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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader likes to compare himself to his ex’s new man…

I’m lucky to go to the same gym as my ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend. I couldn’t but watch him closely whenever I met him there for the last few months. I would often work out as long as he did and then pack my things and go shortly after him to the locker room. The best thing is that there is a communal shower next to the locker room where guys shower naked after a workout. Now, as you might imagine, I was thrilled to see his cock and compare it to mine. I had my suspicions, though, and well, they were right. I was shocked when I first saw him take off the boxers and head for the shower. His limp dick was around 6 inches long, already larger than my erection. But his cock was fucking flaccid, freely hanging and moving to and fro between his legs.

Now I would probably get over that if I didn’t see how thick it was. I’ve got a thin dick both in a flaccid and erect state. His soft cock was, however, thicker than my erect dick. It was ridiculous. And I almost forgot the balls are also bigger than mine. He had just neatly trimmed hair on it, so the whole package looked so manly and commanding. As he disappeared from my sight and started to shower, I looked down at my now completely shriveled and shaved dick. I can tell that I never felt smaller before. I was so ashamed and even scared that I couldn’t bring myself to go to that shower with him. At the same time, though, I was immensely turned on. I went to the toilet and started tugging at my shriveled limp dick. I got barely semi-hard when I came.

I met him several other times during the workout after that. Sometimes I went to the shower when he was there, but I always had my back turned toward him, and he didn’t care. We never spoke, and Im sure he didn’t know who I was. I wanted to get closer and maybe let him see and compare, but I always got cold feet in his presence. Plus, I knew he wouldn’t probably even care. I wanted to change that but didn’t know-how. Thankfully it got sorted by itself very quickly because of one of my idiot gym buddies who knew us both and knew that we date(d) the same girl.

Of course, he had to mention it to him when we were at the gym. Well, we got introduced, shook hands, and talked a bit about my ex and how she’s doing, her job, that kind of stuff. He even told me he knows my name because she mentioned me when they talked about their past boyfriends/girlfriends. I wasn’t surprised he remembered me because I was her first and only real (sexual) partner who took her cherry. Anyway, I wished them well in their relationship, and then we talked about working out and stuff. I found him to be a good guy.

I knew this was my chance to get the best SPH in my life too. I worked out with him and waited until he was done. Then we went down to the locker room. Once there, we opened our lockers to get the towels and shower gel. I barely locked it when I saw him already taking off his shoes and clothes. Without a moment’s hesitation, he took off his boxers, and I saw his soft cock jump out. He went straight to the communal shower. Now it was my turn. I was scared and anxious but turned on so fucking much deep down.

I was glad that my nervousness was so powerful that I didn’t even get an erection. I took off my clothes and pulled down my boxers. My dick and balls were so shriveled and sucked into the body that it looked like a penis of an eight-year-old. The fact that I was shaved entirely didn’t help either. I felt so many emotions, but I knew I had to do it. I took my stuff and headed for the shower. Once at the entrance, I saw him showering with his back to me. It was late, and there were just the two of us.

I came up to the shower right next to him. He was preoccupied with showering, having his eyes closed. He didn’t even look at me. I saw his substantial flaccid cock swing to and fro and gently hit his thighs. From the close, it looked even bigger. I started to shower and made some small talk about getting his attention, and that’s when he noticed me because our eyes met for a second. Then I saw in my peripheral vision that he did look down on my flaccid dick and held his stare for like two or three seconds.

Maybe I imagined it, but I could see him smirk a bit. It was so hot, humiliating, and liberating at the same time. As I was showering, I even pulled my foreskin back to feel as much naked as I could. We were showering and talking. When I spoke to him, I always made sure to turn to him so that he could see and compare. I could tell that he became more confident and somehow more dominant when speaking with me. Maybe it was because he realized how much more of a man he is.

Once done, we went back to our locker rooms and put on the clothes. We said goodbye, but once he was gone, I returned and went straight to the toilet, where I started tugging at my soft dick and came very soon. I imagined him stretching out my innocent ex-girlfriend, her orgasming vaginally for the first time, and so on. What pushed me over the edge was the imagination of him telling my ex-girlfriend that he met me, saw me naked, and they both laughed over my limp dick and tiny balls. I still jerk off to it.


Another reader pushes too far with his wife…

I decided to take a cold shower and then ask my wife to measure me. Two minutes later, I got out of the shower (it was freezing!), walked into the bedroom, and asked my wife to measure me. I hoped for an SPH experience, so I sat down for the flaccid measurement.

I think to both our surprise, my sitting down flaccid measurement was 1.85 inches. She said, “That can’t be right. Stand up and let your penis warm up. I can tell you put cold water on it.”

We waited a minute, and I stood up. She measured again—2 inches.

I said, “We better check hard too,” and she started jerking me off, then measured a Bronze Member.

She didn’t say anything. I was disappointed. I then suggested we put my measurements into the comparison website to see how I was doing. It said hard, 850 men out of 1000 are bigger than me, and flaccid, 990 would be bigger. I asked my wife what she thought about that?

She said, “What I think is I am going to bed. This isn’t happening tonight.”

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I know you like me to talk about your size, and we’ve had fun with it, but spending the last ten minutes focused on what a tiny little dick you have has turned me off. Now knowing, officially, you have a small dick makes me not want to have sex with you. I’m a grown woman who needs a big hard cock, something sexy, something desirous. I am a little repulsed by the thought of your tiny penis right now. I understand if you need to jerk off or something, but I’m done with it. Please, put it away or take care of yourself in the bathroom.”

I was stunned.


Meanwhile, this reader checks his ex’s Twitter for any mentions of him…

I was scrolling through Twitter, and I decided to check my ex’s. Well, I did, and I found a few tweets from the time we were together (we only broke up a few months ago): “When your bf is a little small, you need a good toy. Amirite?” and, “When he is great as a person but just a bit small in the ‘🍆’ department, it gets frustrating,” and, “Settling for something smaller than you want is OK, I guess.😒” After we broke up, she tweeted this: “If his dick size is an issue, move on. It’s not worth it. I know from experience. Small 🍆 not for this girl eva again.”

I was shocked, but she always said I was the smallest she had been with. I guess that’s why in the end, she dumped me. She followed her advice and moved on because those tweets showed she wasn’t satisfied with me. I’m a Silver Member.


While this reader lets his girlfriend’s ex’s big cock live rent-free in his mind…

When erect, I am a silver member and have always been aware that it was small, but it never really affected my relationships. I have been with my current girlfriend for just over three years, and she is the perfect loving girlfriend in every way possible. We have had a healthy sex life throughout our relationship. Before we got together, she only had one other relationship: her high school boyfriend, who she was with for around eight years.

She still occasionally sees him as they have the same friends, so we run into him at some parties, which has never been an issue. We recently talked about something casually, and I made a funny comment about how my penis isn’t too big. She replied that she knew that, but it was perfect for her. I regret it now, but I decided to ask her more about her comment, and she eventually said that she struggled during sex with her ex because he was too big.

When I pushed for details, she said that he was thicker and she would have to use two hands with him while my penis was just some fingers on one. So, now in my mind, I think that her ex is more than double my size. I should also point out that this wasn’t her being mean or part of dirty talk. It was just casual talk, and almost immediately, she said she wished she hadn’t told me and that I’m the perfect size for her and she enjoys sex with me. But ever since we had that conversation, I have struggled to get and maintain an erection—even when masturbating.

Somehow whenever I am in that situation, I start thinking about her and her ex, which almost embarrasses me into losing my erection. We had an enjoyable and healthy sex life before this, but we have rarely had sex since this. We even ran into her ex at a party after this, and I had difficulty even looking the guy in the eye. I know none of this is her fault, and it’s just my mind and self-esteem that’s causing this. But I have no idea how to get over this, and sometimes I wonder if she and I will ever have a healthy sex life again.


This reader is pantsed by his girlfriend…

Today my girlfriend Ella and I met with her sister Jan and went for a walk. We just hung out a little bit and talked about some stuff. My girlfriend seemed a bit mad about me because I spoke pretty much with her sister and kind of bragged a bit. Her sister is hot, and even though my girlfriend knows I love her, I wouldn’t do anything with other girls, especially not with her sister. But she seemed somewhat jealous. So she decided to take revenge.

She knew that my dick isn’t the biggest and that it tends to shrivel up pretty fast when it’s cold like it was today. As I stood in front of her sister, she stood right behind me and pulled my sweatpants and my boxers to the ground. I felt a fresh breeze around my dick and could tell it shrunk to its minimum (~1.5″). Her sister looked right down to my crotch and covered her mouth with her hands bursting into laughter.

Jan said, “I knew you were small, Ella told me. But I didn’t think it was so tiny. I can barely see it! It just looks like it is not a real cock yet.”

I wasn’t sure what was scarier that Jan saw my small dick or that my girlfriend told her that I’m small. I asked my girlfriend who she told about my small dick, and Ella just said, “Oh, just Jan, and some of my friends, obviously.”



Another reader learns the truth while snooping on her phone…

I had started seeing a girl through Hinge, and it was OK. We were about three months into the formally dating stage, but things were still casual, and we were still feeling out the potential. We made the time-honored trip upstate for a weekend together since I had some unexpected work downtime. I was excited. We were going to do some hiking, and we had gotten a lovely Airbnb, and she’d made it clear I was in for a fun trip.

We had rented a car, and we stopped at a rest area. She had to go to the bathroom, so she hopped out the second we pulled in. She had her phone plugged in to navigate, and it was unlocked when she hopped out. To this day, I don’t know why I looked, but I did. I spun through her message thread with her best friend while I was supposed to be getting gas. She talked about everything with that friend, and I felt guilty just scrolling through totally innocent back and forth. I kept looking, though.

The critical message popped up when they talked about her packing for the trip. My girlfriend told her what she was bringing, and she mentioned she was bringing some lingerie.

They joked a little about her sex vacation, and then her friend asked her if she was getting used to it. My girlfriend’s answer is seared into my brain to this day: ‘Kind of. It’s fun, I guess, but it’s just never going to be amazing. He’s just not big enough for that.’

It felt like a gut punch finding out that our sex life wasn’t on the same level for her. It was all I could think about for the entire trip when we had sex. I’m a bronze member.


Meanwhile, the girl’s talk exposes this reader too…

So back when I was at school, this girl knew my size, and we were kind of cool. So, one day, we were all standing in a group of five, and it was just all girls. They started talking about sex, and this girl who knew I had a small dick told the other girls right in front of me using the small dick sign to emphasize the point, and they started loudly laughing at me. God, I felt so embarrassed, but I have to admit that it felt hot whenever I saw them and thought they knew about my small dick after this.


This reader’s drinking problem leaves him exposed…

Back in college, I was rooming with three friends from high school. One Saturday night, we went to a local bar and met up with a different group of friends. One of the guys in the group had some major beef with me from something that happened a while ago. The group ended up going back to my apartment to continue drinking after the bars had closed. I had been drinking hard for a time by then, and I ended up blacking out. When I woke up the following day, it was around 11 AM, and my pants and briefs were down by my ankles, and I had no clue how I’d come to that state. I quickly pulled my pants up so nobody could see the tiny flaccid penis that made me feel insecure.

The next few hours, I had every possibility running through my head at 100 miles per hour. I was in such disbelief because even though blacking out wasn’t a scarce thing for me at the time. I never woke from a blackout without my pants on.

Later in the day, my head eventually calmed down, and I went downstairs to see what had happened. I asked what the hell happened the night before, and they told me it was a pretty average night. They were acting very giddy the whole time, which wasn’t all that uncommon.

That night, my roommates suggested inviting some people over and smoking a couple of joints. I agreed, and the same guys that had been over last night were back, and they had four girls with them this time. The next thing I remember, I was very stoned, and I kept hearing iPhone text notifications going off. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Every time I heard a notification, many of them would look in my direction and laugh very loudly and show their phones to each other. I, being stoned, was too afraid to ask why they were looking at me and what they were laughing about. The moment I was 100 percent sure that I knew why was when one girl turned to her guy friend, and while laughing, said, “He’s like a little boy.”


Another reader gets into comparing his dick with a friend…

This is not a story of humiliation but a significant size difference. The backstory in short: I, a bronze member of the small dick club, ended up taking a shower with my well-hung friend (Nine inches). Neither of us is gay, but I guess bisexual or bicurious. This happened many, many years ago.

What happened was that my friend arrived at my apartment after the second day of drinking in pubs and clubs. He wanted to take a shower and asked me to join. Now, I already knew my friend was very well-endowed, but I remember how his flaccid penis (maybe 15-16 cm soft, is bigger than I am hard) wobbled when he walked into the shower. This quickly leads to me washing his penis. I pulled his foreskin back and placed my flaccid penis on top of his – I remember my penis was just about enough to cover the pinkish head of his flaccid penis. He then gave me one of the best blowjobs I have had. I laid on the shower floor, and I remember how his now hard penis was wagging above my face (69, but I was only receiving).

We never did anything similar since (and this did not hurt our relationship in any way), but I still remember how heavy his penis felt and how I could use two hands to tug at his flaccid penis when washing it. To this day, thinking of how big he is compared to my small dick turns me on so much.

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