Louisiana Lessons: Part 3


Louisiana Lesson’s: Part 1
Louisiana Lesson’s: Part 2

—The Red Barn Wanking Club—

“Tell me about this Wanking Club,” I asked.

“We meet about once a week on a Wednesday night at an old barn on a friend’s farm,” he said, “there are about 6 members and we are all 18 years old, we enjoy communal wanking and showing off our erect cocks. The objective is to teach each other ways and means to stretch our cocks to greater lengths and thicknesses. This is all measured and recorded something like Weight Watchers.”

About a week after our mutual wanking session at Aunt Delia’s Plantation House, Gary texted me and asked if I would be interested in joining him as he was going to the Red Barn on Wednesday night. I immediately released that the Red Barn must be the wanking club he was referring to. Again my apprehension rose at the thought of me, a 21-year-old, going with my small 4-inch cock to play with well-endowed 18-year-old college boys. It was going to be humiliating but that in itself was arousing. Eventually, my 4-inch cock gave me the answer I was looking for it came to full erection, a positive signal. I texted Gary back saying yes I would like to go with him to the Red Barn wanking club meeting. We arranged to meet at the town’s supermarket parking lot where I left my car and traveled with Gary.

“The Red Barn is an old cotton warehouse in a very rural remote part, quite isolated,” Gary said. “No one has been there for many years except the members. It still has a security fence around it with ample parking inside and we have put a new padlock on the gate.”

“Do you think that the other members are going to accept a 21-year-old man with a small cock into 18-year-old boys wanking club?” I asked.

“We’ll see” Gary replied, “but you will have to go through the normal membership application rituals.”

It was just dark when we parked the car with others outside the old red barn. In this light, it looked both ominous and excitingly inviting knowing what was going to happen inside there tonight. We entered through a side door. The barn still had remnants of cotton deep all over the floor as well as cotton bales stacked to form a circular enclosure. There were old dining chairs set in a semi-circle. Someone had bought a gas lantern that gave an eerie but erotic light to the dark old barn. At this point, someone put a blindfold on me and instructed me to sit on a lone chair in the center point of the semicircle. I was still fully clothed. I could hear boys’ voices. A bell rang then there was silence. A voice boomed out

“This is member number one speaking. I understand from member number 6 that he has invited you here tonight as a prospective member applicant of the Red Barn Wanking Club. Is that correct? Please answer.”

“Yes,” I said.

“To indicate your willingness to proceed please stand and with your blindfold still on remove all your clothes,” number One instructed.

I did this managing to get out of all my clothes blindfolded. I stood naked in front of six pairs of 18-year-old boy’s eyes all checking out my naked 21-year-old body. Now, although I stand six foot three tall and well built I have a very unexpected and small endowment down below. In this state of unknown anxiety, my uncut penis had retracted into its hibernation mode. Most guys can say that their cocks are 3 or 4 inches when flaccid. When my cock is flaccid it’s just a nest of un-measurable crumpled foreskin sitting atop of my balls, maybe a quarter of an inch if you have to measure. Someone from behind me removed the blindfold. My eyes slowly adjusted to the barn low light. Sitting in the semi-circle of dining chairs were the six 18-year-old members of the wanking club. They were all naked, their cocks in a relaxed flaccid state. I noticed that they wore red hoods covering their heads, hiding their identities. From their shoulders hung red-capes open in the front.

“For the sake of club records we will now photograph your flaccid penis state and measure,” number one said.

I gathered he was the numero uno of the club. I stood totally naked and still as members approached me and using their mobile phones took close up pictures of my hibernating cock in its flaccid state. Then holding a ruler at the base of my cock more pictures were taken and notes made recording my flaccid length. Despite having several young naked boys working around me with their long flaccid cocks swinging about it felt almost clinical than erotic. They resumed their seats. I remained naked and flaccid in front of all their young eyes.

“Please remain standing for the rest of this meeting. Please bring your cock to full erection using any masturbation technique that you know works for you. You will be required to maintain your cock in a fully erect condition for the rest of the meeting. Please feel free to wank your cock back to full erection at any time irrespective of what’s happening or who is talking. You are welcome to demonstrate to us any or all wanking techniques on your cock that you know to maintain your erection. However, for the purpose of this meeting, you must not ejaculate at all. Do you understand my instructions fully?” He asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

By now my cock was semi erect without any hand stimulation and much to my embarrassment a long stream of precum hung like a string of pearls glistening in the gas lamp light.

“We can understand your arousal in this exciting and erotic position that you are in. Bear in mind that we have all stood where you are now standing and been through the same rituals as you are facing. Do not feel embarrassed about the copious threads of precum hanging from your semi erect cock. Just take your finger and gather it up and consume it as nothing goes to waste here at the Red Barn wanking club as you will discover.”

I twisted my precum around my finger like spaghetti around a fork and licked the body fluid off as instructed. My cock leaped to 95% erect as I savored my own precum. Despite being fully aroused I wanked my little cock using my overhand technique with the palm of my hand above my cock gaining erotic confidence with every stroke. I took my time playing to the audience of 6 young naked boys.

“Are you fully erect?” number one asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well then let’s measure.”

I was approached with the tape measure again. My cock stood proud and erect, jutting out from my naked stomach. It twitched as the member measuring my member touched my sensitive cock placing the tape at the base.

“Four inches fully erect,” he announced.

“And the girth?” member number one asked.

After a circumference measurement, another announcement was made.

“Four inches girth.”

“We have a 4X4 in our midst. Then let the club record these base measurements for membership consideration,” member number one announced. “Now still in your naked and erect state please present yourself and your manhood to each member in turn. Please come in front of each member’s chair. They will be allowed to touch, feel, pull contort or anything else they wish to do to your erect cock to physically judge it for membership. Please remember that you are not allowed to ejaculate.”

Naked and erect I walked to the chair on the left of the semi-circle. The 18-year-old member sat legs apart his flaccid penis hanging between his legs. Even flaccid his young cock was longer than my erect cock. The hood not only hid his face but also muffled his voice. At this point, I must tell you that being uncut my foreskin covers 75% of my cock head when I’m fully erect. He took my 4-inch cock into his hand and squeezed hard and passed me on to chair number two. He grabbed my foreskin and pulled it hard and long over the tip of my cock trying to see what expansion opportunity existed.

Number three I noticed had an erection. Most impressive. Was it the sight of my humble cock that had aroused him? My cock twitched involuntarily as I approached him. He gently wrapped his warm hand around my pathetic phallus and gave me a few test wanks. I always enjoy the touch and feel of someone else wanking my cock. I was getting aroused……I must not cum. Number four had an impressive cock that I recognized by length and thickness. This was Gary’s cock. Taking both hands he pinched the loose foreskin on either side of my cock and stretched it sideways, both ways, pulling until it hurt.

Member number five sat legs splayed apart fully erect as if showing me what a young erect cock should look like. His huge cock nodded in its erect state and he waved me past. Chair number six stood when I approached him. Despite being only 18, he was as tall as I was. He held his large flaccid cock out horizontally in his hand and instructed me to lay my erect cock on top of his cock. I saw where this was going. On pushing my 4-inch erection downwards onto his flaccid cock my cock only extended halfway along his and mine was half the width of his. He put his hands around both our cocks and gave them a quick wank.

“If no other member wants to examine the applicants cock further we will ask the applicant to retire and leave the meeting in a naked and erect state. The members will consider your 4X4 application to the Red Barn Wanking Club. You are asked to attend next Wednesday’s meeting to get the verdict. Thank you,” number one instructed.

Maintaining my erection with an underhand wank, still naked I gathered up my clothes and left the building. As I walked outside I realized that I was full of pent up sexual emotions and energy. Never before had I had to sustain an erection for so long without release? Standing naked outside aroused by all the young cock I had seen and the prospect of joining this wanking club I started to beat my little four-inch cock. My back arched backward as I approached ejaculation, my stomach contracted and in a slow motion episode, I released my cum load shooting in an arc out into the dark night sky. I had cum, I had been seen but had I conquered? Only next Wednesday will tell.


To be continued…


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