worked it very slowly. And delicately. It took him 5 minutes to get his fat head past the hole. Then his shaft started to slide in with more ease. Lilly and Sarah got on each side and spit a few times on his cock to ease his entry. At first, Glenn thought they did it for him, but then he realized they did it, so Brandon’s perfect cock didn’t get any friction burns.

It took another 10 minutes, but Brandon had finally managed to fit more than half his cock. He was getting close to cumming himself now. It had been over an hour and a half of constant worship of his cock, and Glenn’s tight hole was doing the trick. Glenn was in immense pain, but it was fading and replaced with a full feeling. It wasn’t quite good, but it was warm.

Brandon pulled his cock out and told Glenn to roll onto his back. He wanted to see Glenn’s eyes as he made him cum with his cock. Glenn did as he was told and raised his legs to give Brandon better access to his eager hole. He already missed that fullness and wanted it back.

Brandon wasn’t so gentle this time. He put his cock head into Glenn’s hole, grabbed his legs, and pulled him closer as he drove it home. Now Glenn was writhing on Brandon’s superior fuck stick. Brandon found Glenn’s G-spot and hit it with every stroke as he upped his speed.

“You like this, you little slut?” He asked.

“Mmmmmmm. Please don’t stop!” Glenn said in response as his dick was slapping his balls with every thrust.

“Say you love it,” Brandon ordered.

“Ahhh, I ahhh yes. I love it. Right there. Yes, YESSSS!” Glenn’s body was tightening now. He couldn’t move as Brandon kept working through the resistance.

“Say you love daddy’s cock!”

“I LOVE YOUR COCK, DADDY!” Glenn shouted, followed by more high-pitched moans as Brandon finally filled him with cum. As the load shot into his asshole, Glenn’s balls tightened, and his load was spurt from his limp cock.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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