Jin & Lucy


—Chapter 1 — An Afternoon By The Pool—

“Look at this,” said Lucy, swiping through the pictures on her phone. Jin looked up, he knew that his big sister wasn’t talking to him but he was bored and curious.

“What?” asked Sarah, who was sitting next to Lucy. It was a balmy summer’s afternoon and both girls were soaking in the sun besides the pool in Jin and Lucy’s back yard. Jin was sitting a few feet away, hovering around his sister and her friend while still keeping his distance. He didn’t really want to be there, or at least that was what he claimed, but in truth he was there because of Sarah. He had had a crush on her for as long as he could remember and took whatever opportunity he could to be near her.

“Shit,” said Lucy, still looking through her phone, “now I can’t find it.” She was sitting back on one of the lounge chairs, dressed in white shorts and yellow patterned bikini top, which, despite being the smallest size she could find, was still too big for her tiny breasts.

Lucy was twenty-two years old; at 5’1” she was a small girl, with long, straight dark hair and distinctly Asian features which she had inherited from her mother.

“Found it,” she exclaimed, and handed her phone over to Sarah.

“Wow!” Sarah’s eyes went wide with amazement as she looked at the picture of the penis; it was big, bigger than any she had seen before, with a bulbous pink head and pair of heavy balls dangling behind it. “Who is that?”

“Mike, he sent it to me yesterday.”

“Mike Caller?” asked Sarah, unable to take her eyes off the picture. Sarah was about the same age as Lucy, with pale skin and wavy blonde hair. She had an average figure; not to big, not to small, and with just a little bit of excess fat, which made her look cute. She was wearing a blue bikini that day and her soft, well-sized breasts were peeking out from the top. It almost as if they wanted to come out and play.

“Yup,” said Lucy, enjoying her friend’s jealousy.

“Wow, just wow,” Sarah repeated, “That is like the biggest dick I’ve every seen. I am so forwarding this picture to myself.”

“Go for it,” said Lucy, with a laugh. She had a far more active sex life than Sarah had ever had and she liked teasing her friend about it.

Nearby, Jin looked down into his comic book, pretending not to hear the conversation. It made him uncomfortable when his sister talked about sex, and she talked about it a lot. Jin was eighteen, and still a virgin. Unlike his sister he had not rebelled against the conservative upbringing that his parents had given them, and as a result he was still shy and embarrassed by the thought of sex.

“How do you manage to get that in you?” asked Sarah.

“Oh baby, I manage just fine,” said Lucy. She lewdly spread open her legs and patted her vagina.

“You slut, you,” said Sarah, playfully hitting her friend. “The last guy I had sex with was barely about five inches.”

Jin tried to focus on his comic; he didn’t want to hear about Sarah having sex with other guys. In his mind she was an angel, his angel, and angels didn’t have sex with other guys.

“Five inches isn’t anything special,” said Lucy, “I mean, I could get off on it, but it wouldn’t great. For a really good fuck I need at least seven or eight inches.”

“I think seven is the biggest I’ve ever done.”

“How was it?”

“I don’t remember,” said Sarah laughing, “I was totally wasted.”

“So how do you even know it was seven inches?” said Lucy.

“I don’t know,” said Sarah, “because…it looked like seven inches,” she said with a shrug. Both girls laughed. “I don’t know, I guess I should measure every guy before having sex with him.”

“That might be fun,” said Lucy. She imagined her self measuring Mike’s penis the next time she saw him, she liked that thought, it was kinky.

“Of course you’d say that,” said Sarah. “So what was your biggest, is it Mike?” Speaking of him made her look down at Lucy’s phone again, and a slight tingle went through her body as she ran her eyes over Mike’s long, erect penis.

“Nope,” said Lucy with a grin.

“No? Then who?” demanded Sarah.

“It was this guy Rob,” said Lucy, “I met him at a party a few months ago and we had a quickie in the back of his truck. He was huge, like huge huge, probably ten inches.”

“You’re lying,” said Sarah.

“No, I’m not,” said Lucy, and she wasn’t. “I wish I had taken a picture of it. I tried too, but the silly fool didn’t let me.”

She thought back to that night, “I should have told him it was for my art class,” she said, “that might have worked.”

“I don’t think so, but you never know” said Sarah.

Jin remembered that episode with Rob. He had caught his sister coming home late that night, and in a moment he would forever regret he had asked her where she had been. Much to his horror she had given him a detailed explanation of all the things that had happened; how she had met this attractive guy at her friend’s party; how they had flirted with each other all night, and then gone out to his car where she had given him a blowjob and had sex with him. She had laughed at his discomfort, as she always did, and then purposefully kissed him on the lips just to annoy him. Kissed him with the same mouth that she had used to give that guy a blowjob!

Jin cringed in his chair and tried to push away that awful memory.

“What’s the smallest you’ve ever had?” asked Sarah. She had penises on the brain now, and was starting to feel little horny.

“That’s an easy one,” said Lucy, “It was this guy my parents set me up with years ago; he was Chinese, and he had this tiny little penis that was barely three inches long. The funniest part of it was that when I first saw it I thought it was still soft, and so I tried to get him hard, and he was like ‘I am hard,’ and I was like, ‘no, you’re not!’.”

Sarah burst out laughing. “So it’s true about Asian guys and small dicks?”

“Yup, small dicks and small tits,” said Lucy, grabbing her breasts. “But I like my little titties,” she said, playfully.

“I know,” said Sarah, “I like them too, they’re cute.”

“Say thank you to Aunty Sarah,” said Lucy, speaking to her breasts. She made them jiggle up and down with hands as if they were responding. “They say thank you.”

“They are most welcome.”

“So, what’s the smallest you’ve ever had?” asked Lucy.

“Hm,” said Sarah, “the smallest I’ve ever seen would probably be—”

“Wait, wait,” said Lucy, “You’re supposed to say the smallest you’ve ever had, not what you’ve seen.”

“Did I? I thought I had said the smallest you’ve ever seen.”

“Well, in that case the smallest I’ve ever seen is right over there,” said Lucy, pointing towards Jin.

Jin froze; for a moment he wasn’t sure if this was really happening or if it was just some sort of bad dream. Had his sister just told Sarah that he had a small penis, the smallest she had ever seen? Jin knew that he wasn’t well endowed, but he had always thought of himself as average, perhaps a little below average. And since he had never compared himself with other guys, he didn’t really know where he stood on the size scale. Lucy had seen his penis a few times when she had barged in on him changing, and often teased him about how small it was, but then she teased him about everything.

“No way,” said Sarah.

“Yup,” said Lucy, “He has a little teeny weeny.”

“No, I don’t,” yelled Jin.

“Yes, you do.”

“No, I don’t. You’re lying,” cried Jin again. He hated his sister for trying to embarrass him like this, now Sarah would think he had a small penis.

“Oh really,” said Lucy, standing up, “well why don’t you show us then.” She started walking towards him with an evil grin on her face; she wanted to have some fun.

“Oh yes,” said Sarah, following along. “That’s a good idea.”

Suddenly both girls were standing above him and Jin had nowhere to run. “Come on,” said Lucy mockingly, “show us your big, manly cock.”

“No,” said Jin. He wasn’t going to expose himself like this, it would be shameful. He was sure that his sister just wanted to make a fool of him and he wasn’t going to let her.

“Please,” Sarah begged in her sweetest voice. She knelt down beside him and gently placed her hand on his shoulder, “I want to see your little penis.” She knew that Jin was attracted to her— she and Lucy had both known for a long time, and had even shared a few jokes about it — and she knew that with a little effort she could get him to do anything she wanted.

“It’s not little,” said Jin, again.

“Then why don’t you show it to her,” said Lucy.

“Show it to me Jin,” said Sarah, “I’d love to see it. Don’t you want to make me happy?” She pressed her boobs against the arm of his chair, innocently letting him peek at her cleavage.

“I can’t…” said Jin, trying his best not to look down her top; despite all that was happening he still felt shy about revealing his feelings for her.

“She’ll show you her tits if you do,” said Lucy. She winked at Sarah behind Jin’s back and Sarah smiled, agreeing to play along.

“Really?” asked Jin. His attention was now solely on Sarah’s boobs.

“Of course,” said Sarah, “It’s only fair; you show me something, and I’ll show you something.” She pushed her breasts up with her hands and squeezed them together until they were half spilling out of her top. “Don’t you want to see them?”

This was the most Jin had ever seen of her boobs; they looked so big and soft, and he was so close that he could even see the tiny pours on her skin. He wanted so badly to just reach out and touch them, but he wasn’t sure if he should.

Suddenly Lucy grabbed a hold of his shorts and pulled them down. “Hey,” yelled Jin, but it was too late, they were already off and he was forced to cover himself up with his hands. “Give them back!”

“Nope,” said Lucy, feeling pleased that her trick had worked; boys were just so easy to distract. “Come get them if you want them,” she said, tauntingly. She spun his shorts around her finger.

“Give them back,” cried Jin, knowing that there was no way that he could get up without exposing himself, in some way, to Sarah.

“Be careful Lucy,” said Sarah, “you don’t want them to fall in the pool. Then poor Jin won’t have anything to wear.”

“No, please don’t,” pleaded Jin, “Please!”

“Opps,” said Lucy, in a girly voice, as the shorts slipped off her finger and fell into the pool. “Oh no,” she said, pretending to be horrified.

“Don’t worry about that,” said Sarah, casually to Jin, “you didn’t need those anyway, they were just in the way; as are these.” She tugged at his arms, trying to pull it away from his crotch; she really wanted to see his penis. “Help me,” she said to Lucy.

Together, both girls grabbed each of his arms and started to pull them away.

Jin resisted at first, but the more they pulled the weaker his resolve grew. He kept thinking of Sarah’s boobs; if he showed her his penis then she would show him her boobs, and since he was naked now anyway he wondered if the best thing to do was simply to give in.

“He’s stronger than he looks,” said Sarah, half laughing.

“We’ll see about that,” said Lucy. She let go of his arm and started tickling him. Jin was very ticklish, he squealed as soon as Lucy’s fingers touched him, and started wiggling about in desperation. Within a few seconds he had let go of his penis and was trying to bat away his sister’s hands.

“Oh my God,” said Sarah, as she got her first glimpse at Jin’s penis. It was smaller than she had expected, much smaller. In-fact she didn’t even know that an adult could have a penis that small. It was barely one inch long, with a tiny pink head and a little ball-sack underneath.

“I told you,” said Lucy, smugly.

“What?” asked Jin, honestly confused why both girls were laughing.

“You have a tiny weeny,” said Lucy.

“No, I don’t. It’s normal,” said Jin, still certain that his sister was just trying to mock him for no reason. He didn’t try to cover himself up again because he wanted them to see that it was normal.

“No, it’s not,” laughed Sarah.

“Don’t want no short dick man,” sang Lucy, “Eeny, weeny, teeny, weeny, shriveled little short dick man.” Sarah jumped up and joined her and they both danced around his chair singing that song.

“Shut up,” yelled Jin.

“Don’t want no short dick man,” they sang, and pointed at his penis.

“Yeah…well, you have tiny tits,” said Jin, angrily. He hated his sister so much in that moment; she had humiliated him in front of Sarah. “You have horrible tiny tits and you look like a boy!”

“What did you say?” said Lucy. She stopped dancing and glared at him. She was comfortable with her body and her small boobs, but she wasn’t going to allow her silly brother to make fun of her like that.

“That you have—” He didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence because Lucy reached down and pinched the head of his penis. Jin screamed, “I’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorry. You don’t have tiny tits, I’m sorry.”

“My tits are beautiful,” said Lucy, “Say it!”

“Your tits are beautiful!!”

“That’s better,” said Lucy, letting him go.

“Aww look, now his little pee pee is red,” said Sarah, bending down to look at it. “Maybe we should put some ice on it.”

“That’ll just make it smaller,” laughed Lucy.

“It’s not small,” said Jin, cradling his sore penis. “Maybe it just looks small right now, but it gets bigger.”

“Oh, you should definitely make it bigger,” said Sarah. She wanted to see what his penis would look like when it was hard; she imaged that it would be like one of those cute baby vegetables that she seen at the farmer’s market.

“You have to show me yours boobs first,” said Jin. He really wanted to see her boobs, that was the only reason he had done all this.

“I’ll show you my boobs if you get hard.”

“But…I need to see them to get hard.” Jin was confused; didn’t she understand how this worked?

“Oh, I’m sure there are other ways to get you hard.” She sat down on the side of his lounge chair and seductively ran her hand over his thigh. “Do you like that?”

“Yes,” said Jin.

“Oh, I see his dick twitching,” said Lucy, sitting down on the other side of his chair. “It’s working!”

Jin wanted to tell his sister to move, he didn’t want her there at a moment like this, but just as he was about to Sarah took his penis in her hand and gently began stroking it. Jin moaned, it was the first time a girl had ever touched his penis in a sexual way.

“He likes that,” said Sarah, giggling. His penis felt weird in her hands, she had never played with one that was this small. She wasn’t quite sure how to hold it, but she managed. Within a minute Jin was hard, his penis jutting out from his body like a little poll. “Is that as big as it get?”

“Yes,” said Jin, proudly sticking his hips up to show off his erection.

“That’s barely the size of my forefinger,” said Lucy, holding up her finger to compare.

“Shut up,” said Jin, trying to push her away. “Will you show me yours boobs now?” he asked Sarah.

“I don’t know,” said Sarah. She pretended to think it over.

“Please, you promised.”

“Hm,” said Sarah, she rubbed her thumb under the head of his penis, “would you rather I showed you my boobs or continued to play with your penis.”

Jin moaned and shivered a little; what she was doing felt so good. He wondered why he had never done that to himself before, he always just crudely jerked his penis and that was it.

“What will it be,” asked Sarah, enjoying the helpless look on Jin’s face as he tried to decide.

“Can’t I have both,” he pleaded.

“Greedy bastard,” said Lucy.

Sarah gave her friend an angry look, telling her to be quiet; she had had her fun and now it was Sarah’s turn. “No, you can’t have both,” she said to Jin, still rubbing the back of his head.

Jin’s mind was in a state of utter confusion. He looked at Sarah’s breasts, they were so beautiful and he wanted to see them for so long, but what she was doing right now felt so wonderful. He moaned once more, he didn’t want to but he couldn’t help it. Wasn’t this better than just seeing her boobs, he though to himself. It was like sex, he could even tell all his friends that he had had sex with Sarah.

“Hurry up and decide,” said Sarah, she could feel his orgasm building, “or your pee pee will decide for you.”

“I want you to keep doing this,” he blurted out. He still wasn’t sure if that was the right choice, but he didn’t care anymore, it just felt so good.

“Good choice,” said Sarah, and she began stroking him in earnest. “Why don’t you close your eyes and relax.”

“Why?” Jin didn’t want to close his eyes. He wanted to see and remember every second of this.

“If you close your eyes, I’ll give you a surprise at the end,” said Sarah. She wanted him to close his eyes, what she had planed wouldn’t work unless he closed his eyes. “I might even take my top off,” she teased, leaning forward so Jin had a good view of her breasts.

Lucy watched on quietly, suppressing a smile. She wasn’t sure what Sarah had in mind, but it was fun to see how easily her brother was being taken in.

“Really?” asked Jin. Had he been more aware he might have suspected that something was going on, but the world was nothing more than a dream to him then; all he could think about was how amazing it felt.

“Yes,” said Sarah, trying very hard to keep her voice straight, she didn’t want to give anything away. “Just close your eyes, and tell me when you’re going to cum okay?”

“Okay,” said Jin, closing his eyes. He was surprised that he hadn’t cum already. He had fantasized so long about having sex with Sarah. but that now that it was actually happening his body felt withdrawn and nervous. He knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long though, just the thought of seeing Sarah’s breasts greatly fueled his excitement. He wondered if she would let him cum on them.

“That’s a good boy,” said Sarah, allowing herself to smile now that Jin’s eyes were closed. “Let me know when you’re close.”

“What are you doing?” Lucy mouthed to Sarah, but Sarah just put her finger on her lips and told her friend to be quiet.

“I’m getting close now,” moaned Jin.

“Good,” said Sarah, “just give me a minute to take my top off.” She hurriedly motioned for Lucy to take over. “No, peeking now, or I’ll get mad.”

“I won’t peek.”

Lucy grinned as she figured out what Sarah intended to do. She took her brother’s dick in her hand and started stroking it the same way Sarah had.

Jin was so lost in pleasure that he didn’t even notice the difference.

Lucy didn’t mind masturbating her brother like this, it wasn’t sexual for her, and his reaction when he found out would make it all worth while. As she looked down at her brother’s face, so innocently lost in the throws of pleasure, she couldn’t help but want to take this even further. “Take my top off,” she whispered to Sarah.

“You sure?” mouthed Sarah.

Lucy nodded and Sarah quickly undid the strings on Lucy’s top and took it off.

“Top is off,” said Sarah, to Jin, “it feels so good to have it off; my nipples are hard.”

“I’m going to cum,” yelled Jin.

“Open your eyes then,” said Sarah, still keeping her voice straight, she didn’t want to ruin the big surprise. “My tits are all yours.”

Jin opened his eyes to see his sister leaning over him, her small, firm breasts with their pointed nipples were staring him right in the face as her hand was busy stroking his penis. “Cum for me baby,” she said, seductively.

Jin screamed, in an instant his fantasy and turned into a nightmare. “What the Hell, you bitch,” he said, as he kicked his sister away.

“What’s wrong,” said Lucy innocently, as she jumped out of the way, “are my tits too small for you?”

“Oh-my-God,” said Sarah, laughing harder than she ever had before, “that was better than I thought it would be.”

Jin wasn’t even paying attention to her he was so focused on his sister, in his mind she was the one to blame for this. He pounced on her, trying to tackle her to the ground, but she dodged out of the way. As she moved her torso brushed against his penis, it was barely more than a light touch, but Jin was so on the edge that just that little bit of friction was enough to bring him to an orgasm.

It caught them all by surprise, Jin most of all. One moment he was standing there ready to kill his sister, and the next his face contorted into an odd expression and a jet of cum flew out of his penis. It landed just a few inches away from Lucy and was quickly followed by another, and another.

Lucy just stared in amazement, while Sarah rushed to get her phone and started recording it. Neither of the girls had ever seen a penis cum on its own like this, or so voluminously, it was like watching geyser erupt.

Poor Jin tried his best to control it, to hold it back, but he couldn’t. It just kept flowing out of him and each spurt sent a wave of pleasure through his body, making him moan and quiver.

It was such a bizarre and comical sight that Sarah could barely keep her hand steady as she recorded it.

At last his orgasm subsided.

“I guess I really turned you on,” said Lucy.

“I hate you,” said Jin, as the last drops of cum dribbled out of his penis.

“Who would have thought that there would be that much cum in those little balls,” said Sarah.

“Not me,” said Lucy, laughing as the shock of the incident wore off. “That was impressive, and believe me I’m not easy to impress.”

Jin sat back down. He felt drained, literally and figuratively.

“Well done,” said Sarah, patting him on the back. This had turned out to be far more entertaining that she could have even imagined.

“Will you show me your boobs now?” asked Jin. Even after all that had happened, there was still a small, hopeful part of him that believed that she would show them to him. After all, she had promised.

“Maybe later,” said Sarah, “I don’t think you could handle them right now. I think your little pee pee needs to rest for a while.”

“Come on,” said Lucy, to her friend, “let’s go inside, I want to watch that clip on the big screen.”

“No…” pleaded Jin. He tried to get up, but his legs felt shaky after that orgasm.

“Don’t worry about that,” said Lucy, putting her top back on, “if I were you I’d be more concerned about cleaning up this mess before mom and dad get home. It’ll be hard to explain why there’s cum all over the backyard.” She waved the phone about in his face, “Of course if they were to ask me, I’d be happy to explain.”

Jin knew that his sister meant what she said.

“Don’t look so sad,” she said, “at least you got to cum.” And with that both girls headed back to the house laughing.

Jin sat there for a while, not sure what to feel or think. Then with a sigh he got up and began cleaning up his cum, it really had gone all over.

“Don’t want no short dick man,” he heard the girls singing from the kitchen.


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