Honeymoon Cuckold

By amenarimix.

I’ve always thought of myself as straight. I’ve attempted to hook up with pretty girls, but I’ve never been successful. I put this down to my thin build, pale skin, long, untidy blonde hair, and the fact that I didn’t go through puberty until I was almost 18 years old, which left me with practically no body hair.

However, what made me feel bad about myself was something no girl had ever witnessed before college. I despised myself for not looking like the stereotypical alpha man. I was afraid that even if I managed to hook up with a girl from school, she would make fun of me, and then everyone would realize that I was worthless since my dick was tiny. It’s almost 4″ long and thin when aroused. So I chose the safest way to lose my virginity. My first girl was a call girl. I’m 26 years old and a software developer at a reputable IT farm, and I’m good at my profession. I don’t have to visit the office often since I can work from home.

“Mom, are you serious?” I was on the phone with my mum. “You set me up on a blind date.”

“Hey, you should thank me. Believe it or not, it will be your first time,” Mom replied. “Just be yourself. She is a good girl and knows you are not as masculine as other males.”

“Alright, thank you very much. Now tell me, how are you?”

“I’ve been better. What about you? You’re losing weight every day. Are you even eating food?” Mom asked. “Why don’t you work from your dad’s house?”

“That’s why I left the house in the first place. You two always baby me.”

“Hehe, you’re still our baby,” Mom replied.

“Love you, mom.”

“I love you too,” Mom responded.

Uff, my mom still likes to baby me. But sometimes I love that, like this blind date she arranged for me. I tried before to ask out girls, but it didn’t go well. However, I have to get ready for my date. I shouldn’t screw up this chance to get married. Mom texted me that she is still hunting for a husband.

I arrived 30 minutes earlier at the restaurant, and my companion came 10 minutes later. I fell in love when I saw her, not in the restaurant, but on Instagram. We talked for almost 30 minutes before our dinner arrived. Then we started eating and talking about our expectations.

“I’m not going to lie that I’ve never been with a man, but I prefer mama’s boy,” Luna giggled.

“OK, I’m close to my mom, but I don’t think I’m mama’s boy.”

“Hehe, I was messing with you. I don’t enjoy being in a relationship where I feel dominated,” Luna giggled.

“So, you’re into a female-led relationship.”

“Mmmm… not exactly or not all the time. I wouldn’t say I like typical male-dominated relationships. There should be understanding. After discussing our thoughts and aspirations, we conclude,” she responded optimistically.

“That’s exactly how I see the relationship’s goal. For your knowledge, I, too, dislike making decisions on my own.”

I think I’m mama’s boy. If not, how did she find my soulmate and set up a blind date? I’m not particularly eager to make every single decision by myself. It’s not that I’m incapable of that; I don’t want to take the stress. I already take a lot of pressure on my job to finish a project. I don’t want to add any new real-life shit. That’s why we call our partner the better half. However, my date was super good with Lina. She liked me and said she’d contact me for the next meet-up. Then, a few months later, we got married.

After two months of marriage, I finally booked a honeymoon in Puerto Rico, U.S.A. It’s close, and we won’t need passports to go there. I completed my office project and planned a 10-day honeymoon getaway. My gorgeous wife was in the kitchen when I entered our new home. I kissed her sexy neck and held her from behind.

“Mmm, my little friend is trying to get inside his cave,” Luna teased me. She gave my dick a nickname, and she had no problem with the shape or size of my body. “What is it?”

“Look what I got for you? It’s a gift for both of us but mostly for you.” I handed over our honeymoon package and airline tickets.

“For nine days. You want to travel the whole island,” she responded with a big smile. “How much money are we spending there?”

“Don’t worry about the money. I got it covered. And it’s not that expensive.”

“Then we have to start packing. Look at my fish curry for a bit; I’ll be right back,” she said.

I took over the kitchen while she started to scan her wardrobe for shopping. That night, we had wild sex. I ate her pussy for at least an hour until she yielded that she couldn’t take it anymore. Then I made a creampie and enjoyed it until she came for one last time. Luna was very open-minded and kinky. We kept trying new things in our married life. After that, we were in bed together in post-orgasmic bliss and started to list our honeymoon to-dos in Puerto Rico.

“Honey, I think carrying dildos and penis sleeves won’t be a good idea,” she asked. “I like your hot, throbbing dick inside me instead of this silicone.”

“I know, but without cock sleeve, I came so fast.”

“We’ve discussed this before: sex isn’t everything in marriage. The doctor said you’re healthy, and we can make babies too. I’m OK with my vibrators,” she reacted gently. “I know you love to see me having multiple orgasms, but I don’t like dildos, babe. You can still make me cum by eating my pussy.”

“I have an idea, but it’s crazy. How about we open our relationship for a couple of weeks?”

“You want to see me with another man? Are you joking or testing me?” Luna asked curiously. “I told you, I knew you had a small dick before our first date. I’m not a size queen.”

“I know, but sometimes you need a big cock inside you. I want to see your pussy get all the attention it deserves.”

“Are you suggesting… cuckold,” she grinned.

“The porn we watched didn’t look bad. Dominated by an alpha male in the bed, trying is not a bad idea.”

“Hey, if I wanted to make you a cucky. Then, I wouldn’t date you in the first place. When we started to have sex, to be honest, I craved some big cock, but that’s just from my experience. I’m getting used to your small dick now,” she comforted me. “Listen, I fucked a few guys with big, thick cocks, and they felt super good. But those guys were real dickheads. Now, please tell me what fetish you are still hiding from me. Before our child learns the word “Slut,” we will explore our fetishes and fantasies.”

“How do you always read me?”

“If you love someone as you love me, you’ll find out what they want from you,” she responded with love. “Just like you found out, I need a big cock.”

“I’m into sph. I don’t know how it got to me, but it came anyway.”

“And you think I didn’t know? Why do you think I call your dick my little friend?” Luna said with a naughty smile. “I’ve noticed you enjoy it more when I refer to your dick as tiny.”

“I know that look. What else did you find out about me?”

“That’ll be a surprise for you. Now let’s sleep. Tomorrow we have lots of things to do,” Luna replied with sleepy eyes. “And always remember, you may not be the tallest or toughest man, but you lavishly indulge me and go out of your way to make me happy.”


We were caught off guard by the beauty of our resort as soon as we arrived. The moment we entered our room, we jumped on the perfect bed to ruin it perfectly. I’m quick in bed, but this time I broke my record.

“That was too quick,” Luna mentioned.

“You’re looking extra hot today. Can I eat my creampie now?”

“Not so fast, honey. I have a surprise for you,” Luna grinned.

“What are you waiting for, babe? I like my creampie fresh and hot.” Then Luna took her phone and texted someone. And right after that text, I heard someone enter our hotel room and close the door. It was a guy, a naked guy.

“You always wanted to see your wife crushed under a muscular man. OK, now today is your lucky day,” she winked. “And he has a big, thick cock too.”

A hot black naked man brought us drinks. I wasn’t sure where to look, cock, eyes, abs, or shoulder. As he walked toward us, I couldn’t help but notice the enormous cock that swung between his legs. It went halfway down his thigh and was as thick as my wrist. He then took a position to my right, putting his big, thick cock at eye level with mine. It was truly enormous. I kept wanting to look but did my best to stay focused.

“Look at those big balls. If you want, our bull can make you a big load of creampie,” Luna whispered. She was correct; those were egg-sized balls. I was wondering how much cum he could store there. Only one of his testicles was large enough to dwarf my entire nut sack.

The man held the drink precisely beside his big, fat cock and gave us the option of which flavor we should take first. His huge black cock was only inches away from me. My hand accidentally grazed his cock while I took a drink from his hand. Then I handed it over to my wife and went for the second one; this time, I was careful. His body was so warm, and his cock was legitimately hotter. I could feel the warmth on my face.

“So, you want to see that cock deep inside me, babe?” Luna smiled. “Hitting my womb until my body shook like a vibrator and pushed it out with a squirt.”

“It’s so big and thick. Are you sure you can take it? Spending our honeymoon nights in a hospital won’t be a good idea now.”

“Hehe, if you help me, I’m sure I can take its whole length,” she moaned at the end of the sentence. “And I won’t make you a cucky who will jerk off from the corner. We’re having a threesome.”

“Threesome or not, compared to his cock, I’m already a cuck.”

“Then it is a win-win situation,” she replied. “Now it’s up to you. I’m OK with whether you embrace your present now or wait a bit longer. I’m already missing your cum eating mouth down there.”

“Hi, I’m David,” he extended his hand to my wife for a handshake or maybe wanted to kiss her married hand.

Now he leaned toward me, and his big, black cock was close to my face. I could feel the taste of his cock in the air. And the smell of his balls was dominating my mind. I inhaled it more unconsciously. It was very musky and heavy. At the same time, my penis was throbbing under the sheets and dripping precum. Although I was in decent health and shape at the time, I was almost feeling fragile due to my small size. I suppose I weighed around 140 pounds and was 5’6″ tall, which made me slender and boyish. The man standing next to me was massive and broad, almost 6’2″ tall, and with tremendous muscles. He was a man’s man and maybe a former college athlete or bodybuilder. The smell of his masculinity was making me more feminine. I couldn’t believe my penis was so close to cum just by watching an alpha male.


“Hi, I’m David,” he extended his hand to my wife for a handshake or maybe wanted to kiss her married hand.

Now he leaned toward me, and his big, black cock was close to my face. I could feel the taste of his cock in the air. And the smell of his balls was dominating my mind. I inhaled it more unconsciously. It was very musky and heavy. At the same time, my penis was throbbing under the sheets and dripping precum. Although I was in decent health and shape at the time, I was almost feeling fragile due to my small size. I suppose I weighed around 140 pounds and was 5’6″ tall, which made me slender and boyish. The man standing next to me was massive and broad, almost 6’2″ tall, and with tremendous muscles. He was a man’s man and maybe a former college athlete or bodybuilder. The smell of his masculinity was making me more feminine. I couldn’t believe I was so close to cum just by watching an alpha male.

Before getting into our new honeymoon experience, let’s step back to see how things started. My wife knew before we met that I had a small cock. So I need to share her first reaction with you guys. It happened on our fourth date in front of her apartment. We were in my car and making out. Even though I knew she was well out of my league, she must have noticed something about me.

As we were making out, Luna’s hand moved to my rock-hard cock, and it immediately started throbbing in her hand. Her touch felt amazing, and I was too close to having my orgasm. She knew I was about to blow up, and what she did after that shocked me. I never thought a girl like Luna would do that to me, at least on our fourth date. She leaned in and took my almost 4-inch dick inside her mouth. Now I realize that four is the magic number for me.

“Haah… Uugh… Aaah…” I was cumming like a teenage boy. “Ahh! Oh… Oh!… Mmmmh! AAAH!”

After I finished in her mouth, she was sucking my soft dick like a straw. I was trembling and quenching on the seat because of my oversensitive tip.

“Mmm, you taste amazing,” Luna said while still tasting my milk on her tongue. “Do you have a special diet for it?”

“Aaa… I ate a lot of fruit,” I replied nervously.

“I wanted to show you my apartment tonight. But you finished fast, so see you later,” Luna said while fixing her dress and hair. Then she leaned in for a goodnight kiss, and I returned with a soft lip kiss. I tasted my sweet cum on her lips with her sweet strawberry-flavored lipstick.

“Wow!” Luna was shocked.


“You just came… I was going for your cheeks,” she replied.

“Aaaa… I thought…”

Luna gave me another bone-chilling surprise when she jumped over on my lap and started feeding me cum whatever was left inside her mouth. I was eating like a good boy, as she was my mommy. Luna had way more experience than I did. As she told me, I was experiencing that. But it was too much for a guy like me to handle so early. It was evident the first time she touched my bare cock, I immediately came.

“To be honest, I like kinky sex,” she replied a few minutes later, and at that point, I ate her saliva and spat till her mouth was almost dry. “Now let me guess, it wasn’t your first time, was it?”

“I’m sorry. I started when I was a little younger, like really young. I enjoy…

“Why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything wrong,” she replied. “Now let me share one of my deepest secrets…”

“You don’t have to…” She put her index finger on my lips and said, “Don’t cut me in the middle of my speaking otherwise…”

“Otherwise, what?”

“Otherwise, I’ll punish you,” she replied dramatically.

“I’ll be a very good boy then.”

“Too late. I’m leaving you with your throbbing hard dick,” she replied seriously.

“But it’s hard for you.”

We were looking at each other, and then she broke the serious mood with a burst-out laugh.

“You should have seen your face,” she laughed. “I was messing with you.”

“So was I.”

“OK, let’s go. I’ll feed you like a mama bird this time,” she winked. “But if you take my punishment tonight, I’ll let you take my ass on our wedding night. What do you say?”

“You are so naughty, but you weren’t acting after all.”

“What would you do if you were in my place?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe that’s why you’re in your place right now,” I replied nervously.

“Haha, seriously, you get into my shit-talking again,” she giggled. “Wow, you weren’t lying on our first date.”

“I’ll never lie to you, babe.”

“Babe? Mmm, I like that. Say it again,” she kinda ordered me.

“Babe, I’ll never lie to you. Babe.”

“I’ll do the same. I promise, sweetie,” she replied. ”Now go home and don’t jerk off. Next night at my place, I’ll milk you again harder than tonight.”

“OK, babe,” I said as I kissed her goodnight. Fuck, I cleaned her well. No one will find she took a load of cum in her mouth about 15 minutes ago. Maybe except for her breath, haha. I was very happy that I called her babe, and she returned it with a sweetie. We were going fast but in a very healthy way.

That night, I dreamed that Luna was playing with my dick while using a vibrator on my perineum right under my nuts. Fuck, I wet my bed sheets badly. My phone was ringing when I was changing the bed sheet.

“Mom, how are you?”

“I’m doing well. What about you, my sweetie pie?” Mom asked.

“I’m doing great.”

“And what about Luna and you?” Mom asked.

“She is so nice.”

“I told you. Just do as she wants,” Mom replied.

Meanwhile, I was preparing for my office and the date night with Luna. I brought a bouquet and then went to her apartment.

“Wow, is it for me?” Luna got surprised.

“Yes, babe.”

“Come in. I have planned many things for you and me,” Luna said. “So, where do you want to start? My bedroom or dining room?”

“Bedroom sounds sexy tonight,” I said, grinning.

“Right to the point. That’s why I like you more,” she replied. “Follow me to the bedroom.” I followed her into the bedroom. “Now, let’s get naked.”

Luna didn’t wait momentarily to get naked, but I was shy about my body, especially my penis size. Last night she saw it, but it was quite dark in the car. Now she will see the whole package.

“Hey, what happened?” she asked. “How do you get so shy suddenly?”

“Luna… Babe, I’m not that muscular… I mean not a bit, and you already know what’s…”

“I know it’s a little on the small side, but it’s not bad. You have watched too much big dick porn, don’t you?” She replied.

“Now I’m scared. Are you sure you don’t have a magic broom?”

“Hehehe, you’re funny. Now get naked. I’ll show you all my sex toys,” she replied bluntly. “I don’t want to hide anything from you before we get into real shit.”

“I like the idea, but maybe you won’t like my secrets.” I was stripping my clothes.

“Babe, it’s not the secret we hate or fear. We only care about honesty, like what we’re doing now,” she replied. “First, let me show you my vibrators. I have four of them.”

“Isn’t that prostate…” I pointed to a curved vibrator.

“Wow, I’m seeing everything I dreamed about in my soulmate in you.” She was surprised that I knew about prostate play. “Are you curious or just playing dumb with me?”

“I just know about anal stuff, maybe in both ways, but I never tried,” I replied. “Aren’t you feeling weird that we are discussing our fetishes and kinks so early in our relationship?”

“Nooo, I’m feeling super weird. Even after a year and a half of relationship, I’ve never been this much open with anyone,” she replied. “When your mom told me about you, I decided I’d show you my true nature from the beginning.”

“What part did you like most when my mom told you about me?”

“That you’re a good boy. I’m tired of dating real men,” she said, taking a deep breath and letting it go.

“You think I’m not a…”

“Hey, I didn’t mean that way. You listen to people and are not arrogant like most men. It’s a compliment, stupid,” she explained.

“So, which toy are we using first?” I giggled a little.

“It depends on you. Is it for you or me?” She grinned. “How about I choose one for you?”

“You just read my mind.”

“Before we start, you need to know what happened to my exes,” Luna responded.

“I’m listening, babe,”

“My ex-boyfriends broke up with me because I was too aggressive in bed,” she said.

“What? Are you into real hardcore? You said you don’t like blood and bruises.”

“Hehe, no, it’s not that. ” I mean, men usually expect women to be submissive during sex,” she continued.

“Now you’ve got a submissive boyfriend, though.”

“Stop joking. Let me finish,” she responded.

“OK, totally mute.”

“Ah-ha, just don’t joke in every sentence,” she smiled. “I don’t like lying on the bed while my legs are wide spread and moaning like a bitch in heat. I love to be on top.”

Then she paused and looked into my eyes. Maybe she was telling me something.

“Are you bored?” she asked.

“Noo, why?”

Then respond by nodding, cracking a small joke, or saying yes. At least moan a little like…” she paused.

“Like a bitch!”

“Not just like a bitch, a bitch in heat,” she laughed. “Where was I?”

“You were saying you loved to be on top.”

“Yes, yes. I like to straddle boys and put my hands on their forearms to pin them down, and then I pound my pussy onto their cocks,” she added. “Sometimes I like to pound their pussies too.”

“Wow, that explains your strap-on collection.”

“Yes, when they get close, I slow down and go up and down in long, teasing strokes to finish them off. Sometimes I like to ruin their orgasm too,” she said. “And their faces when I ruined their orgasm is priceless.”

“That sounds super hot.” Then she leaned in to kiss me, and we started making out.

That was the start of our sexual life together, and then a few weeks later, one night after as-usual amazing sex, she started asking me about things I had tried… what I had loved, what I hadn’t, what I wanted to try, what I was afraid to try.

“Honey, I already told you everything.”

“Do you?” she raised her eyebrows. “What about public sex? We never discussed it properly.”

“Eating your pussy under a restaurant table was super fun. I’m waiting for our next encounter. How about you? We never talked about your strap-on.”

“Yet! Want to try new things with me before getting married?” She asked. “Once you’re getting married, you’re trapped with me; there’s no going back.”

“I know, and I’m still processing the fact that you proposed to me.”

“What choice was there left for me? Your balls are tiny, just like your dick,” Luna teased me. “However, I still want to see you experience things I do every night with my babe. Wow, why are you throbbing? I just fed you.”

“I’m excited about what new things we’re going to explore for the first time.”

“Alright, you remember the prostrate vibrator, right?” Luna asked.

“The one you use for prostate milking.”

“Exactly, but first, we need some preparation. You remember how to use an enema, don’t you?” Luna asked. “If not, then I’ll show you again.”

“Just give me 10 minutes.”

“Make it 30. I’m not fingering you tonight,” she replied.

Luna is so much into butt play. I have to keep my butt clean and hairless regularly. She already eats my ass more than I eat her pussy. Her sex drive is just like a teenager’s. She often surprises me from behind and pulls down my pants to start rimming in the kitchen. Damn, my girl is a slut for the ass!

Once, when she did it, I closed my eyes and soaked in the lovely feelings. She began sucking my dick from behind for several minutes, just like a calf sipping milk from its mother. She moved her fingers to massage my taint—it was quite slick and wet. She was tracing her fingertips up and down over my pucker. Her middle finger stopped on my asshole at that point, and she continued to press.

“Babe, what are you doing? My friends are sitting in the living room.”

“I want to finger you, honey,” she replied lustfully. “You want me to stop?”

“No, just don’t force me to make weird noises.” My helplessness made her giggle, and she pushed her finger in before I finished my sentence. “Ahhh.”

“Keep your mouth shut,” she said. “How does it feel?”

“I am scared. They can walk here anytime. But it’s feeling fantastic. This is new for me. I am lost in the pleasure, babe.”

“It’s new to me, too,” she replied. “What would you say if they saw you? Your fiancée is finger-fucking you in the kitchen. You must need a good explanation for this.”

“At this point, I don’t care.”

“Spread your legs wide. Give me more access,” she said, pushing my thighs apart. “Your tiny balls are so annoying but still produce a good amount of milk for both of us.”

“You’re talking like I’m your cow.”

“Get used to it or cancel the wedding,” she teased.

After I cleaned my colon deeply, I lay on the bed to take her strap-on. Wow, she dressed like a gothic mistress.

“Babe, you’re looking gorgeous.”

“Get ready to take my pink dick,” she replied. “It’s twice your size in both ways.”

“Just don’t make me hospitalize.”

“Are you scared of me now?” she asked.

“Yes, babe.”

“You should. Let’s add more juice to today’s session,” she replied. “Address me as Mistress.”

“OK, mistress.”

“Now, spread your legs wide. I need full access to your pussy,” she said. “Tonight, you are the submissive girl in the bed.”

I complied and lifted my knees off the bed. I tried to rest my feet on the bed.

“Babe, farther,” she grunted.

I shifted my knees up till they were almost at my shoulder level. I had a lower body mass, so I was rather flexible. My feet were hanging in the air. Luna kissed me while leaning over. Her body was pressed firmly against mine. Despite how light she was, I could feel her weight pressing down on me.

“You look so sexy, honey,” she responded. “Do you want me to pin you down on the bed?”

“Babe, sorry. Mistress, you can do whatever you want to do with me. I’m your slutty, dumb bitch.”

“Ohh, you should be, or I’ll make you one. Then I’ll reward you today with multiple orgasms,” she replied. “Do you want my big pink dick inside your pussy?”

“Yes, Mistress. Please fuck my cock, hungry pussy.”

“I’m going to keep making you cum so hard until your udder gets dried,” she gave me a huge grin. “Btw, you’re looking pretty damn hot with your legs in the air.”

Luna positioned herself next to my butt. Her dildo pointed out her crotch, and I was staring at it. It looked huge compared to my little dick.

“Do you like it?” Luna asked, giving it a playful stroke with a lot of lube. “It’s pink just like yours, except a little too vivid.”

“Yes, Mistress. It’s cute.”

“Now relax,” she said, pressing the head of the dildo against my back door. “This will just sting for a split second.”

“OK, Mistress. I’m ready.”

And with that, she gave me a good push, and it just popped inside me. It hurt, but it had gone so fast before I winced. “Ahhhh.”

“Don’t worry. I didn’t take your virginity. Plastic doesn’t count,” she smiled while her dildo still went up my ass. “Just let your body get used to it.”

“Now, I’m feeling a pleasant fullness.”

“Good boy. Are you ready for more?” She stared, sliding more in before I nodded back. “Almost there, honey.”

“It’s still going, Mistress.” I felt her crotch collide against my fat butt after finishing my sentence. And that was the beginning of my anal play before I got to fuck her ass.

***Now, let’s get back to real-time.

“Honey, so what do you say? Should we do it or…” she asked me. “My little friend has already started nodding his head.”

“I don’t know what to say. I’m…”

“Why don’t you talk with him a bit? Then decide,” she responded. “Let me unpack my toys.”

“I thought you were not going to carry them in here.”

“I said your toys, not mine,” she replied.

“Hi, I’m Addison. Sit. Why are you still standing there?”

“Thank you,” David hopped on the bed and sat in my wife’s place in the middle of the bed. “You’re so lucky to have a wife like Luna.”

“Ohh, yes, she is one in a million. She told me she would surprise me on our honeymoon, and you’re beyond my imagination. Hey, in a good way. It was my idea to open up our relationship.”

“Yea, I like it most when the husband and wife are both in bed,” David replied.

“Aaaa, can I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure,” David replied.

“Is it your hobby or profession?”

“Both,” he answered.


“Sometimes I choose a couple for myself, and sometimes a couple chooses me for themselves,” he replied.

“Then, this time, we’re the chosen one!”

“Yeap, I needed a vacation, and I found your wife was looking for a bisexual bull,” he responded cautiously. “Luna didn’t tell me all about you, so we should wait for her. I don’t want to ruin my vacation.”

“Right, but we can talk about what she told you about me.”

“Mmmm, what is she doing there? Haaa aaa, Luna told me you’re bi-curious or almost bisexual. I didn’t get a chance to prove it,” he said.

“Yeap, I enjoy her pegging.”

“That’s not the right answer. Is it just her you like to have sex with, or is it also the pleasure you get from the toys?” he asked.

“Good question. I never think that way. The sex is always good with Luna, no matter how, where, or when. It is always blissful and orgasmic. Isn’t that sound coming from the shower?”

“That explains why she’s taking too long to unpack,” he responded. “Are you upset that she cleaned her pussy by herself?”

“Are you also from the same cult that Luna used to live in?”

“Haha, you’re so funny. She didn’t lie. Don’t worry. We’re going to make a lot of creampies all in three holes,” he said.

“Three holes? Aaa, is that…”

“Stop thinking. She’s coming. Look,” he pointed at my beautiful, super hot wife.

In front of us was a stunning woman, my wife, only dressed in lingerie and standing on her toes instead of high heels. She wore nothing more than a white lace see-through bra and a thong that barely covered her sweet, tight little pink pussy. Her breasts were magnificent and showed a mouthwatering cleavage in that bra. Her firm nipples were nice and perky, piercing through the lace. Her thighs looked soft, and she wore white thigh-high stockings with a garter belt. She looked extremely horny, biting her lips and lusciously looking at me.

“Wow,” David and I jinxed.

“Here is one more jaw-drop surprise.” She had her lower body turned away from us and bowed her one leg slightly to highlight her large, round, beautiful, perfect phat ass. “Do you boys like what you see?”

All we could do was nod while our mouths were in an O-face. Luna walked toward us and sat down next to David. Now we were looking at David’s face, waiting for his decision.

“You two look prettier in person,” David said as he grabbed us from behind and placed his hands on our breasts beneath our underarms. “Kiss me.”

I needed clarification. Did he tell me or Luna or both of us to kiss him? Kissing him wasn’t a big deal, but I had never kissed a dude. At that moment, Luna and David kissed so passionately that I felt left out. I reached a little higher to join them, and Luna broke the ice for me.

“Babe, let me give you a taste of what you’re missing,” she said as she kissed me.

The taste was the same as when I tasted it with my wife before, and nothing different. A few seconds later, David came between us and started kissing us. Naturally, Luna and I parted away and kissed his big, full lips. Luna’s lipstick flavor was all over our lips. It was so hot that I couldn’t wait to release my tension. I moved my hand down to jerk it out, but Luna grabbed my hand before I reached.

“Honey, save it for David. We need your load to be big, thick, and creamy, and it is only possible if you edge,” she responded. “Get behind me and lie down on your back.”

Luna positioned herself on her fours to give David a blowjob while wiggling her butt to give me a signal. I lay underneath her pussy and prepared to give her cunnilingus. She made an appointment to have herself waxed before coming here. She was completely bald, smooth, and exposed. It was a hell of a view. Her pink butterfly lips against her pale skin looked so artistic and delicious. Her wet opening, a pearl of my fresh cum dripping onto her taint.

“Babe, you save it for me.”

“Promises, promises. Now drink up before I drop it all over your face, my cumslut husband,” she replied.

It was so amazing to smell my wife’s pussy. I took a deep breath, the smell making me drunk. I softly licked her to her clitoris when my tongue touched her perineum.

“Uuuuh, mmm,” Luna made a soft moan while she worshiped David’s big thick cock. I couldn’t see much, but she started slowly as if getting to know her way around the new cock. Her mouth stayed near the top, working her tongue around, slicking the purple head with her saliva. Maintaining her double-fisted grip, she started milking the rigid shaft. I could see how deep she had taken his cock. And she was pretty good with that. Almost three-quarters of his cock was inside her mouth and throat.

“Fuck, you’re good with big cocks,” David groaned. “I thought you were on a small penis fetish.”

“Honey, you’ve always wanted to watch me suck another man’s big thick cock, and now I’m making that fantasy a reality,” she said and returned to sucking his cock again to take it deep inside her throat. I never knew that she loved to deep-throat. Her saliva coated every inch of David’s skin, and her hands raced fast along the slickness. Then she pulled his cock from her throat to run her tongue along its length. She then licked his cock head exaggeratedly, like a popsicle on a hot summer day.

“Man, you get this treat whenever and wherever you want,” David exclaimed. “Do you mind if I steal your wife, haha?”

“I’m not his wife. He’s my husband,” she giggled.

Then Luna put her hands on David’s thighs and started push-ups to draw her mouth back and forth rapidly along his rigid shaft. I was experiencing a marvelous moment that Luna and I could never do alone. I was very grateful to my wife for giving me this chance on our honeymoon. Couples on honeymoon have sex like rabbits while I was planning to travel around. Now, who says soulmates don’t exit?

Then I brushed my tongue down her entire wet slit. She delivered her full, raw intimacy and lust to my loving tongue. And with devout hunger, I kissed her temple. I grasped her thighs, causing her pussy to burst open. Her ass was rapidly contracting. Luna’s pussy fluids and seminal fluid were on my lips, chin, and mouth. I gave her vulva another kiss, and this time my tongue kept wandering lower and lower. I continued to stray lower as I passed her silky taint to her hot, sweet pussy. A light touch across her asshole’s little gap along her lewd halo. She was also prepared for anal sex.

“Mmm, mmh, uuuhhhm,” she was moaning, but David’s cock was interrupting her moaning.

Luna’s strenuous work on his cock made her sweaty. I could see beads of sweat beginning to form on her skin. She was tired and then took a break. She stayed propped on the bed, her body flexing with each ragged breath and her lips smacking wetly. I thought she was done with the blowjob, but suddenly she got more hungry for his cock and started blowing him greedily. Her needy whimpering and the sounds of her efforts echoed in my ears.

“You’re making it difficult for me to hold my load for your cum slut husband,” David groaned.

I moved upward in a long stroke and began rhythmic caresses of her clit with my tongue. First, soft and slow, then harder and faster, while my fingers caressed her inner labia and pussy. My motions got more regular, and in opposition to them, her groans grew louder and louder and raspier until they reached a pinnacle before standing still.

“Wow, Addi, you’re very good with your tongue,” David said. “You should see her face.”

Luna’s pussy squeezed my fingers even tighter. Then the tension abruptly decreased as she let go, sending convulsive spasms all around us. I used her body as an instrument. As she gave it to me, she lost all sense of control and experienced perfect satisfaction and tranquility. And as her orgasm spiraled down and stopped with the last breath, the muscles grew weaker and slower, the lightning fading away.

“Aaaahhhhhh, yesss uuuaaaaag, yeeeem, yesss, heeeee,” she exclaimed. “You will find out real soon how it feels on his tongue.”

With her help, I withdrew my cream-covered fingers. I licked them clean before cleaning her tickled womanhood gently.

“Hahaha. Addi now lubed her pussy well.” David ordered me, but I would like it more if he ordered me.

“Honey, where is the bottle?”

“You won’t need it. Just start fucking my pussy,” she replied. “Time to do our first spit-roasted.”

“Man, don’t take too long; I’m dying to try Luna’s pussy,” David responded.

“He needs only four strokes to…” Before Luna finished her sentence, I was on my third stroke, and I had already shot two big, thick ropes inside her pussy. “He’s cumming, hehe. He’s quick in bed but highly effective in other ways.”

“Yes, yes… uh ungh ungh uh uh uh AUGH…..” I was moaning so hard. I was dying for a release when David came into our room from the beginning. Then, shooting more 7-8 thick ropes of cum inside her pussy, I lay beside Luna and in front of David’s crotch.

“You want a kiss, honey?” she asked with a puppy face.

Before I gave her a nod, yes, she pressed her body against mine and buried her tongue deep inside my mouth while her hand found her soft little friend and extracted whatever cum was left in the shaft, and added it to our kiss. I felt her hunger in the way her tongue plunged into my mouth while she was holding the cock in her other hand. But still, David’s cock flavor was very distinguishable inside her and my mouth, so her breath smelled like David’s cock.

“Let me get more of it for you.” Luna gave two long, deep-throated strokes on David’s cock and started kissing me again.

David’s cock was right over my head. It would have covered my face if it had been a little soft. I looked at his cock to study this strange flesh in our life that had already made us supper happy. The view from the underside of his cock was so intimidating. His cock head was broad, the bulging veins coursed along the shaft, and he had big balls. I wanted to see how his cock made space inside my wife’s tight pussy.

“Let me assist you two in sharing my cock,” David said, sitting up on his knees and holding his cock directly in front of my face. His cock was brushing my nose.

“Wow, it’s even bigger than my head,” I responded.

“It’s bigger than your forearm,” she replied.

There was a length of gooey liquid dangling from his cock head. When the string broke, and the drop fell right onto my lips, I tasted David’s raw precum, just like my wife said I’m a cumslut. Luna was so happy to see me do that and immediately planted a smacking kiss on my lips. Then I took a slow, exaggerated lick to taste another drop of precum swelling at his swollen tip.

“You like it the way you like your own?” Luna asked.

“It tastes better…”

“Addi, hurry up, man,” David requested.

“Babe, now take his tip inside your mouth,” Luna ordered me. David held his cock a little high to shove it in my mouth, and when his cock head grazed my lips, I opened my mouth automatically. “Now, David.”

He pushed his cock forward until it filled my mouth and overwhelmed my senses. I thought I’d struggle with the size, but in the end, it naturally slipped almost half of his cock in, as if it was made just for me. The texture of his cock was silky smooth and tasted slightly salty with Luna’s lipstick and musky. He was oozing a lot of precum while I was twisting my tongue against his tip as I did on Luna’s strap-on dick. Then I swirled it around his cock, as he kept going in and out, faster and faster.

“Wow, you’re almost as good as Luna,” David groaned.

“He’s just a little nervous. Give him time. You’ll be amazed by what he can do,” Luna replied. “And go slow. It’s his first time with a real cock.”

I always enjoyed my wife bossing me around; it didn’t matter how macho they were. I would have smiled, but with a mouth full of cock I couldn’t. However, I could feel the veins on the side of his cock while his balls were brushing my hair and forehead.

“Luna turned around; let me stretch your pussy for good,” David said.

She turned and just rested her crotch on my face where my cum was dripping out of her super wet pussy.


I’ve always loved watching my wife rule over others; it didn’t matter how macho they were. I would have smiled, but with a mouth full of cock I couldn’t. However, I could feel the veins on the side of his cock while his balls were brushing my hair and forehead.

“Luna turned around; let me stretch your pussy for good,” David said.

She turned and just rested her crotch on my face where my cum was dripping out of her super wet pussy. Then I began sucking her incredibly sensitive inner lips, slurping up and down her slit and tonguing her delicious pussy. She went wild, tossing her head from side to side and arching her squirming body over me as she was lost in pure bliss.

“She’s gonna cum, if you continue…” David said. “Lick her clit, Addi.”

After a few minutes of her whimpering and squirming under my tongue, I could feel her body starting to reach a peak. I slurped my wet tongue up to her clit and swirled it around the little hood, making the sensitive nubbin pop out more erect, swollen, and throbbing. I licked across the tip, which made her gasp loudly. Then I attacked her clit with my tongue and lips. I pressed my wet tongue against her clit and lapped it backward and forward. She squealed and whimpered and writhed in bliss as I did this.

“Hold my hip,” Luna replied. “I’m losing my balance. Mmmm… ahhh, uuuhhhh. Mmaaoonnh.”

David held Luna’s hip and put his cock head on her pussy entrance. He was waiting for me to move over from her vag. His cock was throbbing and swollen, too big for my wife’s tight hole. When he was rubbing his tip on her slit, I was dipping my tongue down through the valley of her wet pussy opening, bringing more of her and his juice to coat her clit as I worked it hard.

“How’s the taste?” David asked. My tongue was also licking his cock head.

“I can’t wait any longer for the creampie. What are you waiting for, man? Just… ”

Finally, I watched the massive cock slide into her pussy, and her body was overwhelmed by the sensual attack with a series of high-pitched squeaks and squeals. Her body went suddenly rigid, she arched up off of me, and her passion was released as she started cumming violently.

“Babe, your pussy is gripping his cock so tightly.”

“She’s tight like a virgin,” David exclaimed. “Do you guys want me to cum inside this teen pussy?”

Luna moaned, not at the question but because his cock was about to knock on her baby factory’s door. As he was fucking her, she got incredibly sensitive and kept moaning like a crazy bitch.

After a few minutes, maybe less, she screamed, “Ohh yes, fuck me, fuck hard. Oh my fucking God, I’m coming. I’m coming again.”

Her shrieks filled the room as I continued to lick her clit while David’s cock pounded her pussy balls deep, forcing her to ride wave upon wave of orgasms.

“Ahh, yes, yes, ee, mmm, ehh, mmoann, ahhh, uhhh, mmmh.” Luna was pressing her mouth on my crotch to dull the sounds. She gasped, squealed, quivered, and convulsed as her orgasm continued, wracking her body with involuntary spasms of ecstasy as she came long and hard.

“Would you two please pause for a moment, eeehhh, aaahhhhh,” she paused. “Just let me eeeh. MMmhhh.”

When she was about to finish her first long orgasm, I bit her puffy clit with my lips, trying to milk out every ounce of pleasure available to her body. Seeing me, David did the same. He pulled out his cock until his cock head was poking her g-spot, and as expected, she screamed sharply and reached her limit. We made it a little longer, then we eased off and let her calm down.

When I withdrew my tongue, and felt her jelly body still shuddering through the aftermath of her powerful orgasm. And right after, I heard something I never believed I would hear.

“Bae, are you crying? Are you OK?”

A few seconds later, she replied, “I’m OK. Fuck, what did you two do to my body? I’m still shaking.”

“You are ready for the next round!”

“What? I’m done. You make him cum. I’m taking a big, deep, power nap now,” she responded.

“I’m close,” Devid replied.

“Yea, you can’t leave us like that.”

“Hahaha, you guys should have seen your faces,” she replied. “I’m joking. I won’t be sleeping all day on my honeymoon. Shove it inside, big boy.”

“You want me to knock your womb again?” David teased.

“Hell yeah,” she responded.

“You reached her cervix?”

“Want to taste your wife’s womb?” David asked. “Let me bring you some fresh flavor of it.”

He shoved his cock in her pussy in one thrust and held it there for a while.

“Fuck…” she barked. “I didn’t tell you to wreck my door. I can feel it.”

Then he pulled out and presented his cock over my face, and I immediately got to work. I grasped it gently in my hand. Fick, It was hard and warm. I inhaled the scent of his cock, and tasted my wife’s womb and my almost dried cum on the tip. I gently rolled back his foreskin until his cockhead was completely exposed, and I sucked the head into my mouth and swirled it with my tongue, tasting everything. I started to push his cock inside my mouth, taking it further and further into my mouth.

“Mmmmh, fuck, you’re good,” David moaned quietly, and he started to gently fuck my mouth.

“Mmmm, hhamjj, jz, mmmbblidsj.” I was mumbling.

“Hon, your prostate is so swollen,” Luna said, fingering my ass. “You already made a precum puddle on your crotch.”

I was focused on the sensation of his cock in my mouth. It was so hard and tasty. My clitty was busy increasing the area of my precum puddle. David was thrusting, slowly getting deeper and deeper until his cock head brushed my throat opening. I heard him panting lightly as he continued his rhythm, and I knew he was close. I pulled out his cock and put it deep inside Luna’s pussy. He started to grunt and grumble as I busted his big thick cock deeply and quickly into her soaking pussy.

“I’m gonna…” David exhaled and continued to fuck her hard. “Come, aahhh.”

His balls pulled up slightly, I heard another slight grunt and felt the first twitch of our bull’s orgasm, and his cock twitched again, delivering the first spurt of his thick, delicious cum inside my wife’s pussy to make my favorite dessert. Another spurt, another, again and again, I could hear Luna’s pussy filled with his sticky seed.

“My pussy is burning. Bae, suck my clit,” Luna moaned. “Honey, kiss David’s balls while he destroys your wife’s pussy for you.”

She was close to having another orgasm. I tried to kiss his balls, but in that position, it wasn’t possible, so I kissed her stretched pussy lips with his shaft. This kept up while she wrapped her legs around David’s waist and pulled his thrusting rod deeper into her pussy. She had several small orgasms, as evidenced by the change in her breathing and moaning.

“Oh, god, yes, yes, keep shooting your hot cum deep into my womb,” Luna screamed. “Give him the biggest and thickest creampie he has ever seen.”

“Ohh, yes. I’m going to empty my balls inside you,” David replied. “Just pray my potent seed doesn’t knock you up.”

“Only my husband is authorized to use that privilege. Shoot a ton of loads in my womb for my husband to clean up,” she groaned. “I need to feed my hungry husband.”

After the ninth squirt of cream, he was done, and at the same time, Luna also had her orgasm. She stopped screaming and moaning as he finished splashing her womb with his manly seed. Then he held his cock head like a wine cork to not let out the creampie we three just made inside Luna’s pussy. His balls looked relaxed, and I was glad he got to relieve the pressure.

“Man, are you ready?” David asked. “Don’t let a single drop leak out of that gaping hole.”

“Hell, I’m.”

“Here it is, Honey; lick his and my cum out of your loving wife’s pussy and take it all,” she exclaimed.

Our room’s air was hot and ripe with the spicy aroma of wanton fucking. I could smell our combined sweat and sexual discharge from under her crotch. I knew the moment he removed his cock. The creampie would start flowing. I kissed her hot raw pussy and his cock to signal that I was ready.

“Alright, here’s your lunch,” David replied.

As the sweet nectar started flowing on my tongue, it initially tasted a little bitter, but after a big chunk of creampie, the taste turned sweeter and sweeter. Their combined discharge filled my taste buds and nose with a symphony of explosive wild sex. I needed more of it and wanted to fill my mouth with it.

“Babe, give me a little squeeze.”

“Here…” she responded.

Then she tensed and shot a flood of cum into my suctioning mouth. The texture hit me first, the aroma next. It was like a thick, slimy goo flooding into my mouth. The taste was sensual, and the aroma was heady. She moaned as her pussy flinched and expelled gob after gob through my lips and onto the back of my tongue.

“You are a cumslut,” David was astonished. “If you want, I’ll happily cum inside your mouth next time.”

“Next time, you’re coming in both of our mouths,” she responded. “Hon, suck me hard. I think I’m gonna cum again.”

As the flow began to subside, I grabbed her clit with my teeth but under my lips and sucked her hard clit like a dick. I sucked her off, and she started squirting into my mouth. Her watery juice also tasted sweet. She was so excited as she came and came again. David was enjoying the show while his cock was still soaked with juices, and a big chunk of cum was gathering on the tip to drop on the bed. His semi-hard cock looked shiny and delicious. I took it inside my mouth and savored his cum on my tongue, and swirled it around in my mouth, brushing the underside of his softening cock head.

“Honey, your tiny balls are aching so much,” she said. “They are begging to release their sweet milk.”

“Save it for our next round,” David replied.

We were all exhausted and hungry. Then we got to lie on the bed to regain our energy. The taste of his and her juices was lingering all over my mouth. After a while, we started to talk.

“Luna, you told me you guys are into anal,” David said. “So I’m going to stretch some butt, too, right?”

“Definitely,” she responded. “Babe, are you ready to experience multiple orgasms just like the ones I was having?”

“If David doesn’t mind.”

“Haha, I’m bi, remember,” he replied. “I’m gonna make you cum hands-free. Have you ever…”

“Hehe, I pegged him on our wedding night,” she responded. “You can’t believe how many times I made him scream my name that night, and he didn’t get to touch his dick even once.”

“Sounds hot,” David replied. “Love to hear it. If you guys don’t mind…”

“Ohh, sure. Our wedding night still feels like it happened yesterday. We would record it, but having that kind of video is too risky. I wanted to carry him from the car into the bed, but the neighbor… So we divided it: the first half, from the car to the stairs, was his turn, and…”


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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