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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This female reader shares an experience with a Gold Member…

This was late 2019, so I was 22 at the time. I was going with my girls to an off-campus house party. Think frat house, but not a frat. There was cheap beer, bad music, and no real prospects. Instead of caring about the boys, we decided to drink and dance, just us. Well, enough cheap beer while dancing to lousy music tends to lower the bar for potential prospects.

Time went by, and there was this cute guy who kept dancing with us. We made him our guest of honor, often circling him and dancing around him. It was fun, as not many guys were dancing, most just drinking and watching girls. Four college girls were rubbing butts and shaking titties. He was in heaven, and I bet more than one guy was jealous.

In retrospect, all that closeness and touching, and I cannot remember being poked, and it should have been a hint. At the time, I was drunk and wasn’t exactly doing long division in my head.

Jumpcut to later, we headed out, and he took his shot. Drunk, cute, danced, fuck it, sure. I did the check-in with follow-ups even had him let my BFF take a pic of his driver’s license. I went with him upstairs, excited to get dicked, super giddy.

Getting to his room, music, touching, kissing, lays me back in bed, pushing my skirt up and pulling my panties off. We conveniently lost come the morning, guys we know, be honest. And he ate my pussy like a god damn fat kid at a buffet. Being horned up and drunk was not precisely hard, but I loved it. That’s not a finisher for me, but a appetize, so I pulled him up, kissed him, and told him to fuck me like you hate me.

With a bit of panic on his face, he said he had forgotten about not having condoms, ran out, or something. I do not mess with that. I told him to ask a roommate, stumbling on his words. I just sent him out. He went, begrudgingly. Laying back, I just toyed with my pussy and waited. A few minutes passed, and he came back in. Something about Derek was the only one he could borrow/find. I didn’t care, and he had a three-pack of pleasure in his hands.

Jumping up from his bed, I grabbed the dick balloons and pantsed him. He seemed nervous, and I chalked it up to, pretty girl scary or maybe worried about whiskey dick. The second one was no bother. It just means the warmup takes long, and as long as you can keep it mostly chub, it will be fine. Getting him naked waist down, I saw it. It was little. Like Bic lighter little. Two inches or so, and soft. My brain skipped a pulse as it caught me off guard. Again, whiskey dick may be a grower. I can do this.

I pulled my hair back into a pony. I grabbed the guy’s hand, put it on my head to hold my hair up, and gave him a grip. Side note, I fucking LOVE my hair pulled, during sex, during a blowjob, during anything. And I suck his little guy up like a spaghetti noodle. Minutes of me, I was sucking and jerking, though, the two-finger technique sounds cooler in a Kung Fu movie. Not in my retelling of this story to my friends the next day.

He was getting some life in him, doubling my efforts, as I play with his dick, and this is the closest thing at the moment. I got him hard, like put a Skittle on the cockhead, pull it down, and it springboards high enough to catch with his mouth.

My drunk dumb ass got all excited and immediately grabbed the condoms, ripping one open. I rolled on out and turned my attention to the hard little guy pointing at me. It was three inches hard. Confused, I grabbed it and kind of jerked it, like maybe it’s just lower tire pressure and needs to be pumped. I looked up at him and asked if he needed me to suck it more. He apologized, saying this micro was all he was packing. I mean, I’m horny, and maybe it’s not that small, so fuck it, or more specifically, fuck him.

Condom in hand, I rolled it on. Now, these are not magnum XLs. Now I know that they make slim-fit S-condoms, and that is what he meant, Derek had ‘average’ condoms, and he had known that he was going to come up a little short with these. The condom was not even halfway unrolled yet, and it covered his dick. Now, you don’t need to have it rolled out. Most average condoms are like an inch longer than the average dick. But, with it, this unrolled. Still, I was not precisely getting excited. The real kicker was it was baggy. Like, it was a good thing it had lube on the inside, as otherwise, the latex would give him a rubber burn. LOL.

For the next fifteen minutes, it was awkward. There were lots of apologies from Mr. Micro, rearranging positions as when one of us had to have our hand around the base of the condom. My cunt would pull it off. How did we know? It was the second condom, as the first one did get pulled off and fell on the floor. Please do me a favor, grip your wiener (I know you have it out), and flatten your hand around it as much as you can while keeping some amount of a grip on it. How much are you working with past the back of your hand? Exactly.

While thrusts can push a bit more, his little guy was not precisely bottoming me out, and finally, he came. By now, my buzz had worn off; the foreplay was long gone. I was just tired. Wiping up, I passed out in his bed, skirt not even covering my pussy. What’s he going to do, poke me with his corn pick of a dick? Whatever. The following day he wanted to take me out for breakfast. I had already sent the text, and my girl was almost there. We exchanged numbers; shut up. I felt bad saying no. I gave up looking for the lost panties then headed out.

I spent the day nursing a hangover with my girl in our dorm, eating ice cream, and telling her the story over and over, asking questions as she thought it was hilarious. It isn’t the only experience I had with the little guy, but that’s for another time.

To this day, I still get shit from my girls for this, and my BFF has no shame about showing people she tells the story, the pic of his ID she took. The dude doesn’t know how many people know he is packing a corn pick in his briefs.


Another reader sees the difference between fantasy and reality

I love the idea of SPH! I watch porn, I regularly post on social media asking to be mocked, and I go in online cam chat rooms and ask people to copy me. And I love all of that. BUT, I’m almost certain if someone I cared about negatively commented on my size, I’d be heartbroken. Or like if I were hooking up with a random girl and she told me I couldn’t satisfy her, I think I’d be so defeated I’d leave.


Meanwhile, this reader goes to a nude beach for the first time…

I went to a nude beach last week, and it was a super interesting experience. I walked onto the path that led there. My heart was pounding as I’d never been nude in public before, and I didn’t know what to expect.

It was a slightly windy day and around 70 degrees, so not the warmest weather. As I stepped onto the beach, I saw a man in the showers rinsing off the sand from his naked body with an easy five-inch soft penis. I was stunned, never really having seen a lot of penises aside from a glance in the changing room at the gym or the unrealistically large porn ones. I walked on and saw a few more people sitting. Mostly older couples and older guys enjoyed being there as there were absolutely no tan lines.

I walked to a clear spot right by the water. About four people were surrounding me within twenty-five feet. First was a single man who was very tan and probably mid-40s. His body was very fit and was shimmering with newly drying water. His thick dick hung between his legs as he laid on his towel. On the other side was a couple, a man and woman, likely in their early 30s and both very attractive. I blushed, looking at them both. Her breasts were perky, and her body was skinny and curvy. The guy’s penis sagged over his leg about the length of his hand, which was lying next to it. Lastly, another single guy in his twenties was asleep face down with his bear but facing up and his toned legs very visible from my vantage point.

I was determined to make the most of the trip and get fully nude. However, I was nervous as I’m not the most well endowed. I’m small. I’m a 28-year-old guy who is pretty toned with what I call a five-pack (not quite a six-pack but still decently defined ). I take care of my body, and exercise is my passion. Despite my decent-looking physique, my penis is small. Fully hard, I’m a silver member of the small dick club, and soft I’m usually about two inches.

With my determination to fully enjoy the beach, I decided to take off everything. I started with my shirt and got that typical slight alert in my brain. Like, hey, you are in public and taking clothes off. Is this wrong? And then, after a beat, I continued and pulled down my shorts! It was invigorating, and no one seemed to be noticing me. So with this newfound confidence, I strolled into the water. The freedom was exhilarating.

I’ve never been skinny dipping, but it was terrific. I swam for about three minutes in the turquoise blue water and got cold. So I turned around and headed back to my towel.

As I left the water, I noticed my usually tiny two inches were at most half that size, making my small cut cock look like a bit of acorn sticking out from my toned body. I walked toward my towel and noticed that the couple was looking at me. Their eyes were noticeably on my small nub. The woman leaned over to her partner and giggled. He laughed, their words just out of range to hear.

Then as I turn to sit down, a group of three girls probably in their early twenties are passing (clothed in bikinis) with a well-hung guy their age. As they pass, they are entirely silent, but a few feet later, they erupt into laughter.

I hear the young blonde say, “I think that cute guy has a micropenis! That sucks.”

The other girls chime in laughing, and one of them said, “That was the smallest on the beach by far.”

They look back briefly and smile, not knowing I heard every word. Thoroughly embarrassed, I sat and noticed my now hard silver member dick. I attempted to cover it up as I saw someone approaching. It was the attractive woman sitting behind me.

She said, “I heard what those girls said. I think it’s so brave of a guy like you with a micropenis to be here.”

I blushed as she walked into the water with a smirk.


While this reader has to pay a cock tax…

When I was twenty, I played hockey for my college team. As a freshman, we were rookies and got hazed. I was a 4th line enforcer because I was 6’4 and 220lbs. However, my dick size doesn’t quite correlate. I’m only about 1.5 inches soft and a silver member hard. I always did a good job hiding my size in the changerooms with my teammates throughout the season. I’d always keep covered with a towel or my hand in the showers.

We’d have court once a week throughout the year where teammates would fine each other for things like not cleaning the dressing room, having a messy stall, not filling the water, being late, etc. All the money from these fines was for food, booze, and things for our rookie party.

The veterans called for a blanket rookie fine to raise funds one week before the party. They called it the cock tax for the party. After our practice, they made all rookies strip down and line themselves up from biggest cock to smallest. When the line was set, the fines were to be distributed. The rookie with the biggest cock didn’t have to pay anything, then the second biggest paid five dollars, and each person down the line had to pay an additional five dollars. There were 11 rookies, so the smallest had to pay fifty dollars. If anyone refused, all rookies had to pay fifty dollars.

Guys could choose to be measured soft or hard. They had a ruler to determine who was bigger. If there was a dispute between two guys about who was bigger, you could battle them. So for like fifteen mins, it was just crazy commotion with battles and guys jerking to get hard to prove they’re a grower.

I stood off to the side, subtly trying to stretch and rub my cock to get semi-hard and seem bigger. However, it was a wasted effort as the guy at the end of the line had a soft cock the same size as mine hard.

Then when it was basically all settled, I got called out and just walked to the end of the line and moved my hands, revealing my 1.5-inch soft dick, and the whole room went wild.

My teammates were shocked and gave me a new nickname: “Pinnie” or “Pinner,” short for pin dick.

As humiliating as this was, the story continues at the actual party. There were tons of girls there and asked how we paid for everything. Teammates would tell them about court and fines and the cock tax.

When guys told girls about the cock lineup, their first questions were who was the biggest and then who was the smallest. So the whole night, I had multiple groups of girls come up to me and ask whether it was true or that they didn’t believe it. I tried to play it off like: “Ya, they’re just pranking,” or, “Only one way for you to find out.”

I ended up making out with one girl through the night and went home with her and her roommates. Her roommates went to bed, and we went to her room and tried to hook up. She pulled my pants down and started giggling and said, “Oh God, so it’s true.”

She blew me a bit, then we had some sloppy sex, but we’re both so drunk, and I went soft, and she went to sleep. When I woke up, I was alone, naked on my back, and there were no sheets on the bed. I was hungover and confused and tired but heard voices in the next room. I then heard footsteps, panicked, and didn’t know what to do other than pretend to be asleep.

I peaked while squinting and saw the door open slowly, and the girl poked her head in, saw me asleep, and then opened the door fully. That’s when I saw her two roommates in the doorway. Both jaws immediately dropped with a gasp as they covered their mouths. Then the three looked at each other and tried to hold back, bursting laughter. They then closed the door, and I immediately heard all of them laugh and loudly whisper about how tiny it was and how that’s even possible, and how the sex was awful.

Listening to the girls outside the door got me rock hard. I was almost hoping they’d open up for another peak and see me hard.

So I started getting dressed and walked out of the bedroom and saw all three of them sitting on the couch and looking up at me and instantly trying to hold back laughter. One roommate said, “Good morning.”

The other said, “How are you feeling, big guy?”

Then they all laughed.


This reader fakes an injury, so his new sexy doctor will look at his dick…

I was at the doctor’s. My doctor is usually an old lady. But yesterday a young (25-30-year-old) beautiful thick woman doctor from Sri Lanka came. She told me that she was new and she would inspect me. When I saw her, I lied and told her that I had pain in my right testicle. We talked for two minutes. Then she said I had to drop my pants/underwear and lie down. My dick is about one inch soft, and I’m a Gold Member hard.

When she saw it, she had the biggest smile on her face. I could see she tried not to laugh. She massaged my balls for maybe twenty seconds, and I couldn’t stop it, but my dick got rock hard. She looked at my face and started quietly laughing while she asked, “Does this hurt?” as she touched my balls. She said she needed another opinion, so she called my old doctor into the room. I still had my pants down.

My old doctor came in and touched my balls with her fingers. She asked, “Does it hurt?”

Deciding there’s nothing wrong, the examination ended. After it was over, The young Sri Lankin doctor said, “Don’t worry, it’s our little secret.”


Another reader’s girlfriend is looking for something deep…

When I was nineteen, I had a Korean girlfriend. When I met her, she was a virgin, and it was her first time. So the first few times we fucked, it hurt her. After a while, she started getting more comfortable, and sex got wilder. Anyways to make the story short, one day, she was getting close to orgasm, and she told me to: “GO DEEPER!”

I told her, “I’m already as deep as I can go.”

She stopped moaning and told me: “What? I thought you’re bigger than that?”

She grabbed my ass and pushed me deeper. I didn’t know what to say then. I’m a Bronze Member hard. When I think back about her, those words really turn me on, coming from an Asian girl like her. I don’t think she was trying to humiliate me, but it’s hot thinking about it. Maybe she needs a bigger-hung guy?


Meanwhile, this reader doesn’t need a magnum…

My wife was filling some balloons for an event we were having, and a couple of them were big twenty-four inches, jumbo-sized. She needed me to help hold the balloon while inflating it because it was so big. While she was getting the air nozzle in, she said, “This thing is huge. It feels like a magnum condom.”

And I looked up, and kind of half mumbled, “Oh, uh, really? I’d have no idea about that.”

She was still looking down, but I could see this smile come across her face, and she gave a little snicker of a laugh. It was all in the laughter. It only lasted a second before she caught herself, but she one hundred percent had a mental picture of a magnum condom and probably the last cock she had that filled one versus my tiny silver member boner. The whole thing took place in ten seconds, but it was great. I do know big magnums are, though. I’ve put them on and can easily pull them over both my cock and my balls leaving a large part hanging down unfilled.

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