In Debt to my Devil Sister 1

By Anon.

A few years ago, I got into a dispute over small finances with a company, and I didn’t pay them. I didn’t think much of it. I moved houses and forgot about everything, thinking I had gotten away with it. A couple of years later, a letter from the debt recovery asked for payment. Originally it was around 300 or something like that I owed but now, with court costs, interest, and other charges. I owed $1700. It was an amount I didn’t have, so I ignored the letter thinking they wouldn’t do anything if I didn’t reply. About a week later, I got the shock of my life when two bailiffs (1 male and 1 female) turned up at my house to collect the entire balance. I said, “I don’t have that much. The best I can do is $200.”

The male bailiff clamped my van, and the woman bailiff asked me questions about my work and income.

I said, “I do odd jobs and decorating, so the van is essential for my work.”

They suggested I phone around to friends and family for help, or they would have to take the van as that would easily cover the amount they need to collect. So I started phoning around. I asked my mom, brother, aunty, a couple of friends even the DIY shop I got my goods from, and no one could help the maximum. I could raise $200 from my brother. He suggested I phone my sister.

My sister and I have never got along. We can’t stand each other, and she would be the last person I would ask for help. She’s just evil and even spent a few months in prison for assault. It just happens she was the last person I had left to call. So I called her, and my mum had already called her and had asked her on my behalf, so she was expecting my call. She said, “I won’t lend you the money because you borrowed some money years ago and never paid it back.”

I said, “I promise to pay you back this time.”

She said, “Not good enough. But I’m coming over to talk to the bailiffs and fix it all up.”

I told the bailiffs my sister was coming over, hoping that would buy me some time, and I was scrolling my contacts list to see if there was anyone else I could phone. There was no one else.


Fifteen minutes later, my sister turned up with her friend, another nasty piece of work, and she started speaking to the bailiffs asking what they would take if I didn’t pay. They said the van and all the tools. She was taking pleasure from knowing how stuck I was, and she was the only one who could help me. I asked her if I could talk to her in the other room, and she said sure, let’s see what you want to say. We went into the other room, and I asked her for help and promised to pay her back. But she was saying she didn’t believe I was going to pay. I should have paid the money to the company years ago, and I wouldn’t be in this position. She said if I begged her, she might change her mind. So, I started begging her. I even got on my knees and begged, and she just sat playing with her phone ignoring me, saying, “I can’t hear you. Beg louder.”

I was begging louder so the bailiffs could hear me. I said, “I promise I will pay you. I will do anything if you help me.”

she replied, “No, you won’t.”

“I swear I will do anything you say. Just help me out, please.”

She then looked at me and said, “Let’s see if you mean it. You promise to do whatever I say?”


“OK, take off your shoes and socks.”

I was confused by her strange demand, but I did as I was told. She told me to take off my top, and I was still confused by what she was trying to do. Next, I took off my t-shirt, so I was topless. She then said, “Take off your trousers.”

“Why?” I asked.

“See, you won’t do anything as I say. I can’t sit here playing games either take them off, or I’m off, and you can deal with your own mess.”

I reluctantly took off my trousers, and she was smiling at me, looking so happy with an evil twinkle in her eyes. I had a feeling about what she was going to say next, and I was right.

“Now, drop your underwear. I’m not going to ask twice. I don’t want to hear a word, and if you speak, I’m going to leave. If they aren’t dropped in five seconds, im leaving. One. Two. Three. Four—”

I dropped my underwear and covered my genitals with my hands. She was smiling. She was finally getting one over me. Our long-standing feud was ending, and I was losing the sibling war in the most humiliating way.

She said, “I don’t know why you’re putting your hands in front. I’ve heard mum telling our aunty that you haven’t got much to hide. So the same rules again. I’m not going to ask twice. You got five seconds to move your hands. One. Two. Three. Four—”

I reluctantly moved my hands, and she laughed at my tiny dick and said at the top of her voice, “OH MY GOD, THAT’S THE SMALLEST DICK I EVER SEEN! LOOKS ABOUT A INCH!”

She was making sure the people in the other room heard her. She then picked up her phone and said, “Pose for photos.”

“Please, no,” I groaned.

“It’s the only way,” she said. “I’ll take your nude photos, and if you don’t pay me back, they’ll be distributed to everyone I know.”

I had no choice, and she knew it, so I did as I was told.

She took a few photos of my dick close up, still shouting things like, “IT’S SO PATHETIC. IT’S LIKE A CLIT WITH BALLS ATTACHED TO IT.”

After about ten minutes of photo taking in loads of positions (standing front and back, lying down with legs apart, on hands and knees), she said, “OK, I’ll help.”

She’s got enough collateral on me as she scrolled through the photos and showed me a few where I looked really pathetic.

“If you don’t pay me back, these will get out. but before I pay, I’m going to test your obedience one more time,” she said with a wicked glint in her eyes. “Stand against the wall with your hands behind your back, and don’t you dare move or cover-up.”

I did as she said. She went to the door and called her friend in, and when she saw me, she burst out laughing, saying, “IS THAT YOUR BROTHER OR YOUR SISTER? IT’S SO TINY.”

My sister showed her the photos she had taken, and her friend asked her if she could take a few pictures. My sister looked at me and smiled, saying, “Yeah, go for it. But just of his dicklette and nothing else.”

So, her friend came and took close-ups of my tiny dick.

After this, my sister warned me not to cover up. “It’s time for the main event,” she said and went and opened the door. “I’m willing to pay,” she announced outside the bailiffs. “But be warned, there’s a naked man in the room. Don’t worry, though. He hasn’t got anything much between his legs. I’ve taken the clothes off him as collateral, so he’s got nothing to wear.”

The bailiffs entered the room. The female bailiff gave a quiet laugh, and the guy was grinning ear to ear. My sister made sure she stood in the way that the bailiffs would be facing her with me in the background while she made payment. The bailiffs were at looking and smiling at each other while I stood naked in front of them. When the payment went through, I was relieved. I started covering up, and my sister shouted, “WHO SAID YOU COULD COVER-UP? GET BACK IN POSITION, OR I’LL SEND MUM YOUR PHOTOS.”

So I stood in position with hands behind my back till they wrote out the receipt and left. My sister walked them out and said she owns me now, and I got three months to pay her back.


I paid her back in three months and the money I owed her from years ago. After I paid her, I asked her to delete the photos. So she pulled out her phone, found the pictures, and said, “I will once you get naked again for me.”

So I got naked. I didn’t have much choice. She loved the control. It was either get naked, or she will start sending photos to everyone. She then showed me each image one at a time, asking, “Shall I delete this one?”

I would say yes, and she would turn the phone to herself and delete it. After the last one was deleted, she laughed and walked out. I thought it was finally over, but hopes of that happy ending were quickly dashed when my phone started pinging like crazy. I was getting messages from my brother and mum saying they got my naked photos from my sister; what’s going on. She didn’t delete the images. Instead, she sent pictures out to random family members as far as my second cousins. They got my nudes, and I had been outted to the entire family. My mum did her best to control the situation, which was an awkward few weeks. I still see relatives whispering behind my back, but I don’t care. It is what it is. I have a small dick, and they can laugh behind my back as much as they want. At least they all finally agreed with me that my sister was the devil.


To Be Continued…


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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