Mommywife: Nightlife

By tinybetacuck.

Warning: This story has some Gay/Bi sex scenes. Do not read it this offend you.


Doug lay in the bed, waiting. She would come to tuck him in. She always came, every night. She pulled the covers up his chin and smoothed them across the bed. Then she would give him his goodnight kiss. Doug looked forward to it all day, especially after putting away the dishes from dinner. It made him tingly, knowing he’d get his kiss in only a few hours. She’s coming. She wouldn’t forget him. Please don’t forget me, Mommy.

Doug lay helpless in his bed. He tensed his muscles, straining against the rumpled sheets. His chastity cage — the small size — gripped his penis tightly and pulled his scrotum up and away from his body. She would come. He had waited so long and been so good. So good, and it had been so hard. He couldn’t believe it had only been ten days. The last week and a half had felt like a year.

The clock in the shape of a smiling sun ticked on. Each second was interminable as the hands thudded their way around the dial. It had been five minutes already since Doug told his wife he was getting into bed. He had to knock twice and wait several moments before she distractedly called through the door of the master bedroom that she would be down soon. He’d turned around and tiptoed down the stairs. He roamed around the ground floor, straightening pillows and collecting pieces of strewn-about clothing in the living room before ending up at his small bedroom at the back of the house.

Of course, he hadn’t been in the room when the clothes were removed from their bodies. At that time, Doug was cleaning the stainless steel pan with steel wool in the kitchen, his chastity cage banging against the cabinet under the sink in sync with his forceful scrubbing motions. The jarring sensation had ratcheted his tension up, making it hard to focus on his task. A faint pulse of music emanated from behind the living room door down the hall. The last he’d seen of his wife, she was taking two after-dinner drinks on a tray to the living room. One for her and one for —

Back in bed, Doug heard a sound on the stairs. Doug always left his door about a foot open while waiting for his wife to tuck him. She hadn’t told him to do so, but he had started the practice over the past few weeks. His mommywife’s mind seemed to wander recently. She never gave Doug much attention, even when it was just the two in the house. Her thoughts seemed elsewhere, even as Doug hung fervently on their every interaction. He used his open door to hear the rest of the house and signal so his wife would know he needed her.

Doug snuggled into his bed, hopeful and eager for what would come. After what seemed like an eternity, he saw the shape of a woman fill his doorway. His mommy had come!

He scooted over in the bed to make room for his beloved mommywife as she pushed open the door and entered the room. The hallway light illuminated her wavy brown hair, which was pulled back in an ad hoc bun with many stray frizzies, and her skin was rosy and slick with exertion. The interior curves of her large, firm breasts were tantalizingly visible through the opening in her white robe. She sat down on the bed.

“Hello, hubby,” she said, smiling indifferently down in his direction.

“Hi, Mommy,” Doug began earnestly. “I’m so glad you are here. I missed you!”

“Oh, what, honey?” Her focus had floated away while he was talking. “Yes, me too. You are a good little boy.”

Doug couldn’t hold in his tension any longer. It had been ten long days. “Will you release me tonight, Mommy?”

His question brought her mind to his bedroom for the first time. She looked down at her husband, his balding head lying on his dinosaur pillowcase. His unsightly body filled out the lumpy blankets. Her mouth flattened into a line.

“I suppose so.”

She pulled the covers back, revealing his hairy chest and protruding stomach. Doug’s chastity cage came into view. His groin was completely hairless, as she required him to be when she agreed to become his mommywife. She reached down and touched his cage — Doug saw her fingers grip the clear plastic shaft but felt no pleasure, no connection, nothing. She shook the cage, jangling his aching balls back and forth. He arched his back in anticipation.

“This little thing is more trouble than it’s worth,” she said. “It doesn’t do anybody any good. You might as well not even have it.”

Doug’s stomach turned queasy at the thought, but it did nothing to quell his horniness. His little penis was finally getting some attention and had his adrenaline pumping. He didn’t know what to say, so he uttered a meek, “Yes, Mommy.”

His mommywife sighed loudly. She turned toward his locked cock, then paused. She put one hand to her chest and then into the pocket of her robe.

“Shit, I don’t have the stupid key.”

Doug almost groaned. She would have taken the key off after she and her guest had retired to the master bedroom. It was probably sitting on the dresser, a small metal key on a silver chain, hastily cast aside next to his mommywife’s other jewelry and makeup products. That key, the center of his universe, was so easily forgotten. His mind reeled.

He knew that if she went upstairs to fetch the key, there was a good chance she wouldn’t come back down. He knew what was waiting for her up there was infinitely more appealing than the sad situation in this small back room. She was already looking around as if preparing to leave.

If he pressed her on the key, she would go and maybe return and unlock him. But it felt so good to have what passed for her undivided attention. The anxiety of his choice almost brought tears to his eyes. He lay there, his locked cock exposed, while his distracted wife pulled her robe closed, hiding her breasts from view.

“M-m-mommy,” he finally stammered. “I really could … it’s been so long … I’m sorry –”

She cut him off. “Yes, yes, I’ll go get your key.” She rose to leave. “You are too needy for a pathetic cucky boy.”

“I love you, Mommy!” he called after her, but she had already left the room, leaving his door completely open.

He loved her — no, worshipped her — so much. He had a demanding job in the real world, where he must pretend to be another man, but that was just an act. A necessity. Serving her was his real life. He shivered as he watched her shadow disappear along the hallway wall. He heard the familiar groans and squeaks of the stairs as she ascended them. A door opened and closed. The clock in Doug’s room ticked on.

He held his breath, straining his ears for any signal. With his door wide open, he could hear muted voices. Suddenly someone laughed. A man’s voice. It was a loud and free sound.

A few moments passed, and Doug’s heart began to sink. He envisioned the big, warm queen-size bed that he had made up just this afternoon with pink sheets — his mommy’s favorites. The sheets would be rumpled, sweaty, or balled into a knot on the floor. He lay in his twin bed, aware of the cage imprisoning his small cock.

But he didn’t move a muscle or pull his covers up despite the draft in the room, hoping against hope that his wife would return and release him. He didn’t know which he yearned for more: the intimacy (such as it was) or the orgasm. It didn’t matter. Anything was better than being forgotten and ignored by his mommywife.

Just as he was about to give up hope and resign himself to another melancholy night of restless sleep, the upstairs bedroom door opened. A shaft of light cut a sharp angle across the hallway wall outside his room. Doug’s pulse quickened, and he laid straight and stiff as a board.

His wife’s voice rang across the house faintly but clearly; she was giggling. He could hear the effects of the bottle of wine he’d left them for dinner.

“Hahaha, OK, if you want to. It doesn’t matter to me.”

Doug couldn’t piece that together in his regressed and desperate mind, but then he heard another voice:

“Yeah, fuck it. I want to see.”

Doug’s eyes bulged in the half-dark. The man’s voice. Two sets of footsteps sounded in the upstairs hall. Oh my god, no.

“OK then.” Footsteps, then a quick pause. “No, leave it off. I want him to see it. And here, take this.”

Doug hadn’t met his mommy’s lover for this evening. She always made all the arrangements. After making the bed this afternoon, he cleaned the rest of the house, then moved on to dinner. Wearing just an apron and cage, he prepared drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and a lovingly seared salmon dish. He remembered the peal of the doorbell cutting through him like a knife at 8 p.m.

Of course, Doug had not been allowed a peek at his wife while she showered, dressed, and made herself up for her lover, and he was astounded by how beautiful she looked in a tight red dress with heels and big hoop earrings when she bounded down the stairs to open the front door. He wanted her so badly at that moment, but he obediently stayed out of sight for the rest of the night before eventually cleaning up and retiring to his room.

His beloved mommywife snorted as she reached the bottom of the stairs, her voice louder now and slurring slightly: “It’s really pathetic. I hope it won’t turn you off.”

“I think I’m going to like it,” the man responded.

Doug hadn’t even seen the man who had fucked his mommy, and now he was about to be utterly and devastatingly exposed in front of him. He couldn’t breathe.

His mommywife’s silhouette appeared in the doorway. A large figure sidled up behind her. Backlit by the hallway light, he was hard to make out, but Doug could tell that he had to be almost a foot taller than her, and the lines of his shoulders and arms suggested he was in excellent shape. Plus, he was very close to Doug’s wife, pressed up right against her back. Doug imagined his hand sliding under the top of his mommywife’s panties and massaging her plump ass as he stood there.

“Well, here it is,” his wife said, gesturing dismissively at the bed.

The man laughed softly. “Wow, Sandy, this is a little worse than I imagined.”

“He pays the bills and does what I say,” she said, “but he’s obsessed with his useless little cock, so I had to lock it up to get some peace and quiet.”

Doug tried to disappear into his mattress, but he didn’t dare pull up the sheets to cover his naked body. He was embarrassed to be discussed like a pet or a piece of furniture as if he didn’t warrant any consideration as a fellow human.

His wife walked into the room, and the man followed. They stood next to the bed and peered down at his wretchedness. Doug was desperate to close his eyes and evaporate on the spot, but he couldn’t help but stare up at his two superiors with wide, frightened eyes.

“Now, what was it you wanted?” Sandy asked teasingly.

Doug’s mouth had gone completely dry, but he tried to croak out a response.

“I-i-i was hoping …” he started, his mind racing to find the least humiliating way to phrase his request. “I was hoping to be released.”

His wife smirked. “Just released? Nothing after that?”

Doug was so incredibly horny that he couldn’t let his shame deter him.

“Can I please cum, Mommy? I need too bad.”

Sandy and her lover tittered, then roared with laughter. Mortified, Doug saw the easy way the lover’s arm snaked around his wife’s waist as they laughed, sneaking between the folds of her robe and stroking meaty fingers over her flat stomach. This was so real, more real than any fantasy. He had completely lost his wife’s respect, and she was torturing him for fun. His tiny cock was straining at his cage.

Sandy wiped her eyes. “We’ll see about that. You’re lucky Ryan here was nice enough to come down and unlock your little dick. I was just going to forget about you, but he insisted. In fact, why don’t you ask him to unlock you? And don’t be a sassy little boy. Show some respect.”

Doug didn’t know what to say or do. He had to ask the man whose cum was probably still leaking out of his wife’s pussy to unlock his cock so he could jerk out a miserable load? It almost occurred to him to get up and walk out of the room, but he couldn’t imagine disobeying his mommywife. Plus, Ryan looked like he could quickly subdue him physically if it came to that.

Sandy slid aside, and Ryan stepped up. He loomed over Doug. He was indeed muscular. The dark lines of his abdomen were tight and straight, leading up to his broad chest. His arms were brawny and solid-looking. As Doug’s eyes panned down, he realized with dawning horror that Ryan was naked. Even in the dim room, Doug could make out a massive cock, flaccid but thick and long. The meaty shaft curved down below the faint outline of two large balls. Doug could barely imagine how different his life would have been if he had been blessed with such a mighty cock.

Like many men with small dicks, Doug was in awe of hung men. He was intimidated by them, certainly, but with that came a certain kind of reverence. It was like being around a celebrity — he felt motivated to defer to them, do things for them, and worship their manly strength.

Ryan looked down expectantly. Doug ran a sandpaper tongue over his lips. Unsure of how to begin, he called on his lifetime of fantasies of submitting to alpha men.

“Um, please, Sir, would you –”

“Call me Daddy,” Ryan cut in, struck by cruel inspiration.

“D-daddy,” Doug stammered, “would you please unlock me?”

“Ask nicer little boy.”

I could put an end to this right now, Doug thought. I could get up and walk out the door. But one more look at the massive cock made the decision. He would sink completely into the abyss of humiliation and submit utterly to this man.

“Daddy, would you please unlock my tiny useless clit?” Doug whined. “Please, Daddy, you’re so big and strong, and your cock is so big. I’m so horny thinking about you fucking Mommy. I haven’t cum in so long. Please, Daddy!”

Sandy and Ryan looked at each other and burst into laughter again. As if to rub it in, Ryan leaned back and intertwined his tongue with his eager lover’s. His cock twisted slightly, rising ever so slightly off the heavy balls. Doug lay speechless but entranced, unable to look away.

Sandy reached down and grabbed the monster’s cock at its base. Doug gulped dryly as he watched his beloved mommywife pump the shaft slowly. Her fingers barely wrapped around it, and it only grew thicker toward the head. She rubbed its length with a tenderness that made Doug want to cry. Whether in jealousy or grief, he couldn’t say. The motion of her arm caused her robe to slide open, revealing one perfect breast.

Ryan’s cock was getting harder in Sandy’s grip. She looked down at Doug, his little dick straining in its cage to match Ryan’s growing erection.

“Let it out. I wanna see how small it is,” Ryan said, chuckling.

“If you want, babe,” Sandy said.

The casual usage of “babe” was devastating, but it did nothing to dim Doug’s twisted excitement. He was being let out. It didn’t matter what humiliation lay in store. He lay perfectly still, trying not to do anything that would cause a change of heart in his tormentors, but he couldn’t help his hips subconsciously rising off the bed.

Sandy reached into her pocket and removed a tangle of tiny chain links. Dangling from the bottom was a silver key. She handed it to Ryan and looked back down at Doug.

“Your new Daddy is going to unlock you, little bitch boy. You will never be even half the man he is. I hope you show a proper degree of gratitude for his generosity.”

Doug nodded quickly, never taking his eyes off the key as Ryan lowered it toward his cage. The key entered the padlock. One slight twist, and the lock would be off. But Ryan stopped. He turned toward Doug with a grin.

“Yes, thank me, boy. Thank me for fucking your mommy like you couldn’t. Thank me for being the … bigger man and unlocking you.”

Doug was almost mad from being so close to freedom.

“Thank you, Daddy! Thank you for fucking my mommy!”

Doug had no idea what he was even saying, but Ryan made no movement toward the key, so he went on, letting his basest desires out in a jet of babble.

“My mommy’s pussy is so lucky to have your big cock inside her. I’m sorry you ever had mine, Mommy! Daddy’s cock is so much better. I am worthless. Daddy is a god.” He trailed off, panting, his chest heaving.

Ryan’s smile broadened. “Suck my cock, boy. Say thank you with me filling your mouth.”

That broke through Doug’s mania. His eyes widened, and he stared at his mommywife, imploring her silently to step in. But she lifted Ryan’s now fully erect penis in the direction of Doug’s face.

“You heard your Daddy. Suck him and say thank you.”

There was no other option. Despite his years of fantasizing, Doug had never been this close to another man’s penis. He’d envisioned this moment thousands of times before, but being confronted with the real thing was overwhelming. He leaned forward on his elbow and brought his lips to the thick cockhead in front of him. He inhaled, smelling a mixture of sweat, pussy, and his wife’s perfume. Before he could chicken out, he opened his lips and slid the massive shaft into his mouth.

“Oh my god! What a fucking faggot!” Ryan cackled. Sandy giggled again, watching her emasculated husband suck off her stud lover. She pulled her robe aside to expose both of her tits, and Ryan’s thick hands grabbed them. They started kissing again as Doug moved his mouth toward Ryan’s shaft.

The cock felt hot and thick in Doug’s mouth. He tried to avoid touching it with his tongue, but he quickly realized that wouldn’t be an option. The shaft filled his mouth, and his tongue had nowhere to go but to wrap under the cock, tasting it.

Doug felt an out-of-body adrenaline rush as his daddy and mommy’s laughter rang out around him. He saw them kiss. It felt strange but also strangely correct that his mouth was full of cock. He thought of the magnificent specimen’s joy, and satisfaction brought his beloved mommywife, and he began bobbing up and down on the shaft. He kind of wanted to thank Ryan for pleasing his wife by doing a good job sucking his dick. His tongue muscles worked as he licked the bottom of Ryan’s cock every time it pushed into his mouth.

Doug glanced up at the sound of his mommy’s moan. From his vantage point, he could see Ryan’s fingers working in and out of her pussy. His wife was gyrating her tight body and large tits against Ryan, and between moans, Doug could hear the wet sloshing sound of his wife being fingered. He was thrilled to be part of something resulting in her pleasure.

His gaze shifted to Ryan, staring down at him with triumph. Startled, Doug momentarily paused his sucking, and Ryan’s hand immediately snared the back of his head and forced him back to work. The firm grip stayed there for several pumps before mercifully releasing.

“OK, let’s see how pathetic you are,” Ryan said.

Doug watched as Ryan reached down to the key.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Doug tried to say, but with his mouth full of cock it came out as a series of unintelligible grunts.

Finally, the key turned, and Doug heard the small pop of the lock disengaging. He didn’t dare stop sucking Ryan’s cock, but he tried crushing his neck to see his groin. Ryan yanked the plastic tube off his little boner so fast that Doug winced as it pulled at the skin stuck to the inside.

Then he was free. He felt cool air against his little nub, which was unfolding after the cage’s compression. It didn’t have far to go before reaching its full, flaccid length.

“Oh my god, that is tiny,” Ryan said, chuckling. He turned to Sandy. “He must make good money. What did you think the first time you saw that thing?”

Sandy sighed. “I took one look at it and decided then and there that even if I married him, it wouldn’t be the last cock I’d ever fuck.”

Doug had never heard this from her, but he couldn’t process it. He was too focused on his momentary penile freedom. He didn’t know how long he would be uncaged, and he wanted to reach down and start jerking himself. But he was also afraid to do anything his superiors would disapprove of.

His mouth was still full of Ryan, so he unwrapped his lips and turned up to them. “Daddy, Mommy, can I please jerk off?” He quickly shoved Ryan’s cock back into his mouth and resumed sucking him while they answered.

Sandy reached down to fondle Ryan’s balls. “Up to you, Daddy.”

Ryan paused, closing his eyes and enjoying the attention on his manhood. Doug pushed Ryan’s big dick as far down his throat as he could. Ryan opened his eyes.

“Sure, jerk the little pecker.”

Doug uncorked his mouth long enough to sputter, “Thank you, Daddy! Thank you, Mommy!”

“But no cumming!” Sandy admonished.

He started to massage his dinky, which had already begun to stiffen. Soon he was up to his full four inches, and he had it in his familiar three-fingered grip, tilted slightly to avoid the plastic ring still wrapped around his balls. He made sure not to stop sucking Ryan’s cock — he wanted his daddy pleased and happy. Plus, it only made his throbbing erection that much harder to have this big powerful cock filling his mouth. He was still shocked at just how big Ryan’s dick was. He tried to imagine his mommywife’s little pussy, which he was very familiar with from nightly oral pleasuring, taking the massive rod. Ryan must have filled her in ways Doug couldn’t even comprehend.

Against his better judgment, Doug jerked harder. His orgasm was like a tidal wave locked inside his stomach, begging to be released to engulf the surrounding countryside. He whined in desperation, fighting to keep it at bay. He knew cumming without permission would not end well. He bobbed harder on Ryan’s cock, trying to distract himself and savor this rare freedom.

He looked up at his mommywife. Her robe must have slid off because she was naked. She had her tongue down Ryan’s throat, and he was groping both of her exposed tits. She was still caressing the taut pouch of Ryan’s scrotum right in front of Doug’s face. The sight was so sexy that he had to slow down his jackhammering fist.

Doug worked up the courage to take Ryan’s cock out of his mouth to ask if he could cum when Ryan instead shoved Doug’s head off himself. Without saying a word, he positioned himself behind Sandy and bent her over so her hands dropped to the mattress to hold herself up. Ryan was partially hidden in shadow, but Doug didn’t need a good view to know when Sandy felt the huge cock slide inside her.

“Oh my god,” she moaned, gasping as her insides stretched to accommodate him. Even though she’d taken him earlier that night, the feeling was still intense. Ryan must have started pumping behind her in the darkness because Sandy started jostling, her arms bouncing rhythmically on the mattress.

“Oh my god … unnnngggg … it feels so fucking good.” Each word came out slowly and slurred as if forced out by the cock pistoning inside her. She yelped as he started pounding her, her breath quickening as she just tried to keep herself from falling over.

Doug watched all this with jealousy, horror, and lust that had his mind spinning. He forgot for a moment about his fingers on his small penis. He’d never seen his mommywife get used to like this before. He put her on such a pedestal in his daily life, treating her with regal, obsequious deference. It was shocking to watch her submit to this stranger and his big cock, ravage and control her, and hold her. Her face was slack, and her eyes rolled in mindless pleasure as she absorbed the force of Ryan’s pounding. Doug could hear Ryan’s breathing in the dark; quick, precise jabs of exhalation.

“Unnggg,” Sandy moaned. The sound started low and guttural, but it grew longer and louder, spiraling upwards into a shriek of ecstasy. “Fuuuuuuccccckkkk!”

Her orgasm ripped through her like a fighter jet through a clear blue sky. Her body started to spasm, her hips bucking so hard he almost fell over as she struggled to hold her upper body aloft. Following an instinct, Doug leaned forward to help her, hoping to have her and be together as she felt this otherworldly pleasure he could never provide. He was afraid that she would reject his wordless offer, but to his immense relief and gratification, she didn’t.

Still entirely in the throes of a seemingly endless climax, she braced her arms against Doug’s shoulders, leaning on him for support. Her elbows dug into his bones, but he didn’t feel pain. It was like it was happening to another person. Her face was next to his, her moans deafening in his ear. But he didn’t care. He buried his face against her neck, breathing in the intoxicating scent of her hair, skin, and pussy with the fury of a man coming up from the ocean for air. They were together at this moment. Exactly as it always should be. Mommywife and cuckboy. Doug didn’t realize he was crying until he felt the wetness of his tears on her skin.

Through it all, Doug heard the slap of skin on skin, constant and unrelenting, as Ryan continued to ravage Sandy’s insides. Ryan replaced her waning moans with his grunts as he built toward his orgasm. Doug felt another surge of gratitude for this man for giving his wife what he could not. He also felt, strangely, jealous of his wife that she would receive Ryan’s cum. Ryan’s grunt became a roar; the bed rocked with his thrusts, and Sandy groaned with pleasure as he buried his cum deep inside her womb.

The bed grew still, and silence fell on the room as the lovers’ hard breathing diminished. Doug looked down at his body. His stomach and upper groin were splattered with cum. His dick, which he could’ve sworn was as rigid as a tube of lipstick a second ago, had shriveled back into a nub. He was shocked. He had no idea when he had orgasmed. He had no sense of memory of the rush of pleasure and relief. He felt just as horny and frustrated as ever. Yet his body was covered in the evidence. Ten hard, endless days of denial, and he hadn’t even gotten to enjoy cumming. A lump rose in his throat, and tears rose in the corners of his eyes. It was all so unfair.

He looked up at his mommywife like a guilty dog. Sandy, standing now, looked down on him with amused disapproval.

“Well looks like this little cuck couldn’t contain himself. You know you’re not allowed to cum without permission.”

Doug stammered an apology but realized how stupid and pathetic he would sound trying to explain that he hadn’t enjoyed the orgasm. That was hardly a priority for her.

“No, shhh, cucky,” she said. “My punishment will be lenient. First, I won’t let you clean Ryan’s delicious cum out of me. And I won’t let you suck him clean either. Bad little boys don’t get dessert.”

Doug was amazed to realize he was disappointed at being denied those tasks, which most men would never even entertain, but he longed to experience. God, I’m so pathetic.

“And second, no cleaning up yourself either. You made that mess against the rules, and now you must sleep in it.”

The looming shape in the darkness that was Ryan laughed a deep, satisfied chuckle. She turned toward him, joining in his delight. Feeling a bead of cum trickle down the side of his plump chubby, Doug watched Ryan’s large hands grasp each of his mommywife’s ass cheeks, squeezing and molding. Their laughter transitioned into the sound of a deep kiss. She took Ryan’s hand and made for the door.

“Come on, babe, let’s shower and leave this boy to his mess.”

Sandy had already passed through the door when Ryan stopped. He tugged at her to bring her back into the room.

“I think you’re forgetting something,” he said. She confusedly looked at him, and he nodded to the bedside table. She saw what he was getting at and barked laughter.

“That’s right. How could I be so silly.” She walked to the table and picked up the plastic chastity cage. Doug hadn’t even realized it wasn’t on. She handed him the cage. “Put your cage back on.”

Doug, somehow still able to feel shame after all that had happened, embarrassedly fit the tube around his flaccid penis. It slid over the limp nub easily. Once he was thoroughly trapped, Sandy handed him the lock, which he clicked into place. There it was, that familiar feeling. It felt … comforting.

“Now, thank your Daddy for remembering to put your cage back on,” Sandy said from the doorway.

Doug sputtered. “Th-thank you, Daddy. Goodnight, Mommy.”

Without a word, they closed the door, leaving him with just the faint glow of his nightlight. He heard soft sounds of giggling as Ryan playfully chased Sandy back up the stairs. Then, quiet.

Doug knew he couldn’t just wipe the cum off his stomach. His mommywife would check in the morning for the sticky streaks of matted hair to ensure he’d obeyed. Taking a deep breath, he reached down to his cage, rearranging the plastic to lay more comfortably against his skin. He closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep.

Second Author’s Note: I intended this story to depict a more loving relationship between the cuck and the mommywife. Something still firm and stern but more nurturing than punitive. Yet as it unfolded, this other relationship developed, something that borders on — or even maybe depicts outright — emotional abuse. I wanted to write something happy and playful. However, I ended up with a story I think is rather sad within the over-the-top setting (though hopefully still sexy and titillating). I will discuss it with my therapist. But I’m interested in your opinion: Let me know if you want to read more about these characters or if you’re more interested in the kind of loving hotwife/mommy relationship I initially thought this would be. Or if you thought this whole thing was a waste of time that should be forgotten forever, you can (politely) let me know that, too. Cheers.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. The opinions/views expressed in this story are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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