House Guest Humiliation (Gay SPH)

By BitchBoi69.


I used to date this hot guy I worked with who kind of used me. It was a one-sided relationship. I did everything for him, and he did nothing for me. I would buy him things and take him out to dinner, and he never reciprocated.

Even our sex life was one-sided. All he had to do was snap his fingers, and I dropped to my knees to go down on him, even in the car or at work in the bathroom. But he never did that to me. He never also touched my little dick, let alone sucked it. He would often make jokes about how his mother always told him not to put small things in his mouth.

I would finish him off, and he would bust on my face, wipe his dick off on my hair, spit on me, and leave the room, and I would have to rub my dinky little dicklet until I dribbled out my tiny droplets of cum by myself.

If he did try to touch me, I would always embarrass myself…I would cum too quickly, and it was only a little leakage, tiny little dribbles. Not big thick rope shots like the videos I knew he got off watching.

Or sometimes I would feel inadequate and would lose my erection when I was with him…

It was a lose-lose situation. If I got hard, I came too quickly, and if I held out, I would get nervous And go limp, and my dick would get even smaller!

He only let me try to fuck him once, and that was it. After that, he couldn’t feel me, kept asking if I was in, and while I was trying to fuck him, he would play games on his phone or send text messages. It was like it was a chore, and I was boring him.

Sometimes he would forget to clear the browser history on the computer, and I would see the sites he would visit. It was a lot of BBC, monster cocks, and cock comparison sites. I jerked off, thinking about him jerking off to guys with big long schlongs.

As time went on, even though we lived together, he started to get a little distant. He always worked late or, more often, made me pick up his shifts so he could go out with his friends.

One day he made me pick up his shifts so he could have someone visit. He invited this friend over while I was dating him. He told me it was an old friend from school… little did I know it was his lover who he was cheating on me with online for months! And this was them finally meeting to hook up!

I was such a little bitch for him. The guy came over, all tall, dark and handsome, and my ex introduced us with a big, excited grin. I shook his hand, and his grip was so strong and firm and manly that I yelped, “Ow,” and had to rub my soft little hand. He chuckled and said he didn’t mean to hurt me, and called me “little guy,” and smirked as my BF’s eyes lit up.

I cleaned up and did all the chores while they talked and laughed. But, unfortunately, the guy kept getting my name wrong… I started to feel it was on purpose as a joke, but I was a good sport about it.

I was like a little eager beaver servant, “Can I get you anything else?” “Are you comfortable?” “Let me fetch you another drink, “Fetching them drinks and snacks. All the while, my ex was whispering in this guy’s ear, and he was smirking at me, And they laughed and laughed and never told me the joke.

I cooked a nice dinner, and they ate while I got ready for work. (I picked up his shift again so that he could hang out with his friend.) Then I cleaned up while they were on the couch. I found out later from a friend he bragged to that he was messing around with this guy on the sofa as I cleaned up after their mess… in my own house. Rubbing on each other and making out behind my back… I guess that was the joke that was so funny… me.

When it was time for me to go, my ex was practically shoving me out the door. And I told them to have a good time and to make his friend at home and told my ex to take care of his “friend” and make sure he had anything he needed.

They were probably rubbing each others’ crotches just before I left because when I shook the lover’s hand goodbye, and it was warm and sweaty, so I bet they did.

Once again, His grip was so firm and strong… unlike my weak, wimpy loose grip. He squeezed so hard… I was so weak compared to him. I guess he was showing me who’s the boss. My ex seemed to enjoy it, though when his lover made me cry out again… his eyes lit up, and he bit his lips.

I actually recall them bursting out laughing as I shut the door… at the time I thought it was something funny on tv.

Too much of a loser to see what was right in front of me.

A few days later, I got sick from all the extra work I was doing. I tried to text my boyfriend, but he wasn’t responding. Finally, when I did get ahold of him, he said he had to work late, but he would bring me soup later… then he ignored all my calls the rest of the night and checked in to a party on FB with his “friend”… he never brought me the soup.

I don’t think he even came home that night.

When he finally did come home the next morning, I made them breakfast, and then they passed out in the guest room. My ex said he didn’t want to catch my sick germs.

As I was cleaning up their mess, I noticed he left his phone out… I found pictures and text messages on my BF’s phone! His lover was HUNG! It was massive! Like 8” long, Strong. He even had a video of the guy jerking off, and he came buckets! The message told my bf to tell his little loser bf hello from his lover. Of course, he called me by the wrong name. My ex laughed out loud and said to him that he would make sure to tell “the little guy” (me).

I was hurt and angry when I put 2 and 2 together. But my little ding-a-ling got hard seeing them make fun of me, comparing his lover’s schlong to my dinky little dicky and seeing he was more of a man than I could ever be.

I jerked off my little inchworm with two fingers right there in the living room, thinking about them cheating on me the night before. I imagined all the jokes they made at my expense, humiliating me in my own house. I actually blew my load thinking about them laughing and talking shit about me while they fucked at that party… all my so-called “friends” knowing that he was there with someone else… (I came so much, it was almost an average size cum load!)

The rest of the day, I didn’t say anything about it, but noticed them more, watched them when they didn’t think I was paying attention.

Every time his “friend” seemed to use the bathroom, he would always seem to get piss everywhere… and it was still right before I went in there, so I would have to clean it. Then he would return to the couch with my BF and whisper something in his ear, and then they would both glance in my direction… then I would go clean up his piss…

That night I pretended to fall asleep early… I waited to see what would happen… After about an hour, my BF snuck out of bed and went into his lover’s room. I got up and tiptoed to the door. I could hear them fucking on the bed… I heard them moaning and laughing, the bedsprings bouncing. I could only make out bits and pieces of what they were saying “little guy,” … “loser,” … “pathetic,” … “so much bigger than him.”

I pressed my ear up to the door, up real close trying to hear more.

I was crying like a little cry, baby loser, but I was also so hard hearing them make fun of me… So I pulled out my puny little pee-pee and started jerking it off furiously with my thumb and two fingers listening to them fuck on the other side of the door.

When they finished, my boyfriend came back in. I pretended to be still asleep. He crawled into bed and woke me up. I pretended to be in a groggy daze and asked what he wanted. He was horny and wanted me to eat out his ass and then made me give him a blowjob!

Of course, I fucking did it. I ate it out and tasted his lover’s salty load. I lapped it up like a dog. I could hear him snickering…I could see how rock hard he was making me clean another man’s cum out of his hole. He was enjoying cuckolding me, disrespecting and degrading me… I was so hurt…but I was also so fucking turned on!

He asked me if I liked that and did it taste good. I nodded and went to open my mouth, but he shoved me down, climbed on top of me, and straddled my head. He rammed his cock in my mouth and started face-fucking me harder than he ever had before. He was grunting as his powerful thrusts gagged me. His sweaty balls are slapping against my chin, and he kept murmuring stuff between grunts. It was hard to make out over the sounds of my gags and his ball slaps, but it kinda sounded like: “Take it, bitch!” … “Fucking pussy,” … “Fucking little dick, bitch!” But again, it was hard to pay attention.

When he couldn’t hold back anymore, he pulled out of my mouth and hovered his hard throbbing cock just an inch over my face! He bucked and shook and blasted me right between the eyes point-blank! It was more cum than I’d ever seen him shoot in our whole relationship! My face was covered…splattered all over like a Jackson Pollock painting.

I got up to clean myself off, but he told me not to… he said it would be so hot if I let it dry and slept in his jizz like a facial mask. This new side of him intoxicated me, and I wanted to please him as always, so I said okay.

I carefully let his massive jizz load dry and crust all Over my face before I fell asleep.

In the morning, I made them breakfast and never even confronted them… I was too much of a cowardly pussy. I just made them whatever they wanted and doted on them like a little servant bitch. …The whole time they were kind of rude and demanding. And my boyfriend kept whispering in his “friend’s” ear, while he snickered in my direction.

I must have forgotten about last night’s cumshot because I never went to wash it off… as they sat next to each other at the kitchen table, his lover smirked at me and asked me if I drooled in my sleep. Of course, he called me the wrong name, and as I served them, looking quizzical, he told me that I must drool A LOT in my sleep because I still had some dry drool on my face!

My boyfriend stifled a chuckle, and his lover sneered at me smugly. I turned bright red and excused myself to go clean up before working for my boyfriend again. They smirked at each other and burst out laughing the moment I left the room… and I jerked off to their laughter in the shower, rubbing my wet hand all over my face to feel his rehydrated cum slime all over me.


My ex later ended up marrying the guy… he sent me a fucking invitation to their wedding! When I told him that I couldn’t go, he suggested that it would still be nice to send them a wedding gift and send me a link to his registry.

He told me that he wanted me to get them something they would use a lot so that they could think of me… I was kind of touched and asked what he suggested. Then, he sent the link to the individual item… A costly, Egyptian Cotton and silk bedroom set… sheets, comforter, duvet, pillows and pillowcases, the works…

I did… I instantly got hard as I put in my credit card information and made the purchase. I rubbed my little clit dick through my pants, thinking about them fucking on it and laughing at me on their wedding night.

I blew my little load right in my pants as I asked him to send pictures when they got it… he did not disappoint.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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