Our Readers SPH Experiences 179

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is caught naked…

My female best friend and I were close and constantly at each other’s houses. One day she was heading over, and I was getting out of the shower. I went into my room to change, and I had left my curtains open as I dropped my towel and was putting my underwear on. My friend was passing the window and happened to be looking in. Poor, abysmal timing. I heard a scream, and I ducked and hid in fear that someone had seen me naked. It turns out she had accidentally seen me naked and my tiny penis.

She laughed and laughed at me and teased me about it, saying it was the smallest penis she had ever seen. She knew I had a crush on her and told me we’d never fuck. She would tell me when she was getting fucked by big cocks and brag about it. She told her friends that I had a tiny penis and received nicknames such as tic tac.

She loved humiliating me, and it was a turn-on, probably for both of us. And one day, we both got into it, and while she didn’t want to fuck a tiny penis that she wouldn’t feel, she jerked me off with two fingers and then made me eat her ass out and rubbed her ass on my face.

Her ass was beautiful, with lovely big round cheeks, and the view was incredible. She said that’s all I’d get is to eat her ass because my tiny dick wouldn’t get past her cheeks, and she wouldn’t feel it in her pussy.


Another reader gets pantsed at school in front of a teacher he has a crush on…

In high school, this English teacher with a nice ass always wore leggings or a sundress that would get stuck between her butt cheeks. Every boy had a crush on her, including me, of course. The popular boys would flirt with her; she noticed but would never entertain that idea. As for me, I would never flirt with her or even look at her. But I would always glance at her butt. Her near-perfect ass was so intimidating and always turned me on. She was also the nicest teacher in the school and was always encouraging. She never laughed at anyone’s expense and always had something nice to say. And every day, I would fantasize about that sexy teacher and think of what it would be like to see her bare ass, in a thong, or her sitting on my face.

But fantasizing is as far as it ever went. I couldn’t imagine being with her or any girl at my school. This is because I knew any girl who saw me naked would laugh and tell everyone that I had a small penis. No one would want 2-3 inches, and I would be humiliated by everyone. Luckily no one knew, and I kept to myself. I was picked on a lot and made fun of. It was never too bad, but one day, that changed, and I never looked back.

This bully picked on me any chance, especially in gym class and in front of girls. Things had been escalating, and the pranks had been more progressive. Like everyone else, he had a thing for the teacher and was recently shot down by her in class. He was angry that he once got humiliated and was desperate to change that.

It was like any other day at school. I got off the bus and headed to the first period, which happened to be English that day, with the hot teacher. I just turned the corner and started down the hall to class. I could hear the bully behind me, and I heard him get excited about something, but I didn’t mind it because I was locked onto the teacher of my dreams standing in the hallway.

She was wearing tight leggings showing off her ample thighs, and when she turned around, you could see the outline of a nice round and full ass just below her long blonde hair. I was staring at her, but she was staring behind me, and her eyes widened.

I wasn’t sure what was happening, and my stomach dropped as I remembered the bully was behind me. I was about to turn around when I was stopped in my tracks, and so did the entire hallway, including the teacher. Everyone, along with myself, was anticipating what was about to happen. It felt like the whole day went by before it finally happened.

My pants and underwear were pulled down to my ankles and hit the floor. There was silence in the hallway for 0.1 seconds until everyone lit up with laughter and pointing. My 2-inch clock bobbed up and down like a little acorn from the waistband being pulled down on it. Everyone knew my tiny penis was on full display throughout the hallway. I heard comments such as “baby dick,” and one girl yelled it’s smaller than my little brother’s! I looked around at all the red faces from laughter, but mine was the reddest from embarrassment.

But I knew out of all those people laughing and making fun of me. I knew who wouldn’t be. As embarrassed as I was to face her, I needed some comfort to know someone was empathetic to my situation. I expected the teacher to yell at the bully and send him to the principal’s office. But to my shock, that is not what happened.

I looked down in shock at my naked body and looked up at the hot teacher, who was utterly, uncontrollably laughing! She put her hand over her mouth to hide her laughter, but it was no use. I couldn’t believe that even the friendly teacher was laughing at me. It was probably the smallest penis she had ever seen, and she found it hilarious.

There I was, completely naked with my baby dick on full display for this hot teacher with gorgeous blonde hair and phat ass, which was laughing and laughing in shock and amusement. She now knew that I had a tiny penis and never looked at me the same.


Meanwhile, this reader compares himself to his aunt’s big toe…

So, I’ve just come back from staying at my aunties in the north, long story short me and my cousin who is 27 and I’m 24 were the only ones home and were lying down on the sofa I was at the bottom end, and she was at the top, and when she stretched her legs, her feet were right beside my face. I couldn’t help but keep looking, and I think she knew because she kept wiggling her feet around. In convo, she mentioned she was tired and her feet hurt because she was at work all day, and “jokingly,” I offered her a foot massage, to which she agreed. So I sat up, and she put her feet on my lap, and I don’t think she realized, but she had her right foot on my member, but literally, all you can see is the head when flaccid, and it’s only 2/14 inches hard. I massaged her feet for like half an hour and somehow maintained my cool so hard even though I was getting wet like a bitch. Out of curiosity, I measured her toe with my middle finger, and her toe was just slightly bigger than my middle finger. Even after I finished massaging her feet, we just sat there and watched the movie, and she kept wiggling her foot while on my little dick, but I don’t know if she realized. When I went to the toilet after I had cum everywhere in my boxers and measured my dick with my middle finger (not like I haven’t before), it came just over the line for the third section. Her toe is like an inch bigger. I want to see a visual. Her toe is an inch bigger than my dick and probably just a little wider.


While this reader gets caught by the hotel maid…

Last week I went to Chicago to meet with some friends to celebrate our college graduation. We all stayed at a nice hotel with our rooms. After the first night, I was lying around quite hungover in the middle of the afternoon. I was bored and decided to hop on the hub. I put my headphones in and was going to town when suddenly I heard some thud. I unplugged my headphones and looked up and, to my horror, saw the hotel room cleaner walk in. This cleaner had to be one of the hottest women I had ever seen. Gorgeous Latina woman with a perfect hourglass figure stuffed tightly into her maid uniform. I hadn’t even heard her knocking on the door. I was completely nude and had no chance to cover up in time. She saw me, and we both just froze. I was lying in bed in just my birthday suit with my rock-hard gold member dick sticking straight in the air and audible porn coming from my phone. After a second, she just started laughing. Probably so loud the entire city could hear her.

At that moment, my friend Kristy, who I planned to ask out later that day walked in. She must’ve listened to the laughter from the hallway and figured me and some of the others were hanging out and saw the door was cracked, so she walked in. She saw and heard the same thing as the cleaner and grabbed her phone to video my situation. For some dumb reason, my first instinct was to grab my phone and turn it off, but as I did, the worst imaginable thing happened. I blew my load completely hands-free. Kristy went nuts, especially realizing she had the whole thing on video. I finally grabbed my phone and ran to the bathroom but not before Kristy also got to see my gold member dick shrink to a half-inch nub. I still asked her out the next day, but unsurprisingly she declined me.

She said, “If you had asked a couple of days ago, I definitely would have said yes, but there’s just a little problem in the way.”

As she said the last part, she gave a small squeeze to my crotch, giggled, and then walked away.


This reader is exposed during a medical procedure…

I have a very tiny penis. Soft, it barely projects out of my body. It looks like a flat ring of wrinkled skin. The head at the center is barely visible and no bigger than the tip of a thimble. Unfortunately, due to a kidney problem, I underwent a cystoscopy procedure. A flexible tube is inserted into the penis through the urethra, and a camera is inserted through the tube. Although it sounds horrific, I have had it done before, and it is uncomfortable but not painful. Although my urologist is a woman, I found comfort in the medical staff’s professionalism. So I resigned to proper healthcare requiring any number of women to see my tiny penis.

After arriving at the hospital, I was directed into a room where the procedure would be done. I was told to undress completely and lie flat on the table. A small paper sheet was provided to cover my lower half. A short time later, the doctor walked in, accompanied by two nurses who would assist. To my horror, one of the nurses was a friend of my wife’s, who is also a nurse. Making matters worse, my wife’s friend Nancy and her husband are part of a larger group of friends we often see at parties, picnics, and the like. With no ceremony, the other nurse quickly removed the sheet that covered me. I was now completely exposed as I lay naked on my back. Nancy’s eyes were staring straight at my little dick. I watched her eyes suddenly widen, and although covered by a mask, I could see her cheekbones rise as she smiled broadly.

As one nurse held the instrument, the doctor maneuvered the camera. They had a little difficulty in navigating the camera because, at one point, the doctor made a little nod in Nancy’s direction. Nancy took her thumb and forefinger and grasped my penis to help position it. Of course, with little to grip, her fingers slipped right off. She then grabbed the head and pushed the skin surrounding it down into my pubic area, allowing her to get a better grip. She had to do that several times. When they were done, she held my penis as the other nurse removed the tube and moved it to its receptacle.

Nancy quietly said to me, “All done. How are you doing?”

As she said that, she softly patted my penis several times. I have to admit that her confident dominance, combined with my vulnerability, actually excited me a bit. As I thought about it later, much to my surprise, Nancy knowing that I had a little, tiny dick, started to turn me on. I had to wonder, would she share what she saw with anybody else. My wife had previously admitted that all women, even nurses, talk. They are always professional and never mock or even remark on appearance in front of a patient. Still, at the nurse’s station or in the lounge, they will talk about it if a patient has an especially large or tiny penis. So I had to wonder, who would Nancy tell.


Another reader meets his future key holder…

Started working out with a trainer. She wanted to take before and after pics for when I hopefully lose some weight. I felt like this was an excellent opportunity to get some real-life SPH. I made sure to wear my best boxer briefs. I stripped down for her to take the pics, and I immediately saw her grin when she looked at my boxers. I am only a little over an inch soft, and I was already excited to take off my clothes for her because she is super fit and hot. So, my little guy is starting to get erect. I’m a silver member of the small dick club. When it started growing as she took pics, she noticed and said, “It looks like you have a small problem going on down there.”

I jumped at this to try to get more out of it. I said, “Um, yeah, I haven’t been in front of someone almost naked in a while, and sorry, I can’t seem to control the little guy.”

She laughed and said, “You are a grower, not a shower, right?” and grinned.

I said, “I wish that were the case.”

This caught her off guard. I am sure she is used to guys trying to act like they are hung. I could see the odd look on her face, so I went for it.

I said, “No, it’s pretty small, even hard, and I’m sure you’re used to much bigger.”

Her eyes got wide at this point, and she was unsure what to say. She says, “I’m sure you’re average like most guys.” She was trying to be friendly and reassuring.

I said, “Nope. I’m a silver member of the small dick club, hard.”

Her jaw dropped, and she let out a laugh but covered her mouth like she was sorry for laughing.

I said, “It’s OK. You can laugh. You aren’t the first. Do you wanna see for yourself?”

She was all about it. She agreed it was smaller than any she had ever seen or been with. I was throbbing and had to go straight home and take care of it. That was several months ago. I am now in great shape; she is my chastity cage’s key holder.


Meanwhile, this reader finds out he’s the smallest…

Back in high school, I had this excellent female friend, Jessi. She walked in on me, changing after football practice when I was at my smallest state. First off, I’m a grower. Second, I get real bad shrinkage after working out. So my dick looked an inch and a half long and way thinner than usual.

She immediately laughed and ran out of the room. For two years, she constantly made fun of me for it (privately), and I always gave her my excuses on why I was so small that day.

After senior year, late at night at a party, we were drinking by the fire in our friend’s backyard while the rest of the party was dying down watching a movie in the house.

We had a blanket and were talking when she started teasing me.

Jessi: hey, remember when I walked in on you changing and saw your micro dick??

Me: …. I told you I had shrinkage.

Jessi: mmmmmmhmmmmmmmm.

For some reason, it just occurs to me… why not just show her.

Me: do I have to show you to get you to stop with the jokes?

Jessi: Took you long enough, yes! Prove it. A part of me doesn’t believe it can be as small as I remember!

Me: are you serious?

Jessi: yeah! Why? Are you scared?

With that, I reach in my pants and grab my two-inch flaccid dick. I stop when I’m about to pull it through my open zipper.

Me: I should show you when I’m hard. That way, you get the FULL picture. Then I can finally stop hearing the small dick jokes.

Jessi: Did you get nervous because you’re a grower?

Me: and you gotta show me your tits.

Jessi: deal, BUT you have to show me you soft right now too.

I immediately pull my dick through my zipper.

Jessi: haha, hmmm, I always think soft dicks look so funny. Okay, you don’t have a micropenis, but it’s still cute-sized.

I start blushing and pull my soft little dick back into my pants.

Me: your turn! (I did not hide my excitement one bit)

Jessi pulls out her average-sized, surprisingly perky boobs from under her shirt for 3 seconds, then hurriedly put them away.

I immediately feel my dick start getting hard. At this point, I convince myself that I will only show her when I am raging and if she’s sitting directly to my right (to get the best angle possible).

I take the blanket and say, “give me a minute,” and make a tent so that she can’t see me. Pull it out and give it some tugs to get it going.

At this point, she’s sitting across from me on the other side of the fire. And I stare down to admire my work (in my makeshift tent). I was throbbing. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, hard with a couple of veins and a slight upward curve.

I motion her to join me on my side so that she gets a good angle and the fire gives off a good shadow.

I drop the tent to show my throbbing dick when she gets comfy.

Jessi: (starts giggling) wow, you are a grower.

Me: I told you.

Jessi: well, you still aren’t very big. It’s not even average.

Me: don’t act like you’re not impressed…

Jessi: you should be a lot bigger. You’re still smaller than Cole, Robert, and Al… and six inches taller than them.

Me: are they bigger than me?

Jessi looks away from my cock and smiles at me. My throbbing cock is enjoying this conversation. She reaches out and grabs me by the base of my cock, giving me a good squeeze.

Jessi: well, to do this…

Proceeds to start stroking my cock from my base to my tip

Jessi: I would need both hands for Cole and Robert. And with Al, I wouldn’t even have my fingers touching.

With that, I get a shiver down my spine.

Me: so I’m small?

Jessi: Yes. I’m just used to big cock.

Me: you tell me.

Jessi starts picking up her pace, lays her head on my shoulder, and whispers in my ear: “I think you like it when I say you’re small. I can feel your little dick throbbing. It’s so hard right now. I didn’t know dicks got this hard…. You don’t need as much blood to get this little thing going.”

With that, I just unload like I never have before.

Jessi: so I guess my little dick jokes can continue 😉


While this reader is humiliated at the sight of a jogger flip-flopping around…

A real short story here. Just wondering if any ones else have had something similar happen! I was out taking my dog for a walk, head in my phone playing Pokémon go, and when I looked up, I saw a man running. He was in running shorts and about the same build as me (6’5″ with a skinny frame). His bulge had to be 6-inch min soft a, flopping around so much you could see it the whole block down, and it was such a gut punch to see when I know I’m the same height but with a 1.5-inch flaccid and a bronze member of the small dick club hard.

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