Exchange Play 1

By StorieCap.

Today was a special day. You finally received your Fleshceiver 2060. It was the first legal recreational device that used the technology of flesh teleportation-graphing. This new technology developed in 2042 was used to teleport and exchange body parts for compatible donors. Teleportation of the matter was now possible through the high-speed deconstructing, transporting, and reconstructing of organic matter. Still, it was tough to create new body parts from scratch, and those would often fail. The solution was to use an existing body part and use the system to fuse it to the body needing it. At first, this technology was used for medical reasons. It was better for a kidney transplant. After that, it was even possible to use it on a dead body part still in good condition. So people needing heart transplants could receive a heart through teleportation-graphing from an accident victim that agreed to be an organ donor.

Anyway, since this technology proved to be highly efficient and reliable, soon there was a market for recreational use. Even though governing bodies accepted reluctantly to let it be accessible to the public, they did put some strict conditions for recreational use :

– People exchanging members could only exchange it for the same body part of another person (a nose for a nose, A penis for a penis, etc..);

– The recreational exchange could only be temporary with a limit of 12 hours for exchanges after which the organ would be re-teleported to its original owner and vice-versa;

– Obviously, people using the service had to be consenting adults;

– No essential organs could be exchanged (Heart, kidney, brain, etc..). This was restricted to medical health professionals.

– Exchange should be between compatible candidates (same blood type, same genital organs, and other requirements)

With all that, you and your girlfriend jumped to the occasion to buy this product to bring more fun to the bedroom. Both of you were pretty conventionally attractive and well balanced in terms of the body parts such as her tits, your dick, etc.. but it was such a fetish to try something different.

Once you received the device, you both opened it like a Christmas present. The device was spectacularly small. It took the appearance of a bracelet. While doing an exchange, you had to wear the bracelet. Suppose you took off this device while in an exchange. It would cancel the exchange and return body parts to their respective owner. The same thing would happen if the device were approaching the limit of a cellular service area or if the bracelet felt there was damage done to the body part.

The device was to be used with an app. The app gave three different platforms to exchange body parts. There was the rent/loan section, where you could pay to rent a body part or loan one. There was also the free market where you could find willing people to exchange body parts. And lastly, the random exchange, where you choose what body part you want to exchange, and the platform would match you with a random compatible partner for free.

At first, you and your girlfriend chose to pay to rent a body part. You were the first to try it. You had a 5.5″ dick. It was alright, but you always wonder what it felt like to have a giant dick. The price was fixed based on the difference (%) of your dick volume vs. the one you wanted to rent, more precisely: 3$/%. You went for a 10″ with a bit more girth too. In the end, the total to pay would be 750$ for 12 hours. That was extremely expensive for you, but you wanted to try one time at least. You strapped your bracelet, entered your choice in the app, waited for 5 min, and the app found a compatible specimen for you. You confirmed the transaction, and the bracelet started to light up. You felt a weird shifting in your groin area. There was some warmth too, and in about 30 seconds, the exchange was complete. You felt that your underwear was more full. When you dropped your pants, your girlfriend’s jaw dropped at the same time. Even flaccid, it was bigger than yours.

Quickly you both got to business. At first, she tried to give you a bj, but it was clearly too big compared to what she was used to. She was only able to fit the tip. She then went for a handjob on your now massive cock. She now had way more space than needed for small hands in comparison to your giant phallus. She licked it and played with your ball. When you went to play with her, you noticed she was already drenched like crazy.

You both went for it all afternoon. I was railing her in doggy style, getting to her jump on your dick in cowgirl. You were both very sore by the end of the evening but incredibly satisfied.

The next day, you woke up in the morning, and your old buddy was back at his place like nothing had happened. Today was going to be your girl’s turn. She chose to get bigger breasts. You loved her C cup but weren’t opposed to her trying to get double Ds! Once the exchange was complete, she wanted to try some of her clothes that still fitted with her new breast. These new puppies were so big that almost none of her wardrobe fitted anymore. Finally, she entered the room with her clearly too small string bikini. She gave you your best tit job ever. Your dick was lost in her massive cleavage.

After that, she rode you with her giant tits in your face. You couldn’t resist and suck on her nipples as if your life depended on it. Yet another afternoon and evening of fucking ensued. And like you, the following morning, she was back to normal. She was almost a bit sad to see them gone, but they cost a lot.

Because of the high cost of the rent/loan platform, you both decided to use it rarely, maybe once a year each. So you both explore the free market, but most people there who were willing to exchange with you were not really interesting to you. Fairly quickly, you moved to the random exchange platform. What you did get from it was always a surprise, making it very exciting. You got a lot of similar-sized dicks to yours, but you got some small and big ones too. At one point, you got a huge one, but it had erectile problems, so you had to eat your GF all evening while leaking precum without being able to get hard. That was probably your most frustrating experience up to now. Your girlfriend had even more variety, and she got some small butt, some huge butt, a vagina with huge labia, and one with a clit so big it looked like a small dick.

After a while, this was your weekly ritual. You get a random swap each week. Every time the thrills of not knowing what you’d get were the most exciting part of the week. This week was your turn. As usual, you’d put your choice: “Penis and testicle – random exchange – Start.” After starting the app, you felt the familiar tingling and warm feeling. You felt your underwear a bit too loose… Still, you walked up to your bedroom like you used to do. Your girl was waiting on the bed for the reveal. When you dropped your pants, she gasped and then burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, how is it possible for it to be this small haha” she laughed.

As you approached the bed, she asked, “Get it hard. I want to measure it and take photos for memories.”

A bit uneasy, you replied, “Well, I think I’m already hard.”

“No way! Wait for a second, and I’ll get a ruler,” she exclaimed while jumping out of bed.

She returned with a ruler and got close to you to measure your tiny pecker. With every inch her hand got closer to your dick, you felt yourself tensing up. She tried to hold your tiny dick to measure it, but you were shifting around to try to calm it down.

“Stop moving around. I can’t get a hold of this tiny cute boy” while finally gripping it between the tip of her thumb and index.

“OH fUcK.. It’S cOmiNG!!” You squealed while she held your little bit.

You started to shake with little spurts of cum dripping out of your foreskin.

“Oh wow… It was so cute!” she exclaimed.

“Also, it’s two inches hard…” She noted. You went down on the bed to recover from the experience.

“That was something,” you exclaimed, still a bit shaken up by the whole ordeal.

Your girlfriend went on the bed too, stretched her legs apart, and told you, “Now that you had your fun, I think it’s time you give me a bit of attention.”

You knew it was your cue to start eating her. You went down on her. She was already wet, clearly excited by your pathetic showing. As you went to town on her, you could feel yourself get “big” again.

While she was close to orgasm, she went, “Oh fuck! Slide your little penis in me… I need it.”

Just those words almost push you over the edge again. You went and got in a missionary position on her, got your small prick close to her entrance. As soon as you touched her, the warmth and wetness from her pushed you past the point of no return. Small spurts of cum dripped out of your tiny foreskin-covered dick.

“Oh fuck!! Not again!” you exclaimed.

Quickly you got back to eat her to at least give her an orgasm.

“You’re so cute with that tiny thing, honey. Too bad it can’t fuck me because I could get used to getting head like that.” She winked at you while making fun of you. After that, you both went to sleep.


In the morning, you woke up and saw that your girl was already awake in bed browsing her phone.

“Oh, I think we both have unfinished business,” you said confidently.

“Oh yeah? You think so?” she responded with a mischievous smile.

You were going to make her pay for laughing at you yesterday now that you had your dick back. As you went to massage her inner thigh, she did the same. You quickly got excited… A bit too fast! As soon as her smooth hand passed over your still tiny dick in your underwear, you found yourself spurting small strings of cum in your boxers.

In a panic, you pushed the covers away and slid down your underwear to discover to your horror, the same tiny dick as yesterday!!

“How is this possible! It’s been way more than 12 hours! I should have gotten my old dick back by now,” you screamed! Your girlfriend had a terrified look in her eyes and was starting to cry.

After a bit of panicking, you contacted the customer service of the exchange system. It came out that the other user on the other side of the exchange disappeared from their system. So, he found a way to beat the device’s security system, or something horrific happened to him. Still, for the moment, as long as the other user wasn’t found, you would have to keep that tiny quick-shot dicklette forever.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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