Just A Little Thing 1

By Oppswalla.

Layla and Ben had been together for two years. They were a seemingly happy couple in their late thirties, living together without children. While they had never married, they were fully intent on seeing the relationship through.

Ben was 5’9″, and slender in frame, weighing around 150 lbs. Though he wasn’t tall, his arms and legs were long and his torso a bit shorter. His body was defined, but not particularly muscular. While he could be loud and quite social, he was generally softer spoken and of a quiet and gentle nature.

Layla had easily fallen for him years before. There was something she found so cute about him, his little butt, his kind eyes, his comfort with showing emotion. Unlike some overly masculine men, trying to exude and inflated sense of ego.

Layla was petite, 5’5″, 115, with a slender face, green eyes, and dirty blonde/light brown wavy hair. A cute button nose centered between joyful cheeks speckled with a few freckles. Her b-cup breasts accented her small frame perfectly, along with her firm and round little ass.

While sex wasn’t quite as frequent as when they first fell for each other, their sex lives were satisfying and both satisfied. Having been friends long before dating, their ease of being together and around each other was quite comfortable to them both.

Ben had spent the day catching up on the monotony of home chores that unfortunately always demanded attention. With the weather being soggy and slightly cold outside. It was quiet at their quaint little house in town, especially since Layla had to go into the office for a few hours during Ben’s day off.

Layla’s fingers typed out the last few words needed to complete the inquiries required before her departure. Her mind wandered, hung up on her discovery while unintentionally snooping on Ben’s computer earlier that week.

She had opened it up hoping to confirm a package’s shipping date and stumbled on to a window that had failed to be closed by him sometime previously. A variety of videos played through trailers on the screen from his last porn jerkoff session.

Layla never had a problem with Ben watching porn or pleasuring himself, as she assumed most men did. However, she wasn’t expecting to see the subject matters that had been searched.

As she sat in her office chair, the images again flooded her mind, the words of women degrading their lovers…and her pussy soaked her panties. Why it turned him on…why it turned her on…she didn’t quite know, but she hadn’t broached the subject with him. Realizing that it wasn’t the place to get caught up in such things, she shook it off, switched off her screen and prepared for her drive home.

Ben looked at the clock on the oven. Seeing the time he knew he didn’t have a large enough window, before Layla would be home, to get off. His semi-chubbed up cock now only served as an annoyance.

Layla’s car pulled up the drive, she hit the remote and the garage door began it’s ascent. Layla shifted in her seat, adjusting herself, as her moist panties treated to soak through the rest of her clothing. A deep breath of relief escaped her mouth as she placed the car in park, and removed her keys.

“Hey babe,” Ben said as he was leaning over the sink.

Layla hung her work bag on the rack in the entryway and walked up behind Ben, taking a firm hold of one of his asscheeks, then running her finger slowly down his asscrack, before making little circles around his little puckered hole. The gym shorts he was wearing did very little to hinder her assault.

Ben let out a surprise “Ohhh,” and began to stand, but Layla pushed against his back forcing him back to his bent over state as she continued to tease his rosebud.

With her hand between them, she pressed his pelvis against him, curling her fingers a bit as she did, causing him to jump a little.

“You’ve got such a nice little ass,” Layla said in a breathy, seductive tone. The. She gave it a firm slap.

Pressing her pelvis into his ass again, she reached around and gave his hard cock a squeeze, “Oh, my…,”she said as she slid her hand down the waistband of his shorts, and swiped her finger over the slit of his swollen head,”… that didn’t take much.”

As she pulled her hand out she raised it to his lips and began to press against them, causing him to open slightly as she pressed her finger in and onto his tongue.

“Hmmm,” she almost moaned and pulled briskly away before heading down the hall to the bedroom.

Ben began to wipe his hands to prepare to follow her, but as he did he heard the bathroom door close, and figured he’d finish the last few dishes first.

Layla’s mind raced, as her pussy was dripping at the thoughts swirling in her head. He obviously was turned on by such thoughts, right? So why did it feel so weird or risky to indulge him?

Placing the last dish on the rack to dry, Ben dried his hands and turned from the sink.

As he walked into the hallway, the bathroom door opened, and Layla forcefully pushed Ben against the wall to then kiss him.

The force had caught Ben by surprise causing him to, “Ommph.” Before he could respond her hands pressed against his chest as her lips met his. Her tongue forcefully parted his lips and began probing into his mouth with more intensity than she usually applied.

She had removed all her clothing down to her undies prior to, and he could feel her skin rub against his as he sucked at her tongue.

Her hand grabbed his and pulled it to the wet fabric over her slit.

She pulled her mouth back, just far enough to speak, “You feel how fucking wet I am?” She slid his fingers, as he slight curled them, over the wet spot on her panties. “Do you like that?” Her other hand grabbed his balls through his shorts and squeezed.

“”Fuck yessss,” was all that came out as her grip tightened on his nuts.

She pulled him by his testicles to the bedroom, then letting go pushed him onto the bed.

“Fuck, I am so hot…I just wish…” she stroked the length of his already straining member, “that this was just a bit longer…and a bit thicker…” she said, as his cock twitched in her hand.

Ben was surprised to hear her say such things, as this was something they had never explored together.

“Can you imagine seeing my tight little pussy all swollen, battered, and gaping from a pounding a nice big piece of meat could give me?” She removed her bra, laid down next to him propped on her elbow, and continued to stroke his dick through the thin fabric of his shorts

She pulled at his waistband, and he lifted his ass allowing her to pull his shorts down, wiggling them off his legs.

He started to open his mouth to respond, but she put her finger to her lips and shushed him.

She traced her fingers over the head of his cock, twirling them in circles teasing it.

“I jut got so wet today, thinking about fucking a real man. One with a nice coc. At least 8-8.5 inches, I just need another few to reach those spots that I really need hit.”

As her hand stroked down the length of his shaft, she widened her grip, “mmm, and about this wide,” leaving plenty of space between his cock and her hand.

“Not that you don’t do a good job baby, you have a nice dick, but my pussy really drips thinking less of a thin little hotdog, and more of a nice heavy cucumber. You don’t mind, do you…how wet it makes my little hole?” Her hand tightened firmly around his shaft, squeezing progressively harder, causing the head of his dick to swell and turn red, precum leaking from his slit.

He gasped at her grip. Ben had fantasized about her talking to him this way many times, but it felt strange now that it was happening. It felt humiliating to hear her degrade his manhood. Was she really dissatisfied with their sex life? Had she really been thinking of other guys’ cocks?

She stopped long enough to take off her panties, still creamy with her juices, and wrap them around his dick with her hand to continue stroking his aching member.

“You like that don’t you baby? Feeling my juices slidin over you cock? My wet little panties, coat your little boy dick with thoughts of a big thick cock pounding my pussy?”

Ben moaned.

“I bet it’s hard feeling your pathetic manhood twitch and stir to my professing your inadequacies. I bet your brain has always had this little voice asking if I’ve had better, or bigger…wondering if a former lover had stretched me in away you couldn’t, had made me moan and scream while being plowed? Have you wondered that, baby?”


“You remember me telling you about Jeff in college, before I started dating you?”

Ben paused before responding, and she let go of his dick and cracked her had hard against his balls, causing him to jump, wince, and moan in pleasure all at the same time. “Yes,” he responded.

“It was such an adjustment when I started dating you. He had such a large thick pole. He had to be about nine inches. Could you imagine having 9 inches? ” she held her fingers a few inches past his cock to drive the point home. “Could you imagine being that deep inside me? Seeing my face utterly helpless to being filled so completely, to give in in complete submission to a cock like that? My eyes rolling backwards, my hips bucking against it, my stretched glistening pussy?”

She swiped the precum leaking heavily from the head of his dick on to the wet spot of her panties, and shoved them into his mouth.

“Do you taste that baby? Do you taste my wetness mixed with cum?”

He moaned “mmmhmm” as best as he could, while gagged by the fabric.

She stood up, walked to her dresser and grabbed a pair of pink and white panties, and began to slide them over his legs and up to his straining cock, before laying down and resuming stroking him through the panties.

“I could totally submit to a big cock like that, owning me…but you can’t own me with that. That belongs in panties. That can only submit,” she said as she flicked the head of his dick and then gave his balls another spank causing him to flinch again, and dribble precum into the fabric of the panties trapping his throbbing hard on.

“Imagine my pussy after being filled so completely by jeff, then trying to take your small, thin little pickle. Imagine how loose it would feel, with you barely hitting my walls. Imagine how sloppy and wet it’d be from me cumming all over his cock before he filled me with his big load. His cum lubing my aching hole for your pencil?”

Again, Ben moaned from behind his panty gag.

“How shameful, and conflicted it must feel knowing your sorry excuse for manhood is so hard listening to me tell you how much better my past lover was than you? Is it weird feeling so horny and so inadequate at the same time? I bet you are picturing that big thick dick just sliding in and out of my cunt, dripping, barely able to take it….i bet you’d beg to watch, stroking yourself, getting off to your girlfriend being pleasured the way she should, the way you can’t.”

While continuing her varied stroke that would pause, speed up, slow down and pause again, she leaned over and sucked at his nipple.

“Think of how he’d look at you. Him judging you, as you stroked your hairless cock in your panties while watching him fill your wife up. Him watching you feeling so helpless because you know you didn’t measure up. Him seeing your little dicklet that in your head you swore was over six and a half inches, but it looks more like 5 to him. Him seeing your boyish body in panties and thinking he could fuck you next like his little bitch, causing you to moan and rub that little clit like a good girl.”

Her pace started to increase pumping at his cock. Where the fuck did all this dirty talk come from? How long had she felt this way? Ben’s brain was spiraling while his body was craving how she was making him feel.

“I bet he’d even let you suck my cum off his cock just to tease you. You’d pretend to be disgusted, but your little tent leaving a little dark spot on your panties would betray you. We both know you are secretly a good little cocksucker. I mean, you’d have to be good with that mouth given your other meager assets.”

She grabbed his ball sack and pulled hard, causing a frantic and muffled groan to escape him.

“Oh you are such a little bitch aren’t you? A little bitch that would be so hungry to dive in my gaping wet pussy to drink all the copious amounts of cum from your girlfriend’s satisfied pussy. Would you like that? Me sitting on your face grinding my sloppy cunt against it as you tongue out his seed, while the fabric of your little girly panties traps your little girly penis…”

She abruptly stopped her stroking and crawled over him facing his lower half and removing the panties from his mouth. She squeezed his cock, milking out as much precum as she could and scooped with her fingers before taking four fingers and plunging them into her wet slit. She proceeded to finger fuck herself right above his face, widening her fingers as she went stretching her pussy more and more, as the muscles have to the pressure. She almost could fit her whole small fist into the gaping hole. Then she suddenly sat, forcing her used pussy onto his face.

“Mmm, that’s it bitch, eat my used fucking pussy,” she growled, as she began massaging his cock again. The more furiously he lapped at her the more she ground into him, almost suffocating him.

“Can you taste that, baby? Can you taste the cock juice in my pussy? Does that make your useless little pecker hard? Mmm, that feels so good…”

Suddenly she pulled away, lifting her bucking hips… and stuffing the panties back in his mouth after wiping fresh juices on them. Turning around she lowered her self on him, until she hovered just above his panty clad cock.

“Oh, wasn’t little boy hungry? Was he sad he had to stop tasting my lover on my pussy? ” then she lowered herself on to his dick.

He slid in with no resistance. Unlike the tight hole that required gentle prying, his dick felt no pressure, bottoming out into a soaked hole of saliva, pussy juices and precum.

“Oh honey, is it in? Does that feel good? I’m afraid my fingers may have opened me up a little too much,” she said in a teasing pouty voice while bouncing on his cock.

Ben grunted and moaned, and Layla came down hard on him and began grinder her hips against him.

” Oh does that feel good? Can you small little cock feel that a little more?” she said as she squeezed her insides around him. “Oh fuck, yesss, fuck me hard, Jeff!” She moaned and then smiled devilishly staring Ben in the eyes,”Jeff, I fucking missed your big cock. My boyfriend’s is just so much smaller, and it barely satisfies me anymore…”

Ben’s body began convulsing as torrents of cum exploded into her twat, and dozed back out over his cock, while he moaned “oh fuck, oh god” from behind the panty gag.

Layla began frantically scooping the cum leaking out and as she slid off his spent and softening cock, shoved it deep into her hole with her fingers and crawled back up to his face, removing the gag once more.

Taking a handful of hair she pulled she pulled his face up to her pussy.

“Oh Ben, your little dicklet made such a big mess. I’m need you to clean it up.”

Ben fervently sucked and lapped at her leaking pussy as his face was coated with a mixture of their juices. Layla ground harder and harder against his face until she cried out, body shaking, her eyes rolling back…”oh fuck, just like that, you suck that pussy clean you little fucking slut…oh…my…fucking…uuuuuuuhhhhh!!!”

Her body went limp, and she hunched over, rolling off him in silence for a brief moment to catch her breath. Layla then leaned over him, and passionately kissed him, tasting the flavors of sex in his mouth as their tongues danced for a moment.

When she pulled back, she could see the humiliation, and shame creeping over him with the post-coital moment.

A smile crept over her face as she looked him in the eyes.

“Before you say anything…I found your porn. And Jeff actually had a pretty small cock compared to yours, but given that load, it seems you may have hoped otherwise….”

Ben just stared dumbfounded, mouth agape, now processing an apology and guilt for what she had found.

“Ben, it’s okay. Thinking about doing this to you got me so fucking wet, imagining how I was going to play into your secret dirty little fetish. I just wish I had known sooner, as this was so much fun, toying with you. And I love you.”

Ben let out a deep sigh of relief, before responding,” i love you too,” and embracing her in another passionate kiss.


The End.


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