Marissa Gets Home Late (And Used)


“Please,” I inched nearer to her. I could smell the weed and booze on her. “Please, it’s been like a month.”

She had unceremoniously collapsed onto the bed after getting home at 7 AM. Her makeup was smeared, and her stocking had runs. Her skirt was hiked up. I knew she had been fucked and I wanted my turn. We were way past the old limits where I had to be in the room, or where I’d make sure that they wore protection. She started going out with a group of dishwashers and busboys at the restaurant when she got off her shift as a waitress, and we hadn’t been intimate in ages.

“I thought you weren’t going to get jealous,” She slurred. “I’m so tired and sore…” She rolled over, and I saw a huge wet spot on the ass of her tight white skirt.

“I’m not jealous; I just need to touch you, I just need to feel you. Please, I’ll do anything…”

She seemed to consider this for a moment and then pulled up her skirt. No panties. Her pale Irish ass was bright red and gorgeous. She grabbed one cheek and spread it open, revealing a slimy mess of nut. I bit my lip.

“I’m dirty, baby.” She said flatly.

“Is it…” My heart fluttered, and my dick throbbed. “It’s in your ass?”

“Uh huh,” She mumbled, her face buried in a pillow.

It was this or nothing. I was so horny I could cry, and the thought of her slutting it up with some kid was making my dick ache. I bet he was telling all his friends right now about how he fucked this tiny little white chick right in the ass and busted a nut in her. Even though I was 27 and he was probably still in high school, I bet his dick was twice as big as mine. I wonder what he’d think of me if he knew I was about to eat his cum out of my girlfriend’s ass.

I climbed on top of her, my face in her ass and my stiff dick jammed against her feet. I began to clean the cum from her ass in long, slow licks. She pressed her dainty little feet together, surrounding my erection with her soles. I slid between them and started fucking her feet while I sucked and slurped at her raw, pink asshole. I jammed my tongue in her pucker and tasted the product of her sluttiness. My heart pounded like crazy. I couldn’t believe that she had let some random kid bareback her ass. How stupid! How careless!

She moaned. “You like it, baby?”

I came up for air. “Yes, but…who was it? Are they clean?”

She paused. “Uh, I don’t really know…I was pretty faded. It might’ve been a few different guys.”

The thought of multiple guys barebacking her ass was too much. I spread her cheeks again and pressed my lips to her swollen asshole and sucked as hard as I could. I sucked as many little clots of warm salty cum that I could reach, while I frantically fucked her feet. Before I knew it, I was cumming between her feet. She giggled as I grunted and squirted, and the feeling of humiliation rushed over me.

“Oh my god, Marissa, that was incredible…” I wiped the cum off my face and surveyed her beautiful body.

She raised her feet in the air. “You made a mess too. Clean it up, baby.” She was right. I had cum a lot, all over her pearl-white little feet. Most of it was between her toes, covering her bright red nail polish. I did as I was told, and licked it off of her feet.

She rolled over and faced me, grinning. “You know you just ate like six guys’ nut out of my ass, right?”

My heart dropped, and I felt a little sick. “Six guys? Jesus…I thought you meant like, a couple…”

“Nope, I let the entire dish-pit take turns, it was so hot!” She said, breathily. “There was Raul, Jorge, Jamal, uh…” She paused, “…actually I don’t know the rest of their names. II let them fuck me in the back of Jamal’s big black SUV.”

I licked my lips and considered the lingering taste in my mouth. “We haven’t had sex in like a month…” I whimpered.

She raised her eyebrows. “It looks to me like we just did. I mean, you came, right? It was good, wasn’t it?” I opened my mouth to protest, but she cut me off. “Baby, come on, do I have to spell it out?” She rolled over to the nightstand, next to the bed. She opened the drawer and retrieved a miniature keychain tape measure, and threw it at me. “Go ahead. Do it before it shrinks away.”

I fumbled with the tape measure and extended it to the tip of my dick. She leaned in and smiled knowingly. I had never actually measured before, and the results were less than impressive.

“Say it. Tell me why I won’t let you fuck me anymore.” Her voice had changed. She was getting nasty.

“I’m…” I sighed. “I’m too small for you I guess.”

“You guess? Baby, that little pink thing is useless. You know that Jamal actually makes me cum? He’s only 18, and he’s bigger soft than you are hard.” She didn’t need to tell me. I had seen the texts he sent her of his fat black dick poking out of his basketball shorts.

“But I’ve made you cum!” I insisted meekly.

“Never on your dick. Only with your mouth.” She snapped. “Which is why, from now on…I think I just want to make love like this. You’re lucky I even let you eat my ass just now. You better learn to like it, this is going to be a big part of our relationship from now on.”

I thought of the ring I had bought on credit sitting in my sock drawer. I loved her more than anything, and she was way out of my league. I nodded as I acknowledged her decision. This was my life from now on, and I would learn to like it.


The End.


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