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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader finds a girlfriend who likes to tease…

I started seeing a new girl these last few weeks. She’s a beautiful BBW half-black-half-white girl with the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen. Lovely springy curly locks.

She was very adamant that I be upfront about my kinks with her, so I decided to just go for it and tell her that I like having my penis humiliated. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club when hard. We’ve had an excellent sexual connection quickly. She loves anal, and a small dick Is perfect for that.

Today we’ll I was fucking her ass. I asked her to try talking dirty, and she went for it so well.

Highlights included telling me that the last guy she had in her ass had an 8-inch dick. That she used to wear a butt plug to loosen up for him and that she is disappointed that any time she gets remotely excited, my dick slips out of her.

The killer came right as I was about to cum in her ass. I asked, “Do you need more?”

She replied with a moan, “I need at least four inches more. Your stroke game is so much better than his. I wish I could have his dick with your skill.” She then said something I wanted to hear, “We should get a strap on so you can gape me as he did.”

That was all so far, but this is only our third real week together, so it seems like this kink might finally go far!


Another reader is teased by his friend’s mom and sister…

When I was 13, I got tricked into exposing my 1-inch penis to my friend’s mum. During one of my sleepovers at his house, he had another friend come to stay. We played games all day and then watched a movie in his bedroom. Before getting ready for bed, we moved my friend’s bed to the center of the room and put sheets down on either side of the bed for his other friend and me to sleep on the floor. I got the side in front of the door, so we got into our beds, and we were chatting away, and the room was a bit hot. Hence, one of them suggested we sleep naked. We were daring each other to strip, so we all started taking our tops off and then shorts. We were all in our bed coverings so that we couldn’t see each other naked anyway. I took off my underpants and threw them into the corner, and then my friend and his friend did the same, so we were all naked.

After a bit of chatting, we all went to sleep, but at some point, they got dressed again, and I slept naked the entire night. When his mum woke us up in the morning, she knocked on the door. My friend said wait, and they got out of bed and came around to my side. I was still in a daze. I didn’t even notice they had their underpants on. My friend shouted, “Come in,” and quickly jumped on top of my upper body, grabbing my arms while his other friend threw off the blanket from my lower body.

His mum walked and just stood for what felt like forever before she shouted, “What’s going on,” trying to be serious but in a laughing way.

I had my face covered by my friend’s body so I couldn’t see her. But I could tell she was finding the sight of my one incher funny. Then I heard another voice. It was his 20-year-old sister, who I’ve had a crush on forever. She laughed, saying, “Oh my God, look at that little worm.”

I was trying my best to wriggle free, but two against one, I had no chance. I heard his mum say, “Stop this, and all of you get dressed and come eat breakfast.”

I heard the door close, and they got off me, laughing at me and making impressions of his mum’s reaction when she saw my tiny penis. It was a weird breakfast with lots of sniggering, and his mum made them apologize to me.

A few months later, I was over at the same friend’s house, and we were playing wrestling in our underwear on his bed when he had me covered for a pin. The door opened, and his sister walked in with her friend to see what all the noise was about. The next thing, he’s holding me down with all his weight, and the girls are pulling down my underwear, leaving me exposed while they laugh at me. I managed to get up and pull up my underwear, but they got a good look at my penis in those 30 seconds I was exposed and made fun of me whenever they saw me. After that, I stopped staying at his house, and I no longer had a crush on his sister.


Meanwhile, this reader wishes his girlfriend would tease him…

So, I have been into SPH, and just recently have been able to enjoy it without taking it too painfully and just enjoy the fetish. However, I find it that I am hiding this and turning to porn or things online to satisfy it, like paying for porn/camgirls and stuff like that. I want to enjoy this with my fiancé. I’m not looking for cuckolding or extreme SPH, but gentle SPH and just admitting my cock is small. She knows I have insecurities about my size, but she would probably think it’s too strange. She always says I’m not small and is pretty vanilla most of the time.


While this reader’s wife is full on in her tease game…

A few nights ago, my wife and I crawled into bed, both a little tipsy from dinner with some friends. She promised me sex as a reward for something I did at work, so she asked if I would get started while we were spooning. I was lying in a black thong and her in her nightgown and bikini panties, so I quickly pulled my little guy, who was already hard out, and rubbed on her. She said, “Well, get on over here and let’s go,” wanting me to go to missionary and start.

I said, “Let’s try this position.”

“No, come on, just come over here,” she said, annoyed.

“Oh, come on, it’ll be fun,” I said, moving her panties to the side.

“Love, it’s not going to work, but go ahead,” she said as I took my penis and rubbed it on her pussy.

I tried to enter her, but I couldn’t get in that much big surprise. “Let me take your panties off. That’ll help,” I exclaimed, making her think I solved the problem.

“No, love, it won’t. Your too short.”

Too short, she said. I smiled and got even harder. I’d never had my penis referred to as short. I kept trying and couldn’t find a good spot/angle to get in, so I asked for her help. She reached down and felt around and only grabbed the head of my silver member penis and put it at the entrance and said, “OK, can you reach it?” I started a little thrust and said, “There we go. Doesn’t that feel good, baby?”

“No, it doesn’t, because I can’t even feel you. Now stop and get over here.”

So I got up, moved between her legs, and slid my penis inside. I started thrusting and said, “I’m sorry I’m so small.”

“It’s fine, hun. But you know you’re small, so why try things like that when you know they’re not going to work?” she asked.

I shrugged and said, “I don’t know. Just wanted to try it and see if I could.”

“Well, I could have told you that you would never reach. So let’s go. You have thirty seconds,” she said, reaching around to find my balls. “Sometimes your balls aren’t even big enough for me to find.”

Grabbing on. She knows squeezing them hard makes me cum faster. “Well, maybe we can try it again later, and I can move around a bit, and it’ll feel better,” I said, fishing for a little more SPH.

“We can, but you’re too small, so I doubt I’ll feel anything,” she said.

And then I came.


Additionally, last night, I tried on a swim bikini for our upcoming beach trip that I wear under my trunks (my wife won’t let me wear just a bikini to the beach). And I asked her what she thought. “It’s fine, but you’re not going to wear that out without your trunks.”

“Why not?” I asked. “I’m not fat or anything. It doesn’t cut into me or anything, does it?”

“No love. I just think bikinis belong to women,” she said. “But I think I look OK. I promise I’ll tell you if girls are looking at my junk.”

I smiled. My wife walked over, rubbed the front of my bulge, and said, “No offense, love. But you really can’t even see your bulge with those on.”

Immediately I got hard and said, “If I get hard, you can!”

“Well, I would hope so. But you can kinda hide it, so I guess it’s not too big of a deal,” she said.

“Not a big deal?” emphasizing the big I asked while pointing to my penis.

She laughed and said, “Oh, stop. You know that a normal penis would be obvious.”

I shrugged and said, “I guess your right.”

Then I changed back into my blue lace panties and carried on with my day. Hope you enjoyed it.


This reader’s mom seems to do the teasing…

My mum and I have a more of a best friend relationship than a mother/son one. We talk openly about everything, and nothing is taboo in our house. She knows I have a tiny penis, she is my mum, after all, and my dad was below average, and my brother and I inherited his genetics. Growing up, my mum used to see me naked regularly until my teen years. Then it became less often .the last time she saw me naked was about five years ago (around 25 years old). It wasn’t a big deal. She is my mum, but we act more like best friends, so she likes to make fun of my size because she knows I enjoy being made fun of.

Over the years, she’s made fun of me and pulled pranks on me last Christmas. She bought me a penis extender as a joke present which got a good laugh from my brother and sister. We are very close to each other, all four of us, and we are always joking around. I’ve been given penis growth tablets, penis pumps,snug-fitting condoms (small size), clone a willy kit; I enjoy the mild put-downs I get from my family. It’s never nasty in a joking light-hearted way.

When my gran died, she left a bit of money for my mum, so she used that money as a deposit to buy a house. And mum and I have a joint mortgage, and we live together. It made sense to us as I struggle to hold onto a relationship for more than a year max, and mum has trust issues with guys, so she’s still looking for Mr. Right. So owning our own shared home is a lot easier for us.

My mum is 51, but she looks young for her age. She doesn’t look a day over 30 and still gets asked to show id sometimes when she buys alcohol which makes her day. She works as a nurse, so she sees all sorts at work and sees a lot cocks on average 2 to 3 a day. Some days we will be sitting, and she will say I saw your relative to me, and I will say who, and she will say, I don’t know. Still, he had a tiny cock, so he must be related to you, and we will laugh as she talks about guys with small cocks or big cocks or women with wonky boobs or clits so big they look like a small penis.

When she works nights, she has funny tales about guys with night boners, and some are impressive, like a 19-year-old football player who had a groin injury. A doctor and mum were examining him and were assisting, and he had a thick 6-inch cock that wasn’t even hard .after the guy left, the dr said to my mum he was very blessed, and mum agreed. Whenever mum gets a dick pic, she will forward it to me or my brother or sister and ask what we think. We are constantly sending each other porn clips if it’s worth sharing .mums always sending my brother small penis humiliation videos and me even though he’s closer to average size, but it’s all fun. It’s never in a negative way.

Last Christmas was a rare time she got Christmas off. Being a nurse means you got to work holidays etc., so the previous 4 Christmases, she had to work. We either celebrated earlier or later depending on everybody’s schedules so we could spend the day together last Christmas as a family. It was great spending the day together we had many laughs just the 4 of us we opened our presents from mum, and we all laughed because me and my brother both got penis extenders and my sister got a new dildo. The jokes were flying, and it was a fantastic fun-filled Christmas.

The next day I was having a lazy day lying in bed when mum sent me a porn link saying I better come down and help her tidy up, or I’m going to get this happening to me. I clicked on the link, and it was a step mum pulling down her stepson’s underpants, putting him over her knee, and spanking him. I sent her a laughing emoji back and made my way downstairs. I said to her, “You wouldn’t dare do that.”

“You wanna bet,” she said. “I will pull down your pants right here and spank you if you don’t start tidying up.”

We laughed, and I said, “I dare you to spank me.”

So she called me over, and I stood in front of her and said, “I dare you to dare me again.”

I said, “I dare you to spank me.”

I could tell she didn’t want to but was going along, so she put her hands on my hips and said, “I’ll pull these down. Don’t push me.”

I said, “No, you won’t.”

She put her thumbs inside my pajamas and said, “I mean it. I will do it, don’t think I won’t.”

And I said, “No, you won’t. I dare you to pull my pajamas down.”

So she kept eye contact with me and pulled down my pajamas. I had a massive rush of excitement. She said, “I told you I would do it. Do you want me to look at it, or will you chicken out and cover-up?”

“I’m not scared, and you won’t look.”

She asked me to dare her to look, so I did. She slowly lowered her gaze till she was looking at it. She laughed, saying, “There it is. I’m looking at your one-incher. It’s adorable.” (Cute as in the polite way of saying it’s tiny).

We both laughed, and then it started getting erect from the humiliation I was getting, and mum said, “Oh, your baby dick is waking up. Aww, look at the tiny thing trying to stretch out.”

I stood there a little bit embarrassed but didn’t want to wimp out.

She started telling of my penis, speaking directly to it, “Listen, little man. You need to get out and hit your head inside some moist vagina. You can’t be sitting all day at home in his underwear doing nothing, expecting to be wanked with two fingers all the time. You need to act your age and grow up. You hear me GROW UP. You’re not a baby anymore. Act your age, and put on a few inches.”

We both started laughing because it was hilarious how she was talking to my penis, and I pulled up my pajamas and started tidying up with her. she went and told my siblings what she did. They found it hilarious. She did ask after if she had gone too far, and I said, “No, it was just joking around,” and it’s not like she hasn’t seen it before.

She agreed and said, “That it won’t happen again unless you deserve a spanking,” which I never got.


Another reader gets teased in the bathroom…

After my girlfriend noticed my SPH fetish, she made some effort to give me sph experiences. The other day I came home from work and took a shower. As usual, I walked into the bedroom with just a towel on. She said: “You don’t have to wear a towel when I’m around. I’ve seen everything before, and there’s also nothing much to cover.”

I blushed a little bit, and then she grabbed the towel and pulled it off. She giggled and asked curiously: “Did you take a cold shower? It looks shriveled up and even smaller than usual.”

My cock began to get hard, and I told her it was as big as always. She replied: “Sorry, my dear, I sometimes forget how small it is. But as I see, you like it when I tell you.” Then she went down on her knees to kiss the head of my dick, making it even harder. “Oh, look who’s hard,” she said and began to suck my dick.

After a few moments, she stopped and looked up to tell me: “It’s incredible. Yours is the first cock I can fit in my mouth with gagging. I even reach your balls with my tongue!”

She continued to suck my dick, and she was right; she could suck my cock and lick my balls, making me cum pretty fast. After she finished sucking my cock, she said it was her turn and got her dildo to satisfy her. It is about 7″ long and made my soft getting cock look even smaller.

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