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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is outed in the gym showers…

I always knew I was on the smaller side, but this was my first real experience with SPH.

A few years ago, I was still in a recreational kickball league (which had a surprising amount of athletic and competitive people in it). We played right outside a gym, so afterward, we could all shower and change before getting a drink.

The locker room was set up so that you would undress by your locker, walk over to the showers, hang up your towel, and then go into a large, open room with shower heads mounted on the wall. I always avoided this by just being the one to pack up all our equipment, and by the time I’m changing, the showers are empty.

So one day, I wrapped my towel around my waist to pull my underwear off while most of the guys were still naked and drying off. I head to the showers and vaguely feel the team captain watching me as I hang the towel. So I awkwardly keep my back to him and sidestep into the shower, eager to get clean and get my towel back on.

A minute into the shower, I hear footsteps and see the team captain half-dressed in the doorway. He asks me to hurry up to get to the pub. I was startled and instinctively turned to him to answer. I could see him look down at my small dick and smirk. I must have looked like a deer in headlights because he just laughed and walked away.

I finish my shower and head back to my locker with my towel firmly around my waist. I tell myself it was all in my head and wasn’t that bad. Then I could hear the captain’s voice from across the locker rooms saying, “All right, get dressed, little kicker, it’s time to go.”

Half my teammates laughed, telling me that they already knew.


Another reader is bullied for his tiny dick…

I attended a summer camp throughout middle school even though I didn’t want to. I was a shy, skinny, late bloomer and mostly kept to myself. And this was a problem whenever we would shower, for obvious reasons. We would shower in the bathroom cabin, and everyone would joke around. But not me. I would try to get in and out as fast as possible. Everyone else had bigger packages than me, and everyone noticed my small dick. I was made fun of for it and became an outsider.

I was bullied by a few older kids there, and it only worsened yearly. One year the ‘leaders’ of the popular group circled me and gave me a wedgie. Everyone heard about it, and I got chuckles and pointing fingers for the rest of the summer. Another year, I was dragged out of bed at night in my tighty whities and thrown into the girl’s cabin. That was super embarrassing, but it, unfortunately, got worse than that.

Last year I went to summer camp a new camp counselor started working there. She was everybody’s crush, a tall, dark-haired girl in her 20s with small but perky tits that caught our attention. She was very outgoing and went with the crowd, laughing at some of the jokes the boys made to me. One day we went swimming at the lake, and my biggest bully decided to pull my swim shorts down. He had told all the girls he would pants me so they’d be ready to see me get humiliated.

He pantsed me on the dock, and my shorts came down, exposing my one-inch soft penis to the whole camp, including the hot camp counselor, laughing her ass off. Everyone was pointing and laughing at me and my tiny penis as I pulled my shorts up and ran off. The rest of the summer, all the girls there made fun of me as they flashed the small penis sign 🤏 and laughed at me.


Meanwhile, this reader has an understanding girl…

She and I met a few years before our encounter. We’d been friends from a distance. She was always nice to me, and so I liked her.

We bumped into each other at a store and talked. She invited me over to her place. We sat and talked for a while. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. She was honest and said, “I haven’t had sex in a while. Do you want to have some no strings attached fun?”

We started kissing and undressing. I was so nervous when I was down to my underwear. She pulled me off the couch and knelt in front of me. Then she pulled down my underwear. I was hard as a rock (silver member). I looked at her facial reaction. She was trying not to laugh. She knew she wouldn’t keep a straight face, so she quickly opened her mouth and took my little thing inside.

When it was time to do it, she pulled out a condom. I knew this wasn’t going to be good. When she tried to put the condom on me, it was clearly too big. I was humiliated.

She asked, “Is there a way to keep this on you?”

“I don’t know. Do you have a smaller-sized condom?” I wanted to cry as I said that.

She said, “Well, no. I’m sorry, but I’ve never seen a dick this small.” She grabbed the condom and pushed it down to my base. “I wonder if it will work like this? Have you ever done it before?”

I answered, “Just once.”

She sat back on the couch and spread her leg open, “Well, try it. I’m curious how such a little one will feel.”

Her words cut like a knife. Why did she have to call it a little one? I lost my erection. I tried to put it in, but it wasn’t working. She reached down to help but noticed I want hard anymore.

“Oh, what’s wrong?”

I said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry it’s small.”

“Here, let’s try again,” she says, getting down and taking it in her mouth again. After a while, I started to get hard again. She returned to the couch and said, “OK, now try.”

I tried again. And again. And again. She reached down to help again and guided it into her. Oh, it felt like heaven.

“OK, there you go. Now do me.”


While this reader sees an escort to get what he needs…

I was eager to get some SPH and was aroused by the idea of paying for an escort, but it only made her humiliate me. I found a local girl online. She does erotic massages for a fee, which is what I want. She can edge me. We messaged a little to schedule a time, and I told her I was interested in humiliating dirty talk.

I wanted to get a lot of humiliation out of it, so I wore panties and a pink chastity belt. We met at some apartment. I thought it was her place, but it was just the massage room with a bathroom. She wore a black see-through top, like a short dress, and black panties. She invites me to sit, offers water, and I pay her. I asked to chat a little first, she seemed experienced, and it was a chill atmosphere. I told her I was wearing chastity because my penis was small, so she would not be surprised when I undressed. She was initially concerned about hygiene, but she was OK to massage me while I was locked and even unlock me if we felt like it.

She says, “So show me what you got there,” and I undress.

She saw the panties and smiled. I told her I was wearing panties and chastity under my dress because it helped me to cope with my small penis issues. She liked it, and we discussed what panties would be ideal for me because those were lingerie and not practical.

I lie naked on the table, face down, and she massages my back and legs. It was long and sexy. We chat a little. I told her about my relationships and asked her about men she massages. After I turned around, I asked her what big cocks she had there, and she showed me my chastity, which seemed too huge. She says she doesn’t have sex often, and my dick doesn’t impress her that much, but when she has sex, it needs to be much bigger than I was packing.

Ultimately, she touches me around chastity and asks if I want to be unlocked. I help her unlock it, and she starts to jerk me slowly. Starts telling me it was really small and wouldn’t satisfy her. She was teasing and edging me because I told her I wanted to be caged, but it ended differently. I asked her if I could cum by myself while kissing her feet. She liked it, sitting on the sofa and giving me a tissue. I kiss the bottom of her feet and cum on the tissue almost instantly.


This reader has some happy times with his wife…

This is the hottest SPH I’ve ever had from my wife. So I convinced her to have sex with me before I left for a work trip, so I was laying in bed, and she took her clothes off and crawled in bed. I was already naked as she reached over to feel I was hard.

“Well, it doesn’t look like you want it very bad. You’re not even hard,” my wife said.

In reality, I was almost completely hard, but my legs were up and hiding some of my erection. “I’ll get there. Why don’t you talk dirty to me? I like it when you joke about my penis sometimes,” I said, trying not to push it too much.

“Get your little guy hard and put him inside me.”

That was enough. So I climbed on top and slid inside with her legs down and not over my shoulders. I started moaning a little and telling her how good it felt. She started moving her legs up, and I stopped her.

“Can we stay like this for a little bit? It feels really good,” I asked.

“Well, it feels good for you, but I can’t feel anything,” she responded.

“Nothing at all? Come on, I’m in pretty deep,” probing a little.

“Love, it’s like a little pencil going inside me. I can feel that there’s something there, but it doesn’t feel good,” my wife said with a straight face.

“Like a pencil, huh?”

“No, like a ‘little’ pencil,” she said.

“I thought it was bigger than that. Come on. It’s gotta feel good, though, me being inside you like this and all tight.”

“No. Not at all. Your little penis is like one of those bachelorette straws with the little penis on the end.”

“Oh wow, so I have a straw penis now?” I asked

She laughed and said, “Yup, just a little straw penis going in and out just a tiny bit.”

“OK, so do you want your legs up or on the side of the bed? Would that be a little better?

“Yes, please. Then I’ll maybe get at least some pleasure out of this. I want to make this worth something for me.”

So I moved her to the side of the bed and slid back inside her.

“Come on, baby, give it all to me,” she said.

“I’m all the way in, hun. How does that feel? Are you filled up?” I asked her.

“Oh. Well, no, but I can feel you now. So give it to me hard,” my wife said, slightly annoyed.

I started pumping hard and said, “Tell me how big I am, baby!”

“Baby? You’re about as big as a baby. You’re so small I can barely feel you.”

Then about twenty seconds later, I came.

As soon as I started, my wife said, “Come on, man. You couldn’t have lasted like a minute or two?”

“Sorry, love. That was hot, so I couldn’t. You’re amazing!”

“Well, I’m at least glad you liked it.”

And with that, we got cleaned up and went to bed. I’m still in shock. My wife said all of that to me. Trying not to push it, but I’ll try to get something like that in the future. Hope you enjoyed it.


Another reader learns some truths about women…

Before knowing my wife, I had a relationship with an older woman (eight years older than me). She had a good character, and our sex life was pretty good. Unlike my wife (5’3″ and curvy), my ex-girlfriend was very tiny (4’9″) with a nice body and a very tight vagina. At the beginning of our relationship (of course) penis size question came out, and she wanted to specify her preferences.

She said, “Penis size doesn’t matter, but I don’t like a short penis. I love the gentle pressure on my cervix. A mix of pain and pleasure simultaneously, and in this way, I get the orgasm very quickly. I am both vaginal and clitorial, but I prefer to reach an orgasm through vaginal sex because it is much more intense and satisfactory than clitoral stimulation.”

Of course, during intercourse, she reached vaginal orgasm rarely or seldom with me and needed additional clitoral stimulation because I’m a silver member of the small dick club.

“I told you I like deep penetration,” she said frustratedly, “Your little thing can’t give me that. But it’s no problem. I still enjoyed it, don’t worry!”

However, it was frustrating to feel inadequate. The most devastating phrases were always the same, “Go deeper. Push it in, I can’t feel it,” when I was already balls deep.

I could never reach the deep areas of her vagina and stimulate the right spots as she would have liked. However and luckily, she never publicly humiliated me during our relationship.

We ended our relationship but are good friends and tell each other everything. After a few months, she started a new relationship. She said about her new guy, “I don’t get along with him, and it was better with you, but I must admit the sex is great, and he makes me cum like crazy. I was surprised by his penis length. He was unsurprised when I pointed this out because other women had told him the same thing. I was used to your short dick.”

She did not say the size but admitted that during intercourse, her cervix was constantly bumped (and, as said before, this was the ‘right key’ for her vaginal orgasms.) I was curious and annoyed and said, “I’m happy for you. So you reach the vaginal orgasm easily, I suppose.”

And she said, “Yes, regularly.”

A few years later, when her relationship ended, we had a sexual encounter. With my penis erect, I said,” I’m sorry, but I don’t have a big dick like Hank. You’ve got to adjust again.”

She disappointedly looked at my little dick and said, “Mmm, I forgot about your short dick. You’re right. It’s very small. Smaller than I remember it now. Compared to Hank, yours is like a little boy’s dick.”

She laughed, and I lost my erection in a few seconds. We never had sex.

All the women I’ve been with don’t like small dicks. Of course, every woman is different. My wife never cums from vaginal sex, even with a large dildo. She hasn’t sensitive spots in deep areas of her vagina and hated having her cervix pounded. (It’s very painful, she says). She told me her previous partners, who ALL had much bigger penises than me, never made cum, either. Not even a g-spot massage makes her cum.

The only way my wife can cum is through clitoral stimulation. Deep penetration feels nice for her, but it doesn’t make her cum. My ex-girlfriend not only loved but needed deep penetration to get an orgasm. That’s why my ex was a size queen, and my wife isn’t.


Meanwhile, this reader’s girlfriend is put off…

I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club. My girlfriend prefers much larger cocks, which we accommodate with toys, fingers, and occasionally other men. I’m in chastity pretty 24/7. Anyway, my girlfriend had a couple of underwhelming Tinder dates with sex partners who either weren’t as big as they claimed or were prejacs, and she was expressing her disappointment to me one night while we lay in bed.

“I don’t know why it’s so hard finding a good guy to fuck,” she told me.

Raising a flirty eyebrow, I said, “Well, you might have to settle for my little dick.”

She gasped, and her eyes bulged. “No way.”

And a few minutes later, after stewing on it for a bit, she sneered at me and said, “Why would you say something so mean? No woman deserves to fuck a small dick. That’s gross.”


While this reader is getting mixed messages from his wife…

I convinced my wife to have sex with me the other night. She said she was tired, so we started missionary with her legs spread a little bit (usually, it’s her legs over my shoulders immediately.). As she was pulling her legs out from the covers and transitioning them to my shoulders, I innocently asked, “Does that feel better, baby?”

“Ya, it does,” she replied.

So me being me, I dug a little deeper. “So you don’t feel it when I rub your clit like that? You like it deeper?” I asked.

“Ya. I know you like it that way, but I can’t feel you with my legs down like that. I can feel you inside me when they’re like this, so it’s a little better.”

So I tried a little more and said, “Oh, you want me super deep inside you then?” as I pushed my dick as far as possible inside her vagina.

“Ya, that’s fine. Just don’t thrust up because it feels weird and kinda hurts.”

“OK, so just nice and deep then,” as I thrust inside her.

“Ya. But you must cum soon because you are way past thirty seconds and close to a minute.”

I started thrusting harder, and she just looked at me and said, “You have ten seconds to cum.”

I came immediately. I thanked her, and she said, “You’re welcome, and next time, don’t cum so fast because I need something too.”

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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