My Girlfriend Becomes Our Roommate

By Luv4hotwives.

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After three weeks, Heather finally seemed to be settling in. She recently moved into the house I rent with my buddies Ryan, Mike, and Tommy. She was nervous about moving in with a bunch of guys but was finally starting to relax and feel at home.

“Morning, Alex,” Heather leaned over in bed to kiss me.

“Do you think I could just wear what I slept in around the boys?” Heather was wearing a tiny white T-shirt and light blue panties. You could notice her nipples barely poking under her shirt. “I’m used to wearing a lot less at home but have been covering up more since living here. I mean, it covers up more than a swimming suit would cover.”

“I guess that would be OK,” I replied. I would just need to make sure the guys behave themselves.

As we came downstairs, the guys were already up chilling in the living room. “Morning, boys!”

The guys all looked and quickly did a double-take. Before pretending everything was normal.

“Oh, hey, morning Heather.”

Heather sat down on the couch between Mike and Tommy. They continued playing video games. “Hey Tommy,” Heather said, watching him play. “Is there something wrong with your controller? You don’t seem to be doing too well.”

“No, he just sucks,” Ryan teased.

“Hey, fuck you, Ryan!” The guys all laughed, and so did Heather. It was nice seeing her as just part of the group. Pretty soon, she was playing as well and not doing the greatest. “What’s wrong, Heather, broken controller?” Tommy said sarcastically.

Heather playfully slapped Tommy. “Oh hush, I’m not doing that bad. Besides, it’s easy for Ryan to do well when he’s got such a great seat!”

Ryan was sitting on one of those oversize beanbag chairs closer to the TV. Heather got up, walked over, and plopped herself down on Ryan’s lap.

“Well, there goes your advantage now,” Heather said with a sassy cute inflection.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Heather with only one layer of fabric covering her backside sitting on Ryan’s lap. It wasn’t long before Heather was kicking all their asses.

“Well, it’s easy for you to win when you’re smothering me with your big butt!” Ryan said to Heather.

“Who are you calling a big butt!” Heather replied as she reached back and started tickling his sides.

Laughing, Ryan retaliated, tickling her in return. “You’re starting a battle you can’t win, Heather.”

I could not help but notice he was mainly tickling her lower belly and over the top edge of her panties. As their bodies moved, it was hard to see where his fingers were moving, but as Heather yelped, “OK, you win, stop.”

I could swear I saw his fingers move over her crotch. Had Ryan just tickled my girlfriend’s pussy? After admitting defeat, Heather said, “I should move somewhere safer.”

She got up and sat back down by the other guys. As she got up, I couldn’t help but notice the large lump in Ryan’s lap. He had gotten a boner tickling my girlfriend. At least she has moved away from him.


The next couple weeks were more of the same Heather seemed to be just one of the guys more and more. We’d all spend time together playing video games, watching movies, having drinks, and just generally shooting the shit. Yeah, the guys might flirt a little, but I don’t think anything ever got out of hand. I even got used to her wearing so little around the guys.

One day, Heather and I were in our room. I had just finished getting dressed, and she was fresh out of the shower, toweling off. I was admiring her naked body when she told me, “I’m glad the boys have been so cool! I feel so much more relaxed when I don’t have to cover up.” She sat down on the bed still naked.“This brings up a thought of mine. I’ve had such an exhausting week, and I have a favor to ask you. Would it be weird for you and well them if I didn’t wear any clothes.”

“What?” I replied in shock.

“Well, yes, it’s just that is what I used to do when I lived by myself or with all girls. Even growing up, I never wore clothes. Nudity at home is just a normal thing for us. I know it sounds weird to you, but being nude helps me feel relaxed. And it would be the perfect way for me to decompress right now.”

“I want you to be comfortable, but we need to set boundaries. I don’t want my friends having sex with you.”

I did not like this idea at all. But I also didn’t want to be one of those boyfriends that lost his girl due to being jealous and restrictive. I believed Heather when she said nudity was natural to her, but my friends were going to get ideas seeing my hot girlfriend’s naked body.

“Oh, nudity is not a sexual thing at all. We’ll talk to the boys right now, OK.”

“OK Heather, I trust you, let’s go.”

Heather started to walk out of our room naked. I didn’t realize she was going to start this right away! The guys predictably were both in shock and eagerly absorbing the sight of Heather’s naked body.
“Hey, guys, I wanted to talk to you. So, I’m naked,” Heather laughed and continued to address the guys. “So, I’ve always been a nudist at heart, and I’m at my most relaxed nude. You guys are great and my good friends, so I feel comfortable enough to share this part of myself with you. First, please let me know if this makes any of you uncomfortable.”

All three of them quickly assured her they were OK with it as their eyes continued surveyingHeather’s exposed body. Big shocker that they’re perfectly fine seeing my girlfriend parade around naked, I thought to myself.

“Thank you, guys, so much! So the other thing is I need to establish this is a lifestyle. This doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you guys are anything like that.”

The guys nodded and said they understood.

Heather proceeded to carry on like usual, completely naked. For the next half an hour, every eyeball in the apartment followed her every move. Finally, she decided to go sit down in the living room. She sat on the couch crisscross apple sauce, making her pussy easily visible.

Tommy walked up and, staring between Heather’s legs, asked, “Hey, Heather, you want to play some video games?”

“Sure! That would be fun.”

The other guys joined in, with all three taking every chance they had to glance at Heather’s pussy. Of course, they were so distracted that she was crushing them.

“She must be cheating,” Ryan remarked. Tommy and Mike nodded in agreement.

“Nuh-uh! You’re just embarrassed a girl can kick your butt.”

“OK, guys, we can’t let Heather get away with this travesty. Get her,” Mike yelled.

And the three guys proceeded to start tickling Heather. It was apparent they were simply trying to cop a feel and were trying to make it look innocent. They made it look like mistakes, but they kept on tickling sensitive areas. Mike’s hands were massaging around her chest area, his fingers gracing grazing over her tits and nipples. Ryan began stroking her back, but his hands were more going to her ass. Finally, Tommy tried to make it look like he was tickling her stomach. But he was moving his fingertips over her crotch a lot more than her stomach.

“Hey guys stop trying to feel up, my girlfriend,” I yelled.

They stopped, but Heather gave me a stern look. “Alex, it’s completely innocent. I am naked, but it’s not like they’re trying to feel me up, and you know how I feel about jealousy,” Heather scolded.

“OK, I guess,” I said, wondering if I was out of line.

I saw Tommy looking at his fingers. I could see the light glisten on them. That asshole had touched Heather’s pussy with his fingers. What’s more, the attention got her excited enough where her pussy got wet. I could also notice her incredibly erect nipples.

Then Heather said, “I’m gonna get a drink. Why don’t we all cool our jets and watch a movie.”

“Sounds like a great idea,” I said, following her into the kitchen.

When we were alone, Heather looked to reassure me. Don’t worry, Alex. You know I’m your girl. The guys are just horsing around as usual. The only difference is I’m naked, but nudity doesn’t mean sexual. Remember, the human body is a natural thing. They are just acting like their usual selves, so don’t get jealous, OK?”

“OK,” I replied. I knew Heather had broken up with guys before that didn’t trust her. I’d just have to suck it up and deal with this. “I trust you, Heather. I’ll be sure not to second-guess your loyalty again.”

Ryan and Mike were stretched out across the sectional when we got back. “Hey guys, I wanted to lay on the sectional and watch the movie, and here you guys are all manspreading, blocking the whole thing,” Heather whined.

“I guess you’ll just have to find the room,” Mike said with a smirk.

“Fine,” Heather quipped.

I watched as my naked girlfriend sat between Mike’s spread legs. ‘Great,’ I thought, ‘could this get any worse?’

The movie started, and everybody settled in and watched. Heather tookMike’s hand and put it around her stomach. “If you’re going to take up the whole sectional, you better hold onto me, make sure I don’t slip off.”

I noticed Mike’s finger circling and playing with her belly button about five minutes later. Nothing inappropriate, but I would have been more comfortable if his hand remained still. A few scenes in the movie had passed. It was so gradual I hardly noticed, but Mike’s fingers were now playfully exploring the skin below her navel, only an inch above her pussy.

I’m getting a little chilly, mind putting that blanket over us,” Heather motioned to the blanket on the back of the sectional behind Mike.


Mike pulled the blanket down and draped it over my girlfriend’s naked body. I could no longer see what was happening as Mike’s arms slipped under the blanket. It looked like he brought his arm across her belly like before. This was the worst scenario I could imagine. Mike has his hands onHeather’s naked body under a blanket, so I can’t see. And I promised Heather I’d no longer be suspicious.

I saw no movement for the next ten minutes. What was I worrying about? It’s not like they’d fool around with me right there! I became engrossed in the movie, not paying any mind to them until near the movie’s end. It looked as though Mike’s arm was higher than before. Instead of over her belly, it was over her chest! I saw slow movements, and it sure looked like he was playing with one of Heather’s tits!

I thought about what to say until I noticed more movement down around Heather’s crotch. Was Mike fingering Heather? The look onHeather’s face would imply he was. The top of the blanket had slipped down without their noticing. I could now see Mike’s hand groping her tit and pinching the nipple. Just then, the credits began the roll, and Mike moved his hands back to himself.

It was getting late, and we went to bed. I was trying to think of a way to address what I saw without appearing jealous.“So how was the movie.”

“It was good! And Mike was such a sweetheart to be my movie snuggle buddy.”

“Yeah, so. I trust you. But regarding that snuggling. I saw Mike’s hand on your breast and—”

Heather cut me off. “Alex! I thought we were past this, and you trusted me? Mike was just cuddling, which involved having his hands on me. If his hand ended up on my breasts, it was completely innocent in a non-sexual way. Are we going to have a problem, Alex? I can’t handle jealousy or trust issues.”

“No, we’re fine! I’m sorry, and you’re right. I promise not to let that happen again.”

“OK, thank you, sweetie,” and with that, Heather kissed me goodnight.

It seemed I would have to trust my girlfriend if I wanted her to stay my girlfriend.


About a week later, we were all chilling in the apartment, and Heather addressed the guys.“Thank you, guys, for being so cool. I’ve just never liked wearing clothes at home, and not ever having to cover up makes me feel so safe and comfortable.”

“I wish I were that brave; I prefer to be undressed too,” Ryan replied in a sad tone.

“Ryan, do it! It’s just your body, and you should be comfortable in your home too.”

“OK! I’ll be right back.”

I thought there would be no way he was coming back naked, but there was Ryan not 60 seconds later strutting out completely nude. Average build for a 20-year-old guy, not fat, slightly toned. His cock is what made an impression. It was completely soft, bouncing side to side as he walked. It hung straight down, probably seven inches or about three inches longer than mine at full mast. The head was uncircumcised and smoothly transitioned into his thick shaft. His pubic hair was neatly groomed into a short strip above. His large balls were smoothly shaven.

As we all spent time together that night, I noticed Heather continued looking at Ryan’s giant cock. That night in bed after we had sex, she said, “I’m glad Ryan was comfortable enough to be himself around me today, and it’s good to know I’m not the only one who prefers to be naked.”

“Funny how he never seemed to prefer being nude before this,” I commented.

“Oh, don’t be a prude,” Heather said. “He was probably just afraid to admit it, living with a bunch of guys, and he was probably embarrassed. Not that he had much to be embarrassed about.” Heather looked at me.“I mean, did you see the size of his thing?”

“I hadn’t noticed,” I said.

“Bullshit,” Heather laughed, slapping me on the shoulder. “There’s no way you couldn’t notice that thing. It was huge.”

Heather thought for a moment, then continued, “Well, I guess maybe you really wouldn’t know if you haven’t seen a lot of other guys naked. I mean, I know you’re a little smaller than average. So most guys are bigger than you but not usually that big.”

“I guess I didn’t realize I was that small,” I mumbled.

“Oh, sweetie, don’t be sad. I love your penis. I’ll use a candy bar as an analogy. All sizes of candy bars are delicious, right? But sometimes, you don’t want an entire full-size bar. Sometimes you just want a fun-size.”

Heather’s reassurance wasn’t nearly as comforting as she thought it was.


It was Saturday. Ryan had now been going nude for several days. Heather and I decided to go out for a jog. It was nice to get out and away from my friends seeing Heather naked and from her seeing Ryan’s big cock. We had gotten back from the jog, and the guys were already home. Heather, of course, started peeling off her sweaty running clothes the moment she had gotten through the door. She was not wasting any time to get nude. Her body looked so incredibly sexy! Her skin was flushed and sweaty from the run, and the guys enjoyed taking in the sight. We were in for a bit of a surprise ourselves. Tommy and Mike were both naked in addition to Ryan.

“Oh, my goodness,” Heather said.

“We just don’t see what the big deal was anymore,” Tommy said, pointing out how natural nudity was and went on about how much more comfortable it was.

“You don’t have to convince me,” Heather smiled, “I am all for nudity around the home. Nothing wrong with being at our most natural, right?” She turned to me, don’t worry, Alex, I know nudity isn’t your thing. You don’t have to do it is just because everyone else is.”

I felt relieved to be off the hook, and I noticed I would be coming up short compared to everyone else there. While Tommy and Mikeweren’t nearly as hung as Ryan, they were bigger than me. They weren’t uncircumcised like Ryan, but their penises did hang straight down more or less the bottom of their balls about five inches long. Compared to me with four inches long fully erect. I wasn’t equipped to compete and was happy I didn’t need to.

Ironically enough, given everyone’s nudity, several of the seats in the living room were blocked with baskets of laundry that they had taken out to fold. As a result, there wasn’t an open spot to sit down.

“Sorry, Heather,” Ryan said.“It doesn’t look like there’s a seat open for you.”

“Nonsense,” Heather quipped as she plopped her naked ass right down on Ryan’s naked lap.“There is a seat right here.”

Of course, they are overlooking the simple option of moving one of the baskets to free up a seat. I tried to play it calm, and I got myself a glass of water while everyone else casually discussed the benefits of nudity. After a while, I noticed Heather shifting around on Ryan’s lap, almost like she was a little uncomfortable. Ryan was probably getting hard, making it harder to sit on his lap. I saw Heather reach under her butt and appear to reposition Ryan’s dick. Had my girlfriend just touched Ryan’s hard cock?

Heather remained on his lap much of the afternoon. After dinner, we all had drinks, and I was happy to have a few drinks to forget about Ryan’s cock rubbing againstHeather’s ass. It began to get late, and the alcohol started to catch up.

I told Heather, “It’s getting late. Maybe we should go to bed.”

Heather said, “Go right ahead. I’ll be right there.”

I didn’t feel like leaving her alone but figured she was right behind me. I’d lie down, and if she weren’t there in a couple of minutes, I’d check. Well, my head hit the pillow, and I immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, I looked at the clock and noticed about 45 minutes had passed. I could hear everyone talking, so I snuck to the door and looked out over the balcony quietly so no one would see me.

Heather was sitting on Ryan’s lap again. Mike and Tommy were sitting next to them. I heard Heather say, “I appreciate you guys making me feel so comfortable. I know it’s a little weird at first with me walking around here naked, but the fact the rest you do it makes me feel so much better.”

“To be honest, Heather, we kind of do enjoy it too,” Ryan said with a wink.

“That much is obvious,” Heather said, sliding forward off Ryan’s lap and moving onto his leg. This exposed his crotch that my girlfriend previously covered. “You guys keep on getting hard around me,” she said as she grasped the base of Ryan’s semi-hard cock, shaking back-and-forth a couple of times.

They all laughed.

“Can you blame us?” Mike said. “Sitting on our laps and seeing your hot tits and pussy all the time.”

“Hey, no complaining,” Tommy interjected. “You are the one that got to finger her.”

“Yeah,” Ryan said.

So, I had been right. Mike had been fingering Heather that night.

“Boys, sorry that was just kind of spur-of-the-moment snuggling during a movie kind of thing. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll let the two of you touch my boobs.”

It’s the only invitation they needed as Tommy and Ryan both placed a hand on one of her waiting tits, rubbing them playing with her nipples. Heather moaned slightly, still sitting on Ryan’s knee. Her head leaned back into Ryan as the boys continued to massage her breasts. Soon she moved her face to his and gave him a long deep kiss. I wanted to stop it, but I couldn’t. I was getting turned on and could not help myself, I simply had to watch, and my body refused to move. I started rubbing my hard dick.

Ryan and Heather continued kissing as the two men played with her tits. I noticed Heather’s hand return to the base of Ryan’s large penis and begin to move along the shaft. It looked huge in her hand. He was completely hard now, much thicker around than mine and probably close to nine inches long now. Mike and Tommy had both gotten hard, not as big as Ryan but six to seven inches roughly, each so much bigger than me. Not wanting to be left out, Mike had moved over, and Heather broke the kiss with Ryan and started making out with Mike.

Mike moved his hand to Heather’s crotch and fingered her as her remaining free hand went to Tommy’s cock. My girlfriend gave handjobs to Tommy and Ryan as Mike’s fingers her pussy. I pulled out my small dick and started to masturbate. Heather got off Ryan and bent down to his lap to kiss and lick his cock. Mike was behind her, still playing with her pussy, and she continued strokingTommy’s cock.

Heather could only get half of Ryan’s cock at first. Ryan laughed and asked, “Bigger than you’re used to?”

“Um,” Heather laughed. “Yeah, Alex is tiny. All of you are way bigger, and Ryan, you’re like more than twice as long and thick.” She looked at all three fat cocks. “I’m in absolute heaven right now.”

Heather returned to blowing Ryan, and Mike got down on his knees behind my bent-over girlfriend and started to eat out her pussy. Tommy was still to Heather’s side getting a hand job. He stuck a finger in his mouth, getting it wet, then slipped it into Heather’s asshole. She squealed in pleasure. So much stimulus quickly drove Heather into a trembling orgasm. She collapsed on the floor. The guys picked her up and put on her back an oversized ottoman in our living room.

Ryan and Mike went on either side of Heather. Heather began alternating back and forth, sucking both their cocks. They would suck her tits whenever she’d switch to sucking the other one-off. Tommy put two fingers into Heather’s vagina and found her g-spot. She immediately arched her back in pleasure.

I thought she might have another orgasm until Tommy withdrew his fingers. Heather’s body seemed to slump in disappointment. But Tommy wasn’t finished. He stepped between Heather’s legs and pressed his cock against her pussy. Her hips bucked in anticipation. Tommy teased Heather’s pussy, sliding the tip of his cock up and down along her wet suit. She would tremble whenever he’d pass it over her clit. Finally, he stopped it at the opening of her tight vagina and slowly sank his cock into my girlfriend.

“Oh, my god, that’s amazing,” Heather screamed in pleasure.

I couldn’t believe it. I was hiding like a peeping Tom, watching my girlfriend getting gangbanged, and instead of doing something about it, I was stroking my tiny four-inch boner. Tommy started to slow down his thrusting, “I’ve got another idea.”

They repositioned themselves with Mike starting to fuck Heather’s pussy. Tommy, his cock still wet from fucking her, positioned himself at her asshole. He entered her slowly. My girlfriend was now getting double penetrated by my friends. Ryan fucked her mouth. Heather could now deep throat his massive cock.

Heather started an orgasm. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

Her legs shook as she drenched the two cocks fucking her. They kept thrusting. Mike came first in her pussy, and Tommy came in her ass moments later. Ryan pulled his cock fromHeather’s mouth. He flipped her over and put her in a doggie-style position using his strong arms.

He sank only the tip of his cock in and said, “Are you ready?”

Heather took a breath and nodded. Ryan thrust his massive cock into her. She whimpered as it went in, but her body relaxed as he started pumping. I had never heard her moan like this during sex before.

“Do you like that baby?” Ryan asked.

“Fuck yes! I’ve never been fucked so deep before! I love your big cock.”

“Is it better than fucking your boyfriend?”

“Oh, hell, yes! This feels so much better than him and his tiny baby dick.”

Heather’s words stung, but I was still turned on! I was getting closer to cumming myself. Heather came two more times on Ryan’s cock. He was now holding her up from her hips as he fucked her because her body was so weak. I couldn’t take it anymore myself and came hard. Ryan then forced his cock in entirely as he started cumming in her pussy.

They all lay around the living room panting, naked and spent. Heather was the first to speak.“Um. We probably shouldn’t mention this to Alex.”

All four of them erupted in laughter.

Don’t worry,” Mike said. “We’ll keep this between us.”

“Yeah, and that goes for next time, too,” Tommy added.

“There will be a next time, right?” Ryan asked.

Heather smiled, “Oh, you can bet your big cocks on it.” Then she started to get up.“You guys wore me out. I’m going to make sure Alex stayed passed out and go to bed myself.”

Heather gave each of my friends a kiss goodnight, giving each of their now flaccid penises a light squeeze as she did it.

I snuck back in bed before she made it. I pretended to wake up as she lay next to me. “Oh, hey Heather, what time is it? Are you just getting to bed now?”

“Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t tired, so I just stayed up and talked with the guys. We were, um, talking pretty loud. We didn’t happen to wake you up, did we?”

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t want to expose her. I was getting turned on again just thinking about what I had just witnessed.

“No, I passed out completely. I didn’t wake up at all until just now when you came to bed.”

“Oh good”

I started kissing her neck. “Now that you’re here, and we are both awake, we can have some fun.”

“Sorry, sweetie. I’m not sure if I have another round. I mean, I don’t know if I have it in me for a round of sex. I’m pretty tired, but you could eat me out if you wanted to,” Heather suggested.

I found it cute how she almost slipped up. She hadn’t bothered to clean up her pussy after the gangbang. It was still a cummy mess. But I went down on her anyway, tasting my friend’s cum as I licked my girlfriend’s pussy. I stroked my cock as I licked, and I came right as Heather came on my face.

Heather fell asleep immediately as we cuddled after. I should have been angry, but as I drifted off to sleep, all I could think was how I would make sure I could watch again next time.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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