Little Dicklette Club 2 & 3

By jealouscuck.


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Part 2

After Nathaniel and Annette progressed to the point of having oral sex and then trying a medium size dildo, he knew that his fate was sealed as far as being able to bring his wife to a satisfying orgasm. She was a little nervous to try the dildo the second time Nathaniel got it out. She now knew also that her husband could not bring her to orgasm with his cock. Inevitably, Annette did a little research on the subject. She even viewed some of the porn flicks that Nathaniel had not deleted from his browser. She was not angry, for she knew that they had both been reading up on the topics of marital aids and sexual fulfillment.

She found out that there were more dildos to choose from, and most were of a considerably larger size than the one Nathaniel had purchased for her. And now she was even claiming to herself at least that it was indeed hers. Watching some of the well-hung studs giving it to some beautiful porn actress was making her so hot that she considered using the dildo herself. She thought that this was far too nasty for her to be contemplating. Sex was for husband and wife to enjoy. However, she was so hot that she slipped her hand inside her panties and touched herself. In a matter of minutes, she brought herself to an amazing orgasm. She thought that was quite handy. Now when Nathaniel spilled his little mess into the front of her vagina, she could at least bring herself off while pretending to clean up.

The oral sex and the dildo play went on for about two months. She felt bad for him now that he knew she was quite orgasmic. Just not with his little dicklet inside her. As more time went by, she did indeed use the dildo to get herself off when Nathaniel was not there. She had even begun to be so pleasured by her new little friend, that she no longer felt guilty about using it on herself. The only thing that bothered her was that Nathaniel was still having what she learned was ‘premature ejaculation.’ It hardly mattered, though. Even if he learned to last longer, he would still deposit his little pasty load just barely inside her vagina. Sometimes he even came before he put it in her.

She might have come into the marriage naïve, but she was learning fast. She even became more comfortable around Susan when she brought up the topic of sex. She had not reached the point where she was sharing intimate secrets. Now, she no longer blushed when Susan began talking about one of her lovers. Of course, Susan, being a close friend and neighbor, took it upon herself to try to lure Annette into a conversation about her sex life with her husband. Indeed, a full six months into their friendship, she lost some of her inhibitions and engaged in general conversations about sex. Still not very revealing. Susan was still trying for details and asked Annette if she was multi-orgasmic. Annette told her that she did have orgasms but did not know what she meant by multi-orgasmic.

“Oh, that is when you come multiple times before Nathaniel finishes,” Susan informed her.

“Oh, I guess not,” Annette answered.

“Just once, then?”

“Actually, I don’t have an orgasm during actual intercourse.”

“Well, then,” Susan asked. “When do you have an orgasm?”

“Uh, actually, uh, during, uh, oral sex, you know? You asked me about that one time, and we began practicing that after a while.”

“Oh, hottie. Does he eat you out before or after he cums in you?”

“Before, of course. That would be nasty otherwise.”

“Yeah, to some men. But you know it gives me a sense of being in control when I have my lover eat me after he cums in my pussy.”

“I can’t imagine asking Nathaniel to do that, and he sure would not do it on his own. I am embarrassed to even say that we engage in oral sex.”

“Do you blow him?”


“You heard me. Do you give him blow jobs?”

“Uh, yes. I do.”

“Nice. Can you deep throat him?”


“Can you get his cock into your throat completely?”

“Oh, no. I just, uh, well, lick him and kiss the top, mostly.”

“He’s too big to take all the way down? How big is Nathaniel.”

“Susan. Stop. You know I won’t tell you any details about that.”

Susan giggled and placed her palms about eight inches apart while looking into Annette’s eyes for a sign of recognition. When she got no indication, either way, Susan raised her eyebrows and moved her hands further apart. Again, the eye contact question and Annette involuntarily shook her head, NO. Susan smiled again and moved her hands closer together. When she got down to about five inches, Annette had not shown any visual signals. When she got down to about three inches, Annette looked away.

“Oh, my god, Honey. Really? Is he that small?”

“Susan, I didn’t say anything. Now stop.”

“Oh, my dear, you didn’t have to say anything. Your face gave you away. I see why you discovered oral sex. So, he is so small, he can’t get you off with just his little dicklet. That’s what I call a penis that can’t be referred to as a ‘cock.’ So, you only cum when he eats you? Do you masturbate?”

Annette blushed bright red.

“Nothing wrong with that, Girl. I would be frigging myself every chance I got if my guy didn’t have enough to satisfy me. My ex was that way, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Oh, My God, Annette. I am sorry I said that. I was not suggesting that you divorce Nathaniel just because of that. I have a big mouth, and sometimes I don’t think about what I say. Actually, if I wasn’t such a selfish bitch, I would still be married to Charlie. He is a great guy. I didn’t even mean to put that stupid thought in your head. Nathaniel is a great husband, and he just adores you.”

“Yes, he does. And I love him also. I didn’t have any experience before we got married. I am just learning as I go. At first, we just had normal sex, except he didn’t last long. I thought that was all there was. In fact, Nathaniel is the one who was concerned about me not having orgasms. When he approached me about that, we tried oral, and I came each time. Then we…”

She stopped suddenly, catching herself before she let out that they had a dildo.

“Then, we what?” Susan asked.

“Oh, nothing.”

“No, no. Then what? Come on. Fess up.”

“Well, uh, Nathaniel got a, uh, fake thing.”


“Well, yes. I guess.”

“And you like it?”

“Susan. Stop.”

“Yeah, Girl, you like it. You already said that you came with it. Is it big? I have all sizes. All colors. Vibrators, too. I already said I am a selfish bitch. And a horny one, at that. Next time you are over at my place, remind me to show you my collection.”

That was about all Annette could stand. She had shared their intimate secrets with Susan. Annette did like that Susan was very world-wise about sex, but now she was embarrassed that she knew so much about Nathaniel. Would she look at him differently from then on? She hoped not.

Nathaniel was still watching some of the porn sites. He began reading sex stories online also. While some of the stories were exciting, he still could not imagine how any of that was going to help him solve his problem. The more he read, the more convinced he became that he might be in serious danger. While he was quite handsome himself, he was nowhere near the level of his wife in the looks department. Annette was having a good time at the gym with Susan, and Nathaniel was determined to buff up also. He saw how other men coveted his wife. He was afraid that if she became more curious and size conscious that she could easily attract a big stud with superior equipment. He loved her so much, and he had no indication that she was interested in other men… Yet. The fear was there. He had to come up with a solution. He was not totally correct. Annette, like most women, was attracted to the emotional side of marriage. She was just figuring out that sex should be enjoyed by both parties.

As Annette opened more to Susan, Nathaniel began developing fantasies about his beautiful wife enjoying big cocks. He was pleased with his decision to introduce the dildo into their lovemaking. He knew that oral sex was considered to be the most intimate act between a man and a woman, except for procreation. He knew that she enjoyed her orgasms when he frigged her with the dildo. He wondered if she used it when he was not around. The image in his mind of her riding a big thick cock kept recurring. He didn’t know how to reconcile that thought with his basic inferiority complex about his little dick. Logically, he could fit it all in. He was brilliant, after all. Annette was not some sex-starved bimbo, but she was beginning to open up sexually. He just needed to calm down and focus on his positives.

They were both toned up well and made a good pair in public. Nathaniel did not have to worry himself if he thought about their public persona as a couple. He worked out in basketball type shorts but noticed that some of the more aggressive men at the gym wore much tighter shorts to advertise their bulges. Normally, he fit in with the average guy at the gym. He made sure to avoid the open showers. He was sure that when Annette and Susan were at the gym together, along with attracting plenty of attention themselves, that they noticed the obvious bulges in the buffed-up studs.

While not spending an inordinate amount of time on internet porn sites, he did enjoy the thrill of reading and watching. They had already read in the sex manuals that it was desirable for two lovers to talk differently during foreplay and intercourse. They were becoming more vivid. Annette even began giving him instructions while he was performing oral sex on her. She would say things like:

“Lick my pussy.”

“Suck my clit.”

“Take me with your tongue, Honey.”

Soon, he started calling her when he was leaving his office. One evening he determined to up the foreplay. He called to see if she was home. When she answered, he said, “Why don’t you take a hot bath, shave your pussy, get a glass of wine, and put on your prettiest negligee. Don’t wear any panties and have your legs spread for me when I get home. I will make love to your sweet vagina with my mouth.”

“Oh, my god, Nathaniel, what has gotten into you? You are such a bad boy. Talking like that. I might have to rinse your mouth out with my juices.”

That was great. She was playing along with the theme. He was already hot. He knew that he had chosen the right words. It would have been a mistake to threaten her with his cock. She might be giggling too much to be sexy. She was hot and ready when he got home. After he made love to her with his mouth, he used the dildo on her. She came another time and then sucked his little dick. She had begun swallowing his little thin discharge. He wondered if she had read this or got the idea from Susan. In a way, it was good for her to have a world-wise friend and mentor like this. The only thing he worried about was Susan being divorced and having many sex partners. He hoped that Annette was grounded enough to filter out the insinuation of Susan being happily unmarried. He treasured what was happening in their marriage. There was a growing sense of closeness as they became more adventuresome sexually. Still, his physical inadequacies bother him.

Annette became even bolder in their foreplay talk, but she usually referred to her attributes instead of his shortcomings. She would tell him how good she felt when he kissed her pussy. How hot she was thinking of him filling her up with their ‘friend.’ The suggestion that Susan had alluded to about him servicing her orally after he had cum in her kept ringing in her head. She did not want to dominate him. Susan said that it gave her a sense of superiority and control when she had a lover eat her out after he had cum in her pussy. Her cheeks burned when she involuntarily thought these ‘nasty’ thoughts. Why could she just not forget it?

Then one fateful night after they had dined out and had a few drinks, they came home. Nathaniel had been rubbing her legs on the drive back. She spread her legs, allowing him access to her panties. She had begun wearing sexier lingerie, and he seemed to enjoy it immensely. That night, she was wearing a pink bikini with cream-colored lace on the sides. As she guided his hand to her pussy, she was already spotting the panties with her juices. While driving, he was careful not to take his eyes off the road very much. She took his hand and began rubbing her pussy while she moved her hips in a seductive fashion. She was gushing.

They barely made it to the bedroom. Clothes were thrown off, and she pulled his face to her pussy. He lapped her flowing juices and sucked her hard clitoris. She came with intensity and flooded his mouth with more of her sweet love, honey. She was so horny and wanted much more. Now was the time to throw caution to the wind. She mounted him and engulfed his little dicklet with her hot, wet pussy. He came immediately. She was used to that. As he began losing his little erection, she rolled off him and put her legs up. Now or never.

“Oh, Nathaniel, I love you. I love your tongue on my pussy. Please eat me again. It feels so good. Please, baby, I need you to do me.”

To make sure he didn’t have a chance to think about it, she reached for him and guided his head between her legs. She was still moaning, and he was overwhelmed with the wantonness of his once prudish wife. All he had to do was follow instructions. The smell was not unpleasant. He had never thought about this. Could he taste his own cum? Did she realize that this might be considered taboo? She was so ready and sexy. He overcame his initial inhibitions and licked her hot slit. The taste was a combination of a slight acidic overtone and a little metallic tinge. Yet there was a sweet but salty taste also. It was both of their secretions. Her pussy juices were always very pleasant. She did not use harsh vaginal preparations, and she never had an odor. Oral sex with her was always pleasurable to him. Now the fateful step was at hand, and he gradually began to adapt to the slight variation of taste. He drank in their combined juices. She had a huge orgasm and shuddered as she held his head to control the afterglow of her cumming.

After resting a few minutes, she cemented the deed in his mind.

“Oh, my, Honey. That was intense. That is the hardest I have cum ever. You are such a good lover and husband. I can’t believe how sweet you are to me. I never ever imagined that sex would be this good. Wow. I love you.”

Annette began to speak more openly with Susan about their sex life. She admitted that not only did she have great orgasms when he ate her pussy, but that the dildo was her only other source of satisfaction. She worried that Nathaniel might get tired of bringing her off orally. To this end, she was always supportive of him and expressed her gratitude at his desire to please her. For some reason, she came more intensely when she masturbated with the dildo alone than she did when they did it together.

Likewise, Nathaniel sensed that she did indeed loved sex with him. Still, he worried that he could not make her cum vaginally with his little cock. In his online searches, he ran across some very interesting topics. He learned that many men suffered from this inability to satisfy their lovers. He was surprised to learn that some of them actually had a kinky fetish of being humiliated about their penis sizes. They referred to themselves with terms like ‘tiny,’ ‘gurly,’ ‘dickless’ and such. He was amazed at how many of these men were turned on about ‘Small Penis Humiliation.’ He had always been too embarrassed to even concede that his little dicklet was totally insufficient for a woman. And yet, he had married a gorgeous woman who did enjoy sexual stimulation. Would his tongue and the dildo be enough to keep her from straying? After all, her new best friend, Susan, was a divorcee who had numerous lovers and bragged about it.

While he was exploring the topic of small dicks, he eventually ran across a posting that seemed a little odd.


What an odd posting, he thought. He clicked on it, and it led to a page that eventually led to another page. Once there, he was intrigued about an invitation to contact a site that catered to men, such as himself. He found an email address that promised to provide some remedies for their common problems. He entered and wrote a very vague response. He got a reply within an hour. He thought it was odd that so many internet steps had to be taken, and still, he got a response that seemed rather bland.


The email address was a yahoo server, and he again responded. The reply came quickly.

We share ideas here. In addition, we have a support group with several outlets. If you are interested in sharing ideas and concerns with fellow men like yourself, indicate so and then send the reply immediately. A questionnaire will be sent back to you. This group is legitimate, but not very visible to the casual internet browser.

Nothing seemed to indicate that he was being asked for money or personal information. He responded.

The next day, he received his questionnaire. The questions were to the point:

How old are you?

Are you married?

How long is your penis at maximum erection?

What is the circumference of your penis when fully erect?

Can you bring your partner to orgasm with just your penis?

If not, how does your partner achieve orgasm?

Would you like for your partner to acknowledge your small penis?

Would you rather your partner not mention your small penis?

Does Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) turn you on or off?

Would you like to see your partner with a more endowed man?

Would you take pleasure if she could be brought to orgasm by a well-endowed man?

He answered the questions even though he was uncomfortable with some of them. He did not answer ‘NO’ to the question about seeing Annette being fucked by a well-endowed man. He first wanted to but thought about how their sex life had progressed to the point that she was now really enjoying having orgasms. Not from his little dicklet, but she did indeed come very intensely when stimulated. He blushed openly when he answered some of the questions, but in a strange way, he was turned on by just the act of sending in the questionnaire. He waited.

The next evening when he checked his email, there was indeed a response. The sender, whoever he or she was, seemed very skilled at conversing on the topic in a professional manner. The response indicated that Nathaniel seemed to fit the profile of many of their members. And quite quickly the sender offered some suggestions for him to try:

Ask your partner if he or she has any unspoken wishes

Ask your partner if he or she likes your penis size

Tell your partner that your desire is to make him or her happy.

That evening in bed, he brought Annette to a shattering orgasm with his mouth and then mounted her and came in her pussy. She then mounted his face and rode herself to another shattering orgasm while he drank their combined love juices down. When she was finished, he had cum and love juice all over his face. He thought, what better time to pop the question to her.

“Honey, does it bother you that I can’t make you cum with my cock?”

“Stop, Nathaniel. You are so good to me and make me cum in other ways.”

“Yes, but does my penis size bother you?”

“No, Honey. I love you.”

“I know, but you and I were both virgins when we first made love.”

“So? What difference does that make?”

“So, my cock is okay with you?”

“Sure. Why are you asking these questions?”

“I just want you to be happy.”

She definitely answered the questions correctly to satisfy his curiosity, but she did indeed have some concerns after hearing some of the sexual escapades of her friend, Susan. Seeing the porno films with the hung studs fucking those gorgeous women did turn her on. More than once, she compared her body to the film starlets and assured herself that she was not a second place to any of them. And, yes, she did sometimes imagine that she was being fucked by these hung actors. That’s when the dildo did her the best. Imagining in her mind and feeling the deep penetration was almost as good as her husband bringing her off with his mouth. She even envisioned Nathaniel performing oral sex on her after one of the studs had just fucked her.

And then she worried about becoming a sex-starved wife. She felt guilty until the next time she had the same urge. Making up for lost time was so much fun. She was glad that she had been brought up the way she had been, but honestly, her fantasies and desire for sex seemed that much purer to her. She and Nathaniel shared everything. Well, almost everything. She wondered why he was probing her about her sexual satisfaction.

After a few more exchanges with the moderator of the site that Nathaniel had happened upon on, he was more open about his sex life with his wife. The next set of suggestions came as a shock to him.

Shave your little dicklet and everything under your underwear coverage

Make a point of showing it to your partner and ask if she likes the look

Tell her that you get really turned on and if she isn’t shaved already, encourage her to do that.

Take a more submissive role and ask her to dominate you in bed.

Slowly stop penetrating her and perform oral sex more

Use a large dildo and see if the additional size is pleasurable to her

Get her used to the dominant role. Kneel in front of her. Kiss her feet. Wear her panties when you perform oral on her.

They had already decided to keep themselves shaved below the waist. Now Nathaniel was to step back his role of penetrating her. The next time they made love, he ate her pussy, and then when she was ready for him to put his little dicklet into her pussy, he inserted the dildo instead. While he plied her pussy lips with the dildo, he brought himself off and came on her stomach.

“Nathaniel, Honey, what are you doing?”

“Oh, sorry, Babe. I will clean it up.”

He licked his cum off her and continued to push the dildo in and out. He moved down and started tonguing her protruding clitoris. She came again and even more violently. When they settled down, she remarked that he had not penetrated her.

“Oh, it is okay, Babe. I can’t get you off with my little dick, anyway. I thought you enjoyed having me lick your clit while you were full of big cock.”

“Oh, woe, Nasty Boy. You are so thoughtful. I just love sex, Nathaniel. I am glad we learned everything together.”

Phase one of the site suggestions was done now. He was making it plain that he knew that his little cock was not enough for her. She just had to acknowledge it out loud.

The very next time they were into foreplay, Nathaniel asked her if Susan seemed to be a dominant female.

“Well, yes.” She answered. “I guess so, she said that she got a divorce because, oh, well, uh, well, I don’t know. She just said that they got a divorce. They were incompatible. Just sort of, you know, incompatible.”

“You are stammering, Babe. You must know the real reason. Just spit it out.”

“No, the question was if I thought that Susan was dominant.”

“Yes, but you were about to say the real reason until you caught yourself. I have even heard Susan say that her ex was a great guy.”

“Yeah, that’s what she says.”

“So, it must have been that he didn’t satisfy her sexually. I heard her talking about big cocks that day on the patio. That’s it, isn’t it? Susan is impressed with men who are well endowed.”

“Uh, she seems to like that aspect of it. She admits, however, that she is just selfish seeking her own gratification mostly.”

“That’s what I thought. Look, I don’t want us to break up because I can’t make you cum on my dick.”

“Oh, Honey, don’t worry about that. You are a great lover. You satisfy me in different ways.”

“Thanks, Babe, but we both know that my dick does not bring you off. We have been practicing the uh, sort of bedroom talk. You know using words that we don’t use in public. I would like you to be more dominant in bed and in foreplay. Tell me what to do, and you know whatever you want to say.”

“Oh, you mean like ‘I love the way to make love to me’?”

“No, Honey, but that is so sweet. No, I mean, like make me your submissive. Tell me to service you. Tell me what you like and how you want me to do it. Make me service your pussy. Let it out. You don’t necessarily need to channel Susan but talk to me about sticking that big cock dildo into your waiting pussy. And well, this is a little embarrassing. Tell me that my dick is too small for you. Can you do that?”

“Gosh, Nathaniel, that makes me sound like a bitch. I would not humiliate you in that way.”

“That is just the point, Annette. You bring out the obvious. Take it off the taboo topic list. Enjoy the dominance, and I will enjoy submitting to you.”

Annette thought about the ‘how-to’ videos they had viewed. She had seen plenty of big cock by now and did indeed fantasize about having an intense vaginal orgasm. Susan had fanned that flame as she continually talked about how she loves big cock. She thought that there was some logic in what Nathaniel proposed. While it was foreign to her at first, she now enjoyed some of the ‘raunchy’ talks that they did in the bedroom. She agreed that it made their love life more exciting.

While she would never humiliate her loving husband on purpose, he was insisting that she make a point to identify his shortcomings in a dominant way. She thought that if he enjoyed it, she would go along. If she saw any signs of hurting his feelings, she would gladly stop. She just could not see how humiliation could be a turn on to him. But again, when she thought about how Susan seemed to not have tried to achieve marital bliss with her ex-husband, it might be an acknowledgment like ‘the elephant in the room’ analogy.

The first time out was a little stilted, but Nathaniel led the way.

“Honey, tell me how to make you cum.” He said.

“Uh, I want you to pull my panties off and suck my pussy until I cum.”

“Then, stick my cock into you?”

Now she had to force herself. “No, that is not big enough. Eat me and then fuck me with my other cock. The one that makes me cum.”

Nathaniel almost came right then. He took her panties down her beautiful legs and put them on himself. She tried to look impassive, but in fact, she was totally surprised by this move. By the time he serviced her orally and then with the dildo, she was satisfied with two strong orgasms, and he was ready to pop.

“Touch your dick, yourself, slave. You look good in my panties.” She teased.

“You mean my little dick?”

“Yes, your little dick.”

“You mean my little dicklet?”

“Yes, your little dicklet.”

“You mean my tiny little dicklet?”

“Yes, your tiny little dicklet.”

“You wish you had a big cock in your pussy right now, don’t you?”

“Oh, god, yes, I need a big cock inside me now. Make yourself cum in my, uh, YOUR panties, Little Dick.”

He erupted. It was probably the most he had cum ever. Afterward, he told her that he came so hard that he felt lightheaded when he shot his cum into the panties. Annette saw how pleased he was, and she herself was satisfied with their lovemaking. Each time she got a little bolder, and eventually, she did not rely on him to start the dialogue. The more she humiliated him, the more he seemed to enjoy it. Plus, she was enjoying telling him to gratify her every whim. This progressed to the point that he was ready for the further suggestions of the LITTLE PENIS CLUB. Soon he would suggest to her that so many couples were like this, and some found a pleasurable activity to be the extension of humiliation and the introduction of a surrogate husband to fill the woman with a very large cock. That was the intended end of the club. Each verified member had to send photos of their shortcomings.

The final step after verification was to sign a hold harmless letter and begin using the registered ‘surrogate lovers’ to satisfy the wife. He was amazed that there were so many men in the Club. The ‘surrogates’ as they were called were intensely vetted. Each ‘session’ would be registered with the club, and both the husband and wife would rate the ‘service’ of the ‘surrogate husband.’

Nathaniel thought long and hard before approaching Annette. One night after she had really turned him on about being a little boy and of no use to her, he brought up the topic to her.

“Honey, I really love how you have taken charge of our lovemaking. I think we should take this another step up. I read online that some wives signal their desire to be serviced by handing the slave a pair of panties. He then knows that she is ready for service, and he should be in total compliance. I think we are ready for that step.”

By now, Annette was fully on board with being so totally in control. Very rarely did Nathaniel even enter her anymore. When she did instruct him to penetrate her, he showed no signs of developing any staying power. He came even quicker than when they first got married. The saving grace for that was that she seemed to get more intense orgasms when he sucked his cum from her pussy.

It seemed counter-intuitive to Nathaniel. Submitting to his wife and having her acknowledge his male shortcomings worked somewhat like aversion therapy. When they embraced his little dicklet as a couple, he felt a sense of freedom, and the dread of being exposed no longer nagged at him.

They worked the domination theme for a few months. Annette was even more turned on because Nathaniel seemed more at ease when she dominated him. When she would hand him a pair of panties, he would go shower and shave all his hair below his head. She might be waiting for him when he came out dressed in his panties.

“Oh, Nathaniel. You look so pretty in your panties. And just barely a tiny bulge. What on earth are you going to do with that little thing? No way you are going to tickle me with such a little clitty. Now get down here and suck me off. I need a big cock. Not a tiny flap.”

Nathaniel would respond and service her, making her cum multiple times. The next step from the website was to get locked in chastity. That would be an extension of the fact that he seldom ever penetrated her now. When he felt that she was ready, he ordered the chastity device and gave it to her as a present.

“Annette, I love how you treat me. It makes me so hot. I want to give you even greater control.”

They read the instructions and figured out how to secure his little member in the smallest device on the market. Annette continued her ‘attacks’ on his manhood. Sometimes he even came while he serviced her. An erection was not a possibility while he was bound in the cage. But still, he was so aroused that his little balls pumped out a load of cum occasionally. Nathaniel knew after a few weeks of wearing the cage that she was now ready for the ultimate step. He would put the final act into play. He was surveying the Club’s surrogates and soon started setting updates so they would be ready for her to finally be treated to the pleasures of a really large cock.


Part 3

Annette and Nathaniel were the ideal couple in so many ways. They both were considered ‘geeky’ in school. They were both virgins when they got married. In modern society, that is almost unheard of, but it was true. And rather painfully true to Nathaniel. Annette was wrapped up in her studies and was very religious growing up. Her father was a preacher, and she was the dutiful studious daughter. Nathaniel, on the other hand, was so timid because of his unusually small penis. When Annette agreed to marry him, he was ecstatic. Hidden in her plain clothing was the body of a voluptuous woman.

She stood 5’-6” and weighed 120 lbs. She had the perfect waist and full hips tapering into a perfectly toned ass. Unknow to Nathaniel before they got married, she was a full D cup. He never could understand how such a lovely creature could be considered ‘mousy.’ During the honeymoon, Nathaniel came in her pussy, but she did not have any sign of orgasm. He was a pretty good-looking guy himself. He stood 5’-8” and weighed 150 lbs. Both he and Annette were going to the gym. That was something that their single friend, Susan, had gotten Annette into. Nathaniel did not want to slack. Plus, he had a terrible inferiority complex because of his little dicklet.

Nathaniel soon realized that it was inevitable that his shortcomings would come to light. Their neighbor-friend Susan, was divorced and loved big cocks. Ultimately, Nathaniel found a support site for little dicked men. With the help of ‘how-to’ manuals and some light porn, Annette had blossomed sexually. When Nathaniel let go and found that embracing his little problem and getting his wife to acknowledge it, he lost his inhibitions. They had progressed in ‘nasty lovemaking talk’ until he convinced Annette that she should be the dominant partner sexually and even learn to humiliate him verbally. This progressed to the point that he was completely shaved below his head, and she would hand him a pair of her panties to wear while he satisfied her orally.

The webmaster continued suggestions to progress to this point, and the site was in support of the husband. They were now at a point when the next step was for a ‘surrogate husband’ to come to their home and satisfy Annette sexually while Nathaniel watched and then ministered to her afterward. He had already progressed past the point where he had any reluctance to eat his cum from her freshly fucked pussy. Now, he just had to set up the first appointment. He vowed to eat the cum from her pussy after the ‘surrogate’ had fucked her. Only time would tell if he would be reluctant to swallow another man’s cum as he did his own.

While Nathaniel was waiting for the right moment to introduce the ‘surrogate husband’ to his wife, they continued with the salty talk and domination by Annette. Annette stressed several times that she did not want to humiliate him, but he seemed to enjoy it more and more. They eventually decided on a ‘safe’ word for him to use if he was not in the mood or if he changed his mind about her dominating him. At that point, he no longer had to feed the words to her. She had learned what he liked and gave it to him. She didn’t quite understand why he would willingly give up his marital right to intercourse. He wore the chastity cage most of the time, and she had the key on a long thin necklace that was hidden in her cleavage. The humiliation was only for the bedroom.

Nathaniel wondered if Susan was privileged to their secrets. He did not ask Annette about this. If Susan was confident, Annette would have to lie to him, so he thought he better left it unsaid. That being said, one evening, Annette approached him after a nice dinner at home.

“Go get yourself cleaned up, Little Dick. I better not find a hair below your head.”

He knew the drill. He willingly complied. When he was done, he came into the bedroom naked.

“Oh, my gosh, Little Boy. Don’t show up with that little thing bare. Even though you have it in its cage, I still don’t want to see that. Here, put on the panties that I wore all day. I am horny, and I want a real cock. Susan loaned me one of her vibrators. Fuck me with this. Lick me first.”

She pulled out a long, thick black realistic vibrator. It must have been ten inches long. She didn’t even bother to take her bra off, just lay down and spread her legs.

“Come, Tiny, lick me clean, and lube me up. I was thinking of a big cock all day, and I must be musky and wet. Then I want you to give my pussy a thrill with a man-sized cock. Now, eat me.”

Nathaniel was thrilled as she took control of him. She did taste a little musky, but she was so clean that he didn’t mind. Her pussy was just naturally sweet-smelling. Nathaniel realized when reading some stories that not all women are so clean smelling. He didn’t think he could stand eating pussy that smelled bad. He did his job happily, and Annette had a small orgasm. When she handed him the huge realistic vibrator, she verbally instructed him how to insert it into her wet pussy. He followed instructions and penetrated her. She had him increase the pace until she was fucking it with her whole body.

“Oh, god, yes, yes. Fuck me with your big cock, lover. Tear my pussy up. God, you are so big. Yes, yes, fuck my pussy.”

She came again. More intensely, this time. Then she had him turn the battery on. The intense vibration sent her over the edge. The black cock was deep inside her, and now the vibration was the ultimate stimulus. She screamed and jolted. It was almost like she was convulsing. Her whole body was rigid. She had him turn off the vibration and still fucked the fake cock with her pussy. She relaxed and had him slowly remove the vibrator until it was fully out.

“Oh, yes, Little Lover. That is what a real cock feels like. Lick me clean.”

Nathaniel knew the time was nearly right. She showered and came back to bed as if nothing had happened. She kissed him passionately and snuggled with him under the covers.

“Did you enjoy that, Baby? I am such a bitch when I get horny. Thank you for being my sweet husband.”

“Thank you, Sweetie. But I owe it all to you. I am so happy that we have learned to please each other together. I know it was rather plain right after we got married. I am glad we worked together to heighten our experiences. I don’t think I could stand it knowing what we know now that we would have continued that type of sex without exploring. I have been following a website made especially for couples like us. I also read that some marriages fail even when the man is a super macho hung guy. There is no set formula. The site helped me embrace what is called ‘SPH.’


“Yes. It stands for Small Penis Humiliation”.

“Really? And that is why you wanted me to be dominant?”

“Exactly. Once the topic is out in the open, there is no reason to feel inferior. Submitting to you sexually brings me untold joy. I know, it seems backward. But it worked. My spine tingles when you call me names. You seem to be releasing additional vigor when you tell me how inadequate my dicklet is.”

“I still can’t fathom why you enjoy that, but I know it really turns you on. And the cock cage seems to go against marital bliss. It is so exciting to me to know that you are there for just my pleasure. And yet, you get your pleasure at the same time.”

“Funny? Huh?” he laughed. “Now that we are both pleased with our transformation, I would like to take the final step that the website can offer us. At least this is the most drastic. There are still areas that can help us both with ideas and bedroom scenarios. The ultimate step is to sign in to the website, and we both sign a clause that holds the site harmless. That is just in case some things don’t work out.”

“Why would we sign that?”

“Well, the ultimate step is to submit our pictures to the Little Dicklet Club. That is what it’s called. We will be privileged to the roster of men who are, well, uh, well-endowed.”

“Oh, My God, Nathaniel. You are talking about me having sex with another man?”

“Actually, yes, but it is more like both of us are submitting to the pleasure of you experiencing a really large cock.”

“I don’t know about this. And I guess the ‘Hold Harmless Clause’ is there in case we break up. Is that it?”

“I suppose so, Honey. But we are not the typical swingers who do this for just kinks. We have come so far sexually together. I am so happy I can please you orally and with the toys. I know you talk to Susan a lot. You shared that she just loves big cock. You, at some time, have wondered what the real thing feels like. And I would be there. The men are well-vetted, and a meeting is held before we submit. If we want to back out, we are free to do so at that time.”

Annette knew in her heart that she had indeed wondered why Susan was such a size queen. She also imagined that she was the one being fucked by the big studs in some of the adult videos they had watched. She even had a fantasy that when Nathaniel ate her pussy after they had intercourse, that he was eating the cum of one of the studs. But how could she admit that? Now he was actually willing to let her have sex with another man.

“I can’t believe this is happening, Nathaniel.”

‘Well,’ he thought, ‘she didn’t say no.’ He pressed on and got her to let him take a picture of her in a baby doll nightgown. He submitted it into the sites ‘Couples Looking For’ section. He was then allowed access to pictures and vague biographies of the men who were willing to make a couple’s dreams come true.

The pictures were graphic, and Nathaniel got Annette to pick out three candidates for them to investigate. They were all within a hundred miles of them. Logistics were not much of a problem. The names were all aliases anyway, so they were just picking from the overall appearance. Nathaniel watched carefully as she viewed the men available. She was conservative in her approach, and he had to recommend the better-endowed men. She seemed to go along with it very easily, and he thought that she was definitely ready for this step.

They sent in the request for the three men. It appeared that even the smallest cock made two of Nathaniel. Plus, they were over twice the girth of his little dicklet. She had taken the dildos and vibrators without a problem. The replies through the website indicated that all three of the men were available. He encouraged her to pick one of the three and set up their mutual availability. The guy she picked looked to be about thirty and very muscular. He had long dark hair and a thick cock. When his response came back, the site indicated that he was about fifty miles from them. Nathaniel thought that was a good distance. They mutually agreed to a nice hotel in between them. When the confirmation came, it indicated that the gentleman was available for the coming Saturday night. They were to meet in the bar with Nathaniel already having secured the room.

Annette was gushing as they finalized the plans.

“What should I wear, Honey?” she asked.

“We might as well go the whole hog, how about we shop for some casual sex and also some very sexy lingerie and heels.”

The next day she went to several lingerie stores and got plenty of sexy panties, stockings, and garter belts. She went to an adult-oriented clothes shop and picked out a pair of red spiked heels. She got an open crotch panty set and a lacy half bra. She would have liked to consult Susan on her clothing, but she and Nathaniel both felt that this should remain their secret.

Saturday morning, Nathaniel woke with a raging hardon. It didn’t make much a tent in his panties. Annette spent the morning getting a manicure and pedicure. After that, she went to her hair salon and got a trim and a style. They passed the early afternoon, and it seemed to slowly creep by. Around four o’clock, Annette took a hot bath and put on her makeup. It was a little more dramatic than she usually wore, but it was a special occasion. They ate a light snack, knowing that once they got to the bar and met her date, the only thing left was in the hotel room where she would have her first big cock in person. He was so nervous; he could barely concentrate on the road. When they got to the hotel, they gave the car to the valet and entered. Nathaniel checked in and took her luggage up to the room while Annette made her way to the bar to meet “Jeffery’ before Nathaniel came back down.

She spotted him immediately. As she crossed the room, he recognized her. She was radiant if just a little nervous. He hugged her and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Where is your husband?” Jeffery asked.

She told him that Nathaniel was delivering her luggage to the room. He ordered her a drink and one for Nathaniel also. They made small talk until Nathaniel came in. He and Jeffery shook hands and made some more small talk.

“Your message said that this is the first time for both of you, is that right?”

“Yes,” Nathaniel answered.

“Tell me a little about how you found the website and what both of you expect.”

“Finding the website was kind of an accident, and then I was curious as to whether it was on the up and up.”

“Oh, yes. It is at that. I have been so pleased with the way couples and men are vetted. And I can see that Annette’s picture, while lovely, does not even do her justice. She is so beautiful. I have had several dates with couples from the website. I can’t say that any of the wives quite compare to you, Annette. I hope you feel comfortable with me as we are getting to know each other. Any questions?”

“Uh,” Annette said, “Are you married?”

“Divorced for several years. I guess I was not ready to settle down. Through the club, we maintain our current health records. I am clean, and I drink very little. I work out and play sports in my recreation time. Tennis and golf mostly, but some pick-up basketball.”

As they talked, it seemed like Jeff was a regular guy, and both Nathaniel and Annette seemed more comfortable. Without appearing too forward, Jeff asked, “So are you both ready to go to the hotel room?”

They looked at each other and answered, “Yes.”

“Good,” Jeff replied. “Now I suggest that Annette go up first. She indicated that she had some luggage, so I assume that she will be changing into some pretty lingerie. Correct?”

“She smiled and answered, “Why yes, of course.”

“Good,” Jeff answered. “Nathaniel, when we get to the room, you are welcome to any foreplay that you guys usually do. Oral sex is okay, also. As a matter of fact, I kind of enjoy the cuckold to have his wife orally before I fuck her. Any additional foreplay, Annette, will be up to you. I will take my cue from you. I prefer you to get comfortable with me as you will already be ready. You might want to remove my clothing yourself, and Nathaniel may help. I take this as a sign that both parties are ready for sex.”

Jeff continued, “With a woman as lovely as you, Annette, I might get carried away, so just let me know if I need to slow down. After our first session, Nathaniel, you are welcome to spend some time with your wife while I recover. Most couples find it enjoyable for the husband to perform oral on the wife after I cum in her. Is that something you are prepared for?”

Nathaniel was a little uncomfortable being told he could eat another man’s cum from his wife but still squeaked out, “Yes.”

“Great. I hope that Annette feels comfortable enough with me that we can enjoy another session. I love the intensity of the first time. Especially with first-time couples. I also love the measured rhythm of the wife as she can relax and enjoy my cock the second time. Also, Annette, feel free to suck my cock before I enter you for the first time. I know Nathaniel is so much smaller than me, but I will go as slow as you wish. Okay, well, go up, Annette, and Nathaniel, and I will be up shortly. My cock is half hard, already thinking of fucking such a beauty.”

They gave her about ten minutes. Nathaniel paid the bar tab, and they entered the elevator. At first, there was a pronounced silence. To break the ice, Jeff engaged Nathaniel.

“I think this is a really good choice for you guys. You are a very attractive couple and seem to love each other very much. I will satisfy your wife if everything you said in your little bio is accurate. It is a shame that you are under-endowed, but that is what the site is for. There are no gimmicks. If a gentleman were to get out of line or try to contact the wife, all you must do is post it on the after-session questionnaire. That guy will be dropped from the roster. Are you okay with helping me undress?”

“Well, what exactly does that mean?”

“Not much, really. You just help her like unbuckle my belt. Maybe fold my trousers. Pull down my underwear to reveal my cock. That signifies you are involved and want to aid your wife in any way. I am impressed that you are willing to clean her up after our first session. Some cuckolds, after time, really want to get more involved. I personally do not do things with the cuckold, but I have heard that some of the gentlemen allow a few liberties.”

“Oh, like what?” Nathaniel quizzed.

“Not sure completely, but some men like to hold the cock and guide it into their wives.

Others like to lay under the wife while the gentleman takes her doggy. That way, when he cums and pulls out, the load will drip into the cuckold’s mouth. Stuff like that. A few guys say that some cuckolds actually lick the wife’s pussy while they are fucking her and lick the balls or underside of the cock while they are fucking.”

“I can’t imagine that I could do that.”

“And that is perfectly okay. The whole experience is primarily for the wife’s enjoyment. However, it wouldn’t be happening if the cuckold did not get satisfaction also. How that is achieved is up to the cuckold and the gentleman. If you wish a little more kink as time goes by, then you just post it on the invitation session, and the gentleman will post back what he is comfortable with or suggest another gentleman for both of you. The goal is to make it pleasurable for both parties.

“Well, all three parties. Tonight that includes me. Also, there are no overtones about performing oral on her. You are already servicing her when you cum in her. So, tasting my cum should be pleasing to you, and she will really be ready for the second session when she realizes that you are involved in her, uh, deflowering. So to speak. This will be just that. No matter what toys you have used, I guarantee that she will cum more intensely than ever before. You just try to re-enforce the act like something you are doing for her.”

When they knocked on the door, Annette answered. She was wearing her new lingerie set with a white garter belt and sheer white stockings. Over the garters, she wore a red crotchless panty. Her red heels made her much taller than Nathaniel, and he already felt submissive just standing beside her. She wore the half bra, and her nipples were like pencil erasers sticking out form her flushed areolas. Jeff looked her over and then kissed her on the lips. He slowly moved his tongue into her mouth.

He looked back at Nathaniel. He got the message. He stepped forward and kissed his wife after Jeff pulled back. Nathaniel joined hands with her, and together they unbuckled his belt. When they lowered his trousers, Nathaniel neatly folded them while Annette helped him out of his shirt. Jeff took off his own shoes and socks, leaving only his bikini underwear. The crotch was about to burst open with his huge cock, hard and ready to service Nathaniel’s pretty wife. Nathaniel moved behind Jeff and grasped the sides of the blue bikini brief. Slowly he moved it down Jeff’s thighs until the big thick cock popped out. It was so pretty. He was hairless, including his pubic hair. His testicles were large and shaved. The cock was over nine inches and thick. It bobbed up and down with each heartbeat.

He took Annette’s hand, and she immediately knew that it was for her to kneel and pay homage to the big beast. She tentatively glanced at Nathaniel, who nodded. She took the head into her sweet red lips and swirled her tongue. It was too big to do much else with, but she took more into her mouth. Jeff looked toward Nathaniel, signifying that he should suck his wife’s pussy then or lose his place in line. Nathaniel removed her crotchless panties and helped her lay on the bed. Her pussy was already dripping. She needed no lubrication. Nathaniel marveled at how much lubrication she was emitting. It seemed to taste even better than when she ate her in their marital bed. The excitement of anticipating that big cock undoubtedly released additional female secretions.

And then it was time. Jeff moved her back more on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her red heels were up in the air as he supported her legs. He dipped his cock into her oozing honey pot and pushed forward impaling her pussy with about half of his throbbing rod. She began cumming. She whimpered and Jeff relaxed a little to allow her to have the orgasm. As soon as she relaxed, he pushed forward again. She groaned this time. He pulled back and let her recover again. He thrust even more of his thick cock into her pussy. Now he was buried as deep as the dildo. But this was not a plastic dildo. This was the real thing. He started fucking her in earnest, driving more and more of his thick tool into her with each thrust. When he sank the whole monster into her, she screamed and convulsed with a massive orgasm just like Jeff had told Nathaniel she would.

Nathaniel, for his part, was about to rupture his cock cage with his little stiffy. He watched in awe as this strange man made his wife cum on his thick cock. She was having multiple orgasms. No doubt about it. Jeff was not making love to the pretty woman. He was not even having sex with her. He was FUCKING the living daylights out of this first time Club Wife. She would never forget her first time. Neither would her husband. The husband looked on powerless to do anything to stop the fucking. Jeff hoped that Nathaniel was enjoying the show, but his emphasis was on the wife. It was of little consequence what the husband thought. But this tight pussy was so good that he hoped that the couple would be back for more. He even hoped that he might get a repeat with them.

He was pounding that pussy relentlessly. She was crying and whimpering at the same time. All of her eye makeup was running down her face as she came uncontrollably on his cock. He was close, but he held back while he banged her pussy. And then…. he started convulsing and spewing his ample supply of thick cum into the virgin’s untouched womb. Spurt after spurt flooded her womb. She could feel the pressure as he blasted into her. Finally, he had expended his cum completely and slowly started to soften and retract from her. He looked toward Nathaniel hoping that he would take his cue and get down on that flooded pussy quickly. This was almost as good as cumming in the wife, seeing the cuckold eat his sperm from her. It made the circumstance bearable. He was fucking another man’s wife with no intention to enter into a relationship with either of them. He was just fucking the man’s wife. Something that the cuckold, unfortunately, could not accomplish himself.

Nathaniel got down and placed his mouth over her gushing vaginal lips and sucked a virtual river of cum from her. He could not fathom how this new lover had deposited such an amount of cum into his wife. And the texture was thick and creamy. Plus, it tasted much more hearty and better than his own little pitiful cum load. He serviced her until the cum stopped flowing. There was still plenty inside her and it would escape when Jeff fucked her for the second time. They all relaxed and to Nathaniel’s surprise, Jeff asked Annette if she minded removing Nathaniel’s cock cage.

“I would like to see him cum in his hand while I fuck you again. Is that okay with you, Nathaniel? I mean, that is why we are all here. I would love to see and I’m sure Annette would love to see your little dicklet spurt cum. I think it would be good for everyone. Maybe we could all cum at the same time.”

Annette got up and got the key. Of course, when she stood up, more of Jeff’s cum started leaking out of her pussy. She smiled and directed Nathaniel to get under her and catch the leakage in his mouth. Then they took off the little cock cage and Nathaniel’s cock sprang forth ever so slowly. Jeff then mounted Annette and began a slow steady deep fucking. He would go fast and then slow. He would go deep and then stroke a few times at the entrance putting even more pressure on her clitoris. The variety was making her tingle. She began cumming and this time it was a slow steady mountain effect until she could take no more. Then she burst out in a low guttural moan which turned into a high-pitched sound. She bucked her hips encouraging Jeff to fuck her harder. He did and finally, she moaned and went rigid as her orgasm completely rendered her paralyzed for a moment. She collapsed and went limp. Cold sweat was pouring off her face. Her makeup was completely ruined.

Jeff slowly got off the bed and began putting his clothes on.

“I’ll let you clean her up again, Nathaniel. You guys will have the rest of the night to do whatever. If Annette doesn’t mind, it will be thrilling for you to fuck her after you clean her up or even before. You will be amazed at how slick her pussy will be after this. She won’t be able to feel you inside her, but you can get addicted to getting sloppy seconds. I just love the feel of a well-fucked pussy even after the cuckold cleans the wife up. There is still so much cum coating her that it is almost indescribable.”

When the couple finally did sleep, they were both restless. Annette kept waking, thinking of that big, thick beautiful cock that had fucked her and then fucked her some more. Nathaniel had made love to her. Jeff had fucked her. She was sure that Nathaniel had enjoyed the session as much as she did. She just hoped that he didn’t change his mind. She had a fairly good idea that he was in for the long haul. It was he who had put on her panties without her asking him to. It was he who had purchased and gladly worn the chastity device. He seemed to relish the role of the submissive husband and nothing that happed with Jeff made her think that he was having second thoughts. He gladly ingested Jeff’s cum.

Nathaniel, for his part, kept thinking about some of the ideas that Jeff had presented. He wasn’t sure about progressing to the point of actually touching the gentleman’s cock. He did think that guiding a cock to his wife’s pussy was the ultimate assent to the union. Sucking the gentleman’s cock, as Jeff mentioned, was not on his radar. His first thought was that that was gay. He, however, would have thought that wearing panties and a cock cage was not right just months before. Now, he was evaluating everything from a new perspective. He did not feel fear and loathing. Jeff had left after he had serviced Nathaniel’s wife. He made it plain that he was just there to fuck Annette. Nathaniel was happy with their first encounter and as far as he was concerned, he was willing to enjoy another session.

To be continued?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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