The Best Man

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He was the best man – by oralguy82

My wife’s first lover was my best buddy and best man at our wedding.

He was my neighbor and the one I started sucking back when we got out of high school and were working a job running power lines across some desolate parts of Canada.

Gary was smaller than me in every way, shorter and leaner, except he had a 7 inch cock to my 4 incher. Even though he was smaller than me, he could always beat me at wrestling and any sport activity, and most games of chance. He was just better than me all around. The policy of the company we worked for was, two men to a room, so we always bunked up together. With nothing else to do in very small Canadian towns,we started playing strip poker to pass the time in the evenings. Soon, we decided to play the game and, the person that was striped first would have to jerk off the winner. I lost and soon I was jerking his cock, as he kidded me about; “that was the only way I would ever get to handle a big cock, since mine was so tiny”. I used to always get kidded about my small cock when the guys went skinny dipping or in the shower after gym class. One night we played, and I lost, and he suggested we should play another hand, and if I lost I had to suck him off.

If he lost I got all my clothes back and we would restart. And even that he would suck me off if he lost.

I hesitated about this bet, but he assured me he would let me check my cards before I really had to bet. My cards looked real good, BUT, of course his hand was better. I lost. I didn’t want to suck a cock, but since he could beat me up anyway, he said I owed it to him because I lost the bet, and that he would make me do it if he had to. Gary pointed off that he had committed to sucking me off if he lost, so a bet is a bet. I agreed with what he said, and he said he would not come in my mouth.

As I leaned down by his cock, I hesitated, and just looked at it, then he just pushed on the back of my head and I opened my mouth and took in his cock. He told me how to move my head and how much to suck. I sucked down on his cock and moved my mouth up and down his cock. His cock was really nice, and the experience wasn’t bad at all. I started wondering why guys thought so badly of someone who sucks cock. I kind of liked sucking his cock and really tried to please him. Also it had my cock rock hard, and I was horny as a steer. I was sucking nicely and sliding my mouth up and down his shaft, even giving some nice attention to the head of his cock. It fit so nicely in my mouth.

I totally decided sucking cock wasn’t bad, and he told me when he was going to cum and I finished him off with my hand.

Well after a few times we were playing that way each evening with me sucking cock more and more. One evening as I lost again, we doubled up for 2 blow jobs, then 4 then when the bet would have been for 8 he said, “I’ll let you off the hook, you just do one blow job, but I get to pick how, and get come in your mouth.”

I agreed, and to tell the truth the idea really turned me on. I had been fantasizing about him cumming in my mouth but didn’t feel right about offering to do it myself. I lost, probably on purpose, I didn’t seem to have any command of my brain.

He had me lay on the bed and Gary got on top so he was going to “fuck my mouth”

I was turned on so much, I didn’t even pretend to not want to do it that way.

He slid his cock into my mouth, all the way in, gagging me with the head of his cock and driving some of it into my throat.

I didn’t even try to protest, I sucked down on his cock. I sucked and he stroked his cock in and out of my mouth and throat, stroking and fucking my mouth with his superior cock. He fucked my mouth for minutes stroking in and out, slowly, really controlling and enjoying fucking my mouth. He was fucking deep and long, then he really was ramming hard. Ramming hard into my mouth, he was getting ready to shoot me his load of spunk. Shoot it into my now willing sucking mouth. Then it happened, I could feel him tense up and hold his cock deep in my mouth. His cock started pulsing. As his cock pulsed, it was pumping out cum, he stroked again, stroking and spreading his cum all around in my sucking mouth. I was being used, used as a cum dump, and secretly I loved it.

He also had me jerk off as he came and I guess having my cum while being a cocksucker, set the stage for what, I look at as my sex life today. Getting my pleasure as a hard cock shoots it’s load into my mouth. Getting my rocks off while sucking cum was a trigger for what my sex life became.

After that for about two years we kept doing that after a while we didn’t even pretend with a card game it was just me sucking him a LOT MORE than he ever sucked me. By then my cock had grown to 4 inches and his to just over 8, and thick. He used to show it to me just to be able to make fun of how his was bigger and superior. When we got back to our home city he started dating women and pretty much ignored me, so I found a girl to date myself. He didn’t marry, he just continued to fuck around and chase women. He had landed a really good job, while I was working at the local grocery store.

When I got married, he was the best man at my wedding, and always kidded me about him being “THE BEST MAN”, and whether I could please my wife with my little cock.

I told him she seemed pleased before we were married. (She told me later that it must have been the forbidden fruit of premarital sex that was the only thrill she got from me.)

After 3 weeks of marriage, we stopped having sex, with any regularity. Only about for once a month, then she wouldn’t have any interest until the next month.

One night I was out drinking with Gary, and, I complained about not getting any sex at home.

I probably wanted him to let me suck him off so I could then get a good jerk off for myself as he came in my mouth, but he had a different idea. He said that my little cock wasn’t pleasing my wife, and he would be glad to help out. (A Great guy)!

He said he would seduce her, and then, get her turned on to sex, and then when she realized sex was good, she would fuck me more. Well somehow that sounded logical at the time, funny how a few Southern Comfort Manhattans will alter your judgment.

We went to my house, and Linda had been drinking a little wine that night too.

We sat around drinking a few more, and talking. Talking more about sex.

Gary told her, that I said she wasn’t getting off during sex, and that he had what Linda needed. He moved her hand to the bulge in his pants.

I could tell after she felt the outline of his cock, she was getting turned on to the idea. Then his hand went up under her shirt and he kissed her. She moaned and pressed her tits into his hand.

At that point, she looked at me, when I didn’t say anything, she smiled and went on. Gary’s next move had her blouse and bra off. He felt her naked tits and rubbed her snatch through her shorts.

Then Gary took her hand and put it on the bulge in his pants.

He told her to take it out and see what a real cock was like.

I sat there watching, dumbfounded, turned on, watching my wife being worked over and reaching for another man’s cock. She opened his fly and took out his cock. I could tell by the look on her face, she really liked what she saw. She quickly pealed off her SHORTS and his finger found her cunt. Her legs spread wide apart, as he was finger fucking her. He pushed her back on the couch and and moved his cock to her open wet cunt.

I sat there like a dummy.

His cock entered her. She moaned!

He fucked her, he fucked her hard, he rammed the cock I used to suck in and out of her cunt, fucking her and letting her feel what a real cock felt like. and there was no doubt she liked it, she liked it a lot. He asked her, “Do you like it, do you like my cock, do you like to fuck?”

She replied, “OH GOD YES, I do like sex, I do like to fuck, I love your cock!”

He looked over at me and smiled and said “See I told you this is what she needed.”

I had opened my pants and was stroking my cock as I watched this weird scene.

When he came in her she was moaning and going wild. He pulled out and Linda went right down on his cock to get it hard, she sucked on it, with her juices and his cum combined on his cock.

That’s when he did what I couldn’t believe and something that sealed my fate forever. He got up and said “Let me show you something”.

He walked over to me, I sat there not able to move or think for myself. He pulled me out of my chair, and onto my knees in front of him, he guided my head to his cock. I was so dumb struck, mesmerized, my mouth just opened, my mouth opened and his cock slid in. I sucked him. I could taste the mix of Linda’s cunt juices and his cum mixed on his hardening cock. I could taste that and feel hard cock in my mouth. I sucked cock, sucked on his cock as my wife watched. I sucked on his cock and made it hard, hard so it could fuck my wife again. I knew I was their bitch, and they both knew it too. I was turned on, and jerked myself off.

Then he went back to her and he fucked her for a while on the couch. Then they decided to get more room and comfort, Gary led her to the bed room where they continued to fuck and suck till early in the morning. As Gary left the next morning Linda watched, naked from the bedroom door, and he stopped by me, still in the chair, and pulled out his cock and told me to kiss it and thank it for pleasuring my wife. I did it, I kissed his cock, and said, “Thank you cock for pleasing my wife”.

Well from then on he came over as often as he wanted, and enjoyed the hospitality of our house. I don’t get to fuck her any more, but I guess she is a happy woman and she sure owns me now, making me do her bidding.


The next time Gary came over he brought his brother Matt with him, and I figured nothing was going to happen with Matt there.

Matt is older than Gary, he’s a local cop, and he never liked me much. In school he had seemed to go out of his way to make my life miserable. Especially in gym class, making fun of my non athletic abilities, and in the shower he would tell me to go to another corner since I looked more like a girl than a MAN.

After Linda said hello to them, she disappeared into the bedroom. She came out about 10 minutes later wearing a lavender baby doll, and lavender garter belt and stockings, and see through lavender panties We could see she had shaved her cunt, it looked so nice and hot.

WOW: I think everyone’s cock got hard right away.

Linda sat on the couch between them, and right away their hands went to her tits and cunt, she spread her legs wide and Matt stuffed two fingers in her. He quickly had her bucking and moaning like the slut she had become.

“Finger fuck me, OH Fuck me, FUCK ME!”, she kept saying. And Matt obliged. Her hand went to their pants, feeling a hard cock in each one. She told them to get their cocks out so they could all play.

Well nobody had to be asked a second time, belts were undone, flys unzipped, and underwear pulled down to reveal hard, hot cocks. Linda moved around on the couch so she could suck on Gary’s cock, as Matt kept up his work with his fingers.

I just sat there stupefied. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My little previously demure wife, who would barely let me screw her, and never gave me a blow job, was now acting like biggest cock loving slut I could imagine.

Matt’s cock was just a little bigger than Gary’s; I was to get a better look at it later that night.

Now Linda got down on the floor, begging Gary to get in front of her, and Matt to fuck her from behind.

Gary presented his cock for her mouth, and she sucked it in, and rammed her head forward to take it all in. Matt ran his cock up and down her pussy crack, teasing her like Gary had done before, giving her just little pokes, and thumbing her asshole.

Finally she took her head off of Gary’s cock and cried out, “For God sakes Matt please put you cock in me, I need cock,,, I need to get Fucked.” She pushed her cunt back but couldn’t get Matt to put his cock into her. She begged again. “Matt please fuck me!”

Matt now rammed forward and gave her what she wanted, fucking her HARD, fucking her DEEP.

“OH, OH God yes, Fuck me, FUCK ME,” She cried.

Now Gary moved his cock into her mouth and she gagged on it, taking it in to the balls. They took turns bouncing her back and forth, one cock ramming in, and one cock sliding out, then switching to both ramming into her at the same time.It was like they were trying to get their cocks to meet in the middle of my wife.

It appeared that they had done this before, and for all I know, they had rehearsed it with Linda before they let me see how they would be cuckolding and humiliating me.

Then as Matt was playing with her asshole she pulled her head off of Gary’s cock and she grunted, “YES! Stick you finger in my asshole”. He did. She grunted. At that point I shot off in my pants.

After a second I got up to go to the bathroom and Matt said, ” I think Lil J. just shot off in his pants, he has to go clean his little cocklit.” Linda pulled her mouth free and laughed, “Cocklit, that’s good,,,,, or dicklit”.

“Clittycock” said Gary.

Linda said, ” Is that right hubby, did your little cocklit shoot it’s little load into your little panties?”

I started to walk away when Matt said, in his best cop voice, “Hey, you, answer us, did you pop off?”

“Yes I did.”, I replied. They all laughed again. “Take down your pants so we can see.” Said Matt. I dropped my pants and there was the stain on my underpants.

More laughter. “This must really turn him on.” Matt said. “In a way, that’s too bad, because I would really like to humiliate him, without him getting any pleasure out of it. But as long as I get some prime tail I guess I don’t care”. He continued, “Gary have him suck your cock, you told me about it, but I want to see it.”

Since I had just cum, I really didn’t feel like sucking cock. But it was obvious, that if I didn’t comply, there would be a ramification.

So I stepped out of my pants and walked over to Gary. He stood up so I got to my knees and opened my mouth. He made no move to put his cock into my mouth, so I had to lean forward to suck him.

As I walked over, my cock had gone soft, but now on my knees, and a cock in my mouth, the little bastard, with a mind of it’s own, was getting hard. Linda was in the perfect position to see and said, “Look, he is getting a hard on, he’s getting a HARD ON, by being a cocksucker.”

More laughter. Matt continued to fuck my wife. She moaned and groaned and wiggled her ass.

I continued to suck cock, suck Gary’s hard cock, suck it into my mouth and have it invade my throat, and I was liking it.

Shortly Linda had her head down pillowed on her arms, and was coming and coming.

Then Gary announced that he was about to come, and then proceeded to do so in my mouth. He shot his load into my now willing mouth, then stroked in and out spreading his come all in my mouth hole, letting me taste his spunk again. It was a very big load testifying to the heat of this scene.

I gagged and swallowed it, I swallowed his cum for his pleasure and the amusement of all of them.

Then Matt announced he was shooting off into my wife.

After he calmed down he asked me, “Did you swallow Gary’s load like a good little cocksucker?” I didn’t reply. “ANSWER ME”.

“Yes I swallowed his load.”, I said.

As he pulled out he said, “Good then get over here and clean me off, then clean up your wife.” “Don’t move Linda” Linda remained on her knees.

I went over to Matt and got down and took his cock into my mouth. Since he was still kneeling down it forced me to get down on my back and scoot to his cock. He leaned forward a little and put it in my mouth. “There now you can get what you like, a nice big cock to suck, fag boy.” I sucked it and licked it off I now tasted his cum, his cum right from his cock, mixing it with Gary’s cum.

When he was satisfied, he took my head and directed it to Linda’s now dripping cunt. I licked her clean of her and Matt’s cum catching and eating the copious cum dripping out of her cunt, Matt’s cum, the cum of someone who despised me and whom I despised too..

Matt told me to be sure and lick her asshole while my mouth was there. This induced moans from my wife. I changed positions and licked the asshole of my kneeling wife, this elicited moans of pleasure from her, moans I had not heard for me for a long time.

Matt told me to strip down and wait in the corner, on my knees.

By now both Gary and Matt were hard again and Matt had Linda stand up and then bend over so he could take her from behind.

He then started to push her around the room, impaled on his cock, telling her not to let it come out. She look ridiculous as he steered her around, then would stop and back up, making her walk backwards so she wouldn’t loose the cock she craved.

He made her say that his cock was the best cock, and that she loved it, and would do anything to have it in her, and that it was so much better than her husband’s cock. That even though she was just a slut for big hard cocks, that she was more of a man than her cock-sucking husband.

Then Gary got back in front of her and they gave her another round of a twosome. I kneeled there watching this spectacle, my cock hard and straining for another release.

They had Linda suck and fuck with them for a while then, Matt decided he wanted me. He walked over and put his hard cock in front of my face. I turned away, and got a slap on my face for my disobedience. I turned my head back facing his cock and he moved it forward bumping against my lips. Then put his hand on my head, and pushed my mouth onto his cock. He then grabbed my hair holding my head just how he wanted it on his cock. Next he backed up making me follow him on my knees as I continued sucking on his cock. He continued to humiliate me and enjoy my cocksucking for a while, then he held my head and started ramming his hard cock in and out of my mouth.

He fucked my mouth laughing and calling me a boy pussy and then finished and his cock unloaded into my mouth. It shot a big load and filled my mouth and I drooled some out as his pistoning cock spread his cum in my mouth and shot into my throat.

Matt let out a large satisfied sigh and kind of fell back into my chair. I remained on my knees still coughing and drooling cum.

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