Just A Little Thing 2

By Oppswalla.

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Part 2…

A bluish glow reflected off the paint of the home office walls from the computer screen. Only the sound of the rustling of fabric could’ve been heard as the sound was redirected into earbuds.

On the screen a thin blond, probably close to 5’9″ given the length of her torso, with pert b cup breasts, looked at the camera with a seductive and troublesome smile. Her light hair hung slightly past her shoulders, where the straps of an almost translucent black lace bra supported her chest. Her thin toned stomach was framed between her black bra and a matching black lace thong. Her long perfect legs smooth, suggesting the same underneath her panties.

A tall dark haired man entered the background of what looked like a living room with a gray couch. His olive skinned face was accented by a neatly trimmed short black beard, dark eyes, a long medium width nose, and a sexy set of lips. He approached the view from the camera behind the woman and couch in a black suit, with a tie that had been slightly loosened, a white shirt, a belt, and one would assume dress shoes given the sound on the wood floor they made, despite them being hidden by the props.

The woman glanced back at the man, her smile widening as they met glances, then she peered back at the camera.

“He’s beautiful isn’t he?” She asked, but awaited no answer, “Oh, baby, don’t look so worried. We discussed this… you know how much I’ve wanted this…” her hand reached towards the point of view, just below the frame of the shot. The camera tilted downwards showing the bulge of a semi-hard dick, neatly tucked into a light pink pair of panties, her hand gently cupping it and the balls trapped tightly in the pouch. “….and you know how much I’ve needed this,” she continued in an almost husky but slightly hushed tone, before turning back to gaze at the man who had now moved around the couch, as the camera tilted back up.

She shifted away from the camera, towards the suited man, and kissed him on the lips, him learning over her as he was a little taller than her. Her hands pressed against his chest, as his hands reached around her, cupping her small but round little ass cheeks. As his hands squeezed, she let out a little moan, removing her lips, closing her eyes and tilting her head back, then turning back her gaze back to the camera. A devilish and glossy-eyed demeanor was on her face as she bit her lip while the man moved his one hand to fondle her perfect little tits. The right strap of her bra slipped off her shoulder, allowing greater access for the man, who took no time lifting her handful of a breast out and teasing the quarter sized erect nipple.

The man, pleased with what he had found, smiled to the camera and in a baritone voice exclaimed, “Your girlfriend has such amazing breasts,” before chuckling in an slightly mocking tone.

The blonde gasped, “mmm, they fit so perfectly in his big hands baby.”

She gently undid his tie and tossed it at the camera, that peered down showing it landing and draped over the panty clad erection, before peering back up to the unfolding scene in front of it. The woman slowly undid the buttons of the shirt, and peeled it back over his shoulders, causing it and his suit jack to drop to the floor. The man reached around her, unclasping her bra and letting it drop as well.

Her hands rested back on the man’s bare chest as a finger traced through the dark hair on his chest. She carefully and very slowly began to kneel, letting her hands move at a snail’s pace just above her head. Her face was close enough that her hot breath could be felt against his skin, as he closed his eyes, and looked upward, letting out a quiet moan.

“It’s so fucking hot when a man’s got hair on his chest,” She peered up at the man as she spoke, “unlike my boyfriend who is just smooth like some pre-pubescent boy,” her face turning to the camera with a hauty grin and slanting eyes.

Her hands continued lowering until they rested on the man’s hips, just wide of the zipper, her thumbs grazing over the center of what appeared to be a growing bulge, causing the outline to show the the fabric. “Oh, my!” She chuckled with eyes widening. “What do we have here?” Her tone was taunting, as she peered quickly toward the camera with a raised eyebrow and licked her lips.

She rubbed her hand slowly up and down over the fabric- covered erection. Grabbing the man’s belt, she undid it, staring up into the gorgeous man’s eyes. She brought her open mouth to the fly and breathed heavily, letting the hot air from her exhale push through the fabric. Then quickly undid the button and the zipper, causing the slacks to instantly drop to the floor.

The now naked man stood in all his glory. His defined chest, adorned with strong pecs and dark nipples led the way down to a toned stomach, displaying a 6 pack, and a thick dark trail of hair down the center, around his belly button. Above his cock was a neatly trimmed, but prominent bush of hair.

“Oh, look baby,” again she glanced toward the camera,”he doesn’t need to shave the hair around his cock to make it look bigger. Do you like seeing what a real man looks like? Do you like seeing what an impressed girlfriend looks like? That’s new for you isn’t it? Ya know, the look a woman gives when her expectations are exceeded… or at least matched, ” she added to the end. Her hand gently cupped his massive balls, also neatly trimmed, as the other wrapped around the base of his healthy package. It was dark, and thick, her fingers didn’t reach all the way around it. Veins protruded underneath the skin leading up to a large bulbous mushroom head. The long heavy cock looked menacing in front of her beautiful soft face. She gave it a lick right at the tip. She turned again to face the camera, a string of precum straining with tension from the tip of his cock to her lips.

“Do you see how big it is,baby? I can’t even wrap my hand all the way around it. I may need two hands,” she said as she brought her other up to the shaft, still leaving some of it uncovered by her grip.

A breathy, “Fuuuuuccck,” could be heard in a mousy man’s voice from behind the camera.

She licked the head again, scooping the juice from his cock onto a curved tongue before withdrawing it back into her mouth. The blonde looked upwards again, “I’m going to have so much fun with this. My boyfriend leaves so much to be desired. He leaves my mouth, throat and pussy feeling so empty…”

Again the baritone voice responded, with a quick glance to below the camera’s point of view and then back to her, ” I don’t even know how that can please you. What are you doing with a little peckered sissy like that? A little bitch in panties…”

“It’s a shame isn’t it,” she replied. “Fucking pathetic.”

She looked at the camera with one hand still around his cock, and motioned curling her finger and beckoning the entity behind the camera toward them.

She wrapped her lips around the massive head, suckling at it shortly before standing. She leaned towards the camera for a kiss, precum dribbled over her lips as she pressed in. “Mmm, do you like that, the taste of my lover? Does that make you hot?”

She looked at the more masculine man, “I bet that hard little prick isn’t even for me. I bet that tiny penis is just leaking to the thought of sucking that big cock of yours like the little panty bitch he is.”

She reached below the camera, as it tilted it’s view dog again. Her hand teased at the smaller throbbing package still encased in pink satin fabric, and pulled at the tie hanging over it, before taking her lover’s cock and slapping it against the smaller member.

“It’s just such a big difference, isn’t it honey,” a few more slaps followed, before she took her boyfriend’s hand and wrapped it around the throbbing pole that dwarfed his. “It doesn’t even fit in your soft, small hands does it? Feels heavy doesn’t it. Remember, this IS a COCK, baby. This is the weight of a man,” she said as she sharply swatted the balls of the panty wearer.

An exclamation of pain was let out from behind the camera before the view slouched over them lowered as if dropping to their knees. Now the camera was level with the thick rod, pointing directly at it. The emphasis of the shot was clearly showing, at close range, how imposing the erection was.

The girlfriend then swiped some precum from the end of the cock with her fingers and pushed it into the camera. “Enjoy that taste, you horny little slut,, because that’s all you get tonight. Tonight it’s all mine. Maybe next time I’ll share some more. She pushed at the camera man hard, as the view stumbled away a little bit.

The woman turned back toward the cock and began taking it into her mouth, pumping the length of it as her throat expanded to take it deeper and deeper with each assault.

Heavy breathing could be heard from behind the camera.

The large cocked man looked at the camera smiling. “Does that turn you on? You like rubbing your clitty while watching your girlfriend being facefucked? You see how much she struggles to take it all in.”

The woman’s watery eyes dripped a tear down her cheek as she “glugged” on the giant pole, pushing her mouth almost all the way down to the base, holding it, then coming back up before pulling away gasping for air, then moving back in.

The man continued, “At least now you can see what the look of actual pleasure for a woman is, as I know it’s probably a foreign sight for you.” His tone was mocking. “Does that make your little pee pee twitch and spit?”

“Uh huh” was quietly whispered from behind the camera.

“Of course, you do,” the new lover replied.

GLUGGLUGGLUG…the pronounced sound of the girlfriend filled the earbuds, occasionally interrupted by the sound of a cough, or slight gagging.

“At just so fucking much to take in,” she said, pulling her face off the saliva drenched dick for a moment, before continuing the assault.

After a few moments, the man reached down, placing his hand gently under her chin, and beckoned her upwards. She stood up, staring at him with a sex crazed hunger.

“Your girlfriend is fucking hot. I am going to enjoy fucking her so much, and showing her what she’s been missing.” His hand struck her ass cheek hard with a spank, leaving the skin slightly red. He did it again, and then lowered to suck on her now completely exposed nipples. He took plenty of moments to glance back at the screen, clearly reminding the viewer of how much fun he was having. She’d moan in response.

The pair shuffled to the couch…

The dark figure in front of the computer screen hit the mouse quickly, pausing the video, and removed one ear bud.

Questioning whether they heard stirring, they waited in silence. Noises of a silent house stirred, barely audible, as there seemed to be no other disturbance. A few more moments passed as the figure before the screen waited a little bit longer to be sure.

Implanting the earbud back in the ear, and pressing play, the figure intently began watching the video again, unconcerned and undisturbed.

As the endowed man gently assisted the girlfriend on the couch, gently putting her down on the cushion, he began running his left hand up her tummy, and traced around her left breast, giving it a gentle squeeze afterwards. His left hand wrapped around her back end, squeezing and giving her ass a spank, before running his hand down the underside of her thigh.

“She’s got perfect tits, and such a grabbable ass…and oh these long amazing legs,” the man said, now running his hands along her calf and then back up to her buttocks, before peeling her panties slowly and carefully down her legs. He tossed them at the camera and chuckled, “Bitch,” while judgmentally eyeing the camera.

“You see how wet she is. She is fucking dripping. Such a hungry pussy that hasn’t been fed much for so long.”

He grabbed his substantial member just above it’s base, and began slapping her swollen mound with the tip of it once or twice. Then he’d rub it run between the engorged lips, circling over the hood of her clit.

The girlfriend’s body would recoil, a tremor rising like a wave over her. Her hands traveled over the inside of her thighs, over her hips, and kneaded her breasts, in ever changing rhythms matching her lust.

Making a face, he then spit on her little hole, and continued teasing her sex with his cock.

“Mmm, you are so hot,” the man said as he looked from her cunt up her body, taking it in an inch at a time. It was a solid debate over whether his eyes or her hole were hungrier.

She reached down with her left hand, leaving as much in view as possible. A few strokes with her hand preceded her placing the throbbing head of the man’s cock at her opening, and swirling it in the leaking wetness. The tip of his head glistened and reflected the light. The wet coating of their organs mixed and stretched at any distance between them.

“Fuuuuucccckk, I’m am so wet. My pussy is fucking drenching everything, baby. Do you want to see him put it in? Do you want to see my pussy stretch? Do you want to see what you can’t…” her words were cut off as the large mast drove through her opening. Despite it being gentle, the beautiful man had to push with a fair amount of force before her opening stretched enough to accommodate him.

She cried out in response, “Hoooolllyyyy shiiiit, oooohh ffuuuuucckkkk yessss.”

Her breathing increased in intensity, before she reached back and pulling him by his toned ass, drove him slowly into her further, controlling the speed. The look of being overwhelmed and yet absolutely ravenous warred back and forth across her face.

At the bottom of the view, a much smaller cock could be seen getting stroked, at a slow pace, below the main focus of the screen.

The man’s cock was now halfway in her, and it grew thicker towards the base. Beads of sweat gathered on her brow as she took another series of deep breaths and pulled him further into her.

“Ooooh god yes… oh shit baby, do you see how tight I am around his cock. Do you see how much that is stretching my tiny little hole? Ooooh fuck it has never opened up like this….you could never fill me this way…”

With a moan, the last inch of his cock slid into her, her opening now stretched wider than it seemed it could be. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her body arched, and she cried out. Her hips slowly rocked against him while he let her adjust to his size.

“Oh fuck, mmmm, yeah that feels so fucking good,” her pelvis sawed back and forth against his groin, as she cooed, winced, moaned, and screamed.

For a moment it seems the piston would’ve split her in two, but the tension in her began to release itself into pure pleasure. Her tongue licked across her lips and gave the man all the permission he needed.

Now his hips started pulling slowly back and then driving in like a well oiled machine, slowly building in speed. Each time he plunged his thick cock into her, a cry escaped her lips.

“That’s it, ooooh, fuuuuckking oooowwnn that puuuussssyy,” she yelled desperately, her voice quivering. The man had increased his speed and was pounding into her as she teased her clit, circling it with her fingers, legs spread wide. With each thrust, the meat on her ass jiggled and her breasts rose and fell.

“Looks like your girlfriend needed this. It must’ve been so hard to continually feel like it was always just out of reach for you, to go so long with a spot always left untouched,” the lover said looking at the camera. His gaze went back to the girlfriend who looked wild with lust, bouncing against his considerable manhood. “Do you like that big cock? Does that please you?”

“I love your big fucking cock. It hits every fucking spot. I don’t know how I’ll ever get off on that tiny prick again, always wanting to be filled like this, always knowing what it could have felt like…”

The woman’s body tensed, again her body arced and began convulsing quickly as liquid began squirting out from her cunt coating their pelvic regions, in rhythm to his thrusts and her cries.

The man sped up even more in response, slamming into her with reckless abandon, and her now just taking it in complete ecstasy.

“Oooooh, oooh, myyyy, hooooollly shhhhhhittt, bbbbaaaabbyyyy, did you see… him make me… squirt? Ivvve never…..caaame so hard…in my …life. Ooooh god baby. Don’t you… wish you could …make me squirt like that. Don’t you wish….your cock wasn’t so…path…etic…,” she moaned out as best she could.

The man stopped, pulled his cock out all the way, as gobs of liquid poured out her pussy and dripped from his dick, and then plunged in hard again, before repeating once more.

Forcefully he flipped her body over, shoved her face into the pillow of the couch. Her hands extended above her head, clenching the cushion hard, as he penetrated her now gaping pussy that had expanded to accommodate it’s intruder. Adjusting her ass upwards to take him, she guided his cock back into her.

The man’s thrusting became furious and her moans to match. Then he slowed to a gentle, tender sawing motion, letting her catch her breath

“Oh baby, tell me how it feels to touch that little pickle while you watch me take a real man. Tell me all about your worthless, pathetic excuse for a penis,” she mocked.

The speed of the panty- boy’s strokes increased.

“Oh god, my dick is so tiny,” the voice from behind the camera said breathily and weakly. “I’m sorry my little cock has left you so empty. God I wish I made you squirt like that, and moan like that.”

“Take your hand off your sad wittle fuck toy, I don’t want you blowing your load yet, which always happens too soon. Bitches don’t get to stroke, only rub their little clitty, and tease their little boy pussies.”

Again the endowed lover increased his pace, slamming into her. Her hand was now a blur of circles against her clit. What looked like an endless torrent of ejaculate spewed from her soaking the fabric of the cushions below.

“Oh fuck this big cock owns my pussy!” She yelled as her body twitched, her muscles spasmed.

The muscles in the lovers neck visible tightened, his pecks flexed, his thigh muscles bulged, and his teeth clenched. “Ohhhhhhj, ffuuuuuuuucckkk yeeahhh,” he cried as he slammed his orgasm as deep and as hard as he could into her, “immmm cummming…”

It seemed like his orgasm would last forever, his hands digging into her flesh with intensity. The mixture of her and his jizz flowing like a faucet out of her spent and full pussy, like there was no room left for it to stay inside.

“Oh baby, he came so much. You never cum like that. I can feel it inside me. You like that? You like thinking about another man’s cum coating my little cunt? Oh there’s just so much, baby!”

The man now spent leaned back catching his breath as he let his semi hard cock flop out of her opening. More cum spilled out as she reached down cupping her pussy with her hand.

“Bring that bitch dick here,” she said looking at the camera and laughing. The camera person slipped on to the couch behind her, her ass still in the air. A dark spot was clearly visible from massive amounts of precum soaking into the panties from his much smaller cock.

He quickly removed them and the camera zoomed in.

“I want you to feel how much cum he left in me,” she said.

Her stretch pussy was displayed on the screen, still wide open from the use it had just experienced. Her hand reached back as more cum dripped from her hole. She placed her hand around her boyfriend’s dick, that fit so easily into her one hand and she began to pump it, coating it in her lover’s thick white jizz. Moaning could be heard from behind the camera.

She gently guided his dick towards her opening, making it clear how inferior his manhood was comparatively. It slid forward, the head of the dick not even touching the edges, leaving a gap around his dick, like dropping a pen in a crater. She gripped the base of his dick as he continued to press in. As he did, more thick fluid gushed out around the edge of his cock, and he moaned.

“Do you feel all the space left in me? Do you feel how much he loaded my pussy up with his seed? Do you feel how pathetic your little tool is?”

He began thrusting, each time pushing out more semen from her pussy. His moans intensified while hers were lacking any form of enthusiasm.

After mere moments, his body began to shake as he thrust hard and fast, blowing his load into her.

“Did my little bitch just cum? Did his little dicky get all turned on swimming in my lover’s load?”

“Uh huh,”the voice responded as the now shriveling member simply fell out of her, followed by more spilling cum.

“You are such a useless little slut. I’m going to just need to find another use for you, because that isn’t doing it. I am so going to make you eat all that cum and make you my little cum receptacle until you beg to take my lover’s load…”

Layla’s fingers circled faster around her swollen clit. Her mouth was hungry, her pussy insatiable, her heart rate increasing, her body twitching….a building wave finally came crashing down as her other hand probed the walls of her opening. The spasms swelled, like she was gasping for breath, so light, and then so heavy.

Her panties were soaked through, and wet spots glistened from the reflection of the screen.

When she caught her breath, she hit pause.

“What the fuck,” her mind went into an instant denial phase, reasoning that this shouldn’t turn her on. This is just some kind of weird cheap things guys get off on. Obviously, this was just a fantasy, a blip in time….

Then her mind went to wondering how many times Ben had watched this…how many times he had imagined her little hole being filled by a superior cock.

Her now dry mouth felt thirsty, as she lifted her fingers drenched from her spent cunt, and suckled at them.

She wiped the chair with her shirt, exited the windows of the computer, and carefully tip-toed to the bathroom.

After, she crept into bed, as her peaceful boyfriend didn’t stir, never knowing how hard she had orgasmed to video he probably had watched.


The End.


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