Humiliation Beyond the Hypnosis

By Babydicklover.

This story is a continuation of “The Secrets of Hypnotism.”


Humiliation Beyond the Hypnosis…

Ross experienced the worst form of humiliation: his naked body was completely exposed to all his coworkers at the holiday party last year. He lost the respect of everyone, and he knew it was because of his tiny cock. It was unbelievable that a single moment reduced his professional trajectory. The moment everyone learned he had a small little boy dick, all his hard work vanished. It ruined his hard-working, successful reputation.

He was in a dilemma where he was trapped. There was no he could mention what happened or address their remarks because he would just be reminding people of his tiny cock. He had no choice but to endure the irreverent treatment from his colleagues. Often, he received many smirks and comparisons to his small penis, like how “The budget is too small” or “We need more money and can’t rely on such small tiny transactions.” Ross knew precisely why they used those specific words, and their motivations were clear.

The worst part wasn’t the laughter those comments would garner, but it was his newly found paranoia. Anytime someone outside of his job mentioned anything remotely about the size of anything, he blushed at the prospect they were referring to his insignificant-sized dicklette. Several of the videos filmed were shared on Twitter, so he never knew who actually saw them, but the comments achieved their goal of humiliating him further. He needed to avoid social media for that reason.

After a few months, he applied but was quickly denied a raise. He knew why, and that was enough for him. He left Deutsche Bank and immediately received an offer from S&P Global with more money. He almost had a heart attack at the idea of them contacting his previous employer, but his work spoke for itself. Ross was more than happy he had another opportunity where he could start over. Unfortunately for Ross, he thought he lost respect because of his tiny cock, which wasn’t the case. He lost his insolent attitude toward his coworkers and how those born into their wealth were systemically beneath him.

In a meeting room with several executives, Ross stood up and shared, “Emily, I told you several times you shouldn’t be using the Helvetica font in your presentations.”

She looked stunned and said, “Oh, I am sorry, Mr. Thomas, my last job made us use this font all the time, so I’m used to doing it that.” —

He nodded and growled, “I don’t care what you did at your previous company. Are you shrill working there?”

“Oh, no, sir.”

“Do you want to be working there again because you might if you don’t get your act together?”

“No, I will make sure to do it right the next time.”

He nodded his head, “Great, meeting adjourned, everyone.”

Emily was utterly shocked by Ross’s pettiness but felt even worse when she received no support after the meeting. Ross knew he was untouchable because he brought in results despite what people thought of how he worked. And his financial strategy already brought in more dollars than the company had witnessed in a long time.

Emily texted her friend, Finn, whom she met at a financial conference two months ago. They connected quickly and sparked a real friendship outside of their careers.

“Hey girl, can we hang out tonight? I am feeling pretty down.”

“Of course, I’ll get the ice cream. You bring popcorn.”

“Deal, thanks!”

Emily and Finn talked the entire evening while a Hallmark movie played in the background with a cheesy Christmas theme, just in time for the holidays. They munched on salty, buttery popcorn and devoured chocolate ice cream.

“Okay, honestly, I’d much rather pick Ryan Gossling over Josh Hutcherson, so tell me what’s been bothering you,” Finn pressed Emily on.

“You wouldn’t believe the day I had. The new CFO actually dared to yell at me for using the wrong font.”

“What the hell?

“On that damn report I’ve been working on for weeks.”

“That’s so stupid. Who gets mad at something like that?

“I know, right? So I used Helvetica like he got strangely angry over that, but he seems like a control freak.”

Finn looked at her seriously, “Wait, you used Helvetica? You can’t be doing that, girl. No wonder he got mad at you.” He subsequently started laughing.

Emily rolled her eyes, “Idiot, you aren’t helping.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. But for real, that’s really weird.”

“I just hate everyone adores.” She sarcastically said, “He’s just so ‘perfect.’ isn’t he? Perfect, little Ross.”

Finn looked up, “Wait, who? Ross Thomas?”

“Wait, yes. Do you know him?”

“You could say that. He used to be the CFO of where I work.”

“Wait, huh? He’s the CFO where I work.”

“That sucks, he really is a piece of shit, that guy.”

“He’s such an asshole and micromanages everyone, and he’s only kind to the hot women in the office.”

Finn giggled, “Yeah, you could say he’s a MICRO manager.”

“I don’t get it. What do you mean?” Emily questioned.

“Wait, haha, you never heard about what happened last year.”

“OMG, no, tell me what happened.”

“I’ll be right back and show you.”

Finn returned with her laptop and played a video of Ross’s exposure.

Emily laughed when Ross pulled down his underwear, “Oh my fucking god, his dick is so small, hahaha,” she hollered.

“I know, right? It’s so teeny tiny, haha.”

“How the hell did I not know about this? It’s fucking iconic. I can’t believe this exists.”

Finn responded, “Well, now you do,” she wiggled her pinky.

“Poor guy, no wonder he’s always such a jerk.”

“Yep, he’s undoubtedly overcompensating for his little tiny prick.”

“And the worst part is, he sounds so much worse than before.”

“Getting mad at a font, no doubt he is much — oh my god, wait, watch this part. It’s the best.”

The joyful women were glued to the screen as they saw Ross’s impending development of his four little skinny, useless inches.

“Holy shit, she’s grinding on him, and oh my — that’s his boner?” She fell back on the couch, laughing like a madwoman. After her wave of giggles, she said, “He could have been a grower, but now I understand his frustration with everyone. That sucks. I would have had a little empathy if he wasn’t such a piece of shit.”

“Nah, don’t feel bad for him at all. He kind of deserved it after he treated me like a second-class citizen.”

“Wait, after he treated ‘You that way.’ What does that mean?”

“Let’s just say I planned everything.”

“Seriously. How? I didn’t even know you knew a psychic. Can we use her again?”

“Haha, you want to expose him so badly, don’t you?”

“Well, now that I know he is arrogantly walking around with a terrifically small and hilarious package, I have no choice, now do I?”

“Ross is more alert now of his baby cocktail wiener, so we have to be even smarter than before.”

“We can do this. I am tired of him treating everyone horribly, and it’s not just me. Most employees are too scared to say anything because the Board of Directors loves him.”

“Oh, boy. Those old men probably have little ones, too.”

“Haha, probably.”

After a while, Finn clapped her hands and declared, “Okay, I have an idea. I will reach out to some of the people at the old event, and you need to reach out to a few people at your job.”

“Alright, I know just who to ask.”

“It’s a plan.”


Two weeks later…

Ross was fixing his shiny purple tie in the mirror in the bathroom, preparing for an important speech he needed to make to the company during the holiday celebration event.

He looked in the mirror and pointed at his reflection, “You got this, Ross. You are confident, talented, and god, you are hot.”

In the auditorium, the CEO, Vicky Chen, gave her opening remarks and summoned Ross on stage to give his year-end financial report.

Everyone clapped as she walked down and shook hands with Ross.

“Thank you, everyone, for attending tonight’s holiday celebration event. My name is Ross Thomas, and I am more than happy to serve as your Chief Financial Officer. As the youngest Chief-Level executive in the organization’s history, I take great pride in the work the financial team has executed.”

Most workers discreetly rolled their eyes at Ross’s cringeworthy statement.

Finn whispered to Emily, “God, he is still so obnoxious, haha.”

“Shh, haha,” Emily hushed her. “Don’t blow our cover.”

“How dare you insinuate I would ever blow his little teeny-weenie.”

Emily laughed, “Oh god, shut up, haha.”

“And from my leadership, we have seen a drastic increase in our clients in the States but also in Southeast Asian areas. This is a market the company has always wanted to tap into but has always needed to catch up, but with my tenacity, we’ve been able to do so. I want to thank everyone who’s supported me on my journey. Thank you.”

There was dry clapping in the audience, and the CEO walked back up and shared a few more words.

“Thank you, everyone; please enjoy the rest of the evening. I want to emphasize that Ross’s work has been instrumental in positively reshaping our organization, it wouldn’t be possible without the entire team working tirelessly on getting these results. We appreciate every one of you.”

The audience members smiled and clapped for their fearless and kind CEO.

Ross joined the party and sat at the bar alone. As he sipped a margarita, a mysterious, beautiful woman approached him.

She said in a deep, gentle voice, “That was very impressive, Mr. Thomas.”

He turned around and responded, “Oh, thank you.”

This charming woman with a bob cut with jet-black hair wore a tasteful leather dress. She strikingly looked at Ross with excitement in her olive-colored eyes.

“I’m Alice, Alice Weber. It’s nice to meet you.”

He shook out his hand, and she raised her eyebrow.

“What is it?”

“I am a traditional woman, Mr. Thomas.”

She raised her arm, and he pleasingly kissed her soft hand.

“That’s more like it. Chivalry isn’t dead, Mr. Thomas.”

She sat beside him and confidently addressed the bartender, “I’d like a shot for both of us.”

“Oh, no, I don’t really drink.”

“C’mon, you won’t let a woman drink alone, will you?”

He smiled timidly at her, “Of course not.”

The drinks came, and they both took a shot.

“Whoo, that’s good.”

After a few more drinks, Ross was more confident and expressive.

He romantically danced with her by swaying, spinning, and hugging her. It was a beautiful moment between the two; he never felt better about himself.

She whispered, “I think you are one powerful man. You are just irresistible. Do you want to go somewhere more private? Show me how the sexy CFO is in action.”

He looked at her, rattled by her proposition, “Oh, are you sure?” He asked.

She kissed him on the cheek with her full, rosy lips, and he felt his little dick stretch.

“Oh my. Well, no one is on the seventh floor. That’s where my office is. Do you want to see?”

She grinned, “I would love to.”

“Then let’s go,” and he held her hand.

They went up to the seventh floor, where a soul couldn’t be seen or heard.

She kissed him and said, “Show me your office.”

He took her to his vast office, where you could see the entire city.

She impressively said, “This is really nice. The view is outstanding. The lights are so pretty, almost like stars.”

“Yeah, they wanted to give a small, stuffy office when I started. That wasn’t going to happen.”

“Mmmm. A man who knows what he wants. I admire that in a man.” She kissed him and began taking off his coat and shirt. She rubbed his now bare chest, “That is beautiful. You take good care of yourself.”

She slowly took off her dress so she was in white undergarments. She was wonderfully toned and had an athletic body.

His eyes nearly bulged out of their eye sockets, “Wow, you are just perfect,” he said delightfully and passionately. His baby cock swelled from her beauty underneath his pants, but it was so small she didn’t even notice.

“I really want you to do something.”

“Yes, anything for you, Alice.”

“I want you to strip for me. Do a little dance for me.”

“Oh, okay. I can do that.”

Alice kissed his head and played a Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

“Oh, I love this song!”

“Me too, babe.”

Ross shlyly danced to the sweet lyrics, and each move aligned with the music.

“C’mon, baby. You are so sexy and confident on stage. Where is that guy?”

“I’m not a dancer, not like this.”

“You can do it. Please give me a little shake. Shake those toasty buns for me.”

He did what she asked him with pleasure.

“Atta boy. I love it!”

He laughed and kicked off his shoes and took off his shoes.

She enjoyed him dancing to the lyrics. He wiggled his hips and spun around like the happiest, most free man.

“Mr. Thomas, you are amazing.”

He twerked his ass and slowly pulled down his pants.

She smiled at him only in his blue briefs, “I love the color of your briefs. They suit your eyes. You are such a sexy beast.”

He felt his chest and swirled around, almost like a seductive stripper. He was about to pull down his underwear until she stopped him.

She pulled out a pair of blindfolds, “Wait, baby, please wear these.”

He was infatuated with this woman and was more submissive from the drinks he consumed.

“Of course, my dear.”

He put them on, and she texted someone on her phone.

Emily, Finn, and a group came from the conference room. They quietly walked to the scene, trying their best to remain silent.

“Wait, did I just hear something?” He asked.

She shushed him, “No, baby, it’s just us.”

“Hehe, okay.”

He slowly lowered his underwear and turned around, so he presented Alice with his big, bold ass.

She giggled mutedly, “I love it, Mr. Ross. You’ve got one fine-looking ass. I just want to eat it. I can’t imagine the sweet, sensational treat you are hiding.”

“You sure you want to see it? I just want to warn you, it’s a little small.”

“Oh baby, don’t worry about that. Nothing matters when it’s deep inside me. I need it!”

A look of relief came to his face. “Oh, okay then. Wonderful. I love a woman who appreciates me, not just my body.”

“I want all of it, Mr. Ross.”

He squealed, “Okay.”

His underwear came entirely down, and he chucked them at his computer. He turned around, ultimately showing his stark, sweaty naked body. His little tiny dicklette was incredibly small from the drinks and his foolish dancing.

She turned off the music, and it was quiet for a few moments until Alice approached him.

“Wow. You look amazing, Ross. I am now going to take this off you.”

“Okay, whatever you want, beautiful.”

She took his blindfold off, and he was astonished to see a group of people happily looking right at him.

His face turned redder than Rudolph’s bright red nose. A single voice rose into a melody of laughter, and like a ripple effect, the entire group’s ear-piercing laughing echoed the whole floor. He recognized Emily from his office and Finn, Kate, and even Conor from his humiliating exposure last year.

“Surprise!” They all screamed.

He cried, covered his little baby dicklette, and shouted, “What’s going on here?”

Emily came up to him, “It’s your holiday party. We love how you’ve treated us in the past, so we thought we would pay it forward.”

“No, I never did anything like this.”

Finn chimed in, “Oh, yes, you did. In fact, let’s take it up a notch. Boys…”

Conor and another guy, Kyle, whom he recognized from the Rugby scene, grabbed his hands, exposing his soft little weenie, and laughed at his small teeny weenie pickle.

“Get the fuck off me, you assholes.”

He tried to fight them, but his physique wasn’t what it used to be. They stood him on a chair and handcuffed him to the ceiling pole.

“Owww, that hurts.”

They removed the chair, and he was in the air, waving his skinny little peanut in front of everyone.

“Get me down from here, right now!”

This just caused more laughter. The more he tried to fight it, the more it hurt his wrists and the more ridiculous his little penis looked as it shuffled around between his little thick legs.

“Awwww. Little Ross looks so precious with his little gumdrop all squished down there.”

“He doesn’t even have a dick, no wonder he’s always so mean.”

“Where is it? I can’t seem to see it from here.”

“A fucking acorn is more giant than that little disgraceful nub. We are better off with our pinkies to get the job done. We don’t need men like him, who can’t satisfy us. Why else would we need them?”

Everyone was looking at his little baby penis, and he avoided their eye contact.

“He’s so embarrassed, he can’t even look at us. And his face is so red, almost like he’s choking.”

“Nice choice of words, but I’d never choke on his insanely small, ugly dick. That’s just grotesque.”

Emily said, “Awwww, don’t say that. It may be small, useless, minor, pathetic, lame, skinny, unimportant, and, umm, am I forgetting something?”

Finn laughed and added to Emily’s list, “Anti-climatic. Come on, let’s all chime in.”

Several words were shouted, “Boring, unusable, inedible, and vegan.”

“Haha, I mean, the size sure is, but I’m sure there is a creamy treat in there. But anyway, I wouldn’t say it is ugly. It is so adorable, and it’s smaller than a little acorn. Here…”

She placed an acorn next to his little nut, which was indeed smaller than it.

“What a cute little dinky donker toy.”

“It’s like a little candy cane, but much smaller and not as tasty.”

“We’ll never know because I will never eat one so damn small.”

“No, a candy cane is much too big.”

“I’m talking about the really small ones. Those cheap, crappy ones — the ones you barely get any flavor or satisfaction from.

“Oh, then definitely, haha. I can’t stand those. You never get enough.”

Ross finally spoke up, “Please stop. Why are you doing this to me?”

“So, maybe you will understand what it’s like to be treated like shit.”

“But again, I never did anything like this before. This is just fucking cruel.”

Finn said, “Well, look what happened last year. You were the laughingstock of the company, and yet, here you are AGAIN, acting the same stupid, mean way. We needed to put in the extra effort to screw the lesson in your thick skull. We needed a big tool, something you wouldn’t understand, as you have a little micro-sized screwdriver.”

He looked at Alice, “Why did you do this? I thought you liked me.”

She walked up to him and flicked his little candy-sized goober.

She laughed and smugly said, “That is the tiniest penis I have ever seen in my life, you bastard. You seem somewhat intelligent, so I don’t know what gave you the idea I would ever fuck you. You really wouldn’t be able to fuck with that anyways.

Ross had enough sexual agency to avoid his inevitable doom. Everyone’s teasing and degradation of his pinky-sized one-inch pee-pee had zero effect, but Alice’s flicking was a mortifying catalyst. He looked down and saw his little one-incher “strengthen” to a massive 3.5 inches. It wasn’t a good evening for Ross, as he usually could reach four full inches, but not tonight. He regretted ever tinkering with his little boy parts before the evening.

She looked at his baby boner and disgustingly said, “Oh god, that’s just disgusting. What a filthy pig.”

Emily asked, “What is it?”

“He’s got a pencil-thin tiny little toddler boner.”

Everyone looked closely and laughed even more.

“Wow, he isn’t getting anything because it just took a small touch to get him completely hard.”

“Poor fucker, he’ll never get a girlfriend, but maybe the gay tops can have him.”

His face was now white with shame, and he was angry.

“Get the fuck away from me, you bitch,” and he kicked Alice in the stomach.

She fell on the floor and screamed in distress. Conor helped her up, and she slapped Ross.

Conor spoke up, “It looks like he really hasn’t learned anything. I think we should continue our little tradition.”

Everyone continued taking countless photos of his little under-sized boner. Conor turned Ross around so everyone had a view of his perky little bubble butt.

“Haha, he’s got some meat down there.”

“Too bad it didn’t evenly distribute; you could use some of that meat in his front.”

Conor began sensually rubbing his scared little butt, and then faster than Ross could apprehend the pain that was about to come, he felt the pain from Conor’s bare hand.

“You are going to get a bare-butt spanking, just like the little boy you.”

“I am not a little boy,” Ross shouted.


He spun Ross around and pointed at his little dicklette poking straightforwardly to the ceiling.

“So, what is this between your legs?”

“It’s my dick.”

“You are wrong little buddy, it’s a very tiny baby boy penis.”

Conor began massaging his little boner and giggled.

“Stop it, I’m not a fucking homo.”

“Good because even the gays don’t want that little thing wiggling between your thighs. I want you to admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“That your penis is uber tiny and pathetic.”

“I will never do that.”

Conor spanked his ass even harder than before. Ross grunted in pain.

He whispered to him, “This must be so embarrassing for you. You are completely naked, and your little dick is completely hard. I can’t imagine how you must feel. You will never live this down, and I’ll make sure wherever you end up, they’ll know about the little secret you are keeping in your pants.”

Ross whispered back, “Yes, I know my dick is small. Please don’t make me say it.”

Ross looked down, away from everyone, but Conor aggressively grabbed his hair and pulled his head up.

“Emily, you recording this?”

She winked and gave a thumbs-up.

“Go on, baby dick.”

Ross never felt more humiliated, but he was robbed of any choice to save his prestige. It was over, and he knew it.

“Okay, my dick is extraordinarily tiny.”

Conor spanked him and said, “Nope, state your name.”

“My name is Ross Thomas, and my dick is super duper tiny.”

Everyone laughed even harder, and it deafened the room. He turned him around so his ass was facing the camera.

“Amazing, little baby-dicked pal. Now, every time I spank you, you need to describe your little cock.”

“No way,” he cried.

“Of fuck yes,” and he spanked him.

“Owww, my dick is super small.”

“Again.” He spanked him again more forcefully.

“I have a little tiny dick.”

After many licks, his final one made Ross scream in pain, “I’ve got the smallest dick on the planet!”

Everyone clapped and screamed with laughter.

“That’s a good boy, but we aren’t done. Get a close-up of his baby dick and super red ass.”

Emily came close and filmed Ross in his humiliating state.

Finn said, “How sad. You are just perfect — perfect job, career, looks, body, but your penis takes you completely off the market. Imagine something so tiny has such a big impact on your life.”

“Yep, little Ross here had to overcompensate for his super tiny penis.”

Conor added, “I mean, I don’t blame him. He can’t do anything or perform in bed, so he needed to be successful in every other area. Too bad there isn’t a secret formula to cure his little condition. It will always be that teeny tiny size forever.”

“Even if baby cock Ross doesn’t learn his lesson, he will always be cursed with such a tiny fragment of a real penis. I mean, the head of boyfriend’s cock is bigger than his entire little infant-sized dick.”

“I mean, a newborn would own the pleasure of being bigger and manlier.”

“Okay, I’ve done everything you wanted. Can you please just let me go in peace,” Ross pleaded.

Emily stood up from the crowd and said, “Of course, little one, only if you apologize to everyone.”

“Okay, everyone. I am deeply apologetic for how I treated you all.”

Finn was pissed and said, “Bro, fucking say ‘sorry’ for once in your life.”

“Umm, I am… truly sorry for what I did.”

“You are so pathetic. Do it right, baby boy.”

“Okay, I am so sorry for treating you all so horribly. I had no right, and I won’t ever again.”

Alice held her hips and asked, “And?”

He knew what they wanted to hear and soughed, “And for acting like a complete dick when I didn’t have one,” he whimpered.

The humiliation was too much, and he started crying like a woman, and everyone just watched in shock.

“The poor loser is crying like a little bitch.”

“Yes, lad, cry your eyes out for having the teeniest fucking dick in the universe.”

“I am so sorry, everyone,” he said in tears.

Everyone clapped, and each person took a selfie with him. The room fell silent, and he couldn’t escape their passing judgment. They knew how pathetic and tiny Ross was, and instead of looking at his baby little boy dick, which shrunk to the maximum most microscopic size, they looked right into his sea-foam-colored eyes.

The size of his teeny baby infant-sized soft cock was already established, but he felt even more exposed and scrutinized by their inappropriate leering. He felt invaded, assaulted, and completely emasculated. Alice put the blindfold back on him, so he had no idea what was happening.

Finn asked, “You’ve got the camera?”

“Yep,” Emily said.

Ross protested, “What’s going on? Why aren’t you taking me down?”

They all laughed and placed a camera in the middle of the room, so you got a complete image of Ross’s naked body, tiny little cocklette and all. They took his clothes but left his phone and keys.

Emily whispered, “I just placed a camera in the middle of the room, and it will be broadcast to the entire party downstairs.”

She crouched down and gave his little dinky a wee-tiny kiss on the head. It felt like she punched him in the stomach, and he dreadfully heard her press the camera’s button. Now, the entire room downstairs watched a 4K live stream of his little button lost in a fur coat.

“Wait, please take me down. You can’t leave me here like this.”

While Ross was begging for his life, the video played on the auditorium’s screen, and it streamed Ross’s entire naked body. The audience gasped; while some were uncomfortable, most bounced with laughter. The pretty women in the office looked disappointed and were angry with him. They felt betrayed by the tiny truth before their eyes. Comments about their CFO’s little tiny wee-wee floored the room.

“What a fucking pig.”

“I didn’t know Ross was into BDSM.”

“Ross is the definition of tiny.”

“Gross. Nobody wants to see Ross’s little tiny dick.”

“There are children here!”

After fifteen minutes, the IT crew finally got the video down, but it was too late. Everyone knew about their CFO’s little condition, and they were amused by how small he was. They couldn’t believe it, but it was true. Ross had a tiny penis, and it was a memory that would last forever.

Security went with the CEO to check out what was going on. She saw Ross blindfolded and completely naked. He was sporting the smallest penis she had ever seen. She saw it on the big screen, but it was different to see it in person.

She removed his blindfold and asked, “Ross, what do you think you are doing?”

He could finally see, and he saw his CEO looking right at his little baby dick and tight balls, all frightened and smaller than usual from his fears.

“Vicky, stop looking at me. Can you get me down?”

“Tell me first, what is going on?”

“I just was showing this woman my office, and one thing led” —

“Oh, gross. You were going to have sex in your office? That’s disgusting, you pig.”

“I don’t know what I was going to do. She advanced me.”

“Oh, please. YOU took her to your office.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but it’s not my fault. She did this to me.”

“Who is this woman?”

“I don’t know. She was lovely and very alluring.”

His thimble-sized little dicky grew to a very tiny boner thinking about her beauty.

She saw and said, “Oh my god, Ross. That’s gross. Do you have any decency? Calm down, you’ve got a fucking boner.”

“Please cover me; this is so embarrassing.”

“I don’t have anything, so sorry, Ross,” as she directly looked at his entire little penis settling back down to its normal, shriveled-up nubby state of less than an inch.

A security guard came and tried his hardest not to laugh at poor little Ross’s predicament.

“Scott, do you have a key for these handcuffs?”

“Nope, we will need to phone the police.”

“Wait, why the police?” Ross questioned.

“Are you seriously complaining here? We are trying to help you, big baby. We can leave you here all night.”

“No, oh, please don’t.”

“Get the police, Scott. Tell them we have a little tiny emergency.”

Ross’s stomach clenched to the reference of his extremely tiny willy wonder. He laughed and walked away. There was an awkward silence as they both waited for the police to show up.

She inquired, “You know, since we are here, I wonder. Did you actually expect to have sex with this alleged woman?”

“I mean, probably.”

“But how?” She confusedly asked.

His face turned bright red from the humiliation of being scolded and degraded by his female boss. She had no problem calling attention to his biological misfortune.

“It works just like any other.”

“Okay, I get that, but I doubt she would ever feel anything. It is so damn tiny.”

“Vicky!” He shouted.

“What? I never imagined my CFO having a little baby ding-a-ling, but am I that surprised?”

“Stop, please.”

“You act like the most important person in the organization, but you are not; I am. And you need to follow my instructions. People don’t like you here.”

“Okay, I understand. I am really sorry.”

“Whatever, you do good work, but that little thing will ruin our company’s image. It will be all over.”

“I can’t believe this is happening to me.”

“Yep, everyone saw your little boy cock. And they loved it because you treat them like dirt.”

“I am so sorry.”

Two police officers finally showed up; of course, it was two women.

One of them asked, “What do we have here?”

“Oh, Ross got himself in a tiny little quandary.”

“I can see that, haha. Here you go, little guy,” she said right to his one-inch crotch, with only the head being visible.

They unlocked the handcuffs and took them off.

He finally covered his little boy-sized penis, and they all laughed.

“You weren’t ashamed a second ago, tiny.”

“I would be too, if I were a man — or boy, like that.”

“Do you have any clothes I can wear?”

“Nope, sorry little man. Well, anyway, you are free to go, sir.”

“Don’t get you and tiny little thing into any more trouble. People are genuinely traumatized downstairs by your naked body. Nobody wanted to see that, mainly your little wee-wee.”

Vicky said, “Thank you, officers,” and waved goodbye to them. “Let’s go, Ross.”

“I don’t have anything to wear. I can’t go down naked. Everyone will see me like this.”

“Well, you don’t have a choice now. Do you?

“Fine, let’s get this over it.”

He walked in front of his CEO, and she said, “Wow, nice red ass, Ross.”

He ignored her comment. As they traveled down the elevator, his nerves strangled him, and he felt like he was going to vomit. The elevator doors opened with everyone cheering and clapping at a naked Ross walking through the crowd. He just awkwardly smiled and covered his little private parts. He heard the most crude comments from his colleagues, and a couple of them spanked his already-sore ass.

Finn sneakily spanked his behind with a violent force. Ross didn’t anticipate that and let go of his tiny cock out of pain, which caused everyone to laugh harder than a comedy sketch.

Everyone repeatedly chanted “Little Ross” until he was out of the building.

Ross drove home, and his penis was perpetually tiny, and this was a brutal reminder. When Ross finally got home, he cried in his pillow out of the sheer torture he went through. He tried his hardest never to put himself in a compromising position, but he was a virile man who had sexual needs that had never been satisfied, and when a beautiful woman approached him, he couldn’t help himself. His little penis took over and made the decisions for him.

This almost became a tradition for Ross, and he would never seem to escape. He immediately quit his job and never returned to what he knew would be the most humiliating place ever. After several months of looking for a job, he works for a small nonprofit. From the trauma he has, he will never attend another holiday party ever again. He needs to save himself and his tiny little penis from any more potential turmoil and sadness.


The End.


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