The Secrets of Hypnotism

By Babydicklover.

Our story commences with Ross Thomas, the brute and successful Chief Finance Officer of Deutsche Bank. He was in the middle of giving the company’s fourth-quarter earnings and robust performance to the entire finance division.

With an abundance of overconfidence in Ross’s voice, he proudly shared with the room, “Since I joined the organization, being the youngest CFO in this company’s history, our company’s earnings have skyrocketed our goals we set at the beginning of the year.”

Everyone forcibly clapped enthusiastically at Ross’s announcement, boosting his already-existing inflamed ego. Judging by the room, you see who appreciates Ross; like the attractive women, Ross “coincidentally” acts more tender-heartedly. It is a small surprise who receives the promotions in this division. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes from the thoughtless gawking these women gave him.

The Director of Asset Management shot his hand up, cueing Ross’s loud, disrespectful groan.

He barked, “Yes, Mark, what do you have to report? This better be worth the group’s time because time is valuable.”

“Yes, and congratulations, sir, on your success this early in the organization. Our numbers haven’t been this high since the early 80s. I have to say, as a member of the financial division, your leadership has already and will continue positively transforming our company’s trajectory in the next ten years—

“I can’t say I disagree with you there. If no one else has anything, then the meeting is adjourned.”

Coming from a relatively modest upbringing, you could accept his demeanor as kinder and more understanding, but it felt the opposite, like he had something to prove. This company is full of privileged, wealthy people with university connections. Since Ross came from practically nothing, instead of having an appreciative mindset, he thought he was better than everyone because he believed he worked harder than anyone else. He did need to make sacrifices some of us couldn’t imagine, but that didn’t make him better than us. He never acknowledged our team’s accomplishments or elevated our careers. It was only about him and his success.

Judging by his physique and demeanor, a breeze of charismatic confidence oscillates from his body. It was alluring, and many women across the office desired him. I was even guilty of finding his physique attractive but turned off by the attitude he demonstrated. He took exemplary care of his body, and if I remember, he played rugby at university. That would explain his body’s intentional, regimented maintenance, resulting in a chiseled figure even gods would fawn over. He was previously named a Rhodes Scholar and received a full-ride scholarship to Oxford. The world was his oyster, and I wish he would treat me respectfully, but he doesn’t. The only people he treats with an ounce of kindness are the attractive women in the office or anyone that will boost his professional development.

My name is Finn, and I am a high-ranking financial director. Like my male counterparts, I still needed to gain a positive experience working with Ross. He had this dominating personality, exuding alpha, macho energy, and no one could cross him.

Since I reported directly below him, I, unfortunately, encountered negative energy from him, and I don’t know why. If anyone should be furious with everything, it should be me. Ross and I were finalists for the CFO position, and ultimately, I wasn’t selected. I am not accusing the company of sexism, but I felt devalued as a woman, making me question my self-worth.

But I never held a grudge over Ross; I was excited to work with him. Instantly, once he entered his position, instead of listening to his team or me, he always had something callous to spew, whether how I dressed or looked. Usually, I openly argue with him about his questionable decisions for the organization. I wanted to be more collaborative with him if he treated me respectfully. He upheld his ‘charm’ around the people who would benefit his career. Even though he was a massive flirt, he never dated anyone in the office, which I found strange. I even tried to file a report with HR for harassment but couldn’t prove it.

He invited me to meet with him in his office, and I had no idea what it was about. I sat on the cold chair and felt a sense of discomfort from Ross’s behavior – even more so than usual.

He looked at me with disappointment, “I am just going to be honest and say it, you have been underperforming since I started working here. I haven’t seen any improvements–”

I was dumbfounded because I’ve always been transparent with my manager about why I needed additional support, “Sir, I can explain–”

“Don’t interrupt me when I am speaking. As I said, I have not seen any improvements, and you seem like a poor worker. Do you have anything to say?”

“Yes, I have been taking care of my sick mother. I’ve mentioned this before to you. It has taken a toll on my life, and I need considerate flexibility to perform in this role.”

His eyes drifted away, unmistakably fed up with my explanation, “When you mentioned this, you promised you would balance your career and personal life. I was under the assumption you would still perform at least effectively. I don’t want to hear how hard your life is. No one here knows how it feels to struggle and connive for success. You have two weeks to get your act together, or you will be fired from this organization indefinitely. This warning is my first and final because this division is unwilling to compensate for your incompetent behavior and lackluster results. Now I understand why the hiring team chose me to be the CFO role over you, so I won’t have the likes of you shake my reputation. Do you understand?”

I slowly nodded my head in explicit submission, and I felt like crying. As a resilient person, I am not one to feel defeated, but I did at that mind-numbing moment. I didn’t even have the mental strength to fight back or the emotional capacity to continue defending my position. I couldn’t believe he treated me so horribly. While he has been unkind in the past, I couldn’t believe he, without any hesitation, trampled on me like useless dirt. With tears swelling in my eyes, I couldn’t concentrate on my job, so I decided to leave early. After that confrontation, I called my good friend, Eva Luna, up for a girl’s night.

I heard a knock on the door, and a little smile finally crept onto my face; what felt like hours of anguishing guilt and senseless reflections on the situation. Eva came over, and with wine glasses, we gossiped the night away about men, television shows, and even work. I wanted to have fun tonight and not talk about what had happened.

She looked at me with a subtle sparkle in her eyes, “How is work going for you?”

I avoided eye contact, hoping she wouldn’t notice something was off. Still, she was exceptionally well aware of her surroundings.

I took my final sip of red wine and softly said, “Work is going fine.”

She looked at me with sincere suspicion, “Oh, come on, Finn. I know you like the back of my hand. I can sense when something is off; it is what people call a ‘gift.'”

“And what some people call being annoyingly nosy.”

She giggled, “Don’t be a party pooper, and tell me what’s going on.”

My eyes felt watery, “I didn’t feel like talking about it tonight, but Ross treated me horribly today. He knows my mom’s health is declining rapidly, and balancing being a daughter, caretaker, and demanding role is immensely challenging. I have two weeks to get my ‘act together,’ or I will lose my job permanently.”

She shook her head in disappointment, “That’s awful. I am sorry. I sincerely thought Ross would have changed or grown some humility but advancing as the CFO made him even more egotistical.”

“What are you talking about? Would you happen to know him? You acted like you never heard of him.”

“Yeah, well, I lied, sweetie. I am sorry. I just didn’t want to ruin your working relationship with him by knowing his past, but like I said, he hasn’t changed, and I hate seeing you victimized by his insecurity.”

“What do you mean his ‘insecurity?'”

She looked shocked and could hardly answer, “I mean – you know, he came from such an underprivileged background.”

“Eva, I already know that. Is that it? There is more than what you are letting on. Just tell me the whole story.”

She sighed. “I think the true reason he overcompensates is not due to his modest upbringing but to his physical shortcomings. Okay, this is inappropriate because he is under-endowed in, you know,” and she pointed towards her crotch area.

My eyes widened considerably with interest, and I giggled slightly. “Now you have to tell me immediately.”

“You know my friend Kate.”

I nodded with ominous enthusiasm.

“She attended Oxford with him. He constantly bullied her, and she fell into a deep, dark depression. You didn’t know this, but she has experienced major past trauma of having an eating disorder. After she experienced a life full of relentless bullying, Ross’s heartless words changed everything.”

“Oh, my god. What a jerk. But she is skinny and beautiful. I mean, she’s a freaking model.”

“Well, she wasn’t when she went to university around five years ago. Ross would call her the cruelest names, and she would be heartbroken. She never wanted to feel rejected like that again. Kate vowed to make profound changes to her body. It is ridiculous that she drastically and tirelessly worked on her body to feel good about herself because of how women and men like Ross treated her. But now, she percolates a high echelon of confidence, so good for her. A good thing about it is that she has a career showing off her body.”

“Wow, yeah, good on her. Okay, and?”

“And what?”

“Tell me about how he is poorly endowed.”

“Haha, oh right, the best part. Well, he played rugby at university. One of Kate’s friends – I won’t mention his name because he is afraid of what Ross would do if he exposed his little secret to the world. Ross has a reputation to uphold, and he ensured people knew who he was on the rugby team. He became the tough guy who enjoyed pushing opponents around and embarrassing them. It was especially satisfying to Ross the experience of dominating more privileged guys while reminding them that silver spoon boys can’t be real men like him. So, he and my friend were on the same team and, one day, caught Ross showering.

“He couldn’t believe his eyes when Ross was utterly naked with an undersized, teeny button bound between his big legs. The thickness of Ross’s muscular legs swallowed his little guy nearly wholly, so his overcompensating muscles disserved him. The only visible physicality of his baby dick was the tiny minuscule noggin, but it even made him squint to see it from afar. It wiggled with extreme buoyancy and innocence like a baby boy as he soaped his embarrassing-sized privates. Ross saw my friend staring at his compromising exposure. He screamed and ran towards him with his wet tiny little dicklette bouncing around like a light switch. Ross screamed at him for being a gay pervert.

“Mindlessly overwhelmed in his anger, he left his baby cock uncovered. While Ross yelled at him, he looked at it and giggled. Ross looked down at his cold, shrinking wee-wee and covered it. I won’t describe what happened after that, knowing his life was threatened, and he decided to censor himself from telling people the truth out of fear. But he did say it was the smallest wee-wee he had ever seen.”

We looked at each other and started giggling obnoxiously.

Speechlessly, I said, “Wow. We need to expose him somehow. What can we do? It’s not like we can trick him into revealing himself. I would love to see his face if someone from work accidentally saw him in an embarrassing state where his clit-dick was displayed.”

A lightbulb moment fell over Eva. “Well, wait! Aren’t you the head of the party planning committee?”

I looked at her with grave confusion, “Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?”

“I know a hypnotist who can unleash someone’s inner desires. Her name is Madame Bourne, and she embodies what you would think of modern-day hypnosis while including aspects of ancient forms of it.”

“That’s amazing. We can control him and make him show what little he is shaking with his pitiful, tiny wiener at the upcoming Christmas party. We need to have those bite-sized sausages so that they can compare the small size to his extremely minute dingle wurst, so people will have a visual representation of just how microscopic he is.”

“Well, yes and no – you can’t control someone’s actions with hypnotism. While they are influencing hypnotic thoughts, participants are still in control of their bodies. But this hypnotist uses a unique method she coined called the ‘id discoverer.’ Based on Freudian psychology, the id is the most primitive part of the human mind. It is the source of our bodily needs, wants, and desires. It is all about our subconscious, impulsive cravings and a primitive desire to seek pleasure. Contrary to popular belief, the body can act independently from the mind, so even if Ross’s mind resists his subconscious desires, his body will prevail. We will see the motivations of his body and how he naturally seeks gratification. He may not necessarily show his tiny, little pee-pee with everyone, but he will reveal his darkest, most sexually-charged secrets.”

“This is amazing. I will inform the committee very soon about her, and I am sure they will be all over it.”


Two Months Later

Since I’ve learned about Ross’s tiny little cock, I could focus on my work more, achieve my personal goals, and not take Ross very seriously, knowing the diminutive nature of his manliness. The party planning committee loved my idea, and we officially booked Madame Bourne for the event. She and I worked separately to guarantee she knew about the plan. Since Kate was involved in the same social scene as Ross, she invited several people who would love to pay him a little visit. And Eva will be recording the event, so we will always have footage. We are using a very professional camera so that every little tiny detail will be captured.

We all arrived early at this fun bar Kate suggested called the “Cloak & Dagger.” It was terrific to see Kate and Eva again and meet Madame Bourne. She was downright stunning with blonde-colored hair with a pixie cut, and she had marble-like sapphire eyes. And to top it off, she wore a short, sparkly black dress. I was fascinated by her beauty. Even though I wasn’t attracted to women, she undoubtedly had the power to make me switch sides.

Since our company hired several recent graduates, this was the perfect spot for an event like this. We went over the plan with nefarious smiles and corrupted cackles. At 6:30, people from the company began piling up. The event started with mingling, and Ross didn’t feel the need to partake in such foolish games. The clock struck 7:00, which meant it was time for the compelling element of the party.

Madame Bourne graciously walked up the stage like a queen and announced herself. “I am Madame Bourne, and you have been patiently waiting for this evening. Has anyone ever been hypnotized before?”

A couple of employees raised their hands with excitement.

“Wonderful! Let’s go ahead and get started. Does anyone want to volunteer?”

Cindy from the legal department raised her hand.

“Beautiful. Come on up, my darling, and be prepared to be mesmerized by the magic of hypnosis.”

After several employees had a fantastic time with the science of hypnotization, the night would improve.

“Now, my hypnotic angels and believers, are some of you still challenging the work? We have several believers in this room, which I appreciate because I receive a lot of backlash and skepticism due to my profession. Does anyone want to challenge me and explain why my career is phony? I love to change peoples’ minds.”

Nobody said anything, and the room felt quiet, with light music playing in the background. She looked towards the back of the crowd of the bar. She saw Ross drinking at the bar by himself, thoroughly unengaged with what was happening.

“You, sir, why are you sitting over there alone? Come join me on stage and introduce yourself.”

Ross looked disgusted, but his peers dragged him on stage in front of hundreds of employees. She grabbed his hand and helped him on stage. She grinned at him with a hint of a scandalous demeanor.

“You look amazing. What is your name, and what do you do at Deutsche Bank?”

He looked annoyed and said, “My name is Ross Thomas, and I am the CFO.”

Everyone enormously cheered for Ross, especially the attractive women in the audience. The brief acknowledgment enraptured Ross.

“Wow, you are a big man in the office then, figuratively and physically, she said. She checked him out and smiled at him. “Tell me, babe, why were you sitting alone?”

He displeasingly grunted, “I don’t believe in all this psychic witchcraft freaky mumbo jumbo. It’s completely fake, and the reason people fall to your influence isn’t about some magical capability you possess but the inability to have a strong will. Those who are hypnotized are ultimately weak and feeble-minded down to the core. They have no self-control or enough intelligence because you can easily battle hypnosis using the sheer power of your thoughts.

Most people would be shocked to hear someone speak about their employees in such a rude manner but not this place. They already knew how Ross behaved and thought about them. No one chooses to challenge it because of the success he’s brought to the company.

Full of disgust, she wrinkled her nose, “Is that so? Well, I welcome paramount feedback from everyone. It’s how I will grow as a professional. I’ve never met someone with such a strong mindset to overcome hypnosis. I would love for you to prove your theory.”

“No way, I don’t want to engage in this at all.”

“Oh, c’mon, Ross, don’t be shy,” she said. She approached the crowd with transparent excitement painted across her face. “Everyone, Mr. Ross, here is nervous. Can we give him some encouragement?”

Everyone began chanting his name with joyful exuberance and animation.

“I am not nervous, and since everyone wants me to do it, I will indulge everyone. Prepare to be labeled as a fool, ‘Madame Bourne.'”

She shouted, “Are you ready to witness history in the making for Ross?”

There was more applause and cheers for their CFO.

“I want you to picture yourself walking through a land you imagine living in – something incredibly beautiful and serene. I want you to picture cavemen disrupting the land, and you join them in their foolish antics sooner than later. You now see yourself as a caveman and reduced to a primitive nature you can’t combat.”

She walked up to him and whispered, inaudibly, to everyone except Ross, “How dare you challenge me, you puny man. Also, I know all about your shrimpy-like schmeckle secret, which will be exposed to everyone. You will regret ever challenging my divine femininity as your miniature short pinky-sized one-inch ding-a-ling is about to be divulged in three… two…”

He looked at her with absolute anxiety in his downcast eyes. She finished with an evil grimace, “One… reveal the secret of your id, Ross.”

He immediately jumped up and started dancing significantly sensually. He grabbed the microphone from Madame Bourne and screamed, “Let’s get this party started. Crank up the music.”

He continued to dance, strike exposing poses, and start stripping. Everyone was positively squealing, and he felt elated. This was fabulous to see, and I am sure Ross’s mind was fighting him. Kate was right at the front with Christina and Rachel, both of whom Ross had flirted with at the office. Kate looked entirely different from her time in university, and Ross didn’t even recognize her. He was exceptionally oblivious to the attendees before, but several people in the audience knew him from the rugby social scene.

He didn’t realize it until now, as you could see the astonishment in his shocked eyes. The eyes tell the true story of your natural mind as they connect to the soul, and you could see in his eyes that he was devastated, but his body did what it primitively desired. They relished Ross embracing his vulnerable side with several cameras and phones pointed toward him for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With the snap of her fingers, Madame Bourne could dispel Ross from the hypnotism, but he couldn’t move or speak, but you could see the terror on his face.

She snapped, and Ross looked confused, and he couldn’t say anything. He couldn’t do anything and silently stood there; he was in control again and looked sickened.

She told him, “Your secret will be revealed very soon. We will quickly find out. You must be so worried about what this will do to your reputation. His eyes were burning with uneasiness, and he tried his best to possess his body again, but nothing worked.

She snapped, and Ross tore his shirt off and threw it at the cheerful crowd. Ross worked incredibly hard for his impressive six-pack abs, and now everyone screamed at this muscular stud. Eventually, he ripped off every article of clothing until he was half-naked in his cute tighty-wighties. He saw the many happy and impressed faces and concluded this wasn’t as bad as he thought, and he bathed in their attraction for him. It was difficult for me to discover a bulge hiding in his underwear. He turned around and twerked with his giant ass flying in the air.

He yelled, “I want someone to yank my underwear off me immediately. I am tired of being in these oppressive clothes. I want to be naked and free. Christina and Rachel, since you two are the hottest gals in the office, would you do me the honor? I want my naked body uncovered to everyone.”

They both gladly practically ran to the stage by Ross. They each held his briefs.

Madame Bourne counted it off, “Let’s see Ross’s nude body in three… two… one…”

And with that, they yanked his appealing undergarments swiftly down to his ankles. Everyone screamed in unison, followed by a muted silence of stark actualization. Their eyes veered to the center of Ross’s nude body, where you wanted to imagine a fully-grown penis, but instead, you were sighted with the teeniest sprout barely reaching past his wrinkly, baby-like balls. That extended speechlessness converted into maniacal laughter very quickly. Ross stood entirely naked in front of the whole company, his micropenis scarcely visible, with no pubic hair, which I am guessing Ross did for it to be seen more, despite it emphasizing the tiny, humiliating size more than anything. Everyone was captivated by how small he was.

I knew what a small penis looked like; I didn’t think it would have been that little boy-like, almost like a baby rattle or a toddler’s toy resembling something relatively microscopic. Ross’s little, tiny cocklette is a liability to his masculinity. He failed to develop in the area women valued and lusted after. Everyone knows the inches a man supplies are his unquestionable worth. No wonder Ross is always so frustrated. I would be, too, with nothing between my legs.

His professional journey dwindled into this moment of horrifying exposure. The crowd consumed every fraction of Ross’s ego – most admired in his exposed shortcomings. In contrast, some cringed from second-hand embarrassment. Even though they were generously endowed, they undoubtedly pictured themselves packing little baby gherkins in Ross’s shoes and couldn’t imagine the painful embarrassment. Every man in the audience knew the fate of a man with no penis, which was an awful reality.

I don’t think he will get any calls from women soon. Many women won’t want to see him naked, knowing what little he was packing underneath his hefty, overcompensating legs. And if he’s lucky enough to travel to the bedroom with a lady friend, they will remain friends after seeing his unimpressive, bare, smooth little grape. He acted like a big man, but no woman would have sex with a man owning such a tiny willy.

The thickness of his legs engulfed his little boy’s penis, almost a non-existent illustration. It was challenging to even see it from where I stood. I was smiling proudly at the irony — Ross did everything he could to overcompensate for having a super tiny penis, which only made it smaller and less evident in the methodology.

Several employees screamed:

“What a tiny, little baby dicklette he has down there.”

“I didn’t know they came that tiny.”

“The sausages provided tonight are huge compared to that little wurst he has wiggling between his legs!”

“I can’t believe I was ever attracted to him!”

“No wonder he is such a massive jerk. I can’t imagine going through life with such a useless package, unable to please anyone.”

“It looks like we have a capital lost here!”

“Nobody wants that tiny nub near them; not gay men or women want something so tragic.”

“Poor guy, that is just a tiny earthworm scared of the world. Is it trying to hide in Ross’s legs?”

“It’s super hot here but very cold for Ross!”

“He should work at Microsoft because that softie is micro, or even that micro is soft.”

“This is what you get for treating us like crap all the time.”

“What an adorable little turtle!”

“My three-year-old son is bigger than him!”

“How cliche the big boss has the most miniature baby carrot I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

Living in a La La Land of hypnotism, he was ignorant of the witty and rather clever comments about his itsy-bitsy manhood. The girls who fancied him were disappointed. The men he played rugby with were having the time of their lives, live-streaming it on their social media accounts for many to see in the rugby space.

Madam Bourne was physically shocked. “In all my years of doing this kind of work, I have never seen a penis so tiny. How are you feeling right now, Ross.”

He giggled and jumped up and down. “I am so happy to share my body with everyone finally. I know I have a little pinky-winky micropenis — or my mom would call it a little vanilla tootsie roll. She gave me that nickname last year after she caught me naked in my room. I told her I hated it when I discreetly thought it was cute.”

Madame Bourne snapped, and a horrified look developed over Ross’s face.

She whispered to him, “You just revealed to everyone how tiny your little penis is. Everyone knows, and you must be so embarrassed. I love it.”

She kissed his blush-filled cheek and snapped.

He continued, “Now, people know, and I don’t need to sulk in depression about it. And honestly, trying to hide my little bouncing tee-tee from everyone is exhausting. Even though how much effort do I need to hide the little lollipop, it does a pretty decent job itself of how small it is. It sucks having a little tiny wee-wee like this,” as he pointed at his under-sized crotch with both hands. “I need to point to my little man so you know exactly where to look. Your eyes may get lost trying to find it, haha.”

He danced and performed his attempt at the helicopter, but his little fella wouldn’t swing like hung ones. “See, look how tiny it is. It doesn’t even swing and just bounces like a little acorn, haha.” He grabbed it with two fingers and flicked it. “The best part about having such a small dinky winky is no one knows when I have a boner, and trust me. I have one almost always; it’s what happens when you are pent up and sexually directionless, especially when you are a virgin.”

Madame Bourne asked, “Is that why you are always such an asshole to everyone?”

Ross nodded. “Yes, I am very sorry about that. Since my penis is freakishly tiny, I thought I needed to overcompensate for not being a man where it matters.”

Everyone couldn’t believe Ross was teasing himself and degrading his newborn-like micro-phallus. They laughed at Ross’s brutal and somewhat awkward honesty, and Madame Bourne looked at his lifeless, soft willy, “You don’t have one right now.”

He looked down at his micro-shaft twiddly wang and giggled, “You are right. I am mildly timid right now. I need someone like her,” and pointed at Kate. Someone beautiful like her would help stimulate and stretch my little guy to vitality.”

She looked surprised and eventually smirked at what he asked her to do.

Madame Bourne snapped and said at Ross’s defeated face, “You are about to have your little ding-a-ling played with on stage in front of hundreds from a request you made. Let’s continue. Would you like us to continue?

He shook his head and screamed inaudibly, but she snapped her fingers again.

As Kate walked up slowly, Ross’s eyes almost bulged out of his horny head, seeing Kate’s gorgeous body draped in a sexy, tight velvet dress. She knelt and placed her pinky over his underdeveloped chode. It was twice the size of his little pickle. She giggled loudly and started swirling it in a small circle with her pinky.

“Yes, baby, please swirl my compact cock around and laugh at how tiny and inexcusably fun-sized my pinky winky is.”

She laughed and held her mouth with her hand. Poor Ross, you can see the fear in his eyes as this goddess decimated and humiliated his little weenie. She poked the little innie of a dicklette inside him like a clit, it popped back out, and she giggled ferociously. She continued playing a delightful peek-a-boo game with his amusing little dick.

“What’s left of your penis is a tiny nub that withered away from your anxiety. Just relax, baby. You and your shriveled-up, little toddler-length penis are safe with me.”

“Thank you, honey. You are beautiful. Do I know you from somewhere?”

“Yes, we attended university together, and you constantly teased me about my fat body. I am now a model and hold this sexual position of domineering power over you, tarnishing your reputation with this crowd. Your powerful identity has been diminished from the little skin tag between your legs. It is pathetic and minuscule,” she declared.

“I am so sorry for bullying you. Privately, I find bigger women hotter because I find a big woman dominating me to be particularly alluring and intimate. And imagine how much I will disappoint her with my micropenis; she won’t feel anything after I pitifully attempt to please her.”

“You should be more than sorry. Because of people like you, I’ve suffered from body-image issues my whole life. But look at me now; I am a famous commercial model making millions of dollars, while you will be stuck with that little irreversible penis your whole life. No matter what you do, that micropenis will stay the same tiny size and eventually shrink into almost nothingness. You should suck my toes like the dirty pig you are, but you will probably enjoy that, so that isn’t happening. Also, you should know all these photos and videos will be shared in every WhatsApp group in our social circle by the night’s end. Any chance you had to escape is officially over.”

His eyes darted away from hers in stained disgrace, but she moved toward his sorrowful eyes. With her intimidating gaze, she forcibly made him look at her rounded, juicy breasts and reflect on his current position. He was in complete uncontrollable dominance, and it was a beautiful scenery. She pulled her dress down so she was naked before him. The audience complimented the view she gave them.

His tiny little willy extended past his grape-like balls to four inches.

The crowd chanted with zeal, “Baby boner!”

She pointed at his tiny, smallish pecker, “Whoa! You are a grower, haha; it grew to almost four inches, which is more than I thought. There may be hope for your little dicklette yet, boy. You want to explode on this stage with hundreds of people taking in the panorama of your little hard-on, don’t you?”

“Yes, mommy, I want to explode badly, and this is the first time my little child-like wee-wee has been played with. I wish I were in a diaper for you to see me as the child my cockle has turned me into.”

“Hehe, I can tell. It is sad to see such a successful man with the potential to do good in the world resort to what you’ve done.”

She moved toward Ross and planted her voluptuous ass on his little baby boner, covering it completely. Ross moaned loudly, garnering condescending squeals from the engaged audience members.

She snorted at Ross and turned to the crowd, “What do you all think? Does Ross deserve to have his little thingy burst of happiness? Does he get a happy ending?”

Everyone shouted in unison, “No!”

She let go of his little boner and said, “I don’t care about you at all, but it must be hard for you to have such a tiny pee-wee in a world full of big cocks. It must stink seeing so many attractive women in the audience, knowing none of them will ever touch your little wiener. That’s so rough for you. You’ll never understand how funny it is for women and men to see a guy running around with a one-inch, as they saw when you danced like an idiotic dupe with your little soft peter, especially since you seem super butthurt over it to try every method to overcompensate for it. After this hypnotism, you will go back to being a worthless scoundrel. But some advice, you shouldn’t be living with the anger of being so small. Just try to embrace your little penis.

She slapped his bare butt and said, “You don’t deserve to cum, baby boy. Cumming is a reward, and why should you be rewarded for being such an arrogant know-it-all who ingratiates himself over everyone else, the toxic aura you reek of, and especially for having such a teensy-weensy prick unable to accomplish anything except entertaining a crowd of people who are tired of how you treat them? You are a bad little boy who deserves to be spanked.”

She looked at the crowd and asked, “Who wants to spank the naughty little boy?”

Conor Riley, a good-looking guy with messy ginger hair and a barely smaller physique than Ross, came up. He walked up and, in Ross’s eyes, recognized him.

Madame Bourne snapped and said to him, “Look whom we have here. You are about to be spanked by a former rival of yours. You must be terrified.” She looked at Ross’s teeny weeny and asked, “Do you have any last words before you are murdered by Conor’s humiliating torture,” knowing he couldn’t answer back?

Conor’s been waiting for this moment for years since he was on a university rugby team rivaling Ross’s. Ross humiliated him after their team lost, and he’s never forgiven him. Madame Bourne informed Conor that Ross’s body is acting alone and pursuing its impulsive urges. In contrast, Ross’s mind is very aware of what is happening. This puts a snarky grin on Conor’s pasty face.

“Hello, little baby boy Ross. How’s it hanging, or should I say, how’s it poking out? That is one tiny cock, and you should feel ashamed of yourself for ridiculing many of us when you have that micro-sized package that anyone would demand to return.”

Ross stood up from his chair, and Conor flicked his little gherkin back and forth with tremendous pride at the authority over him. Conor sat down on the chair and tapped his lap. Ross went over Conor’s lap, rubbing his giant ass.

“You have one beautiful, beefy ass, and it’s just such a shame you have such a tiny little pecker. I almost feel bad for you, but this is so deserving.”

Ross’s eyes looked at the crowd to seek sympathy, but he received nothing besides laughter and white flashes from several cameras. He looked directly at Rachel and Christina, two women who adored him, now joined the others in mocking his little weenie. They were laughing but filled with internal rage that he would flirt with them, only for them to find out he had nothing worth flirting over. He tried to avoid eye contact, but there was always someone he would look right at, and they would laugh, lick their lips, wiggle their pinky, or give him the universal small penis sign.

Conor began to lightly spank him, which made Ross groan out of bliss. “Whoa, dude, don’t blow your tiny load on me. I knew a bitch boy would enjoy this. Imagine enjoying a masculine man spanking you for having a little button. You are a miserable waste of a man with that poor excuse of a boner.

Ross screamed, “Spank me harder, daddy!”

Everyone was floored by what was happening. He began spanking him harder until his ass was becoming a plump tomato.

He whispered, “I know the real Ross can hear me, so I can imagine this is your worst nightmare. Let’s make it even worse for you. Now, with every spank I give you, you must scream, ‘I have a tiny little penis.’ Got it, boy?”

“Yes, daddy. I know it is super tiny, and I want to shout it from the rooftops.”

Conor grabbed Ross’s chin and stared directly into his depressed eyes. Conor didn’t use this position to feel bad for Ross; he used this as motivating ammunition to spank him harder and make the experience even worse. He wanted Ross to cry like a baby boy. With that, Conor spanked Ross with all his energy, and each time Ross shouted how he had a ‘tiny little penis.’ Tears began rolling down his cheeks as Conor spanked him with dire strength and superiority. Conor stood up and demanded a thank you from Ross.

“Thank you so much, daddy, for the much-earned spanking.”

Conor hugged Ross and giggled as his stiff little penis grazed Conor’s leg. He patted his bottom and gave him a little peck on the lips for being a good sport. This victory was for Conor to secure final sovereignty in this showdown. Everyone saw an emasculated Ross renounce the last particle of manhood he had left to offer. Conor walked back with a massive chip on his shoulder, high-fiving several friends and feeling scornful about what he’s wanted to do for years.

Madame Bourne snapped, and Ross was filled with tears as he was painfully spanked in front of hundreds of people. He looked horrifyingly upset, and we all just continued laughing. She snapped, but something went wrong. Instead of continuing his humiliation, Ross screamed and gained complete control and bodily autonomy. Madame Bourne couldn’t do anything about it. He was resistant to her hypnotic voice now. She was dumbfounded, and Ross was right about overcoming hypnotism.

He was so embarrassed and angry, “Finally, I am out of it! How dare you people treat me like you just did. You all are disgusting pieces of shit, and I hope you all rot in hell.”

Madame Bourne laughed, “It’s cute you think you have power over us.”

He continued to go on a screaming rampage, sounding like when a spoiled brat had a hissy fit. His rage made his little cocklette even more satisfying to watch. Sadly for little Ross, he unknowingly left his little dicklette wholly uncovered for the crowd’s continued enjoyment. They just looked at it as it bounced, like when little boys run around naked. It fluttered and quivered to Ross’s anger, and unbeknownst to him, the little guy barely went past his baby balls. Ross finally noticed the laughing crowd looking at his mid-section and life-changing predicament; he looked down at his insignificant genitals. They didn’t even hang down, just poked out as a frightened little nublette. He squealed like a little girl and covered his scared, little gherkin. He cowered with dread, sponging up the horrifying laughter at his shortcomings with condescending pointing.

Ross shouted, “This is harassment! You made me do all those things against my will. I never wanted to do any of them.”

All Madame Bourne could do was chuckle, “Babe, all I did was unleash your body’s innermost desires that want to be fulfilled. Your mind may have resisted, but secretly your body craves to be seen completely naked, have your little dicklette laughed at, have a big mommy dominate you, and be spanked by a masculine man to show you in your place.”

There was nothing he could do because it was true. He could feel his little weenie growing ever so slightly. He ran off the stage, and everyone loved seeing his big bubble butt shake and waggle as he hustled with trepidation. He hurried off too quickly and accidentally fell on his back. His undersized, little toddler stiffy was pointing straight to the ceiling.

Madame Bourne shook her head at Ross, “You can try and deny it, but we can see you have a micro-sized boner just from the sheer mention of what your body truly wants.”

He lashed out in pain and covered his micro cocklette, which was pointless since everyone saw how nanoscopic his little private areas were. Trying to avoid the pain, he groaned, pushed those around him, and sprinted through the swarm of laughing coworkers.

His already burgundy-toned ass was spanked even more as he ran out. Everyone clapped and whistled as he exited the bar, not caring about his clothes, just his dignity, as he hopped utterly naked into an outside, cold, rainy night. I can’t imagine how tiny his little willy will be after he makes it home. The night ended on such a happy note, and this was how you celebrate the holidays. The party continued with senseless merriment from hypnotism, a fun time with coworkers, and rewatching videos of Ross’s micro-berry leap around.


After the year ended, He withered away in his sadness for the evening that will forever haunt him and have him ponder how something like that could have happened. Not much changed physically, except everyone knew about his tiny secret. He now knew his rightful place in the organization. Even though he was still a successful CFO, he couldn’t avoid the continuous smirks he would receive in the hallway. The worst part was that he couldn’t bring it up because he didn’t want to relive the humiliation. After all, it would only remind people of his little baby dicklette hiding in his suited pants. People also consciously used words like “tiny, small, minuscule, etc., to accentuate his social status. He was trapped and slowly became a more empathetic boss toward me and others. If he ever chose to challenge me, I reminded him that he had no authority over me with that tiny baby boy-like penis.

Last I heard, the CEO sternly talked about how he embarrassed him due to his little, tiny, half-inch dinkle. I couldn’t imagine how embarrassed Ross was. It’s too bad he wasn’t fired, but this was even better; knowing everyone around him not only knows about his incredibly shameful micro-secret, but they have seen his pathetically scared peanut, and he can’t do anything about it. He was forced to accept his fate as the small-dicked baby boy in the office, enduring several smirks and chuckles. He was no longer the big man in the office. I was finally happy at work and thriving as the most respected person in the finance division.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.

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