The Male Model (Gay SPH)


I’m a male model and my name is Adrian. I’ve been a model since I was a teenager. I’ll admit it right here and now, I’m hot. I’m very sexy. When someone says model hot, well that is me. I know this as every guy wants me or they want to be me.

It is a grueling business and requires absolute perfection all the time in your body. My abs must show perfectly every day as I never know when I might be called on a shoot. It’s a great business and I love the travel. I’ve been all over the world and would never change a thing. Keeping myself in shape has not always been the healthiest thing to do. I’m 6’2″ and must keep my weight around 165 with a body fat of 5 or 6%. I keep my chest to 38 and my waist to 29. I have a size 12 shoe. My abs pop all the time. I must keep my whole body waxed most of the time. Any time you see me my body is lean and hard. From time to time I considered doing fitness modelling so I could put on some more size, but I never did it.

While appearing in runway shows you are practically naked backstage while changing. You can never be shy. I was shy at first. The one thing about me that isn’t perfect is my cock. It’s on the small side. It’s puny and very pathetic. When guys make fun of me, it turns me on. I’m not modest about my looks at all. I know that I’m hot as hell and arrogant to boot. Guys want to get close to me because I’m so hot and I’m a model.

Recently after a photo shoot, one of the workers on the set caught my eye. He was big and muscular, and it looked like he was too big for his clothes. They were ill-fitting, but he was just the type of guy I liked. The only other requirement I had was he must have a big cock. From the way, the fabric was stretched I would say it was big. We started a conversation and found out his name is Jared. He didn’t ask me over that night. No, he told me to come over that evening. Forceful, just the way I like it. Something about him just made me agree.

I wanted the perfect look for him. I picked out the skinniest tightest jeans I could find. I squeezed into a size 28. I squeezed into them but they showed off how fucking hot my ass was. Then I picked out the perfect shirt. It was so tight that it looked like it was painted on. Then I found my new size 12 Chuck Taylor all stars. I looked hot and I knew it. My hair was long and bleached blond for the last shoot. My natural color is dark brown and my skin is naturally like brown. My eyebrows were dark and my deep blue eyes completed the package. I looked the part. I always looked the part when I walked out the door.

I rang his bell right on time. He answered and stood there and just looked me up and down. We are about the same height, but he must have 60 or 70 pounds on me. All muscle from what I can see. He leaned into me and gave me a kiss and whispered in my ear, “I knew you had a puny cock.” That made sense. My jeans were tight there was no place for a cock if I had any. A normal guy could not wear jeans this tight. He pulled me in and slammed the door. By this time, I was hot as hell. Looks wise, he was the all-American boy. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing tight fitting jeans that had to stretch around his huge, and I mean large legs. His stance was wide. There was a big package between his legs. His arms and chest were huge. He was wearing a tight t-shirt, and I could just tell there was a lot of hair under it.

He said that he knew he wanted me from the time he saw me that day. He said, “I love fucking hot guys with puny cocks. I mean I only fuck hot guys with puny cocks. By the time this night is over, I will own your ass. You will submit to me.” He was so fucking arrogant, and that turned me on like nothing else. He grabbed my hand and pushed it into his crotch and said, “Feel that? That’s what a real man’s cock is like.” I could only nod. At the same instant, he undid my jeans and was pulling them down while saying, “When you are here, you will always be naked. I want to see that puny cock all the time, so I can laugh at it and make fun of it. Plus, I always want to see your hot ass.”

This all made me hard. My little 3″ on a good day hard cock was hard as a rock. My clothes were off so fast and I was standing naked in front of this hot looking bull of a man. He said, “Oh yes. Just the way I like my pussy boys, shaved and puny. What do you do with that pathetic little cock?” I stammered and said, “Not much I can do with it. It’s too small.” His meaty hands started to rub it between his thumb and first finger. At that moment, I was unable to control it and I came. He started laughing and said, “You are a pathetic pussy boy.”

My hands were back on his crotch. I wanted him so bad. He pushed me down on my knees and slowly undid my jeans. I was looking up at him and wanted him so bad. My little dick was hard again. As he undid his 501 jeans I could smell that manly smell. His smell made me want him even more. He reached in and pulled his dick and balls out of his briefs and pushed his jeans down a little to give him more room.

No one has ever been able to control me as much as he was right now. Sure, I’ve been fucked before. Most of the time, I fuck around with other models. It’s easy that way and they are all as hot as me. Some of them have big dicks and like to fuck. For me, it’s all about control. I need someone that will own me and make me humiliated about my puny cock. I can work out every day, diet, have plastic surgery, implants, and whatever else to make me look good. One thing I can never do is have a bigger cock. I get amazed in a public washroom at the sound of a big cock taking a piss. It makes me hard. I’ve had to go jerk off many times after hearing that sound.

To say Jared’s cock was fat, was an understatement. It was thick as hell. I don’t know how to describe how thick it was. He was looking down at me and laughing. He said, “Now, that’s a real man’s cock. Let’s compare it to yours. Oh, yeah, you don’t have a cock. Isn’t that pussy? Put it in your mouth.” I complied. I was sucking the head and couldn’t get much more in. He slowly pulled his t-shirt off and threw it to the side. I got a better look at his chest. It was hot as hell. My puny little cock was hard. It was so hard I thought it was going to bust. He pulled me off long enough to take off his shoes and pull down those tight jeans.

When he was naked, I just looked up at him in awe. He looked down and said, “Oh yeah baby worship me. Take in my size and power. I’m big, and my cock matches my body. Unlike you with that baby boy cock.” He then pushed my head onto his cock. I had to open wide. It was fat. It was just like sucking on a beer can it was that thick. My jaw was aching, but I kept going. I wanted desperately to please him. He grabbed my head and started fucking my face. Those huge balls were bouncing around, and he was getting bigger and bigger. His cock was monstrously huge. Fat as a beer can and probably 9″ long. I’d never sucked anything this big. I wanted it bad though. I wanted to please him.

I have big hands, and his cock felt right in my hands. It was such a hot feeling. I kept thinking how puny my cock is. And he kept saying how puny and pathetic I am. He kept repeating that I was not a real man but I was his pussy boy. He said, “The only reason you are here is to serve and please me. You are so pathetic that I now own you.” With that, he pushed his cock as deep as he could in my throat. I could feel ribbons of cum going down my throat. Waves and waves of cum down my throat until I started choking and then he pulled out. Cum was streaming down my face. He looked down and said, “Clean my cock.” I complied. At the same time, my little cock came without me touching it. He looked down and laughed and called me pathetic. I think I’m in love.


The End


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  • Colin McGuigan

    I really loved hearing a story about someone with the same size 3 inch erect cock as mine! Only mine isn’t fiction…


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