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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is going naked around the house…

My current roommate, Connor, and I have been best buds since college. Before moving in together into a two-bedroom apartment, we sat down to establish some roommate ground rules. During this meeting, Connor revealed he was “kind of a naturist” around the house and wanted to know if it was cool with me if he walked around/hung out naked; I said I was fine with it.

So we moved in together, and he did exactly that. Now, Connor has always been a pretty attractive guy — 6’0”, average-slim build, dark hair — and way more confident than me, so it was no surprise that he had a bigger dick than me too. It’s not huge, but it’s average and a grower. The first time he waltzed into the kitchen after a shower, I clocked his dick at being around 5.5”-6” soft. Some days, he would come out of his room with morning wood, sporting a solid 7.5”-8” hard-on. While I’m taller than him (6’2”) and don’t mind my blonde hair or skinnier build, I know I can’t compete with him in the dick department with my soft penis at two inches (at best) and a bronze Member when I’m at full-mast. Nevertheless, it was never weird casually chatting with him around our place while he was naked.

Hard or not, though, I never really partook until one day, I came into the kitchen in just a towel after showering and began to make myself a smoothie. He came out naked as usual to tell me about his clubbing experience with a couple of friends from the night before. As we talked, I reached to get the blender down from an upper cabinet and, while balancing and holding the blender above my head, inadvertently let my towel slip to the floor in the process. In shock, I didn’t even think to cover myself for a few moments, giving Connor an eye-full. He immediately began to laugh and make comments about my dick size.

“Damn, now I see why I pull more girls than you,” and so forth.

After covering up, he made a few more jokes before I went to my room. At that moment, it dawned on me that though I had been afraid for my best friend to see my small penis and he HAD made jokes about it, there was now nothing he hadn’t seen, so I should be able to walk around naked now. Just the thought made my dick twitch a little. So from then on, I began to walk around the apartment, letting it all (not much) hang out along with him. The first morning I came out with a boner, he made a few cracks about it, and I just chuckled along. I earned the nickname ‘teeny weeny,’ which I also have to admit is funny.

Then, one day, I routinely exited my bedroom naked-as-the-day-I-was-born, only to discover Connor and HIS DAD talking in the kitchen. Instinctively, I cupped my junk in my hands and apologized as his dad began to laugh. His dad said not to worry about it, that it was my place and I could be naked if I wanted to, and that we’re all guys here. Not wanting to undo my newfound confidence and own what I got, I slowly pulled my hands and let the little guy be fully on display.

Immediately, his dad made a joke, saying, “Woah, I didn’t realize it was so cold in here,” leading Connor to tell him about his nickname for me.

As I laughed along and just tried to own it, I began to get an involuntary boner (something that hadn’t really happened since I was an overly-horny teen). Before long, I was fully erect in front of Connor (not unusual) and his dad (very unusual). The two of them noticed and began to laugh hysterically, saying I must really like the nickname and his dad even said to me that I wasn’t a grower or a shower. We continued to chat for a bit with my small boner front-and-center before they headed out for a day of fishing.


Another reader gets burned by his girlfriend…

I was telling a girlfriend who was aware of my shortcomings. A story about work and how I need to convert millimeters to inches but had forgotten how many millimeters we’re in an inch. She blurted out, “What did you do? Whip your dick out?”

The statement doesn’t really make sense, but she was obviously implying I have a one-inch dick. I was shocked at first but not really surprised, and it wasn’t really out of character for her to be kinda crude—definitely a conversation to remember.


Meanwhile, this reader lets his secret out…

I always had a fetish for SPH. One day, I was talking with my size queen friend, and she told me that she had sex with a guy with a very small cock, describing in detail how it glides in easily, without any grip. I asked her how small it was, she replied about 5 inches in length and indicated with her fingers the circumference, which was like 4.5 inches. I was embarrassed but at the same time horny as fuck because I was smaller.

Then I replied: “It’s not that small.”

She laughs. “Is it bigger than yours?”

I replied, “Ahhhh, I-I—.”

She laughs out loud. “Oh, OK. Now I understand. You gotta little baby dick. A tiny little pinky dick.”

When I arrived home, I fapped, and I cum so hard thinking about that conversation.


While this reader gets indirect SPH…

My friends and I were just chilling late at night and having a chat. We started talking about this girl that we all know that does OnlyFans. We managed to find some of her pics online and were just having a typical guy chat about how we’d fuck her, etc.

We ended up finding her Reddit account, and there was a picture of her sucking her boyfriend’s dick, and he was pretty small. A lot of jokes were made at his expense, and everyone was finding it hilarious; the comments on the post were also pretty harsh, so that gave them a good laugh.

It was funny, but I couldn’t help feel humiliated. He had at least a couple of inches on me. It made me think of how I’d probably never live it down if my friends knew about my size. They’d never let me hear the end of it. I’d be the butt of all jokes.

Hopefully, my girlfriend doesn’t start an OnlyFans!


This reader finds a new friend in college…

During the off-campus living days of college life, my roommate was a hard-partying rugby player. I’d just broken up with my GF (non-SPH related), and he’d been on a tournament schedule, Olympic team tryouts, etc. Our place was a dump. It may have once been a frat house or a crack house. Possibly both. One evening I came back from my river clean-up service project, and there was a massive party at our house. Lots of cheap beer and strong pot, great early 00’s music was blaring, his teammates, a few mutual friends, and more than a few scrum bunnies (hot college girls into rugby players).

Scott, my roommate, was a real good guy and a better friend to me than most. He grabbed me and bear-hugged me as soon I passed by on my way to my room, and he made intros to everyone like I was a celebrity or something. Like I said, a real good guy. I reminded Scott about the time and the noise ordinance and decided to grab a quick shower.

I went about it like normal -fast because of no hot water past 9 pm and only one bathroom. Being a little over 4 inches hard, you add a cold shower, and I’m a 1-inch wonder. The shower curtain was drawn but what I didn’t realize was the window curtains fell down between getting in the shower and coming out of it.

Shivering naked, shriveled up, and tiny, I reached for a towel on the stool by the window and locked eyes with 2 of the bunnies on the other side of the thin bathroom window glass.

“Hey, little man, you always shower in front of strangers? Is that your thing?”

One of them took her lipstick out and shortened it. They were giggling. I was laughing it off, telling them to come inside and I’d make them some drinks and trying to put up the fallen curtain, but I’ll admit, the whole situation made me aroused.

I toweled off, got dressed, and made my way to the kitchen. The two peeping Tonyas did some shots with a friend and me and made dick remarks about the shot glass size. Otherwise, they were cool the rest of the night.

Scott did some bong hits with the girls, and he talked me up to the blonde poli-sci major sandwiched between us on the couch. Way out of my league didn’t seem interested. Around 1 or 2, being a little high and kinda tired, I thought I’d go to bed (I can sleep through house demolitions).

The quiet brunette nursing her Smirnoff Ice got up from her chair and asked me if she could use my cell since she was out of minutes. I smiled, handed it to her, and shut my bedroom door. Being a lightweight, I passed out almost immediately. I woke up to the smell of cinnamon, feeling the warm air on my neck and the gorgeous smiling face of the brunette who borrowed my phone.

Apparently, the door shut but didn’t latch, and she helped herself in, and also, apparently, my little nub was sticking out of my boxers. I shot up and pushed it back in as she said, “It’s OK, dude. I know it’s small, but I know it gets bigger. You were out, and I got bored.”

I asked her what she meant, and she said she played with it a little.

There was awkward small talk but sexy vibes all around, and when she undid the side of her skirt, I immediately got rock hard.

After seeing her smile from that, she told me to grab her cinnamon candy so we could make out already. Not SPH exclusive, but she made me strip naked, and she stayed partially clothed (CFNM) while she teased me.


Another reader was shooting the breeze all day…

So, about three years ago! I was on vacation, and I was with my significant other. We were going to go walk on a boardwalk and hit the beach. So, we both got changed into bathing suits. I realize I brought Velcro bathing shorts, but I figured I had never had a problem before, so whatever. All day, I’m feeling a little drafty, but I look done, and it looks like my Velcro is closed, so I ignore it. Finally, we get to the hotel after a long(ironic) day. I walk past a mirror and notice the Velcro is actually open, and my dick is ‘visible.’ I become incredibly embarrassed, thinking people had seen my dick all day! When I tell my significant other in a panic.

They reassured me: “Your dick is so small they probably couldn’t see it anyway.”


Meanwhile, this reader has gone bananas…

My family is on holiday, so my gf has been staying around all week, we’re both working from home so have lunch together. She very kindly brought through my lunch to the living room, and we put on some TV. I finished my sandwich and picked up the banana she brought through for me, and it must have been the smallest of the bunch. It was half the size of the rest. I picked it up and said, “This banana is tiny. Aren’t there any bigger ones?”

She looked me dead in the eyes and chuckled, then she said, “What’s wrong with it? You should be used to handling a small banana.”

I went bright red and immediately started getting hard and laughed it off. She noticed me awkwardly re-adjust my now fully hard cock (Silver Member) and laughed at me, and then I sat there, finished the whole thing in 4 bites, and went back to work shortly after.


While this reader isn’t worried at all…

This girl left my house like an hour ago. I met her on tinder. She was a very thick alt girl with lots of tattoos. We had some drinks and chatted. I got her naked pretty quickly and started eating her pussy. She says she wants to fuck and pulls my head up. I try to put it in, but she’s too tight. We try doggy, and my dick won’t fit past her ass cheeks. She was trying not to laugh, but I offered her a dildo, and she gladly accepted. I fucked her with it at first, but then she just took it and did it herself.

She said, “I’m really sorry. This is kind of sad. Are you OK?”

I said, “I’m fine,” and jerked off while I watched.

I shot my load pretty quick, and she was surprised by that.

She said, “I’m gonna take a while. Are you gonna be OK?”

I told her I was fine. She finished, then got dressed and said an awkward goodbye. And then told me, “Lots of girls like small dick guys, try not to worry.”

I didn’t even ask her for the SPH.


This reader loves being a sissy….

I’ve been together with my wife for ten years but married for eight years. When we were first dating, she knew that I was a crossdresser and wore thongs and panties. So when she first saw me in a thong (G-string), she found it very erotic and sexy and would play with the back of the thong and my butt. And when I took my thong off for the first time, and she saw how small my dicklette (Bronze Member hard) was, she smiled and said, “Aww, it’s so cute.”

It made me so self-conscious I’m not very big as a man at 6’4″. My cut cock is 1.5″ soft. She knows how much I love dressing up in frilly sissy dresses with ruffles and petticoats, along with girly bras and panties and thongs. She calls me her little sissy girl with a tiny girl penis. It drives me up a wall and gets me so incredibly hard. I almost bust a nut every time she says it.


Another reader is walking around naked…

I was terrified of getting naked in front of a woman until my late 20’s. I have a small skinny penis, and it hurt my confidence with ladies. I have always been in decent shape, and many women find me to be attractive. Eventually, after being with a few women, I realized that many women don’t care about penis size if you treat them well and please them in other ways, which I eventually learned. My confidence with women grew, and I started developing a kink for the moment a woman saw my small penis for the first time.

Most women like the lights to be off for the first time you are intimate, so they wouldn’t get a good view until the next morning or later. By the end of my 20’s, I started to get a rush at the moment the woman would see me naked in the light the next morning. I would wake up, walk to the bathroom or kitchen naked, and then walk back in totally naked for her to see. Seeing the reaction of their eyes and smile turned me on so much. They were always nice and never said it was small, but I know they had to be thinking about it.

One time when I was 33, I met a 40-year-old woman named Beth on a dating site. We shared a number of common interests. She had just bought her first house and was so proud to finally own her own place. I also had a thing for older women. After going on a date Saturday night, we went back to her house and had a great time. She pleased me, and I pleased her. The next morning, I was dying of thirst, and she was still asleep, so I thought I would go to her kitchen and get a drink of water. After getting a drink, I was either going to come back to bed nude, hoping she would have woken up and seen me, or go ahead and start making the two of us breakfast.

After finding glass and getting a drink, I started looking through her kitchen to see what the breakfast options were. All of a sudden, I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I assume it is her, and she must have woken up, so I start to get aroused at the thought of her about to see my small penis in the bright kitchen. I hear the footsteps coming around the corner. I have a big smile on my face, and my little dick is sticking straight up as I face the kitchen entrance.

A woman in pajamas that I have never seen before walks in. She screams, and I yell in shock. I immediately realized she must live here, and I said I was with Beth and that I didn’t know anybody else was home. She says she is Beth’s cousin. She was probably in her late 30’s. I turn and duck below the kitchen island. Then I hear another set of footprints start running down the stairs. Beth must have heard the commotion.

Beth enters and immediately sees me and asks what I am doing naked down here. I say, “I didn’t know anyone else was home, and I wanted to surprise you with breakfast.”

Her cousin is now smiling and laughing. Beth sees her smiling, so she smiles too. She says, “She’s my cousin. She was here only for this weekend for her friend’s bachelorette party last night. Why don’t you go upstairs and put something on.”

They were both smiling, so I knew it would be OK, but Beth still hasn’t seen my penis yet since I’m behind the kitchen island. Her cousin jokes, “This is better than the bachelorette party last night,” and the two of them laugh. I then step out with hands in front, but it is hard to cover an erection without Beth knowing there is an erection since I would be holding my hands above where a penis hangs, and I thought that would make matters worse in terms of looking stupid.

So I just dropped my hands and immediately apologized for the erection, saying, “I got excited when I thought it was you coming down the stairs.”

Beth had an OMG look on her face as she laughed and said, “It’s alright, just go upstairs and put something on.”

As I walk towards them to pass them to get out of the kitchen, I put my head down in shame and see my small skinny dick sticking straight up. I walk as quickly I can, going around the corner and up the stairs.

I hear them giggling as Beth says to her cousin, “He’s a really nice guy. I can’t believe that just happened.”

As I was getting dressed, I could hear talking downstairs. I couldn’t hear well, so I was trying to be as quiet as possible to hear. One part I heard was her cousin saying, “How do you think I feel? I wasn’t expecting to walk into the kitchen to find a naked guy and his little friend on display.”

I couldn’t hear what Beth said because they both laughed. When I got dressed, I figured it was best for me to leave. I said goodbye to Beth, and her cousin yelled, “Nice meeting you,” in a happy, laughing manner.

Beth laughed and said goodbye.

We chatted a couple more times, but we never went on another date. Beth’s cousin lived two hours away, and Beth mentioned how her cousin thought it was hilarious and told both her sisters (also Beth’s cousins). Beth made a joke about how her other cousins and friends would hear about it eventually if we became a serious item. While the thought of that terrified and turned me on at the same time, it wasn’t meant to be as nothing happened, and we eventually lost touch.


Meanwhile, this reader is a total beta…

So I was at a party at my girlfriend’s friend’s house. We played cards and drinking. So her friend loses a hand to my girl, and my girl is busting on her about it. Her friend says, “If you don’t knock it off, I’m gonna shove this deck up your snatch.”

My girl replies, “At least that’s longer than his dick!”

They both start belly laughing. I was just so pissed. Party was over for me. I sat on the couch and watched TV, sulking like a little beta bitch.

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