Exchange Play 3

By StorieCap.

Read Part 1 Here. – In the year 2060, you can temporarily exchange body parts with strangers over the internet with a device and an app. While doing a random exchange, you end up with a tiny premature cock. At the end of the temporary exchange, your original cock doesn’t return to you, and you’re stuck with this one for now until the mystery is resolved.
Read Part 2 Here. – After the incident, you try to seek medical help to fix your “problem” but no solutions are found. Because of this, you resign to learn to live with your new reality. In the end, you and your girlfriend adapt to this new situation until you learn that the exchange play company finally found the guy who kept your exchanged manhood.


Part 3…

Again, you read the message on your phone: “Please reply as soon as you can. We may have found the other user who took your penis.”

Somehow, you would have expected to be overjoyed at the sight of this, but for some reason, it just made you a bit anxious.

“Is something wrong, baby?” Your girlfriend asked you as she seemed to pick up that something was worrying you.

“Oh no, everything’s fine. I just received an email. It’s from the Exchange Play company. It says they may have found the user who stole my dick.”

For a second, there seemed to be silence between the both of you.

“Well, that’s great, honey. You’ll finally be able to go back to normal.” She said, forcing a smile.

You could see that she was trying to be supportive, but by the way, she was nervously playing with her hair. It seemed more like she was annoyed by something.

“Yeah, finally… I was kinda getting used to this, but I guess it’s a good thing that I finally get to go back to my former self.”

As you said this, your girlfriend seemed to have a bit of a melancholic expression. As much as she was trying to hide her disappointment with the situation, she couldn’t hide her genuine emotions from you, who knew her so well.

“You know… before I contact them, maybe we could have one last session with my small bit tonight, after work?”

As those words left your mouth, you saw the eyes of your brunette glow up. All the sadness vanished from her face. She jumped on you, giving you a warm hug.

“Yes! That’s such a good idea, baby! Might as well end this with a good memory.” She said as she kissed you.

The soft-touch of her lips on yours was always so sweet. You felt the warmth of her body pressed against yours. Her hard nipples rubbed on your chest through the fabric of your shirts. You could feel the head of your little pecker straining against your tight underwear. You could feel your small member beginning to throb. Before it became too much, her lips left yours, leaving you to meet the sweet loving stare she was giving you.

Soon enough, you both had to pick up your things and get to your workplaces.


Even though you were looking at your computer in your cubicle, you could not focus on your work. All you could think of was the email you received. Why weren’t you happy to finally have some good news about this. Could it be that you finally adjusted to your new situation? Even more troubling was the reaction of your girlfriend. Even though she tried to hide it, it was clear to you that the prospect of you getting your cock back wasn’t pleasing her… How could that be? With this new tiny cock, you didn’t even manage to penetrate her once! How could she like anything about this situation? All you were able to do to please her was eat her pussy. Ever since the incident, you gave your 110% trying to please her by other means than penetration. This thought started to remind you of the sweet honey-like taste and smell of your girl, her suckable nipple and round ass-cheek… No-no-no, you had to stop this train of thoughts because it was giving you a raging hard-on.

Bzzt. Bzzt. You picked up your phone as you felt its notification vibration.

It was a text from your girlfriend: “Hey babe, how are you doing?”

“Alright, I’m having a bit of a hard time trying to focus, with all that’s happening…” You responded.

“Aww… Me too, I’m having a hard time trying to focus. I can’t stop thinking about our upcoming evening together…”. With the message was an attached selfie. The picture was of her pulling down a bit on her blouse to give you a good view of cleavage.

“Oh fuck baby, you can’t send me this when I’m at work… My cock is so hard because of you.” You responded. Your cocklet was pulsing in your underwear. You knew you were playing a dangerous game, but you just couldn’t look away from the picture.

Another SMS came from her: “I don’t get it, baby? Did you get a tiny stiffy because of such a tame picture? If this got, you turned on, what about this?” Another picture followed with this text. She lifted her skirt to show you her ass, which was barely covered by her small pink panties.

This was so hot. Knowing she probably had to hide at her workplace to take those photos only made it naughtier! You could feel the precum dripping out of your tip. There was perhaps a wet patch on your underwear now…

“Honey, you got to stop. My dick is dripping now. I can’t…” You sent her, trying to calm her. For a good 6 minutes, you didn’t receive any new text, so you thought she understood she had to stop. Until you received a new message accompanied by a video…

“Me too, I’m wet because of you… I just can’t stop thinking about your cute cock!” Even though you knew you shouldn’t open the video, you just couldn’t resist.

As the video started, you saw that she was sitting in her workplace bathroom. She was filming in selfie mode. She was sucking on her fingers to make them wet. Seeing her wet fingers come in and out of her red lips was so sexy. Once it was wet enough, her fingers went down to her clit. As you saw her rhythmic massage and fingering, it almost felt as if she was touching you too… Her movements accelerated. You knew she was holding her moans. At the same time, your small dick was throbbing hard in your underwear. You just hoped no one was looking towards you in the office as you squirmed in your chair, looking at the video.

You could feel your dick tingle and your balls tense up as the video closed upon her gushing cunt. As soon as she started to climax in the video, you climaxed too in your pants… Spurts after spurts, you were helpless. You didn’t even have to touch your cock, and now it was throwing cum in your pants. After you cooled down a bit, you looked around the office. There was no one near you, and those farther didn’t seem to have a direct line of sight on you… Luckily, no one seemed to have witnessed your shameful display. Quickly you went to the bathroom to throw away your creamed briefs.

“Fuck babe… I came in my pants because of you!” You sent her.

“😍😍😍… So hot! Just wait for tonight, and I’ll make it even naughtier!” She responded through SMS…


Back at home, after you finished eating supper, your girl looked at you with a bit of an incredulous stare and asked you :

“So… what you texted me today, about you cumming in your pants. Was it true?”

“Well… Yes. I told you to stop sending me stuff. You know how sensitive I am…” You responded, embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

“No… That’s so pathetic… You’re so cute! Fuck, I think it’s turning me on again!” She said, with a flame of passion burning in her eyes.

“You think it’s hot that I’m such a quick shot?” You asked, confused by her revelation.

“Well, I just find it so sexy to know I have such an effect on you! Fuck, just looking at your helpless face makes me want to rape you!” She said, biting her lips.

You couldn’t believe what you had just heard, but it all made sense. The way she looked at you when you got your tiny boners. How she “comforted” when you came too soon. The whole time, she rejoiced at the effect she had on you. She thrilled to see that bothered face of yours. She was drunk on the sexual power she held on you.

“So what, are you just gonna stare at me like that? Or are you gonna come to the bedroom with me so we’ll give one hell of a ride to your little guy before we get your old one back?” She asked you, taking your hand to lead you to the bedroom.

The following events seemed almost like a blur to your senses. All of a sudden, you were making out with her while she unbuttoned your pants. You were both tearing off your clothes off each other backs, like some passionate teenagers having sex for the first time. As you both rolled on the bed, you kissed her all over her body. The smell of her sweet perfume filled your lungs.

As she laid on her back on the bed, you started to go down on her. From her neck to a squeeze of her breast, a kiss on her stomach down to her nether region. As she passed her fingers through your hair, she pushed your face to her already wet pussy.

“Please, baby, give me a bit of attention. You’re so good at that!” She begged.

“Oh fuck, you’re way too sexy! You didn’t have to ask,” You murmured before starting to lick her.

Her lower lips were already so wet. As your tongue went up to her clit, her back arched.

“Ah yes! I’ve been waiting for this all day, baby,” She moaned.

Every time you took a look at her, you were stunned by her beauty. Her perky tits jiggled on her chest as she squirmed each time you sucked on her clit. At that point, your small dicklet was dripping precum. It was standing so proud at about two inches of pure hardness.

“Babe, I want to try at least one last time. I want to try to fuck you with it,” You said suddenly, realizing it was the last you were gonna feel that pure feeling of uncontrolled ecstasy.

Even though it was humiliating, there was something just so intoxicating about having absolutely no control over your climax. You knew that once you got your original cock back, you’d never get this feeling again.

“Go for it, hubby. Get your tiny cutie in me!” She said, smiling at me.

“Alright… I’ll give my best effort this time.” You said with a determined look on your face.

You pulled up on her, aligning your cock to take her in the missionary position. Your tiny nub was throbbing and drooling. As it contacted her warm wet pussy, it felt as if your orgasm was only a fraction of a second away.

“Come on, baby. Don’t leave me waiting. Slide that cute thing in me. I want to feel it,” Your girlfriend asked of you.

Those words only pushed you closer to the point of no return. You felt pure excitement all over your body as you slowly pushed your tiny cock through her lips in her warm cunt. You had almost forgotten that feeling! Warmth enveloped your cock. Considering your size, her pussy felt surprisingly tight on it.

“Oh wow, babe! You did it! I’m so proud of you!” Your girl exclaimed as she felt you inside of her.

“It’s so good… Fuck, I just can’t believe it! Ah shit, I don’t think I’ll last longer than that!” You exclaimed.

“It’s alright, honey. Come on, let your little stiffy have its cummies in me. Cum for me now!”

That was way too much. You felt the tingling coming over your cock. A wave of pleasure causes your hips to buck, making you cum in her at your second thrust. Little ropes of cum went “deep” in her. You rolled over, dizzy because of the sensations.

“Oh no, mister! You’re not done! Put this on!” She said as she handed you the hollowed transparent strapon of the other night.

You slid your nub in it, strapped on the thing on your waist, and immediately after that, your girlfriend pinned you down on your back.

“I don’t care that you got your rubber cock. Now it’s me that’s in control!” She said as she aligned the head of your plastic cock to her entrance.

She stood over you in a cowgirl position, and once “your” cock was well aligned, she slammed her hips on the 8-inch rod.

“Oh fuck, that’s what I’m talking about!” She screamed in pleasure.

The vision she gave you of seeing the translucid strapon gliding in and out her pussy, and her cute tits jiggling over you was enough to make you hard again. She moaned and grabbed her tit as she went up and down aggressively on your lap. Even though your cock didn’t contact her directly, you started to pant again. Her bouncing on you was too much, even with the strapon…

“Fuck, babe, are you alright? You’re breathing loudly. Are you gonna cum again? Even with a strap-on over your dick? Am I that hot to you?” She asked with a smirk on her face as she moaned.

“Oh yes, honey, you’re just too much for me!” You replied, squealing in pleasure.

“Fuck, I love when you tell me this… Come on, babe, I’m cumming. Cum with me!” She screamed in ecstasy.

As she shook in her climax, you felt her fingernail on your chest digging in your flesh. That bit of pain was enough to push over the edge again, feeling a bit less cum spurting out of your dick than last time.

After a few minutes of rest from this unreal experience, you turned to your sweety mess of a girlfriend: “That was so good. You’re just too sexy, honey.”

“You’re not bad either… I’m pretty sure that’s the best sex I ever had,” she replied, exhausted.

“Really? Even better than when I had my original cock?” You asked.

“mmhm… Yeah… I think there was just something to this time that was special…”

For a moment, you remained silent, thinking a bit. As you looked at your small shaft, you had an idea…

“I was thinking, and maybe, if they let me do it, I could ask the exchange play company if I could keep this small dick… What do you think?” You ask your girlfriend.

Immediately, her eyes lighted up with surprise and happiness.

“Really!? Would you do that for me? Uhm… I didn’t mean to say that… eh… I mean, I will still love you whatever is your choice…” She replied sheepishly.

“Oh, come on. I saw it. I know how much you like that tiny premature dick of mine… That or the power it gives you over me… Anyway, I’ll just ask them if I can keep, but they’ll probably say no if they really found the guy…”

“Oh… You got me, haha. I would have never taught I could like a guy with a dick like that… But here I am, getting turned on each time I see this cute tiny boner of yours… But yeah, ask them. We never know.” She responded.



The next morning…

The morning had a more solemn feeling as you decided to call the guy from the company. You and your girlfriend were dreading the answer to the question you wanted to ask. You picked your courage and dialed the number.

… driiiiiing… driiiiiing…

“Hi, I’m Daniel Moore from the exchange play company. You finally called us,” Answered the representative of the company.

“Yes, sorry. I was out for business. I didn’t have time to call you. You said you had news about my incident?” You lied.

“Yes, mister. First, I’d like to apologize to you for all that has happened. We finally found the culprit. It was one of our senior programmers. To make a long story short: His wife was divorcing him, and he blamed it on his bedroom issues… as you would understand. He used an exploit of the system to keep your penis…”

“So, you found the guy?” You asked the representative.

“Yes, but sadly it was too late… When his wife found out what he did, she still rejected him. And well… He got drunk and got in an accident. He survived but, how could I say, his genital organs are no longer in a useable state.”

The tone of the representative was serious. Even though it gave you the result you wanted, it still hit you like a ton of bricks.

The representative continued: “We understand the gravity of the situation. I will let the legal team handle the rest, but I can assure you we will do everything in our power to compensate you. I’m sorry for all of this. We will contact you soon for the rest.”

“Oh… Ok, have a good day…” You reply with a stoic tone.

Since you were on speakerphone, your girlfriend heard the whole thing.

“Fuck, I guess we got what we wanted. But I didn’t want it this way.” You said to your girlfriend.

“Don’t feel too bad for this other guy. Especially after how he didn’t give a fuck about us… You know what, I know just what to do to change your thoughts.” She said, getting a smirk.

She pulled her shirt off. Quickly, the only thing you could think of was those perky tits and the feeling of your tiny cock straining against your tight underwear.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with the limited editing we do. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. That’s the author’s job.

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