The Camp Wimp

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Cleaning Up – by PurpleMonkeyDishwash

Dennis awoke to the sun shining brightly in his eyes. He sat up and stretched his arms, then looked around the room. He was on the top bunk of a bed in the corner, surrounded by other bunk beds full of sleeping boys. Dennis chose this bed for one reason, so that the sun would wake him up each morning before anyone else arose.

He had just turned eighteen a week ago, June 2nd, and he had chosen to spend his summer break at camp as a camper. Dennis would be a senior in high school the next year, fairly old for his grade, so he was in the oldest cabin of campers.

The reason Dennis wanted to wake up so early was so he could sneak off to the restroom connected to this bunk and jerk off. Dennis wasn’t very popular or handsome, so he was pretty used to being rejected by girls. But here, at this summer camp, he was surrounded by beautiful women in tiny swimsuits, running around playing sports and gulping down dripping bottles of water. A lot of the time, Dennis had to go hide under a tree and stroke himself over his pants.

Even worse was the fact that all of the other campers were always fucking these girls, and none of them liked Dennis.

Everytime Dennis would try to go up and talk to anyone, a big stronger boy from his cabin would shove him out-of-the-way, and the girl he was trying to talk to would giggle, and hold onto the other boy. Dennis was always humiliated.

One time, after such an encounter, Dennis started walking back to the cabin when he heard screams coming from behind a building. Dennis rushed to see what it was.

Ronald, one of the boys from his cabin, was poking his fat pink dick into Melissa behind a cabin. Melissa was screaming in pleasure as her plumped tits bounced up and down with each stroke.

This got Dennis so hard that he scurried back to his cabin to jerk off.

However, right in the middle, Ronald walked in with a whole group of the girls, Melissa, Lilly, Laura and Krista.

When they saw Dennis sitting on the edge of his bed, pants at his ankles, furiously rubbing his cock, they all burst into laughter. Dennis didn’t have a very large penis either, and Laura was sure to yell out, “Oh my god, he’s got such a tiny prick!”

When Dennis heard this, he stopped and looked up at all the girls.

The sight of these scantily glad girls and his hand on his dick was too much for Dennis. His dick began contracting and spurt out a tiny puddle of cum onto the floor. Ronald and the girls started laughing even harder.

“Hey!” Ronald yelled, “You can’t make a mess like that in our cabin, clean it up.”

Dennis, so embarrassed about being caught, was quick to obey, and leaped down to the ground from his bed and started mopping the cum up with his discarded pants. His cock was still exposed, and was starting to shrivel even more from the embarrassment.

“So where were we?” Dennis heard one of the girls coo, and they all started giggling flirtatious. As if they had forgotten he was even there, the four girls and Ronald all climbed onto Ronald’s bed and started undressing. They were going to have sex right in front of Dennis!

The girls quickly threw all of their clothes onto the floor, Melissa’s panties landing right in Dennis’s pile of cum. He picked up the precious underwear and sniffed it. It smelled like sex.

A bra landed to Dennis’s right, and he stared at it intensely. There was a small stain in each cup and Dennis picked that up and smelled it too. One of the girls had let someone cum in her bra. Dennis began to get his little dick hard again.

On the bed, Laura straddled Ronald’s face, and he began lapping up her pussy quickly. Melissa and Krista each alternated sucking Ronald’s dick, which Dennis saw was at least three times bigger than his own.

Lilly, however, sat on the edge of the bed, completely naked, and was stroking her wet pussy dutifully. She was staring intensely at Ronald’s cock. Dennis stared up at her boobs. They were the nicest pair out of all of them. Firm yet big, they looked like rain drops swollen with flesh. His puny cock was rock hard now.

Lilly glanced from Ronald’s cock over to Dennis’s hungry eyes. She smiled maliciously when she saw him looking at her.

When Dennis began stroking his cock again, Ronald shot up from Laura’s pussy and yelled.

“Dude!” he said, his cock being sucked by three girls now, “No jerking off! You’ll make a mess on the floor again!”

The other girls’ mouths were full, but Lilly laughed teasingly at Ronald’s comment. Her boobs jiggled slightly as she laughed.

“Clean up these clothes too, while you’re there,” Ronald added.

So, Dennis, still hard but small, stood up and gathered all of the girl’s clothes. To be fair, there wasn’t a lot of it. Two of them wore just a tang top and a bra, while the other two wore just bikini tops. They all wore panties and really short shorts with writing on the back. “Jizz hole” one of them read.

Dennis placed the clothes into the corner as he listened to Ronald getting sucked off. He watched as Ronald pushed the girls off his dick and mounted Krista. The other two started fingering each other as Lilly still masturbated. She was watching Dennis still.

Dennis sat there for about a half hour watching Ronald fuck each of these girls in turn, including Lilly. As he fucked her doggy style, she still stared at Dennis, tits flying towards him like huge bags of milk.

When he was done, they all gathered beneath him as he shot his load, coating all the girl’s chests in a light layer of spunk. They licked it off each other greedily.

“See?” Krysta said to Dennis, “We’re hear to make sure our man doesn’t make a mess on the floor. You don’t have anyone to eat your cum.” And here, she smacked her lips gently.

“I’ve got lifeguard duty about fifteen minutes ago,” Ronald said, picking up a pair of swimming trunks from his shelves, “Dennis, dress these girls for me and send them on their way or I’ll tell everyone about the mess you made.”

Dennis, scared of getting in trouble, took the pile of clothes from the corner and sorted them onto each girl. His hands scanned their flesh as he placed their clothes on, and his small dick rubbed up against their bodies.

“No jerking it!” Melissa warned him as his hand came close to his cock. Her boobs were almost in his face at this point.

Dennis learned that Lilly was the one with the cum stained bra, and as he put it on her, a huge splat of Ronald’s jizz dripped off Lilly’s breast and stuck onto Dennis’s own chest. All the girl though this was hilarious, but Lilly undid the bra that Dennis had put on and wiped her boobs against Dennis’s cum stained chest, scooping the misplaced jizz back onto her own breast. As the soft lumps of Lilly’s tits passed over him, Dennis swore he could feel his dick about to explode.

After he had dressed the girls, they left, and Dennis put his own clothes back on. He didn’t dare masturbate; he was scared of Ronald’s threat.

That was why he chose to wake up so early, so he could sneak off to the boy’s restroom and jerk off.

He chose the stall next to the sink and pulled down his pants. His dick was almost as hard as it was when he watched Ronald fuck the girls, and he placed his hand gently on the shaft. He moved it up and down with pleasure.

Just then, he heard the door to the restroom open and saw a set of bare feet enter through the door.

“What?” Dennis thought, “All the guys normally sleep in!”

He heard the giggle of a girl from under the stall. So it wasn’t a guy!

“Who’s that in the stall, said the voice, and Dennis recognized it as Lilly. Her feet walked over to his door and knocked.

“Who’s there?” she asked again, and Dennis pulled his feet up so she couldn’t see them.

“No, I already saw you,” she said, and pulled open the stall door. The locks were cheap, so she was easily able to enter the stall.

“Dennis!” she said, smirking, “I thought you weren’t allowed to jerk off!”

Lilly was completely naked, and a huge glob of cum was dripping from her mouth and glazing her tits in shiny white. Her pussy was full of spunk too, dripping down her thighs and nearly touching her ankles.

“Yeah, I just fucked Marcus,” she told Dennis, “Twice.” She added a giggle at the end.

“But he went to sleep,” she said, “And I figured I’d get cleaned up.”

Her boobs were still dripping cum, and Dennis unconsciously began to stroke his dick again.

“You’re really horny, aren’t you?” she asked, and Dennis nodded.

“Well, I guess one jerk won’t hurt.”

She bent down onto her near and squeezed her tits together with her hands.

“Come on,” she said, “I’ll let you place your load right there.”

He began masturbating very quickly, entranced by the beautiful glossy orbs of Lilly’s chest.

“That thing really is small,” she noted, “God, I wouldn’t be able to even feel that!”

It didn’t take long until Dennis started erupting his stream of cum.

“For such a tiny weenie, you sure have a lot of juice,” she said, letting the new white stream coat her tits, “Come one, give mama some more.”

Dennis continued to pump harder until his tiny dick was drained.

“Oh well,” she said, “I guess that’s it.”

She got off her knees and sat her nude butt down onto Dennis’s lap.

“My nice ass is going to squeeze your dick until it’s even smaller!” she joked, then shoved her messy breasts into Dennis’s face.

“Clean up your mess,” she told him, “And eat Marcus’s too.”

Dennis make quick work of her jazzed covered treasures, lopping up each glob of cum with a patient slurp.

“Good teenie weenie,” she told him, then made him sit on the floor and get her pussy too.

“And finally,” she said, turning around, “My ass. He didn’t cum in there, but I shit last night and I think there still may be some left.”

Dennis’s tongue poked into the beautiful cheeks on Lilly’s behind and sopped up all the brown mess in her tight hole.

“That’s sick,” she told him, standing up, “That’s disgusting, little man.”

She opened the door to the stall and waltz out, her ass shiny from Dennis’s tongue.

“You want to clean me up like that every time I fuck your friends?” she suggested, and Dennis nodded willingly.

“Okay then,” she told him, “That’s our deal.” She smiled and left the room. Dennis went back to his bed and closed his eyes. He could probably get one more hour of sleep.

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