Exchange Play 2

By StorieCap.

Read Part 1 Here.

Summary Exchange Play 1: *In the year 2060, you can temporarily exchange body parts with strangers over the internet with a device and an app. While doing a random exchange, you end up with a tiny premature cock. At the end of one such exchange, your original cock didn’t return to you, and you’re stuck with this one until the mystery is solved.*


Part 2…

As you were staring at your tiny premature ejaculating (prejac) dick, you wondered: ‘How the hell did I end up like that?‘ Even Though it had been a week since the incident happened, you still had a hard time believing it. The whole situation seemed like it came out of a nightmare.

In the last few days, you learned to get used to your sensitive member. The sight of a curvy ass. Every touch of your magnificent girlfriend’s body. Each time the soft aroma of a sweet and sexy perfume entered your nostrils. Even a bit of dirty talking was now enough to make you hard. Those minor incidences that happened in everyday life for most people now were causing you to recoil and produce precum at the tip of your small member.

You tried to get help from the enterprise that managed the service of Exchange Play, but at the moment, since they lost the stranger with whom you had done your random exchange, they couldn’t do anything. Furthermore, they even suspended the service because of this incident, so you weren’t even able to temporarily trade with other people.

Next, you went to a doctor for help. At first, when you tried to explain your situation by telling her your story, but the only thing she said was :

“Mister, you don’t have to invent me a story to explain why you have such a small member. Just change yourself in this gown and let me examine it,” the doctor ordered you.

Humiliated, you went behind the curtains of the examining room to undress. Now, only wearing the gown and sitting on the examination table, the young female doctor came back on your side of the curtain.

“Now, what is the issue you’re having, Sir?” asked the young professional. Her piercing blue eyes looked at her clipboard, waiting to write your symptoms.

Even though she didn’t believe your story, you decided to describe at least the inconveniences it causes you, hoping she might have a solution :

“Well, since the incident, my penis is considerably smaller… But that’s not what bothers me the most. The real problem I’m having is that I’m now incredibly sensitive.” You described as she came closer to you to start your physical examination.

As she came closer to you to take your pulse and pressure, you couldn’t help but notice the stunning look of this blonde. Even though her look was perfectly professional, she couldn’t hide her curves and cute face. From the height you were sitting, you could see a bit of her succulent cleavage through the opening of her blouse under her opened lab coat.

“Since when did you start to suffer from this sensitivity?” she asked, not taking her eyes off the blood pressures gauge.

“Since the incident, five days ago.”

You saw her raise her eyebrow. She was a bit exacerbated by your lies. ‘But it wasn’t the first time a man invented a silly story to justify his problems in the bedroom,’ she thought. Since you were sitting higher than her on the examination table, she rested a bit on your thigh while taking your pulse and pressure. The close sight of her cleavage, the involuntary rubbing of her arm against your thigh, and the cold and sexy perfume emanating from her were starting to affect you. You could feel yourself stiffen up.

“Sir, could you lift your gown so I can examine your groan area?” asked the doctor.

Taken aback, you quickly lifted your garment, exposing your shame. Surprisingly, your tiny cock didn’t seem to shock her in one way or another. It was probably not the first small dick she ever saw. Closing in on you, she was taking notes. With precise movements of her perfectly manicured red fingernails, she probably wrote some words about your predicament. Your pulse started to quicken. Her proximity caused your small shaft to stiffen even more.

“Could you make it erected, please?”

Shocked by this question, you sheepishly responded: “It’s already hard?”

“Oh, it is? I’ll examine it a bit then,” replied the blonde doctor.

She started by patting your balls. Her warm and soft touch was sending your mind into ecstasy. If she had lifted her stunning eyes off your groan, she would have seen your face red with embarrassment. She then when on to examine your cocklet. Her rhythmic professional touch, looking at your member, trying to identify some problem was not affecting you she would have wanted. You could feel yourself coming close to the edge. Her subtle soft touches were starting to make your cock pulse.

She slightly pulled on your foreskin to make sure it couldn’t stretch farther. The soft and quiet movement of her hand unwillingly teased you. You could feel your pelvic muscle trembling as she ran her red fingernail on the underside of your cock, to get a better look at it. Her finger ran from the base of your dick to your tip. As she reached the glans of the penis, her index stopped as it contacted with the precum oozing out of your dicklet. Finally understanding the situation, her gaze went up to meet with your helpless expression. Her piercing blues eyes stared through your soul.

As you felt your balls tighten up, you timidly squealed: “Oh shit. Sorry, it’s cumming!”

Your tiny cock started to tremble in the hand of the stunning blonde doctor. Quickly, as you refrained your body from shaking because of the orgasm, small spurts of cum escaped the tip of your penis, only to land on her immaculate fingers.

“I’m so sorry, Miss!” You squirmed, completely humiliated by the experience.

“Don’t worry about it. It happens,” responded the doctor, finally a bit shocked by the events.

After both of you regained your composure, she washed her hands as you changed back in your clothes.

The doctor announced to you: “In general, you seem to be perfectly healthy. Even though I can affirm you definitively have a micropenis and a case of severe premature ejaculation. For the size, some surgery exists, but I wouldn’t recommend it. As for the PE, some medication might help, but I would also recommend you to visit a sex therapist to help you accept your ‘shortcomings’ instead of inventing stories.”

You were devasted. In the end, this visit took any hope away of regaining your cock.

“OK. Thank you anyway, doctor,” you said as you left after receiving your prognosis.

On your drive home, thoughts after thoughts flooded your mind. How will you be able to live like that? What is your girlfriend gonna say about this? Will she want to stay with you? So many questions, but so few answers.


Later that night…

After explaining everything that happened in the doctor’s office to your girlfriend, you waited anxiously for her reaction. You badly needed some sympathy but were so scared she was either gonna leave you or be angry about the whole thing.

“What? You did what? No way! That’s so pathetic!” She laughed.

You were perplexed. Of all the reactions she could have had, you didn’t think she’d be laughing.

“What the fuck? Why are you laughing? I’ve been medically diagnosed with a micro-dick and prejac. On top of that, I couldn’t even hold my load of a small touch!”

“Oh, sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to laugh, but you got to admit the whole situation is ridiculous. Come here. I’ll hug you.”

Slowly, you gave up and fell in her warm embrace, your chest against her perky breasts and your head on her shoulder. In this tight embrace, you could finally start to relax. The sweet and familiar scent of your girl helped you feel safe.

“Don’t worry, honey. You know I love you. I won’t let a tiny dick break what we have. You’ll see we’ll work this through.” she said, stroking your hair. “And you know, I could buy a nurse outfit if this turns you on?” she teased you.

“Hey, stop it!” you responded, laughing.

But in your pants, that thought was already enough to get you hard and leaking precum.


Over the next few weeks…

You learned to live with your new dicklette. At first, there was a lot of getting used to. Now, whenever you were outside, the slightest sight of a gorgeous cleavage, a skirt a bit too short, or worst of all, a tight-fitting pair of yoga pants over some thick cheeks could give you a raging hard-on. In the beginning, those intense sensations were sending you into a panic. Every time, you thought: ‘What if they see my boner? They’re gonna think I’m a pervert!‘ But quickly enough, you realized that one of the advantages of your new tiny size was that it was hard to notice, for other people, when you had those erections.

The only person that seemed to see it easily was your girlfriend. Every time she had o pick something from the ground, it appeared that she deliberately pointed her round ass toward you. And when she noticed your stare and slight bulge, she would innocently ask you with a smirk: “Is everything, alright Honey?”

In the end, your change didn’t seem to bother her that much. Furthermore, she almost seemed to enjoy it sometimes. In the bedroom, you two adapted to your new reality. At first, you tried hard to penetrate her, but every time, either you would cum in your underwear from the excitement or just as your glans touched her warm cunt. At those accidents, your sweet girl would comfort you.

“Don’t worry, darling. I know it’s hard to hold your cummies for me. We’ll work through it.”

You had to take a new approach. Within those weeks, you tried a few things. First, you took the habit of taking care of your girl first. If you didn’t cum while eating her sweet pussy, you would try to penetrate her. You never were able to get in her. So you tried desensitizing creams and some other drug, but if you still had some sensation in your tiny dick, you would cum as you touched her wet labia.


Then one day…

Your girlfriend came home with a bag.

“Hey, honey! I got us something!” she exclaimed as she entered the living room. “Now, if you don’t want to try it. It’s OK. I would understand,” she said, a bit hesitantly.

Curious, you asked her: “Come on, show me what you got.”

She took out of the bag and box a transparent clear dildo with some straps on it. ‘She got us a dildo? But she already has some,’ you thought.

“What’s that?”

“Well, it’s a bit like a strap-on, but there’s a hole for you to put your dick inside of it,” she explains, trying to gauge your reaction.

After a bit of reflection, you answered: “You know what? Why not? I’m sure it’ll be fun.”

At those words, your girlfriend seemed so relieved. She jumped in your arms, giving you a warm embrace.

“Oh, I’m so excited! I’ll make so to make things extra hot for you tonight,” she exclaimed.


Later that night…

As you got out of the shower, you girl was waiting for you on the bed. There she was, her flowing brown hair that matched her warm chestnut eyes. She was wearing her black lingerie set. As you entered the room, you could see the thirst in her eyes. The sight made your cocklet come to life. Quickly, it stood proud at its two inches of length.

“Come here, cutie,” she ordered you with her finger.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so sexy tonight,” you told her as you walked toward her.

As you got on the bed, you felt tension between the both of you. It’s as if she was a starving tiger, and you were her piece of meat. You leaned in to kiss her on the lips as your hand glided downward on her. Her soft perfume, with notes of cherry, was intoxicating your mind. Those red lips had a taste of strawberry. You felt like you suck on them all your life. On its way down, your hand could feel her perky tits through her black lacy bra. After that, your finger traced her stomach to her panties. By gliding your hand over her underwear, you could feel the fire that burned in her. At each back and forth of your hand, her back arched a little more, and her breath became heavier.

“Come, baby, stop teasing me,” she begged.

It was time to try this new apparatus. You took a bit of lube to put on your small nub. Carefully, you inserted your dick in the hollowed-out transparent strap-on. Once the straps were secured, you took a second to look at yourself. You could see your dicklet inside the 8-inch transparent strap-on.

“Quite a nice sight, isn’t it? But now you could take care of me,” said your girlfriend.

“Oh yeah, sorry. It’s just so different. But don’t worry, you’ll get a good taste of it, miss impatient,” you said, taking your fake cock to her face. You could see her grin in her excitement. “Now, lick it good for me,” you said as you gripped her hair.

She started by licking it a few times to get it wet. Then finally, she began to suck on the dildo. The sound of the suction of her lips on the strap-on was resounding. If her lips were actually sucking on your tiny nubs, you’d already be shooting ropes.

“Alright, now put it in me,” she pleaded, her eyes teary from the blowjob.

You moved back and ripped her panties off of her in a swift movement. You positioned the head of your plastic cock on her entrance. Sliding up and down along her, teasing her clit. She couldn’t stop herself from emitting small moans because of your movements. Her body craved for a good fuck. The way she was moving her pelvis, she was trying to get you in. Her pussy glistened from the wetness it was engulfed in.

“You’re sure you want this?”

“Oh fuck! Stop teasing me. I need this! Please, I beg you!”

“That’s a good girl,” you responded as you sank the strap-on in her.

“Uuhhh!!” she loudly moaned.

With each thrust of your hips, a scream of pleasure escaped your girlfriend. Finally, you were free of fucking her as you wanted. The rubber cock slushed in out of her tight holes, making her tremble. With her on her back, you took her breast out of her bra. The view was magnificent. Her bouncing tits were so enticing. You couldn’t stop yourself. You leaned in to suckle on her nipple as you continued to fuck her.

“Turn around. I want to see your cute ass as I’m fucking you. I missed this,” you said, flipping her on all four.

“Play with yourself. I want to hear you moan,” you ordered her as you continued to ram her from behind.

With this strap-on, you felt like your old self. Even though you couldn’t feel her tight cunt directly on your dick, the whole situation was so exciting you knew that precum was probably oozing at your tip.

“Oh fuck! I’m there! Oh please! Fuck me hard,” your girl requested as she was about to climax.

At her request, you turned the intensity to 11 and gave the pounding she wanted. The sight of your translucent strap-on coming in and out of her back pussy was so hot. Soon, her whole body shook, and she emitted some muffled scream in her pillow.

Slowly, you pulled back the strap-on from her.

As you took off the strap-on from you, your girlfriend said: “Now come here, I won’t let you make a fool out of me without punishment. Come sit on the edge of the bed, facing away from me.”

A bit surprised, you did as she asked. Once you sat, she hugged you from the back, pushing her warm breast against your back.

Whispering in your ear, your girlfriend said: “So, now that you don’t have that big strap-on on to protect you, I’ll make you cum like never before. You had fun with me. Now I’ll have fun with you. Put your arm in your back,” she ordered.

As you did, you felt her tie your hands together with a shirt or something. Something was almost mean in her voice. You had a bad feeling about that. Her fingers reached around you, pacing up and down on your chest and stomach. This was already way more than enough to make your tiny dick twitch.

“Do you like that? Is this enough to bring your sensitive cock on the verge of cumming?”

“Oh fuck, yes. Please, jerk me. I’m so close,” you squealed.

“Uh-oh, not so fast prejac boy, before I let you cum, I wanna make you beg for it.”

Her hands were tracing around your inner thighs and lower stomach but never touching your dick. You could feel the precum dripping from your small cock. You were almost there, but she was denying you, frustrating you. You were going mad!

“What do you think it would take to make you cum? A bit of sucking? Ah no, that’s too much for you. Maybe a few strokes of my delicate finger? No, that is still too much. Should I try to just rub under your glans with my index?”

“Oh fuck. Anything, please. I’m almost there!”

“Oh, you’re so impatient. But you know what? If you beg for it, I’ll give you your release. Just repeat after me: Please, make my tiny prejac dicklette cum,” she asked you to repeat.

You didn’t know your girl had this side of her. This shame, this humiliation, was somehow intoxicating.

“Please, make my tiny prejac dicklette cum,” you responded as she asked.

“Good boy,” she replied, taking her index and rubbing it on the underside of your cock.

While she did that, her head was on your shoulder and her breast in your back. You could smell her sweet perfume mixed with the sweat of excitement of that sex-filled evening. Her hand that came around you to give this finger job was so soft. You could feel your balls tightening up. Your penis was starting to pulsate. Waving in the air from this twitching, you could feel it. You were almost there—finally, the point of no return.

“Cum for me now. Come on. Cum for me,” your girlfriend whispered in your ear.

Those soft-spoken words released a tsunami of pleasure over you. You could feel it. Waves after waves. Spurts after spurts, as your tiny cock sprayed its seeds. As the feeling started to wash away, you thought, ‘Maybe I’m gonna be alright with this small dick.’

Not too long after that, both of you easily fell asleep, extenuated by this session.


The following morning…

The smell of coffee woke you up. After putting on some sweat pants and a t-shirt, you met your girlfriend in the kitchen. She was only wearing a loose t-shirt. The sight of her perky nipples poking through her shirt was enough to make it stiff.

“Hey, champ, you didn’t get enough action last night,” your girlfriend smiled after seeing the shape of your tiny hard-on in your pants.

“I’ll never have enough of you, babe,” you joked back at her.


The notification of your phone interrupted your morning conversation. You received an email. It was from the Exchange Play company, and it read: ‘Please reply as soon as possible. We may have found the user who took your penis.’


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with the limited editing we do. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. That’s the author’s job.

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