Our Readers SPH Experiences 106

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discovers if the sleeve fits, wear it…

My girlfriend (20) and I (20) have been experimenting with a cock extended sleeve lately. And while she has told me she likes it more, she’s never called me small. Instead, she’s made little remarks, like calling guys I show her around my size or bigger than me small. But a few days ago, I sent her a picture of my dick next to the sleeve. And she said it’s a lot bigger (I’m a bronze member of the small dick club). Then I asked her to be honest, and she said, “Yes, your dick is small. When we first started dating, I wished you had a bigger dick, but you don’t. It’s small.”

We’ve been dating for six years, so I’m the only guy she’s bee been with sexually. But she’s a certified (And now self-proclaimed) size-queen!


Another reader shares an experience told by his fat wife…

My wife, a BBW woman, was unable to meet guys in typical ways, so she met them through fat fetish sites. As you can imagine, the guys on those sites can be excited when they finally meet a big woman in real life. She told me that she was hooking up with this guy one time, and it came time for them to get naked. As soon as he pulled down his pants, she said he was fully erect and a gold member of the small dick club.

She was shocked and surprised, but at this point, she didn’t say anything. She lays back and spreads her legs open, and the guy goes into her. The condom he had was far too big and loose for his tiny dick, so she made him take it off. With his small bare cock, he sticks it in again and begins thrusting like crazy. This moment was when my wife realized: he wasn’t even making it into her vagina! He was joyfully and energetically sliding in and out of her outer layers of pussy fat. She says about 30 seconds of this go by; then, she feels his warm jizz explode into the outer folds of her pussy.

So, then they lay there and talk, and she asks him, “So, have you been with a woman my size before?”

He says, “No, maybe 250-or-300-pounds max.”

Then she says, “Well, I have to tell you something that might be embarrassing.”

He says, “Oh, I know, I didn’t last too long. I just have never seen such a large beautiful body before. I’ll be ready to pleasure you better in a few minutes.”

Then she tells him, “No, that’s not it, see your dick is not even big enough to make it into my vagina where I can feel it.”

She spreads her legs and pulls her fat folds to the side to show him where the vagina starts. The guy takes one look at his cum load, which is just sitting all over the outer labia, and gets so embarrassed that he immediately gets dressed and leaves.


While this reader discovers a fisted hand is better than fingers in the bush…

I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year now, yesterday being our anniversary. Sex has always been great for me. However, I’ve never made her orgasm with my dick the whole time. Only ever my fingers gave her that satisfaction. We tried everything, and the only thing that worked was when I wore a big sleeve. But what it meant was left unspoken. Our anniversary sex was great, hot, beautiful. I fingered like I usually would when She feels like enjoying an orgasm. I got playful and added a third finger and then a fourth. She moaned and begged for me to go harder, and my knuckles pooped into her leaving only my thumb out. But getting it in was no issue. I was so lost in the euphoria of fisting on my innocent girlfriend that I overlooked her squirting everywhere for a moment.

I retracted my hand, leaving her heaving and moaning. I asked her if she liked that, and she said she loved it. We talked more, and she admitted that the full feeling of my hand was far more satisfying than my dick. I have a Bronze Member-sized dick and less than average in thickness. She had always teased my size, especially during sex. Now she’s got concrete proof of what makes her cum; my girlfriend’s laying into me. I’m lucky she likes my little dick (and abusing it). We fucked more after she came. My dick did nothing for her, but the experience of engulfing me with her freshly gaped pussy like it was nothing bought her sublime joy. I could get used to this.


Small dick club member ‘subtail1’ tells us…

When I was a little boy, I just loved going camping with my big brother and much older boys. My favorite game was called ‘flashlight’ what you did was each boy took turns showing his fat thick pecker to the other males and then admit what girl in school you thought was hot and how much you wanted to fuck her tight, wet, pink, little pussy. Watching all these older neighborhood ‘boys’ got me so excited because they all had such big dicks. When they showed me their long, fat, thick, white poles, it gave me such a stiffy.

I giggled and gazed at their big dicks and could not help myself from acting like a girl and telling them, “Gosh, that’s a nice one,” or, “Boy, your g/f sure is lucky you’re so well-hung,” or, “If she EVER denies you sex you can always stick that long love stick in my hind hole like it was a pussy.”

Some of the guys rolled their eyes, but most of them just laughed and said, “Boy, you’re a horny little pee-pee boy that loves giving stallions blowjobs, huh?”

It turned me on so much I used to steal panties and bra’s from my little sister and mommy then dance like a tramp to give them all throbbing erections.

When it was my turn, I pulled down my underpants and pointed the flashlight at my little wee-wee. It was about one inch long, hairless, my nuts had dropped, but they looked so out of place, they were fucking HUGE from me jerking off constantly. The guys said that I should get on my knees and give them all blow jobs because that’s what males with tiny wieners love to do. Camping with lots of well-hung cute guys is still very exciting to me, but sometimes all they want is a quick blow job after they have fucked their g/f in the rump for a few hours. Happy camping.


This reader compares himself at the gym…

A 19-year-old boy was showering at my gym today. Slim with a 3rd leg. I couldn’t stop staring at his soft dick. 😩 It was hanging low to his knees while I was there with my one inch pointing out on top of my baby balls.


Meanwhile, another small dick club member ‘piso10’ tells us…

I am 24, six-foot-three tall, and I have a fit physique, but I have a tiny penis. As a result, I’m a silver member of the small dick club. This embarrassing story happened to me this summer. I was at the home of my friend Mike, who has an outdoor swimming pool. In the swimming pool were his 19-year-old sister Lydia and her friends Mary 19, and Jo, 18. We caught up with the girls who were enjoying the pool, all three in very sexy bikinis, listening to music, drinking beer, and smoking weed.

I confess that I had a little crush on Jo, she is a small skinny blonde, she has a friendly character and seems more mature than her age. She wore a red bikini with thong-like briefs. She was so hot, seemed very excited, and began to flirt with me. I must admit that I started getting excited and dreaming that she could become my girlfriend.

When the girls proposed to swim, I realized I didn’t have a swimsuit, and I wanted to refuse, but Jo and Lydia insisted, and I couldn’t say no, so I dived with my white boxers. And so, the disaster happened, the wet boxers became transparent, and they let everyone see my little pee-pee, made even tinier by the cold water. The girls began to stare at it and giggle among themselves, and I became red from the shame.

Lidia asked me with a mocking tone why I was blushing, and I saw Jo, who could not hold back the laughter and made the sign of the small penis to Maria with her little finger. I immediately found an excuse to dress and run away. I spent a dreadful night thinking about the embarrassment, but the shame was not over yet. The day after I received a notification on my phone, someone had added me to the WhatsApp group “the bitch girls.”

I immediately thought of a mistake, but then a photo is posted on the group. It was me with my wet boxers and my little one in full vision, fortunately without the face. it was Jo who posted, commenting, “This little boy hopes to go out with me.”

At least a dozen messages arrived in the next five minutes, I guess of girls enrolled in the group, all derisively. “But is he ten years old?” one posted.

“Looks like a shrimp,” another said.

“Tell us who the little loser is,” and so on.

Then Jo posted again, this time the photo of a big, erect, hard cock of at least eight inches. “But this is the guy I have sex with,” she said of the big cock photo.

And still, many comments followed like, “There is no race,” and, “He is a man against a child,” and, “I think it is at least three times the size,” and, “The little loser can only stay at home jerking off his pee-pee,” and the last, “Mark has a nice big cock.”

Mark is an 18-year-old schoolmate who lives near me, and I realized that this boy six years younger than me has a big cock more than double my size, and he fucks the girl I’m in love with currently. I left the group, hoping that nobody recognized me. Life’s not fair.


This reader gets a Tinder surprise…

I met a BBW on tinder with huge, huge tits. We had a good brunch, made out a bit in the parking garage. She texts me later with some naughty talk then sent me a couple of nudes of her. I figured on well, so sent one of me. Suddenly, she cancels the date we were going to have the next week and she didn’t respond to my texts anymore. I text her and ask if it was because my penis is small (I’m a silver member of the small dick club). She texts back, “You’re not small, [my name], you’re fucking tiny! I showed all the ladies where I work, and they laughed so hard at it. Don’t contact me again.”

Then she blocked me. It was such a turn-on.


Another reader’s mom dishes out some smack…

When I’m home alone, I like to masturbate in the living room and stream porn to the TV. I was doing my thing until I heard a click come from the door. It took me a good second to realize what was happening, and I mentally was like, ‘Oh shit, someone’s unlocking the door and coming in.’ I immediately stopped streaming porn and pulled my pants up as fast as I could. It was my mom that came in, and by the time the door opened, I had barely pulled up my pants. She looked at me and said, “You’re not jerking your small penis, are you?”

Embarrassedly I replied, “No.”

She walked by me and to the kitchen and said, “Well, that tiny lump in your pants suggests otherwise.”

She laughed, and I nervously laughed along and pretended it never happened.


Small dick club member ‘smallerDdesire’ tells us…

Recently my GF and I celebrated our second anniversary. She’s 57 and tall, with long strawberry blond hair, cute D cup tits, and a tight ass. But, as a former model for one of the big fashion magazines, she still turns men’s heads and inspires jealousy in less good-looking women, even those far younger than her.

I noticed I couldn’t please her sexually throughout our relationship as I had women I’d dated in the past, and I began to see that it was my dick. It just wasn’t big enough to get an orgasm from her. Now, in the past, even though I was a Bronze member of the SDC, I never had much of a problem pleasing a woman as I stayed rock hard and didn’t cum for a long time so they could ride as long as it took to get them over the edge. But because of medication, I took over a period in my late 40’s. My cock shrank, going from bronze to now a silver member of the small dick club hard.

As something of an experiment, I bought an eight-inch strap on penis extension, and just as I suspected, she began to cum like a banshee on the bigger cock in her pussy. Upon this discovery, I began to coax her backstory out of her, especially while she had the big extension in her. It turned out when she was eighteen, her first real boyfriend had a long and thick dick, which, in a way, set her clock as far as what makes her orgasm. Although she is no size Queen and has had a good number of lovers of all sizes, it just seems that my now silver member dick isn’t big enough to please her.

Realizing that because of aging and the medication, I now do have a tiny dick, I’ve begun to get into SPH. I almost always use big dildos and the big penis extension on her; I talk shit to her while we fuck and get her to tell me what a small dick I have, and we talk about her past lover’s big dicks and how they made her cum. Also, at my suggestion, we began chastity play and kept my dick locked up when we’re separated, as we do not live in the same city.

With all that groundwork in place, I convinced her she really should be able to enjoy a huge dick and not just a plastic one. We created a profile on one of the big adult websites stating we were in search of a younger well-hung man to please her. We included pictures of her hot body, and one of me fully nude, showing my small soft nub.

After only two days, we’re contacted by a 33-year-old local man with an almost soda can thickness dick that’s just under nine-inch long. After a bumpy start, including a missed first meeting (his fault) last night, we met for coffee. As luck would have it, he turned out to be a very cool, down-to-earth type with many of the same interests as my GF. The meet went super well, and the GF likes him and has given the green light to have his big dick rock her pussy.

He’s eager to do her, and it looks like we may even be hanging out socially. It makes my small dick throb think of the three of us out and about on our motorcycles. Perhaps they’ll take a quick fuck break in the gas station bathroom. He’ll be filling her pussy with his fat cock, while I’m hanging around with my shorty locked in chastity, waiting for them to finish.

Since the face-to-face meeting was just last night, I’ll have an update in the future about how it’s progressed. Then, with so many possibilities, hopefully, my next entry will make an exciting read.


This reader is exposed to his school friends…

I got pantsed in school, and the guy got my boxers as well, so I was utterly naked waist down. I stood still in shock, and the person standing right in front of me, staring at me, was my crush. My flaccid length is about an inch, so she and another classmate just stood there laughing for a while. It took me a good 5 seconds to pull my pants back up due to the shock, so they got a long look. Most humiliated and embarrassed I’ve ever felt. When I asked her what she saw, she said, “Oh, I didn’t see anything, don’t worry.”

I don’t know if she was making a joke about my lack of size or just felt terrible—either way, not what you want from your crush of three years.


Another reader got sized up for a condom…

Our college had a sort of ‘Sex Education Fair’ type thing; there were little stalls to discuss safe sex, get an HIV test, etc. My friends and I never really bothered with any of this. We just went to get free condoms. The booth with the free condoms was operated by an attractive woman who looked like she was in her mid-20s. We all chatted for a little bit (I can’t remember what about), then we grabbed some condoms. I just took a handful, one of which turned out to be a ‘King Size’ condom.

Without saying anything, the woman looked me up and down, then took the condom from me and gave me a ‘Snug Fit’ condom in its place. What made this even more humiliating was the fact that my friends had all done the same thing, and she hadn’t taken any of their condoms. She only did this to me.


While this reader had a road trip, he’ll never forget…

Last month, I went on a road trip to Memphis for a game and needed a place to stay. I was a freshman in college, and a friend of mine who was a senior said he had an older cousin who lived there, and I could stay. I was happy to have a place to crash for free but felt slightly awkward that she was mid 20’s while I was 18 and staying there alone. When I finally got there, I realized she shared the house with two other girls the same age. I realized I was staying for a weekend in a house with three girls in their mid-20’s and, to be honest, very attractive.

I noticed they walked around like I wasn’t there as they’d be in pajamas or yoga pants and sports bras, much to the delight of me below the belt. The second day I was there, I had just finished taking a shower and was in the bathroom. Unfortunately, I forgot to lock the door because one of the girls walked right in as I was butt naked. I’m a gold member of the small dick club, but since I just got out of the shower and was flaccid, the tip barely stuck out of my skin at all.

I froze, and she burst out laughing, causing the other two girls to see what the commotion was. They rushed in and started laughing at me, saying how small it is and how I was the ‘baby brother’ of the house. They grabbed my towel and underwear (unfortunately tighty-whities) and ran out of the room so I couldn’t cover-up. I foolishly chased them around the house, all while my acorn of a dick bobbed up and down.

They lured me to the door and shoved me outside naked and started taking pictures of me and my lack of a dick begging to get back in. To make matters worse, it was cold outside, to the point where my dick shrunk enough where it was entirely inside of me. My flaccid inny state made the girls laugh even harder. Finally, after being out there for about five minutes and being seen by at least a dozen people, they tossed me a lace thong and let me back in. The rest of the weekend, they forced me to make a list of humiliating tasks such as wearing a cock cage, thong, streaking down the street, and even sleeping with a butt plug.

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    loved the “piso10”-contribution with its “bitch girls”-chat group! To good to be true… or was it??


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