Our Readers SPH Experiences 46

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader decides honesty is the best policy…

Taking the advice of my nurse (Our Readers SPH Stories 45), I embraced having a little penis and decided to try and have fun with it. I soon got a chance when the girl next door had some friends over for a garden party. They were all in costumes and were sunbathing as well as being in and out of the hot tub. I started spying, but in such an obvious way I was bound to get caught.

My neighbor shouted, “Don’t be shy – come and join us!”

She knew about my shortcoming and was planning to embarrass me because as soon as I arrived, she insisted I had to wear a costume as I was the only one dressed. I pointed out that I never had a costume so she said I could borrow her bikini bottoms which made the others laugh. I said my undies would suffice and stripped to my tighty-whities which left nothing to the imagination – it was just a shame they were almost flat in the front. I noticed a couple of second glances, put my hand over my wiener and said I was jumping in the hot tub to get away from their prying eyes.

Of course when I got back out my undies were transparent and my little dick was on display. At first, there was muted laughter until one girl said, “Omg – how small are you?”

Which was greeted by loud, open laughter.

“He’s only 3 inches and has to see the doctor!” my, neighbor informed them which got even more laughs.

“Actually it’s 4 inches” I corrected her, “But my balls are pre-adolescent.”

This had some of them wiping tears of laughter from their eyes. Before I knew it they were holding me down and de-pants end me so there I was totally naked in front of 6 girls with retracted testicles and a 1.5 inch shriveled child-like willy. Rather than run and hide, I laid on a towel to sunbathe and over the next hour or so was the center of attention answering questions about my size and seeing more female flesh than I had ever seen before. When I got up to go home they were all very kind to me and promised my “little secret” was safe with them and I had an open invitation to their girls only garden parties from now on. This was an offer I took advantage of and would often masturbate in front of them as asked, was played with by most of them and got to grab plenty of boobs and an occasional pussy!


Another reader submitted himself for further investigation…

It was 2013; I was at a party at my friend’s house. I had just turned 18 and it was time for me to lose my virginity. It was hard to lose it when you’re a big guy with a 3-inch erection but I was determined. I spent most of my time there with this girl who I felt was beginning to like me, and maybe I liked her too. So we went upstairs to my friend’s little sister’s room (I know, not cool) but I was ready to get it on. We first talked in there for a good 10 minutes and went from flirting to kissing to undressing. She removed my shirt and unbuckled by shorts. She then reached down and grabbed my hard penis. And she looked shocked. He mouth dropped wide open and she gave me the most OMG look. I told her if you’re not comfortable doing this I understand why. She said she was willing to try something new and wanted to give it a shot. She took her phone out and claimed she wanted to take a picture of it, but I know how that goes. I covered myself up and told her no. She put her phone down and said, “OK, fine.”

However, I don’t think she really wanted a picture. She grabbed her cell to tell two of her friends to come up in the room with us. (At least I think she did, why else would they have entered the room?) At this point, we were both fully naked. Anyways when I heard the door open, I grabbed my boxers (didn’t put them on) and used them to cover my genitals. Her two friends walked in (she didn’t bother covering herself…hmm?) They closed the door and looked at her and laughed. One of them told me, “well, let’s see it.”

I felt betrayed and enraged. The girls said its okay they won’t say anything. I took a while, but I finally gave in. Removed my hands and let the boxers drop. They began laughing and saying stuff like, “Wow, why is it so small, do all chubby guys have a small one, it’s like a kids, etc.”

They laid me down on the floor, and one of them used her finger to compare it to my penis. I’m not circumcised so I have a little bit extra foreskin. So it would hurt whenever I pulled it back and touched my naked penis head. And that’s exactly what they did. A one on one suddenly turned into an SPH treatment. But I enjoyed it though. It felt so good having those girls play with my penis, I don’t know which one but one of them kept squeezing by balls and began to hurt, but strangely enough, I enjoyed it. I was a complete sex slave to them. These girls tied my hands together and had me in all sorts of weird positions. They even tried to shove their fingers in my arse but I didn’t let them. lol. I will never forget that night. I wonder if they told anyone?

This reader pays for his nookie…

A few years ago one of my wife’s friends was telling her about her new student lodger that’s moved in with her and how he’s got the biggest penis she’s ever seen. She was telling her that she saw him getting changed as his door was slightly open and she wasn’t sure if he did it on purpose, but his soft cock was around seven inches. My wife thought she was exaggerating. Now, my wife, she’s had a few lovers on the side over the years as we have agreed that my 4-inch cock just isn’t fit for purpose to satisfy her. It’s been a few months since she’s had a lover on the side so when she was telling me about her friend’s lodger I knew she was going to bed him (on a regular basis).

So one day she popped around to her friend’s house for a chat with her but hoping to bump into her lodger as well. When she got home she told me he wasn’t home he was at uni but came home an hour later and went straight to the toilet, and when he was peeing, you could hear it so loud as if someone was using a hose pipe. When he came in the room, she could see his huge bulge. She went on about it all day, how he’s studying business finance, and he’s not that good-looking, but he works out and has a good bod. She’s told him that she’s free to show him around the city as he is still getting used to it.

So long story short, two weeks later, she bought him home while I was out and fucked him. She filled me in with the details that his cock is 6 1/2 inches soft and 11 inches hard and so thick she could just get its head in her mouth. She got and only half of his cock in her pussy and it stretched her good, and she ain’t felt that kind of pain in years. When my wife gets a lover, it usually means I don’t get any sex, and I have to beg and nag her till she gives me any as she finds me boring in the bedroom.

So sex becomes once a month if I’m lucky. She was telling her lover all this how I’m always begging for it, but she can’t feel my cock, and she can’t be bothered with me unless she has to. A few months into their relationship he came up with an idea he told her why don’t she charge me for sex that way she gets some extra spending cash and I get as much sex as I can afford. She liked that idea and asked me if I was willing to pay her for her services, at this point it had been nearly two months since I had sex with her and I was happy to pay for it.

So that night, I got my last free sex. Two days later, she gave me a price list (created by her lover) what it will cost me for sexual services, she told me, I was getting a good price because it’s on friends and family rates. The prices weren’t extortionate it was $5 handjob, $20 sex, $15 blowjob, I even had to pay her $5 to give her oral. It was blissful for a good few months. I was getting plenty of sex, and she had extra spending money to treat herself.

Then one day she said she’s getting bored again, so prices are going up by 25%. I hesitantly agreed to her new prices. I knew it was her BF that was pulling strings in the background as he was borrowing money from her. This guy was banging her every other day, and I can’t have sex with her on the day she’s seeing him. I have to tell her in advance if I want it, while he phones her and she’s straight over to see him, or he comes over if I’m not home. On top of that, he doesn’t use condoms, but I have to, and lately, from her pussy, I can’t even feel any tightness, he’s stretched it that much. Her affair lasted until the end of his uni year even though he’s moved away I’m still paying for sex to this very day.


This reader claims he suffers from the curse….

I have always known I was tiny. Maybe 4.5 hard and soft around 1in. My wife has even admitted to me in moments of weakness through the years she knows how small I am. We have found ways around it. Either Her on top grinding or me with a penis extension. She pretends she doesn’t like the extension but never asks me to get rid of them, and there are a lot of different and intense moans and groans from her when a good one is used. Our favorite makes Me almost as fat as a soda can and is almost 7 inches long, and I’ve watched her take the whole thing and enjoy it very much.

I felt like I was watching her with another guy and felt excited about it although still feeling like less of a man. My latest confirmation is I’ve started getting legit massages at a local Asian massage parlor. They prefer all nude. Both times they like to leave the towel off while doing my back, so they have a perfect view of my little balls. Then she watches as I turn over. I see the big smile when she sees my little inch worm. Today I stood up as soon as she was finished and she giggled and said, “You not so lucky with such a small pee-pee.”

I turned red and got dressed. On my way out I paid, and another lady was at the register. My girl whispered in her ear, and they both were smiling and giggling as I left. It is a curse, yet can be fun at times.


This reader overhears two women talking about dicks…

So, I’m at work right now, and we just finished up lunch. I was sitting in the bed of my truck eating when a co-worker pulled up beside me. His GF, who works here, is with him (of course). They get out, and he talks to a friend, she leans on the car, and her friend comes over. They start talking about you know. Whatever, so I pay no mind I finish my lunch and light a cigarette. That’s when their conversation catches my ear.

They are talking about their sex lives. So being the asshole I am, I eavesdrop. The other girl is talking about how her hubby is OK. I hear, ” He’s not bad, but I barely get off. Not that he’s small, he’s fuckin HUGE.”

At this point, as a 3″ guy, I’m like: ‘Well, I’m done listening.’

Guys GF butts in and starts talking about how amazing my co-worker is in bed. I’ m about to get up and leave when I hear, “Oh, wow, he must big?”

The co-workers GF goes, “Nope, he’s actually really, really small that when we have sex, I can’t even feel it.”

Girl two goes, “Then how the hell is he good? That’s pretty sad.”

At this point, I get pissed and am about to jump out of my truck and go. But co-workers GF says this, ” Yeah, he’s small, but holy shit he can work that tongue, it’s fucking amazing.”

Now I want to hear more, so I sit and listen some more She goes on about all the things he does in bed to satisfy her. Says he’ll spend an hour pleasuring her. JUST HER! By the end of lunch, you could tell girl two was jealous over a small guy that can out do her big one at sex.

I want this. This is not the first time she has openly bragged about her bf, but it is the first time hearing that he is small. I want a woman like this. Or I want to make a woman proud of what I can do to her. I used to think she was a bit of a bitch but hearing what I did now just made her an amazing person to me. I wish to have this one day.

Another reader enjoys his bronze medal…

Once, a lot of the neighborhood girls knew about not only my smallness but my willingness to show it. I got invited to lots of parties, the occasional sleepover and was getting more action than anyone else I knew. I had a unique way in and took full advantage. Lots of average sized guys were too hung up and anxious whereas I was confident even in the dressing room and in front of the nurse who was monitoring my puberty due to Mum’s concerns. Aged 16, I was measured for the last time. The nurse told me I was a fraction under 5 inches which put me in the “small range of average.” My girth was 4.6 inches which, again was small but acceptable. My testicles, unfortunately, were still small and below the normal range. They were functional, however, and my hormone levels were fine. She gave me a big hug and assured me I had nothing to worry about – I, unlike my bigger friends, had already worked that out. I loved my teen years!


Another Reader overhears something that makes him hard…

I was leaving the factory when I overheard one of my female co-workers say, “I’ll take any cock as long as it’s big.”

She was talking to other girls, and I have no idea what the context was, I was hard the whole drive home. I just wanted to share that.


This reader had Netflix but no Chill….

This one was a lot tamer than the last story I posted. Somehow, I managed to get a hot little Asian chick to come over. We had messaged briefly before her coming over, but nothing sexual. She came over late at night and climbed right in my bed as I turned on Netflix. I told her to close her eyes and stripped to change into my pajamas. It was at this point I realized just how cold my apartment was, and saw how tiny my penis looked.

Thankfully she didn’t (to my knowledge), and I got in bed with her. We started kissing and taking each other’s clothes off. Finally, we were both in our underwear. I start to finger her, and she went to pull my boxers down. My little guy poked his head out, and she let out what I took to be a sigh of disappointment.

With two fingers she pulled my foreskin back revealing my head covered in precum. She wasn’t very experienced sexually, so it’s possible she didn’t notice my size (or lack thereof). She started blowing me, and I got hard. I pulled out my extra small condom and started rolling it on. She saw the box and then looked at the tiny condom hanging off my dick.

I got on top of her, but at this point, I was feeling insecure. I slid my penis into her smoothly and began thrusting. Thankfully, premature ejaculation is not a problem for me. However, I noticed I was starting to go soft. I continued for a minute until she blurted out, “Are you soft? Why can’t you stay hard? I can’t feel anything.”

I got up and could feel my penis go soft. I pulled the condom off, and she got a clear view of how small I was. I quickly went down on her and proceeded to eat her out for the next 20 mins. She orgasmed a couple of times and moaned way louder than she had when I first entered her. I heard her say, “You’re amazing,” and I started to get cocky.

I got up and presented my now hard penis to her. Again, she rubbed it with her thumb and pointer finger while taking out her phone with her other hand. She seemed so bored and was texting other people while stroking me. She was doing this while texting with her other hand
With her completely disinterested in me, I again lost my erection. She laughed a little bit and said she had to be going. I asked her if she could help me cum first, and she said: “You can do that yourself.”

I started stroking myself as she put her clothes on when she turned and said, “Ew, gross. I meant after I leave.”

I apologized and got dressed too. I walked her out to her car, at which point she realized she forgot her keys and told me to grab them. I did and brought them back out to her. I went for a kiss goodbye, and she turned to get in her car. We said goodbye, and she drove off.

I texted her later and said I had a great time, and that if she ever wanted to do it again to give me a call. She replied, “I’m good,” and I haven’t heard from her since.

I’m not sure I’d want to see her again because of how rude she was, but I loved the subtle humiliation, and she had a gorgeous body.


This reader shares some of the fraternity antics….

Back in college, we had communal showers in our fraternity house. I always tried to shower alone due to my insecurities regarding my small penis, and the fact that I’m uncircumcised. A few different instances stuck out to me, and this was all before I was ever into SPH.
Showered with one of the biggest ladies men in our house. I caught a glimpse of his cock, and he was about an inch longer soft than I am hard. I stared just a moment too long, and he caught me. He gave me a grin knowing what I was thinking. He says, “Take a picture; it’ll last longer.”

I blurt out, “Maybe I will,” only realizing how dumb I sounded after. I quickly rinsed off and left.

One of the smallest guys (like 5’6, I’m 6’2) was entering the shower as I was leaving. He still had his towel on, and I was exciting my cold shower. My penis was maybe 1-2″ long at that point, and my foreskin made it look like a baby anteater. He smiled and sarcastically said, “Nice cock, bro. ”

I said thanks and left. We made a ton of gay jokes in the house, so I didn’t think much of it.

Broke up with a girl recently and was hanging out in my room. I thought I heard her voice, so I walked into the hall, only to see her leaving one of my fraternity brother’s rooms. It was clear he had just fucked her, and I still wasn’t over her, so I said: “I hope she wasn’t too loose, I really stretched her out.”

The truth was, I had trouble orgasming with her because of how little friction there was down there. He assured me that she was still very tight and that I hadn’t stretched her out at all.

Honorary mention: we were having a party in winter and someone pulled the fire alarm, so everyone had to go outside. There was a crowd of maybe 50 people standing out front, and everyone was wasted.
My girlfriend and I had been lying in bed when it happened, so I was in nothing but my pj’s and a t-shirt, and there was snow on the ground. Again, we were all wasted. My girlfriend had gotten separated from me, so I stood on a chair to try and see over the crowd.

Someone saw their opportunity and yanked my pants down to my ankles, a perfectly timed pantsing. Everyone around me started laughing, and after realizing what had happened, I tried to pull my pants up. This caused me to slip off the chair with my pants now around my knees, leading to even more laughter.

I stood up and got my pants back on, but not before everyone in my immediate vicinity saw what I was packing. I saw my girlfriend laughing at me too before she ran over to offer a hand. It was extremely embarrassing, but no one made any comments to me, so I’m hoping that no one got a chance to size me up, or they just attributed it to the freezing weather.


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